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Elekid Kid
January 8th, 2009, 1:41 PM
This will be a Pokemon RP from a different perspective from the standard ten year old getting a starter and going off into Pokeworld. This RP should set a new dark feel to Pokemon RPs.


Life continues as normal on Pokearth. There is nothing out of the ordinary going on that the human population should worry about. Trainers are battling, coordinators are performing and researchers are studying various new topics. But soon the trainers will be battling a new evil. The coordinators will have no more time to put on shows. The researchers scientific knowledge will prove helpful when the world is faced with a terrible crisis.

Unknown to the people of the planet, an organization is planning the most diabolical scheme ever. All seven members are deranged, mindless humans who themselves have lost meaning in what exactly they mean to accomplish.

They call themselves The Dark Force, and their motto is Bringers of the Void. Only the seventh member is truly aware of the Forces true meaning, the purpose for what they are going to do. For their plan to succeed, he needs the services of one particular Pokemon. Darkrai. Bringer of nightmares. And that was what the force wanted to do. Plunge the world into a nightmare.

These are the six slots open for you to take. You will make up the force. I am the seventh member. I also want a mix. I will accept three male applicants and three female applicants. That means the character you portray so if you are really a girl but you want to portray a male then that counts as a male and there would be one less space for a male character. Sorry if I don't make sense.

7. Dark Flame

No godmodding
No spamming
Be active
Use correct grammar
All other basic PC and RP rules
If you don't follow the rules, I can remove you from the RP

Also, If you sign up, please do your best to be imaginative and use creative grammar. Its in the RP rules, but let me get this clear:Write a substantial amount other wise you may get a warning from a mod or something. I also need a rating for this post because it is in the rules.

Sign Up

Age: (has to be an adult age, and not over sixty.)
Gender: ^^^read above about genders^^^
Appearance: Can put a picture if you want, but a good thorough description.
Background data:
Anything else: (optional)

<<<Bear in mind I'm more likely to consider you if you have used good grammar and effort into your sign up>>>

And my sign up. (For the purposes of the RP storyline it is a bit thin on the ice, sorry)

Name: Known only as Seven.
Age: Unknown, but presumably mid forties.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Because the Force share an obsession with darkness and the shadows, Seven has been rarely seen clearly by others. On an account given by a lawyer working for Seven during a lawsuit over misusing a skyscraper's power supply, he is fair skinned, six foot two inches tall, with long black hair that covers his eyes. He has a thick layer of stubble covering his chin. Perhaps the most interesting feature of his face is a long red scar that from his eyebrow down his right cheek and curving around his mouth. It is said that ever since he received the wound moving his mouth causes him immense pain. People around him tend to stare at their feet because they do not want to have to look at the streaks of hair that cover his eyes, because they know that two piercing, all-seeing cold gray eyes are staring at them. Seven always wears the same clothes, black shirt, black neck-tie, black jacket, black trousers, black boots, black leather gloves.
Personality: Seven is apparently, emotionless. He reacts to news or events with nothing more than a possible narrowing of the eyes or bow of he head. He believes in efficiency and ruthlessness are the key to success. He seems also to have a heart of almost literally steel. People who remember his violent and cruel acts in his younger days burst into tears just thinking about them, but he shows no mercy and has no perception of kindness or sympathy at all.
Background data: As a child he was shunned by all he met. Not that you could blame them. Seven is as about as anti-sociable as anyone can get. he does not enjoy the company of others, he sees all other life as inferior to him. He tried psychiatric help many times, but the doctors saw him as a lost case. Not even Seven himself can understand his thoughts. But he swore that he would become more powerful and have his revenge. But still no-one knows what exactly his plans are, Not even the other members of The Dark Force. How the force came to be is yet another secret waiting to be discovered.

OK thats everything (I think) have fun!