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September 14th, 2009, 7:35 PM
Standing still and only I was about to be broken. "Sis..." 22sca said. I looked up. "What?" I said quitly. "You know I have to go...and you can't make me change my mind." I sighed and said nothing "..." Soon a minute later Hamako-chan walked into the room. "So are you ready to go?" Hamako asked as she picked up her small backpack. 22sca sighed but, nodded. "Okay here's my last hug for you...well for now that is." *hug* I ambled my way out of the door and when they were by the red and dark black gate the two waved and left.

Later in the afternoon I felt lonly but, soon i met up with another villager in "The land of X's". "Hello there" He said gently. I gave him a shy smile but, still replied back. "h-hi..." The boy stared and studied my face for a moment and then in results he ended up asking me a question. "what seems to be your name hon?." He asked. For a minute I didn't bother replying then I regretted it and told him who I was. "I'm Momo Uchiha" I replied blushing. He nodded. "I'm DARKSHADE and I may have seen you around before...have I not?"
"I think you may have" I replied with confident.
"I see... I see..."
"I believe you've seen me around in the land of Midori Chi."
"Oh yes...now that you've mentioned it."
DARKSHADE and I chatted for about as long as i could tell and then Lady Angela(the land of X's leader) and a villager came up to us with worry experssions. "Lady Angela. What seems to be the problem?". DARKSHADE asked. Lady Angela looked terrified and asked Sakura Rain to do the explaining. "We've been attacked due to two unown invaders" Sakura Rain said. DARKSHADE and I looked even more scared than Lady Angela. "Do you know who they maybe?." I asked looking around the village to see if they were there. Sakura Rain shooked her head as we saw Midori Chi and two of her ninja bodyguards appear coming in panic. " Miss Midori!" Lady Angela cried out. Midori Chi gave a nod of "I'm coming" and when she approached she looked at Wind~ and Zero Avenaged. "We saw two mortals dressed in black clothing bombing our land and many of the people back there are in due to pain." Wind~ informed. Lady Angela looked even more concerned but, shooked it off as quick as she could. " My dearest Midori, why must you leave your people in danger like this?!" Lady Angela cried out. Midori Chi looked at Zero Avenged and soon he spoked. "We didn't leave them there lying in pain." Zero Avenged corrected. "We left Twilightblade and Arcanine in charge of taking care of the injured villagers.".
Satisfied with the answer Lady Angela and Sakura Rain left the area right after Sakura Rain had said "We"ll be back in a minute." As we were being left here with the leader of "The land of Midori Chi." A loud noise had been announced. BoOm!!!. All of the villagers cried out in panic as DARKSHADE and I confidently stayed put. "What was that?." I asked. DARKSHADE looked up as he leaped up on a roof. "I see black smoke coming from the forest of secrets." DARKSHADE explained.
"No..The forest of secrets?...that's not possible." Midori Chi cried out "Darkshade, Momo go and check things out at this point. I"ll go ahead and tell Lady Angela where you went."

Darkshade and I soon leaped from tree to tree until we reached to the entrance of the "Forest of Secrets". We both roamed around the burnt forest as we saw some sort of figure srrounded in flames.
"Fire style: Dark flamethrower Jutsu" chanted the figure. We both came running towards the figure and when we reached up to a huge 1,000 years old cherry blossom tree, the figure slowly turned around and !!! "No way...that's impossible it can't be you." The figure's eyes were cold and black looking as it stared me I relized now why 22sca and Hamako-Chan didn't even bother telling me why they left... (" This can't be him...") I thought...

if you like this first chapeter i be happy to write the next chapeter.

September 20th, 2009, 4:28 PM
OMG.. Why haven't you made chapter 2.. :D I really like it.. :D

September 21st, 2009, 2:16 PM
Really Angela? well okay chapter two is about to be posted. just give it some time!

September 21st, 2009, 9:06 PM
Chapter 2.

The long and silent stares between 22sca, Hamako and Momo had reunited. My eyes glanced at them with disbelief and with Lady Angela nearby made things nervewrecking.

Sorry angela but that's all i have at this moment. Maybe you could help me with the rest.

September 24th, 2009, 9:56 PM
Chapter 2 continued:

"They've caught up to us. What shall we do, Hamako-sama?"
22sca says this light-heartedly then turns his attention to Momo.
"Have you come to investigate?"
"We've heard of the attacks on The Land of X, of two dressed in black were bombed their village and injured many people. Don't tell me that was....!" Replied Momo Uchiha.
"I..." 22sca began, but was interrupted by Hamako-chan.
"We're done for today. I'll go on ahead. See me soon so we can rest!" .. Hamako-chan says this to 22sca then disappears from the scene with what seemed to be space-time jutsu.
"Hamako-chan....?" Momo is confused why how Hamako-chan just vanished.
22sca frowned as the prospect of being left with the job of handling his Sharingan-using sister and her comrade.
"I was saying... I don't have such strength to tear that village down, but I was there certainly there watching the village burn."
"Che! Then what did you see at the village? Tell us everything." said Darkshade.
"We will have you placed under arrest to explain to Lady Angela," continues Darkshade.
"I don't have anything else to tell you. Really." Says 22sca. Momo Uchiha activates her sharingan in reaction to 22sca's lack of intention to cooperate.
22sca draws his orange sword, and uses Shunshin no Jutsu to instantly move behind Darkshade, then slashes his sword horizontally across Darkshade's back.
"Wha-?" Darkshade falls with blood gushing out of the long cut on his back.
Momo was able to follow 22sca's moves with her Sharingan, but was she was unable to react to the situation in time.
"DARKSHADE!" Momo rushes to catch Darkshade's fall. Darkshade is still alive barely.
22sca turns to leave, but Momo yells "-WAIT! ...Why are you doing this?" She cries out, "why you and Hamako-chan!!!???"
22sca, considering the danger of looking into Momo's sharingan, only turns his head slightly, "... Sorry. Darkshade, was he? Take care of him. And take care of yourself." 22sca gets in position to use Shunshin no Jutsu to leave, but suddenly Midori Chi appears before him.
"Midori Chi!?" Momo exclaimed.
"Please take Darkshade back to the village, Momo, he's in critical condition!" Midori Chi issues the command then draws her green sword and crosses swords with 22sca.
"I know you want to fight, but we can't let Darkshade die!"
"!.. Understood." Momo said, as she flees the scene carrying Darkshade.
"The Great Chi-sama. I heard Momo's been training under you, but I've never actually seen you fight. Scary, scary!" 22sca's sword is suddenly filled with confusion for a reason he doesn't understand. He then backs away onto a tree a few meters away.
"....!" 22sca looks up as 5 ninjas dressed in black appear suddenly appear from above him.
22sca, still feeling inner confusion, does not react. The black ninjas throw tight ropes around 22sca. 22sca, all tied up & caught, sits motionless with a dead look in his eyes.

(I met Hamako rofl... so I thought up a continuation)

October 16th, 2009, 10:52 PM
Chapter 3.

[Scene change] Hamako-chan, meanwhile, is taking a bath.
Where is she? A hotel in some town in Rock Country.
She lets her hair down, and looks at her own reflection ... but suddenly a numbing feeling strikes her, and the image of 22sca's face comes to mind.
Her eyes widen for a moment.... then she smiles.

[Scene change] "Give up, 22sca." Says one of black ninja.
"Yes, yes. I don't want to do anything." Mutters 22sca, as a bulky ninja lifts 22sca's tied body up. "Haha.... I really like you guys."
Midori Chi senses something wrong. It was too easy.
With the confusion fading from 22sca's heart, his sword begins glowing. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" screams Midori Chi, as she notices the glowing of his sword.
A long, wind-chakra blade extends from 22sca's blade, which was lying flat on the tree, and stabs the bulky guy who is carrying 22sca. "...but I can't go with you guys." 22sca uses what seems to be telekenesis and his sword flies towards his hand.
"!!!" Midori Chi rushes in to attack 22sca, realizing the 5 ANBU ninja cannot subdue 22sca. "Stay back, you guys."
"Shark bite no jutsu!" She yells.
A shark leaps out of Midori Chi's green sword, its jaw open and its teeth exposed. 22sca slashes the water clone shark and it explodes. A barrier instantaneously forms around 22sca, crumbles and shatters as he backs up some distance.
"I guess I have no choice." Says Midori Chi. "Time to finish this." She forms a quick seal and chants "Summoning technique!"
But 22sca steps on Midori Chi's summoning scroll & halts Midori Chi's summoning process, much to Midori Chi's surprise.
"22sca, you!"
He observes the scroll. "So you have a deal with the Crabs? Hmph!"
Midori Chi retaliates with a ferocious attack.

October 26th, 2009, 7:43 PM
Wow 22sa thanks for resuming and adding more chapters. Read them and they were excellent.

November 2nd, 2009, 9:01 PM
Chapter 4.

[scene change] Back in where Hamako lyed. She quickly finished up her "Hamako time" and when she leaped onto a tree and look at the veiw a unexpected bird with a small scroll flew right besides Hamako.
"Huh?." Hamako said as she gently took the scroll and read it. "Mi.....ch.....a...d.....22s...a..e...f....i...h.....t." the text was so faded it was so hard to read but, Hamako herself knew what to do. She jumped down from the branch and gently placed the scroll on the floor and closed her eyes and perform a technique. "Byakuen" she murmured. As she looked down the scroll letters began to be clear and it read.
"Midori chi and 22sa are fighting in the forest of secrets. Stop your brother before we stop him. This is your warning...sincerly Lady Angela." Hamako nearly gasped after she finished reading. She looked around to see if she could find a shortcut to head to the forest of secrets but, then when she looked at the messenger bird again she noticed a chakara ninja pen on the other side of the bird's feet. She slowly grabbed the pen and began writing on the other side of the paper but, every word she wrote she felt like her chakara was being absorbed from her body. After Hamako finished up her reply she rolled back the scroll and simply handed the bird and said "go"...and the bird flew away leaving Hamako alone. Hamako was bound to leave the plain but, then out of the blue 5 anbu's surrounded Hamako with sharp weapons. Hamako gasped...they looked exactly like the anbu's back in the forest of secret. Midori Chi must of called them out to take her down.

[Scene change]
Midori chi and 22sa seemed to look into each other's eyes for awhile. Then Midori Chi dashed straight towards 22sa without any warning and slammed him right to a tree.

[scene change] Hamako looked frightned as she was surrounded she looked tired and felt pain in her body. One of the anbu's chuckled at her pain and jumped onto the air and suddenly came down and slashed Hamako on the arm. Hamako fell down in pain. "Ugh...." she whimpered.

(22sa let me finish the next chapter I have a great idea for this).

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Okay, just don't forget Hamako has space/time jutsu. XD

November 6th, 2009, 8:50 PM
Alright. I won't forget that part. Besides I have some good idea's for the fifth chapter. Then you can write the sixth chapter.

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Alright. I won't forget that part. Besides I have some good idea's for the fifth chapter. Then you can write the sixth chapter.
Looking forward to Chapter 5 then =P

I have no ideas for 6 yet though.