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April 22nd, 2009, 12:14 PM
Hello, I'm new here so please forgive me if there's sum'thing wrong I caused.

This list is great! I'm always wondering at that time when I was between 10 - 12 years old (I forgot) playing Red Version with Charmander as my partner, is Charmander actually charcoal + salamander?

I agree with most of them, but I will post some of my theories that are not same with the rest.
Squirtle : squirrel + turtle; If u look at Squirtle's tail, it curls like squirrel's tail, isn't it? Turtle is for indicating that Squirtle is turtle and turtle is related to sea. But I don't mind for squirt + turtle as Squirtle indeed "squirt" water.

Victreebel : vicious + tree + bell; What I saw from last post is victory + tree + bell, I don't see any relation between victory and Victreebel except u want to say that Victreebel is like a winning trophy. I'll say Victreebel is vicious, because in the movie, it always trying to eat James (US version)/ Kojirou (Japan version) from Team Rocket and for its size, it can be a man-eater plant instead of flytrapper

For Combusken and Blaziken, I agree with them except mine are adding kenpo, one or group of martial arts. As u know, when in Torchic, it only can scratch with its leg and peck with its beak with addition fire-based attack like ember. When it evolve into Combusken, it has wings that shaped like hands that can be used for scratching/chopping, although it doesn't learn Karate Chop and its legs are stronger from before and suitable for kicking(note that when u play S/R/E version with Torchic as ur partner, when it evolves into combusken, it will learn Double Kick, a fighting-type skill right after it has evolved) Same goes for Blaziken.

For Linoone, I added "one", so mine is "one line" + raccoon. Because when Linoone runs, it only can run in straight line, meaning one line only.

For Metagross, I think that it same with Metang by means that Metang is anagram of magnet, not metal + tang because Metang is two Beldums fused together and Metagross is two Metangs fused together, adding "cross" in its name. U can see that Metagross has a cross in front of its face.

For Piplup and Prinplup, I think that "plup" is actually "b" put upside-down so it becomes blub. Blub is a voice when u want to try to speak in the water and when u speak in the water u will produce bubbles. As u all maybe already know, Piplup and Prinplup doesn't learn any shooting-water-like attack, they only have shooting-bubbles like Bubble and Bubblebeam. Only Empoleon learn shooting-water-like attack, that is Hydro Pump.

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April 23rd, 2009, 11:17 AM
This was very interesting and fun. I loved it thanks. Only some seemed too Farfetched. Get it.