View Full Version : Ground Pokemon Fanclub V2.0

March 31st, 2009, 4:49 AM
The First Ground Pokemon Fanclub died so i decided to make a Ground Pokemon Fanclub V2.0 I Relized i like lots of ground pokemon so i thought make a new Ground Pokemon Fanclub i hope is more successful and the first Ground Pokemon Fanclub

Leader/Owner Feline
Co-Owner/Leader None

Join up first one to join is co-leader/owner

Whats your fav Ground pokemon and why?
Why do you like Ground pokemon?
What reigon do you think has the best Ground pokemon and why?
What berries do you think Ground pokemon like best?
What pokemon contest would Ground pokemon like best?
Whats your fav Ground type move?
Whos you fav Ground pokemon gym leader/Elite 4 member?
Nidoqueen or Nidoking?
Sandslash or Marowak?
Piloswine or Donphan?
Tyranitar or Garchomp?
Camerupt or Claydol?
Quagsire or Whiscash?
Torterra or Swampert?
Rhyperior or Mamoswine?
Do you like the pink or blue Gastrodon better?
What Ground pokemon are you most like?
What Ground pokemon do you have on your pokemon games?
Do you have any lvl 100 Ground pokemon?
If you where a Ground pokemon would you rather live in the desert or in a cave?
If you where a Ground pokemon what one would you be and why?
What would you buy a Ground pokemon for there birthday?
What would you give a Ground pokemon to eat if you ran out of pokemon food?