View Full Version : Darkened Seas

March 13th, 2009, 1:39 PM
Hello everyone, I just got back into the TCG, and I decided to try my hand at a newer deck. I've been working on this deck a bit, and I've been wondering if anyone could help me make this deck better?

Pokemon: 20

Giratina (PL-28) x 2
Palkia (PL) x 1
Palkia G (PL) x 1
Gyarados G (PL) x 1
Mewtwo (DP:LA) x 1
Lapras (PL) x 2
Squirtle (PL) x 3
Wartortle (PL) x 1
Wartortle (DP:SF) x 1
Blastoise (PL) x 1
Riolu (PL) x 2
Snover (DP:SF) x 2
Abomasnow (DP:SF) x 2

Trainer: 20

Poke Ball x 1
Premier Ball x 1
Quick Ball x 2
Potion x 4
Broken Time-Space x 1
Bebe's Search x 2
Memory Berry x 1
Energy Switch x 2
Energy Search x 2
Life Herb x 2
Level Max x 1
Luxury Ball x 1

Energy: 20
Psychic Energy x 5
Water Energy x 12
Rainbow Energy x 1
Heal Energy x 1
Recover Energy x 1

Thoughts? Advise?