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Dr Gregory House
October 4th, 2009, 8:19 PM
[css-div="text-align: center;"]~*!Dr House's Poem Thread!*~[/css-div]
Here I will be showcasing all of the poems that I enter into the competitions. I have only entered one so far so there's only one at the moment. But there will definitely be more to come. ;)
[css-div="width: 350px;"]In Your Arms[css-div="width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: auto; border: 1px;"]There once was a girl,
Her name was Saline,
She shone like a Pearl,
She was only seventeen.

Saline my lady,
This poem's for you,
It will never be shady,
You're like human, Methylene Blue.

You're a cure and you heal,
You're a stain of my life,
And I just want to feel what I know isn't real,
I want to play you a fife.

You look to me so mystic like Psyche,
You're resemble a magestic Mountain Pine,
You embody the goddess Nike,
But you'll never be mine.

I don't know how or where or why,
I even try to think,
'Cause you're just here and everywhere,
You light my world with pink.

Life's nothing 'til you are there,
It's really quite the drag,
But you are cute and funny too,
And you'll never be a nag.

It seems to me like life is done,
And all I do is jade,
'Til you show up and one by one,
My fails just start to faid.

It feels like I have given in,
Like I cannot bloom,
I hope to think that you'll be yellow,
Like a White, Spanish Broom.

Of all the things I care to say,
I want you to just listen,
That if you were mine and mine today,
Then my eyes would glisten.

I wouldn't cry with sad or shame,
It wouldn't be the worst,
Like an inertial reference frame,
My sadness reimbursed.

Scantily clad I'd hope you're not,
'Cause I'm not into that,
You're a shining winding knot,
But you'll never be a brat.

Sometimes it's always certainly hard,
To even think an atom,
I'll hire the newest avante-garde,
And we can make a stratum.

An intertwining piece of heaven,
Is all but what I seek,
Without the chance to leaven,
Divine is your physique.

To be of me is to be of sea,
I toss and turn and never sleep,
'Cause I want to feel your glee,
Like a wild mountain sheep.

The beauty of magic,
There's so much to mention,
It might to me sound tragic,
But you're the sound of ascension.

You'd a goddess in human forme,
Like Aphrodite is reborn,
In you're wake's a Silver Storm,
And things you leave adorn.

You're like a Flower,
Your brown long hair,
A superpower Meteor Shower,
A burst of lightning flair.

You're essence of Archangel,
You don't belong with me,
Sometimes it's ugly like a morel,
But you're beauty's perferction, to the nth degree.

I don't know why I'm writing this,
I can never quite imagine,
They say that love is bliss,
But I'll take it on the chin.

I'll never have you in my grasp,
That's one thing that's for sure,
'Cause if there's one thing I want more,
It's you, to answer for.

So I have a new poem to showcase here that I have recently entered into the POTW competition... The theme was Winter.
And it recently just won me the POTW emblem, so be sure to read it!
[css-div="width: 350px;"]Winter Whispers[css-div="width: 350px; height: 350px; overflow: auto;"]You see the misty, morning fog,
Did all but make my hair,
Bristle with chill and cold and fear,
And made me feel despair at heart,
Because I would not listen,
To the calls and howls of late,
That all but begged my attention.

I thought I heard something,
From deep inside the Mist,
I swear it was just talking,
But it's something that I wished,
Because of something,
I may have missed.

To see it come alive around me,
It starts to quiver and to shake,
It's cold and chilled and freezing me,
I'd imagine like silver it breaks,

It gallops with the howling wind,
And twists and turns and threatens.
But I'm still scared and yet again,
It's like it's standing there,

It looks to me, like a figure.
It's dark and shaped and getting closer,
My hand is on the trigger,

And all around me the fog just grows,
It beckons me to fire.

My hand is shaking now,
I'm finding it so hard,
I cannot feel my hands,
And I also cannot breathe,

But on it goes, I say to me,
So why don't I just do it?

"Pull the trigger", it persuades.
But if it weren't for Winter,
I would still be sane.
I don't know how to say,
It suggests me to do things,
Your death will not be in vain.

But I back away,
And I do not listen,
Because it's just a fog,
A misty, morning, freezing fog,
That always likes to whisper.

A new poem, about the new theme for POTW. It won't be counted in the competition though.
[css-div="width: 275px;"]The Green Of Envy[css-div="width: 275px; height: 350px; overflow: auto;"] I was walking down the street today,
And if it's one thing that I saw,
It was a green and fresh and sparkly tree,
And it had the most beautiful sway,

But if there was one thing,
That I felt like it thought,
It had the feeling of envy,
For the colours of Spring,

The colours of red and blue,
The colours of Autumn and the colours of wind,
A spectrum of colour lighting up the dark,
Of pink and purple and yellow too,

Only though, there was one thing it felt,
And it seemed to fill it with green,
It was the envy of others, the envy of colour,
And with one thing, it was green, that was dealt.

This one was not entered into a comp... even though I would have liked to... It's quite old actually.
[css-div="width: 275px;"]Intricacy, The Night's[css-div="width: 275px; height: 350px; overflow: auto;"]I look up at the sky,
That wondrous thing,
Out in the country,
Where it's a sign of greatness,
To sing,

The stars, like lights,
They confuse me, like fights,
They guide and misguide,
Like a professional poet,

Into the moonlight,
My thoughts seem to drift,
Like an echanting dream,
My excitement,
Is swift,

Entangled and dazed,
I look to beyond,
To the place where I find,
The grace,
I once longed,

But no sooner I found it,
That spot, I was fond,
And no sooner I lost it,
It was gone,
It had abscond,

Out of the darkness,
Out of the light,
Like an entwining brightness,
It lost me,
From sight,

I thought I had found it,
That spot from beyond,
But then I had lost it,
Like a fish,
In a pond.