View Full Version : YanmegaLv55 and regigigas 1234's Trade and Item Thread

August 8th, 2009, 5:59 PM
Hello, and Welcome to: Yanmega Lv55 and regigigas 1234's trade and Item thread!!
Here is our selection of trades and services.
But before you read on and post, please read a set of Instructions and rules.

1. Our trading will be very hard to do because we use a different time and that affects our trades.
E.G. You might be American while we are Australian.

4. We do not have a Pokemon wants List, so we see what You have to offer.

Without further ado, heres the REAL thread......

We have a Ditto!
Do you have the best Pokemon ever and want to have Eggs but its the wrong Gender and dont have a Ditto?

We have a service which allows you to trade us that Pokemon, we make an Egg and trade it back.
You just have to Hatch it!

Trade Evolving
Many People have Pokemon like Rhydon, Porygon, Haunter, Machoke and Kadabra.
They evolve into really good Pokemon, but they evolve by Trading!

We can evolve them for you!
P.S. We can also supply the Items for Pokemon that evolve by trading holding an Item.

Shinies are the Rarest of Rare Pokemon. We all want them, Right?

If you give us your Pokemon as a Gift, we will make them SHINY!
So, if you give us a Dark Green Rayquaza, we will trade it back with its color being Black!

Rare Candies and Master Balls
If you need your Pokemon Leveled Up, come here!

You can tell us what Level you want it, and we'll do it!

We can also trade Pokemon holding Rare Candies and Master Balls.

Happy posting and Hope you Enjoy!

August 8th, 2009, 6:30 PM
do u own the action replay or does someone else have it

August 8th, 2009, 6:33 PM
do the rare candys from your pokesav turn into real rare candies? or will a pokemon who leveled up from them turn into a pokemon that is hacked or something?

August 8th, 2009, 8:05 PM
^ Items stay the same, pokemons dont. But wont affect you those hacked candies.