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I'm posting the rest of the summaries of Volume 8 here, because Frosty would like to read them (he said that in his leaving post). I don't have the time to update the website at the moment, so I'll be posting them here.
There will be 1 post to every 2 chapters.
I will be updating with the rest another time.

Round 94 versus Elekid

Gold demanded his bag back again. The (Long and) Red-haired boy agilely jumped to the balcony from the first storey, and out of the research centre he went, getting away by swinging from tree to tree.
As his movements were too fast for Gold to catch up, Gold asked his newly-obtained Cyndaquil to attack. The flames from its back reached the red-haired boy and burned his right hand. He landed on the ground and took off his glove from his burned hand and commanded Sneasel to attack.
However, Gold had gotten to him, and pointed his billiard cue at his neck threateningly. A Ring of Fire prevented him from having a chance to escape.
He tried to hide something, but Gold spotted it. Gold now commanded him to return the bag and the Totodile he had stolen. However, Gold had failed to notice someone behind him and was struck down and knocked out by an electric attack. Three men in black attire and an Elekid came into view.
They introduced themselves as the infamous Team Rocket who are planning a major comeback (They disbanded approx. 1-3 years ago) They were supposed to intercept the research data that was to be sent from Prof. Oak to Prof. Elm. They had mistaken Golds bag for Grants and decided to make a trip down to get the bag and the three starter Pokemon that the Professor is researching on (Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile).
The boy then informed them that they could not get them, since 2 have already been taken away. One of the TR members was angry when he heard this and sent his Elekid to attack. The boy got ready his Pokedex and analyzed battle data concerning the Elekid. He chose Totodile for the battle. The TR member mocked him for using for a Pokemon he had just gotten, for it would not listen to him. However, Totodile won the battle with a Frustration attack, which works excellently since its owner is new. The boy also stole Pokeballs from the other 2 TR members as his Totodile vented its Frustration from them. Sneasel did the finishing move with its Faint attack. Defeated, the TR members ran off

[~After a while~]

Gold slowly regained consciousness, and saw a Police Officer near him. Gold was being afraid of being arrested and got Grant to speak out for him. After a little interrogation about what happened, it was understood both the Professor and Grant did not get a good look at the thief and Gold was the only one who had. Before Gold went off to the Police Station for questioning, he spotted the red-haired boys charred glove lying near him. He picked it up quickly and shoved it into his pocket.

Setting: Cherrygrove Police Station, Nighttime

After the policeman had created the photomontage of the thief, Gold dragged Grant along and left the place quickly.

Setting: Wilderness, Nighttime

Gold and Grant have set up camp for the night. Grant is amused by the photomontage, commenting gleefully that the police should be able to catch him easily. Gold then revealed (to Grants shock) that it was a fake. He then asked Grant to take out his laptop to create the real photomontage for himself.
Grant was reflecting on the numerous events that had happened quickly recently, and wondered why. A strangers voice answered: That would only meanthat fate is at work. The boys peered out of their tent. Grant trembled at the sight of Professor Oak.
Prof. Oak had come down to ask Gold if the thief was holding a Pokedex (Johto edition). He explained that it is a mini-computer used to record information of Pokemon. At this, Gold recalled the thief having the same kind of Pokedex the Professor has.
Chapter 95 versus Stanler
Setting: Wilderness, Nighttime

Prof. Oak now understood that the same person who broke into Prof. Elms lab stole one of his 3 New Pokedex.
Gold is interested about the device, which lets one check up an opponents strength and his Pokemon attacks during a battle. Gold realised that the thief had wanted to check data of his Cyndaquil and use Totodiles attacks against him.
Prof. Oak is about to leave when Gold stopped him to demand the Pokedex from him. Prof. Oak refused. Gold needed the device to be at an advantage against the thief when nabbing him. Oak refused again and again, stating that Gold was thinking only of himself, unlike the other trainers who have selflessly helped him collected research data when he gave them each a Pokedex. They were willing to help others with their strengths.
Gold misunderstood the part about strength, that he must be strong enough to have the device. He sent out Aipom to provoke Stanler, but was utterly defeated after Prof. Oak used the Pokedex and command Stanler to knock it out with its Confuse Ray.
Gold argued that he might have won if he had the Pokedex. Prof. Oak again refused and made his point clear that he will not give him the Pokedex no matter what the outcome of the match was. A Pokedex will be ultimated wasted in the hands of Gold, and will serve to be nothing more than a tool in battle.
Gold was provoked by Oaks words, and ran off after displaying a sour grapes attitude towards Prof. Oak.

Setting: Wilderness, Morning
Gold trained his Pokemon to the extremes with frog leaps and digging. All of a sudden, it turned cloudy and rain fell.

[~Switch in scene~]

Prof. Oak was getting through a heavy storm when he spotted Grants tent under the mud. He heard Grants cry from nearby, who was hanging onto Golds Aipom which hung from a tree by the cliff beside a river. Grant was helped up. Gold had jumped into the river to save Grants Rattata. Prof. Oak hurriedly climbed on his Stanler to head for the river.

Rattata was finally saved, and Gold sent his Cyndaquil in a Pokeball flying to safety with his cue. However, he lost his grip on the log he was hanging onto and was fast approaching the waterfall rapids. Golds life would have been in danger if Oaks Ledyba had not flew over to save him in time.

The weather was calm again when Oak reprimanded Gold for his recklessness. The earlier digging training by Gold had caused the erosions to occur.

Gold now went on his knees to beg the Prof. for the Pokedex. Gold finally received the Pokedex after he replied to Oaks question on what he see Pokemon as, of which he replied that they are his partners, working alongside for the same goals.

It was time for the three to depart. Gold mentioned about his bag and received it from Prof. Oak who had found it at the riverside. After gleefully checking that all his Pokemon friends are all right, he asked Grant to help him return them to his mum on his way to Prof. Elms lab.

After receiving a call from his mother and noticing the name Silver emblazoned in the interior of the thiefs glove, he bid goodbye to Grant and Prof. Oak, and went off to track Silver down.

Setting: NBT Hospital
Prof. Elm is lamenting on his being too engrossed in research to notice the thief. His aide consoled him, saying that it was lucky that the egg had not been stolen. A call from Gold came from the computer screen, which caused their jaws to drop. He told Prof. Elm that Totodile could not be found yet, and that Cyndaquil is with him. They plan to nab the thief asked Prof. Elm for the permission to let Cyndaquil follow him. With that, the call ended.

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Purin! Ur online on PC but not on MSN! >=( heh I dun need to read these anymore cuz i bought volume 8 ( in zhong wen... X.X)

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Purin! Ur online on PC but not on MSN! >=( heh I dun need to read these anymore cuz i bought volume 8 ( in zhong wen... X.X)
lol. I can't go online on MSN now because I have to leave the room once people come in =P
The summaries are for frosty, because he doesn't have the book.

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Next two are up. Btw, you don't have to be Frosty to read the summaries ;)

Round 96 versus Donphan

From the previous chapter, Prof. Elm continued lamenting about the loss of his two Pokemon.

Characters: Grant, Golds Mother.
Pokemon: Pokeballs of Pokemon Gold asked Grant to return to his Mother.
Setting: Golds house, New Bark Town

Grant was worrying about how he could explain to Golds Mother about Gold, who was supposed to return home by now. Clutching the pile of Pokeballs, he was anxiously loitering around when Golds Mother opened the door. As expected, she asked about where Gold is and when he would come home. Grant was at a loss of what to say when she next decided not to mind about Gold. (Grant was shocked now. Like mother, like son? He thought.)
She thanked Grant as she took the Pokeballs, and discovered that a Poliwag was missing among all the Pokemon in the pile

Setting: Route 51
Characters: Gold
Pokemon: Aipom, Cyndaquil, Wild Chinchous

Gold got wind of the news from Grant through his Pokegear. He was naturally shocked and vowed to find his Poliwag. Since Prof. Oak found the bag by the river (with its zipper opened), Gold went to the location and dived in to search for it. His efforts were in vain, and the only things he saw were wild Chinchous. He left the place, still determined to find his Poliwag.

Meanwhile, Silver was somewhere else. The billboard showed a poster with the words WANTED in large print. He spotted it while passing by and took a closer look. Alas, though the description was definitely of him (Elm Theft Suspect), the hilarious picture was of a glutton version of him, and it left him in shock.

Location: Violet City
Characters: Gold, Thief, Earl

Gold arrived in the city, and bought some rice cakes as he was hungry. Meanwhile, a thief riding on a herd of Donphans stole a plump mans purse. Gold was about to sink his teeth into the delectable rice cakes when mud from the rampage splattered onto them. Gold was furious about his spoiled cakes and took out his skateboard to chase up with the culprit and ask for compensation.

He met Earl, who thought Gold was on his side, but he wasnt. The compensation was more important to Gold at that moment.

The thief naturally did not care much, and Gold had to battle with him. On checking his Pokedex, Gold came up with a strategy involving Aipoms tail and targeting of the herd leader. The thief fell into his trap and crashed onto a brick wall with the confused herd leader in front of the Donphan he rode on. Gold retrieved the purse.

After treating Gold to a whole mountain of rice cakes, the plump man introduced himself as Earl and said that he was to meet with Prof. Elms aide. Gold was excited and shook him to get more information out of him.

Location: New Bark Town, Lab

Prof. Elm and Prof. Oak are discussing about Gold, who was more reckless, in their opinion, than Red. Prof. Elm is now well and had just been discharged from the hospital.

Setting: Violet City

Gold interrogated the thief, who was hung upside down on a wooden structure. He asked if the thief knew about Silver, and took the real photomontage out for the thief to look. The thief had no clue, but a passerby recalled having seen Silver at the Bellsprout Tower a moment ago.

Round 97 versus Bellsprout

Setting: Bellsprout Pagoda

Silver was talking to someone over the Pokegear, taking instructions to evolve his Totodile, by training in the Pagoda.

Meanwhile, Gold was outside, and decided to scale the Pagoda and climb in secretly. Gold was amazed by the machinery in it, and was expectedly (or unexpectedly?) greeted by a group of monks, who wanted him to join them in their training and become a monk too. Gold had to defeat and threaten them finally with Cyndaquils flame attacks to stop them from interrupting his search. He asked the monks about Silver, and was just in time to see him on the next level. Silver commanded Totodile to slash the staircase between Gold and him, but Gold managed to hold onto his dear life with his Aipom on the edge of the top part of the staircase.