View Full Version : Breaking bond

September 27th, 2009, 7:17 AM
We were once a team, a allie
you can call.
We once had cherished our
moments no matter the cause.
We lived together for like
four long years making
our bond unbreakable for
everyone to see.
but, our bond only lasted
less then our life we soon broke
the tight chain and went
three different ties.

The white,blue, and red houses
soon enough became our
middle school life that tore
us all apart.
We obtained new allies and
knowledge but, the bond we once
had, had died because, of
our comeptive heart.

The moment we had lived
in the past. It secretly vanished
away for it was a silent
call for us to move along.

The moment was dark, eerie
and cold but, we manged
to form new memories within
two weeks.