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The Gaurdian
August 28th, 2009, 9:10 AM
This is just a One Shot, but if it goes well, I might post the rest of my story, Dont Like part of it? Tell me. Think i need to change something? Tell me. Dont like it at all? Then dont flame me, You did not get a flamethrower, Firebomb, or Malotov Cocktail, so suck it up.

Please note: I am posting this Short because I have grown bored being the only one to read it. Also THIS does follow the actual story line for the most part, it does have parts where you will go, "Huh, what?", "I dont get it.", or "What the [cuss word here]" if you have not played any of the Halo(TMed to Bungie, I didn't invent nor create many of these places/events) Games, so if you have a question, I will try to answer to the best of my ability. ANY events mentioned in this story that would have somesort of conection to the real world is most likely an something I didnt put in on Purpose but happened to pop up any way, unless it is in a standerd History Text-Book in which case, Yes it is there...

Fallen Heros

chapter I

Refr stood on a small tower in the make shift fort looking out over the gorge the spartans were useing as a base of oparations. They were useing two damaged Warthogs, the front of the "hogs" pointed toward the entrance, as a gate and had rocks piled twenty feet up as the rear wall, the other two walls were the sheer rock faces. The gorge was only about ten meters wide. To the left of the gate about twenty metersaway was a cave. It was shaped like a celinder and was thirty or so meters wide. On the other side of the gorge were two more caves one their "bathroom" the other, their "armory" All they had for ammo was a few guns they had "librated" from the D.I.'s and the ammo for the turrents of the "hogs", but they only had a few more boxes of ammo for that. Then again, they were useing rubber rounds. he looked at his team. Spartan-005, Sally, Spartan-003,Morino, Spartan-007,Anko, Spartan-012,Zero, and himself, Spartan-001.
That was them, Team Omega, the worst match the UNSC ever did, until he came along, he got them set on the right path. They would have lost the "Bell Hell" test if he hadn't taken up command. They didn't just pass, they beat the hell out of anyone that got in their way. After that he became the team leader.

Then they got this test. They had to surive on a nine kilometer long, six kilometer wide island for three years. It wouldent be so bad, beside the fact that the D.I.'s were trying to capture them. And the other teams were after them aswell. the rules were simple.

1) Dont get captured by the D.I.'s.
2) Dont let the other teams get your flag.
3) Dont kill the D.I.'s.
4) And most of all...DONT DIE!

He shook his head and walked into the cave. He saw Anko and Sally sleeping on some grass mats they had made. He all ready knew where Morino was. He was on one of the warthog turrents watching the gate. Morino was the guy to go to, to get things done, you could ask him to do just about anything, he was around 5' 9" had dirt brown hair and bright green eyes. Zero could be anywere, he was the teams best spy/sniper. He could find a hidey hole and lay there for days on end to get a target, he was silient AND deadly if you wern't on his team. And if you heard him make a sound, it was probley the last sound you ever heard. He was 5' 6" had pitch black hair and dark penetrating eyes. Sally was the scary, poisitve, cheerful, person that always knew what to say. Hell, he could listen to her talk forever and not get bored. Sally was about 5' 7" she had mediem,long hair that was brownish blond and brown eyes. Anko was quiet, she wasnt angered very quickly, but, when she was, boy you better get out of her way. She also seemed to like him, a lot. She was the shortest, 5' 3" with pinkish hair, it had been red but the sun had bleched it to pink, and deep blue eyes. He had grey hair and grey eyes, it looks like he didnt even have puples, just grey. He stood at 5' 10", and was a person not to trifle with.

He looked at their flag they had been given. A hexagon with a circle in the middle, a green circle ran around it, and four green dimonds pointed into the middle of the emblem. The other teams had called it libarian on the flight to the island. The name had some how stuck.
he sat down he started drawing the island in the dirt. He had done this at least a hundred times in the past three weeks. He drew in the D.I. compound and other team bases. He had gotten report on Beta teams capture in the second week of the test. He had also heard that Delta, Foxtrot, Echo, and Gamma, The Spartan Allaince, teams had tried, but failed, to rescued them as the D.I.'s were transporting them to their compound. Omega, had gone to the battle feild to retrive fallen wepions and the damaged "hogs". He drew out the dirt paths, and their gorge used doted lines for their caves. Thats when it came to him. He knew what he had to do...