View Full Version : What You're Missing in the English Version of "Dengeki Pikachu"

May 16th, 2009, 05:17 AM
Some of you might already know this, but the Japanese version of what we know as "The Electric Tale of Pikachu" is quite different from the original. The art has been altered for the English version because the company felt that it was inappropriate for younger readers.

I have been made aware of the following website, where you can find out all the edits in three of the four volumes of the manga. Why not check it out?

http://ncnc123.50megs.com/dengenki/index.html (http://ncnc123.50megs.com/dengenki/index.html)

May 16th, 2009, 05:32 AM
It definitely sucks that the English version was edited so much, but...

"This was such an offensive image in the original Japanese version. How dare the artist try to realisticly portray female anatomy. I mean, I'm insulted."

Just lol. A little bit fanboyish to claim that those breasts were realistically portrayed. Dare I say it, Viz's "cover up" is more realistic.

Never read this manga, but I'd heard about the crazy stuff Misty wears before. Doesn't seem like that faithful an adaption of the anime when you look at it.