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October 1st, 2004, 6:45 PM
It wasn't entirely unexpected when Israel eliminated the Palestenian Athourity, the seeds had been sown years ago. The world was still shocked at the attack, though. It was amazingly brutal. The Palestinians weren't just beaten, they were ground into the dust. Line after line of APC's and M1-A2's rolled into Palestinian controlled zones and wiped them out, men, women, children. The Israelis obeyed a total schorched earth policy in this matter. It was sickening.

The Arab world was furious about the entire matter. Al-Jazzera(sp) blared anti-Israel messages constantly and blamed the West at large for doing nothing to prevent these actions. Egypt took the first true retaliatory step, her troops flooding up the Sinai peninnsula and into Israeli territory. It was a vicious affair with neither side holding an edge. Soon afterwards, emboldened by no western intervening in the matter, Jordan added her own military strength to the weight of the Egyptian charge. Israel, strong as she was in armed might began to feel the press of numerous enemies finally united against her. Emboldened, Lebanon, Turky and Syria joined in. Now America began to worry, Isreal was one of her few Middle Eastern allies. Using Iraq as a starting point they began a systematic destruction of United Arab Coalition supply lines.

It was a mistake, in the end. Most of the Arab world was looking for any excuse to attack the Great Western Devil. All of the Middle East turned against America, diverting many troops from their war against the Jews. India, though she had not been on particularly good terms with America of late used this paper-thin excuse to finally launch an attack against Pakistan. On Friday, December 13th of 2012, the first nuclar shots of World War III were fired.

It's been 10 years since the start of WWIII and nothing has yet been resolved. The world population is less than a quarter of what it once was and all sides have stepped back for a break. Vast nuclear wastelands exist on every continent, scars marking humanity's folly. In this hopeless world, only the savage survive. Children are bred from age 3 to be soldiers. Later on, they are sorted into a specific carreer, be it weapons tech, cannon fodder or construction. A few people have left society as a whole and live in the few untouched areas of Earth.

These people are the most vicious on the planet, they willingly kill to protect their small colonies. These colonies believe they have found the answer in an ancient Arabic text known in Greek as the Necronomicon. They intend to summon the Elder Gods, chaotic, anarchic deities that are prophicied to teach the world a better path. Tonight, Midsummer's Eve, the summoning is taking place at an ancient rock in Hungary. All ove the world's outcasts look towards this rock with hope. Those among the governments who know look in the same direction in fear.

Alliance: (Outcast or Government)
History: (optional)

Name: Henry P. Lovecraft
Age: 33
Occupation: High Priest
Alliance: Outcast
Appearance: Gaunt, pale, emicated and wiry, wears dead-black robes and carries a nine-headed whip. Stringy brown hair comes down to his shousers. Nothing about him looks scarier, though, than the fervor in his pale blue eyes.
Personality: Devoted slavishly to the summoning to the Elder Gods, and in particular, Cthulhu, his own deity. Will kill painfully and without hesitation anyone who blasphemes against his gods.
History: Orphened at an early age by a nuclear war, he was taken in by an Outcast group in New England. After reading the Necronomicon, he slowly went insane. He traveled to Hungary specifically to participate in the summoning.

October 2nd, 2004, 10:50 AM
Hmm seems interesting , I'll give it a shot. If anything needs changing just lemme know.

Name: Riku Kore
Age: 25
Occupation: Priest
Alliance: Outcast

Appearance: Fair complexion (sp?) with dusty blonde hair and green eyes. Wears white robes and carries a pair of Pistols under his robe.

Personality: Slightly harsh and cold at times but he does care about those in need. Not one for fighting for the sake of it , Riku will only spill blood if he feels it is required or if his life is put at risk.

History: Having lost his parents and lover to one of the many Nuclear Wars , Riku felt lost in the storm which was WWIII. The Outcast Priesthood took him in and taught him there ways. Even though he his one of them Riku feels that no good will come from summoning the Elder Gods and that some of the actions taken by the Outcasts are Barbaric & inhuman.