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October 18th, 2009, 5:30 PM
This fan fiction will be posted in the color Dark Orange for heat, I'm not using my usual Sea green only in this fan fiction.

Italics: Means he or she is thinking. This fan fiction is rated PG for Violence, Death Scenes, And Sexual Themes/Romance, whichever you prefer to call it.
Vampire Pokemon will be used in this story, they will not be considered real Pokemon they will be considered 'beasts in Pokemon form.'

The main character's name is pronounced: He-lan-uh.

Chapter 1; It All Starts With Houndour And Cubone.

The sun begins to blaze on my face as I wake up, it was red and blazing like usual, and it shouldn't be as hot as it is, not at all. I knew it was time to leave the house for awhile.

The world had just recovered from the Ice Age, which lasted for ten years. Now the world has fallen into more chaos.

I could hear my name being called from down stairs, it was the most annoying voice I've heard my whole entire life, I hoped this would be the last time I would hear it.

"Coming mom," I was half asleep, I could barley see where I was going.

"Hilana, I have been waiting for you for hours," she said, like usual, my mom was nagging.

"Mom, I was sleeping," I nagged back, it was much louder and moody sounding.

"Why are you so moody?" My mom was playing dumb like usual...

"Mom, I have to go." I ran out the door with my bag.

The land was surrounded with burned grass, and very little water.

"...It feels like a cooking pot," It was much hotter then usual.

The only safe path was the road, which wasn't affected by the Heat Wave.
And barley any buildings were affected by the Heat Wave.

In front of me was a large building, that had the words 'Pokemon Lab' on the top. I walked in slowly, it looked pretty empty in there, I only could see a desk and a few Pokeballs. I saw no professor anywhere in the room, or possibly there was no professor at all.

"Hello, anyone here?" All I could here was sobbing.

"...Hello, anyone?" There still was no answer, just sobbing.

"F...finally, a person!" The young man burst into tears.

"Wh...what's wrong, why are you crying?" I couldn't say anything else.

"They are tears of joy," he said, I knew he wasn't lying.

"May I, take a Pokemon?" I knew what I said sounded like stealing.

"Go ahead, I only have left though." He smiled at me, I smiled back.

"This?!" I asked, the Pokeball was an odd color, it wasn't a normal color of a Pokeball.

"What is your professor name?" That is all I had on my mind...

"Professor Leaf." He said, I didn't want to know anything else.


I left the lab to see trainers everywhere, walking with their Pokemon.

I was envious of them, like almost everything. I couldn't stand not being like everyone else. Staring at the Pokeball I had in my hand, deciding to send it out or not.
Me being envious and ambiguous, I couldn't stare at if any longer.

"Go," the Pokemon looked like a hound, it was black, and not too tall.

"Houndour." It said, it seemed happy to see me, or happy to see the land for the first time in awhile.

"Houndour, my name is Hilana," I smiled at it, my smile was too wide.

The sun began to beat down harder, and faster, the grass burned even more, and the road began to get hot.

"That's strange, this hasn't happened in awhile," I said, the sun was getting worse.

In the distance, I heard crying, it was loud, and also ear shattering.

"Cubone, cube." The Pokemon sounded like it was dying, it also sounded like it was close by. Close enough to walk to.

"Houndour, where are you going?!" It was running onto the burned grass.

"H..houndour, wait up!" I had to chase after it.

I found a Pokemon lying on the ground, it had wounds all over its body.
It looked like it was suffering terribly, it looked like it had trouble breathing as well.

"Houndour, where do we have to take this thing?" I had no clue
where to take it.

"Houndour, hound." I didn't have a clue in the world what is was saying to me.