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September 8th, 2009, 12:32 PM
(This story is sorta a mix between Super Mario and Pokemon.)

--- Platinum's Mother ---
By: Dann The Yoshi (Gold The Scyther)

The day was cool and relaxful. As Boshi, Emerald, and Platinum
were traveling down a road known as "The Diamond Highway."
Platinum was just celebrating her 16th birthday and the fact she has
been with new father and big sister, Boshi and Emerald.
Platinum knew this road by heart, and something poped into her head.

Platinum: Dad...?

Boshi: What?

Platinum: This is the route where I used to live on... and...

Boshi: *looks* And?

Platinum: *snickers* Oh, I wish to pay a visit to someone... *tightens fist*

Emerald: Oh, really now? That certain person?

Boshi: Who left to rot in the region prison?

Platinum: Ohh!! Hell yeah!

Emerald: *looks into Platinum's eyes* I got your back.

Boshi: *looks at Platinum* Same here.

Platinum: Thanks... You two are the best things that even happened to me.

Boshi: Your welcome. I'm glad you opened your heart up to us.

Platinum remembers a flashback to where she opened her heart to Boshi
and Emerald on that cold winter evening.

Platinum: Yep... Let's go! *starts running*

Boshi: Wait up!! *runs*

Emerald: Here we come! *runs*

The three hurry down the road to the gates of a large mannor.
The mannor was beautiful, gleaming in the sun.

Platinum: There it is... I'm so ready for this...

Boshi: Let's go then!

The three enter the gates and walk to the large door of the mannor.
Platinum pounds on the door to get someone's attention.

Man: Yes, come in.

Platinum, Boshi, and Emerald enter the mannor.

Man: Oh, heavens be! Miss Platinum! Where on earth have you been!

The butler was none of other than Harry.

Platinum: Hello, Harry.

Boshi: Hello there!

Emerald: *smiles* ... ... ...

Harry: *looks at Platinum's nails.* Oh, dear! You must of been roughing it for
miles! Come please, let me help you. *looks at Boshi* Oh, thank you for
bringing her home, sir!"

Platinum: *pulls away hand* I'm sorry... this isn't my home anymore.

Harry: What??

Boshi: *walks foreward* She correct. She's now adopted.

Harry: By who!? YOU!?

Boshi: That's correct.

Harry: What on this green earth would you...

Platinum: I was abandoned, Harry. Boshi and Emerald were the only ones
who came to rescue me! To free me from the darkness of that place!!!

Harry: *nods head* I see... Miss Platinum, I'll be your friend still, right?

Platinum: Oh! Of course, Harry!

Harry: That's all I need, then. So why did you visit, my traveling friends?

Boshi: She wishes to visit her mom... one last time.

Harry stood straight.

Harry: Ahh, I see. I'll call her, miss. *Pick ups phone* Hello, Mrs. Rosemary.
You have a visitor in the main lobby. *hangs up phone* She'll be right down.

A woman in the long golden dress appeared coming down the stairs. She
was quite attactive, and she came right down in a haste.

Rosemary: Oh, Platinum! Dearie, welcome home!

Platinum: ... ... ... ...

Rosemary: Oh? No re-welcome...?

Harry: Mrs. Rosemary... I'm sorry to say this...but...she's no longer your
child anymore.

Rosemary: What... how!!

Boshi: *steps foreward* After one year in a region jail, if the child isn't
bailed by a family member, the family rights are gone. Abandoned...

Rosemary: Who are you?

Boshi: I am Boshi Kisaba. I'm the new father of Platinum. My heart broke
when I saw her in that jail. Why didn't you do something!?

Rosemary: New father!? Ugh!! You must be dreaming!!

Boshi: *puts out copy of adoption form* I'm not...

Rosemary: ...no...it can't be...Platinum! Why did you do this?

Platinum: Oh.. I thought I was Dawn, the fraud bandit of contest!!
The world laughed at me on my worst hour, and you abandoned me!!

Rosemary: I did nothing of the sort! *turns*

Platinum: *pulls out recorder* I had the call recorded! Listen here!!
"Hello, this the GoldLeaf Mannor." "Harry! It's me, Platinum." "How are you?"
"Other than rotting in this cold, unforgiving place, not half bad..." "You do wish to
speak with your mother, Miss Platinum?" "Yes, Harry." *there is a pause*
"Yes?" "Mom? Oh, thank goodness it's you! I..." "Enough! Who is this!"
"It's me, Platinum!" "Oh, I thought you were that fraud, Dawn?" "YOU KNOW
WHO THIS IS!!" "I'm sorry I have nothing to do with law breakers. *hangs up*
"Mom!! NO!! MOM!!"
----Recording End-----------------------------------------------------------------
Boshi: You make me sick.

Emerald: You should rot in jail cell for a year and see how it feels!

Platinum: You know... This was going to happen... I knew it was coming.

Rosemary: How....

Platinum: *shrugs* Our mother and daughter relationship was failing terribly...
We weren't going to be together much longer anyway...


Platinum: Correction... You are my birth mother... but you aren't my
legal mother... no... owner... anymore!

Rosemary: *falls to her knees, crying* You are right... I'm a failure as
a mother! You should have a better life than you had. I wasn't me in a long
time... I was a monster... I was someone else...

Platinum: Who then? Who can you now blame!

Harry: EXCUSE ME!!!

Everyone: Harry?!

Harry: Pardon, but... Miss Platinum... You mother isn't lying, now.

Emerald: Say what?!

Harry: She was different when we first met. When... she was a young teen.
*flashback* I was just hired to the Goldleaf Mannor's staff. Your mother was
a clean and perfect image of you, Platinum. She started to changed as she
entered those contest. She had to reach certain status and had to continuously
switch back and forth. She one day had the perfect contest appearence...
but, her behavior to others was terrible! She was uncontrolable...! *returns from
flashback* She has recently quit the contest, and the old Rosemary I grew up
with came back. I think the contest had something to do with it.

Boshi: Those beauty contest...? A pal of mine told me that the enties take
these pills to become more..."into it" during a contest, but there's a side-effect.
I believe we just stubbled upon it.

Harry: Exactly thought, Mr. Boshi.

Platinum: *looks at Rosemary* So, your not lying?

Rosemary: For all the gold and popularly in the world... that's not that
compares to my baby girl.

Platinum runs up and hugs her mother tightly, knowing that her old mother
was back. Then, a thought came into her head...

Platinum: Boshi! What about you?

Boshi: I see nothing against a joined adoption. Heh, heh!

Emerald: What?

Boshi: A "Joined Adoption" is when the mother and the intended adopter, me,
can share the right to have the adopted child.

Rosemary: Well, Platinum's real dad, he left me a long time ago. *looks at
Platinum* She was really matured in a short time. Mr. Boshi, if you let me
visit her, or she can come visit me... I'll agree to the joined adoption agreement.

Boshi: I see nothing against you, now. You seem your 100% okay, so sure.

Platinum: Wait! Your letting me travel?

Rosemary: Oh, Platinum... You learned alot from traveling. I think it time
I restarted traveling again. I haven't visited some places in years.
Maybe... we may meet each other on the road somewhere... You never know!

Platinum: Yeah... That's a good idea, mom.

So, with that said and done... The agreement was redesigned and now having
her mother back, Platinum's new life has gotten even better as she travels with
her new dad and sister on the road to anywhere in this wide world...

~ End!! ( When Boshi says, "END!!" it means, "THE STORY IS OVER!!" http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/x/xd.gif )

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