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April 26th, 2009, 11:04 AM

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything, move it if it is please and thank-you. :)
I got this idea from a similar thread in another forum before anyone stabs me with insults (yet again not sure if its good mentioning other sites or anythin)


...WHAT WE DO...

- Recolouring/Type Changing (changing colours of suggested pokemon. Typing changes will be completely different in appearance.)

- Fusing (choosing 2 to 5 pokemon to be slammed together)

And thats all we can do right now til we find more skilled fusionists.

This thread is for those people that have wanted to see a little bit more than the 493 pokemon that are already given to them and want a little bit of variety.
Basically you choose one of two of the catagories posted above and then mention what you would like to be done with them/it.

-taken from the original thread-

Each individual person may only make one request per every five days. This is to keep the number of requests more reasonable. This does not mean you should get others to request for you, either.
There are currently no banned Pokemon, although the rules are subject to change.
You may not address a request at a specific person. When you post a request, keep it open for anyone to claim. Otherwise, one person may become bombarded by requests or the others may not be able to get requests that they really want, or both.
KEEP OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. There's no problem with mentioning this thing or that thing, but keep it mostly sprite-oriented. If you want a good example of how things should go, flip through the first 30 or so pages of the thread.
If you see your request on the "Pending Requests" list (below the "Guidelines for Requesting" section) or in the "Claimed" section of any member, do not remind us of it. If it's not done yet and we know it's been requested, we might just be a little backed up and telling us that it still needs to be done is not going to get it done any faster.
Along these lines, do not ask us if your sprite is done yet; and we won't PM you or VM you or contact you in any way when your sprite is done. If we did that, we'd spend all too much time trying to send out the sprites when we finish with them.
Also along these lines, if our shop is closed, or we are backed up as far as requests go and people are suggesting that you hold off on requesting for the moment, do NOT ask us when/if we are/are going to be open or ready for requests again. To be honest, we don't know how long it will take to clear off the request list as a LOT of things factor into it, and if you really want to know if we're ready right at the moment then just look at the Pending Request list. If we've still got a fairly high stack of requests, then we're probably not ready at the moment.
You may NOT post your sprites in our thread, especially not to fulfill a request. If you wish to post your sprites, get opinions, etc., then there is the ~Sprite Critique Thread~ which will be made soon for you to use.
Additionally, if someone posts a sprite here, do NOT critique/comment on the sprite itself. Direct the person to the Critique Topic, or if it's already been done then just move on.
The "Pending Requests" list can only have a maximum of 15 requests on it at a time. When it reaches the maximum, nobody can make any more requests until it goes down and we okay requests again. If you make a request while the list is full, your request will be ignored and you will have to wait until three days after requests are allowed again to request it.
When making requests, ALWAYS put " ~Request~ " somewhere in your post. This will make request posts easy to decipher and search for in my internet browser -- since it searches for the EXACT thing I type in, you MUST type in EXACTLY that or it will not show up and thus will not be counted. IF YOU DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM, YOUR REQUEST WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Also, if you abuse the system, similar consequences will occur. We will NOT baby you with this either; we may point it out, or we may just ignore your request completely. If your request went unnoticed, take a look back and it and see if it's possible that you were lacking this, and that's why.

Can I do this myself?
Obviously slight edits can be done be YOU and do NOT have to clog our request list.

Is this something you genuinely want to see or use?
Do not just request random things for us to do; we are not robots.

Is this request too hard or laborious, and are we backed up on requests?
If so, please wait to request it at a more appropriate time.


- ZephyrII



This is where I put all of the requests that are yet to be completed by me. Other fusionists that i approve of shall do the same when they post. If it is on the list then we will get round to it eventually. Just be patient.
Fusionists can only accept 14 requests at a time, so if theres 14 on their name then the chances are your request wont be counted. Requests will be completed in Chronological order, (thats from 1 being the first) so that we dont have the one person waiting for all of eternity for theirs to be done.

BUG's List.

Remember to be patient. We cannot do all of this at once.


This will be where I put my creations that have been completed in picture form for all to see. When your request is off of the list above the chances are its completed and is below here in the space between the lines :)


Requests covered by me on the thread will go into here.


Keep to the rules, No spamming or bad language or anything else the forums dont allow. And most of all, Have fun :)

April 26th, 2009, 12:48 PM
Magikapr & Uxie with some green in there


April 26th, 2009, 3:14 PM
Sorry, but last time I checked sprite making/requesting threads weren't allowed; here, or anywhere on PC~