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October 12th, 2004, 10:52 PM
Gengars nightmare kept destroying the marcargo... Camerupt appeared from behind and erupted hitting gengar... Dusclops used shadow ball sending down camerupt w/ a huge explosion... gengar and dusclops flew to the moonlit sky... a umbreon used moonlight and showed the path they should follow... They flew directly infront of the moon. once there, they used nightmare on all those asleep, humans and pokemon alike. Umbreon dissapeared... the luna tone completed the ritual with cosmic power. and ended with moonlight. gengar and duslops now apporoached the new world. a world of nightmare, terror, and death... what had they done to our families, our friends, our lives? only the few who stayed awake that sinister night wouldnt be afflicted by the curse. only...
morning broke, the last espeon to surive used morning sun, solrock did as well. nothing. Ponyta came and saw the survivors and knew it had to find its trainer, it could only aid the espeon and solrock with sunny day and so it did... Gengar and dusclops' curse weakened. but it still stood strong. Ponyta found its trainer, Ronton, Ronton put on his armor and rode into the morning lit sky. he fled around town, around the country, to find those unaffected by that nights curse. he found a few, and fewer would ally him. You are those few, you must help break the curse, or strengthen its power and become a traitor. *olden days not present*
Pick pokemon appropriately, i prefer fire/dragon, psychic, grass, & ground pokemon on the good side
Water/ice, electric,ghost, dark, on the bad side
other types can be either
Heres your profile, and btw inorder to be a traitor u have to be on the good side first, so list ur side in profile, but u pick when to leave our team, jsut dont do it w/i the 1st few posts...

Pokemon: *2 max* Ponyta, Camerupt
Side: (good or traitor) Good

IC: Ronton found his camerupt nearly dead on the floor, he used his special pokeball and returned it... The red flash reminded him of its flame burning... The red flash disappeared, and he was reminded of camerupt. Ponyta fled, rushing through the bushes, spreading its sunny day throughout the land... I returned to my king's castle...