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February 22nd, 2009, 5:34 PM
This song I have written is not like anything I have ever written before. This song may be very disturbing to a lot of people, even I find it a little disturbing. Read at your own will, and don't point fingers at me if you are that disturbed. You have been warned.

This song was written by me when I got an album idea in my head one day. I pictured Lady Liberty in chains, brocken, anf destroyed. And in the background, the smokin ruins of New York City are visible. I immediatly grabbed a pen and wrote down on a piece of paper "Idea for song: "Fall of Liberty." This song foretells America's future. What may hapen. Am I saying I am an enemy of America? No. I love America, however I am not always thrilled with it's actions. This song is written when I pictured a time when America may have done something that was not necessary, unneeded wars, domination, whatever. I pictured this would be how the world would react...

I would also like to let you all know, that I am not a communist, or Nazi. I have a deep respect for all people and am only writting a song.

Fall of Liberty

[Spoken intro; starts quiet]
One day, we shall fall...
One day, America's grand empire will crumble down in the fires of anarchy and bloodshed.
We will see Manhattan buried under the rubble of it's majestic city.
The grand Canyon will overflow with the corpses of our fallen brothers in arms.
The Mississippi River shall run red with blood.
And the beauty of the Rocky Mountains will be a memory lost in flames.
[Getting Louder]
One day the world will destroy the land of freedom.
One day the home of the brave will be plagued with disease.
[Getting Louder Still]
One day, America's majesty will be forever forgotten as our nation goes up in smoke!
[Rise to a shout]
Our home sweet home shall turn to a barren wasteland of ash!

[Song begins with a heavy beat on drums]

A natins flag, a symbol of hate
Wage a war with the United States
America now an outcast
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast
Give to them what they gave to us
Ash to ash, dust to dust
Now the bombers take to the skies
To bomb what was once a paradise


Resistance is in vain
Make them suffer, cause them pain
We shall rise, America will fall
Along with it's Liberty and justice for all.

Communiist hammers take the stand
Nazi Swatsticas throughout the land
Islam sun is on the rise
Our stars and stripes meet their demise
Civillians hide in terror and fear
Pray that allies may be near
Soldiers showing no remorse
Remembering America's bullsh*t wars


Once beautiful for spacious skies
Now looked upon, hated and despised
God's nation now in smoke
No more nations will we provoke
Bind Lady Liberty in chains of steel
Let us show her how we feel
Pul her until she breaks and falls
Down with Liberty once and for all!

[song ends with a bass or guitar solo playing the end of the Star Spangled Banner]
© 2009

Rose M.M
February 22nd, 2009, 5:48 PM
I liked it, but do yourself a favor and put a little copy symbol on it so no one can take it and use it as theres. I particularly enjoy disturbing things so I love this, continue on. =3