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August 31st, 2009, 3:40 AM
Status? The Leader of Team Shadow Heart!
“Grrr…” Parupi growled, walking towards Luxray's Training School. “I have to do this all by myself because nobody wants to join my team…” Parupi whispered to herself. Parupi had really wanted to form a team with others but since nobody liked her, they didn’t bother even saying ‘Hi’.

As she pushed open the door to the building, Parupi grinned. Heh, if someone does join me, I’m making them do this all by themselves...

When Parupi peered inside, there was a Lopunny sitting at a table with a stack of papers off to the side. The Lopunny looked at Parupi and smiled. “Are you here for the test? Come here to sign up.” Parupi looked around then nodded, walking over to the table.

Parupi jumped onto the chair on the opposite side of Lopunny as she placed a few papers in front of the chair for Parupi. When Parupi sat down, she looked through the papers curiously then set them down. “What are these for?” Parupi asked, looking at Lopunny. “The first page is the rules of the guild. The second page you must write in the blanks what it asks for to the left. The third page you must write down your teams name, members, the leader, and If you’re going to recruit members in the future.” Parupi nodded, showing she understood what she said. “Could I borrow an ink stone from you for a moment?” Lopunny reached beside her chair and picked an ink stone from the ground and passed it to Parupi. “Here you go.” Parupi smiled. “Thanks.” Parupi looked at the papers again. “Rules…Fee…Protect…Full rights…Guild Master….Sleeping in…” Parupi mumbled, scanning through the first page. She flipped the page, dipped one of her left claws into the ink, and wrote in the blanks. After she was done, she flipped to the last page. “Team name-Shadow Heart…” Parupi wrote down, mumbling what she wrote. “Members-Parupi…Leader-Parupi….Members in the Future-Yes….” Parupi finished and gave the Lopunny the Ink stone and the papers back. “Thank you. Just go through that door for the first test.” Lopunny pointed at a door to the left of Parupi. Parupi nodded her thanks before jumping off the chair and running towards the door. She opened it slowly and peeked inside.

Challenge #1
Something That Wasn't So Cleaver
A huge forest filled the room, Parupi gazed around. So…What’s the task? Parupi was cautious with her footsteps and slowly the door behind her shut. She heard a clicking sound and turned around abruptly. They…They locked the door?? Parupi’s eyes looked ahead of her. A pathway had opened up, cutting straight through the thick trees and bush. Is that the door to the next room? Parupi wondered, seeing a high door at the other end. Parupi started to walk into the forest but stopped herself, her eyes wide. This is too easy…It must be a trap! Parupi looked down at where she almost placed her front paw. She saw an odd clump of grass that was attached to a strong tree branch nearby by a thick vine. Parupi placed her footing behind the odd clump and blew hard at the grass clump with her breathe. The grass blew away, revealing a loop in the end of the vine. That was close…Parupi smiled, glad to have found the trap before stepping into it. She walked around the trap, watching for any sign of a trap. She felt something break by her leg. She looked down to see a wire that broke in two. Shock rose in Parupi’s face. Is that what I think that is?! Suddenly rocks shot out of a bush and hit both Parupi and the tree on the opposite side of her. Parupi was astonished by the sudden attack and broke into a sprint. Since she wasn’t watching for traps, she broke many wires that shot out sharp sticks, flames, or lightning bolts from trees or bushes. Other traps like trip wires became visible as Parupi constantly tripped and ended up with a face of dirt and having to stay down as a Poison Sting attack shot above her head and hitting trees or bushes on the other side. After enduring getting hit with multiple traps and tripping into dirt, Parupi finally made it to the door that was the passage way to the next task. Parupi held her breathe as she opened the door to the next challenge.

Challenge #2
The Impossible Task
This time the room was filled with water, like a small lake. A sign was planted into the ground beside the door. Parupi came in and shut the door behind her, taking a look at what was written on the sign.

Just to the right of this sign is a port that has one boat. Your objective is to get your team and three others to the other side. This task is for the leader only to complete, so team members will wait until it is completed. There is a twist however. The Pokémon you have to take with you are named Shinx, Buneary, and Budew. The boat can only carry two Pokémon across and the leader cannot leave the boat. Shinx cannot be left alone with Buneary. Budew cannot be left alone with Shinx.

Once you have all three on one side, you have completed the task and you may go back for you’re teammates.

Good Luck, leaders!

Parupi swallowed, looking over at the three Pokémon she was supposed to bring over. So this is to test a leaders thinking in a situation...Very cleaver…Parupi walked over to the boat, still thinking about how this would work.

“Shinx, I’m taking you over.” Parupi announced, getting inside the boat. The Shinx nodded and jumped in. Parupi saw a rope attached to the front of the boat that was tied around a tree on the other side. Parupi grabbed hold of the rope and pulled, taking the boat away from the dock. She kept pulling on the rope till the boat docked onto the other side. She turned around and saw that another rope was attached just like the front rope. She pulled her way to the start again, taking Buneary with her then going back. When she got to where Shinx was, she let Buneary off and took Shinx back to the start. She came back with Shinx, dropped her off, and then took Budew to Buneary. She came to the finish and dropped Budew with Buneary, then went back for Shinx. “Can you remember the order you did that in?” She asked, hopping onto the boat. Parupi pulled the boat to the dock. “Send Shinx over and go back empty. Send Buneary over and go back with Shinx. Send Budew over and go back empty. Send over Shinx and you’re done…” Parupi said, exhausted from pulling the boat and dodging traps at the first challenge. She let Shinx off and came off the boat. All three Pokémon congratulated her and gave Parupi the key to the door that was ahead.

The door was gold plated and had a lock made of copper. Parupi slid the key into the lock and turned it inside. The lock came off the door and the gold door opened.

Challenge #3
The Stamina Of Something Unlike You
The terrain was that of a mountain, rocks….Everywhere. A blazing sun was overhead, increasing Parupi’s lust for a long sleep with a cold drink at hand. A large Luxray rested on a flat boulder ahead.

Parupi swallowed hard. What’s this task about? Sneaking around a large Luxray? Just at that moment, the Luxray’s ears’ twitched. Parupi froze. The Luxray opened one eye and looked at Parupi. He opened the other eye and yawned. “Finally... Someone actually made it to the last challenge. Welcome. I’m Luxray, the owner of this building. My hobby; Battling.” Parupi moved forward, the door shut behind her. “I seriously have to battle you?!” Parupi cried, trying to see how many of her it would make to make up his whole being. Maybe around five of her, give or take? “Yeah, if you want your team to be apart of Gardevoir’s Guild.” Luxray said, standing up. Parupi sighed. “Alright…” Parupi looked down. “Don’t tell me you’re scared?” Luxray sneered. Parupi smiled, and then laughed. “Nope.” A Shadow Ball hit hard on Luxray’s head, he looked up and saw ten Shadow Balls falling like rain. He kept his eyes on them as he jumped around, dodging Parupi’s Shadow Storm attack. Parupi used this opportunity to sink into the Shadow of the attack and get as close to Luxray has possible. After all the Shadow Balls had vanished, she hid under Luxray’s shadow. Luxray looked around to find that Parupi was gone. “Cleaver, so that wasn’t the real attack, but something to get me distracted.” Parupi, still hidden in the shadows, went under Luxray’s body, preparing a Shadow Jet and Frozen Heart combo. Luxray cautiously started to move around. “Come out of hiding.” Parupi launched her attack, shooting a Frozen Heart at Luxray’s front legs then hitting him in the stomach with a Shadow Jet attack. Luxray went flying straight up then, as he went to land, he realized his front legs were frozen together. Luxray used a Spark attack which broke the ice off his paws so he could land. “Nice try.” He barked, landing just as softly as Parupi. Luxray went straight for Parupi with a Thunder Fang. Parupi jumped away from his head and beside his body, going for a quick Shadow Ball attack. Luxray grinned, using an Iron Tail attack to stop Parupi in her tracks and send her blasting into a boulder. When the dust cleared, Parupi stood, barely. “Have you reached you’re limit?” Luxray asked. Parupi smiled. “I’m just getting started!” A voice cried from behind Luxray. Parupi’s clone disappeared. “You made a clone of yourself to take the hit?” Luxray asked in amazement. Parupi nodded and launched herself at Luxray with a Shadow Jet attack. Luxray grinned, turned around and went at Parupi with Volt Tackle. Both attacks hit each other and an explosion blasted both Pokémon backwards. Parupi thankfully landed somewhere flat where as Luxray hit a few boulders before stopping. Luxray fell and Parupi stood.

The After-Math
Secret Key
After Luxray had recovered, he gave Parupi a key she was to show Lopunny at the buildings entrance.

Parupi came back to the entrance with the key. Going over to the table where Lopunny waited. “I completed the tasks and was given this key. What is it for?” Parupi asked, placing the key on the table. Lopunny smiled. “Go to Gardevoir’s Guild. Give the key to the Guild Master and that is where you shall get your things.” Lopunny explained. “Thank you.” Parupi said, before running out the building to Gardevoir’s Guild.

Gardevoir's Guild
Kindness, The Love And Peace Of The Master
The building was shaped like a huge square, colored with green, red, purple and white. The doors to get inside were guarded by two Toxicroak. Parupi approach them nervously, staring at the poison tipped thorn that stuck out of their hands. They looked down at Parupi. “I completed the Training School. They gave me this key which I was to give to the Guild Master.” Parupi said, trying to act brave and not feared by the guards. She showed them the key and they both looked at one another before opening the doors that they guarded behind them.

The inside of the guild was bigger than what it looked like outside. Pokémon with bags, badges, and papers walked around busily to their destination. Parupi looked around, having no clue what the Guild Master looked like. She spotted a sign saying that the Guild Masters room was straight ahead. She walked in that direction. A blue door was in the direction the sign had pointed out. Written on the door were the words ‘Guild Master’s Headquarters’. Parupi opened the door slowly and saw a friendly looking bunch of Poochyena that were talking to someone ahead of them. After they left, Parupi stepped forward. The room was full of light colors that made the air feel calm. Stacks of bags covered the left floor and pictures filled the right wall. Ahead was a chair colored silver. Sitting in this fine chair was the most beautiful Pokémon Parupi had ever seen. “Hello,” The Pokémon said with a grace of words. “H-hello…Are y-you the Guild Master? I was supposed to give this key to her…” Parupi said, stumbling over her words. She showed the Pokémon the key she held. “So you must be Parupi of Team Shadow Heart?” The Guild Master asked. “Yes, I am the Guild Master. Gardevoir is my name.” Parupi nodded. “Yeah, I’m Parupi. I was wondering what this key is for?” Parupi asked, stepping up and giving Gardevoir the key. She looked the key over and took out a box from the side of her that was colored with black swirls and red hearts. She examined the box and placed the key in the lock that kept the box closed. There was a ‘click’ and the top swung upwards. Gardevoir looked around at the contents and turned the box so Parupi could see what was inside.

Inside was a pouch that was a light blue and felt like velvet. Parupi opened it carefully by pulling on the top. A Reviver Seed and Oran Berry was inside. Parupi looked up at Gardevoir’s kind face. “These are for when you’re exploring. These will surely help.” Parupi nodded, no knowing what to say. The pouch and its contents weren’t the only things inside the box. Off to the side were four bands that were the same blue as the pouch and had a silver plate that had the teams’ name printed on. Beside these bands were another four, they had the same design but nothing was sketched onto the silver plates. Beside them was a metal Stylus that had a small button on the top. “What are the bands for?” Parupi asked curiously. “The ones closer to you have you’re teams’ name on the plates. These bands are what you and you’re teammates must wear so we can tell what team you’re from. The ones above those that have nothing sketched on them are custom bands. You may use them however you like and you can sketch words onto them with the laser stylus beside them.” “I understand.” Parupi said in reply, looking down to see the last contents of the box. The last thing inside were six small badges that had ‘S.H.’ printed on them. “The badges are for teleporting back to the guild. Use the extra ones to teleport clients from completed missions.” Gardevoir explained, knowing what Parupi was about to ask.” “Ah…” Parupi said, looking back at all the items. Gardevoir closed the box and gave Parupi it, the key still inside the lock. “This is yours. Please use them with care.” Parupi stared at the box, taking it slowly from Gardevoir’s warm hands. “Thank you…” Parupi said, looking up at Gardevoir then down at the box. Gardevoir smiled sweetly. “You can find your teams’ room just around the corner. It will have ‘Shadow Heart’ imprinted on the door with you’re name under it.” Gardevoir said, pointing in the direction of that room. Parupi nodded. “Thanks.”

Parupi rounded the corner. “It should be over here...” Parupi said, looking around at the plates that were nailed to doors. “Razor, A.D.W, Cuties…Shadow Heart!” Parupi stopped in front of her teams’ name. She was proud to have gotten into the guild. The Guild Master was such a kind and beautiful Pokémon that there was no way this guild couldn’t be fun. Parupi closed her eyes and smiled lightly. It was her dream to become a famous explorer and to surpass the greatest. She had tooken one huge step into her dream becoming a reality.

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