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Richard Lynch
August 22nd, 2009, 6:41 PM
Well, in case anyone still prowls the halls of the poetry section, I thought I would share a poem/song I wrote about a year ago, about the reminiscence of high school, and perhaps schooling in general; you know, the indoctrination centre where your parents send you to be stripped of your individuality and become one of the souless, dead consumer conformists that we call society. I felt this time of the month would be most appropriate for this piece. Enjoy!

High School Days

Do you remember back in school,
Where you thought that you were cool
Because you liked to wear the latest fashion trend?
There were many things to see and do,
Like cheat and drink, mock others, too,
While waiting for each day to simply end.

And the teachers you deplored,
With lessons that you ignored,
Like making sure you never had to crunch.
You’d laugh at their ev’ry quirk,
While pretending to do work,
Even if they told you not to run to lunch!

And there were the peers that you loved
So much that you had shoved
Them downstairs, while laughing at their pain.
But there was that single boy,
Who was the bringer of your joy,
Each time you stuck his head down the toilet drain.

Let us not forget the feelings you’d abet
When seeing Lover’s Lane was full of cars.
The romance you would spin, while wishing she had...
A twin; I mean – a chin; no, I mean, was thin; no, no, I mean...
Love within!
Oh well, what the hell, you were too young for bars!
(But you would try anyway.)

And then there was that rare occasion
When your school went through invasion,
And the noise would echo throughout the halls.
The sulfur was aromatic,
While you worked arith-mah-tic:
Nine students minus four,
Left lying on the floor,
(Work it out, or the exam will be dramatic!)

But you passed, and you soon left,
Waved goodbye to your... B-F-F’s.
(Whatever that means),
Happy to be amidst society!
And you may live all your life,
Filled with hardship, and with strife...
But at least you’re old enough to loose sobriety!