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August 18th, 2009, 12:16 PM

It was a peaceful day in Africa
It all was going just fine
Until some dreaded well-dressed men
Marched upon their land

They saw these people less then them
So they thought they could use them
They took them from their beloved home
Their people were in distress.

They boarded a large frigate
Powered by the muscles of men
But those muscles of men
We're powered from the stolen slaves.

They went all the way to a distant land
No where of where the slaves had seen
They thought they brought them too good life
But they brought them no where near.

Crackle, Snap, the whip hits the back
Pick the cotton or taste your blood
The slaves were forced to work to the death
No work, no mercy, no matter the price.

When night fell they asked for dinner.
Here, have some table scraps.
The slaves gave their owner deadly looks
And they walked off to bed.

During the night they sang their songs
Chanting, hymning, keeping spirits up
However this way kept being same
Until one day it all changed.

A man became the leader of the land
A very expert man, indeed
He saw the signs of slavery
And he thought It couldn't be.

He tried and tried to stop this madness
However he couldn't succeed
Until one day he fixed it all
Except the splitting of the country.

The southern land fought for their slaves,
The northern land fought to free them
The slaves did not like being tortured
As they favored with the northern land

After the war the slaves were freed
And lived a happy life
However even this is gone
Some remnants of it still exist.

Please comment, but I dont want criticism. Thanks :D

August 18th, 2009, 12:27 PM
Its really awesome! Your good!