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October 24th, 2009, 5:16 AM
King's Cup
A Pokemon Fan Fic by Duskwire

Authors Note: Welcome to my fan fic, King's Cup! The idea for this story popped into my head a couple days ago, and this is the first chapter of (hopefully) many. Please, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!!

Special thanks to .Ozymandis for being my Beta Reader (:

Chapter One: The Return

Adrian Astor looked out of the window of her mothers car, absentmindedly toying with a red and white golf ball sized sphere. Her eyes drooped lazily behind her black sunglasses as she watched the landscape of the Kanto region whisk by. Most on lookers would think that she was a boy, just how she liked it. Her short dark blonde hair, which was about a inch longer than the bottoms of her ears, swept in from of her face. She pushed it away, her fingers touching the dark brown, almost black stripe on the left side of her face. She wore her hair in what she called an “emo sweep”, her hair falling from a spot on the back/middle of her head, with the “sweep” over her left eye. She was short for her age, a mere 5’1 for a seventeen year old girl. Her slim ninety pound figure curled up in the front seat in response to a chill that ran down her spine.

“Would you like me to turn the air off?” Her mother asked, noticing her physical reaction to the temperature. Adrian sat up taller, but slouched again as she yawned. Her blue worn skinny jeans clung loosely to her form, baggier than most wore them. Very much a tom boy, her skinnies were boys, as was her slim fit plain black t-shirt and purple hoodie.

“Sure,” Adrian mumbled. “How much longer till we get there?” “There” was of course the world famous West Academy. The Kanto regions most prestigious trainers school, it was the parent of the King’s Court Academies. The King’s Court Academies were North Academy in Sinnoh, South Academy in Hoenn, East Academy in Johto, and West Academy in Kanto. Adrian has been attending West Academy since she was ten, and at seventeen was attending her final year at West Academy.

“Hmm…oh! We’re here.” Adrian instantly sat up, all weariness from the six hour car ride from Pallet Town diminished in her excitement. Home. She thought warmly. Above the car, a great banner announced ‘West Academy‘ in bold letters, and Adrian smiled. She clenched the Poke Ball in her hand, and looked down at it. Well, Sirion. Ready for another adventure?


“Bye mom!” Adrian called after the retreating car. She snickered, hefting her duffel bag onto her shoulder and shoving the Poke Ball she had been toying with into her pocket. Turning around, she took in the full glory of West Academy. Eighteen buildings in total, West Academy’s campus was spacious and grand. Seventeen of the eighteen buildings on campus were the Houses, and each type of Pokemon was represented by a House. The last building was Academy Hall, where classrooms, a pool, library, gym and a cafeteria were located. The buildings were in a semicircle pattern, with Academy Hall at the top. In the middle of the houses was a large dirt patch which Adrian walked across it as she headed towards the House of Dark. Fire scorch marks and uneven ground marked the battle field as a well worn playing field.

The House of Dark was the last House on left, furthest from Academy Hall. Its black two floor form stood out like a sore thumb against the wooded background. Adrian grasped the cold brass door handle, twisted it, and pushed the door open. She smiled at the familiar sight that was the common room. Walking in, you had about ten feet until you hit the back wall, which spanned twelve feet to meet two pairs of staircases. To the right of the boys and left of the girls staircase, there was a hallway, which lead to the respective genders washroom. Up the right stair case was the boys wing, the left led to the girls. There was a large flat screen TV on the back wall, a book stand below it held many DVDs and CDs. A large black-themed ornate carpet covered most of the floor. Two large black couches, and four smaller black love seats were surrounding the TV, the focal point of the room. On the left and right walls a solitary window let in natural light. The black walls of the House would appear depressing to some, but it gave Adrian warm fuzzy feeling.

She walked across the common room to the left stair case, taking off her unnecessary sunglasses as she went.. She looked briefly to the left of the stair case, where a hallway led back to the girls bathing area. “Hello?” Adrian called down the hallway. No response. She shrugged and clomped up the staircase. The same carpet that adorned the common room downstairs has been elongated and thinned to lay on the upstairs walkway floor. Adrian walked down, already knowing what she was looking for. There were seven rooms per wing, making a total of fourteen per House. Adrian was one of the ten students that lived here. The only difference, was she was Captain of the House of Dark, Dark’s student representative. 3, 4, 5, 6, annnndddd 7!! Adrian pushed the door open, grinning openly at the sight that was her room.

Black walls, a single twin bed adorned in black sheets in the corner, a mahogany desk opposite the foot of the bed, a closet door featuring a full length mirror and a night stand next to the bed was the furniture that made up Adrian’s room. She walked in, tossing her duffel on the bed, and sitting next to it. She grinned again as she surveyed the four walls around her. Quickly, she unpacked her clothes, and plugged in her laptop on the desk. She was about to walk out her door when she remembered the black track jacket that she had spotted in the closet. Lightly smacking her forehead, she tore off her purple hoodie and grabbed the jacket out of the closet. It was plain black, with a stiff upturned collar. The West Academy logo was displayed on the back, formed by the top half of a Poke Ball with West written in fancy letters on top of it. She zipped the jacket up to just above the two pockets and did a last minutes appearance check in her mirror. “Heyyyy lookin’ good sexy!” A voice called from the door. She turned her head and grinned widely, knowing who it was before even looking.

“Taylor Crane, I should of known it was you!” She bounded to the doorway, and hugged the taller girl around the middle.

“Doph! Lemme go you ass wipe! You’re killin’ me!!” The girl called Taylor laughed and returned the embrace. Adrian stepped back and admired her friend. She wore gray skinny jeans, much tighter than Adrian’s, and black high top sneakers. She too wore a simple tight fitting black t-shirt under her House of Dark jacket. Her long dark brunette hair hung a couple inches below her shoulders, and in a sweep similar to Adrian’s. Her dark blue eyes danced with laughter.

“Have you grown? You have to be two inches taller than me now! And damn, looks like someone finally blossomed!” Adrian said flirtatiously. That earned her a soft punch in the arm, which she took with a laugh.

“I’m only a 34 C you dumb-dumb. Enough of this stupid chat, grab your Pokemon, let’s go meet the fresh meat, Captain,” Taylor said with a smirk. Fresh meat. Adrian though evilly.

“Let’s!” Adrian walked to the bed and pulled three Poke Balls out of the side pocket, then reached in her purple sweatshirt and grabbed the last member of her team. She clipped the four balls to the belt she wore and slammed the door shut as she and Taylor walked out, gossiping about the year to come.


October 29th, 2009, 5:45 PM
This is pretty nice so far! I like the idea of how each building is represented by the different types of Pokemon (well of course, my Masquerain and I would be in the flying building :) ) The Dark building has an emo feel...nice. Looking forward to seeing how this continues!