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Zeta Patchouli
January 12th, 2009, 5:50 PM
“Well, so you have come… this is interesting, as I didn’t expect visitors so soon. You must be tired from hiking all the way here, you’re not? Well, that’s good. Now, I know you are here because I am supposed to have great riches, but what if I can offer you something even better? Something with more… value. Something that will open your eyes to the magics that are all around you… No? Well, your destiny is for this to happen. Depending on your personality, you may become a Knight, Wizard, or even a Keyblader! Better watch your step, for this is going to be a wild ride… And by the end of this, at least one of you will have died.”

Kingdom Hearts: Dimensional Chaos! Chapter 1: The Heartless

Plot: You are a person who was warped into the world of Kingdom Hearts, and you must battle a great evil… known as the Heartless, but that’s not all… Many foes will challenge you on the way to save the world. You may be either a Knight, Wizard, or Keyblader, but the role you choose will effect the fate of the rest. Will you prove yourself to be a knight of courage, a wizard of knowledge, or a Defender of the Worlds, a Keyblader, in a conflict against one of the most evil people ever known to any species?

This is basically Kingdom Hearts, with a bunch of stuff added and removed, two more worlds, both with mini-plots that will draw you in, and, of course… some powerful enemies added in. And a way different ending branching from defeating Maleficent. Of course, this is Chapter 1, there will be four chapters. The first three cover the games that are out, and the last one will be of my own design. Get ready, as this will blow your mind.


Rules: I will be in this RP, being both the Game Master, and a character.

No SPAMming the thread

Do not Majorly Bunny, UNLESS you have talked about it to the person who controlled the character, and me. I don’t care about minor Bunnying, as it may be possible that that has to happen.

No godmodding, For me, that is the worst thing you can do. You will be warned once, but on your second offence, you WILL be booted out, no questions asked.

Be active: Do not leave for more then a week, without informing me, or you’ll be left behind.

Relationships are allowed, but don’t get too juicy

This will be done in a Chapter Format, and the world data will be displayed. There may not be pictures, but there will be data.


Sign ups


Appearance: Make this at least a paragraph long.

History: Make this at least a paragraph long.

Personality: Make this at least a Paragraph long.

Desired Position: Keyblader, Sorcerer, or Defender? There’s only two slots open for each.

Positions Open:

Group 1:
Keyblader: Taken by Pikalover10
Knight: Taken by Rii
Wizard: Taken by Captain Blue

Group 2:
Keyblader: Taken by Yamagi Sosuke
Knight: Reserved by Callandor
Wizard: Taken by Bamachi

January 13th, 2009, 6:25 AM
Name: Sora(if possible if not then Roxas)
Age: 14
Birthday: 2/15/95

Appearance: Sora has blonde spiky/messy hair. He wears a small blue jacket and a pair of blue jeans. He has emerald green eyes which most people think is creepy. He wears a silver necklace with a pendant at the end in the shape of King Mickey's head (without face and all). He wears a red T-shirt under the blue jacket with green outlining and wears red shoes. He wears two blue and red gloves and two green pouches attached to his red belt. He is also very scrawny for his age. He also wields a bright blue, green, and red keyblade.(just like Sora's form the videogame).

History: Sora grew up in a basically normal family. His father was a keyblader and was never home and his mother was a sorcerrer with his father. He knew a lot about King Mickey, but never met him at all. His older brother had to take care of him for long periods of time, but it never seemed like he took care of Sora. Mike always tortured him and made him make his own food and buy his own stuff. Sora grew up with plenty of friends. Such as Jurat and Trenton.

Personality: Sora is very mischeveous. He likes to pull praks on everyone he meets, and he never backs down from a challenge. He neer backs away when threatened. He is very smart too, and most people call him a nerd but then they quickly run away. Sora is dyslesic and this makes it harder for him to read without getting a headache. Or atleast thats what happens most of the time when it works up.Because of this, he hates reading and writing.

Desired Position: Keyblader

Hope it is ok that his name and Sora and all. Although he is nothing like Sora or Roxas except that he is a keyblader.

Captain Blue
January 13th, 2009, 6:31 AM
I'd like to reserve the other keywielder slot, but if that's not possible, I'll take sorcerer.

Zeta Patchouli
January 13th, 2009, 6:48 AM
Okay, the both of you are reserved.

January 13th, 2009, 7:29 AM
Real Name: Reina Moore
Nickname: Silverwind
Age: 15
Birthday: July 24

Appearance: Long wavy black hait that she usually keeps in a low ponytail at the base of her neck, when released it reaches nearly to her hips. She usually wears a heavy tan cloak to concel her apperance from everyone, most usually assumes she is a he. Espically with such a large double bladded sword strapped to her back, and the big bulky black boots she wears upon her feet. There is a black hat upon her head that she usually keeps pulled low to further hide her features. Underneath the cloak she wears a white sleevless vest over a teal blue cloud covered shirt, tucked into a pair of black cargo like pants.

History: Reina grew up with an elder brother. Together they always listened to their mother's stories of their father who was a mercenary for hire. He always seemed to be traveling around to such interesting places. This was what got Reina intreged by the idea of going out on an adventure, unlike her older brother who was content to stay home. Reina acquired her first sword at age 10 and praticed for many years until she was sure of herself. Then she took on the name of Silverwind, deciding an alies would be the only way anyone would ever take her seriously.

Personality: Reina trys to keep up a cheerful attitude when she can, though she often uses the face she is confussed for a boy to her advantage. She remaines serious a lot of the time because no one will listen to her otherwise. At times she can also seem a bit cocky and arrogent, espically in battle, but that's only for show. She is actually more unsure of herself then she lets on, and is even afraid of thunderstorms.

Desired Position: I'd like to be a defender.

Captain Blue
January 13th, 2009, 9:15 AM
I've changed my mind, and would like to be a wizard...or in this character's case, a sorceress. I'll add the SU for sure next post, and note specific things concerning this character.

Zeta Patchouli
January 13th, 2009, 3:29 PM
Rii: Okay, you are reserved as a Warrior

Capt. Blue: Okay, I'll change you to Wizard.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 3:50 PM

Appearance:slick short blue hair almost overlapping his eyes,Hes just about 5'0 ft tall, light blue eyes, black long sleeve shirt, red opened jacket black on the bottom half of the jacket, black gloves the fingers out,Blue Jeans,with a belt coming from the waist to the leg,He has his right arm bandage up to his elbow.

History:Yamagi grew up in a normal family. His Older sister was his best friend and a master swordsmen.She even taught him most of what she knew about being a swordsmen. They did everything together. Since his Parents was never around and always working. His Sister was the only one that would give him any attention. All that Yamagi knew was that he would do anything to protect his sister.One night his sister had to pick Yamagi up from school. On the way back home his sister told him something he never would forget. Though he thought it was weird at the time she said Yamagi never allow darkness to consume you or anybody you care about use your heart light up the darkness. 2 years afterward she died of a heart attack. Its taken him 3years to get over her death. Now he protects his younger sister like his sister did him.He now has a best friend now Kyo who as just as strong a hearts as him.One night he heard a loud noise coming from the living room.He went to investigate only to see a blinding shining light.

Personality: He's mostly a normal kid. he can be silly at times but sometimes, you might catch him having a serious expression on his face.He don't joke around when it comes down to protecting friends or anyone else in need.His Family is the most precious thing to him.He's the type of person who can make friends easily.He is a furious fighter when in a battle,but he is also calm in collective, never losing his cool.He's the type of guy who has a soft side but never can show it in school.He is very different around girls than he is a boys.But he acts like a tough guy.He's not the type of guy to turn down a fight cause the odds are against him.

Desired Position:KeyBlader if not Knight

Zeta Patchouli
January 13th, 2009, 3:55 PM
Sosuke: Make your personality and history a little longer, and you're in. But for now, you're Pending

January 13th, 2009, 4:36 PM
Name: Accord Framata
Age: 15
Birthday: March 15

Appearance: Accord has long curly purple hair up to her waist. She is a tall but Slender light skinned girl standing at 5'3. She has slit blue eyes but also wears small glasses. She wears a long white gown up to her ankles with a blue stripe running in the middle, her sleeves reach up to her wrist and on the sleeve is a blue stripe at the end. Her Shoes are a pure white with a blue stripe running along the middle (corresponding to her dress) and she wears a tall blue curved pointed hat with a yellow stripe running across the middle from the point. meeting at the bottom of the yellow stripe is 2 wingshaped patterns standing together to form a complete wing. Accord also carries a magic wand which appears as a yellow rod with the same wing pattern on her hat but its a single wing.

History: Accord was born into a very quiet family consisting of just her, her mother, and her older sister who moved out when Accord was 6. She usually didn't have much communication with her mother. Up till now she still doesn't know what happened to her father. Accord decided to move out on her own when she was 13. As clearly her mother didn't care for her and Accord did not like being in that neglecting atmosphere. Accord grew up to become a wonderful sorceress as she taught herself, she was taught a bit by her older sister but she decided to teach herself as she grew older. When she one day came to her quiet little home, she saw a bright a light that even stunned her.

Personality: Accord is usually very kind and has a very good sense of respect. Even if shes being yelled at she still maintains her calmness. She can get serious at times although you will never know. Some will refer to her as "A total mystery" as nobody can confirm what goes on in her head. She usually refers to people as "Mr." or "Ms." as she thinks thats a way to show respect. Accord is rarely seen angry.

Desired Position: Sorceress

Zeta Patchouli
January 13th, 2009, 6:54 PM
Bamachi: Your SU looks good. You are Accepted

Sosuke: Your SU is better then before. But it is good enough to be Accepted

Captain Blue
January 13th, 2009, 9:17 PM
Name: Eichi
Age: 12
Birthday: April 9

Appearance: Eichi has powder blue hair with a short hairstyle. Her eyes are brown. She wears a soft, light blue dress that reaches down to her knees, with a sort of cape in the same shade of blue attached to the collar area. It has khaki sleeves. Below that is a pair of light blue boots that leave a small gap of skin between the dress and them. Eichi is known to be carrying a light blue book with her, and has been seen wearing glasses occasionally. (pictures if you want a reference. http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/Captainblue49/Kyaronormal.png and http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h285/Captainblue49/intelligencegoddess.png )

History: Saying Eichi's life is a bit awkward is an understatement. Growing up with 13 sisters, she was often considered to be "The smart one". Unlike all the other sisters who became strange and infamous for their eccentricity, Eichi sought a form of normality by reading books, constantly learning more and more. She became a scholar, eventually forming a book comprised of all the knowledge of the books she had read into one. She wishes to one day build and be the librarian of a library that contains every book she can possibly find.

Personality: Eichi is a total bookworm. She is often seen reading her book, and will usually refuse to look away from it. One will usually have to physically separate her from her book in order to get her full attention. She gets very annoyed at people who are idiots, and is even more perturbed by people who claim they are intelligent just because they are mages or scientists with no proof of their actual intelligence. In terms of love life, she is not interested at all unless you yourself are either a scholar or can prove your intelligence to her.

Desired Position: Sorceress. I'll PM you details about her to see if it's okay for me to use this.

Zeta Patchouli
January 14th, 2009, 4:58 AM
Capt. Blue: It is okay, she is accepted.

January 14th, 2009, 6:27 AM
Hey, Zeta. I finished my SU. Hope its ok his name is Sora(if not then Roxas) even though he looks nothing like or acts like Sora(or Roxas).

Zeta Patchouli
January 14th, 2009, 7:21 AM
Pikalover10: It's fine, you are accepted.

January 14th, 2009, 7:45 AM
I'd like to resrve a place for a knight, sence that's all that is left. I'll get an su up soon.

January 14th, 2009, 8:09 AM
Finished my su. I hope it's ok. :)

Zeta Patchouli
January 14th, 2009, 11:29 AM
Callandor: Okay, you are reserved for the last knight.

Rii: Okay, you are Accepted.

All: The RP will begin later when I post my sign-up. When I post it up, I shall put in the first chapter's information. I can't do it now, since I'm in school.

January 14th, 2009, 1:15 PM
Name: Bahn Callandor
Age: 17
Birthday: Feb. 11
Desired Position: Defender

The first thing you’ll notice is that Bahn’s a big guy with no discernable weapons of any kind. The next thing you’ll notice is the large hump on his back under the long sleeved black trench coat he wares. The only things visible are his head, which has short black hair and crystal blue eyes, and his feet. He wares black steel toe boots. Seems like he likes the color black, right? Here’s what you see when he takes off his trench coat. The first thing you see is a large metal dome strapped on his back, which explains the hump. The next thing you notice are the chains coiling around his arms. He also has a blue sleeveless shirt, and blue jeans. But the fact that he only takes the trench coat off before a fight, and that the chains are uncoiling as well, you might not notice what he’s wearing. He also wears metal gloves. The reason for that is the chains end in spiked metal balls, and the motor in the dome on his back pulls the chains back pretty fast. So without the gloves, his hands would be destroyed. Still, the gloves are pretty dented on the palms.

He’s had a pretty peaceful life. His parents were killed when he was born by Heartless, and he was sent to live with the only person who could take care of him. A friend of his dads. His name is Xaki. No more of the name was given. At an early age Xaki started to teach Bahn (Xaki named him after his father) how to fight with the chain. First one, then two, and now Bahn has surpassed his old master. He wasn’t sent to school, he was instead home schooled. So it’s not like he’s a total idiot or something. He knows enough to get on in the world. For his entire life he lived on a remote hill at the foot of a mountain, in a rather large Japanese style house with Xaki, who would from time to time take on other students, for short amounts of time, form the village a few miles away.

When not in a fight, Bahn’s a pretty lazy guy. He would prefer to sleep or eat, which he will often announce to all in range, usually in the form of a question like “When do we eat?” or “Can we take a quick rest now?” Yes, I know. It is whining. In a fight though, he totally changes. As soon as he senses danger to himself or any of his friends, he jumps into action. He gets this look of vicious determination. Like “I’m going to maim you, and nothing can stop me!” That’s after the trench coat has fallen to the ground. Just before a fight he has an emotionless face. He is loyal to his friends and family, if they were alive.

Zeta Patchouli
January 14th, 2009, 2:23 PM
Callandor: Okay, you are in.

Here is my SU, this guy is from Destiny Islands, and I know I am reusing a character, but he is pretty good for what I need. My character won't appear on Destiny Islands.

Name: Joseph Hamilton
Age: 15
Birthday: October 29th

Appearance: Joseph is a fairly tall individual, at about 6' tall. He has a semi-muscular build as he used to lift up heavy things when he was younger. His hair is a light brown, and while the front goes down to the top of his eyes, the back goes down to his shoulders. His eyes are of a deep blue color as well. His arms are somewhat long, but not too much longer then a normal size. His shirt is black with a print of two yellow eyes, and the words. 'Be very afraid' on them. His pants are black, and long, reaching down to the ground. He has fake wings thats only purpose is to slow a descent.

History: Joseph was born on the same world as Sora, but has never really talked to him. He was living a good life, with his friend Alex(supposedly deceased), mother(now deceased), father(now deceased), and dog(unknown), until the heartless came and engulfed the island. Joseph and his family were blown to another planet, him to one(Hollow Bastion/Radient Garden), and his parents to another(Olympus Colosseum), but when Joseph finally attained the means to travel to other worlds, his parents were both dead... thanks to the natural evils of the worlds they were at, so they wouldn't be coming back.

After seeing his parents killed, Joseph sulked for a while, partaking in tournaments to toughen himself up, and eventually started to go to other worlds, until he reached Twilight Town, where he settled in for a while. Soon enough, a heartless attacked him, drawing him into a corner... but Joseph unlocked his keyblade, and killed the heartless, allowing him to escape to freedom

Personality: Normally Joseph isn't the caring type, he'd rather read a book then save an innocent life... UNLESS the victim is related to him in some way. He often ruins a happy mood by saying something cruel, but it ends up happening anyway. Many people hate him for being a downer, but he doesn't really mean much by it. He has three bad habits, he always has something bad to say, this annoys everybody, and people start avoiding him. His second bad habit is that he doesn't know when to give up an argument, on the rare occasions he gets into an argument, he defends his point of view until there is nothing left. He doesn't eat too much, so he doesn't get too bogged down by weight.

Desired Position: Keyblader

Chapter 1: The Trials of the Job Class System!

Well, this is like Sora and Roxas' dream in which you get your Keyblade/Magic Shield/Magic Wand. You will also have to fight a Giant Heartless named Darkside in here.

Darkside: Hp 240

Note: The HP means nothing, just what the boss' Hp is, or would be in the game.

I don't care how long you take, but it should be done in 1-2 posts. No matter which weapon you pick, you'll still be whatever class you signed up for, remember that.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 14th, 2009, 2:59 PM
"where I'm.... I, what is this place" Yamagi wondered to himself

"Do not be afraid for your Journey starts here" Tranquil voice says

"Huh ! who are you where are you" Yamagi asked Frantically

"Chose for your destiny begins here Yamagi" 3 pedestals arise with a sword on one, a shield on the 2nd one, and a wand on the last one

"Just what are you, no Where!! are you"Yamagi confused begins to become irritated

"Pick one in you will find out soon enough"

"Fine " Yamagi said while walking up to the sword cautiously

Its quite as he grabs the sword

"now your journey begins young warrior step Through the door"

"Hopefully this will lead me home...." Yamagi Said hesitantly as he reached to grab the door

Light shines through the Door as he passes through

As Yamagi passes through the light he regains his sight

"Whoa that's a lot of stairs....Well better get started" Yamagi said to himself beginning to jogged up the stairs

halfway up the stairs Black shadows started to arise from the Ground

"Ahhhhh........What the"Yamagi screamed as he fell on his butt

one of the heartless jumped at yamagi

"Oh man....i wish i had a sword right about now"Yamagi thought as he was sure this was the end of him

A shine of light burst from his hands,forming into almost a sword looking item,destroying the heartless instantly

"what the world is this,This thing is no ordinary sword...But its better than nothing" Yamagi Thought to himself

He slain the heartless with the weapon he knew by no name

"It seems the stairs end here" Yamagi said tapping the weapon on his shoulder

The ground begin to shake and rumble with great force

"ahhhh..." Yamagi said while he fell on his butt

Yamagi stands up as he watches a giant Heartless rise from the floor

"Ump a another Shadow that will fall to the light of mine blade" Yamagi says confidently as he points the weapon at the giant heartless

The Giant heartless swings his hand at yamagi, Yamagi jumps and dodge the first hand only to be slap down by the next hand

"Ahhhh crap that hurts" Yamagi says as he holds his face, and stands up, picking up the weapon

"You'll pay for that blow!!"Yamagi says as he jumps towards the Heartless

While jumping toward the heartless ,the giant heartless swings his fists,Yamagis spins clockwise to dodge it,Jumps on the Right one in runs up his Arm, a shadow appears from the skin of the heartless, He slashes the heartless in continue up the arm

"Your tricks don't work on me now!!" Yamagi said as he ran up the giant heartless arm

The Giant heartless Hand begins to glow

"what the..... ahhhh" Yamagi scream as a red light begin to Glow on his face

The Heartlesses arm Exploded

"............" Yamagi unconscious from the Explosion falls from the Sky,Tumbling on the Ground

The Unconscious Yamagi begins to Hear a voice

"Wake up brother come on wake up sleepy head" A cute girlish voice says

"Miyomi...iam up" Yamagi says

"Miyomi is she someone you care for" The familiar tranquil voice from the Door Asked

"Its you why are you in mine mind for" Yamagi asked

"That weapon isn't just something you swing around like a old sword its called a keyblade"She told him

" A Keyblade" Yamagi said with a Dazed attribute to his voice

"Yes the creature You fight his name is Darkside ,Fight for somebody you care in love for than you,ll beat him...now wake up yamagi" as she said this her voice faded out

Yamagi eyes Opens,Getting up slowly griping the keyblade more tightly than before

"You ready to perish Darksiiidddeee!!"Yamagi yells as Runs at darkside full force

Yamagi back flips on the arm that was left

"ok lets Try this again"Yamagi thinks to his self as he runs up Darkside his keyblade begins to Glow with intense light

"Ok this new..but i thinks its a good thing"Yamagi thinks

Darkside arms begin to glow red agian yamagi keeps running, Before it explodes he Front flips on his Shoulder

"Nowww This Ends"Yamagi yells as his He in his Keyblade appears Behind darkside from his shoulder

Darkside begins to disappear in darkness,Yamagi lands with the keyblade in his hand,it burst into light than a door appears in front of him

"finally a exit hopefully" Yamagi says as he barley stands, he struggles to the door

The Door opens in begins to shine again,Yamagi strains his body to go through the door.

"What a town"Yamagi saids as he looks around

he sees a sign

"Tra....verse...Town" Yamagi Says as he falls to the ground going unconscious

Zeta Patchouli
January 14th, 2009, 7:18 PM
Chapter 1: The Keyblade, and the Heartless

Joseph looked around the dark world he was in with interest. "Hmm... I'm not home anymore, am I?" Asked Joseph before walking a bit, eventually a voice sounded out.

"So much to do, so little time." Said a voice from the darkness surrounding him. Joseph looked around, confused on where the voice came from. "Not one person seems to know that time is of the essence." Joseph snorted before walking towards the edge of the platform. "I am here to guide you on your journey. Now choose the path you wish to take. The Sword of Destruction, The Rod of Wisdom, or the Shield of Protection. Take one."

"Heh, this will be an easy choice." Said Joseph as he jumped onto the Sword's pedastle(sp?) and pulling the sword out. "Is this it?" And with that, his pedastle disappeared. "What's the meaning of this?"

"Now, choose the thing you wish to leave behind. The Staff, or the Shield." Said the voice. Joseph sneered before walking to the shield and picking it up. "So you wish to carry the Sword, but leave the Staff? Are you sure?"

"Yes, now let me out." Said Joseph as he glared forward, not really knowing where the voice came from. "I mean it!" Joseph heard a chuckle at that.

"Try as you might... you won't harm me. No matter what, you need me." Said the voice as a door appeared. "Step through the door, and we will let you see what lies behind." Joseph growled, but walked through.

"Okay, I'm here... now what?" Asked Joseph as the Sword appeared in his hand. "I mean it, tell me where I am now." But he didn't notice a shadow moving behind him.

"Watch out!" Yelled the shadow, getting Joseph to duck, as the shadow was left basically 'jumping' over him. "Those beasts will chase you as long as you bear the key... until the day you die."

"So what, I don't care!" Yelled Joseph before slicing through the Shadow. "That was pathetic." Suddenly, Shadow after Shadow came up, until at least 20 were moving about. "This... may be a little tougher."

One of the shadows slithered up to him, but Joseph sliced clean through it before three of them slammed into him to try and weaken him. "Grr... this is annoying." Suddenly, a spell came to his head, and he acted on it. "Scan!"

Each of the Shadows got a small bar of health over their head, and a number... 15.

Shadow Hp: 15

"What is this? It seems to be like a video game!" Said Joseph as he avoided a couple of strikes, before returning a couple of his own, killing them. There were about six left at this point, and they were starting to retreat. "Oh no you don't!" And with six more swipes, they were gone.

"Interesting... it seems that that was a permenant spell... you can now see how much HP both monsters and people have, congratulations." Said the man as a bunch of stairs appeared. Joseph snorted before running towards them. As soon as he got on to the next platform, there was a rumbling. "Just remember, the brighter you are, the greater your shadow will be. Beware the Heartless, and remember..." And with that, a giant humanoid shadow- thing rose up.

Darkside Hp: 240

"Holy crap, that thing is huge!" Yelled Joseph as he avoided a swipe from the beast. Joseph slashed the creature, and it recoiled as if in pain... not a large amount, as the bar above it was still nearly full, but it gave Joseph a sense of hope.

"Don't be afraid, keep your heart strong."

"GRAAAH" Roared Darkside as it went in to strike, but Joseph was able to dodge and strike it again, causing the beast to punch the ground, causing three shadows to come out. Joseph easily struck down the Shadows, but Darkside was another story, he was starting to get tired.

"Grr... this is a lot harder... that thing still has about 80% of his bar left." Said Joseph, getting pretty mad. Joseph struck three times before being hit back himself. "Gah, is this how it ends?" Darkside neared Joseph, about to put him out of its misery, but Joseph barely avoided the strike. "Graah!" Cried Joseph as he struck the beast once more, sending it to the ground, allowing the boy to strike clearer.

"Raah!" Yelled Darkside before slowly getting up, but while it was, Joseph was hitting Darkside over and over. It's health bar was now at 3%

"It's over!" Yelled Joseph before tossing the sword up. Darkside tried to grab it, but Joseph jumped up, grabbed the sword, and swiped down with his sword, finishing off the creature.

"Well done... you should be waking up in a minute... maybe you are one of the chosen heroes." Said the man, but before Joseph could say anything more, he regained consciousness in the real world.

(Real World)

"What? What's going on!" Said Joseph as he looked around and saw that he was in some small world. "Wow, this place is desolate... oh well, maybe I can get to my destination soon." And with that Joseph started to walk around, as this was going to be his new home for a few days.

(ooc: I know the Scan thing is weird, but it's going to prove useful and harmful later on.)

January 14th, 2009, 8:55 PM
"Where.....Where is this?" Reina wondered. "My body.....it feels so light."

She glanced down to find herself floating slowly downwards towards a glowing circle. Incribed within the circle was what looked like a castle with pictures of what she could only describe as Princesses surroundg it.

Outside of the circle was complete darkness, so much so it made Reina shudder just looking at it.

"Is this.....perhaps a dream of some sort?"

She felt her body glow slightly and her tan shorts and green tank top were replaced by a heavy tan coat and some rather large black boots. With what felt like a rush of wind a black smallish looking cowboy hat was depoisted upon her head.

"I assure you this is no dream Reina or should I say Silverwind." a strange voice seemed to echo around the girl.

"Who are you?! How do you know my name?!" Reina snapped then clamped a hand over her mouth. How like her to let her temper get the best of her and wind up ticking off....whoever that was.

She felt her feet lightly touch down on solid ground once more and glanced around nerviously. She was standing atop the glowing circle she glimpsed earlier.

The voice laughed lightly as three pedestals arose before the young girl. "Choose and all will become clear."

"Choose what...." Reina began, just as three items appeard upon the pedestals. "Oh, I see then."

Upon one was a very elborate looking sword, upon another a wand with what looked like a mouse head atop it, upon the last was a large sheld.

Reina walked up to the sword, changed her mind and walked over to look over the sheld.

"You must hurry, there is little time. There is danger everywhere." the voice cautioned, as several dark shadows appeared around the girl.

Reina jerked her head back feeling as if something sinister were lerking in the shadows. Seeing nothing she once more turned her attention back to the sheld.

"Look out!" the voice suddenly yelled.

Reina whirled about quickly to find herself surrounded by strange shadow creatures. They had weird little antenna upon their heads, and there were five of them.

"Heartless." the voice explained, as if sensing her unasked question. "Hurry....choose."

With a snarl like sound one of the heartless lept for her. Reina grabbed the sheld almost without thinking and held it before her, falling down onto her butt as she did so. The heartless slammed into the sheld and vanished in a puff of black like smoke.

The other four circled her slowly, looking for an opening.

The pedastels desippered back into the ground where they came.

A door appeared off to her side.

"Your adventure begins once you step through the door."

Reina rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding another heartless as it lunged for her.

"How can I fight with just a sheld?" Reina gasped. Suddenly she felt a familiar weight upon her back and grinned. "About time." she smirked.

Reina lunged forward using a combonation of the sword and sheld to fight off the remaining heartless. Upon finishing off the last one she approached the door. The door seemed to give off some strange energy, and when Reina touched it, it felt warm.

Reina slowly turned the knob and was engulfed in a bright light. She squnted her eyes as her vision slowly came back into focus.

Before her stood a large circular staircase that almost seemed to go on forever. Reina glanced up and could just barely make out the top.

"This is gonna take forever." she winned as she walked up a few steps. Glancing behind her, Reina noted the path seemed to be disappering with every step forward she took. "No way back. Looks like I can only go forward." she began running as more of the path was eaten up behind her.

Finally reaching the top Reina dropped to one knee breathing heavily. "I haven't had a workout like that since brother took my diary and ran off with it."

Before her streatched yet again another large open space.

"Well, what now?" Reina asked and waited for the strange voice to respond.

There was only silence that seemed to stretch on and on.

"Yea figures." Reina sighed. "Mr. talkative doesn't feel like speaking anymore."

Suddenly with a roar a large shadow erupted from the ground before the slightly quivering girl.

"What is that!" Reina yelped, and jumped back. "Another heartless?"

"Darkside." the strange voice responded once more. "You must defeat it."

"That huge thing?!" Reina yelped and dodged to the side as a blast of dark energy was hurled at her. "How am I supposed to fight something impossibly huge like that?!"

"You must find a way."

A large arm with a fist the size of a car slammed down towards her. Reina gasped and rolled under the arm, so she was now behind the creature.

"Alright." Reina pushed the sheld out before her. "I suppose I have no choice then." she suddenly grinned.

Darkside turned to face her and Reina ran between it's legs to place herself behind it and out of it's range again.

"It's slow to turn." Reina thought that over. "Maybe I can use that to my advantage."

The beast roared in anger at it's target staying out of sight.

"Here go's nothing...." Reina lunged at the beast, slashing at the back of it's leg with her double bladed sword.

Darkside kicked out with it's leg and caught Reina off guard. She flew backward and landed roughly on her back. "Ow, that's gonna leave a mark." she stood slowly, as Darkside fired another blast of dark energy at her.

"Woah!" Reina rolled to the side and quickly found her feet. The ball of darkness exploded into the ground beside her. "That one almost did me in. I gotta be more careful it seems."

Darkside swung it's fist at her again, but Reina was prepared. She held her sword out and cut into the monster's fist and into it's arms as it hit.

"Not so tough after all are you?" Reina smirked and tried to poll her sword out. It refused to budge. "Uh oh!"

Darkside swung it's arm up into the air, taking Reina with it.

"Ahh! If this is a carnival ride I wanna get off!" Reina squeezed her eyes shut.

Upon reaching the top of the arc Reina flew up into the air with a loud squeal. She then began falling back down rapidly toward Darkside's head.

"I hope this works." Reina streatched her body out as she fell, pointing her newely acquired sheld downwards right at it's head. "Take this!"

Reina slammed full force into Darkside and rebounded off. Landing on her feet she watched as the creature disolved into nothing.

"Whew. That was close." Reina slumped to her knees. "I hope I never have to fight anything like that again."

Another door appeared off to her left.

Reina stood and made her way over. She figured maybe this door would lead her out of this mess and back home. If it didn't that was almost fine by her too. After all....Reina was always up for a new challange.

She stepped though, and the door closed softly behind her.

January 14th, 2009, 9:45 PM
"Oh my. What a day" Accord said as she arrived towards her house. She carried the giant, strange package home as she opened the door. "My this package is heavy, Strange how they asked me to pick it up, saying they weren't able to get it." She said as she placed the package on the floor. "Hmmm now what might be in this package?" She said as she ripped off the paper and untied the strings revealing a box that opened itself. Revealing a sudden flash of light around the whole room. "Oh my! Did someone send me an illusion? My, so thats why it was an anomynous Package." Accord said as her voice was heard by a mysterious Shadow. "Yes, nobody but you was able to carry this package, it was made for only your hands to touch." Said the shadow. "Oh, and who might you be?" Asked Accord in her astounded voice. "You will find out in time." Said the Shadow. "Now I see, that wand you carry. It is the flying cane yes?" Asked the Shadow. "Why yes it is Mr. Shadow." replied Accord. "Then what you have is really a magical staff. It is easy to see as you have practiced magic no?" Asked the Shadow. "Why yes. I do practice Magic" Accord said.

"Then you may go through this door. Enter to see where you shall end up." Commanded the Shadow. "Oh will this door take me back to the living room?" Asked Accord Curiously. "See for yourself" Said the Shadow. Accord entered the door to see herself in a unknown area. "Hmm where might I be now?" Accord wondered. As a shadow leapt at her. "Oh dear, am I being assaulted?" Asked Accord to herself staying calm and cool. "Mmhmm then I have no choice." She said as she waved her flying cane and moved it in the way of a conducter. A soothing melody was heard. But another shadow leapt at her putting her in a great shock. "Oh My!" She yelled as she dodged the shadow. "I'm afraid I need to get violent" She said as she whispered a magical phrase. "Chicoso." She said silently as a line of glowing musical notes emerged from her wand going on to the sleeping shadow and the awake shadow. They both were injured but were not beaten yet. "Hmmm how about this." She said as she lept back. "Allegro" She said gently as her wand began sending an almost invisible light above them. "Presto" She said as the light above them turned to a rainbow laser that dispersed of them. "Mmhmm. Another job well done." She said. "Well done, now you must beware." Said the Shadow as its voiced echoed as it disapeared. "Beware? Oh Dear! OH MY!" She screamed as Darkside appeared before her. "RAAAAAAWR!" It yelled as it leaned in closer. "Please rest. You really need it." She said as she played the sooothing melody. It appeared to have no effect.

"Oh Dear what to do now." Accord asked herself. She then chanted the 3 words together in an order. "Andante, Framata, Wando!" She chanted as she sent a flow of light chains towards the monster. It did seem injured but it leaped at Accord immediatly. "Ahhhh!" She yelled as she jumped away from it in a slow graceful movement so she wouldn't fall down hard and hurt herself, she was able to slow it thanks to the levitation from her wand. "Oh my, perhaps a knight in shining armor could come by now." She said. The monster responded to it with a loud roar. "I think you disagree Mr Giant Shadow." Accord Replied calmly. She then created a giant box with her magic wand that created a trebble cleff musical nore inside that glowed with immense light. She then sent that box that seemed to create illusions at Darkside who was then knocked over hard. "Hmm shall we try that again?" Accord asked as she sent another. Which finally made the monster back away and retreat into a dark void. "Hmm So sorry, but you were asking for it." She said as a strange lifelike town appeared before. "Hmmm So I shall be staying here?" Oh well, my old home wasn't very fun at all."She said as she walked through the street.

January 15th, 2009, 6:31 AM
It was dark. Sora looked everywhere, but he couldn't seem to find his way out of the pitch black hole. Where am I? He wondered. As soon as he thought it, it echoed outside like he had said it. Then, his best friends appeared in front of him.

"Trenton! Jurat!" he shouted.

Then he began running over to meet his friends. But, it was like an endless rode there. He was making no progress with every stride towards his friends. Then, his friends disappeared in to thin air and Sora felt like he was plummeting to the earth. Then, he realized he really was falling!

"Waaaaah!" Sora cried out.

He then landed on the ground hard. But, he didn't land on ground. It seemed as if he had landed on, a glass platform. On it there was a picture of a boy who was holding a huge key. There was a big blue circle on it and four little circles around him. Two had a picture of a duck and a somewhat dog thing, and the others had a picture of a girl and a picture of boy.

Sora stood up and grabbed his head. Everything seemed to flow along the place. Shadows were popping up everywhere and were coming towards him.

"My stupid dyslesic is probably working up again." Sora guessed.

Then a loud voice boomed. "Sora. This is not your dyslesic acting up. These shadows are called the Heartless." Sora jumped when he heard the voice and then the shadows began jumping towards him. One jumped right over him, while another one tried to grab his legs, but skidded right under him.

He grabbed his pocket knife he had and sliced one's arm off, but the arm just reformed. Sora was so freaked out he dropped the knife on the ground, which the shadows just engulfed into its body. Sora stummbled backwards and then fell and still tried crawling backwards.

"How do I destroy these things!?" Sora yelled to the mysterious voice.

You can't destroy them. Not unless you get a magical weapon. But that will only happen if it accepts you.

Sora yelled as one of the shadows bit his exposed arm. He shoved the thing off and more kept piling on him. Eventually they all piled on to him and more tried to, and the only thing left out of the pile, was his right arm.

Then, a bunch of white specks started to form in Sora's right hand. Then, he was able to grasp something. He knew he couldn't kill these things with it, but he could get them off of him. He swung the weapon down and all of the shadows flew away from him.

Sora jumped to his feet and examined the weapon. It was long and the end was shaped like a tip. It looked a lot like the kids in the picture. There was yellow ends and a black holster. Sora looked up and all he saw was pitch black emptiness.

"Where am I?" Sora asked himself quietly.


I'll do the rest in another post.

January 15th, 2009, 9:54 AM
Bahn opened his eyes to find that he was standing on an odd platform. Well, this is wierd, thought Bahn. He looked around. Left, right, up, down. When he looked down he noticed that he wasn't wearing his trench coat. "Crap! Where'd my coat go!?" He also noticed that his chains were slightly uncoiled. He pulled on a small string to retract some of the chain, so that they were only twice the langth of his arms, and grabed them and started swinging one over his head.

"This is one crazy dream," said Bahn. Just then the shadows started to move. Bahn arched an eyebrow as they started to form little creatures. He shot one of his chains at one and it sort of evaporated. The other four attacked him. He just swung down his other chain, and caught all four. They too evaporated. Bahn noticed something out of the corner of his eyes, and shot his chains at what ever it was. Turns out he accitently grabed the sword that was coming out of the ground first. "Ooookayyyy.....A sword?"

He looked around to see if any one else was around. He droped the sword on the gorund. "I have no need for a sword," he said to no one. He retracted one of the chains compleatly. He noticed a Door appear out of nowhere. Bahn walked up to it and tried to open it. It wouldn't open. He looked over and saw another door. He was able to open this one. When it opened, a blinding flash of light engulfed Bahn. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed that he was on another platform. He also noticed that their were a lot of the shadow creatures. As well as one really big one. "Oh......dang."

He released both chains to the proper langth for fighting multiplue(?) enemies. All of a sudden the big shadowtried to grab him. Bahn was sort of able to dodge, but the creature wasn't aiming for him. It grabed his chains, and huled him up in front of it's face. Bahn was scared now. "W-w-wait. Did I get brought here just to get killed!?!?! N-n-no w-w-way. That's not cool." Just then, Bahn got an idea. He started to swing, and with enough momentum got up on top of the creature's arm. He got his chains around the things hand and started to pull. The creature released the chains so Bahn couldn't cut his hand off, but that was what Bahn wanted. Upon realesing his chains, Bahn swung them around the things neck. Bahn jumped down, and through the big heart shaped hole on the things chest. He got on the things back and started to pull.

As he pulled, the thing started to lean foward, and Bahn got better footing and pulled harder. Suddenly the creature evaproated, just like the others. And Bahn fell. He fell though the platform. As he fell he noticed it felt like falling through water. Then a voice started speaking to him. You have defied death, once again. You are too strong. Though you are needed for something, you must lose something too. And with that Bahn started to lose the memories of his training with Xaki. Though he still could, he no longer knew as much as he used to about chain fighting. Now sleep. His last thought was that he never did find his coat.

Ooc: hope i didn't do any thing worng. I just felt like making it a little different from everyone else. If i need to change any thing, just tell me.

Zeta Patchouli
January 15th, 2009, 12:07 PM
Callandor: It's okay, as long as it follows the rules I'm fine with it.

Bamachi: I like how you used the musics.

Note: I may be posting Chapter 2 Tomorrow, if enough people have finished with their posts, but don't rush them.

EDIT: I have changed it until tomorrow, as I can't think as well as I could earlier, besides... most people aren't finished... I think, as this includes when you get to Traverse Town, or in to the KH universe.

Captain Blue
January 16th, 2009, 7:59 AM
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Zeta Patchouli
January 16th, 2009, 3:23 PM
Chapter 2: The Town of the Worldless People!

Now we are going to Traverse Town. A giant Heartless known as Darkside attacks the world that you're on. Defeat it and head to Traverse Town, but be careful, as there is a powerful Heartless there as well.


Darkside Hp: 300
Leon(Keybladers only) Hp: 120
Guard Armor Hp: 600 (All Parts Combined) (I can't fight)

Oh, and you meet up with your team before fighting Guard Armor, but I won't be able to fight it. Talk to whoever is on your team and discuss how you want to meet up.

January 16th, 2009, 5:41 PM
Hey, quick question. Will the two teams ever meet? or are there stories seprate.

Zeta Patchouli
January 16th, 2009, 5:50 PM
(ooc: Please, ask in the OOC thread, but I'll answer you here. both of the statements you said are true. Both of your stories are seperate, but you will eventually meet up near the end. It's going to be weird, but it's the only way I can really work it so that everyone can fight against some of the bosses, and do certain events.)

Yamagi Sosuke
January 16th, 2009, 8:46 PM
As yamagi gains consciousness ,Beginning to regain his eye sight little by little he notice he was in a room with 2 people "where iam, i" yamagi ask barely awake, He sees a man with brown hair and a girl with black hair

"your in traverse Town kid' The man with the Brown hair said looking down at him,his voice had some base in it but wasn't as deep as a giant man

"Hey Kid whats your name ....Helllllooooooo" The girl with the black hair said her voice was sorta of like that of a child's

Yamagi opens his eyes full showing off his Light Blue eyes to the fullest"My name's Yamagi and I always thought it was common courtesy to give your name first" Yamagi said as sat up in the bed

The girl with the black smiled in back "my names Yuffie and its nice to meet you yamagi" Yuffie said as she smiled at yamagi

The leaning on the wall stood up straight "Hump my names Leon and by look of that keyblade your the Chosen wielder of the keyblade" Looking beside the bed at the keyblade on the floor

Yamagi looking at leon turn his head,Yamagi followed the what leon's eyes led him to the egde of the bed his eyes widen"So that wasnt a dream"yamagi thought to himself he picking the keyblade up holding it in front of his face

Leon looked at Yamagi "You Should rest kid u looked pretty bad back there"walking beside Yuffie

Getting out of the and unwrapping his bandages "Iam fine iam a lot tougher than this"
walking out the Room

Leon walked out and ran in front of him and pulled out his gunblade with a serious Expression in his face"Yamagi fight me i want to test the power of the Keyblade's chosen one"jumping and Slashing at yamagi

Jumping out the way"Iam not in the mood leon"Yamagi said His anger bringing the keyblade forth, he grips the Crystal Handle the mark of the sun is on the top of the crystal handle The key part is like multiple aurora light forming into a key he saw 150 hp over his head

leon jumps forward in slashe at yamagi hitting him " your not so tough yamagi keep fighting like that you'll die in this Struggle"

On the ground"this guy is amazing how come his so fast"yamagi taught to himself Leon running at him,"AWWww"yamagi yelled holding the keyblade up as a shield

Leon knocks the keyblade out his hand, than picks it up"Hump Your serious your the keyblade master Pathetic"The keyblade this appears in a aurora light in appears in yamagi hands

Yamagi surprised"uhhh....Fine what do u want with me Leon"Standing up

Leon walks to yamagi" I want you to become stronger Yamagi" Rubbing Yamagi's Hair

Moving his Hand than looking up"Ill become stronger i promise but not for you for my family" Now tell me what i got to do

After Leon and Yuffie explained the situation in traverse town they set yamagi off with 5 potions and some equipment some

Yamagi begin going trough traverse town destroy many heartless through out the town till he met up with his old friend darkside

Yamagi Continues to run he didnt stop running, figuring he already know what he could do"Darkside not you again" he slash a arm off than back flips back, loosing his balance than falling on his butt "I got get better at this" yamagi taught to himself

Darkside raises his hand than creates a dark energy ball

Yamagi back up "whoa that's new!" Yamagi said he Jumps back as he throws it down

Heartless begin popping up everywhere

yamagi battle the heartless than taught iam going for the boss

Yamagi jump as high as he could which was above darkside"Haaaaa...dont come back this time"

Darkside looks up at yamagi

yamagi slashes from his head to his body finshing the battle "Woooo...that was harder he didnt use that move last time,he wipe the dust off and continued on his journey

afterwards he still had to battle almost he taught endless armies of heartless till he got to the 3 World in Traveser Town

Yamagi ran down the Stairs to the middle of the World, when he go to the middle of the world he saw a Girl fighting a 3 heartless

January 16th, 2009, 9:28 PM
"Oh Dear, this battle has been dragging on for too long." Said Accord to herself. "Isn't there anyone here whos hired to exterminate them? Maybe a Shadow Exterminator?" Accord wondered as a Heartless attempted to take a swipe at her. "Oh my! So sorry, but I wont be letting you touch me." She said with a small laugh. Accord then Aimed a musical blast to a heartless, and defeated it. It was one down, two to go. She then looked at the two heartless who seemed to be standing on both her sides. "Oh my, I've been trapped." She said as they both were about to swipe at her. She ducked before they even touched her causing them to hurt themeselves. Accord then create a large light in her wand that sent out a rainbow blast. One of the heartless jumped out of the way before it could hit it.

"So its just you and I now?" Accord asked. "Theres no more of you? I'll make sure." She looked back as she saw a young boy her age standing and watching. "Oh my and who might you be? Were you watching this whole time?" Accord asked as she noticed the Heartless approaching her, she then jumped out of the way before he swiped. "I would appreciate some help." Accord said to the boy.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 16th, 2009, 9:51 PM
As Yamagi stared at her in amazement as he saw her use a magic he never seen before,But then it hit him she just ask him for help,"oh yea" yamagi said as he jumped up there immediately "you ask for a hero ms" He cut the heartless down effortlessly with a swing of his Aurora Keyblade only for more to appear from

He turns to the girl"hi my names yamagi its nice to meet you"yamagi said as he smiles at her

January 16th, 2009, 11:15 PM
Bahn opens his eyes, once again. "Where am I?" he asks. He looks left, then right. As he does this, he realizes that he is laying down. Then he realizes that he is lying in water. "Oh man. I must have had too much to drink," he says. Wait, I dont remember dirnking, ever, he thought. He decides to sit up. He didn't feel dizzy when he did it. Just wet. He stands up, and still didn't feel very dizzy. Then he remembered what happened. "Oh, that's right. That was one crazy dream. Not like I acctualy lost all my memories of my training." He laughs out loud. Then as he tries to remember, and realizes something. He really can't remember. Any of it. The only things he remembers were the first few lessons. "Oh man! This is not cool! ALRIGHT! WHO EVER YOU ARE, WHY HAVE YOU TAKEN MY MEMORIES AWAY! WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" He yelled so loud the whole city could hear him. As well as the Heartless. Nearly twenty Heartless appere out of the ground. Some looked just like the bug things he fought before. Others looked like twitchy little knights. But the knights were much faster then the smaller ones.

"Alright, you want a piece of me. I'll give you a mouthful." Bahn yelles. He throws a chain at one, but it misses and falles to the ground. The Heartless collieds with him, and they both fall to the ground. Luckuly, Bahn managed to get the other chain to hit the Heartless square in the side of the head. This one dissapered, but that left about ninteen still, and it looked like their might even be more than before. Bahn retracts one chain untill he grabs a certin link. he grabed the link in a certin way so that about ten feet of chain disconnects from the rest. he retracts the rest of the chain, as well as the other one. "Alright. At least I still know this much," and with that starts swinging the chain over his head. Two of the bug Heartless leap at Bahn, so he swings the chain to connect with the Heartless causing them to dissapere. But there were still a lot more. "Huff huff huff. Oh man, I COULD USE SOME HELP OVER HERE!!!!!"

January 17th, 2009, 10:52 AM
As Reina squinted against the invasion of bright light she failed to realize she was now in a much different place then before, and her journey had only just begun.

"Where is this?" she wandered aloud as she gazed around at a few shops, and more then a few homes.

"Are you ok mister?" A small girl with blond hair in two pigtails tugged at her leg.

"Yea, I suppose." It was at that moment Reina realized she must have been spacing out. "What is this place anyway?"

"Traverse Town. Me and mommy live here. Does mister have a wife?" she looked at her curiously.

Reina's eyes shot open in shock. "Wait, you think I'm....."

"Kalisa! Where are you?" a middle aged woman in an apron called.

"Gotta go. Bye bye mister! Come by mommie's shop later, she sells good stuff." the small girl named Kalisa handed Reina a flyer and took off before she could even blink.

Reina glanced at the flyer in her hand. "Glacia's home made gummies. You have the money we have the time. Best gummies around these parts. Gummies?" Reina wondered over the last part.

She walked over to what looked like a resturant and sat down at a table. "I'll have the special please and a cup of tea."

Her waitress bowed slightly, and blushed. "Right away sir." she left.

"Oh for crying out loud." Reina scoffed, as she leaned back in her chair. "Though with the way I'm dressed I guess it's to be expected after all."

Suddenly Reina almost seemed to sense a presence behind her. She stiffened. "What do you want?" she whirled around, but no one was there.

"Must be my immagination. I must still be freaked out from earlier." Reina turned back

"Find the keyblader......you must protect him......" a shadowy voice seemed to whisper in her ear.

Reina felt chills crawl up and down her spin at this. "Whoever you are stop with the dumb tricks!" she whirled around, her hand closed on her sword's hilt.

There was the sound of glass breaking.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you." the waitress from earlier was back, though her tea was all over the floor now.

Reina blushed bright red. "Sorry...." she squeaked, as the waitress began to pick up the pieces.

She turned and huddled back at her table, too embarassed to look up. "Am I losing my mind? Keyblader? What or who would that be?" she mused to herself.

January 17th, 2009, 1:56 PM
"My he seems very strong" Accord thought to herself. She then replied to him. "Nice to meet you Mr. Yamagi. My name is Accord. I must thank you for the help." She said as she fiddled with her wand, The Flying Cane. "Yes I dont know where those monsters came from. It was quite scary." She said as she looked back to see if there were any more. "Hmm that is quite the weapon you have there Mr. Yamagi" Accord stated as she looked at the Keyblade curiously. She then examined him. "Something about him" She thought. She then began to speak again. "Shall we get out of here, This place is quite unpleasant."

Yamagi Sosuke
January 17th, 2009, 2:27 PM
"Yea we should"Yamagi said as he looked at her,he didnt know what but there was something about her"So what kind of weapon is that ive never seen real magic before your Amazing accord that was really something " Yamagi said to her " I taught i was the only person who could destroy these things called heartless "Yamagi said hold the keyblade in front of his face,but somthing catches his attention a really big guy being attack by heartless"Accord lets help him, i guess you can call it a team up wanna do it" yamagi ask accord staring her in her eyes,Yamagi looking in her eyes hoping she said yes it can get pretty boring destroying these guys by himself he hoped if she said yea it would at least be a little easier for him and besides she seemed like a really nice girl even though she could be really dangerous when she want,"please"yamagi said with a smile

January 17th, 2009, 10:26 PM
OOC- What kind of post is that? Doesn't make sense. It's just a bunch of jumbled letters and such. O.o

January 17th, 2009, 11:37 PM
Accord answered Yamagi's question. "This is called a Flying Cane, it uses light magic, and musical magic." Accord said with a smile, they then encountered a boy fighting off heartless. "Oh my he seems to be in a pickle." She said. "Of course I'll help him." Accord said as she took her wand an send out rainbow flashes to other heartless. A knight lunged at her but she avoided it. "Oh dear, I'm afraid you must die." She said as she created a giant box of light and had a trebble cleff shaped light blast at it. It was defeated but there was still more to come. As a knight slashed at her she jumped out of the way. "Yaaah! Please be careful with that sword!" Accord demanded. She turned to the boy and said "You must've been quite strong to be able to hold then off till we arrived." Accord stated.

January 18th, 2009, 12:12 AM
Bahn was getting really tired of these things! They are called Heartless. That made Bahn even more mad. "How about you stop talking, and start helping, ya stuiped voice!" yelled Bahn. Just then he noitced a flash of light behind and to the left. He saw a girl and a boy, the girl holding a wierd staff and the boy holding a really strange sword thing. "You must've been quite strong to be able to hold then off till we arrived." said the girl. "Hehe. If only you knew how strong I used to be." he called back. Just then four Heartless leapt at him. He managed to get three of them, but the fourth slashed him in the shoulder. "AARRRGGGG!" Bahn yelled. He spun around and slamed the spike ball part in to the Heartless. It went through the Heartless and then hit the ground where it got stuck. He tried to pull it out but it wouldn't come out. "Oh crap." You must protect the Keyblade wielder. "Really bad time, bodyless voice. And I am not doin anything for you untill you give me back my memroies." Bahn yelled. "Hey, I could use some defence over here, you two. And do ether of you know the Keyblade wielder?"

Yamagi Sosuke
January 18th, 2009, 5:27 PM
Yamagi slash one a heartless in half and watch it disappear turning around to hear bahn say"do either of you know the keyblade wielder" At that moment yamagi had a flash back "Yamagi so your the keyblade's chosen one" Leon said as he looked down to the side of the bed at the keyblade yamagi returning to the present"I guest that would be me....I think "Yamagi said as he ran over to the others,after getting therea heartless jumped towards him,he ran towards it slash it in half than jumped back to them"so bahn you wanted me"Yamagi said he looked at bahn this guy is strong,that weapon has to be at 500 pounds if not more

January 18th, 2009, 7:10 PM
"Yeah. I just need you two to keep those Heartless away untill I get my dang chain out of the ground," Bahn said. He looked back down at his chain. "So that's why you won't come out, you little bugger." There heartless holding onto the spikes of the sphere part of the weapon. He reached down and detached the spike ball part. It sunk into ground with the Heartless. He reached down into his pocket, and pulled out another chain weapon attachment. It looked like a large knife blade with half a chain link on the end that would normaly be the hilt. He turned around and launched the bladed end. It went through about three Heartless. He pulled it back, walked forward, and anounced, "I'm back."

January 18th, 2009, 8:34 PM
"Ahhh! There are monsters! Monsters are lose in the town!"

Reina jerked her head up at that frightened scream. Her food had just arrived too.

She ran to the door sheld in hand. 10 to 15 of those same black creatures were running around the main square.

"More heartless?" Reina wondered aloud. "Since you ruined my lunch it's only fair I take payment out of your hides." she snarled.

"He's so handsome, and brave." a girl swooned off to her left.

"Shut up and go hide somewhere will ya!" Reina snapped. The last thing she needed was some girl getting romantic notions about her.

The girl squeaked and took off, leaving Reina to her task at hand.

"So the little butt ugly things had to follow me here huh?"

Reina rushed out, slamming her sheld into one of the heartless and sending it flying backwards. It hit the wall and vanished into smoke.

"Silverwind 1, heartless 0." Reina grinned and ducked to avoid a heartless as it lept for her.

It flew over her head and rolled over a few times on the ground.

It was then she noticed all 14 or so remaining heartless had her surrounded and were moving closer in an ever tightening circle.

"Ok......so this might be a little difficult to manage."

Yamagi Sosuke
January 20th, 2009, 10:22 PM
Occ-Bamachi and Callondor as stated i could use there charecter for this post

The Three of us was doing pretty good until a monster name Guard armor came from under ground

Yamagi feeling the ground shakes stops fighting in stands straight up he began to look up Out of know where a heartless name guard armor with a Hp: 600 appeared "Whoa hes a unique heartless"yamagi said as he notice his limbs wasn't connected,He jumped at the monster and went for a slash his keyblade didnt even leave a mark,a dent nothing,Yamagi looked at the heartless Surprised at the fact he had no effect on the heartless,He landed back beside the bahn and Accord. He looked at them. then watch them bahn begin to swing his Chain around his head,Accord's Flying Crane begin to glow

As they Fought Yamagi realize the was getting nowhere this way but they continue to fight Until they was battered with injuries but now Guard Armor Hp was 450, There clothes was beginning to look a little ridged"Huff...Huff....what is this guy made of"Yamagi said as he collapse,Accord stud up "Oh dear, we can't lose here, all our hard work will go to waste, let's put our full effort into this shall we? We wont stop now."Accord said as her Flying Crane begin to Glow,Bahn stumbles to his Feet "your right we must all work to Together" Bahn said as his chain begin to glow all the way down to the sharp weapon at the bottom.Yamagi stands up in the middle of the Three "you guys are right lets and this "Yamagi said as his Keyblade begin to glow a aurora color.

Guard armor attack with multiple attacks with his unattached limbs,Just before the attack Hits them a big aurora light shoots up in the air from the ground repelling the limbs,As the light and smoke cleared,Yamagi stood up holding a his keyblade with bahns chains around it and a deep musical magic flowing through the keyblade,Standing in the middle of the two with his eyes glowing a yellow color instead of a light blue as usual accord on her knees tired from the trinity technique along with bahn on one knee"You guys look tired you should sit back and let me handle this, with your powers ill be more than enough for this guy"Yamagi said looking at them both turning his head back on Guard Armor,He begins to walk towards him.

Guard armor attacks with his left arm and leg,Yamagi Slashes the keyblade towards the 2 limbs a magical sound blasts shoots from the keyblade destroy the limbs,Now Guard Armor Hp is 250,Yamagi now 10 feet away from the trinity mark, The voice from the mystirous place told him you can only be 30 feet away from the mark on the ground."ok i understand thank you"yamagi said calmly his personality seem different from before,Returning to reality Guard Armor would not come any closer than he was,Yamagi knowing Guard was out of distance he uses the chain as skilly as Bahn would wrapping the Chain around Guard's torso and his right hand with the chains pulling him as close to him as possible. Yamagi looked up at Guard he Jumped up in the air above Guard Armor"Okay iam tired of playing"yamagi said with a deadly look on his face blasting a huge sound blast as Guard Armor destroying him Completely As the smoke cleared yamagi begin to walk towards them as he stood before them light begin toeave his body and the keyblade and enter them again,Bahn looked at yamagi and sat down legs crossed feeling his energy coming back to his body, "Oh my Mr. Yamagi that was incredible, you bested him without needing any effort,"I feel that I will be much safer around you,w ith all these heartless running around that is." Accord said looking at him feeling her magic return ,"Thanks Guys it was all thanks to yo......u yamagi said as he fell unconscious After Yamagi's blackout he woke up in a bed in the shop in traverse town with accord,bahn, leon, yuffie,and aerith all beside him.

January 21st, 2009, 8:12 PM
Accord was in a constant worry over Yamagi passing out, she turned to see him still layed down in the bed, she sighed deeply and began pacing. "Look please calm yourself-" Leon began. "I cant calm myself now!" Accord yelled back. "Oh my I'm sorry, I dont normally yell like that." She said as she looked over at Yamagi once again. She walked towards him and looked at him. "Oh you poor thing, you used up every ounce of your energy, please wake up soon." She said as she noticed him starting to open his eyes. Accord then gave a big smile to see him awake. "Mr. Yamagi you're finally awake." She said with a grin. "That was quite the battle back there as well. You saved all of us." She said with a cheerful face. She then leaned over to kiss him. "And thats your reward." She said as she blushed and walked to the other side of the room.

January 22nd, 2009, 1:06 PM
Bahn was honnestly impressed with what happened at the end of that fight. He didn't think that kid had it in him. Of coarse that Accord girl was annoying him with that constant worring. "Will you calm down already. He'll be okay," he said. At least he better be okay. Without him I'll never get my memories back, he thought. He looked over to see the kid finaly waking up. He got up to go over and congratulate him, when he saw Accord give him a quick kiss. He imedatly turned around. "Never disturb two lovers," he said quitely but still loud enough for everyone to hear. Then he rembered what happened when he said that to one of Master Xaki's female students. His back hurt for a whole week afterwards. He decided it was time to train outside. Just as he reached the door, it exploded inward. Bahn was thrown back by the explosion. "Man! I have had enough of you god dang Heartless." He started to charge the Heartless, when Leon stoped him. Bahn stared murder at him, but Leon just said "Look," and pointed to the door. When Bahn looked he noticed someone in blue come walking in, coughing at the same time. "That's not how the spell is *cough* supposed to go," said the man in blue. He looked at everyone and said "My, arn't we tense. My name is Merlin."

(Ooc: everyone fine with that? Tell me if you have any problems.)

Yamagi Sosuke
January 22nd, 2009, 6:27 PM
Yamagi woke up to see everybody looking at him,Then he felt something warm on his cheek as he looked to see what it was, he realized accord had just kissed him on the cheek,Yamagi blushed,But he couldn't show he liked it "what was that for!!! giving me a kiss in everything"Yamagi said touching his cheek , he saw bahn walking towards the door " a bahn where you go....."yamagi interrupted suddenly a big explosion busted through the door"what the..."Yamagi said trying to sit up but felt a pain in his chest so couldn't than out of know a man in a blue robe appear and said"why arnt we tense.My name is Merlin

Yamagi looked at him"Merlin what did he just use on the door" yamagi thought.Yamagi struggle to sit up "What are you here for" yamagi asked."Dont worry i asked him to come"leon said. Merlin begin to walk toward yamagi "humm.hummm yes you definitely did a number on your self didn't you" Merlin said examining yamagi.He then put his hands over yamagi and said"Curaga"Merlin said his hands begin to glow than he hovered his hands up and down his body.Yamagi looked at him curiously "what are you doing to me "Yamagi asked.Merlin looked at him "iam healing you dont you feel it...andd Finish" Merlin said.Yamagi tried to get and felt no pain he sat on the bed unwrapping all his bandages "thanks alot merlin you helped me out a lot "Yamagi said he than begin to stand up "well what should we do now guys"yamagi said

January 22nd, 2009, 6:55 PM
Accord giggled as she saw Yamagi blush. "You should know what it is for." She said as there was a blast through the door. "Oh my whatever could that have been?" She asked as she saw a man in a blue robe appear. "Why aren't we tense? My name is Merlin." Said the man. "Its nice to meet you Mr.Merlin." Accord said. "My name is Accord." She said as she watched walk over to Yamagi. He then began to heal him. "Oh you know Healing Magic. Very impressive." Accord exclaimed as she walked over to take a closer look. Accord then answered Yamagi's question. "Well first, I would like to know who exactly Mr.Merlin is and why Mr.Leon requested him. We should also find out where all these heartless are coming from." Accord stated as she began to look worried. She then started fiddling with her Flying Cane.

Zeta Patchouli
January 22nd, 2009, 7:20 PM
Unfortunately, due to Writers Block with this RP, I will not be in it anymore, but I still have ideas for the story, just not Joseph.

Chapter 3: Wonders of Wonderland

This world is from the book and movie, Alice in Wonderland. Alice has been put on trial, and it's up to you to set her free, by finding evidence that the Heartless did it, by finding the Scent, Antenna, Footprint, and the Claw Marks, but beware of the Heartless, The Queen of Hearts, and something else, which is lurking at the World's Beginning...

Cloaked Man Hp: HGX9 (Can't beat him, but he retreats after he beats you.)
Queen of Hearts Hp: 10
Cards x9 Hp: 70 each
Tower Hp: 150
Trickmaster Hp: 600

Have fun.

At the very entrance, a man in a cloak stands... waiting for something. "Hmph, I just wish they could get here. I want to go back to Olympus, and watch the tournament." Said the man before leaning up against the wall. "It's so boring, but I have to test out the Keyblader before he and his group step past this room. Heh, I wonder if they can handle there being more then one keyblader?" The man sighed as a Heartless tried to attack, but in a flash of light, it was dead.

January 23rd, 2009, 7:36 PM
None of the people for my group are posting. What should I do?

Zeta Patchouli
January 24th, 2009, 5:57 AM
Contact them. If they don't reply, then ask Yamagi if you can join their group.