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June 20th, 2009, 12:11 PM
In essence, America receives a small amount of events from Nintendo and Europe even lesser. In addition, the events that are held only represent a small portion of the fandom, i.e. TCG and more recently gaming. However, there are still tons of aspects of the fandom which aren't represented at any of the events.

My question is, would you be interested in a Fan-Based Event? Similar to the Anime events that are ran by fans (not similar in format, just similar in management) where we could actually decide what to host at the event. i.e. Gaming, etc.

What would be an ideal location for you? How far would you be willing to travel outside of your location? What would be a location which would service most fans?

What would be an ideal timeframe? You can be as basic as saying Summer or as detailed as specifying a date range and year. What would be most ideal to insure most fans would have the ability to attend?

What would you like to actually see take place at the event? Guest speakers? Game Tournament? Anime/Manga viewing room?


It's more or less just a rough idea but I'm more or less curious if it's something the fandom would be interested in. More or less I feel we could probably do a better job than even the official events

June 20th, 2009, 1:01 PM
Seriously, it would be enough for me if there were more regular Nintendo events here in europe (especially germany).
America doesn't get as much as Japan and we don't get as much as America. (No Regies e.g. )
Location...well it shouldn't too far away. I wouldn't wnt to travel a whole day just to recive a legendary (on the other hand...depending on the city it takes place in...a trip could be nice).
I prefer events that take place in game stops and Toys'r us stores. Since I'm 18 I would find it embaassing to go to a bigger event (where most of the visitors would be younger than me -.-)
The time frame should be about a month I think...always. I don't care which months though.