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January 19th, 2009, 8:57 AM
(first off, if this does not go here, put it where it would go, though, I am not sure where that would be, as it is a challenge thread, this seemed the most logical place, please do not kill me if this is the wrong forum)

Anyway, the challenge is basically this: Pick any type combination that has pokemon available to it and play through all the tough optional battles in kanto(ie the second fight with koga, carlos in front misty's, etc) with only pokemon with your type combination. For instance, if I choose fire/flying, ultimately, my team could only have ho-oh, charizard, and moltres(though the latter is not yet in the game).

1. only use pokemon with your chosen type combination(which type is primary which is secondary is irrelevant) until you can get your chosen combination, you must use pokemon with at least one of the two types, going back to my earlier example, this would mean, for instance, until I get to goldenrod and get the coin case, I'd use a pokemon with flying and a fire type, and then drop them when I got charmander
2. legendaries are allowed
3. this is not a race(plus as I stink at making banners, really do not have prizes atm, if someone wants to give some, it would be appreciated)
4. try to post somewhat frequent updates
5. more than one person can do the same type combination
6. challenge ends when all kanto gym leaders that can currently be reached and all of the optional tough fights in kanto have been beaten

if anyone thinks of anything I forgot, just tell me

Good luck

I'll start with water/ground since I had a file doing that I was already a good way along on and it has a shiny mudkip I got lucky enough to bump into so I do not wanna lose it :P

January 19th, 2009, 10:08 AM
You were right, this board is just for official games, and I'm sorry but good old Zel's game is not official yet, so... :x