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October 26th, 2009, 9:06 PM
The Resurrection’s Beginning... re-done (one-shot)

A/N: This is the prequel to “Apocalyptic Dawn”. It leads up to Rowan, Josephine’s older brother, being revealed as TR’s new leader in the sequel and explains other things which were left unclear. “The Resurrection’s Beginning” is brought to life by a series of events that happens before Josephine becomes a trainer.

Disclaimer: Pokémon is © Game Freak and Nintendo, 1995-2009. All other characters are © Kyuu-chan.

The Resurrection’s Beginning


Two years had passed and my family welcomed the arrival of my brother, Rowan Moreau. I was the only one who believed that something was not right with him, for I had sensed a dark aura hidden in the deepest depths of his soul. But I held my tongue, because if I had spoken out about it I would have been punished for sure.

He was always getting into trouble, always poking his nose into things that weren’t his business. My mother was forever telling him off.

By the time I was five, and Rowan three, Josephine was born. According to my parents, Josephine was just as gorgeous as I was when I’d been born. Rowan, being Rowan, decided to start poking my younger sister. Mum wouldn’t have any of it.

He was immediately sent out of the room, with his punishment being no dessert for a week. Being a three-year-old, he chucked a tantrum, which caused me to raise my eyebrow in disgust. I mean, come on! This was a public hospital. Patients shouldn’t have to put up with a three-year-old’s outburst.

Time continued to pass. I had turned ten, Rowan was eight, Josephine five and Natalie was the newest addition to the family. I’d not been interested in the way of a trainer, preferring instead to spend my time writing stories.

My lone brother, on the other hand, did want to be a trainer. But I had seen his battling style, it was callously ruthless. It had attracted the attention of a figure dressed all in black. I had my suspicions about that man, I knew nothing good would come of his meeting with my brother, but for a long while nothing happened.

Josephine was content to study as hard as she could at the Magnet School, learning all that she could about Pokémon. She had an unusual personality, not wanting to make any friends for some reason.

And as for Mum, well... she had her hands busy, yet again, with Natalie. It was around the clock care for the newest Harris. I had once heard her say to Dad that “Natalie was the last. After her, there’ll be no more.” I felt satisfied with that, because four children – in my opinion – seemed too much for her.

“Tara wouldn’t have wanted you to be upset.” My brother’s voice was cold and distant that day. As we all stood at Pallet’s memorial cemetery, his voice was like a gunshot in the eerie quiet as it echoed. It had been two weeks after the accident which claimed her life and, as I looked into his disinterested eyes, there was not a single shred of remorse.

The pre-teen was dressed in a red, short-sleeved polo shirt, whilst wearing light green three-quarter pants. He had inherited his father’s long, pony-tailed hair – though Rowan’s was crimson, whereas his dad’s was brown – and his hazel eyes shone like an inferno had engulfed them.

“Shut up, Rowan!” I yelled. “This is your fault!” I was furious at him, for the blame lay squarely on him. My teeth clenched and the blood boiled inside me. If only he hadn’t invited Tara to come with him and a friend, then neither my sister nor his friend would have died. The grief roiled inside me once again, seething like a maddened serpent, threatening to break free if I lost control.

I was fourteen, Rowan twelve, Josephine nine and Natalie five. It was two days before the accident which would take my life, though I didn’t know that at the time. A friend of Rowan’s had recently obtained a new car, and my brother asked me if I would like to come with them in it around town.

I kept saying I had other things to do, that I was busy. But on the second day, that day, he put his foot down. “Tara, come with us.” Rather than requesting my presence, as he had done so previously, he now demanded that I join them. To placate him, I got in the car.

His friend chose a particularly straight piece of road and slammed his foot on the accelerator, causing the speed to increase to one hundred kilometres an hour.

The next thing I know, I see Rowan barrel-roll out of the car mere seconds before it struck a sturdy cedar tree. My spirit rose from my body and I look down at Rowan, who was just standing there, staring at the totalled car with a small smirk on his face.

I heard him say “Well, that’s them out of the picture.” and I instantly felt betrayed. The car ride had been a trap to get rid of us! I felt nothing but bitter, angry emotions boiling in me. I knew then that I had to warn Josephine about Rowan, but how would I be able to do it?

As it was, his friend’s car had been totalled. A report from the Viridian Police Station said the driver, my brother’s friend, had been speeding. This resulted in two unnecessary deaths, deaths which could have easily been prevented.

At that thought, and still overwhelmed by my loss, I turned and walked away a small distance as I felt the tears start to burn at the back of my eyes. I knelt down on one knee. Losing my sibling made my head spin around and around, as if I were dizzied by the grief. She was my sister, after all; my flesh and blood. My heart felt as though it were being crushed; the tears slipped out of my eyes.

My younger, five-year-old sister approached me quietly. “Big sis, are you okay?” she asked.

Despite all of the pain I felt right now, I smiled inwardly. That’s Natalie for ya, I thought. My nine-year-old eyes looked into hers, which were showing just as much pain and suffering, for tears trickled down her eyes as well. We had both loved our fourteen-year-old sibling a lot, and for her to be taken from us in so much as a second really hurt our close-knit family.

But it seemed that one of us did not care in the slightest, that one of us had been distant to the rest of us for a while. Rowan, you might ask? Spot on. His attitude at the Academy often landed him in detention. He didn’t have any friends because of the ‘bully-boy’ tactics and his callously ruthless battling style, in which he wasn’t afraid to use the Pokémon the teachers had given him to physically attack the other students. The teachers were just as shocked as his injured classmates when they realized it wasn’t an act, that Rowan was deadly serious.

A man dressed all in black had been spotted at the Academy’s training grounds from time to time, silently watching my brother train, eying him as if he were worthy.

An unintentional sneeze from overhead alerted me to the fact that someone was spying on us. I shielded Natalie as I quickly turned around. Mum, Dad, Row-... My eyes widened in shock. Whoever had been spying on us had taken Rowan, and left Mum and Dad unharmed. I then narrowed my eyes. It must’ve been a Psychic with teleporting abilities. But who has those sort of powers? I asked myself. But just to be sure... “Hey Mum, where did Rowan go?”

“He was standing over there...” She trailed off, upon looking around the cemetery and confirming that her son was nowhere to be seen. “Oh my God! Where did he go?!” A scream burst from her mouth.


“Seek out the boy and return with him. Those were your instructions. You have done well. You may stand down.” The intimidating voice with a distinct accent came from a tall, mysterious man with neat black hair. Dressed formally in a black suit, he had a smirk on his clean-cut face.

The woman who had brought Rowan to her boss was a psychic. Her clothing consisted of a long red blouse and black trousers. She had long, flowing raven-coloured hair; two locks of which came down on either side of her face and the fringe just above her eyes, with the rest going down to around her waist. Scarlet eyes gazed at the boy in a calculating way and she had on a pair of long red boots.

But she was no normal psychic; she had been able to hide her spiritual powers, preventing her from being discovered. Upon hearing the order to fall back, she nodded once and knelt down.

“Boy, come here.” The man ordered. The twelve-year-old hesitated, but hurried forward when the man frowned. “You seek power, do you not?”

“... I...” Rowan stammered, looking uncertain. He had heard stories about this man being the leader of a criminal organization. Though he’d kept it to himself, he actually admired him and was excited by the prospect of having a position of power one day.

“Speak up, boy!” Another voice snapped. This was the voice of Ross, the second-in-command.

“Yes, I do.” The boy responded, as he stood tall in response to the order.

“Ask, and you shall receive.” The man countered. He then clicked his fingers. “Boy, do me a favour and in time you shall have all the power you want.”

“What sort of favour?” Rowan asked. His eyes widened and shone brightly upon hearing that statement.

“Become a trainer, and then go to the land of Sinnoh. Stay there for a few years and then come back. Once you’ve returned, you will have what you want.”

“Okay, I will do that,” came the answer. The boy’s eyebrows narrowed and his eyes darkened as he thought of his future.

“Sa- Ramona! Take him back now!” The man commanded.

“As you wish, boss,” she replied. The Psychic stood up and grabbed Rowan with both hands. Before the twelve-year-old knew what was happening, he had been teleported away from these beings of power and was more than likely being taken back to the cemetery.


Back at the cemetery, a red-haired figure who looked very similar to my deceased older sister was watching the grieving family, while keeping hidden in the shadows. Unbeknownst to even herself, she was a product of Giovanni’s cloning tests. Her growth rate had been accelerated, however. Therefore, she had reached the age of fourteen in just under ten years.

Codenamed ‘Crimson Lightning’, her purpose – in Giovanni’s scheme – was to serve as second-in-command to Rowan when he came back from Sinnoh. By then, Giovanni would be long gone. Just then, she felt a wave of psychic power and withdrew back into the cedar tree as Ramona appeared with Rowan. The Psychic dematerialized a split second later, not wanting anyone to see her.

“WHERE have you been?!” Fiona screamed hysterically. A fraction of a smirk appeared on my face. Ever since the death of Tara, my mother was always worrying about things that shouldn’t be worried about. I found the situation funny, because my brother always seemed to be getting into trouble.

Charles, my wheelchair-bound father, wheeled himself over to them. “Settle down, Fi,” he said quietly, calling his wife by a nickname. With my father being the only brown-haired person in the family, I had always thought it strange that none of my siblings, not even myself, had managed to carry over the slightest amount of same coloured hair. All of us, even the now deceased Tara, had been redheads.

“I want to become a trainer.” That was all Rowan said, for he did not want to reveal the reason why or his lust for power which had just been born.

Fiona blinked a few times, then... “OH MY GOD! My son wants to be a trainer! Oh Rowan, good on you!”

Meanwhile, I was stopped in my tracks as the world seemed to come to a standstill. Everything was removed from my surroundings so that only I could see the figure in front of me. A pale ghostly figure stood there in front of me.

“Josephine,” the ghost began, compassion showing in its ethereal eyes.

I silently gasped when I realized who the ghost was. It was my sister, Tara.

“I see you’ve recognized me. But this isn’t exactly a good time. I’ve come to warn you about the one who will defect. Beware your brother! For the one whom defects will cause more trouble than you can possibly imagine!”

Tara’s ghostly outline began to fade, satisfied that she had done her job.

“Wait!” I cried out. “I miss you!”

Tara’s last words were brief as the last of her spirit faded. “As I you.”

As Tara’s ghostly figure vanished, so had the vision.

“Okay everyone, we’re going home now!” Fiona said to her family. As the group left the cemetery, I kept shooting glances at my brother. Was he really going to defect like Tara had foretold?


“I know what you’re up to, Rowan. I don’t think you should go ahead with this,” I began casually, leaning against the hallway wall the next morning.

Having already gone past me, he simply turned his head and replied to my statement. “What I do is none of your concern. Be a good nine-year-old and mind your own business.”

My eyes narrowed in annoyance. “Rowan, I’m warning you. Don’t do this!” I hissed.

He faced me slightly and tilted his head, as if amused. “Or what, little sister?”

As my anger level rose, a tremor ran through my body. “This!” I said loudly, as my frame became enveloped in a bright pink aura. I stood breathing heavily as my hazel-coloured eyes turned cerise in accordance with the aura I now exuded.

He faced me properly and in one brief moment I saw that he, too, was radiating an aura. His manifestation was of a lightning yellow. In that instant, I realized that both of us had been chosen, however indirectly to begin with, by Kanto Legendaries.

“Mew...” My brother’s voice was static due to Zapdos’ Electric abilities.

“Zapdos...” Mine was telepathic.

“So... It... Has... Come... To... This...” We spoke in unison.


The auras dissipated and we returned to normal. We glanced at each other before Rowan continued down the hallway. “This won’t be forgotten, sis.” By putting emphasis on the last word, he further reinforced that he intended to head down his current path.

My heart-rate quickened as he left me and I started sweating. I feared the worst, not only for my family and the other Kantonians, but for the whole region. Deep down, I had already cast him out of the family. What's more, if my parents were to discover this they, too, would disown him.


Five years had passed since my brother left Kanto bound for the Sinnoh region. He was adamant that Sinnoh would somehow give him what he needed. He has now come back, determined to wreak havoc on his homeland. When I learned that Zapdos had well and truly sided with him, that the Titan of Lightning’s lust for power had caused a split in the Bird Trio, I shook my head in sorrow.

There is some good in all of this chaos, however. In those five years, I graduated from Pallet’s Magnet School at the age of ten, but refused to go anywhere because I wanted to learn more about all of the different types of Pokémon. I also made friends with Pewterian-born Rachel Savina, who shares one of my traits – like impatience – and Pallet-born Paul Johnson, who quickly turned into my rival.



I had chosen the girl to possess in order to get the message through to the dissenter, Zapdos, that his lust for power would not be accepted in the Bird Trinity. I knew that if he continued down that path, the Trinity would end up dispersing. It seemed as though he’d heeded my warning, but I suspected that wasn’t really the case.

Years later, however, in the present, I was shocked and very disappointed that he had indeed bonded with the boy and that the Trinity had broken up.


I controlled the boy because the ‘seeking power’ aura he exuded was exactly what I wanted. Together, we would be unstoppable. Mew attempted to stop me, saying that the Trinity would not accept my thirst for supremacy. I was tempted to lunge at her, for I didn’t care about the other two one little bit.

When I bonded with the human, I had to assume a similar form. I felt slightly less authoritarian as one of his kind, but I thought nothing of it as I was his advisor.


The Trinity, better known as the Titans of Ice, Thunder and Fire, are no more.

Let me take you back five years.

The Trinity are meeting to discuss what trouble is brewing in each corner of the Kanto region. Articuno, who always resided at the Seafoam Islands, is the first to arrive at the rest house entrance to the Viridian Forest. She sets herself up in the best position to look out for the others who are coming from the east, i.e. the Power Plant, and the far south-west – One Island’s Mt. Ember.

The young woman, tall and elegant, spots Zapdos flying in low and stopping on the outskirts of Viridian City. Her crimson eyes watched him hide behind the Gym to change into his human form of a young man with sinister black eyes, spiky yellow hair and fair skin. As Zapdos walked up to the house, Articuno could see Moltres landing.

Articuno and Zapdos were impressed by Moltres’ super quick transformation. However, Alcina, which was the human name Articuno had bestowed upon herself, immediately raised her voice as the trio passed through the rest house and crossed the threshold into the Forest. “I always get to places first! You two aren’t organized enough!”

It soon became clear that Articuno’s bold bluntness, along with the fact that she was now unsympathetic towards the other two, had caused small rifts in the Trinity before. “Shut the hell up, Alcina!” Zapdos snapped bossily. His domineering tone quickly silenced any chance of a retort. Unbeknownst to the others, Zapdos had been training in private with Ho-oh in order to get stronger.

As they entered a particularly dark part of the Forest, the human-ized birds walked into the temple.

The temple, in another universe, may have been likened to the antiquity of the Pantheon. It had been built by a forgotten people, who had laboured for those they thought as gods, and they had dragged huge sandstone blocks from as far away as Celadon to mould into its huge bastions. The multitude of columns and sculpted colonnades were carved with the faded visages of Legendaries time forgot.

Thick vines engulfed it. The undergrowth was unpleasantly damp and chilly and smelt heavily of copper. Below the canopy, the slender light of the full moon petered out completely and the tree roots clambered over each other for space. Hidden in the undergrowth was a small, brown, round shellfish-like creature; its scratchy search for insects in the leaf litter was the only sound above the chirping of its prey.

Inside the temple, Alcina peered out of the ancient architecture's only window. It was far too hot for her and she felt faint as she brushed her sweeping, icy blue hair over her shoulder. Frost glistened off it as they did of her pale skin which radiated an eerie chill in the humid forest. Her outfit consisted of a long pale blue dress, with white and blue sandshoes.

Zenas, the name Zapdos had chosen for himself, lounged around on a stone table at the back of the sanctuary. As he ran his hand through his hair, sparks leapt like an electric cable, bright coils of yellow that made the hair of his two companions stand on end. A bright yellow shirt matched his equally bright yellow trousers. Protecting his feet were black boots.

“Stop that!” Alcina said peevishly. She seriously wanted to go over and slap Zenas, but thought better of it. One eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he continued to mess with his hair.

Moltres had picked the human name of Magnus and was quite proud of it. He was kneeling on the floor. His hair was brass red in colour, his eyes were rich brown and his skin was tanned to perfection. The Titan brushed his hand over a carving of an ancient Pokémon, and he sighed wistfully, thinking of the eons that had passed them by.

How the mighty had fallen and how the great were lost to history. Time had forgotten his brethren, who the people had once worshipped as gods amongst men. Magnus lost interest in what he was doing and rose to his feet. Then he idly clicked his fingers once and a flame appeared in the palm of his left hand. Matching each other were a reddish-orange shirt and trousers. He had on knee-high amber-coloured footwear.

Turning quickly to the other members of the Trinity, Magnus posed a question, with the fire still burning brightly in his hand. “I have recently become aware that Zenas, of the three of us, has a lust for power. Don’t give me that look. I have my source, Zapdos. The question is as thus: What are we going to do about it?”

“There’s nothing we really can do about it,” a masculine-toned telepathic voice responded brusquely. A man had materialized out of what seemed like thin air. He had the whitest of white skin, and the same could be said for his hair. The eyes were an eerie purple. In addition, he wore a white loose business shirt with matching trousers and same colour sandshoes.

“Oh dear, forgive me, Mewtwo. I must’ve forgotten to drop off your invitation,” Magnus joked. Neither Alcina nor Zenas laughed.

The human-ized super-clone sneered and narrowed his eyes. “There is nothing to forgive. I sensed the auras of the Trinity and came to investigate. If Zapdos wants to go his own way, so be it.”

Alcina decided it was time she interrupted. “But Ho-oh will not be pleased.”

“Stuff Ho-oh,” Zenas answered. Proceeding to flip them off, he turned and phased back. “**** everyone!” His static voice sounded, before he flew off, crashing through the treetops of the Forest.

Magnus sighed. “Well, I guess to finish this meeting off; I’ll ask the remaining Legendaries what their goals are.”

“Some trainers have piqued the interest of a few of us,” a soft feminine-toned psychic voice answered.

When the owner of the voice didn’t appear, Mewtwo stepped in. “Mew’s decided to stay invisible,” he replied.

“Celebi and Articuno have become fascinated with a New Bark and Pewterian-born duo respectively. Myself? A Pallet-born redhead has me spellbound. What about you, Mewtwo?” Mew continued, as though there had been no interruption whatsoever.

“He’s Pallet-born, just like yours. But he has auburn hair,” he responded.

“So our goal for now is to watch over these four, am I right?” Magnus asked.

“Stupid question. What do you think?” Alcina retorted.

“Why do you have to be so unfriendly all of the time? God, it’s annoying.” Magnus stated.

“That’s enough, you two,” Mew’s soft, cheerful voice tinkled. “There’s no need to be fighting, not now that Zenas has caused a split in the Trinity.”

“You’re right. Anyway, I think it’s about time we got back to our respective homes. Don’t you agree, Alcina?” Magnus questioned his companion.

“Too true,” was all she said. She immediately left the temple and hurried on, not looking back once.

“Well, this is goodbye. See you two another time.” Moltres directed his comment at Mewtwo and the invisible Mew.

“...” Silence was his only response from the super-clone.

Whereas Mew was quite happy to telepathically say farewell to the departing Titan of Fire, as Magnus left the Forest. Upon seeing Moltres leave, Mewtwo teleported away.


Since Zapdos’ departure, disharmony from the Trinity’s split was causing abnormal weather occurrences in Sinnoh. Why Sinnoh, you may very well ask? Because that was where Rowan had travelled to, in order to receive his first Pokémon; so, when the Titan of Lightning arrived there, the after effects of the split began wreaking havoc with Sinnoh’s climate.

Four weeks ago, an icy cold wind blew in from the region’s east, bringing with it dark grey storm clouds that were tinged with a shade of green. The strong chilling winds filled the frigid air in Sunyshore City with snow, and the snowfall covered the walkways of the electrically powered city.

But Sunyshore wasn’t the only city affected by the freak-of-nature weather. Canalave had been completely flooded and it was reported that no-one had been spared. Twinleaf had succumbed to an earthquake, Sandgem was a ghost town, Pastoria was as though a drought had been in effect for a year, and even Snowpoint was struck hard. A passing meteor had practically obliterated the seventh city.

Having set up residency in Saffron City, the fact remained that the Kantonian royal family was not of Kantonian blood. In fact, they had escaped their homeland just in time.

Now that the noble aristocrats lived in Kanto, they would have to quickly adjust to the Kantonian way of life. It was said that they had had three children but, strangely enough, only two were with them when they arrived. Rumours began spreading that the oldest had been a royal knight who had his life taken from him in the line of action.

The queen and the next oldest child, also a male, did nothing to stop these rumours – though they knew the truth. And so the Regan clan did what they could to survive in an unfamiliar region. But as the years passed, the remaining son began to harbour a desire to quit nobility and just be a normal trainer.

Sgt Shock
October 27th, 2009, 4:32 PM
Wow, I must admit that this was really good. You worked incredibly hard on this, I can see the differences when I first saw it and now. I think that you got many of the things down pat that you said that you were weak at the time. :D I can see the more personal thoughts, especially within the italicized parts.

I hope for great success in this fan fiction. Good job, KL.

October 28th, 2009, 1:05 PM
I'm with Sgt Shock on this one. Much better than the original. I still feel like the part where they speak in unison is weird but that could just be paranoia. Mew and Zapdos's points of view still seem rather... flimsy but again, it's nothing too worrisome. Anyway, keep writing and enjoying yourself.

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October 29th, 2009, 6:31 PM
Sgt Shock and winterfell, thank you very much for the reviews. I will keep improving my skills.

Without further ado, here is the actual fic...


A/N: Apocalyptic Dawn’s influenced by a combination of my very first fic and all of my other fan-fics. The Gyms will go back to what they originally were and all evidence of Courtney and Bonnie will be erased. I know one member in particular will be annoyed with me (won’t name names, but he knows who he is... -_-), but I felt this was necessary.

Disclaimer: This fan-fiction, “Apocalyptic Dawn”, is rated M for violence, character deaths and moderate language. Pokémon is © Game Freak and Nintendo, 1995-2009. All other characters are © Kyuu-chan.




Saffron City, autumn, 2012…

In the centre of Kanto stands the majestic Saffron City, capital citadel to the land. Nestled deep in the forbidding region’s heart and partially concealed by chilly cirrus clouds, this capital's crown jewel was a fantastic castle, not unlike those of fantasy told before. It had been built to replace the old, dilapidated Silph Co. building.

Construction of the brand-new Silph Co., on the eastern side of the metropolis, was set to finish very soon. Standing the test of five years, warfare and more, Saffron Castle was the home to the Sinnohian-born royal family of the land, the Regan clan, along with their servants and advisors.

With guards and sentries rounding the borders and walkways, it seemed that it would be impossible to enter without permission. The guards who patrolled the walkways were clad in red armour that was representative of the royal military.

"Are you sure there's nothing we can do?" the youngest girl asked from across the large, dining room table. The azure-haired princess looked to the side and at Arthur, waiting for an answer.

Her mother, Eleanor, had no reply. Victoria’s uniform had largely the same scheme as her mother’s; the only exception was that it was adorned with a pattern invocative of deadly beauty in bright red. It was these crimson clothes that indicated the eleven-year-old’s desire to be an officer in the cavalry one day.

“There's nothing you can do," Arthur replied, his fourteen-year-old face creasing in annoyance. It was clear to see he was dressed in navy-blue clothing and an amethyst-coloured cape. An expensive gold chain held the cape together. The truth was plain and simple; he was tired of being bossed around by his sister and parent. He didn't want to do the boring political work they forced upon him. “I want to leave the castle and travel around Kanto.”

"It won't be so bad, Arthur," the cerulean-haired Eleanor tried to convince him. She was determined, but not as much as Arthur was. She was dressed in a white long-sleeved uniform adorned with a cold geometric pattern that embellished an R-shape on her front, the collar scraping gently below her rather gaunt jaw. “You can not go on a journey. How many times have I expressed dislike of this idea of yours?”

Arthur had had enough. "No!" He raised his voice as he slammed his fist down on the table. He rose to his feet swiftly, his royal cape flowing around him. The other hand fished a Poké Ball from an inner pocket and he held it close to him. This is it, old friend. It's time, he thought.

Eleanor sat in her chair, upset at Arthur's behaviour. "No worries, Mother," Victoria tried to comfort her mother. "He'll come around eventually." The guards were able to overhear everything that had gone on.

"Out of my way," Arthur commanded firmly, as the guards tried to block him from leaving. "Move or else!"

"I'm sorry, Arthur, but it's our duty to keep you from leaving!" one of the guards shouted as he continued to block Arthur from leaving.

Don't make me resort to using my Pokémon, the royal teen thought.

"Did you hear that?" Eleanor asked Victoria.

Victoria stood up, looking out the window. She watched as the guards tried to stop Arthur from leaving the royal palace. It's all in vain, she thought, he'll get through.

A scream was heard then, but Arthur couldn't be bothered looking back. The guards had tried to stop him, and they had paid the price. Fragments of ice littered the palace's front grounds.

Victoria held back a slight gasp as she recognized the rhombus-shaped patches of emerald-green fur and diamond-shaped ears. He used Iceheart?! That’s against palace rules! She frowned and looked down at her brother in annoyance.

"What happened?" Eleanor asked, looking concerned.

Victoria said “Iceheart,” and simply walked away from the window. The guards were injured, but she knew it would happen.

A figure clad all in black appeared in the palace room in a flash of blinding light. “Your command, Your Majesty?” the person asked telepathically.

"There's nothing that I can do. Just track him. For now," she replied, looking toward the ground in deep contemplation.

The Psychic nodded, before teleporting away, with "As you wish, Your Highness." fading quickly.

“Mother… will he really be okay?" Victoria questioned, looking up.

Eleanor paused for a moment, before finally speaking up, "… we can only hope."

Legendarian Mistress
November 3rd, 2009, 4:33 PM
Chapter 1: Preparing for the Adventure

Pallet Town, the next day...

The town of Pallet was relatively small in comparison to the other cities and townships in Kanto. Most of the houses were built from wood, with the exception of a row of brick houses on the eastern boundary of town, which belonged to the families with lots of money. The sun rose steadily in the sky, lighting up and warming the town as a small breeze wafted along, drying clothes which were hanging on various clotheslines and rustling leaves on trees.

Professor Oak was one of the most highly regarded Pokémon researchers in the world. He had won the Kanto region’s Indigo League – a tournament held every five years at the furthest point north-west in Kanto – twice and had dedicated his life to the study of Pokémon, their habitats, lifestyles and interactions with their trainers.

Since he was always known as the most renowned Pokémon expert in the entire world, the citizens of Pallet Town had always considered it an honour that he had continued to work in his home. Visitors felt that Professor Oak’s Pokémon laboratory was the only real attraction in the town. It wasn’t so much a tourist attraction, but more a place where interesting Pokémon events and discoveries occurred.

Pallet Town was hardly ever bustling except when the newest Pokémon trainers graduated from the magnet school – usually at the age of ten. The school taught the core subjects such as math, science, history, reading language arts, and so on, as well as courses involving studies of Pokémon, which ranged from raising, training, breeding and battling of Pokémon. Their journeys would usually start by travelling north to Viridian City, as it was the closest city to Pallet and the only city accessible by going on foot. Nothing but deep forest lay to the east and west, and the south was a large stretch of water where Cinnabar Island resided.

As the sun rose even higher, shouting was heard from within a house on the eastern boundary of town.

“Josephine! If you don’t get out of bed right now and come downstairs, then Eevee will have to go up there and wake you up!” shouted a forty-one year old woman with pale red hair and hazel eyes which burned with fiery impatience. She wore a bright red sleeveless top and blue three-quarter pants. This was Fiona Harris, mother of a Pokémon trainer-to-be. She was a very kind and caring person, but she didn’t want her daughter to miss out on one of the most important days of her life.

The Saffron-born Fiona’s expression was always half blank, as though she was trying to recall something from her past, but couldn’t do so for the life of her. It was said that, while growing up, she was childhood friends with Alexis Barrett – who later went on to become the mother of the renowned Psychic Gym Leader, Sabrina. But Fiona made a fatal mistake. When Charles arrived from Sinnoh at the age of twelve, she became rivals with him.

This act in itself completely destroyed Alexis’ trust in Fiona, and the raven-haired pre-teen became very distant and cold – a trait that was clearly inherited by her daughter. Fiona tried to repair the shattered pieces of the friendship, but Alexis wanted nothing more to do with the person who had betrayed her. The relationship was non-existent, nothing but smashed pieces of a mistake gone wrong.

“Oh well! Eevee, if you don't mind, could you please wake her up so that she's not late for her big adventure?” Fiona asked the creature standing next to her, who happened to be the family pet. The Pokémon was small and fox-like in appearance; his tiny body was brown in colour with creamy coloured neck fur and his face wore a hardened, serious expression. Two long, rabbit-like ears, which emanated from the top of his head, twitched periodically as he listened to the human’s request.

<No problem. In fact, I would have done it myself even if you hadn't asked,> replied Eevee. The Harris’ were able to understand him because he had been with them since he’d been born, which was a few years ago now.

He swiftly sprang up the wooden staircase, bounding down the long hallway, and hurled his small body against a door at the end of the hall. He glanced up at it, rushed inside and grumbled to himself, because even after making that entire racket to come to the girl’s room, she still hadn't woken up.

Josephine Harris was born into a rich family as the third child of four. Unlike other children from wealthy families, she wasn’t overly spoiled. As with all of the other children in Pallet, she studied at the Pokémon Trainers’ Academy – or Magnet School, as it was called by others. However, instead of beginning her journey at the age of ten – which was the minimum legal age – she had refused to go anywhere because she wanted to learn more about all of the different types of Pokémon.

Three walls of her room were made of brick – which had been painted a light green colour – and were completely devoid of anything, with the exception of a wooden framed unicorn picture on the wall opposite her bed and a painting of a girl feeding some duck-like Pokémon in the country on the right-hand side wall. On the third were posters of her favourite Pokémon. The last wall consisted of a security grill protected sliding door.

<Forgive me for this, Ho-oh, but I've got a lazy person who won't even get off her behind. Bloody hell, Josephine, wake up!> Eevee said loudly.

Seeing that he got no reaction, Eevee's eyes narrowed and an evil sort of smirk appeared on his face, as he said <Sorry, kid, you asked for it!>

After saying that, the Pokémon jumped onto the girl's bed and tore off the covers with his paws. He then placed his fluffy brown tail in front of the girl’s nose and proceeded to tickle the olfactory. Moments later, a loud sneeze ripped through the air, as Josephine sat up and wondered what sort of pollen had drifted through her open window.

Seeing the brown coloured fox sitting on her bed with his tail curled around his body, she asked “Why did you do that?” seemingly appearing to forget that today she was to leave Pallet to begin her journey.

<We have to get downstairs and you need to get ready for your journey. Remember?> the fox-like Pokémon gently reminded the girl.

“You make it sound like the Pokémon Trainers’ Academy. But I know that this journey is going to be a lot better. Okay, let’s go,” Josephine answered, smiling at the family pet.

She moved Eevee off her and jumped out bed, as she headed towards her ensuite. The red-haired girl opened the door, closing it upon entering and then turned on the water.


After showering herself, Josephine proceeded to dry off her thin frame of medium height and build. She then rubbed the moisture out of her hair, allowing the wet strands to fall to her shoulders, and then dried and brushed it until it was in a suitable enough position for her to wrap a hair tie around it, creating a pony-tail look.

She went over to her closet and removed two hangers, one of which held a bright red sleeveless top, with the other holding a sky-blue miniskirt. The teen dressed herself, before slipping her feet into a pair of brown boots, and casually placed her black sunglasses over her eyes. In the past, she had received criticism from her peers as they wondered why she had come to classes with her sunglasses on, but she ignored them, as it was just a strange mannerism of hers to do that.

After placing her digital watch on the wrist of her left arm, she headed down the hall.

Heading into the reasonably large kitchen and preparing herself a bowl of cereal, she spotted her mother relaxing on the cyan sofa. After eating, she then checked to ensure that her bright yellow backpack with the imprint of a Poké Ball on the side was packed. Finding out that everything was in there, she placed the breakfast bowl in the sink, ran some water in it and headed to the door.

“Honey, wait,” the voices of Josephine’s parents spoke up. The girl’s mother rose from the sofa as her father wheeled himself into the room. The masculine-toned voice had come from Charles, Fiona’s husband.

Saying goodbye was going to be difficult and sad.

“Yeah?” the teen turned and looked at her parents as tears started to form in her eyes.

Though Fiona opened her mouth to speak, Charles got in first. “Jose, come with me to my room, please.”

Looking more than a bit bewildered, the teen replied. “Uh... okay, dad.” She followed her father to his room, which was on ground level because of his disability. Josephine noticed that her parent was staring back at her as he manoeuvred himself into the right place.

Soon, Charles gave a short laugh. “You’re not in trouble, if that’s what you’re thinking. Rather, I wanted to give you your first Pokémon. Professor Oak gave me this responsibility, for he knew on the day of your leaving that he’d be snowed under with lots of paperwork.”

He opened a drawer of his office desk and pulled out a solitary crimson and white sphere. “Release the Pokémon within!” Her father barked, reminding her that he was the cousin of Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore.

Many people admired Charles Ryder Harris, and few looked down at him in scorn. Were it not for his disability, he would stand as tall as Lt. Surge, and that’s saying something. Josephine’s father had naturally short, wavy brown hair, slightly judgmental azure eyes, and fair skin. The man’s face was clean cut and wasn’t roughened as one might have expected it to be; after all, though he’d lived in a militaristic family, he had not seen war like his cousin had.

He was solidly built, for he had undergone a different type of training after the accident occurred. However, the defining feature was that paradoxical smile that reached across the entire length of his face. The smile and the slightly judgmental eyes often lead people to wonder as to if he was mentally sane. The issue that could be answered was that he is Charles Ryder Harris; Sinnohian-born, Kantonian-raised and is the father of two very fine girls – Josephine Rosalea and Natalie Rahla Harris.

As for Josephine herself, she’s an individual all to her own. She doesn’t really share anything in common with her parents, except her mother’s red hair and hazel eyes. While growing up, she was a loner, never wanting to make any friends because she didn’t see them as worthy peers. Back when her sister died, she hated her brother for his involvement and for the path of shadows he was determined to walk. In addition to that, she often vented her impatience on Rowan, when he was being cold and distant, and few things made her hyper. My, how the times have changed.

Putting Josephine to one side briefly, Natalie shares a couple of things in common with her father. She inherited the short, wavy trim – with the only difference being that hers is crimson. Along with the short hairdo, her eyes mirror that of her dad’s, but with a bit more hazel from her mother. The downside is that her mother’s height will be all she achieves.

“What Pokémon are you expecting it to be?” Charles queried, seeing that his daughter was still hesitating. He had a smile on his face, but luckily the teen was distracted and didn’t see the expression, as he thought back on how he’d obtained this particular creature.

“I’m not sure. I’m just hoping it’s a good one,” she responded.

Indecisive for only a few moments longer, the teen released the Pokémon. Emerging from the Poké Ball was a creature covered in blue fuzz. Her stout feline body and short azure fur shivered in the breeze that drifted in through the open window, while her tail and ears glowed bright yellow. That would be useful in dark places, but hardly noticeable in sunlight. Hissing, the cat leaned down on her front legs, her yellow bands gleaming in the sun’s rays.

Josephine gasped loudly and covered her mouth with one hand. “It’s...” She trailed off, unable to believe her eyes.

“A Shinx,” her father finished the sentence. “It’s no ordinary feline, either. And while we’re at it, it’s not an ‘it. The Pokémon is a female.”

It had been just yesterday, amidst the shock exit of Prince Arthur from Saffron Castle, that Mike – an Aide of Professor Oak’s – had come to the Harris residency. He’d given Charles the Poké Ball and made him promise not to reveal it to anyone, except his oldest daughter and only on the day of her journey. He had also mentioned that the creature within was one of four smuggled Pokémon, but wouldn’t go into any more detail.

“Are you nearly finished?” Fiona’s voice called out from the kitchen.

Hurriedly insisting that she return her partner to her ball, the father and daughter duo re-entered the kitchen as calmly as they could.

“It’s good to see that you are finally ready. Professor Oak rang and said he wants you to meet him at his lab,” Fiona told her, apprehensive that her daughter was finally setting off. She was worried that what had happened to her husband could possibly happen to Josephine as well. Her expression showed narrowed eyes and a slight frown.

Josephine stood there with a puzzled look on her face, wondering what the researcher needed to give her, but then it clicked. “Of course!” Josephine mentally slapped herself for forgetting such a simple thing.

As she was about to run to the lab, she remembered that this would be the last time she saw her parents before she left. She turned around and looked at them. “Mum, Dad… this is goodbye for now. I’ll miss you.”

Her father stared desperately at her, while her mother placed a hand on her shoulder and answered, “Yes, we’ll miss you, too. You have grown up incredibly fast, Josephine, and we understand that you want to go on this journey.”

“All right, I’ll see you later, guys.”

“Goodbye, dear. Know that whatever happens, I’ll always think of you as a Pokémon Master. I will think that because you went and attempted to accomplish your dream,” Fiona said, as she smiled at her daughter. Charles manoeuvred his wheelchair backwards, determined to talk to Fiona in private once Josephine had left.

Just before Josephine set off, she gave her mother one last farewell hug, allowing the tears to freely flow down her cheeks.

Wiping away the tears, Josephine started walking towards the research facility that was run by Professor Oak.

After trudging along for about ten minutes, she finally arrived at the location of the building. The lab’s foundations were on top of a hill that was accessible by a long stairway, which took one to the entrance of the lab. It was a two-story ivory edifice that had a maroon roof, which, from the top, allowed one to view the landscape as far as the eye could see.

There was a lake to the east of the hill and to the south was an untamed forest with no paths. The forest was cut short by an open range, which was met in the north by rocks and boulders. There were Pokémon scattered all over the landscape.

Josephine rang the doorbell and waited, because she knew that Professor Oak wouldn’t be able to rush to answer the door. The wooden door opened a few minutes later.

“Ah, Josephine! Come to collect your Pokédex and Poké Balls, have you?” Professor Oak questioned.

“Yes, Professor,” she replied.

“Right this way, then,” he answered, as he turned and led the red-haired girl into the lab. The first thing that was seen when entering was an array of bookshelves that were stacked against the wall, stretching from one corner of the room to the other.

To the right were small computers that blinked with all sorts of dazzling lights, with the monitors scrolling down with data that she could only guess was the research that Professor Oak and his assistants had compiled.

In the middle, between the computers, was a rather large door. It was used to go out to care for or to study the Pokémon that were kept at the lab.

To the left was a very large storage room in which the Poké Balls that contained the Pokémon were kept. One could only guess how many were amassed there.

At the top of the staircase to the right of the Poké Ball storage room, the upper level was desolate except for three bookshelves that were lined up against the left wall; an enormous computer that took up the entire southern wall and finally, a small dome which was the place where the Poké Balls were kept.

“Professor, there you are! We have everyone here, sir,” one of Oak’s aides appeared when they entered the large room which contained the small dome.

“Very good, John. Any news of the others?”

“Rachel Savina has already been and gone, collecting her Pokémon, Pokédex and Poké Balls along the way. You already know about Paul’s hasty departure,” John answered.

“Good. Now, Josephine, I have a few important things to give you. They are your Pokédex and Poké Balls.”

Then, the researcher handed her a large red electronic device, which looked like a calculator and five small balls. The Professor allowed Josephine the time to register her partner’s data into her Pokédex.

“Shinx, the Flash Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Electric type. Shinx’s forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. Their bodies shine if endangered,” the device reported in a monotonous voice.

“Let me explain what I handed to you before,” Professor Oak began, just as the newbie trainer recalled her starter.

“The large red device that you hold in your hands is what I call a Pokédex. A lot of research by my colleagues and I was done and we were finally able to release a small hand-held device. It will record information about any wild Pokémon, including its type and special attacks. Thus, its pages will be filled.”

He then pointed to the five small balls.

“These are crucial to capturing Pokémon, so please pay close attention. If you fail to capture a Pokémon with the same ball five times, it will break. Also, note that you can only carry around six Pokémon with you at any given time.”

“How much do these items cost?” Josephine asked.

“About two hundred Pokédollars for each sphere… and I think the Potions are a little dearer,” the researcher answered.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” the red-haired girl answered. “I won’t let you down, Professor. I’ve never been more ready for anything else.”

“Very good…” he replied.

She walked back through the building and out the front door, waving goodbye to Professor Oak as she did so. Then, she looked up as she began to walk down the road, away from her house. The sun was now in plain view, almost blinding from where she was standing and the grass was glimmering as the dew dropped from each blade.

Josephine’s Pokémon journey, as well as the day, was just beginning. She had her first Pokémon, and already knew where she was to go next – Viridian City. Now with determination in her hazel eyes, she continued to look at the sky. As an official trainer, she then looked down at the orb which contained her partner.

“Shinx, you are my key to becoming one of the best,” the teen murmured, smiling proudly.

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Very nice, quite the improvement. Be careful that your descriptions don't get too long-winded or it'll bore the reader. Either way, keep it up!

Sgt Shock
November 4th, 2009, 6:22 AM
Good job on the first chapter. It really sets the stage for it all. I think your description is the perfect length. Just keep improving. :D

Legendarian Mistress
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Thanks again for the reviews, you two.

Here's Chapter 2...

Chapter 2: An Elemental Manipulator

Charles turned his wheelchair around so that it faced Fiona. “Let us hope that she does not make the same mistakes as her brother,” he stated, trying to keep his voice from shaking.

Fiona placed a hand on her husband’s shoulder. Rowan had been a trainer before his younger sister had and, unfortunately for him, had become involved with evil people. He hadn’t been heard from since. She wanted to believe that Josephine would not get mixed up in whatever had happened to Rowan, but couldn’t be sure.

“How long has Rowan been gone now, Mum?” Natalie asked in a high-pitched voice, as she ran into the room. The nearly ten-year-old Nat – as Josephine called her – was the youngest Harris and often wore a purple short-sleeved polo shirt and red skirt. Being just short of the minimum legal age, she was too young to receive a starter Pokémon at the moment, but would be able to start her journey soon.

“Too long,” Charles cut in.

“We last heard from him five years ago,” Fiona answered, sighing thoughtfully as she turned to look out the window.


Not that long after Josephine had left Pallet Town, her Pokédex began to vibrate, indicating an incoming video message. She quickly fished it out of her pocket and peered at the sender’s number in the video-messaging list. The word ‘mum’ flashed on and off with an unopened envelope next to it. Pressing the play button, the teen waited.

Her mother’s familiar face filled the screen, with Eevee curled up on top of her head.

“Hello, dear,” the image on screen said.

“Hey, Mum,” the redhead answered.

“Rachel rang me the very minute you left. She said that she’d gotten in touch with Paul, and that both of them will wait for you in the Viridian City Pokémon Centre. Both of them also have one extra partner, so try to at least catch another Pokémon yourself, okay?”

The teen sighed heavily. “I’ll try, Mum. Don’t worry, okay?”

Fiona smiled. “Okay. Oh, that must be the postman. I have to go now, dear. Take care!” The message then cut out, leaving the red-haired girl wondering what her mother could be so excited about.

As Josephine continued walking down the path to Viridian City, the morning air was warming up and a flock of Pidgey was still twittering the dawn chorus in their melodious way. Half an hour later, after disappearing into the tall grass of Route 1 because she was getting more and more irritated at not being able to find any Pokémon, the red haired teen decided to stop and rest.

Her impatience got the better of her and she swore. “This just ****ing sucks! Why haven’t I found anything yet?!” Josephine muttered out loud, as she shook her head angrily. “Where are they…?” she added, as she reached into her bright yellow backpack for the book her mother had most likely placed there. Just as she arrived at the part on Pokémon capturing, the lone Poké Ball on her belt wriggled and burst open.

The light landed on terra firma to materialize into Josephine’s first ever Pokémon.

“I need your help, Shinx,” Josephine murmured, while stroking the lion-cub’s soft fur.

“Shii?” The Electric type asked, saying “Me?” in her language.

The fourteen-year-old redhead looked at her starter oddly. “Did you understand me? Or is it that I can’t understand you?”

“Shinx Shii!” The female Shinx answered, happy that the teen had worked out that they needed to bond and be friends before the Pokémon could be understood.

Oh well, that’s one problem that’s been sorted out, Josephine thought. “Can you find some wild Pokémon for me?” she asked politely, though her eyes betrayed her anxiety.

“Shii!” Shinx growled, telling the red-haired teen that she was not a sniffer dog and would not degrade herself by doing something that was meant for them. To show her irritation, she spat and hissed madly.

Josephine crouched down and put one hand on the side of the female lion-cub’s face. “Please, Riley? For me?”

Shinx could see Josephine's sincerity, which through her tantrum out the window. The Pokémon even recognized that the trainer had given her a nickname. Riley hesitated, murmuring “Shii…” as she did so.

Josephine opened her mouth to speak, but stopped upon noticing a Pokémon stumble into her line of sight. It was a small yellow and white shrew, which was visibly trembling. The Ground type had black eyes, a short inward curving tail and stubby, pointed ears. As it uttered drawn out, squeaky cries of “Shrew!” Josephine noticed that the poor creature was distracted and had no idea its path had brought it to a trainer.

“That’s a Sandshrew!” Josephine spoke softly while referring to her Pokédex. “According to the Pokédex, they’re not even supposed to be on Route 1.” She flicked the device closed and glanced at the Sandshrew, before turning to her Pokémon with a firm expression on her enthusiastic face. “We can’t just leave it here. We should try and capture it and take it to the Pokémon Centre in Viridian City for a health check.”

The Sandshrew heard Josephine. Glaring at Riley indifferently as if to say <You aren’t worth my time.>, he nevertheless straightened his posture and held up his claws, before lunging at the Shinx.

That’s a Scratch attack, the red-haired girl thought. “Riley, dodge and then use Tackle!”

<I can’t let them have perished for nothing. I must remain free,> the shrew thought.

Riley agilely circumvented the emotion-spurred attack. The Electric type ran forward, with her claws outstretched. She then delivered a single strike to Sandshrew’s chest. Shrugging off the Tackle attack, as if it hadn’t struck him at all, the clearly troubled shrew charged forward once more. It was at this moment that Josephine realized that it was more than just emotion that had goaded the Ground type into action. She knew that he would fight to the death to uphold more than just his honour.

“Shinx, Shii! Shinx, Shirar!” Riley’s speech was once again out of character for the cheeky, Kantonian-born Sinnoh Pokémon. The Electric type’s speech had fulfilled its intended purpose, however. His anger rising, the emotional Sandshrew leaped up and fell onto Riley, forcing her to use her claws to defend herself.

Jeez, that’s gotta hurt, Josephine shook her head slightly and winced at the sight of her Pokémon crashing into a nearby tree.

“Shin!” Riley said, winded, before recovering enough to rise to her clawed paws. Sandshrew had survived the ‘crash landing’ as he had curled up into a ball before impact. Uncurling himself, he marched over to where Riley was and thrust a clawed paw at the Electric feline’s throat, who froze at the action.

Relatively uncommunicative as he was, his lone sentence that day would be what stood out in the Shinx’s mind for many a day to come. <Don’t… insult… shrews.> Sandshrew’s breathing was laboured and raspy, as if just saying those three words hurt that badly.

Oh-kay, I think it’s time I kicked it up a notch, Josephine believed it was time to rack up a capture and be on her way to Viridian. “All right, Riley! Let’s go! Give it all you’ve got!” the girl yelled, before Sandshrew could muster up a counter-attack.

“Shii!” The Electric feline replied decisively. The Shinx let out a frustrated cry and let loose a ferocious lunge attack that completely caught the Ground type off guard. Riley barrelled into the sandy coloured shrew and fastened her minute fangs on his throat. Clamping down, a bit of blood spurted out.

Wha-? Whoa! I didn’t think Riley had it in her! Josephine looked shocked.

<You’ll pay for that,> the shrew vowed mentally, as he looked himself over after pushing the cat Pokémon away. One paw defiantly wiped away a tiny amount of blood and he was starting to weaken, thanks to the throat bite. He tensed, his arms raising his sharp claws as he prepared for another attack.

Bugger, what now? The red-haired trainer thought, panicking slightly. That Sandshrew is still going strong, he’s not slowing down at all! I suppose I could make use of Scratch, but still…

“Riley! Here’s what we’re gonna do! Dodge Sandshrew’s current attack and counter with a Tackle and Leer combination!” Josephine yelled out.

“Shirar,” the female feline answered.

For what she hoped was the last time today, Riley took a step forward and widened her yellow eyes. The Sandshrew opened his mouth in a silent gasp as the effects of the Leer attack seized him and he shivered involuntarily. Then, as the shrew struggled to regain his composure, Riley rushed in and, with a few well-placed bodily shoves, managed to reduce his energy even more.

<I’ve failed them,> was the shrew’s last thought before falling to the grassy ground. One paw was all that was supporting him as he breathed arduously.

Josephine heaved an empty Poké Ball at the yellow and white being that was doubled over on the ground. After several seconds of struggling, Sandshrew finally resigned himself to capture.

“YEAH! WE CAUGHT SANDSHREW!” Josephine cheered, reaching for her newest Pokémon’s containment device and smiling widely.

At that exact moment, as if it had delayed responding on purpose, Josephine’s Pokédex switched itself on and recorded Sandshrew’s information. “Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Ground type. To protect itself from attackers, Sandshrew curls up into a ball. They live in arid regions with minimal rainfall.”

“Shrii?” Riley asked, just as Josephine face faulted.

“SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE!” the teen screamed in annoyance. “Why the hell didn’t my Pokédex tell me that before I tried to catch Sandshrew?!”

As the trainer and partner Pokémon continued on down the path towards Viridian, neither of them noticed a dark-skinned figure watching their departure, while he stood behind a cedar tree. He narrowed his icy blue eyes and reflected on whether or not he should tell his boss about the latest development.

<You know you want to, Nighthawk,> a feral snarl ripped through the air. An incredibly large, undomesticated feline padded up to the person’s side. He was a being of perfection and seemed even more elegant in his untamed state. His long and slender tail trailed behind him, the tip coiling slightly. The cat’s soft paws made no sound on the grassy ground. Piercing crimson eyes shone with as much brilliance as the gem embedded on his forehead and his slightly darker-furred, rounded ears picked up every sound.

“Quiet Felmare.” He replied, looking down at his partner. The pre-teen appeared to be more easy-going than his bloodthirsty Persian. His Mohawk-styled hair was jet black. Though only a youngster, he had a strong physique, but was still slim. Nighthawk’s outfit consisted of a matching short-sleeved black shirt and long shorts. Fluttering behind him in the wind, and fastened around his neck with a silver chain, was a black cape. Lastly, imprinted on the inside of his right wrist was the tattoo of a black hawk.

The dark-skinned twelve-year-old plucked a sphere off his belt and threw it into the air. A yellow, bipedal, fox-like creature appeared from the Poké Ball. She appeared to have two long, fur-like whiskers around her mouth that fell down to the mid-portion of her slender body. In each hand, the creature held a silver spoon. She twirled these spoons, while waiting for her master’s orders.

“Scyla, follow that girl.” He commanded and gazed into her brown eyes for a couple of minutes.

<Yes, Master Nighthawk.> An echoing, feminine-toned voice answered.

The Alakazam teleported away moments later, with the image and conversation about the girl still fresh in her mind.

<What are you intending to do with that girl, Ace?> Felmare spat, as he gouged his claws into the yielding soil.

Felmare had overstepped the personal boundary. Influencing the water around him by making a series of complex hand movements, Nighthawk overloaded the Persian’s senses and threatened to drown him.

“Do not call me that!” He hissed through gritted teeth. His frosty blue eyes narrowed. “You know the rules! Address me as either Nighthawk or Master! Do you understand?!”

Unable to speak for fear of getting the loathed liquid in his lungs, Felmare simply nodded, his scarlet eyes wide with shock. Placing his hands together and then thrusting them down and out, Nighthawk dispersed the water that he was able to control so very easily.

For several long moments, Felmare sat crouched over, breathing heavily as if it was his last day alive. As he began to recover, he glared up at Nighthawk. <There was no need to use your spell-casting abilities on me, master!>

The twelve-year-old snorted in contempt. “I did what had to be done. You disrespected the level of my authority. Now, in response to your question, I want to analyze her abilities and see if she’s as good as her mother.”

Meanwhile, the red-haired teen – who was the topic of the conversation – had currently stopped. “You’re such a cutie!” Josephine squealed, not even stopping to think about how Professor Oak had obtained her Shinx.

Crouching down, the teen gently rubbed the feline on her head; in response, the female Shinx purred happily and nuzzled in closer against the girl’s soft touch. This moment of happy bonding continued for some time, until Josephine looked at her digital watch and exclaimed in surprise. “Look at the time! I suppose we better keep heading towards Viridian City. I don’t wanna keep Rachel and Paul waiting too long.”

In holding up the red and white sphere in front of her partner’s face, the unspoken question of ‘did she want to go back inside?’ was raised. Shinx shook her head, indicating that she didn’t want to return to its confines at the moment.


“Mission status, Zenas?” a low voice emanated from a walkie-talkie.

A tall young man with spiky yellow hair swiftly answered. “Preparations are nearly complete. An ex-student of Koga’s will move in and carry out his assigned task tonight,” he responded. His voice was husky and he spoke in a hushed tone as he nonchalantly leaned against a wall.

“Excellent job, well done,” the other man replied, before moving onto specifics. “Start wrapping things up and come back to HQ. Besides that, where are you?”

“I’m leaning on a wall of Professor Oak’s laboratory in Pallet Town.”

“Just hurry up. I’ll check back for your status later.”

With the last command given, the walkie-talkie went silent.


At the Viridian City Police Station, two police-trained Rapidash were tethered to a railing. Their fine white coats glistened in the afternoon sunlight. But what caught the eye more were the flames, seemingly leaping off of the Pokémons’ haunches, from the tip of their tails to the top of their heads. The heads were held high, with the fine-tipped horns pointed straight for the heavens, while enshrouded with the tremendous manes of fire.

One of the equine Pokémon, a quiet-natured stallion, turned his majestic head and spoke rapidly to the mare in Spanish. <Tan oyó usted las noticias de nuestros dueños? El rumor lo tiene ese Cohete de Equipo ha tenido una resurrección. ¡Cómo horrorizar! A semejanza de miradas habrá mucho más patrulla de ahora en adelante.>

<Damn it, Rodrigo! Speak English, for hoof’s sake!> The mare snapped back, rolling her eyes in frustration.

<As you wish, la dama Penelope,> Rodrigo replied, using his Spanish charm to get the mare to look at him. <I said, “So did you hear the news from our owners? Rumour has it that Team Rocket has had a resurrection. How horrifying! Looks like there'll be a lot more patrols from now on.”>

<Indeed, there will be more patrols,> Lady Penelope countered, her irritation slowly fading. Raising her head slightly, she recognized the figures of their owners walking briskly out of the station. <Look sharp, Rodrigo!> she snorted.

“Ready the units, Officer Prius!” A feminine-toned voice commanded as the two officers mounted their chargers, after untying them.

“Yes, ma’m!” A young male answered back, in the same sharp, crisp tone befitting a member of the police force.

“You will be in charge of the Viridian and Pewter units. Failure is not tolerated!” The woman, clearly of a higher rank than the newly enlisted policeman, ordered.

“Understood, ma’m!” Officer Prius shouted, before convincing Rodrigo to set off with a flick of the reins.


Hiding behind a cedar tree was a shadowy figure. He continued to observe the red-haired teen as he crept closer and closer.

“Shirar!” the female Shinx’s cry was urgent, as her trainer heard a twig break and jerked herself around to be confronted by a man. Sporting black hair, he appeared to be of foreign descent. Snugly fitted on his face was a pair of black-rimmed reading glasses. He wore a long sleeved gray striped business shirt and blue denim shorts, with the whitest of white sandshoes covering his feet.

“Who are you?” Josephine asked suspiciously. “And why are you stalking me?”

“Shii,” Riley uttered a drawn-out growl as she expressed her intense dislike for this man. Something about him seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it.

“My name not important to you,” the man replied. “Neither is reason why I stalk you. But what you know anyway? You just young girl who not know anything.”

Like hell your name is important! Josephine thought angrily, as her hazel eyes widened to hear how disrespectfully the foreigner spoke to her.

“Riley, Juri – get ready!” the redhead instructed, finally giving her Sandshrew a nickname. “How DARE you speak to me like that?! I’ll have you know that I graduated second in my class and I could easily thrash you, you noob!” Having been insulted by the stranger, Josephine was really riled up. One hand was in a clawing position, and the other had been thrust upon her hip.

<He’s in for it now…> Riley thought, tensing her muscles in readiness for battle. Weakened as he was, it appeared as though Juri had regained a small amount of strength as he burst out of the Poké Ball and took his place beside the female Shinx.

“You two, it is go time!”

Both Pokémon stepped up next to their trainer, with Riley having small sparks of electricity shoot from her azure fur as she bared her teeth.

“You want battle, hey?” the man taunted Josephine, before releasing the only two Pokémon he possessed.

A flash of red energy revealed a bipedal, tapir-shaped creature with a lazy face and appearance. It waved its four fingered hands around in a circular motion, making the air distort slightly. The bottom half of its body, other than its toes, was black and the rest of it was golden.

The other Pokémon was a black dog-like being with a tan muzzle. It snapped and barked loudly, showing sharp white teeth with drool dripping from them. Upon seeing that its opponents were the diminutive Shinx and Sandshrew, the Houndour prepared for a battle.

“The name Jin, by the way,” the man finally publicized his name.

“A pleasure, I’m sure,” Josephine replied sarcastically.

“Get them!” Jin commanded his two Pokémon.

“Riley, Juri – Bite and Scratch!”

The female Shinx ran towards the Drowzee and bit into his flesh firmly, while the male Sandshrew lunged at the Houndour, scratching the Dark and Fire type canine several times before a small storm of embers forced him to back away.

Drowzee’s black eyes widened upon feeling Riley bite him and the Psychic type retaliated with a blue blast of mental energy that is the technique known as Confusion. The move sent the Electric type flying backwards, but her hind paws dug into the soil, which slowed her movements and prevented her from crashing into an oak tree.

“Tackle and Scratch! Keep it up, you two! You’re going great!” Josephine congratulated her partners.

The redhead’s two Pokémon swapped targets. As Riley rammed her head into Houndour’s side, it caused the small canine to become winded. He lay on all fours, trying to get his breath back.

“Quick, Riley! Thunder Fang Houndour!” the teen instructed, not wanting to lose the advantage she had.

The female Shinx wasn’t about to let that happen and she bit into the thick black fur, releasing electricity into the dog’s nervous system. A choked gasp came from Houndour’s mouth as an electric shock flowed through his body. Having recovered from the earlier attack, Houndour retaliated with an Ember firestorm. Riley tried to dodge it, but she ended up taking a glancing blow. She responded by unleashing another Thunder Fang on Houndour, which proved to be the final straw for the Dark and Fire type. He fainted in front of Riley, his energy completely spent.

Working as a team, albeit Juri was a bit unwilling, Riley and the male Sandshrew now advanced on Drowzee. The Psychic type was proving to be particularly difficult in defeating.

Feinting to the left, Riley was able to trick Drowzee and she quickly lunged in from the right. She used Bite on the Psychic type’s arm once again, while Juri madly scratched his opponent until his eyes rolled backwards in his head and he collapsed on his back.

“WHOOHOO!” Josephine screamed happily. “I won!” she declared proudly.

Realizing Jin wouldn’t give her any prize money, she continued a little way down the path. She stopped and looked back at him, as he was sitting on the side of the path, defeated. “Don’t ever underestimate a Pokémon trainer on a mission,” she said to him, feeling really proud of herself.

Continuing on down the path a bit more, Josephine heard a clip-clopping sound. Before she could even wonder about who Jin really was, a Rapidash came into sight, carrying a policewoman.

Dressed in a suit, which showed off various shades of blue, the woman dismounted her steed. “Good day to you. I’m Superintendent Tyler from the Viridian City Police Station. I heard that there was a suspicious person in the area. Could you tell me where they may have gone?”

Suspicious person? Josephine thought. I’ve only battled one person today and… of course! Jin! “I’m only a beginner trainer, but I battled a stranger who seemed very suspicious. I left him just back there,” she replied, pointing behind her.

Remounting her Rapidash, the policewoman questioned the teen for her name and the red-haired girl readily gave it. Superintendent Tyler then thanked Josephine for her help and asked that she pass on a message to Paul. The message being that Tyler wanted Josephine to tell Paul, who she revealed as her son, that she would visit him soon. After Josephine agreed to be the message-bearer, the woman rode off.

An hour later, Josephine was thankfully nearing Viridian City – her already-meagre supplies were running low. She sighed when she saw the city and its lights. Josephine decided to spend the night at the Pokémon Centre and buy her supplies in the morning. The red-haired girl caught a glimpse of a building with a crimson roof and quickly ducked inside. The teen stood inside, pausing to catch her breath.

Looking around, she noticed Rachel lying on one of the red sofas, with Paul on the Internet. Who knows what he’s looking up, Josephine thought.

A nurse behind the counter spoke up. She had cerise hair and wore a white nurses’ uniform with pink lacing. “This is the Viridian City Pokémon Centre. How may I help you?”

Walking hurriedly over to the desk, she handed the two occupied spheres to the pink-haired woman who was Nurse Joy. “I’m Josephine and am a beginning Pokémon trainer. Could you please examine my Pokémon? My Sandshrew needs some extra care,” the teen explained, and Joy nodded, before taking the two orbs out to the back room.

Hearing Josephine’s voice made Rachel jump slightly. “Huh? Oh hey, it’s Josephine!” She got off the sofa and hurried over to her friend. The tall girl walked forward, her long lavender-coloured hair flowing behind her. She looked relaxed and comfortable in her outfit – a bright red zip-up skin-tight jumper and navy blue shorts.

“What took so long?” the violet-haired girl asked.

“Ah, I got caught up in some adventures.” Josephine answered.

“What sort of adventures?” Paul questioned, coming over from getting off the Internet. The boy was of an average height and he had spiky, auburn-coloured hair. He wore a grey shirt and baggy purple pants. On each of his wrists was a purple sweatband and cupped in his right hand were two red and white spheres.

“They were exciting enough, I’ll put it that way,” the teen responded, not going into too much detail.

Paul raised an eyebrow, but said nothing more.

Nurse Joy then spoke up in her trademark soft voice. “Your Pokémon are ready, Josephine.”

“Thanks,” she answered, taking her Poké Balls and attaching them to her belt. Yawning, Josephine turned to Nurse Joy and asked if there were any spare rooms available. At this, Paul and Rachel went to their own rooms. Upon receiving an affirmative response, Josephine struggled upstairs to room B625. She unlocked the door and the exhausted trainer merely crawled into the bed that was available, falling asleep almost straight away.

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Here is Chapter 3...

A/N: Full credit goes to Blah, now known as Raaji, for his help with the Scyla VS Josephine/Sabrina battle. Thanks mate.

Chapter 3: La pesadilla en el Paraíso de Kantonian
(In English, that translates to “Nightmare in Kantonian Paradise”).

That night, it was very quiet and darkness covered the land of Kanto. Very few lights illuminated the various cities and townships across the widespread region. In Viridian City especially, the Pokémon Centre was absolutely silent; so much so, that the stillness was piercing. It was thanks to this silence that a Pokémon belonging to a member of the opposition was able to make her way into the room in which Josephine and her partners were sleeping.

Her tall, bipedal form stood silently as her black eyes rested on the sound asleep form of the fourteen-year-old redhead. The Pokémon’s long whiskers trembled not from tension or excitement as some might have assumed, but from mental laughter. She had been assigned this task earlier in the day and, despite knowing it would be too easy, was determined to stay on the girl’s trail. This proved to be the easiest job the Psychic type had ever had. With a puff of grey smoke, the yellow fox-like creature dematerialized.

When Josephine awoke the next morning, it was not to Riley jumping up and down on the bed. Rather, it was to the belief that she was in a black hole of nightmares. The female Shinx glanced at her trainer and immediately sensed something was very wrong. Dark circles indicating sleeplessness were underneath her once bright eyes and parts of her crimson hair either were stuck in clumps or lay flat.

“Where am I?” She demanded, appearing to come to her senses.

<...> Silence was all Juri replied with.

<You’re in your room in Viridian City’s Pokémon Centre. There was a Psychic type in here last night.> Riley answered, rolling her eyes briefly at the Sandshrew’s indifference. Being an early riser had its advantages, with the black and azure feline quickly and easily smelling the scent left behind.

Facing the Pokémon, the teen questioned the Shinx. “A Psychic type? Which one?”

<The smell was unmistakably that of an Alakazam,> came the response.

“Hmm... an Alakazam materialized in here and then teleported away? Great, it could be anyone’s Alakazam,” the red-haired girl exhaled heavily in frustration.

<Not just anyone’s Alakazam,> Riley pointed out. <It had a hint of darkness about it.>

The cloned cat looked pointedly at her trainer.

Josephine stared back until the realization dawned on her. “No,” she breathed. “I wondered why I felt as though I was being watched yesterday...”


With Felmare lying as though asleep, but really just pretending, Nighthawk chose not to face Scyla as the trio hung around in Team Rocket’s headquarters.

<Master Nighthawk, I have ascertained that, regardless of being a beginner, she is just as good as her mother. It appears as though she inherited the psychic abilities Lady Grey gave to her mother, but at this point in time they lie dormant. Mew can awaken them, but only Sabrina can help her control them. How should we proceed?> The Alakazam gave the results of her trailing of Josephine.

“Keep following her. Challenge her to a battle even,” Nighthawk answered. “What of her Pokémon?”

<A Shinx and a Sandshrew – cloned and traumatized respectively.>

Felmare lifted his head in interest at this point. <The Shinx is cloned, you say? What was its base signature?> His questions were naturally spat out in savageness.

<Her signature links back to the laboratory underneath this city’s Pokémon Mart,> Scyla replied, emphasizing the feline’s gender.

Nighthawk turned fully to properly face the Psychic fox. “She was stolen, in other words?”

<Yes, but by whom I can not determine.> The Alakazam responded truthfully, as her loyalty required her to.

“Very well. I will look into this matter. Follow my instructions and challenge the girl. Go now.” Nighthawk turned away once more, glimpsing only the grey smoke that signalled Scyla’s departure.

Elsewhere in the building, albeit on the fourth floor, a meeting was underway in Rowan’s office. The room was relatively clean. A technologically-advanced computer sat on a long table which was littered with a couple of magazines, a box filled with doughnuts and a walkie-talkie. At the other side of the room was another desk this time with many small screens stacked on one another. The surveillance system being used was superior as well.

Rowan himself was dressed in a red skin-tight business shirt, with blue denim trousers covering his lower half. His long red hair was done in a pony-tail and his hazel eyes shone with a ferocity that Pandora hadn’t seen before.

The Kantonian Team Rocket leader looked at the Pokémon he’d released several minutes ago. A sleek and arrogant Glaceon turned his head to the illusion Palkia was showing them, and narrowed his opaque emerald-green eyes. His sky-blue fur started to stand on end and the azure fur on his forehead shone like frozen snow. Slightly annoyed at the expression Pandora was giving him, the Ice type fox shook his diamond-shaped ears and the rhombus-shaped patches of light green fur on his body glinted in the sunlight which was streaming in from the window.

“Now can I ask why you’re here?” Rowan began, getting straight to the point. His eyes analyzed the woman’s every movement.

“As I’m sure you’re aware,” Pandora started. “Athena left our Johto force and has sided with a group known as Johto Destroyers. They’re supposedly led by Giovanni’s son. What did they call him again? Ah yes, Silver.”

“Hmm...” The seventeen-year-old answered impassively. “What did you want me to do about it?”

Pandora looked at her counterpart, slightly taken aback at his response. “Stop them, is what I want you to do. Because of Athena’s obsession with Celebi, Silver wants to capture the Time Traveller and take everything back to before anything was created. If his first plan didn’t work, then he would force her – yes, I view Celebi as a female – to fast-forward time to the destruction of all four regions.”

<Master,> the Glaceon used Pokéspeech in a haughty manner. <That sounds quite treacherous. I think we should help our ->

Sighing heavily and placing a hand on his temple, the teenaged leader gazed at his partner. “Icestorm, I’ve told you again and again – when I’m in a meeting, don’t interrupt.” Turning his attention back to Pandora, he asked for forgiveness. “I’m sorry; he has a habit of being stuck-up and interrupting conversations.”

The human-ized Palkia waved off the apology. “It’s not anything to worry about, Rowan.”

“Before creation or the destruction of the regions, hmm?” Rowan thought out loud, before nodding his head resolutely. “I’ve decided, Pandora. My team will help yours defeat the Johto Destroyers.”

“You will? Oh, thank you!” She exclaimed, as a smile crossed her face.

“When do you want us to move in?”

Pandora had reached the doorway of Rowan’s office by that point, but turned around. “As soon as possible,” she answered. As she made her way out of the building altogether, she thought back to that judgment the High Legendary council had placed upon Apollonir.

After hearing the High Legendary council over-rule his position of power, Apollonir had used Pokéspeech to throw a curse at Dialga. It was a curse that made the Lord of Time forever an outcast, unable to return neither to Sinnoh nor to his place in the council. Pandora was utterly shocked when she learned of the after-effects. Ultimately, however, Dialga’s curse was why she and Apollonir had moved to Johto.

Pandora suspected that Dialga was in Johto, but as to what he was doing, she couldn’t be sure. She just hoped he wouldn’t get involved in the wrong thing as an act of revenge on Apollonir.


Twenty minutes later, our heroine emerged from the shower, dressed in a matching outfit of a red short-sleeved shirt and three-quarter pants. Her long crimson hair was specially done up in a single, braided pony-tail and she placed her black sunglasses on, after adjusting the height of her socks.

Prior to leaving the Centre, Josephine went and said farewell to Nurse Joy, which she suspected very few trainers did. She then headed in a northerly direction which would take her to the beginning of Route 2 and, ultimately, an unexpected shock. It was already growing quite cold and the teen found herself very thankful for having had the foresight to wear her grey jumper today.

For about half an hour, the teen and Riley walked without much incident. Eventually, the red-haired girl started feeling edgy and worried, as she kept glancing around at her surroundings. She found a nice patch of lush green grass and sat down, pulled off her bag and dug around for some food and water.

“What do you think, Riley?” Josephine questioned, handing her part of the doughnut. The redhead was able to understand Riley’s tone of Pokéspeech, thanks to four years of living with her family’s serious-natured Eevee.

<Why, thank you, Josephine. These are one of the best foods ever,> the female Shinx meowed contentedly as she ripped into the round, cinnamon-coated snack.

“Any good?”

<Of course,> Riley looked up at her trainer with flecks of cinnamon dotted all over her light blue face.

“Yeah, food is just food to me.” She stood up and put everything away, before shouldering her backpack and kept walking with Riley following closely.

Without prior notice, a grey haze appeared and Josephine stopped, taking a few steps back. “Riley...?”

The only response she received from the female Shinx was a guttural growl. Hastily, she whipped around to see that her partner’s yellow eyes were narrowed in a defensive way and her hackles had risen.

An Alakazam emerged from the murky smoke. <You are hereby challenged to a battle,> the Psychic Pokémon declared telepathically.

Josephine thrust her right arm to the side, in a negating manner. “Who are you?! Were you the one who was in my room at the Pokémon Centre last night, watching me sleep?!”

<If you will not bring your other Pokémon partner out, then I will bring him out for you,> the yellow fox ignored Josephine’s demands.


Again, the supernaturally-aligned creature took no notice of the girl’s annoying yell. Sighing mentally, her brown eyes took on a cyan glow and the crimson and white sphere was lifted off the teen’s belt. Using her powers to press the ball’s middle button, the indifferent Sandshrew was called forth from his containment device.

<What a weak Pokémon,> the Alakazam stood in a relaxed position, staring down her opponent. <Your go.>

"Hey, hey, hey! Not so fast!" Josephine shouted, sensing Juri would refuse to battle. "This match will be between you and Riley. You understand what to do, don't you girl?"

<I do,> Riley answered, with teeth bared and small sparks flying from her fur. She advanced on her much bigger opponent. <This is personal, fox.>

<Ha! You can't be serious. Don't you have a stronger Pokémon? Oh well, let's do this.> an aura of energy flowed between her fingertips as she readied herself.

True to his nature, Juri simply curled up into a ball and rolled to one side, out of harm's way. The teen made a mental note to try and have a talk with him later to find out what was wrong. For now, however, she focused on the battle - despite the mismatched power levels.

Riley feinted to the left, and then came in from the right to attempt a Thunder Fang on the Alakazam. Alakazam quickly teleported behind her enemy and brought a sharp slash across the Shinx's back. A Psycho Cut.

<Is that the best you got?> She taunted.

"Alakazam! Tell me who the hell you are?!" Josephine yelled, trying to determine why the Psychic fox had been observing her sleep. "Riley, are you okay?" she added, seeing her partner wince as she rose to her feet.

Scyla ignored the annoying girl as she levitated the Shinx into the air and slammed it into the ground. <Come on, do something, you can't be that weak.>

Hearing the mental laughter only made the redhead more aggravated. "That does it!" Without thinking of any consequences, the fourteen-year-old charged at the yellow creature.

<Josephine... don't...> Riley's breathing was heavy and gasping, but it was too late. Her trainer was almost upon the opposing Pokémon.

Scyla simply stopped the human with her psychic powers and levitated her; she then put pressure around the girl's neck. <And what do you think you can do?!> Scyla released the girl and threw her to the ground. <Go back to commanding your Pokémon.>

Materializing without warning, a young, raven-haired adult ran to the teen's side and helped her up. "It's you," she began. "You're the one I sensed being born in 1998. You're one of the Rising Chosen."

Shaking her head, Josephine thanked the stranger for her help. "I'm in way over my head," the girl explained. She rubbed her neck, grimacing in pain as she remembered how her throat had been telepathically constricted.

<Sabrina? What are you doing here?!>

Turning her cold crimson stare on the Pokémon, the Psychic Leader answered the fox's question. "That's none of your damn business, you traitor. If I had known Nighthawk would send you to do errands like these, I would have done something about that kid ages ago."

<Oh, now someone's hostile. I can defeat you as easily as this weakling.> She looked towards the young girl in the same direction.

Sabrina snorted dismissively. "Don't be so sure."

Scyla grinned. <Bring it. You better get that girl out of the way while you're at it. We wouldn't want anything unfortunate happening, would we?>

“My powers have grown exponentially since I last saw you,” the Leader responded, matching her former partner’s grin with a sadistic leer of her own. Nevertheless, she used her abilities to remove Josephine and her Pokémon from the field in which a powerful mental struggle was about to begin. They had been teleported back to Viridian City, where Sabrina would look them over when she’d finished her battle with the enemy.

<Are you gonna send out your Pokémon or what?>

"I have no need to do that," came the frosty response. It was at that exact moment that she released her full manifestation. Her eyes took on a cyan glow and her entire body radiated with an azure aura.

Scyla didn't hesitate to release a ball of psychic energy at her opponent at that instant, which she thought she should have done before Sabrina had time to prepare.

Dematerializing in a split-second and appearing behind the Alakazam, Sabrina raised her right hand and clenched her fingers into a ball. The enemy fox staggered backwards, overwhelmed by how strong her former owner now was.

<Damn!> she exclaimed, surprised. She took a sharp jump back and put up a barrier to help protect her from attacks.

"If you think that's going to stop me, think again." The Leader used a mental spear to break Scyla's shield.

Scyla realized her opening and struck, sending a sharp strike of psychic energy Sabrina's way.

“Pfft!” A sound of derision came from the raven-haired woman, as she thrust her hand in front of her and casually made a circular motion with it. This laid-back action instantly created a shield for her own uses.

Scyla charged a dark ball of energy and sent it to the ground, throwing up a large cloud of dust blocking the Leader’s sight. She then focused and charged up another attack, sending the ball of energy through the dust.

Seeing the Alakazam stop in her tracks made Sabrina suspicious. Before she could do anything, it immediately dawned on her that Scyla must’ve received a telepathic message. <My name is Scyla and I remain loyal to Master Nighthawk’s purposes,> the Alakazam stated, before intoning something. Focusing her attention back on the enemy fox, Sabrina was just in time to see the opposition dematerialize.


Rowan stood in front of the other Team Rocket members in their Viridian City headquarters. “Later today,” he began, “we will be moving our forces across to Johto to help our allies over there against a group known as Johto Destroyers. This new organization plans to misuse Celebi’s powers to either go back to before anything was created or fast-forward time to the destruction of all four regions. I can not allow that to happen. Four of you will be left behind to watch over Kanto.

Nighthawk, Lady Grey, Crimson Lightning and Sunray Striker are now responsible for what happens in Team Rocket’s name. Lady Grey, you might want to destroy any remaining evidence of Project: Psychosa you have left. Something tells me the Kantonian Police are going to initiate a crackdown on this place while the rest of us are gone.

Sunray Striker, I’m sure you’ve heard that our rogue Prince has a Psychic tracker on his tail. Deal with the tracker, if you please. Nighthawk, kindly rein in Scyla. Her psychic attack on a trainer – albeit a Rising Chosen – will not sit well with the girl’s mentor. Last but not least, Crimson Lightning. Use that Charizard of yours to make an inferno out of the Viridian Forest. You lot have your orders. Everyone else should be ready to leave in two hours. Dismissed!”

As the un-named Commanders, Admins, and Grunts hurried off, Rowan sat down in his expensive, reclining red leather chair and relaxed. Nighthawk and his companions had left by this point and the seventeen-year-old leader contemplated on what was to come.

I will be strengthening the forces of our Johto allies, but is this really the right thing to do? Though, to overwhelm Johto Destroyers, both sides of Team Rocket must unite. This, surely, is the only way to defeat the new organization. However, I sense that Pandora’s second-in-command is harbouring too much spite and it will one day rub off on her. That concerns me.


With her instructions given and understood, Sunray Striker now stood in the place where Scyla had once been. It seems Scyla’s revealed who she’s allied with. This changes things, Lairvo.

<Indeed it does, Mistress Striker. The secrets of the Rising Chosen will be revealed,> the Psychic Pokémon responded in an accented, feminine-toned manner.

“That aside,” the assassin answered. “Our mission is to find this Psychic tracker who’s trailing the Prince. Find the Prince and we’ll find the tracker. Simple as that.”

After saying that, Sunray Striker disappeared into the shadows like the cold-hearted ninja she was.

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Here's Chapter 4. Please, people. I need reviews...

Chapter 4: Secrets of the Rising Chosen

Your mother was a victim of a science experiment done unto her by Team Rocket’s leading scientist, Sabrina thought as she quietly sat in the room Josephine had booked in the Pokémon Centre later that day, watching the red-haired teen sleep. A nurse of the Viridian City Hospital had examined the fourteen-year-old and announced that she was fit to travel, after only finding minor bruising to the neck. The Gym Leader’s intentions were nowhere near what Scyla’s had been; rather, the young adult felt the need to protect this girl and mentor her.

Josephine’s partner, the Shinx named Riley, lay curled as close to her trainer as she could possibly get. It was evident that the beating that Scyla had given the poor creature was distressing her badly. Her feline body twitched and jerked involuntarily, but what intrigued Sabrina the most was the two words Riley uttered in Pokéspeech. <Skyshadow... poachers...>

Miss Barrett was no Healer, but she nevertheless placed her hand on Riley’s furry head, wanting to know what the cat Pokémon was dreaming about. Instantly, she was taken back to what appeared to be a past life. Beautiful scenery, in addition to the road that lead to Sunyshore, indicated that this memory was of Sinnoh before the region was destroyed.

“Pay attention, Rachel!” A tall, older teen reprimanded the lavender-haired girl in a different room of the Centre. She fiddled with her two black, braided pony-tails as her brown eyes observed Rachel. Running one hand through the strand of hair that flopped down over her left eye, the other limb checked the position of the hair clip that was attached to the right side of her head.

The older teenager had an athletic look about her, aside from the fact that she was minimally dressed. It was a white long-sleeved shirt with an azure bow fixed to the bottom of the neck area of the top, a short brown skirt and a cobalt jumper tied around her waist. Blue-and-white striped socks had been put over her feet, which were protected by brown slip-on shoes.

“Rachel Stacey Savina, I am here for a reason!” Candice Frost raised her voice, becoming increasingly irritated by the violet-haired teen’s playing with her starter.

Lorelei Winters would have been the one to visit Rachel, were it not for the fact that she was investigating something in Hoenn. But since the former Ice type expert of the Elite Four was unavailable, Candice had offered in her place.

Exhaling audibly, Rachel turned to the former Leader of Snowpoint City. “Nobody calls me by my middle name unless I’m in trouble, okay? Now what is this reason?” Her exaggerated emphasis on the word ‘reason’ only annoyed the eighteen-year-old Ice master even more.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, your friend – Josephine – and her starter Pokémon were attacked earlier today by an Alakazam belonging to a top Team Rocket Admin, Nighthawk. The four of you will-“

A very tall, pre-middle-aged man continued in a dignified tone in a third room. The style of his amethyst-coloured hair was bobbed at the bottom and two tresses sat over the left side of his face. He flicked his head to one side, causing the position of not only his mauve-tinted sunglasses to be disturbed, but the two locks as well.

Lucian had a Coordinator look about him, contrasting the fact that he was actually an Elite Four member. His clothes consisted of a black shirt, with a maroon over-shirt that had a white triangle imprinted in the upper-left corner, as well as burgundy trousers. The trousers went all the way down to his black footwear, which prevented anyone from seeing what colour socks he wore.

“-be trained by each of us. Sabrina will mentor Josephine, Candice Rachel, Will Paul and I you. You’ll be expected to have a fair amount of control over your powers before you reach Cerulean City. Is that-“

“-clear? Yes? Moving on, then. Training will start tonight, after Josephine is feeling better. I expect the lot of you to meet us at the Viridian Training Hall at 7:30 PM sharp.” Will was the one who had just spoken in the fourth room. He was of an average height and in his early thirties. His lilac-coloured hair was styled to lie on the left side of his face while the other half hung limply on the right side. The Johton Elite Four member fixed the position of his black mask, which was more for show than anything else.

Will had an unquestionable Psychic aura about him, in so much that his outfit consisted of a long-sleeved mauve shirt, with a black overcoat that had four, large gold buttons sewn on in the middle, as well as lavender trousers. A smirk crossed his normally detached face when he noticed Paul staring at his pants, for it was easy to tell that the boy was wondering why he had black slip-on shoes with all of that purple on him.

Back in Josephine’s room, Sabrina slowly withdrew her hand from the Shinx’s head, after learning of what had happened to Skyshadow. A tear threatened to trickle from her eye, but she hurriedly wiped it away with the other limb. Until the time is right, Riley, the Leader directed her comment solely at the feline. Keep the secret safe.

<I will,> the Pokémon muttered, still fast asleep.


In the reception area of the Rocket headquarters, Nighthawk faced his Psychic partner. “I heard you attacked the girl, Scyla.”

<But-> Scyla tried to explain, but was interrupted.

“No buts!” Nighthawk raised his voice. “I said challenge her, yes? Challenge, but not attack.”


“SHUT IT, SCYLA!” the Admin lost his temper and slapped the Alakazam. “Return to your Poké Ball, now. You will be taken to the monitoring room in the R&D laboratory. If you even attempt to break free, I will be the first to know.”

The dark-skinned twelve-year-old held up the bipedal fox’s sphere but, instead of returning to it like she had been told, Scyla immediately teleported away as a tear trickled out of one of her brown eyes.

“SCYLA!” Nighthawk’s yell echoed throughout the near-vacant building, alerting the other codenamed members that something had displeased the young Admin.


The Pokémon’s miniscule ears twitched at the voices on the other side, echoes resonating through the walls. Holding her head up high, the fairy held out her short arms, glowing in a soft sea green aura. Steadily, her body stretched and curved until the bare feet touched the ground, the arms having grown into a slender shape outward, and fingers reaching gracefully for the door.

Pale green hair cascaded in soft waves down the back and over the shoulders and bosoms. A body-length dress of a stunning jade colour stitched itself into view at the throat's base, twirling around her form until frilling at the ankle, spreading outward like a skirt. The sleeves skipped the shoulders, leaving them bare as it ruffled past the wrists lengthily. When the transformation finished, the woman's eyes opened, her irises a sparkling blue. They shone beautifully, yet eerily, in the night.

It was approaching 7:30 PM and Celebi, who had consented to assume not only a human form but take a human name as well, was the second-last person to arrive at Viridian’s Training Hall. Everyone else, with the exception of Josephine, had arrived earlier.

“Where is Josephine?” Sabrina’s question to Mia, otherwise known as Mew, came across as short.

Mia was a slender being and her long pink hair was done up in a ponytail which cascaded onto small shoulders. She was dressed in a cherry blouse and a long cerise skirt, with the woman’s elegance increased tenfold by the flowing effect of her garments. Her hands were as white as a ghost’s and her lips formed a smile when she responded.

“Riley’s having some issues,” the human-ized Mew explained, in her usual cheery tone. “The poor creature is afraid she will get beaten up again.”

In the middle of narrowing her eyes in concern that Riley had forgotten the promise she’d made to her, Sabrina gasped softly.

“That was her first loss,” Mew answered, as if Sabrina had asked her another question. “But I’m sure she’ll be able to recover from it.”

“Should I go and get them?” the Psychic type Leader inquired, genuine worry for the Shinx showing on her face.

Mia smiled. “There’s no need for that. Here they come now,” she responded as the fourteen-year-old and her starter came through the entrance doors of the Training Hall.

Reading Will’s mind in a split-second, Sabrina rushed to avoid a confrontation which would leave Josephine feeling even more despondent. Don’t you dare say anything! You hear me?! She’s experienced something that never should’ve happened to her, so just leave her alone!

Exaggerating an annoyed mental sigh, Will responded abruptly. Yeah, yeah. Can we get on with this already?!

We can, Sabrina answered.

Josephine went and stood beside a teenage girl whom she didn’t know. The other girl’s brown hair was long with blonde foils in it and the tresses blew to one side as a gust of wind came in from one of the building’s many open windows. A dark amethyst shirt and cerulean shorts were her outfit. Adorned upon her left wrist was a light lavender and grey digital watch. Underneath the accessory, protecting the arm from sweat, was an indigo and yellow sweatband which had been given to the girl by her mother.

A small, auburn-coloured feline with darker patches encompassing her entire body sat in front of the girl. Her two pointy ears twitched, her sly eyes darted from left to right, and her small reddish brown nose perked in the direction of the wind as she observed her surroundings. She was obviously built for speed, with four long, strong legs just ready to recoil, jetting their owner into a pounce, a lunge, or a quick chase. And topping it off at the rear, there swayed a tail, brushing back and forth slowly but steadily, as the flame on the tip blazed with intensity.

Sabrina gazed at the trainers and decided everything was ready. “Now that we’re all here, the Initiation can begin. This is the part where Mia, Matthew, Alcina and Chelsea mark each of the Rising Chosen. Josephine, step forward, thank you.”

The red-haired teen ignored the command, however, and raised her right hand as she showed off the image. Etched on the back, its outlines glowing in a soft pink, was the picture of the same cat she’d dreamt about before arriving at the Training Hall. It was small, but the picture – or tattoo – showed it doing a back-flip in a circle. Where the eyes were, there came the faint colour of sky-blue, over-taken by the cerise. She had at first, grimaced at it and, before coming to the Hall, had fussily put on a fingerless glove.

Miss Barrett gave Mew an unimpressed look and obviously sent her a telepathic message, because Mia answered verbally, saying that she had wanted to get in before everyone else. The Psychic Gym Leader exhaled heavily, not looking very happy. Nonetheless, she moved on from that little delay and instructed Paul to come forth.

Matthew, the human name Mewtwo had taken on, roughly grabbed the auburn-haired teen’s left hand, and thrust his right onto the limb. Almost immediately, the boy started experiencing a searing pain like nothing he’d ever felt in his life. Removing his hand from that of his Chosen’s, Mewtwo looked on, satisfied as it bled slightly.

“Ohhh... gonnabesick...” Paul mumbled and hastily scurried over to the nearest bin, before sounds were heard.

Rachel walked forward next, as Alcina met her halfway. Asking the teen to lift her head, the human-ized Articuno placed the first two fingers of her right hand at the base of Rachel’s throat. An icy blue light began to overtake the room.

“As per the legend, Mew and Mewtwo will fight against Team Rocket, but they will not be the only ones. The Birds will enter the clash as well, though one will be supporting the enemy. Be well advised to master your powers as soon as you can, my Chosen.” Alcina whispered. As she took her fingers away from the throat’s base, the bright icy blue light that had filled the room started to fade.

When it faded, Rachel acted as if she had just woken up, and instinctively felt her throat. It was abnormally cold and though she couldn’t see it, imprinted there was a picture of Articuno. The picture was small, like that of Josephine’s, but the tattoo showed it soaring with its wings spread wide. For the eyes, there was the faint colour of crimson, over-taken by the icy blue. Her first thought was to grimace at it, but then she felt an overwhelming sense of pride. She was now a Chosen, like Josephine and Paul and soon, the other girl would be as well.

It was now the Johton girl’s turn. Chelsea strolled up to her, simply placed the palm of her hand on the teen’s forehead and a bright emerald flash illuminated the room. Putting her hand back at her side, Celebi inspected her handiwork. She was very pleased with it and nodded once at Sabrina, informing her that phase two should begin.

“Before the second stage begins, I would like to let everyone know a secret,” the Psychic type Leader began. At this moment, she glanced directly into Josephine’s hazel-coloured eyes, before continuing. “As much as I hate looking back at my past, the four of you need to know the truth. Fiona Harris, Josephine’s mother, was a victim of a science experiment inflicted on her by Team Rocket’s leading scientist.

Codenamed Lady Grey, Celeste Silverini researched the effects psychic abilities would have on non-Telepath individuals. Fiona was her only ‘guinea pig’, for want of a phrase. However, the build-up of energy from the testing had to go somewhere. So disperse it did, changing slightly into different elements along the way. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but it clearly visited three different households within Kanto and Johto, before dissipating completely.

Genetic contact through Jillian, Superintendent Tyler and Maryanne is how Rachel, Paul and Katie inherited their ice, psychic and time-bending powers. It all points back to one scheme, started by Lady Grey and funded by Giovanni. The name of this ploy? Project: Psychosa.”

“Wha-? Wait, how does this Project: Psychosa affect Josephine?” Paul queried harshly, as he challenged the young adult’s evidence.

“It’s like this, non-believer.” Sabrina answered coldly, her crimson eyes staring daggers into the auburn-haired boy’s brown ones. “Though her mother was of non-Telepath blood, Josephine herself is a pure-blood Psychic. Her powers, like each of yours, had lain dormant. It was that alone which made me suspect that Nighthawk was watching Josephine, wanting to see if she was as good as her mother. With all four of you having been through the Initiation phase, your abilities have now awakened. But only myself, Candice, Lucian and Will can help you control your gifts. Get it?”

Paul nodded silently.

“Hey, what’s the time?” Katie randomly asked, looking at Lucian.

Lucian’s left eyebrow twitched in annoyance but, before he could respond, Will got in first with a severe retort. “Girl, it’d be best if you learned some patience. As for the answer to your question, it is 8:30 PM.”

“8:30 already?” Candice questioned, appearing stunned. “It looks like phases two and three will have to be postponed until tomorrow. Sabrina?”

Sighing and shaking her head, the young raven-haired woman agreed. “Candice is right, it’s getting late. We’ll continue this in-“

“Be silent.” Lucian’s distinguished voice directed. “Something is very wrong.”

Rachel sniffed the air. “Do you guys smell that?” she asked. “Smells like a fire.”

Instantly, the eight people and four Legendaries looked at each other in horror.

The Viridian Forest!

The twelve figures hurried out of the Training Hall and towards the Forest, which had clearly been alight for some time. A being who looked exactly like Josephine’s deceased sister stood there, with a Pokémon by her side.

A large, orange dragon hovered over the ground with his big blue wings flapping. Slightly taller than his partner, both of his thin arms were in clawing position, and the large legs were drawn underneath him as he prepared to fly at his enemy. As his wings created powerful gusts of wind, his flaming tail swung from side to side.


Meanwhile, Scyla had escaped the confines of her Poké Ball and the R&D laboratory’s monitoring room for the time being. As she gazed sadly into the Saffron City Gym, she reflected on the life she had had before being given to Nighthawk.

<If only he realized the hold over my mentality he has,> she thought, as she stared at the massive building. <I wish I could have stayed with Sabrina, I wish she hadn’t had to quit... oh, there’s so many things I could wish for that’ll never come true.>

<Don’t think that, you’ll get your chance to be free again.> A voice drifted past her, as if blown in on the wind.

<Who’s there?> Scyla asked, turning around desperately in order to seek the owner of the voice.

<I am the North Wind,> was the only answer she received.


Back on Route 2, all kinds of Pokémon were fleeing the wildfire that had consumed the Viridian Forest. Caterpie, Weedle, Butterfree, Beedrill, Pikachu, both basic-stage Nidoran, Pidgey and Pidgeotto did their best to escape the raging inferno. The four trainers were torn, for they could hardly save all of these poor creatures.

“How long were you pathetic idiots gonna stay in that Training Hall before you realized what was going on?!” the older teen snapped. “I was waiting for you lot to come out earlier, but now that you’re finally here, I’ll still give my ultimatum. You have only one choice, really. Are you going to go back to your ****ed up training?! Or are you gonna be heroes and save these Pokémon? You have five minutes to decide, before I bring out one of my Electric partners.”

The shared look that passed between Josephine and Paul was undisputed. Our red-haired heroine whipped out two spheres and threw them at a Pidgeotto and a Nidoran male, while Paul’s ball had been thrown at another male Nidoran. Rachel and Katie held back, having already planned their teams and didn’t want their ideas to go wrong.

<Three Pokémon?> the Charizard rumbled throatily. <Is that all you’re going to save? Hmph, well, don’t say you weren’t warned. I’m Wildflame, not that you’ll remember my name after this.>

“NO! STOP THIS MADNESS!” Lucian uncharacteristically yelled.

Wildflame’s owner laughed like a maniac. “I’m Crimson Lightning. Remember me now, won’t you?” After saying that, she brought out an Electric Pokémon, like she had threatened to. Ordering it and her Charizard to combine their elemental attacks, she pointed a finger in the group’s direction. The electrified flames hurtled towards them like a meteor. Seemingly before the three Psychics could put up a protective shield, the energies from the attack exploded in their faces.

Sgt Shock
November 16th, 2009, 3:37 PM
Crimson Lightning as well as Nighthawk is probably my favorite two of the revived TR. Crimson Lightning for the fact she sounds really awesome with the type mix while. Nighthawk because you know why.

I'm think that you are getting the hang of your storyline. Your characters are showing much improvements through the chapters, you are really getting into them. I'm proud of you.

Keep the good work up. :)

Legendarian Mistress
November 18th, 2009, 4:16 PM
Chapter 5: Triumph over Brock!
Part 1: Depression Stratagem

Indeed, it had seemed like they were a lost cause last night. However, with only seconds to spare before the attack struck, Sabrina, Will and Lucian managed to put up a strong enough shield to protect them from the after effects of the two elements. By the time the electrified flames dissipated, Crimson Lightning had vanished.

Minutes later, they were at the Pokémon Centre again. The four trainers staggered into the building, clutching their jumpers and jackets around themselves and shivering. Nurse Joy was proud of the bright lights and cheerful colours that dominated her Centre’s interior. After all, it was a welcome change from the shocking, blackened devastation of the destroyed Viridian Forest, currently being lashed by fierce winds.

Focused completely on reaching the desk and getting their Pokémon healed, Josephine and Paul strode across the lobby – and Josephine somehow promptly tripped over a trainer’s Pupitar that was slowly and laboriously crawling across the tiles. Growling, she pulled herself back to her feet and stumbled against the reception counter, already pulling the four spheres containing two injured Pokémon off her belt. Paul, however, waited on a sofa as he had since given his balls to the nurse.

“Evening trainers. You’re out late,” she responded in her trademark soft voice.

“Hi,” Josephine began. “I’d like to have my Pokémon treated overnight, if that’s okay.” She handed the containment devices to Nurse Joy.

“Please come back for them tomorrow,” Joy answered, smiling.

The four trainers went up the stairs and separated, going to their own rooms. Josephine and Paul felt alone without their Pokémon, but it was Josephine who sighed deeply and knew she couldn’t wait to retrieve her partners the next day.

I hope my partners sleep well tonight, she thought, as a smile spread across her face, before she fell asleep. Fully aware, nevertheless, that she still had phases two and three of this training programme to complete.

“Josephine,” a familiar voice echoed within the chambers of the redhead’s mind very early the next morning. “Sister, focus your gift and return your body to the bed.” Even in death, the figure of her sister was still recognizable to Josephine as Tara visited the fourteen-year-old in her dream.

Impressive, Sabrina mused, watching the incident unfold. Admittedly, she was an incredibly early riser and her patrol of Josephine’s room in the Pokémon Centre had paid off. She had witnessed Josephine’s subconscious in action, the ability of levitating while one’s self was fast asleep. But enough was enough; this unintentional act had to be stopped before it developed into a habit.

Miss Barrett hurried over to the bed, placed her hand on the teen’s chest and released a small psychic shockwave. Instantaneously, Josephine fell straight back into the soft bed, showing no signs that she had been disturbed by the shockwave.

Later that morning, at 6:30 AM, Josephine woke up to discover that Sabrina had left her a note on the bedside table. The message read as thus:

To the modest quartet of Rising Chosen,

I am displeased to announce our departure from your fellowship in this manner, but we have been called away on private business. So that there is no confusion regarding the two remaining phases, we would like you to practice the training together.

Katie, Lucian asked me to ask you to see if you can find a way to restore the Viridian Forest to its original state, before it was destroyed by the inferno. If you can do this, please concentrate your thoughts on Lucian’s aura and inform him immediately.

Deepest thanks for the very short time together, Sabrina Barrett.

The red-haired teen entered the bathroom, made the water temperature lukewarm and began cleaning herself. After a couple of minutes, she raised her head and gazed at the shower nozzle with troubled hazel eyes. I feel bad about losing to a fully evolved Pokémon, she reflected. She had only learnt that Scyla was a member of the opposition after talking to Sabrina. I could’ve died! And Riley was beaten to a near fainted state. If it hadn’t of been for Sabrina, I know something really bad would have happened to us.

As unwanted tears streamed down her face, she was forced to wipe them away with wet fingers. I’m so sorry, Riley. I should not have been so brazen in attacking the Alakazam.

"What's taking this GIRL so long? It's been like a century since she's been in there." Paul studied the door, waiting for some sort of ruffling behind it. The auburn-haired boy had gotten up half an hour ago and had eaten his breakfast, before going downstairs to collect his Nidoran.

Impatiently pacing back and forth throughout the hallway, Paul waited for Josephine to exit the bathroom. She’d been taking quite some time. He had begun to be worried – no; that wasn't it, it was more that he was irritated on how long she was taking. "Get out now, Josephine." Paul folded his arms.

The clear liquid still ran from the shower nozzle as the teenage girl continued to ponder her loss. From outside, she heard Riley meow in concern as Paul demanded that she get out of the bathroom.

"I'm giving you three seconds to get out of there before I pummel your Pokémon a bloody pulp. ONE!"




"Fine..." Paul clenched his fist. He could at least give her THAT.

Hurriedly turning off the shower, Josephine speedily dried herself and hastily got dressed. Upon opening the door of the bathroom, she glanced quickly at Riley, making sure her starter had not been harmed.

"Heh. You're such a wuss, Josephine," Paul noted. "Why do you look so down on your sorry arse?"

"You sounded like you were serious," she replied to his first statement. "You know why I'm depressed. Or in your stupidity, have you forgotten?!"

"Tsk. You just got your arse whooped. What's the big deal? I can do that to you any day."

"It's a matter of pride, thank you! But with you being oh so cocky and arrogant, you wouldn't understand that!"

"Ha. I'm much better than you so I can be as cocky and arrogant as I want. Unless you want to PROVE me otherwise."

"Fine!" she yelled, getting more and more pissed off by Paul's attitude. "If you want a battle, then so be it! Let's get our Nidoran first!"

"Brute. Do you really want that, Josephine?" Paul eyed Brute's Poké Ball. "You’re asking for yet another loss on your so luxurious record. So be it."

"I'll meet you downstairs. I need to retrieve Kingpin," the teen answered.

"You're really going through with this," Paul gave light laughter. "Fine. Let's go receive that Pokémon that is just going to go back to the Pokémon Centre."

While that was occurring, another Pokémon battle had begun outside the Centre and was already nearly over between Rachel and Katie. The Pewterian-born girl stood in a battle pose, her lavender-hair still up in the ponytail that the Pharaohonian-born Johton teen last saw her in, and even in the jumper. It seemed Rachel wished to be a Cooltrainer in the style, but Katie couldn’t be too sure.

Rachel had previously thrown the red and white sphere which contained her Pokémon. It was a male dog, reddish-orange in colour, who stood beside his trainer, growling angrily. A mane of amethyst hair covered the top of his head, while below his chin was fuzz of the same shade. Black stripes covered his body, giving him a feline look, and the normally fluffy appendage was actually two small, ribbon-like tails that swerved by movements known only to them. Even though he was a dual Fire and Water typed creature, Laverne was showing signs of exhaustion due to Kyga’s high level of endurance.

Miss Emerson had received her starter, a Beklanite Pokémon, due to the fact that she had come in the off-season autumn period – when she was meant to come in spring. Purely attributed to the element of Fire, the Firkit had pretended to be doubled over a few moments ago, as if in pain. Exhaling deeply, and surprising Laverne in the process, the full figure of the Fire Cheetah could be seen.

“Kyga, end this match with Tackle!” Katie commanded, with determination in her eyes.

“Hang in there, Laverne! Dodge it and hit her with Water Gun!” the other girl retorted, fearing she would lose.

<Will do!> the female Firkit replied in a conceited tone.

<I’m all over that cat!> the failed Suicune experiment barked bravely, racing in to strike. At the same time, he knew he would lose to the other girl’s partner.

<Come on, you violet-haired *****!> A foul-mouthed voice yelled. The owner of the voice had changed in the sense that he had grown a couple of feet, grown lime green fur and long dark green ears. He was now slender-looking, his brown eyes and feet had remained untouched although the same couldn’t be said for his paintbrush tail.

It had stretched to almost three times its former size, the lower third the same colour as his body and the upper parts resembling a long, dark green leaf, thinner than his previous form’s and wonkier. A leaf sprouting from the front of his neck and his forehead completed his new appearance. His face wore a cynical, rebellious expression. <What’s the ****ing matter with you?! You know you’re going to lose! ****, even I know that!>

“Shut up, Maverick!” Rachel screamed at the born and bred rebel.

Not disturbed in the slightest, the two Pokémon leapt into action at once: Firkit, with all of the grace and speed of the cheetah she was, ran towards Growlithe. Leaping upwards to perform an airborne Tackle, she came down towards her opponent spinning like a race car’s wheel. Tearing through the Water Gun, but still feeling the effects of being hit by the watery attack, she crashed into the other Pokémon and they both fell back onto the cemented footpath.

When Kyga was the only one to rise, Rachel knew she had lost. The girl plucked Laverne’s Poké Ball off her belt and returned her partner to his containment device. After placing the orb back on her accessory, she turned to her companion. “Congratulations, Katie. You did well in that battle, though I would have preferred to win.”

As the lavender-haired girl’s edginess started to kick in, she began bouncing up and down on the spot. Realizing this, she apologized to the other teen and stated that she was going to heal her Pokémon, before looking for Josephine and Paul.

Katie laughed, waving off Rachel’s request for forgiveness. “It’s nothing to worry about, mate. Though I may look like a newbie trainer, I was taught by the best when I lived back in Pharaohonia. Therefore, I am knowledgeable.”

Sgt Shock
November 18th, 2009, 4:37 PM
Boy this was a good chapter I must admit. It was fun seeing how the chapter progressed. I must admit, I've grown fond Paul and Josephine. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Growing day by day, you are becoming a better writer--you are helping me as well.

Legendarian Mistress
November 22nd, 2009, 4:27 PM
Here's part 2, people...

Part 2: The Forest Reborn

Watching Rachel head inside the Centre to ask Nurse Joy a favour, Katie thought back to her own mission and looked northwards, wondering how she could manipulate her powers to restore the Viridian Forest to its original state.

Upon deliberating for a few moments, an initiative came to her. She would only restore the Forest. It’s a wonderful idea, she thought and immediately headed towards the blackened remains of the woodland.

Reaching the destroyed remnants of the Forest, she thrust her hands in front of her and focused her abilities. Time reversed itself as the scorched wood faded back to brown, the effects slowly and steadily creeping up the trees. Going from the bottom up, life was restored as the Forest came back to life. Vibrant green leaves uncurled from once charred branches, while lush emerald coloured grass emerged from the previously burnt ground. Tightening her muscles, as a strong gust of wind buffeted her body, Katie felt very pleased with herself.

Life in the Forest had begun again. Her job was done.

“Just because I graduated second in the class doesn’t mean you’ll win this time around, or any other time for that matter.” Josephine retorted, referring back to an earlier comment of Paul’s.

She became aware of the weird-looking organism beside her rival’s feet as the two trainers headed down the staircase. Paul’s starter was a seed-like creature with a rather simplistic looking face. His body was a deep forest green fading into a light grass one. Spiralling upward were two vines upon his head. This Pokémon was a Budew, the pre-evolved form of Roselia and Roserade.

“Jeez, what’s with your starter? That thing is your starter, right? Why’s it got an insolent expression on its face?”

"My starter is a Budew, if you’re knowledgeable enough to understand that and it doesn't have an insolent expression. You should check out a mirror if you want to see one of those," Paul said roaring in the laughter of his own joke. "His name is Scarlei, remember it."

"I'm serious, Paul," the girl protested. "His expression reminds me of Mewtwo's cold-hearted features."

"Maybe that should tell you something about him, now don't it?" Paul smirked. "Things aren't always as cheery as they may appear, Josephine."

Having retrieved Kingpin and exited the Centre, Josephine faced off against her rival in a battle that Paul believed would make her happy again.

"You ready for this, Josephine?" Paul expanded the Poké Ball.

"What do you think?" she snapped, enlarging Kingpin's own sphere.

"Good. Very nice. Get 'em, Brute," Paul tossed the Poké Ball causing it to crash into the ground.

Brute the Nidoran stood his ground in front of Paul gruffly looking at the opposing party. If Nidoran could crack a smile like a human could, it would probably equal to that of Paul's right now. He waited for his opponent to emerge.

Kingpin emerged from his ball, looking relaxed and carefree. His brother, however, was fully aggressive.

<Look who joined the damn party, Paul. It's that weakling that happens to genetically be my brother,> Brute shook his head condescendingly. <What are you going to do? Cry like always, Kingpin?>

<What I do is none of your concern, brother,> Kingpin replied softly. <It appears our trainers want us to battle, so battle you I will.>

<Well, well. I guess the "conservative" one has made his point. Nevertheless, you better prepare half-pint. You’re still half the Nidoran that I am.>

"Kingpin, use Peck!" Josephine shouted.

"Whoa! Starting out really strong there, Josephine," Paul mocked.

"Duh! That's a Nidoran's strongest attack at this level!"

"Then show him how a real Peck is done, Brute."

The two brothers jousted forward with their horns held towards each other. Of course, being the gentler one, Kingpin held back slightly before they could collide. Kingpin, now with the advantage, hit Brute with the Peck.

<Damn coward,> Brute skidded backwards, only slightly from the blow. <You'll pay for that.>

"Who's the coward now?" the red-haired teen retorted at the violent, lavender-coloured rabbit-like creature.

<If that girl over there won't shut the hell up, I'm going to Peck her eye out!>

"Focus on the battle please," Paul's face had hardened. "I won't allow a loss against her of all people."

<Well, ain't you the wimp to attack a trainer for no damn reason,> another's Pokéspeech interrupted. Maverick, with a fresh piece of pine straw in his teeth, walked up to Josephine's side. He looked up at her almost half-hazardously before observing the battle. <You better look at your own battle, scrub. You DON'T want to mess with me.>

Brute shook his head, realizing his battle was indeed against Kingpin at the moment.

"Double Kick, Brute!" Paul cried out.

"Dodge it, Kingpin!" Josephine countered. "Double Kick Brute back!"



Brute and Paul spoke in unison as the two kicks were sent to Brute's underbelly. He slammed awkwardly into the ground. "Stop playing around," Paul roared. Frustration was now setting in.

Brute staggered to his feet. <Little runt. Respect your damn elders,> he said, his sides heaving.

<You speak of elders as though you’re an adult, but you’re still young, like myself.> Kingpin answered astutely.

Maverick sat and thought back to how he’d evolved, while watching Brute beat the crap out of his younger brother. Rachel had gotten up before the sun even peeked out over the horizon and happened to encounter this extravagantly dressed teen in royal clothing.

Explaining that he, Prince Arthur, had run away from Saffron Castle to live the life of a trainer, he handed the lavender-haired girl a fragment of a lichen-covered rock. Stating that this piece of the Eterna Forest’s Moss Stone would evolve her Eevee, he shoved it into her hands before hurriedly disappearing, saying he would meet up with them again later.

Whilst training the Eevee, another trainer had roughly barged past the violet-haired girl, causing the Moss Stone fragment to dislodge itself from her hand. It fell towards the ground, coming into contact with Maverick just as his battle experience increased. A bright flash of neon green light enveloped the area and, once it had faded, there stood his new form.

Diverting her attention away from the battle briefly, Josephine questioned the Leafeon, bringing him back to the present. “Won’t Rachel be looking for you?”

<Probably...> Maverick trailed off a bit as he began walking away. <You better win against him. You're too close to let this slip from your damn hands, Josephine.>

<Don't count on that, Maverick!> Brute cried out. <This is over, Kingpin. I'm your elder simply because I'm better than you.>

Uncharacteristically angered by his brother's continuous taunts, Kingpin charged the older Nidoran, determined to defeat him.

“There is an opening, Peck," Paul said almost emotionless to the fact.

<Nice blunder, Kingpin.>

Calculating the movements of the oddly enraged Kingpin, Brute moved at the last minute. Josephine, now realizing the mistake of her Pokémon, tried to cry out for him to dodge the attack yet her voice wouldn’t come in time. The horn of the older brother jammed into Kingpin’s belly. A trail of blood dripped from the opening – it was a critical hit; Kingpin's body suddenly collapsed with the attack. It was a victory for his brother, yet again. Kingpin closed his eyes as he drifted into unconsciousness.

"I hate losing, but I know I have to improve," Josephine stated, recalling her Nidoran to his containment device. A slightly displeased expression showed on her face, but she quickly changed it when Paul glanced over at her.

"Don't think I didn't see that...." Paul went for an insult but stopped himself as he withdrew his Pokémon. "Nice battle..." he grunted. With that he was off. "Next time, I'm going to crush you without room for success."

<Hmm... That was very careless of you Paul,> Scarlei's voice echoed almost coldly in the air. It had that similar scent of loneliness and solitude. Almost like another cloned Pokémon – the original cloned one, Mewtwo. They shared that trait. Both from the same mould of being abandoned by the very people that created them.

“We better go in,” Josephine said as confidently as she could after learning that Katie managed to restore the Viridian Forest to its original state. She and Paul had healed their respective male Nidoran and met up with Rachel and Katie, who were eager to enter the Forest. As the teens and their partners entered the Forest, they were amazed at all of the plant life there. There were trees as far as the eye could see, bushes were everywhere and flowers could be seen on the ground wherever one walked. “This is amazing…” Josephine murmured, staring at all of the plant life.

<Yeah,> the female Shinx answered back. <My mistress is right. This IS amazing.>

They continued on until they noticed a young boy up ahead. He was wearing a large hat and had a net with him. He was spraying bug spray on himself and he seemed to need it, since he was wearing a white short-sleeved t-shirt and baggy green shorts. As they approached, he turned around, saw them and ran over to greet them.

“Jeez… too many Bug Pokémon,” he laughed and then sighed.

“My name’s Dustin, I am a Bug Catcher. Do you want to battle?” As he directed those words at Josephine, he seemed eager. “I just caught a Caterpie,” he grinned. Dustin took the red and white Poké Ball off his belt and started tossing it up and down.

“I’m Josephine Harris from Pallet Town. These are my friends – Paul Johnson, Rachel Savina and Katie Emerson,” Josephine introduced herself and the other three. Then she informed her starter it was her turn to battle.

<Obviously I was told to battle, but where’s my opponent?> the female Shinx wondered.

“Let’s go, Caterpie!” Dustin raised the sphere, clicked the centre button, and a worm larger than the usual size appeared in a flash of light. The green Pokémon had two large black eyes and a segmented body. Its underside, feet, mouth and tail were yellowish, and there were yellow circles framing its body. A pink antenna ending in two tips was on the top of its head and it looked strong as it aggressively showed off.

“I’ll get its Pokédex entry,” Josephine said, taking out the red coloured device. “How experienced is it?” the girl cooed, wanting so much to pick the little caterpillar up and pat it.

“Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Bug type. It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. Caterpie grows by molting repeatedly,” the device reported.

“I was lucky to catch it; it’s quite experienced! And it hasn’t evolved into Metapod either. Now, Caterpie! String Shot!” Dustin called out. Caterpie quickly listened and started shooting silk out of its mouth.

“Ohh, but it must be close. Anyway, enough chatter. Riley, use Tackle!” Josephine instructed her Pokémon, but the female Shinx just sat there, a look of reluctance on her face. The feline was unwilling to harm her opponent as it was smaller than her.

<I will NOT harm that Caterpie, unless I’m absolutely forced to,> Riley thought, looking pointedly at her trainer.

The silk quickly covered the female Shinx’s face and the lion-cub still sat in one place.

“This is a great chance! Let’s go Caterpie – a Tackle this time!”

Like the first time, Caterpie was quick to listen and rushed straight at Riley. Thanks to her stubbornness, Riley was hit.

<That hurt a bit,> the female Shinx grunted.

“Riley, COME on! You’re pure Electric, for crying out loud – Electric types are meant to be fast. Do something! Otherwise, you’re going to lose!”

“Hehe, you should call an attack. Riley is just sitting there trembling. Don’t you know how to be a real trainer?” Dustin said with a smirk. “Alright Caterpie, use Tackle one more time!”

Caterpie rushed at Riley once more, but it missed. Tackle didn’t have a one hundred percent accuracy rate.

<THAT does it! THAT Bug Catcher will pay for what he just said!> the female Shinx mentally yelled.

Galvanized into action by the Bug Catcher’s scornful words against her trainer, Riley scratched the gooey silk off her face and lunged at Caterpie, biting it around the neck area. A thin line of blood trickled down the green exoskeleton.

“Well done, Riley. Now we’re getting somewhere. Use Thunder Fang!”

“It doesn’t matter now. I’ll easily win this. Caterpie, use String Shot!”

Riley had been determined not to attack, but now she had no choice. No Bug Catcher was going to insult her mistress and get away with it. Her teeth tingled with pent-up electricity as she charged at the worm Pokémon and bit it once more.

“Damn it! It’s a critical hit! Return, Caterpie!” Dustin sighed, unhappy with his loss. He touched his Pokémon lightly with the Poké Ball and it was drawn back into the sphere as red energy.

“Your Shinx is pretty good. Here’s the money you won,” Dustin tried to sound happy as he handed Josephine three hundred and fifty Pokédollars for beating him. “I hope to see you again one day, when we’re both stronger.”

“Me too,” Josephine replied, as she shook Dustin’s hand and went off deeper into the Forest, with her friends and their partners following her. It’s amazing that I won that battle… she thought. “You know something? He was right – you are getting stronger Riley, as far as speed is concerned anyway.”

Riley replied, <I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult, but thanks, I think...>

"Let's get going before I see any other wretched Caterpie," Paul spat. "Wait... did you hear that?"

“What?” Rachel asked, looking around dumbly.

“That,” Katie answered, tilting her head as she heard a faint scream.

"It's coming from this way. Follow me," Paul barked as he took the lead. Of course, he would do this. He liked being in the limelight. Paul quickly focused himself on the sound. It was coming from the northwest, it almost sound like... a Pokémon’s cry. It was in pain like it was struggling for its life. He ran further into the forest.

“Paul, in case you haven’t noticed, Scarlei is getting left behind!” Rachel yelled at her best friend’s rival. If there was a type of person she didn’t like, it would have to be cocky and arrogant individuals.

<Yeah!> Laverne barked in annoyance, as small fireballs appeared in his mouth, only to be doused by the liquid that arrived at the same time.

Paul turned quickly to allow his Pokémon to catch up with him. He hated when he got ahead of himself; however, this was urgent. That scream wasn't getting better, in fact, it was getting worse.

<Did you want to leave me here? Just like my creators,> Scarlei remarked as he stared up to his master. <You know I hate being left behind. My legs can only go so far...>

"I had no intentions of doing that, Scarlei," Paul pleaded. For a Budew's eyes, he appeared to want to wring Paul's neck. Because of that, Paul scooped Scarlei up. "Better?"

<You may continue...> Scarlei commented.

"What's the deal, mate?" Katie asked of the auburn-haired boy. "Your starter seems very distant. How did you obtain him anyway?"

"To be honest," Paul began. "I got him from the same place that Rachel got Laverne, Professor Oak. He informed us that these Pokémon were... different than others."

<Much different...> Scarlei added, realizing Paul's slight downplay of the situation. <You see, I'm nothing more than another created Pokémon that mingled its way to where we are now.> It sickened Scarlei to go any further. The rest was irrelevant by his standards. <Can we go now? Don't we want to know what that sound is?>

<Yada yada. Are ya actually worried about the Pokémon, Scarlei, or are you using it for an escape route? That's pathetic if you ask me, half pint.> Maverick was the one who said this as he leered into the eyes of the Budew. They shared this glance between the two of them. Rachel, Maverick's trainer, wished that she had the ability to control what Maverick said. Yet that wasn't a luxury that she had, so she had to watch as the two Pokémon glared each other down.

<You're really bothersome, Maverick.> Scarlei mentioned.

<You're an...> Maverick stopped the retort after a glare from Rachel. <We need to get going,> Maverick admitted.

There was another scream.

<Follow me, you lot. I know where it is coming from.>

The trainers followed Riley into a clearing, where a bird possessing murky feathers of black against its crow-like body was being whipped by a man dressed completely in black spandex with a big red 'R' on his shirt.

“Get up, you useless Murkrow!” the man shouted at the Pokémon.

“Hey, what are you doing to that poor Pokémon?” the quartet ran towards the man. “Stop it!”

<What right do you have to beat an innocent Pokémon?!> Riley yelled.

“Huh, kids? You better go and play somewhere else kids, because if you want to save this Pokémon, you'll have to defeat me in battle.” The man enlarged a Poké Ball. “Get going before I get serious.”

“Yeah right. Kyga, let's show this guy why he shouldn't mistreat Pokémon!” Katie declared.

Kyga ran towards the man to attack him, but he released the Poké Ball right before she reached him, which temporarily blinded her. The Murkrow’s red eyes stared through the grunt's soul as it lay weakly on the grassy ground.

The next thing Kyga knew, she was being tightly squeezed all around her body by a purple snake, with a yellow stripe over the start of its neck and a yellow underside. On several points of its body, there were black rings that showed where the skin had been removed. A rattle was positioned at the tip of the tail, while the snake’s thin black eyes stared cruelly at its victim.

<… This… isn’t… good… stupid me… I… fell… for… it…>

“That's right Ekans; squeeze her until she suffocates.” Ekans continued to squeeze Kyga, who was now starting to cough up blood.

The grunt watched closely as the bind on Kyga's throat became exponentially tighter with every breath. A sadistic smile on the grunt's face melted to the rest of his features. "Finish it, Ekans!" the grunt shouted.

"Remember your endurance training, Kyga!" the girl shouted, encouraging her partner.

Memories of the endurance training flashed through Kyga's mind. Those many hours under the beaming sun had taught her how to become stronger. Kyga wobbled to her feet with the Ekans coiled around her throat. With the remaining power that she had reserved in the confines of her body, she snagged the Ekans with her teeth. The Ekans hissed in pain as it released its grip. Kyga tossed the Ekans away to ensure she would not be poisoned.

<That... was... close...> Kyga huffed.

“Use a full-powered Ember!”

As Katie instructed, Kyga proceeded to use Ember on the Ekans. Pausing to take a breath before attacking, the feline struggled to get a better position. The familiar hot, fiery energy was soon burning through the reptilian’s form, which hurt the snake slightly, making it slither back a bit.

Kyga thought, <Take that!>

“What’s happening...” the grunt barked to himself.

The Pharaohonian-born teen then commands her partner to Scratch the snake, and the Fire Cheetah complied, forcing the reptile to slither back to its master.

By this point in time, the TR grunt was becoming desperate and berates the Ekans, yelling for it to go back, squeeze the Fire type again and not let an unknown Pokémon stop it.

Being a member of Team Rocket, the grunt had been taught not to be afraid but, at the moment, his heart was pounding loudly. Everything seemed to be spiralling downwards into a defeated oblivion if things continued the way that they were. Every attack that he now thought of was easily thwarted by his enemy. Fatigue and frustration instilled themselves in his heart.

"Wrap it or something!” the grunt spewed from his mouth in jumbled words. The attack missed altogether, yet the Ekans managed to make lemonade out of lemons. It coiled itself upward to try to perform another attack.

“Don’t let it! Bite!” Katie screamed.

Kyga did as she was told, managing to dodge the Ekans’ frivolous effort for an attack. She then countered with an attack of her own. She tore through the violet flesh of Ekans with her claws and finished it off with repeated bites. Kyga’s paw kept the Ekans’ tail down, as she continued to attack over and over again. The Ekans, taking enough damage, fainted. Kyga backed off.

The Team Rocket grunt returned his Ekans and ran off. Tears almost filled the man’s dark eyes as he shouted, “You haven't seen the last of me or Team Rocket, kid, you can be sure of that!”

As the Team Rocket member left, Kyga made a great deal of effort to not visibly shown the signs of fatigue. It wasn’t exactly easy for her. <I don’t particularly want to faint right now…> was the only thought running through her head at that particular moment.

The quartet watched the man run away, before Katie paid attention to the hurt Pokémon that the man had been beating. She wanted to be sure that she wasn't going to be hit by a surprise attack.

She pulled out her Pokédex and found out that this Pokémon was a male Murkrow. Like its name suggested, the bird was a black crow with murky black feathers. On the top of the bird’s head was a crest that formed something like a witch’s hat. Katie thought she'd get his Pokédex entry while it was on her mind.

“Murkrow, the Darkness Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Dark and Flying types. If spotted, Murkrow will lure an unwary person into chasing it, and then lose the pursuer on mountain trails.”

“Hold on Murkrow; I'm going to get a Potion out of my bag,” the brunette said, as she pulled out a Potion. “Considering your wounds, this will hurt a fair bit, so be ready.”

Murkrow nodded his head, while Katie sprayed the Potion. It hurt a lot, but Murkrow didn't complain, as he was glad that there was a nice human to come along and help him.

“There you go – all better.” Katie said happily as she finished spraying. “I hope you can find a good home Murkrow. Good bye.”

The foursome walked further into the Forest with Murkrow staring after his saviour.

“I wonder who or what Team Rocket is,” Josephine thought out loud.

<Those are good questions Josephine, but I see some Pokémon up ahead as well as a few trainers, so how about a few battles before you think too hard.> Riley answered, jumping in anticipation.

“You're just a battle happy Pokémon, aren't you Riley?” Josephine laughed. “Alright, let's go.”

After about two hours of battling, the trainers and their partners were exhausted. They had battled quite a few Bug Catchers and captured a lot of Bug Pokémon. Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle and Kakuna were new additions to the team. The group had travelled through the majority of the Viridian Forest and were nearing the end when suddenly they heard a scream.


The scream had startled all eight of them.

<What was that?> Kyga questioned, turning her head in about every direction it could go.


<There it is again. I think it came from this direction!> Laverne growled.

The trainers and their partners ran until they saw a lone Hiker and his Geodude being assaulted by a small, two-tailed aquafied weasel. With the additions that Kanto’s government had made to the natural wildlife of the routes, they found themselves pleasantly surprised. Katie took out her Pokédex and recorded the Pokémon’s data.

“Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Water type. Buizel spins its two tails like a screw to propel itself through water. The tails also slice clinging seaweed.”

The orange-furred creature was a Sinnoh-based Pokémon. Around his neck was a yellow flotation sac which resembled an inflatable collar. Buizel’s black eyes looked determined as he kept firing off blasts of water at the Geodude. When the Hiker noticed the trainers, he pleaded with them to stop the Water type’s attack.

“Kyga, we have to help them. Go!”

Kyga went towards the bird and released an Ember attack at him, but it didn't have much effect due to Kyga's exhaustion. It did get Buizel's attention, though, and he turned to face his attacker. He sent a huge burst of water towards Kyga and she was knocked out the instant it hit her.

“Kyga, NO!” Katie screamed.

Just then, a black blur flew past Katie and tackled the Buizel. It was the Murkrow that Katie had helped out earlier.

“Why are you here? Did you follow me all this way?” Katie asked, incredulous at the Dark/Flying Pokémon's behaviour.

<Yeah, I did. I wanted to repay you for what you did.> Murkrow told her, smiling sneakily. <I will repay the favour by battling for you.>

“Does this mean you want to be on my team?” Katie was surprised.

<Yes. The first thing you could do is yell out an attack, because the Buizel is back.> Murkrow said, as the Buizel came back looking very angry.

“Oh, right. Murkrow, use Wing Attack!” Murkrow flew, with his black wings glowing silver, into the Buizel, but the Water type held his ground. He sent Water Gun after Water Gun at Murkrow, nearly defeating him. “Murkrow, your wounds haven’t fully healed – you should stop.”

<No way – I’m not going to let a weasel beat me!> Murkrow said proudly. <Besides, I don’t want to disappoint my trainer in my first battle.>

Murkrow flew as fast as he could, as Buizel was sending another Water Gun; it hit Murkrow, but he still fought on and he knocked Buizel back. Then he started an array of Pecks and eventually felled the Sea Weasel.

<Now get it before it gets back up!>

“Right, go Poké Ball!” Katie threw a Poké Ball at Buizel and it hit the target.

The Buizel was drawn into the red and white orb with a flare of red energy, and the sphere settled on terra firma. It wobbled for a few seconds, but it seemed like hours. Finally, the ball clicked shut, emitting a low tone confirming the capture.

“Alright, I caught Buizel! Well, I think that he was a real tough one, so I will call him Sinuous.” Katie ran over to Murkrow and congratulated him, after recalling Kyga to her containment device. “You were amazing; I don’t think I would have been able to catch him without you.”

<Thanks, I’m glad I could help.> Murkrow answered exhaustedly.

“The exit is only fifty feet away, so I think I will be able to get to Pewter City and deposit the Pokémon I don’t need to use.”

Katie then noticed a sad look on the Murkrow’s face. “By the way, I think I will call you Nightfall.”

<You mean…> Murkrow began, a hopeful expression on his visage.

“Yeah, you’re a part of my main team now, just like Kyga and Sinuous are.” Katie said with a smile. “It’s an unusual name, I know, but you certainly did your best. Welcome to the group.”

Murkrow flew onto Katie’s right shoulder and smiled happily.

“Are you ready to go to Pewter City and help me win my first Gym battle?” Katie asked.

Nightfall nodded.

“Well, let’s go.” Katie said, as she walked out with Murkrow, knowing that this was going to be an amazing journey. Josephine, Paul and Rachel followed in the brunette’s footsteps, with their partners doing all that they could to remain on their feet as Riley, Laverne and Scarlei lagged behind.

Sgt Shock
November 22nd, 2009, 5:40 PM
This chapter was full of rather short but very epic battles. Kingpin and Brutes interactions makes them very solid characters as well as rivals--not to mention Josephine and Paul.

When you move to another setting, or time, you should separate them using a single centered * with enters before and after like this:


Then you won't confuse people. I understand but other people might not.

At any rate, I'm starting to like Katie as well as her pokemon. Your doing a good job developing your characters. Just keep at it. :D I love your out take of the pokemon world. It's not always too cheery yet it is pretty much a pokemon fan fiction. Good job.

Legendarian Mistress
November 22nd, 2009, 5:44 PM
When you move to another setting, or time, you should separate them using a single centered * with enters before and after like this:


Then you won't confuse people. I understand but other people might not.

Sorry about that, I sorta forgot about it. However, I will remember for next time.

November 24th, 2009, 1:35 PM
Well, I must say you keep improving every time you write!
The three are really good (I won't comment on the three xD I'm lazy :P)
Its really interesting how you describe the humanized birds. Besides, that's quite original.. how did you come to that idea? Its good..

So.. keep writing!!! :D

November 24th, 2009, 5:05 PM
I must admit that I haven't read all of it--I'm still on The Ressurection's Beginning--but oh goodness, this is amazing! Sgt Shock sent this to me for me to read, and I intended to check it out briefly and only read one or two sentences---I ended up reading the first few paragraphs. This story really draws you in. It's very good.

Also, if you ever need help with character interactions, just private message me and we can set something up. I like to think I'm pretty good at that sort of thing, and I'd like to help any way I can. ^_^

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your story as soon as I have time. (Ask Sgt Shock---I'm SOOO busy lately!!)

Legendarian Mistress
November 26th, 2009, 6:39 PM
A/N: I’d like to thank Alakazam17, or A17 for short, for providing me with a description of Suicune.

Part 3: Brock’s Beast

A loud roar filled the air outside of Mt. Moon. It came from a large cat-like creature, coloured yellow with black stripes on his legs. Distinguishing him as none other than Raikou was his un-naturally long claws and fangs. Combine that with the fact that his face was hidden by a black triangular plate, which covered the forehead and nose, as well as four metallic-looking whiskers which spread out from the front of his face and the beast looked very scary. As Raikou paced up and down through a long patch of grass, the creamy white tufts of fur – which were on the sides of his head – ruffled slightly in the breeze.

Snarling his annoyance at the tiger’s pacing was a hefty auburn-coloured, lion-like Pokémon. An object resembling a star surrounded his face; it was yellow at the top, white at the bottom and red on the sides. A greyish-white cloak, which somewhat resembled smoke, kept changing its form on the Fire type’s back. Stalking away from the creature of Thunder, Entei released a Flamethrower on some grass which instantly started a fire.

An Ice Beam doused the small fire. The third was a large, canine-like creature, with a lush coat of fur of a pale blue colour that nearly outclassed the very sky above, along with various white markings, all in the form of diamonds, seemingly emphasizing the Pokémon’s rarity and value. He stood there, with his deep red eyes scanning his surroundings, as that magnificent, royal purple mane rustled with the wind, encompassing the Pokémon’s three metre length. And from behind, two thin, snow-white tails waved majestically from either side of the creature, almost as if held in place by the wind itself. This could very well be the case, seeing as Suicune was said to be the embodiment of the north winds.

<It is known inter-regionally now,> Suicune stated with composure.

<What is?!> Entei snapped, quite clearly agitated.

<Do you even have ears, Entei?> Raikou’s voice crackled with laughter at his joke. <Suicune said it is known inter-regionally that Team Rocket has resurrected. Our role as Legendaries is to begin the Uprising.>

<Raikou’s right. As the Johton Beasts, we need to select our own humans, so that they can help the Rising Chosen.> Suicune added.

<Who do you have in mind?> Entei questioned, starting to settle down.

<Lt. Surge,> Raikou answered. <Because he’s a master of Electric types. What about you, Suicune?>

<Misty,> came the response. <And you, Entei?>

Entei looked in his companions’ eyes before replying. <The firebrand, Blaine.>

<It is done,> Raikou concluded. <Let us go to Cerulean, Vermillion and Seafoam Islands. There we will bond with them and battle for them if need be.>

With the meeting finished, the three Beasts raced off in different directions. Suicune headed towards Cerulean, Raikou Vermillion City and Entei bee-lined for the Seafoam Islands which was Blaine’s new place of residence. It had been as such since the dormant Cinnabar volcano became active and erupted, destroying the Island.


Since emerging from the Viridian Forest the previous day, the four trainers had gone their own ways.

Josephine’s POV

“This place sure is... grey,” I said, as I entered Pewter City.

“That's why it's known as the Stone City,” a voice said from behind me.

I turned to see a girl, who appeared to be around my age, patting a Growlithe. The small, orange dog, stood beside her on all fours, growling angrily. A mane of white hair covered the top of its head, while below its chin was a large beard of the same fur. Black stripes covered its body, giving it a feline look, but the fluffy white tail was stripe-less. Its small ears drooped slightly, and its tongue was currently dry, indicating its tiredness.

The Growlithe trainer stood proudly, her long blonde hair with red foils in it flowing behind her. A red skin-tight short-sleeved top and a pair of slim-fitting grey denim three-quarter pants was her outfit. Her huge socks, almost like leg-warmers, perfectly matched her shirt, while her white sporty shoes were accented with a solitary crimson streak.

“I’m Serena, cousin of the Pewter Gym Leader, Brock Stone. This is my partner, Growlithe; I call him Pyren.”

“Wow... he’s an impressive Pokémon,” I said. “Could you please tell me where the Pewter City Gym is?”

“It's in the northern part of town, but I recommend that you heal your Pokémon first at the Pokémon Centre, seeing as how you just got out of the Viridian Forest. The Pokémon Centre is just ahead if you follow this path,” the girl pointed down the dirt road.

“Thanks for the information, Serena.” I answered.

I walked towards the Pokémon Centre, arriving at the Centre and went up to the Nurse to heal my Pokémon. I noticed that the Nurse looked very familiar.

“Nurse Joy, you remember me. It's me, Josephine!”

“I'm sorry; I don't believe I've seen you before,” the Nurse said, looking at me.

“You were at the Pokémon Centre in Viridian City...” I said, wondering why she couldn't remember me.

“Ohh, you must mean my cousin. She is the Nurse in Viridian,” she said happily. “There is a Nurse at every Pokémon Centre in the region. We're all identical and we're all named Joy.”

“Oh, okay...” I said, imagining all the Joys out there.

Just then, a tall woman with blue hair, in a dark blue police officer's uniform, walked up to Nurse Joy.

“Hello Officer Jenny; what brings you here?” Joy asked the policewoman.

“My department is trying to find Team Rocket. They've been stealing Pokémon from trainers,” Officer Jenny said.

“Did you say Team Rocket?” I asked.

Both women turned their attention to me.

“A friend battled one of them in the Viridian Forest.”

“She did?” Jenny became curious then. “Tell me, what did he/she look like, what Pokémon did they use...”

As soon as I had given a description of the man Katie had battled and the name of the Pokémon I had seen in his possession, she informed the officer that there was the possibility the man had other Pokémon, but I hadn’t seen them.

Officer Jenny left, saying, “Thank you for helping me; your answers will bring us closer to capturing Team Rocket.”

“No problem Officer Jenny,” I said, and with that, Jenny left.

Nurse Joy brought me my Pokémon, and I thanked her. She bowed and I left to do some business with the PC in the corner. I deposited all of my Pokémon except for Riley (Shinx), Juri (Sandshrew), Breona (Pidgeotto) and Kingpin (Nidoran). Then, I exited the Pokémon Centre and went to the Gym.

Pewter City, Serena’s home, wasn’t beautiful by any standard, being dwarfed by Celadon’s tranquillity, and the fast paced metropolis of Saffron. Originally a mining community, Pewter’s buildings were old and constructed primarily of wood and simple materials that made the town look makeshift.

The surly, almost backwater vibe that was instilled in the atmosphere of the city was only a vibe.

A little further down the road was the Pewter City Gym. It was a large building, like all Pokémon Gyms, built specifically for housing the most intense Pokémon battles. Like every other building in Pewter, the Gym was constructed from badly cut stones that were probably quarried from the Pewter mines.

Having already seen the splendour of the Gym, she rushed inside, racing up the steps that led to the Gym’s spectator stands. As she climbed, she heard chanting, which usually meant a Pokémon battle was about to begin.

“I am Josephine Harris from Pallet Town and I challenge the Gym Leader here!” I declared in a strong voice. Or as strong as I could get, considering that this was my first Gym battle and I was nervous.

“Another one from Pallet, huh? I just had one this morning,” said a voice from the shadows. “Beat me pretty good too...”

“WHAT?! You battled another trainer from Pallet?!” I yelled. “Was his name Paul?!”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact it was,” the leader stepped out of the shadows. A teen stood on the opposite side of the arena. He wore baggy green trousers and a brown t-shirt that covered his tanned torso. The teenager’s perpetual squint hid the dark eyes that matched his spiky brown hair. With the crowd filling the dark stands above at his back, he raised a muscular arm and smiled, as he released his Pokémon.

“Paul is one step ahead of me, but that won't last for long,” I muttered. “Anyway, will you accept my challenge?!”

“I do accept your challenge. Instead of the standard three vs. three, let's make it a two on two. I forgot to introduce myself. The name's Brock – I'm Pewter's Gym Leader,” Brock said as he enlarged a Poké Ball. “Go Geodude!”

A small, round rock-shaped creature burst out of the red and white sphere, somehow hovering above the ground. The nose-less face was staring valiantly ahead, with both muscular arms having their fists closed. Punching the rocky floor in an attempt to intimidate, a deep, extended cry of “Dude…” was heard.

“Go Kingpin!” As I threw the Poké Ball towards the centre of the arena with precise aim, the red and white sphere hit the ground and parted, separating the two different shades of colours. An extremely bright flare of light was emitted from that parting in the ball. As the light from this flare faded, a shadow of the Pokémon could vaguely be seen. As the final particles of light disappeared, the full figure of the Poison type could be seen.

“Kingpin, Horn Attack!”

Kingpin charged towards Geodude.

“Geodude, Defence Curl!”

Geodude rolled up into a ball right before Nidoran struck. The attack didn't even faze Geodude, while Kingpin was favouring his horn.

“Now, Rock Throw!”

“Dodge it, Kingpin!”

Kingpin dodged it with ease. Geodude continued attacking. Again Kingpin dodged every one of them.

Brock saw that this was going to be a defensive battle, so he decided to end it. “This isn't going anywhere. Geodude, get close to Nidoran and use Explosion!”

Geodude hovered over to where Kingpin was and basking itself in a bright white light before triggering a massive explosion of light and smoke, the deafening sound and force of the explosion engulfing the entire Gym. When the smoke and debris cleared, no Pokémon was left standing.

“Kingpin!!” was all I could say when I saw both Pokémon on the ground, fainted.

Oh man… what am I gonna do? Kingpin’s gone… and the only Pokémon who can effectively attack is Riley. Breona knows Steel Wing, but Rock types are strong against Flying Pokémon. What good is Riley against a Rock type…? I’m gonna get creamed… I almost panicked.

“I guess this is a tie, Josephine.” Brock said, as both trainers returned their Pokémon. “The next one will decide the battle. Go, Omanyte!”

The creature that emerged from the red and white sphere was one from Kanto’s past. A small spiral-shaped white shell rested on the Pokémon’s blue body. Below its two large eyes was a mass of writhing tentacles, and hidden underneath two of the front appendages was a beak-like mouth.

I took out my Pokédex and pressed the scan button. “Omanyte, the Spiral Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Rock and Water types. Omanyte was resurrected from a fossil using modern science. It swam in ancient seas.”

“Well Riley, this opponent is a Pokémon from when Kanto was newly formed, so I hope you can take him down!”

With that, I sent the female Shinx out and she looked ready for anything.

“I’m sure that you can beat him if you put your mind to it,” I said this mainly to reassure myself.

Riley stepped up to face the spiral Pokémon. For a moment, there was nothing but silence, then… “Omanyte, Tackle it!” Brock yelled.

Omanyte rushed towards the feline but, at the last second, Riley only just dodged it due to her agile reflexes.

Phew, that was a close call, I thought, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Try your Thunder Fang attack on it, Riley!” I yelled, thankful that my partner hadn’t been hit.

The dual Rock and Water type was still in close proximity, due to being a slow mover, so the female Shinx seized the opportunity. She bit the tentacled section of Omanyte and electricity coursed through the fossil Pokémon’s body, which led to a grimace been seen on Brock’s face.

My cousin won’t be happy about that move! Serena thought, looking at his face.

The teenaged Gym Leader knew he would have to up the ante if he wanted to win this battle. “Rollout!”

With these words, it became my turn to look concerned. If Omanyte were to hit Riley with Rollout, especially after taking the time to use Defence Curl without anyone noticing, a fact that caused me to rub my forehead in frustration, the female Electric type would be felled like a sackful of Meowth.

Omanyte began to roll around the giant area, slowly at first, but faster and faster as he skimmed across the smooth bedrock that made up the Gym floor. Riley could only stand uncertainly and wait for him to make his move, which would undoubtedly be an attack. Rocks exploded beneath Omanyte as he circled the stadium in an effort to gain enough momentum to launch himself towards the feline and hit Shinx directly. It was only a matter of time until I would have to deal with the onslaught that was Omanyte’s Rollout and I knew that.

The entire crowd watched the circling Rock and Water Pokémon with hushed silence; they were anxious to know what this promising young trainer would do to counter Omanyte’s attack.

“Riley,” I began, uncertainty in my voice. “Thunder Fang.”

Serena shook her head at my command.

Thunder Fang would slow Omanyte’s roll, but she waited too long to use the technique; for at his current speed, Omanyte could launch his attack whenever he wanted and losing the momentum that Shinx’s electric-based attack would rob him of didn’t change that fact, she reasoned.

As Serena predicted, Omanyte tore through the attack and lined himself up against Riley.

Seeing the opportunity Omanyte presented to him, Brock acted without hesitation. “Now!”

At the sound of his master’s voice, Omanyte dashed forward, spinning dangerously close to Riley at an angle that left the cute lion-cub with nowhere to go. The entire crowd joined me in gasping when Omanyte struck the feline, knocking her backwards to the hard stadium floor.

Riley struggled to get moving after she recovered from the initial shock of being knocked between rock and rock. The black and blue feline looked desperate to get out of her current situation, aware of the ever-present Omanyte who was lining up for another Rollout attack. Since he had successfully hit with the first attack, his speed had increased even more, so hitting Shinx again would most likely result in a knockout. Both parties knew this and both were frantic to protect their interests.

It was pure luck that I protected my interests more thoroughly, as Riley somehow managed to get herself away from the rocks, narrowly avoiding Omanyte’s attack, but avoiding it nonetheless. With his rhythm ruined, Omanyte had to begin again, so he made one quick circle of the room, while Riley fought for breath.

It was then a bright white glow overtook Riley.

I watched in amazement as my Pokémon started to glow! Could it be that all of the hard work finally paid off, and I was being rewarded? I could only stare as the light became brighter, and my friend grew in size.

Riley’s body had elongated into something more streamlined. The blazing light faded enough for me to see. Standing roughly at a human teenager’s knee, the bigger feline had slightly larger rounded ears and she now had two yellow bands on each of her front legs. The blue spike of fur that had been on top of Shinx’s head was now a more pronounced black mane, her yellow eyes were half closed from tiredness and she had traded in her cute and cuddly look for a more serious one.

Wordlessly, I took out my Pokédex and tapped the scan button. “Luxio, the Spark Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Electric type. Luxio rests its forelegs on others to communicate with rhythmic electric pulses from its claws.”

WHOA! Like… WOW! Riley finally evolved! I felt as though I were on a sugar high, and wanted to dance, but I became serious. I was, after all, still in a battle.

“No way… she evolved…” Brock was surprised, as was Omanyte. But neither was more surprised than me. I checked my Pokédex for a second time to discover that this was Riley’s first evolution.

“Riley, use your Thunder Fang attack again!”

“Omanyte, watch out!” Brock warned his Pokémon. Omanyte tried to avoid the clone, but it was no use. Riley was much faster and stronger, as Omanyte was about to find out. She went up to Omanyte and, with her teeth crackling with electricity, bit his tentacled blue body. In a matter of seconds, Omanyte fell on his side, defeated.

Prompted into announcing the victory by the crowd’s clapping, Jerry, the match official, stepped forward. “Omanyte is unable to continue. Shinx… uh, I mean Luxio… is the victor.”

“I can’t believe it – you won Josephine,” Brock said, amazed that a Luxio had defeated his Pokémon, Omanyte.

It took a minute before I realized what had happened. “WE DID IT! WE WON OUR FIRST GYM BATTLE!” I released my other Pokémon, Kingpin, Juri and Breona. Juri and Breona stayed where they were while Kingpin ran over to me. After a little celebration, I stopped and asked Juri and Breona to come over and celebrate the victory.

Breona flew over to me, while Juri looked up, gave me the ‘thumbs up’ and said, <You’ve earned my respect, Josephine.>

I smiled at my Pokémon, knowing that our friendship was growing.

And from his pocket, Brock produced a small badge of carefully cut rock. It was grey, almost silver, and octagonal in shape. Although plain, it meant a lot to me.

I accepted it, too happy to express myself. “Well Brock, it was a pleasure to battle you, but I really must be going.”

I left and went to the Pewter City Museum.

Later that night, I was in my room at the Pokémon Centre with all my Pokémon healed and sleeping, except for Riley. She and I were talking about the battle, as well as the Museum we saw afterwards.

<I can’t believe that some Pokémon came from outer space!> Riley said, recalling one feature from the space exhibit.

“I’m more interested in the ancient Pokémon,” I said, remembering the bones I saw at the glass display. “I wonder if I’ll ever see one…?”

<Maybe in your dreams, Josephine.> Riley yawned, but I could tell that she was making fun of me.

“You evolved today, Riley, but your personality hasn’t changed from when you were Shinx.” I said, also yawning.

<Let’s argue in the morning – I battled a tough one today, and it’s taken a lot out of me.> Riley said, yawning longer this time and finally put her head at the end of the bed.

As we settled down for the night, the female Luxio’s mind drifted almost unwillingly to a memory that had floated up to her relaxing mind, hidden beneath a layer of what had previously happened and the possible outcomes of what could.

She had been sleeping with her pride, which consisted of two alpha Luxray (one male and the other female), nine Luxio and seven Shinx – she was one of them. The night passed without anything major happening. It was the next day, however, that would turn out to be the most traumatic.

Her Luxray parents had just brought down a Staraptor and were ripping it to pieces, when an armoured truck pulled up alongside the hungry pride. Two men dressed in long white robes stepped out of the vehicle; one scanned the Shinx cubs, while the other aimed his rifle at the two Luxray.

“Rob, here,” the first one said, picking one of the Shinx cubs up. “It’s a female, she’ll do just fine. Well, we got what we came for – let’s go.”

“Sure thing, Dave,” the second man answered, returning his weapon to a neutral position and getting back into the truck.

When Dave clambered back in, he became aware of the Shinx cub meowing pitifully. He was unaware, however, that the female cub was communicating with her parents.

<Mother, Father – help me!> was what the cry said.

As the armoured truck sped away, the haunting, calling roar of her mother was to be the last thing she’d hear in regards to her pride ever again – at least, until she returned.

Summoning all of her energy, she managed a pathetic sounding roar, but it was one that said thus: <I will return one day, that much I can promise.>

“Yeah, good night Riley, and thanks for helping me win my first badge.” I said with a smile, before falling asleep. Not knowing, though, that I would need it because of the perils that my path would present to me. As I slept, an entire gang of men and women could be seen near Pewter City’s edge, running towards a mountain known as Mt. Moon.

Paul’s POV

While Rachel, Katie and I had gotten up before first light the next day, and despite the fact that Rachel and Katie had left immediately, I chose to remain behind for some reason. It was almost as if I wanted to keep an eye on Josephine while, at the same time, being one step ahead of her. I turned and looked at the two red and white orbs on the bedside table and thought of how valiantly Scarlei and Brute had fought against Brock, the Rock type Gym Leader of Pewter City, two days ago.

Both of my partners were nearing evolution, I was sure of that. But what I wasn’t sure of was how long it would take them and where the miracle would happen. I imagined Josephine asking me “Where did you come up with the name Scarlei?” the next time she saw me. Fortunately, I had had enough foresight to come up with a reasonable excuse. The fact that I had a knack for nicknames, even though I didn’t normally do it, surprised me slightly.

I also knew I couldn’t stay in Pewter forever, as Rachel and Katie now had the lead badge wise. I was aware that Rachel was a born and bred Pewterian, so it naturally made sense for her to know her way around the city and the surrounding area. I attached my partners’ spheres to my belt, scrutinized my backpack, and then hefted it onto my back, before leaving the Centre for good.

Just as I was leaving the place of healing, I saw Josephine having breakfast out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t be bothered going over there and saying hello to her; I just wanted to be gone from this boring old city of grey rock. I wondered how she was going to train four Pokémon but, by the time I was halfway through that thought, I’d already exited the Pokémon Centre and was headed towards Route 3.

Whilst doing so, I slowed my mind and remembered back to my successful victory over Brock.

At first, I’d had to watch some noob challenge the Rock type Gym Leader. But, fortunately for me, the battle was over quite quickly.

“Rattata, Tackle it!” A boy cried frantically at his Pokémon.

The sight of the small purple rat facing off against the giant mountainous snake of stone which was Brock Stone’s Onix would have been almost comical if I did not know the dangers of the Rock Snake Pokémon.

The arena itself was made of a huge slab of slate, common to all of Pewter City. Topsoil hid the rock formation the city was built on; however, instead of constructing a battlefield, the local Gym Leader had chosen to dig up the ground, exposing the stone below and giving his exclusively Rock Pokémon an edge in battle.

“An unwise strategy.” A teen, standing on the opposite side of the arena to the boy with the Rattata, advised. An orange long-sleeved jumper, which covered his trademark brown shirt, and russet-coloured trousers were his outfit. The teenager’s perpetual squint hid the dark eyes that matched his spiky brown hair. With the crowd filling the once empty stands above at his back, Brock raised a muscular arm and smiled. “Onix, Harden!”

While the tiny lavender-coloured rodent charged valiantly towards its enemy, Brock’s Onix remained still, conserving his energy. Although I was too far away to see the effects of Onix hardening his already stone skin, I could imagine the rock contracting, closing any imperfections on the outside of his body to leave nothing but smooth pewter in its wake.

Rattata hit Onix’s side and rebounded off, leaving not even the tiniest of scratches on the Rock Snake’s flank. As it darted to its feet, Onix bent low to look into the rat’s eyes, then whipped his tail around and into the purple rodent. The fifty spectators in the stands met the attack with awe. Rattata’s trainer, on the field below the masses – a little boy not even ten-years-old – could only sniff away his tears as his Pokémon hit the wall of the ring and slumped to the floor.

Brock withdrew Onix and consoled his opponent privately, before escorting him off the field and returning to his post across the arena. I began my mission; I had no intention of competing in the Indigo League, instead only wanting the badges to increase the strength of my Pokémon. The hushed murmur that had begun the moment Rattata was defeated died down when Brock raised his hand in a command for silence. I left the stands behind me as I made my way down to the arena.

“You have seen my power!” Brock shouted to the crowd arranged around the pit the arena was situated in. “Are there any among you who would dare challenge it?”

For a time, nobody spoke and Brock sat cross-legged at his post. Serena suspected that I had seen the ten metre long stone Onix and decided I could benefit with some training before facing her cousin.

But it was not to be.

My shadow fell on the arena from the large rock cut entrance across from the Gym Leader. Serena suddenly realized that, in her heart, she had been hoping I wouldn’t face Brock, because she felt that I was too inexperienced to be capable of defeating him. To her dismay, she saw me casting the shadow, Scarlei and Brute at my side. I marched into the stadium and took up my position where a challenger should.

“You are young.” Brock spoke, his deep voice echoing throughout the Gym. “What is your name?”

“I am Paul Johnson from Pallet Town.”

His tone was suddenly very cold. “Is this your first Gym challenge, Paul?”

I frowned, but dared not speak against the Gym Leader. “Yes.”

“Then there will be plenty of time to talk if you can best my Pokémon.”

His tone indicated he seriously doubted that I stood a chance at beating the Pokémon inside the two spheres he threw to the ground. Once more, the crowd was hushed and waited expectedly for Brock’s other aces, which could only be two Rock types.

The first of these Pokémon to exit was a rhinoceros-like creature which slammed into the ground upon emerging. His skin was layers upon layers of slate-coloured rock with a single horn jutting from the tip of his nose. This creature was a Rhyhorn, a predictable choice of Pokémon. His red eyes tried to stare into mine; however, I appeared to be more steadfast since he turned his eyes before I hardly blinked. Brute could handle him, I deduced.

The second Pokémon was a bit of a surprise for a person who was foolish enough to bring a Water Pokémon in the hopes of defeating me. It was a Kabuto, a Rock and Water type. His entire body consisted of a thick brown shell as well as yellow legs that pierced through the darkness of his body. The only other thing that could be seen from the inside of the shell was that he too had red eyes, circular ones that glowed when he turned his body. He was a distinctive shock for any other person; but not I. Grass will hurt him not only once but twice.

“As you can see, this is a double battle. You’ve seen mine...”

“And you will see mine,” I answered.

“Now show me how strong you are, trainer Paul.”

I yanked the two Poké Balls containing my Pokémon of choice from my belt. I stared at them; they haven’t failed me to this point so they wouldn’t now. I tossed them vigorously to the floor allowing the two Pokémon shoot from the white light to the ground. Scarlei and Brute was my choices and they were my key to victory. I calmed myself down. If I got too overconfident I would lose – no, I would be defeated utterly. However, that wasn’t going to happen. I am Paul, and I am the best there is.

“Let the battle begin!” Brock shouted.

“Double Kick the Rhyhorn, Brute. Handle the Kabuto with an Absorb.” The words just came out of my mouth. Both were super effective on their respective opponents.

“A little hasty there don’t you think, Paul?”

Without any notice, Brock’s Pokémon suddenly dashed out of the way of their opponents and counter attacked with a Horn Attack and Scratch from the Rhyhorn and Kabuto respectively.

Scarlei seemed to take the Scratch well, while Brute took the attack with too much damage from my haste. The Rhyhorn had achieved first blood; as seen by the red liquid on Brute’s stomach. This wasn’t the situation that I wanted to be in.

“You have to slow down... in your battling, Paul,” Brock gave some advice.

“Don’t lecture me.” I couldn’t help myself.

<What the HELL, Paul?> Brute spoke, already frustrated.

“Concentrate, Brute. The battle just started,” I reconciled.

<Though it was obviously a miscalculation on your part...> Scarlei chastised me. He was the only one who could do that without retaliation.

“Focus on the battle both of you.”

“Horn Attack again, Rhyhorn. Scratch Kabuto.”

<Is he foolish enough...> Scarlei started.

<To think we will fall for the same damn trick twice,> Brute finished.

“You know what to do.” I stated – they knew what I meant, it went without saying.

The Rhyhorn dashed towards Brute, while the Kabuto suddenly leaped towards Scarlei. Both of them dodged the attack effortlessly at the last moment. Brute attacked back with a flurry of Pecks as he jumped over his opponent while Scarlei stunned his enemy with yellow spores from the vines on the top of his head. Brock appeared thunder-shocked – it was a good indication that he, too, had underestimated me, if even only slightly.

“Don’t look too confident,” Brock mentioned.

“Because I’m in the driver’s seat, I’ll keep driving. Crush them. Double Kick and Absorb.”
Brute effortlessly executed his attack, aiming two powerful Double Kicks to the Rhyhorn’s body. In terms of defence, the Rhyhorn could best Brute. However, in speed, it was obviously lacking. I planned to milk that of all that it was worth to take this rhinoceros down – piece by piece.

Scarlei, despite the Kabuto’s paralysis, missed the double super effective hit with Absorb. It was pathetic really, how the Kabuto would do anything not to take a blow from the Grass type move. However, the paralysis was a factor on how much he was squirming right now. I wasn’t too worried about that outcome.

“You’re getting comfortable. Don’t,” Brock continued.

“You’re between a rock and a hard place, if you can pardon the cliché.” Matter of fact, I was getting pretty comfortable.

“Confidence... I enjoy that. Let me tone you down a bit.” Brock shook his head. “Stomp, Rhyhorn. Spin off the Stun Spore with a Rapid Spin, Kabuto!”

Rhyhorn’s massive leg slammed into the ground sending the much smaller attacker flying to the other side of the gym. Kabuto began spinning his body in such a rapid pace that the spores that stuck to his body dissipated leaving him limber once more.

“Scratch it.” Brock said blankly.

Before I could give a proper direction towards Scarlei, the Kabuto jumped towards Scarlei to strike him with Scratch. The attack was then followed by the rest of Kabuto’s claws, causing blood to be seen on the outside of Scarlei’s body. He now looked as irritated as I did.

<This Kabuto is... annoying...> Scarlei mentioned.

“Let’s end this. Brute, can you battle?” I continued.

<Hell yeah...> the Nidoran brought his body up off the ground. His face was covered in a crimson mask of his own blood. <Let me at ‘em.>

“Tough Pokémon you have,” Brock complimented.

“Likewise.” Respect deserved respect.

“I assume that we should finish this,” Brock looked at the Gym’s ceiling. “Rock Slide, Rhyhorn. Icy Wind, Kabuto.”

Those were indeed the two most powerful moves that he was probably saving in his arsenal. Rock Slide and Icy Wind can be taught at an early age each to Rhyhorn and Kabuto. At this rate, both of my Pokémon would faint. I clenched my teeth at the thought of failure. Not here. Not now. I won’t lose.


The Rock Slide came raining down towards Brute. Brute’s adrenaline began pumping through all of his veins. He began swerving in and out of the falling rock, moving as fast as lightning to avoid all of the attacks. Out of nowhere, he became empowered with speed to get close to the Rhyhorn. Once close enough, he pelted the Rhyhorn’s legs with Double Kicks breaking him down to the point that the Rhyhorn fell over in pain. With one last attack, Brute hit him with a critical hit on the last kick sending the Rhyhorn to unconsciousness. One was down.

The second came soon after; Scarlei had developed a plan long before the Icy Wind had left the Kabuto’s mouth. The Budew had managed to multiply the last remaining Stun Spore across his entire body. When the attack started, Kabuto’s guard was down, giving Scarlei the opening he needed to infect his entire body. As Kabuto lay helpless, Scarlei stood over the Shellfish Pokémon.

“Absorb...” I said with a smile on my face.

With that the battle was over. Every ounce of the Kabuto’s energy was drained from him, causing him to faint seconds later. The battle was over and I was the victor. There was no denying it.

From the stands above the arena, the crowd went wild. Despite all expectations, I had learnt a lot in just four days, which included managing to defeat Brock the Rock – the renowned student of Bruno of the Elite Four. The battle had been long and hard. In the end, my victory was a stupendous win, nonetheless.

An hour later, the Gym Leader had a discussion with me about the trainers who had come before me. “You want to know about Rachel Savina and Katie Emerson, right?”

“I figure I have a right to know,” I answered. “They’re friends, after all.”

Brock’s silence prompted me to try again. “What was the battle like?”

“Short,” the Leader replied.

“Were they that difficult to beat?” I questioned tentatively.

“It was a two-on-one, but in the end only Katie’s Firkit fought my Pokémon. She completely overwhelmed me, I was forced to forfeit.” Brock admitted, as he strapped his tool belt around his waist. “If you truly are their friend, then I advise you to train a lot harder, because they will overpower you as well.”

I played with my newly acquired Boulder Badge, as I wondered what other adventures would come my way.

Rachel’s POV

At the end of Route 3, and just before Mt. Moon which was to the north, Katie and I stood together regarding our teams with pride. Katie’s newly evolved Firwean sat regally in front of her trainer. The Firwean’s sinister-looking scarlet eyes were studying me intensely. Kyga’s eyes fitted inside the head of her lean, crimson-coloured cheetah-like body. She had black diamond-like spots on her frame and, as she growled, the flames on the back of each of her legs increased in size.

Two of my Pokémon, Laverne and Aeroc, were content to hang back slightly and converse to each other in Pokéspeech. Laverne’s youthful jet-black eyes gazed deeply into Aeroc’s ancient green ones before the failed Suicune experiment turned his head in my direction, wondering what I was doing, before coming to the conclusion that I was still standing around.

Large, terrifying appendages spread out from Aeroc’s shoulders that seemed too big for the rest of his body. Three digits arose from the ‘hand’ joints of each wing, like fingers as a strong-looking triangular-shaped tail came from his rear. His beady eyes surveyed his surroundings imperiously as he opened his mouth and gave a mighty screech, showing dangerously sharp saw-like teeth. Two horns and strong-looking legs, complete with three-toed clawed feet, finished off the grey flying monstrosity.

I thought back to how Katie and I had defeated Brock.

“An official match between Rachel Savina, Katie Emerson and Pewter City Gym Leader Brock will now begin. If Rachel and Katie win, they will earn the Boulder Badge. Each trainer may only use one Pokémon each. A Pokémon is out of the contest if it faints or if the Gym Leader recalls it with the intention of forfeiting. Let the match begin!” Jerry yelled.

“Kyga, your assistance is required!” Katie shouted, as she picked a Poké Ball off her belt and threw it into the air.

“Come on out, Maverick!” I called. I could tell that Brock was watching with interest as the Firkit and Leafeon took their places on the challenger’s side of the arena.

“I now select Wolrayne,” the Gym Leader was clearly passionate about this battle. He called upon a hulking, slobbering lupine creature just by using a simple whistle. It prowled out of the shadows of the Gym as if the night itself had given birth to it. Its crazed yellow eyes and wicked, stained fangs bore no good will as Kyga became fixated under the glare of a pair of blood red irises. Scruffy russet-coloured fur clung to its bony form and the clicking of its dagger-like claws, which emerged from its thickly covered paws as it padded ever closer, scared the Firkit slightly.

“Are you serious, Brock?!” I practically screamed. “What the hell is that?”

“Check your Pokédex,” was all he said.

“Wolrayne, the Ground Wolf Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Ground and Dark types. Further information unavailable, Pokédex upgrade needed.”

Shocked at this information, I shook my head and blinked several times. I snorted disbelievingly before speaking up. “Ground and Dark typed? I thought you only trained Rock Pokémon...” I glared at the Gym Leader.

“He’s a new friend,” Brock answered shortly, before waving his hand in irritation. “But enough of this! Let the battle begin!”

“Stand down, Rachel,” Katie called over to me. “I’ll take him on myself.”

“Uh, okay,” I replied hesitantly, as I wondered what plan the other girl had.

As Kyga quickly launched her attack, I realized that Brock hadn’t trained this Wolrayne, as the Ground Wolf showed no signs of knowing what to do.

<I can’t let my mistress down... and I won’t,>Kyga mumbled, still in her haughty tone. She screwed her eyes in pain as the Wolrayne snapped his teeth at her tail, and a warmth started spreading through her body as she counter-attacked.

The warmth exploded throughout her frame with a bright flash of white light as she cried out <I WON’T LET THE MISTRESS DOWN!>

Her legs elongated as her figure lengthened, with her tail growing longer as well. Four larger spurts of flame now flickered from the back of each of her legs, and the black diamond-like spots had increased to being all over her body. Last to grow a bit more were her ears, being slightly more triangularly-shaped. She had the look of a hunting cheetah and she was proud of it. With a now louder, unwavering roar Kyga shot for Wolrayne like a bullet, making out as though she would badly injure the Ground Wolf.

“I forfeit,” Brock stated. He returned his newest acquaintance to his respective containment device and handed out two Boulder Badges, with a third item – a red and white sphere – being given to me.

I raised an eyebrow at the proffered Poké Ball. “What’s with this, huh?” I accepted my badge, but was still wary about the orb.

“Take it, it’s an Aerodactyl. He’ll help you with the rest of your journey. I often referred to him as my beast,” Brock responded.

Both of my eyebrows shot up. “A WHAT?!” I yelled, extremely excited. “Oh man! This is awesome!”

I speedily thanked the Gym Leader and made a quick exit out of the Gym, with Katie following closely.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I realized I could hear Paul at the beginning of Route 3. Returning Laverne and Maverick, I instructed Aeroc to fly over Mt. Moon and meet me in Cerulean City. Upon receiving a nod from the ancient dinosaur, who then pushed up off the ground and took to the sky, Katie and I hurried into the dungeon-like cave.

Sgt Shock
November 26th, 2009, 6:46 PM
Awesome job with dividing the chapter. The three different POVs really shows the characters differences in how they work. I'm very curious on what do you have planned next.

You already know my personal favorite part of the chapter. Paul is just really awesome. I think I like his character the best. My favorite female character so far has to be Katie. It's something about her that is really awesome. Anyway good job. Keep the good work up.

Legendarian Mistress
November 30th, 2009, 5:19 PM
A/N: The name of Viola’s Houndoom comes from the Cheyenne name of Hohnihohkaiyohos, meaning “high-backed wolf”. Part 4 is also rated R, due to the extreme gore.

Part 4: Mt. Moon and Beyond

Sixteen hundred years ago, there existed a race who called themselves Ancient Sunyshorians. They lived in the city even before it was named Sunyshore. It’s believed that the Ancient Sunyshorians have been around since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, and that’s going back quite a long time. In addition to that, rumours are going around in the present that the race was, in the beginning, blessed by Suicune – which is why every descendant since the tribe’s origins has blue skin and purple hair, Chase included.

On the outskirts of Cerulean City, Suicune’s crimson eyes stared daggers at Sunray Striker. The woman known as Viola Laudra took off her assassin’s hood allowing her straight chocolate-coloured hair to fall in front of her face. Her hair was in two different pigtails each curling the exact same way. Viola’s eyes couldn't be seen due to her bangs making her appear to be fun and dangerous, much in the same way that her former mentor had been viewed before he quit Team Rocket. She had light coloured skin, almost a deep honey colour. Despite being a ninja and assassin, she was thin and appeared to be rather frail.

Chase Specular, the Psychic tracker of Saffron, had been found by Suicune in the nick of time. She was a tall azure-skinned woman, adorned in an indigo cloak with a beautiful complexion and bright mauve hair that flowed down to her shoulders. The Ancient Sunyshorian didn’t blame Viola; one would not exactly take warmly to a person wearing such exotic clothing. Chase found her lilac cape rather simple; besides, she was not a materialistic person.

<You would dare take a human’s life?!> Suicune snapped, pushing his face at Viola’s abruptly. <Especially one whose race I have blessed?!>

A sound of derision was exhaled from the assassin’s mouth. “She meant nothing to me,” the ninja replied scornfully. “I was given instructions and, as a Team Rocket Commander, I was duty-bound to fulfil them.”

<SHE WAS NOT YOURS TO EVEN GO NEAR!> the Beast of Water howled angrily. In accordance with the changing of his mood, the wind picked up and blew through Route 4 savagely.

“Don’t think your manipulation of the wind will stop me from coming here to do my assigned task,” Viola sneered, as she reached for a Poké Ball.

Suicune stepped forward, with his eyes narrowed and teeth bared. <What makes you think I’ll let you harm her? Flee from here while you can.> His question was directed at Sunray Striker, while his statement was aimed at Chase. He was purposefully giving her a chance to flee from the scene, in which a mauling was about to occur.

The light that emerged from the thrown ball transformed into a sleek, graceful beast. His legs were slender and lithe, and a long, whip-like black tail thrashed behind him. Curved, devilish horns slid back from his head, and his tapering tan muzzle lifted eagerly to scent the air. Elegant silver blades rose slightly from his arched, willowy back. He opened his slim mouth, exposing needle-sharp white canines, and howled.

<I am Kaiyo. You will not get through me,> the Houndoom growled.

<If you value your trainer’s life, fiery cousin, stand down. I do not want to harm you, but if you push me, I will.> Suicune negotiated with the Dark/Fire type.

Chase sensed that the Water type would kill Kaiyo whether the devil dog agreed or not. Appearing to also read the ominous aura Suicune gave off, Viola brought out the rest of her Pokémon. Five flashes of white light surprised Chase as a Hypno, Dewgong, Ampharos, Rhyperior and Leafeon stood beside Kaiyo.

“Say hello to the rest of my team,” the ninja taunted.

<Do you honestly think that any of this matters? If it is six or six thousand Pokémon in my way, they will lose their lives to me.>

“Do you honestly believe that you can take six –“

Sunray Striker’s sentence stopped as Suicune made his first example – the Houndoom, Kaiyo. With one fluent motion, the Beast of Water slashed the Houndoom’s head off of his shoulders allowing blood to spew across Chase’s assailant’s face. The blood trickled on the ground beside the rest of the Pokémon who seemed to be shell-shocked at the sudden attack. Suicune looked out the corner of his eye, staring at his next target, the Dewgong.

He lunged towards her, grabbing her by one of her fins. Suicune allowed the Pokémon’s fin to rip slowly from her body, as cell by cell of the white sea-lion’s skin tore. When the fin had finished tearing, Suicune took a large bite out of the Dewgong’s body, ripping the blubber from her stomach. She was dead; however, Suicune kept clawing and biting until she was a mangled mess.

<Attack with all you have.>

Sunray Striker stepped back. Her body was frozen. She couldn’t think of an attack. She didn’t that Suicune could be so aggressive. Two Pokémon were dead, not fainted – dead. She had to watch her Pokémon be physically mauled by the beast. She couldn’t think.

The Ampharos decided soon that he would need to take centre stage. He had the best chance of winning at the moment with the type advantage. He unleashed a flurry of Thunderbolts towards the savage monster. None of them hit. The intimidation had affected his aim. They were easily dodged one after another as Suicune dashed forward towards him. He took his paw and slashed a deep gash through the Ampharos’s belly, cutting him in half. The blood now tainted the once brilliant blue coat and purple mane.

<Even with the type advantage, did you think that foolish sheep could defeat me?>

Sunray Striker’s heart continued to thud abnormally in her chest. She was now down to three Pokémon, with the other three dead. She could feel the sweat dripping from her body. Why couldn’t she move? She had come to do the killing, not the other way around. She couldn’t murmur a word from her lips. The attacks were jumbling together in her head. She couldn’t think of a way to mount an offence.

<Are you scared? I will end your life now...>

Suicune dashed forward only to be halted by the Leafeon. Annoyed by the interference, Suicune shot a menacingly high-powered Ice Beam from his mouth. The Grass Pokémon’s entire body was soon dripping with frost and icicles. In one motion, Suicune pounced on the Leafeon, shattering the still live body into pieces. Blood splattered against the ground, only usurped by the frozen flesh crunching underneath the beast’s paw.

The remaining two Pokémon, a Rhyperior and a Hypno, stood there. They formed the last remaining defence in front of the fear-stunned Sunray Striker. Knowing his disadvantage against the Water Pokémon, the Rhyperior took the last spot in the defensive line. The Hypno would now be the offence.

The Hypno sent a wave of psychic energy towards the Suicune blasting him back a bit. The damage was hardly noticeable since the animal landed on all fours. She continued one attack after another trying to push Suicune back. This however was becoming increasingly difficult with the aid of Suicune’s wind manipulation. The wind blew the psychic waves from their course allowing Suicune to close the gap once again. The Hypno tried her last resort, her Hypnosis technique. It failed. Suicune’s anger was too high to be wavered by sleep. He went mad with his claws, tearing the yellow fur off her body to expose the skin, tearing the skin to expose muscle, and then muscle to bone.

Sunray Striker choked. It was probably the most horrific yet. She heard Lairvo’s crying and squealing for her life. Unlike the others, she could see him ripping out the organs of her Hypno as she gave her last living breath. Her body was locking up now. Her muscles couldn’t move, she could hardly breathe any more. Is this a monster...? She stared at the last living Pokémon.

<Rhyperior... step aside or I will kill you too,> Suicune gave his last warning.

The Rhyperior was too scared to move but, unlike the others, he couldn’t be ripped apart. He stood his ground in front of his trainer, steadfast as he possibly could against such a foe. He extended his arms, allowing him complete protection over his trainer. Sunray Striker, finally snapping out of her phase, began to run away. Suicune clenched his teeth before releasing a roar.

A Hydro Pump shot from the legendary’s mouth like a cannonball. The pressurized water shot through the Rhyperior’s skin completely, causing his heart to be catapulted out of his chest. He stood surprised at first; looking down as though he was still alive. He collapsed as his body caught up with what had happened. He, too, had fallen in battle against this beast.

Now it was just her. She was the last target that this beast had to kill. A human, without a fighting chance, just kept running. It was like she was in slow motion now. Suicune was much faster than she. Yet her body wouldn’t stop running. The thoughts of the six corpses behind her made her feel as though it was futile effort.

<It’s over... Sunray Striker. You tried to harm Chase and now you will pay that price with your life.>

Suicune shot an Ice Beam towards her legs to freeze her in place. She crashed to the ground, unable to move anymore. She was shaking, but it was not because the ice was cold. It was because her fears had been realized. She was going to die here. There was no mercy. There was no forgiveness. She was going to be mauled just like her Hypno. She started to scream for help.

The animal prowled around his prey, circling her like a hawk. He leaped upon her, pressing his entire body weight on the woman’s rib cage. She could feel the cracks one by one compressing downward. However the pain hardly mattered when Suicune extended his claws. He slashed her neck first and proceeded down to her upper torso. The pain was becoming unbearable. He was missing vital points on purpose, just to make her suffer.

After being covered by the claws of beast, he then went on to bite the surface of her skin. She could feel her muscles being torn from their bones. She wanted to scream, yet her throat had long since lost its ability to speak. The body was being torn limb from limb now. First the arms were dislodged from her body and then the legs. She was slipping into death when Suicune’s jaw lowered to her neck. The finishing blow was with Suicune crunching on her neck.

Even though she was gone Suicune ripped every portion of her apart, inside and out. It was hard for Chase to watch, but that was understandable. Suicune was just doing what he had come to do, protect Chase and he had done so... at all costs.


Josephine's POV

Having finished my breakfast, I proceeded to leave the Pokémon Centre and head east towards Route 3. I was completely unaware that Rachel, Katie and Paul were in front of me. I meandered leisurely along Route 3, beating the various trainers as I went, having no clue whatsoever that all of this battling would help Juri to evolve.

“Whatsa matter with ya?!” one of the Youngsters shouted after being defeated. “Don’tcha like shorts?!”

I placed my gaze upon the rude individual and spoke as calmly as I could. “No, sorry. I don’t like shorts.”

“Humph!” was his response.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the path which had begun to thin out, losing the overconfident trainers. It appeared that I had hit a dead end but, as I looked around in confusion, I eventually realized that the path led north to the entrance of Mt. Moon.

Struggling up the sloped hill which led to the cave, I saw a Pokémon Centre and went inside to heal my weakened Pokémon. Returning outside a few minutes later, I stopped in front of the entrance, released my partners and instigated a discussion with them.

“Well, that was fun. I can't believe we captured so many new Pokémon, as well as battle so many trainers,” I began. “But we have to be ready for the challenge of Mt. Moon. I heard that Team Rocket is in there too.”

<That's no problem – we'll just beat them like we did before!> Riley said, who was prepared to battle more. <I can't wait!>

<... No way cat girl,> Juri spoke reluctantly, as if he was just starting to understand what being in a team meant.

<We’ll get the better of them.> Riley countered, with a smile that revealed her sharp teeth.

< There are going to be a lot more this time, and probably tougher. Don't forget that the trainers there are stronger as are the Pokémon,> Breona said, as she stood with her wings folded behind her.

<But we are much stronger now than we were then!> the female Luxio growled angrily, baring her teeth.

<Yes, that's true. But y’all didn't have me then,> Breona said, with a glint in her eye.

“You know what Breona? Your attitude sets you apart,” I told my Pidgeotto, wondering how far ahead of me Paul was. “Anyway, are you guys ready?”

<I should hope so,> Breona cawed before the Luxio, Sandshrew, Pidgeotto and Nidoran nodded.

“Alright, let's go!” I recalled my Pokémon and then entered Mt. Moon.

Sometime later, my Pokémon and I were worn out from all of the battling and Pokémon captures. We had captured a Zubat, but at the price of not being able to hear for a few minutes afterwards, because of all the screeching. Clefairy had also appeared, and after a Gust attack, we finally captured it.

We also caught a Geodude – I had to restrain Kingpin from defeating it, because Nidoran wanted revenge for what happened at the Gym. We had also come across a Paras, whom I eventually captured because Riley made a fatal mistake by saying that Paras's mushrooms had come from Paris... that got her a face full of Sleep Powder, and Juri had to Scratch her awake.

<Well, now that that is over, maybe we can track down the whereabouts of Team Rocket.> Riley said, whose left flank was oozing blood.

<At least their Pokémon won't attack you if you make jokes,> Juri answered.

“Yeah, but where would we...” I trailed off, tripping over a rock at that moment, leaving Riley to laugh at me.

<So Josephine, are you still 'falling' for that school boy we saw back at the entrance?> Riley said, still laughing at me. <I think that if the two of you went on a vacation, you'd have a nice 'trip'!>

“Those jokes are older than Professor Oak,” I replied, getting up and then bending down to pick up the rock I'd tripped on. The rock sparkled as I observed it. “I wonder what this is.” I questioned.

<A rock?> Riley suggested sarcastically.

I glared at my partner.

<Okay, I get it. You wanted to figure out what it is by yourself, right?>

I just shook my head at my Pokémon's comment. “This isn't anything like the rocks in the other parts of the cave.”

<Is that your final answer?> Riley asked.

I scowled at her again.

<Because if it is, you have just won one thousand dollars!>

As I was about to smack Riley on the head, a man wearing all black with a red 'R' on his shirt walked up and ordered me to give him the rock.

“Hey, you're a Team Rocket member!” I declared loudly.

Then Riley was about to say <Is that your final...>

I smacked her over the head. “If you want the stone that badly, you'll have to battle me for it! Okay Juri, you're up! Go!”

“Well, if that is how you want to play... Go Koffing!”

The small poisonous lavender coloured Pokémon prepared for the battle by elevating its lightweight, low-density body. A ‘danger’ symbol on its body was scarcely able to be seen as smoke was swirling out of plentiful ventilation holes spread all over its body. Its spherical form contained eyes that were focused upwards, as if it weren’t paying attention to the looming battle.

“Tackle him Koffing!” the grunt ordered.

“Tackle him right back Juri!”

Both Pokémon went towards each other, colliding with one another and sending each one back to where they had been.

“Koffing, use Smog!” the grunt commanded.

Koffing let out a purple haze, blinding Juri and I.

“Now, while they can't see, tackle the Sandshrew again!”

Koffing went at Juri and tackled him hard. This made Juri mad that he'd been hit while unable to see, so he decided to get back at it.

<DIE!!> Juri yelled, right before he unleashed a mass of Scratch attacks on Koffing, eventually defeating it.

“That will do, Juri!” I commanded.

“No! I can't believe we lost!” the grunt shouted. “I will get my revenge, kid, I swear it!” With that, he took off.

“That sure was impressive Juri. I didn't know you had it in you!” I stated, walking over to the yellow shrew.

<I'm stronger than I look!> Juri replied.

I just laughed as I returned my Pokémon.

“Well, if there's one Rocket here, there's bound to be more.” I said, looking around, in case I was ambushed. “I'd better stay on my guard.”


Paul's POV

At the same time, but deeper in the cave, I was fighting a Team Rocket grunt myself.

My rivalry with Josephine:

The two of us had in fact been polite to each other once. We fought, yes, but we still smiled at each other and expressed amusement. From the time when our Pokémon trainer test grades were revealed, that’s when the arguments began.

I sighed as I easily defeated the Rocket grunt. The man had been a waste of my time; but the battle itself had proven worthwhile, as my Budew had evolved during the fight.

Evolving had increased the creature’s height to one foot. Standing slightly taller than his previous form had, the Thorn Pokémon’s tiny, humanoid form was green in colour and his face wore a cold, emotionless expression. Three points emanated from the top of his head. On the ends of his thin arms were two rosebuds, one azure and the other crimson. He waved both of these appendages around savagely as he glared at the opposing trainer, but remained where he was.

Before fighting the grunt, I’d also released Brute, only to get a nasty shock. At some point between my healing of the two Pokémon after the Gym battle until now, the aggressive Nidoran had evolved.

My immediate reaction was to yell “What the hell?!” as I took in the Nidorino’s features. The purple ears had become thicker, the spikes and horn on his head had become longer, and the legs had become stronger as well as other imposing characteristics. Brute had lunged, before he took an offensive position, snarling at his enemy with a furious glare. “When the bloody hell did you evolve?!” I snapped at him.

<In my ball after I was healed,> the Nidorino replied, just as abruptly.

My newly evolved Roselia, recently changed Nidorino and myself made our way out of Mt. Moon, pausing only to pick the Helix Fossil after defeating a trainer called Miguel, who had thus passed onto me five hundred and seventy-six Pokédollars.


Josephine's POV

I continued on my journey through Mt. Moon, still alert. I thought I saw something, but it was only a Zubat.

I wonder what they want with this stone, I thought as I pulled the rock out of my pocket. What could be so special about it?

As soon as I took out the stone, three Rocket grunts appeared, surrounding me. I was taken by surprise, but I quickly released Riley, Juri, Kingpin and Breona, who formed a protective barrier around me, facing the Team Rocket members.

“Guys, it looks like we found them,” one of the grunts said, while the other two started to laugh and talk about what they were going to do with her. “Girl, hand over that Moon Stone and we might let you out of here alive.”

“So that is what this is called – a Moon Stone,” I said to myself. “Why do you creeps want this so badly?”

“You mean you don't know what this thing does?” all of them laughed. “Kid, that thing evolves certain Pokémon, but it can only be found here, so it can fetch a pretty penny if we could sell it.” Just then, the three grunts let out all of their Pokémon. “So be a good girl and give us what we want.”

“I doubt it!” I shouted. “Everyone – give them and their Pokémon what they deserve!” All of my Pokémon took on two others each with such force, that they drove them back to their trainers on each of their first strikes.

“You won't get another lucky shot there, you brat!” The Pokémon began to close in on me. “Get the Moon Stone!”

Even though they were severely outnumbered, my Pokémon stood their ground. At one point, the fight came close to involving me, but my Pokémon weren't going to let that happen. Riley knocked out two of her opponents with a combo of Bite and Thunder Fang; Juri scratched his foes silly; Kingpin was able to defeat his enemies with a series of Double Kicks and Breona struck with her wings and talons.

“We're a lot better than we were in the Viridian Forest,” I muttered to myself, amazed that my Pokémon were able to not only hold their ground, but able to defeat the opposing Pokémon as well.

With all of their Pokémon defeated, the Team Rocket grunts weren't angry that I had beaten them... on the contrary; they seemed to be quite scared.

“What should we do?” one of them asked worriedly.

There was a commotion until one of them yelled “HOLD ON!”

The other two stared at the one who disrupted the bickering. “We just have to explain that we couldn't find the kid and that she escaped.”

There was a murmur of agreement until...

<Then how would you like to explain your defeated Pokémon?> asked a cold voice from the shadows behind the now terrified grunts.

A tall, haughty feline stalked up behind the grunts, looking at the pathetic humans with very deep and rather creepy red eyes. Its black fur was full of yellow ring marks, even down its chin and the stomach. The paws were black, with white nails, and the long tail was striped with yellow and black. Its legs were obviously strong enough to run and pounce with ease, and the ears and whiskers were rather long-ish for its size. On its forehead, a round, crimson gem shone brightly and rather oddly.

<I would like to see you try to explain that to me and especially the master.>

“Not Arkbull…” a grunt muttered.

<Silence human! You will not speak in my presence!> the cat snapped, turning his attention to the offending human.

I took out my Pokédex and aimed it at the Pokémon.

“Arkbull, the Cheetah Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Normal and Dark types. Further information unavailable, Pokédex upgrade required.”

“Bugger it,” I cursed. I thought of escaping and did so.

While wandering about in the long grass of Route 4 in search of a Bellsprout, my thoughts had turned to where the others currently were.

I wonder how far ahead of me the other three are. I wondered, before spotting something in the grass.

It was a small sallow bell-shaped Pokémon with slender root-like legs. Its head was fashioned like an upside-down pitcher plant and its body was thinner than a stick. Its ‘arms’ were fundamentally two broad leaves and its eyes were not much more than two black dots.

I quickly scanned my memory for a weak attack that one of my Pokémon knew. “Aarrghh!” I screamed in frustration. Think, think, think... Oh! Of course! Riley’s Bite!

“Riley, use Bite on that Bellsprout!”


The female Luxio rushed forward and bit into the leafy body of the Grass and Poison type.

“Belll… sprout BELL!” Bellsprout lurched again and let out a fine dose of purplish-black powder from her mouth as she fell backwards, beaten.

<Argh! Josephine… I… feel… sick…>

The female Luxio collapsed in a heap, weakened from the Poison Powder.

I swiftly threw a Poké Ball at the fragile Bellsprout. The Pokémon was sucked into the capsule in a flash of red light, and the sphere twitched until the small, familiar ‘ding’ sound emitted from the orb.

Bellsprout was caught.

Returning Riley to her sphere, I hurried over and picked up the red and white orb containing Bellsprout, whom I would nickname Wisteria.


Having left the grunts at Mt. Moon in the hands of a capable Team Rocket Admin, Arkbull snickered, as his tail swished, and he took a couple of steps forward. He approached the fallen, magnificent looking fox who was staring at him with baleful red eyes, as he drew closer to her. The gem on his forehead began glowing darkly, and every step he took just made him lick his lips expectantly.

The yellow fur of her body was quite vibrant, and each of the nine tails she possessed had orange tips. There was also an additional set of fur on top of her head, serving as a hair of sorts, all in the same colour.

The Ninetales snarled, barking in anger at his approach. She tried to recede, but her wounds were too painful to allow her this movement. Even so, she was too proud to give in to her fears, and did not allow herself to show more weakness. Even as he approached her, she managed to insult him, calling him a traitor.

After the response, he snarled in defiance. With a deafening roar, he pounced, trying to guarantee that there would be no escape. While doing so, the black energy flew towards the Ninetales, in a spastic beam shape.


The teenager ran the last ten metres to Cerulean City’s entrance. Little did Josephine and Riley know that their biggest challenge yet was coming…


About half an hour later, Kevin came across his Ninetales.

“No, this isn’t happening,” he moaned, upon seeing his Pokémon fatally injured. “Wyldfyre, how did this happen?”

The fox’s eyes flicked open, glazed over; Kevin could see her creamy furred chest rising and falling irregularly as she struggled to breathe. She turned to him, with a look of pure tranquillity and peace, and spoke with difficulty.

<… Idris…>

“Idris? The Persian who disrespected me so much? He’ll pay for this!” Kevin’s expression changed from shock to anger.

<No… don’t. He’s far stronger now… could kill you…>

“You mean he’s evolved? How?” Kevin asked.

<Don’t… know…> the female Ninetales replied, fighting off the inevitable a little longer.

“Wyldfyre, please. Let me help you, let me take you to a Pokémon…” Kevin began, but was cut off by a low, choked growl.

<It’s too late, master. Let me… go now…>

The Ninetales closed her eyes; her irregular breathing slowed down and then it stopped.

Kevin bowed his head and closed his eyes, saddened by the death of his Pokémon. Feeling the anger rise up like a maddened serpent, he raised his head suddenly and yelled at the sky.

“Idris, I swear you WILL pay for this! Come hell or high water, you will die as painfully as Wyldfyre did!”

After feeling like this for a little while, Kevin had calmed down enough to realize that he needed to warn the other rebels of Idris’ turning, so he pulled a walkie-talkie off his belt and spoke into it, holding the communication button down while doing so.

“Attention all rebels, attention all rebels. This is a code red. Idris is out and about. It seems that he’s evolved into something which Wyldfyre said could kill me, so stay out of his way. I repeat, stay out of his way. Respond in your own time.”

December 1st, 2009, 5:02 PM
*claps solemnly* Very good. Very very good. I like the way you show development from all sides, making sure to clear up plotholes as best as you can. You've certainly come a long way. Sorry I haven't reviewed recently, been a very busy teen. Anyway, I look forward to your next update.

Legendarian Mistress
December 3rd, 2009, 6:05 PM
Extra 1: Turning Point (Rated PG 13 for some inappropriate speech from Persian)

Sandslash’s POV

If any ordinary Pokémon had entered the chamber of Registeel, the punishment would have been death. For my shrew-like self, who had been abandoned by my trainer, it would result in much less.

It had all started when my trainer – a teenage male, dressed in a grey polo shirt and black denim trousers – was travelling around Hoenn in search of the chambers of the three Regis; the Golems of Ice, Steel and Rock. Having found the chambers of Regice and Regirock, the ambitious young trainer wanted to complete his mission by successfully finding the chamber of Registeel.

After searching for six months, however, he hadn’t found it and all of a sudden gave up. What he didn’t know, was that he was sitting outside of the Golem of Steel’s chamber. The male trainer, known as Darren, turned to me and spoke despairingly.

“I don’t know what to do, Sandslash. I’ve explored Hoenn for Registeel’s chamber for what seems like forever, and I still haven’t found it. What am I gonna do?” The tone in his voice sounded achingly desperate, as if he wanted to prove something to someone.

<I don’t know.> I could clearly hear the desperation in my trainer’s voice, but I didn’t know how to help, nor did I know what my trainer was going to do in that act of hopelessness.

I’ve searched for months, and still nothing. Well, I’m gonna give up. I’ll go back home to Littleroot Town and be satisfied enough that I found the chambers of Regice and Regirock. I’ll leave Sandslash here, just tell him that I’ll be back and he’ll stay, loyal as a dog... Darren thought, not feeling the slightest bit guilty that he was leaving one of his partners behind.

My trainer stood up and spoke to me while packing his backpack. “I’m going to go home, buddy, but I’ll be back. Just stay here and wait for me, okay?”

<Okay!> I immediately voiced my agreement, nodding vigorously.

With that, my trainer abandoned me for good as he walked off into the distance, never intending to come back for me at all. During this whole act, I had felt an immensely strong desire to explore inside the chamber, and now submitted to this pull. Walking into the massive cleft, I looked around in awe at how huge it was.

And there, at the very back of the room, was the Golem of Steel. Upon glancing closely at the steel-based creature, I noticed that Registeel had seven crimson eyes and his body was a dark grey metallic colour.

Without warning, an abnormality in the earth’s tectonic plates occurred and an earthquake began. Rocks the size of boulders fell from the ceiling and the ground started to split open. In that instant, the supposedly fast asleep Registeel made his move. Grabbing me with liquid steel-like hands, which were connected to the Golem of Steel’s arms and made of the same element, I in effect owed the Steel typed Regi.

<You were lucky I wasn’t asleep,> Registeel spoke in an echoing, metallic-like voice. His multiple scarlet eyes glowed as he stated the obvious.

Remembering my manners of front of a Legendary, I lowered my head in respect. <Thank you for saving me. If you hadn’t rescued me, I would have died.>

At that exact moment, a single shard of iron ore happened to fall from what remained of the ceiling. It struck my tail and a blinding white light filled the room.

<And so the debt begins to be paid...> Registeel said, more to himself than anyone else.

When the light faded, Sandmaul – a wickedly cool-looking, yet lethally dangerous final evolved form of the Sandshrew line – stood in my place.

The Golem of Steel addressed my Ground and Steel typed figure. <You owe me your life and, as such, are my servant. But your services are needed elsewhere at the moment, by others who are in greater need of vicious Pokémon. They call themselves Team Rocket and they reside in the region of Kanto.>

<As you wish, my lord,> I replied.

It was around this time that final evolved forms of Pokémon, who’d previously only had two stages, began to appear. Final evolved forms became more and more widespread and there didn’t seem to be any way they could be gotten rid of.

Even as I found a way to get to Kanto, another commonly found Pokémon was set to evolve.

Who was that Pokémon...?

A love-struck Persian.

Persian’s POV

Night lay upon the land; there was no moon, but the stars above shone over the trees. In a grassy meadow, a group of Pokémon were talking to each other about their trainer.

One of the creatures, a teal coloured dinosaur, did not appear to be all that interested in his surroundings. His facial expression was one of boredom and indifference. Slowly lumbering forward on four massive feet, the hefty reptile opened his huge mouth to let out a low-pitched roar. Compared with a second-staged Ivysaur, the pink flower on this Pokémon’s back had completely opened up, with huge green palm leaves flanking it.

<You must respect Kevin!> the creature, a Venusaur, grunted. <He is your master now!>

<Respect smect,> I replied. <He doesn’t train us, anyway, so who cares?>

This off-hand, sarcastic comment about their trainer infuriated the normally peaceful Exeggutor. Looking for the entire world like a palm tree with an unusually wide trunk – and big legs to boot – the huge brown Pokémon moved forward slightly, glaring directly at my insolent figure. Three coconut-like yellow heads seemingly hung from the mass of green palm leaves that grew out in all directions. While each of the faces wore a different expression, it seemed as if all three were having a good time.

<How dare you talk about Kevin like that?! Yes, you were only recently captured, but that does NOT give you the right to disrespect your trainer!>

A magnificent fox stepped forward, looking at all of us with red eyes. The yellow fur of her body was quite vibrant, and each of the nine tails she possessed had orange tips. There was also an additional lock of fur on top of her head, in the same colour as well.

<Venusaur and Exeggutor are right, Idris. You must heed the rules Kevin has.>

Looking as though I were drunk, I staggered over to the female Ninetales. <Wyldfyre... rules smules. The only thing I can think about is you; you’re on my mind all of the time.>

Wyldfyre recoiled, disgusted at my actions.

<That’s quite enough, Idris.> Exeggutor telepathically picked me up and threw me a fair distance away.

Later that night, I was resting on a smooth, flat rock when I heard a voice. <Who’s there?> I asked arrogantly. When there was no response, my scarlet eyes narrowed and I grunted with the effort of rising to my paws.

A dark being materialized, his lavender eyes glowing cyan, as he spoke telepathically. <I have been watching you for some time and I know that you desire to be stronger. Because my powers are far superior to any other Psychic type, I can help you do that.>

I ran my gaze over the tall, bipedal feline. <Deal,> I answered, not considering any consequences of my rash decision.

<There is a price to pay...>

<Don’t care, just do it.>

<As you wish,> the being, who revealed himself to be Mewtwo, replied. As the clone reached out with a three-fingered paw-like hand, everything around me seemed to disappear entirely; the rock I’d been resting on, the grass, the night sky... everything.

I tried to speak, but no words came out. It was as though I’d fallen into a black hole, but then something changed. I felt my legs lengthen considerably, my fur altered colour, and my ears and whiskers grew as well.

There was an extended amount of time before I could speak, during which I noticed I had been brought to a rather official building with a large crimson ‘R’ on it.

<Inside this building is a man called Rowan. Find him and he will give you your first job.>

<I will find him,> I rejoined, somewhat surprised that my voice had distorted, too.

<And the price you had to pay...? You will never be able to love again.>

A month later, I was watching my former team-mates train, but I had no feelings of compassion or pity for them, because I was now a member of the infamous Team Rocket. The position was indeed an unusual one for the organization – I was the first ever Pokémon Team Rocket Admin, but it was guaranteed that there would be more Pokémon Admins in the future.

My next job was to find and kill Wyldfyre.

Legendarian Mistress
December 7th, 2009, 4:54 PM
A/N: Credit goes to Alakazam17, or A17 for short, for the description of Sandmaul.

Chapter 6: Cerulean City – Chaos and the Second Badge
Part 1: Misty

“... outbreak of shiny Elekid at the Power Plant, five miles south-east of Cerulean City. We encourage you to stay away from the abandoned electrical building, as Elekid are best known for their intentional shockings and playful natures. Emily?”

“Thanks Alice, we have two breaking news reports, the second of which Alice will be reading. A few hours ago, the legendaries of Johto mysteriously left the region. The reason for this? We’re unsure, but a local of Ecruteak caught sight of what looked like a gigantic, phoenix-like bird flying out of the Tin Tower. It met with the draconic leviathan of the Whirl Islands, before they both flew eastwards towards Kanto, with the Beast trio following closely. This is Emily Tucker of the Johton News – back to you, Alice.”

“Thanks Emily. Back in Kanto – the bloodied, mangled body of a woman has been found along with the mauled forms of her six Pokémon on the outskirts of Cerulean City. It is inconclusive as to how they all died, but the paw prints of a Pokémon have been found at the scene. The Kantonian Police Force believe the deceased woman was a high-ranking member of the recently resurrected Team Rocket, but the only witness to this horrible crime insisted that she remain anonymous. Further investigation into the case will begin later today. Alice Jacques for the Kantonian Regional News, over to you Richard.”

“Thanks Alice, Emily. As you all may know, the Pokémon League season is well under way –”

Bethany pressed the remote control, shutting the television off. It was almost 10 AM and the death of Viola had not accomplished a thing. She tossed the remote away and pondered in her thoughts for a while. Viola’s intended victim had escaped with her life intact and Viola herself had been ripped to shreds by a Pokémon. It was almost as if the death signified the very slow, crumbling demise of Team Rocket.

But the organization only just resurrected itself! Bethany thought wildly, trying to keep hope alive for the syndicate. Bethany Swift was the Commander-General of Rowan Harris’ revived Kantonian Rocket forces, but she had a history all of her own. She was an experiment, a successful clone of Josephine’s deceased older sister. Crimson Lightning was often complimented, in the organization, for her deep scarlet-coloured hair which fell to the middle of her back. It was currently in a braided ponytail.

Like the late Tara, she had hazel eyes but they appeared to have a bit of silver in them, instead of the bluish-green eyes that Tara had been blessed with. Her skin was fairly light, but did possess some colour, due to her enjoying the outside rather than the inside. Bethany’s face was like that of an elf’s; pointed chin, slightly slanted eyes, and rather small ears. Miss Swift’s outfit consisted of a long crimson and yellow dress.

Crimson Lightning’s main Electric type partner was a slightly humanoid feline-like creature that stood to the height of Bethany's chest. He had yellow fur with jagged black thunderbolt stripes. His arms were almost the length of his body and his hands appeared to be human-like with the five fingers. The Electric type’s feet had two sharp claws in the front and one in the back, similar to that of a bird's talon. On the top of his head, he had what appeared to be two rounded antennae. Electabuzz’s long, thin tail slammed into the ground.

Wildflame and Buzzsaw, the Charizard and Electabuzz respectively, were having a private conversation while glancing at their trainer from time to time. It was as if they knew that Viola’s death heralded the “snail’s pace” demise of Team Rocket.

<So what do you think?> Wildflame huffed, small wisps of flame coming out of his jaws.

<I suspect Nighthawk will be promoted to the rank of Commander,> Buzzsaw answered. He thrust his right hand out in front of him and deliberately made it crackle with electricity. Looking into Wildflame’s eyes, the Electabuzz knew that his fiery companion felt that his statement was the truth.

<Although,> the Charizard began, <Redfur deserted Nighthawk, remember? Without a Fire type, how will Nighthawk battle effectively?>

<I have a strong feeling Redfur will come back into the fold after Nighthawk pays him a visit,> the Electric type replied. <Oh, it looks as though our trainer is getting ready to visit Nighthawk. We had better return to our spheres.>

With that, the two Pokémon recalled themselves into their balls, before Bethany placed the orbs back on her belt and headed towards Nighthawk’s office.

Elsewhere in the city of Viridian, a conversation had begun. “Do you know what is requested of you?” a harsh voice questioned of the Admin who was standing across the room from the speaker. The speaker was the Team Rocket-affiliated head scientist, Professor Robert Jones, and he was addressing Nighthawk.

The room was situated in a secret tunnel that branched away from the main area of the underground laboratory, which happened to be directly underneath the Viridian City Pokémon Mart. Jones was dressed in his usual white lab coat, black boots and matching dark blue denim trousers and shirt.

“Yes, sir,” came the twelve-year-old’s answer.

“You are dismissed,” Jones muttered to the pre-teen under his breath.

Once the boy had left and was out of earshot, he let out a yell.

“WHERE in blazes is Arkbull?!” he shouted to no-one in particular.

It was at this moment that the evolved form of Persian slunk into the room. <You wanted me?> he inquired haughtily.

A porcupine, rising up on his own two legs, had a nasty looking expression forming on his face as he stood guard on the left hand side of the door. There were dozens of brown spikes protruding from his sandy yellow back. His large, scaly paws ended in long, seemingly metallic claws, and from the spikes coming from the back, there was a tail, which was perhaps the most fearsome part of the creature. It was scorpion-like in design, ending with a claw that resembled those on the claws in so many ways – that is, except for size. It had the same sharp edges, and the same metallic feel, though it was three, perhaps four times the size. It definitely looked like it had been attached to the creature at some point during his life, but no, it was completely natural.

“YES! I wanted you!” Jones yelled at Arkbull. “WHERE have you been?!”

<Completing my mission,> the conceited Pokémon answered, staring back at the human.

“… Very well. You and Sandmaul are dismissed!” Professor Robert Jones turned his back on the evolved forms of Persian and Sandslash. I can’t stand it when he stares back at me like that, scares me to no end…

Beckoning with his tail to Sandmaul, Arkbull ambled out of the room, with the scorpion-tailed hulking shrew following him.

Celeste Silverini, or Lady Grey as she preferred to be known within the organization, had long since shredded any last remaining evidence of Project: Psychosa. The forty nine-year-old heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Nighthawk standing in the doorway of the laboratory. Lady Grey’s face appeared rather girlish, but she was obviously quite experienced since she had naturally coloured silvery-grey hair which flowed to the middle of her back. Her eyes were unnaturally silver, which possessed a rather mysterious glow from them. Her outfit consisted of a long grey dress, grey boots and her usual long white lab coat.

“What do you want, Nighthawk?” Celeste questioned the twelve-year-old coldly. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Felmare appeared a couple of seconds after his master had and shared a pointed look with the boy who refused to be known as Ace Black. “I don’t see any so-called work,” Nighthawk answered, making a show of looking around. “I came to inform you that the decision was handed down.”

“What decision?” the silver-haired woman sneered, as if she already knew.

“The boss’ decision to make me a Commander, now that Sunray Striker is dead.” Nighthawk paused, reading and deciphering the expression on Lady Grey’s face. “... You knew? You knew all along?” He seemed taken aback.

“Oh please,” Celeste snorted dismissively. “Of course I knew. I was the one who recommended your promotion in the first place, so it is me you should be thanking, not the boss.”

“Well, thank you,” Nighthawk replied back in a mocking tone as he and Felmare left the laboratory. The twelve-year-old reached his office not long after that to find Crimson Lightning waiting for him. “GET OUT!” he yelled, thrusting the door open. “I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE DECISION, IF THAT’S WHAT YOU CAME TO TELL ME!”

Bethany paled significantly and hurried out, vowing to come back when Nighthawk was in a better mood.


Juri's POV

Immediately after entering the city of Cerulean, Josephine stopped as she felt one of her Poké Balls wriggle violently. As the orb burst open, Kingpin’s form emerged, glowing a brilliant white.

The male Nidoran was changing, evolving into Nidorino.

The light show exploded as Nidorino jumped, energy flowing into the air, before he took an offensive position.

<BOOYEAH!!> Kingpin yelled, fully intense. <I’d been waiting for that to happen!>

“Congratulations, Kingpin! Well done!” Josephine cried happily.

She then called upon me. “When are you going to evolve?” she asked.

I faced my mistress and replied, <It will happen. Give me time. Why do you ask?>

A brief pause, then… “I’m asking because you were the first Pokémon I ever caught; and while you started gaining experience pretty much from the Viridian Forest onwards… I’d have thought you’d have evolved by now. Do you know what I mean?”

<It will happen,> I repeated.

Watching the female trainer from a hidden vantage point, a large, grey pterodactyl, with a very large body sat motionless in an ancient cedar tree. His long arms, which had leather wings attached to them and very small claw-like hands, were folded on his back. The Pokémon tilted his massive head and grinned devilishly at his mistress’s plan.

Mere moments later, a loud screech sliced through the air as the creature took off, flying away to report his findings to his mistress.

Had it not been for the Pokémon’s screech, I would not have known about the dinosaur’s presence. Startled slightly, I turned and looked up, seeing the massive creature flying overhead. I pondered on whether to tell my mistress, but decided against it.


Paul's POV

My Pokémon and I were on our way to Cerulean City, while catching a few Pokémon along the way, on Route 4. Things were going pretty smoothly, as well as peacefully, until I heard a yell.

“Enough of this! Stop it!”

My Pokémon and I stopped at the sound of this.

“Come on guys, someone needs our help!” My Pokémon nodded and they all ran to where the yell was heard. They entered a clearing to see a Pokémon battle going on.

Two roughly humanoid Pokémon advanced on a teenager who wore a blue skin-tight leotard-like top, as well as blue swimming shorts, with a red swimming towel slung across one shoulder. Her auburn hair was slightly spiked and a lock was to one side in a pigtail. Her red swimming towel matched her red shoes perfectly.

The first was almost saurian with armoured shoulder blades and a crown of horned plates atop his head. Although small and lithe, muscles rippled beneath his rough skin, lavender skirt and sweat vest. Large red boxing gloves made his preferred fighting style obvious.

The second had a round, smooth body and no facial features beyond small dark eyes. Although his arms were small and weak his legs were large and his feet clawed. He bounced on the spot, his legs ready to spring out and attack.

The teen’s average-sized turtle was reaching the end of his limitations. Bluish-purple in colour, he had stationary white ears that resembled wings. A huge curly white tail stuck out from the bottom of his hard brown shell and, as he stood on his hind legs, he eyed both enemies closely. His brown eyes were glazed over in admittance of defeat and, finally, he slumped to the ground, exhausted from all of his injuries.

I took out my Pokédex to find out that the turtle-like Pokémon was called Wartortle, and the other two Pokémon were Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

Two figures suddenly jumped out of a nearby tree.

They were two men in their mid-twenties who were dressed in the most peculiar uniform. It was completely white, except for a black belt, and hung loosely on them like pyjamas.

Upon closer inspection of the men, I realized that they weren’t wearing pyjamas; rather, they were wearing the dogi of martial arts students, although, as I understood it the black belt meant that they were of a high rank, so their studentship was questionable. Although their height wasn’t impressive, I could see their distinct muscles underneath their gi and knew that the men were as much a force to be reckoned with as their Pokémon.

“I've got to help them now! Let's go!” I told my Pokémon, who nodded in agreement. “Hey!” I yelled as I ran in front of the Wartortle and the girl. “Whoever you are, leave these two alone! Or you'll face my Pokémon... and believe me, they're tough!” I shouted at the two figures.

“You seriously think you can defeat our Pokémon?” the first male said. He had long black hair, and it appeared that the Hitmonchan belonged to him.

“Ron's right. You can't defeat us – our Pokémon are too strong,” the second male added, and then continued. “Hitmonlee, get ready.”

“You too, Hitmonchan. Tom, after this, we'll leave.” Ron told his companion, a blonde haired seventeen-year-old.

From behind a thick hedge, two Pokémon belonging to the quartet’s number one enemy were watching the incident. The first one, the sleek and arrogant Glaceon known as Icestorm, faced his companion and narrowed his opaque emerald-green eyes.

The other Pokémon – a massive Grass and Ground typed creature referred to as Wildcedar – was turtloid in appearance. As he snapped his lethal beaked mouth, it was noticeable that his badger-like head had spikes protruding from the sides. Wildcedar’s gigantic tree, combined with the fact that spikes stuck out from his sides, made the seemingly placid Pokémon appear vicious. He also had a brown underside, which led down to his four one-nailed stocky feet.

<We may be the antagonist’s minions, but don’t you think it’s still our duty to help those in need?> Icestorm asked in his characteristically denigrating manner.

<The boy is familiar. I’ve sensed that sort of personality in another. But we must hurry – we have to return to our master,> Wildcedar answered in an aristocratic tone.

“Hitmonchan, Mach Punch!” Ron commanded.

“Hitmonlee, Hi Jump Kick!” ordered Tom.

Behind the hedge, the two Pokémon nodded and lunged out of the thick shrub.

“Glaaaace!” the blue-furred fox growled as loudly as he could, preparing a Hyper Beam at the same time.

“Tor! Terra!” the Grass type bellowed throatily as a root, as big and wide as a skyscraper, shot up from the ground. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee skidded to a halt, their eyes wide with shock and sweat-drops appeared on their faces as they tried to run back to their masters. However, the immense surge of energy from both attacks pushed them and their Pokémon away, into the distance.

The Glaceon stopped, gasping for breath, and eventually his breathing returned to normal. He and the Torterra turned to Scarlei, Brute and I.

<I’m Torterra and this is my companion Glaceon,> the Torterra said.

I took out my Pokédex and pointed it at the giant land-based turtle. “Torterra, the Continent Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Grass and Ground types. Groups of these Pokémon migrating in search of water have been mistaken for moving forests,” the device reported.

<I’m a Pokémon also from Sinnoh,> Glaceon said.

Pointing the Pokédex at Glaceon, I listened to the Pokédex entry. “Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Ice type. As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.”

Beside me, the girl groaned as she attempted to get up.

<It is time for us to go. Boy, look after the girl. Come, Glaceon!> the Torterra snapped, and as I turned to ask Torterra what it meant by “look after the girl”, I discovered that the two Pokémon had already vanished.

“Oh well,” I said. “I guess I better check on these two and then get them to Cerulean City as fast as I can.” I shook the girl and asked if she was still there, but there was no response. I put my hand on her chest, to make sure that she still had a heartbeat. Even though it was faint, I could feel it.

“She’s still alive, that’s for sure. Come on guys – let’s go to Cerulean!” With that, I picked a Poké Ball off the girl’s belt and returned Wartortle. I then placed the Poké Ball back on the belt, picked up the girl and took her into Cerulean City. I made it to the Cerulean City Hospital and rushed in. Just like the nurses from the Centres, the nurses in the Hospital had the same uniform, except that the colours were reversed.

“Nurse!” I called to the woman behind the counter. “I need your help!!”

“Yes, what is it?” the nurse asked, looking up at him. Then she noticed the girl on my back. “Oh dear…”

“Please, she was in a battle against a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee, and she’s hurt badly.” I told her desperately.

“Right, bring her this way!” the nurse told me. I brought the girl behind the counter and through the emergency door to a table. “Set her down here.”

I placed the girl down onto the table.

“I can’t believe that this has happened to Misty,” the nurse said, with a worried expression on her face as a Chansey came over and hooked Misty up to life support. Yes, there were even Chansey in the Hospital.

“So, her name is Misty?” I asked, still looking at the girl.

“Yes, she is our town’s Gym Leader,” the nurse said, putting an oxygen mask on Misty.

“She’s the Gym Leader?!” I was surprised. The nurse nodded. I looked back at Misty, amazed because she appeared no older than me.

“Her mother died when she was ten, but with the help of her sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lily, she was able to get over that and eventually become Cerulean’s Gym Leader.” The nurse explained. “She is strong-willed.”

She lost her mother, I thought as I remembered my own parents – one was a high-ranking Police Officer in Viridian, and the other had left me. “Nurse, where does she live?”

“She lives at the Gym, accepting challenges from trainers and training at the same time,” the nurse said, preparing things for Misty to stay through the night. “Are you Paul?” she asked of me, as I was still staring at Misty.

“Yes, I am. How did you know?” I broke my gaze on Misty and looked at the nurse.

“The Pokémon Centre Nurse Joys in Viridian and Pewter told me about you,” the nurse said with a smile. “They didn’t tell me that you’re so helpful, though. I’m Matron Ariana, by the way. I’m the head nurse of Cerulean’s Hospital.”

I looked away and mumbled, “Yeah… well… I try.”

Matron Ariana smiled at me again. “It’s getting late. I think you should get some rest,” she told me after looking at the clock.

“Matron Ariana…” I began.

The Matron looked at me, confused.

“Would it be okay if I stay here for the night?”

She nodded.


Matron Ariana left the room, leaving me alone with Misty. Suddenly, Scarlei’s Poké Ball shook. I decided to let him out so I wouldn’t have to hear his attitude in the morning.

<So Paul, are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?> the Roselia asked, with a frosty grin that I thought shouldn’t be allowed to exist in this world.

“Scarlei, I’m not like that!” I said, stunned that my own Pokémon would be thinking that.

My partner gave me an ‘I don’t believe you’ look.

“I’m fourteen-years-old!!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes in frustration.

<Why do you want to stay in here anyway?> Scarlei asked me.

“I just wanted to make sure that she is okay,” I said, blushing slightly at the question.

The Roselia gave me the ‘come on now’ look when he saw me starting to turn red.

“Really! Something bad might happen during the night!” I insisted.

<Yeah, like you getting ideas.> Scarlei said, shaking his head at me. <I will admit, she’s good looking for a human…>

“Yeah…” I said, as I stared at Misty.

Scarlei started to smile at me wider than before.


The Thorn Pokémon’s smile only got bigger and he was now waving his rosebud arms dangerously.

“Scarlei, I swear, if you tell her or anyone I said that…” I was nearly hysterical.

Roselia was on the edge of laughter.

“Scarlei, I mean it!!”

The Grass and Poison Pokémon couldn’t contain himself anymore. He burst out laughing and started rolling on the floor. <I GOT YOU PAUL!!! I GOT YOU!!!>

At the sound of all the noise, Matron Ariana came rushing into the room to see what was going on. “Please keep it down,” she began, seeing me choking my starter. “Even though there aren’t any other patients, it would help to get some sleep.”

I looked up and stopped choking the Roselia. “I’m very sorry about that, Matron.” I then nodded my head; the Matron bowed and left the room. I looked at my partner and said, “I think we should get some sleep.”

The second staged evolution of Budew yawned in response. <Yeah, we should go to sleep. Good night Paul, and don’t get any thoughts!> Scarlei warned me.

“Good night Scarlei, and keep your ideas to yourself.” I raised my voice, slouching down on the chair next to Misty’s bed. After a few minutes, sleep eventually took me and I was off dreaming about becoming a Pokémon Master.

Misty was running through a forest, being cut by every little twig that was sticking out. She heard noises from behind her; the menacing cries of her attackers. She turned and faced her fear; the threat of attack from the Team Rocket-affiliated Black Belts’ Pokémon – Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. She finally entered a clearing and sent out her Wartortle that one of her sister’s had given her.

Misty sat up as soon as she’d sent out Wartortle in her dream. She remembered how a boy attempted to protect her and Wartortle. She looked at her surroundings to find that she was in the Cerulean City Hospital. She looked to her right to find the same boy who she had seen earlier before passing out.

He was sleeping in the chair next to her bed, and then she panicked slightly, wondering where Wartortle was. She looked down at her belt and saw that Wartortle’s Poké Ball was there. She calmed down and guessed that the boy had shown bravery by returning Wartortle, as Wartortle doesn’t trust anyone it doesn’t know and normally soaked them. She smiled at the boy, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks for saving Wartortle and I,” she said before falling asleep.

I awoke in the morning to find my left cheek warm. I touched it and wondered why it felt like that. Eventually, I shrugged it off. I checked to see if Misty was okay. She was sleeping with a smile on her face. After seeing that, I went to have a shower. Coming out, I saw that my partner was wide awake, and checking out some needles. I quickly put a stop to that. We got into an argument over it, which woke Misty.

Misty sat up to see the two wrestling with each other, with the Roselia winning because of his thorn-tipped rosebuds. “Guys, what are you arguing about?” she asked them in a tired voice.

We both stopped fighting and looked at her with Scarlei getting a grin on his face. <Hey Misty! What’s up?! My name is Scarlei the Roselia, glad to meet you!> The Thorn Pokémon walked towards Misty, still grinning.

I had a pretty good idea of what my partner was planning.

<Over there is my trainer, Paul, and he has…>

I ran over and hit my starter on the head.

<Paul! That hurt!> The Grass and Poison Pokémon complained.

“What he was about to say, is that I have one other Pokémon as well.” I said, relieved that I was able to come up with something that didn’t make me look suspicious.

Misty gave me an odd look.

“So, are you feeling any better?” I asked, looking worried.

“Yes!” she said cheerfully, smiling at me. “How did you defeat my attackers?”

“I didn’t. I was aided by a wild Torterra and Glaceon. They defeated your attackers. But why were they attacking you?” I asked, referring to Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

“A week ago, I noticed Wartortle and I were being followed. Eventually, they attacked and Wartortle did his best to protect me, but the tension had drained his powers and they threatened to steal Wartortle. If you hadn’t come along, they would have taken my friend.” Misty explained.

I was stunned. “Let me guess – they’re a part of Team Rocket?”

Misty nodded, and then a question popped up in her mind. “How did you get me to the Hospital in Cerulean, if you’re not a local?”

I stared at Misty, and then I replied. “It’s obvious. Everyone knows what a Hospital looks like…”

Scarlei interrupted me. <He wanted to make sure you had a heartbeat, so he touched your chest to make sure you did!>

There was a long silence at this statement. Then, from out of nowhere, Misty’s attitude changed completely. “WHAT??!!” she yelled at the Pokémon. “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!”

The Roselia just nodded and moved away from me, knowing what was about to happen.

“Scarlei… why did you do that!?!” I said angrily through gritted teeth.

Misty jumped out of the bed, ran towards me, jumped on top of me and made me fall to the floor, causing me as much pain as possible. I rolled Misty over to avoid any further pain and held her down. Hearing all of the commotion, Matron Ariana came in. “What is it now?” she asked before seeing me on top of Misty. We both turned their attention to Nurse Joy, who started to blush.

“Well… it’s good to see that you’re better Misty… I’ll leave you…” she said quietly before closing the door. I got off Misty and helped her up. We were both silent for a while, as Scarlei’s mouth opened wide at what he’d just seen.

The Pokémon then decided to break the silence and said in a serious tone that he’d only used once before. <Paul, I was just joking around earlier; I didn’t mean it.>

I just looked at my partner before apologizing to Misty. “I’m sorry about what happened earlier. It was the only thing I could do. I don’t know how to take a pulse anywhere else, so that was the only way I knew how to feel for a heartbeat,” I said in a tone that matched my words.

Misty turned to face me at the sound of my apologetic voice. “It’s okay – I mean, you were really only doing it to make sure,” she said, also in an apologetic voice. “You did save my life… and I never thanked you for it.”

“No problem. By the way, how old are you exactly? I’m going to be fifteen in a few weeks. I was wondering, because you seem to be older than me.” I said, trying to steer the conversation in a different direction.

“Oh, you’re only fourteen?” she asked, sounding surprised. “I just turned fifteen a couple of months ago, so that means that we were born in the same year. I’m surprised, though, that you’re only fourteen. You seemed older to me,” she added, with a small smile.

“That means a lot, Misty.” I said, returning her smile with one myself. “So Misty, I heard that you are the Gym Leader here. Once you’re completely better, would you like to have a Gym battle?”

“Yes, I would love to have a battle against you. I haven’t had a Gym battle for a while, and I think it would be great to battle a trainer like you.” Misty accepted the offer happily.

I smiled as Misty and I talked some more about ourselves. We didn’t notice Matron Ariana looking in at us, a cheerful look on her face as she walked past, knowing we were starting to become really good friends and maybe more than that.


Later that evening, Sabrina and Lucian teleported into Cerulean City, as Lucian wanted to find and berate Katie Emerson. The two Psychics found the Pharaohonian-born teen relaxing on one of the Pokémon Centre’s stunning scarlet sofas after a long day.

“I left a note for the four of you. Did you read...?” Sabrina began, but was immediately cut off by Lucian’s out of character yelling.


“Chill Lucian,” Katie responded, merely looking at her Elite Four mentor. “We experienced a fair bit of stress as we traversed through the Forest, and I simply forgot.”

“Don’t tell me to chill,” Lucian hissed angrily. “How do I know you’re not lying...?”

This time Sabrina cut Lucian off as her crimson eyes stared into his lavender ones. “She means it, Lucian. She wants you to relax. She’s telling you the truth, I just read her mind.”

At this, Lucian stopped short and blinked in surprise. Quickly changing the subject, he asked Katie about her progress. “How are you going with controlling your powers?”

“Quite well,” she answered. “I can freeze time and manipulate the growth of vegetation.”

“What of the others?” It was Sabrina this time.

“Josephine and Paul, you mean? I don’t know; Rachel and I were the first to reach Cerulean,” the brunette with blonde foils replied.

“We’ll be leaving you now,” the Saffron-born Gym Leader stated. “Be sure to find the other two as soon as you can. Come on, Lucian.”

And with that, the two Psychics exited the Pokémon Centre, leaving Katie to go up to her pre-booked room unhurriedly. She lay on the sofa for just a few minutes extra, before getting to her feet and strolling along up the escalators to her room.

In another room in the Centre, Josephine lay in her bed, thinking about her relationship with Paul. She knew she loved him, but wasn’t going to admit it to anyone. Little did she know that a far handsomer teen would catch her eye and be with her all of the time, very soon in fact; this alone would cause the relationship to fall apart and would make Paul very jealous.

Sgt Shock
December 8th, 2009, 6:30 AM
Awesome chapter Kyuu-chan. Sorry for my absence. I should told you that I had finals this week and wasn't going to be as activate (grades before fiction writings). :D I'll be working hard for now own. I'm closing towards my break. Good job and keep the good work up.

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December 13th, 2009, 5:10 PM
A/N: I’d like to thank my co-authors, KP and SS, for helping out with part 2.

Part 2: Teamwork

Josephine cheered after the defeat of the last of the Nugget Bridge trainers, along with Juri, the next morning. The Camper returned his Mankey, a furry primate-like creature with a long, curly tail, pig nose and nasty attitude, and stood up erect, giving her a sharp nod. “I did my best. I have no regrets!” he shouted out, making the girl roll her eyes. The other four before him had said the same thing, and had gotten it stuck in her head.

“All right, I get the drift,” she sighed. “But you're the last one, right?”

Though he didn't answer vocally, Camper Ethan nodded once. Relieved, Josephine returned the Sandshrew into his Poké Ball and ran the rest of the way. It wasn't very lengthy like with the spaces between the Nugget Bridge trainers, but it was even still quite a way. At the end of the bridge, she stumbled over the steps, crying out and flailing her arms around rapidly in the hope of rebalancing herself. She only fell back onto her rear, where she screamed loudly, “DAMN IT ALL!”

“Well, that's not a nice way to say you're upset, but I agree,” a voice commented beside her.

The trainer turned her head at once to see a lone man standing at the end of the bridge. He had a strange, almost maniacal smile on his face, his eyebrows raised and hands behind his back. The eyes were dark and glinted at her eerily. Even in the morning sunlight, his dark hair didn’t have a highlight gleam. It was very peculiar, but Josephine got herself up without a second thought. “Yeah... I guess. But my butt hurts still.”

“It'll go away eventually. Now, for your prize for making it over the Bridge all in one piece.” He swung one arm toward the girl, a small, round object sparkling as it arched to her.

She caught it at once, hazel eyes staring at the curious item in her palm. “I-It's... gold.”

“That's called a Nugget, my good lady,” he told her, grinning wider. “You can sell that at a good price.”

“Good deal, good deal,” she agreed, dropping it in a side pocket of her bag.

The man didn't move one bit, except for the slight muscle twitch at the corners of the mouth. “Now that you're pleased, how would you like to join Team Rocket?”

“Yeah, I guess I am very—” She paused quickly, looking back at the man. “Did my ears deceive me, or did you actually say 'Team Rocket'?”

“I did, my good lady,” he proudly said. “Watching your feat on the Bridge was very stimulating, and we could use good people like you. So, what do ya say?” At this, he held out a hand in front of her.

She stared at it for a few minutes, and then smirked. “First, let me think about this thing,” she slowly said, “so why don't you put your hand down until I do?”

Confused, the man did so. That was when Josephine quickly shot out her own hand, grinning like how he was. “All right, then. I accept!”

<Josephine, what in the world are you doing?!> She heard Riley's shocked voice exclaim from her Poké Ball. <That's Team Rocket you're talking to!>

She didn't reply back.

A grin of sinister nature grew on the man's face at the offer. “You got yourself a deal.” And he reached out to grasp it.

Suddenly, she pulled her arm back – popping it – and laughed, “Psyche!” much to her Pokémon's relief.

He wasn't very prepared for what had happened, and his eyes stared widely at her in disbelief. “You little witch! You tricked me!”

She rubbed a finger on her nose, snickering. “I guess I have potential in me after all.”

With a growl, he ripped off the disguise, revealing his black uniform and crimson “R” on the shirt. He was wearing the usual hat to shadow his eyes, one explanation as to why they were very dark. From his belt, he pulled out two Poké Balls and threw them out, revealing a Rattata and Zubat. “You won't have anything in you when you're through with me!” he snarled. “Since you won't join, you're my enemy.”

Shrugging, Josephine brought out two of her own, releasing Riley and Breona, who glared at the opposing Pokémon. “I try my best. I have no regrets.”


Paul and Misty were having breakfast at the Pokémon Centre together, having a chat. Over the last hour, the boy learned more about the Leader of the city than he did the first day he and Josephine met. He found out her fears, likes and dislikes, favourite Pokémon, why she enjoyed Water types, etcetera. What was the most interesting was she being the youngest of four sisters, and not the most popular, except for being well-known as Gym Leader. She inherited the Gym when her sisters decided to go on vacation around the world until they would return.

Before then, she didn't train her Pokémon by battling, and found it a little difficult fighting other trainers. But practice makes perfect, as she said, and before she knew it, she was able to use her Pokémon's special skills successfully, giving beginning trainers a taste of how true Gym Leaders fight. She was eventually voted the hardest beginning trainer of Kanto, something her sisters had ended up reading on their trip. When they returned, they congratulated Misty for proving herself worthy to run it herself, and the sisters officially retired, eventually marrying.

He just couldn't wait to start battling her, having hung onto her every word.

She finished with a smile, brushing away a bang. “So... what's your story?”

Paul took a deep breath. “Well... I lived with my older sister, Cherry,” he began, glancing at the table. “When I was eight, my mother was promoted to Superintendent and my beat-nik father left. But before then, we were a happy family, and I wasn't the grumpy sour-puss I am today. But after that all happened, my godfather, Professor Oak, took care of us. He taught us all about Pokémon, but I'm not sure how well I listened. Probably very good if I was able to pass school, but I turned cocky and everything. I'll use brawn instead of brain first, and shout out things automatically. I'm pretty much not afraid to speak my mind because of this, but it usually gets me in trouble.” He shrugged heavily, sighing. “My life's pretty much crap right now. Losing a parent and having one promoted isn't good for you, it seems. The trauma... does things to you.”

Misty reached out for his hands, grasping them in her own, a compassionate look etched on her face. Her eyes shone with shared sadness. “Oh, Paul... I lost my parents, too. But I was younger than you, and it left me in the care of my sisters, who really didn't give me much attention. I lived in their shadows for years, which explained my brash behaviour against you, sorry.”

He grinned sheepishly; his face a slight shade of rose. “That's okay. Guess I really should've paid attention in health class.”

She giggled.

The ding of the Centre's doors opening caught their attention, turning to see who was coming in. At once, Paul tensed up, watching as Josephine strutted in with a large, pleasing grin on her face. She strolled up to the counter and pulled out her Poké Balls, asking for a recovery process. Nurse Joy happily accepted it, and turned for the other room. The auburn-haired boy quickly looked to the wall, in the hopes to avoid eye contact.

Misty noticed, blinking in confusion. “What's wrong, Paul?” she wondered.

“I don't want her looking over here,” he said through gritted teeth. “She won't leave.


Misty sweat-dropped. “Too late.”

Josephine came up to the table, a smirk of superiority plastered on her face. She leaned closer to him. “So! Wanna know what happened to me today?”

“No, I don't want to know what happened to you today,” he grumbled, hand covering his face in agitation.

“Fine, but you don't know what you're missing! Hey, who's this?” she quickly asked, turning to Misty, who grinned. Paul immediately turned a bright red at the question, knowing exactly who she meant without looking.

The girl stood up and extended a hand. “My name's Misty,” she introduced herself. “I'm the Cerulean City Gym Leader.”

The redhead, while shaking her hand, suddenly paused, and her eyes grew wide. Her mouth gaped open, and her legs locked up. From the corner of his eye, the boy could see Misty was in danger. Getting up, he pulled her away, leaving Josephine's arm still hanging in mid-air. “You'd better cover your ears,” he muttered.

She was still confused. “Why?”

Her answer immediately came. The trainer had gone into shock, having not believing what she was told. All tense and slightly shaking, she took a breath and hollered, “YOU'RE THE GYM LEADER?!” Any surrounding people in the room turned to stare at her, and a Chansey poked its head out to see what was going on. “NO WAY!”

Paul scowled. Wanting to stay calm in front of Misty, he responded, “Yes, Josephine, she is. Now calm down.”

“But she's younger than Brock! It's impossible!” she continued to shout.

Folding his arms tightly, he inquired in annoyance, “You didn't consume any sugar this morning, did you?”

“No! I'm still worked up from the battle with a Team Rocket grunt this morning! But still, she's the Gym Leader?!”

“Go back, go back!” the girl suddenly demanded, walking up to the hyper trainer. “Did you say you battled a grunt?”

“Heck yes, I did! He was easy as pie! He gave me this Nugget, though. Let me show you—”

“Josephine, never mind the Nugget!” Paul snapped, startling the Leader. With a clearing to the throat, he started again, with a softer voice. “Never mind the Nugget. Now, Misty. Why is it you were wondering about the grunt?”

She nodded, turning back to Josephine. “We've been having secret agents belonging to Team Rocket roaming around lately,” she recalled. “There's been a recent report of someone's house being trashed by men in black uniforms, searching for a TM that held Dig. They took off with the item, and the police are still tracking them down. The grunt you battled might have had the TM.”

“No, only this Nugget,” she interrupted, holding up the gold piece.

“Well, still, he might've known about it. Do you know where he is at the moment?”

“He left without a trace after our battle.”

“Where did he go?”

The redhead shrugged. “He threw down a smoke bomb and vanished. Like a ninja.”

Paul smacked his forehead. “There are no such things as ninjas, how many times am I going to tell you?”

“There are too, Paul!” she yelled at him. “I know a ninja when I see one, and that grunt was a frickin' ninja! Why else did he have a smoke bomb?”

From the counter, Nurse Joy called out, “Your Pokémon are ready, miss,” looking over at the small group.

Holding her head up high, she walked over and collected her Pokémon, being reminded on the rules of yelling in a hospital, and left alone. She turned back to Paul, placing her Poké Balls on her belt. “Our conversation is over,” she pointed to him, “and when can we have our battle?” she asked the Leader.

Misty smiled. “I'm available this afternoon,” she told her. “The best times are after lunch and before six.”

“And where is it?”

Pointing toward the farthest wall in the Centre, she said, “Just beyond the Pokémon Centre. You can't miss it.”

Speaking up, the auburn-haired boy warned her, “It won't help. Josephine doesn't have a sense of direction. She can't even find the North Star at night.”

“I CAN TOO!” she screamed, stomping on his foot. Paul flinched, feeling his ankle going numb.

Sweat-dropping, the Leader gave him a look of pity. “Well... I'll see you two later. Nice to meet you, Josephine.” With a wave, she exited the building. The boy watched her leave gracefully, silently cursing Josephine for intruding. He didn't even get the chance to ask for her number.

He gave a cry of agony when the girl ground his foot again and glowered at her. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” he roared.

“Nothing!” she replied back, taking her foot off and crossing her arms. “I just like to torture you.”

“Well, I don't think I can feel my foot anymore, thanks to you.”

She gave a mocking smile. “You're welcome, rival. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go train. Want to shape up for the fight. What about you?”

“Go find a doctor,” he sarcastically began, “and then train. What do you think I'm going to do?”

Josephine pondered for a few minutes, staring at the foot she crushed. With a finger pointed up toward the ceiling, she replied slowly, “You'll go train, and... find a doctor.”

He threw his arms up into the air. “Gah! Why am I even talking to you? You're wasting my time.” He turned to limp out of the Centre. “See ya, loser.”

“Hey, you were wasting my time, first!” she shouted after him. She paused for a moment. “And I'm not a loser!” By then, he had gone past the doors and turned the corner. Scowling, she stamped out as well and looked to yell at him again. Her expression softened when she saw he wasn't anywhere in sight.


For the following hours, the two avoided contact with each other, training on Route 24 and 25 to fight the other trainers. He battled hard, but Josephine tended to slack off after each trainer battle sometimes talking to them, or her Pokémon alone. At one point, she fell asleep growing bored, and had to be woken up Riley's static brushing against her cheek. After a fit of hysteria, she calmed down by fishing, yet not finding anything interesting but Magikarp.

<You know, they do evolve into something more powerful,> Kingpin mentioned after she threw the tenth fish back into the water. All her Pokémon were bored, and were sunning themselves or playing certain activities with one another.

“I don't care, they're not worth catching,” she grumbled, staring evilly at the rod. She bit into a rice ball she had made a while back. “Besides, this one guy tried to convince me to buy one of those things, and I haven't had interest in Magikarp since.” The Nidorino rolled his eyes, and returned to watching the others play, eating thoughtfully.

After they all had eaten, the girl checked her watch. Packing away her rod, she gestured to the others, “Come on, guys! Let's go have our Gym battle!” They all cheered, and ran the way back, even when it was downhill. At that time, Josephine held out her arms and pretended she was soaring down to the Gym, Breona cawing beside her.

Several people watched them go by, gawking at their behavior and shaking their heads. Paul was the one to see them speed their way to the Gym on his way back from Route 4. Brute saw this as competition, and with a bellow, dashed off as well. Sighing, he ran after him, his Pokémon quickly following. Kingpin had heard Brute's call of challenge, and pumped up his leg strength for more speed. Josephine noticed. “What's... wrong, Kingpin?” she puffed.

<We got company,> was his answer before pulling away.

Confused, she looked over and screamed seeing Brute closing in, Paul not too far behind. Because their paths were crossing, she tried to gain enough friction to slow. It wasn't enough. At the intersection, she missed running into the Nidorino, but ended up smacking into the boy. As it was still slightly downhill, the two and their colliding Pokémon rolled down what little hill was left.

The two Nidorino, so focused on their “challenge”, failed to dodge the rolling bodies, and were sent flying. At long last, they stopped into a pile, Kingpin and Brute landing on top. Passers-by stopped to inspect the accident. Officer Jenny ran past the growing crowd to check on the trainers. “Are you guys alright?” she wondered, shuffling around for her communicator. “Do I need to call an ambulance?”

The teenagers groaned and caught each other's eye. With a quick scowl, Paul turned to her. “No, thank you. I'm fine. Though I'm not so sure about Clumsy here.”

“I'm okay,” she corrected him, glaring. “Thank you, though, Officer.”

“What about your Pokémon?”

<Tell her to keep Kingpin and Brute away from each other,> Wisteria begged, carefully bending herself out of the pile. She extended her roots and safely touched ground. <Otherwise, I'm still pliable.>

Breona was the only one able to keep out of the collision, and landed next to the Bellsprout, wings folded. In her beak was Josephine's hat, which she dropped on top of her mistress's head. She tilted her head at the others struggling to get up. <They look fine,> she said, spreading out a wing.

Grinning, Josephine stated, “They're fine. We were going to take them to the Centre, anyway.”

Riley scoffed, stretching once she was free. <I doubt it. You got us all worked up about the Gym battle.>

Once the weight was off their backs, the trainers stood up, dusting themselves off and stretching. Seeing they were okay, Officer Jenny nodded and broke up the crowd. When everyone was out of sight, they glowered at one another. They returned the Pokémon to their balls and headed for the Pokémon Centre. “What was wrong with you?” Paul muttered. “I'm telling you, you need to lay off the sugar.”

“I didn't! It's excitement!”

“Then stop getting excited.”

She stuck out her tongue at him.


The trainers looked up at the Cerulean Gym determinedly and anxiously after the walk from the Centre. The building's colourful roof was spherical much like a carousel's top, supporting a plasterboard Dewgong exactly on the rim, just over the entrance. In bold letters underneath it, the Gym name screamed out to all available trainers, yet hollered to the two standing before it, gazing up at the vastness of the majestic building. It was more interesting than the Pewter Gym, being colourful and pleasing to the eye.

They had guesses to what awaited them inside. The battlefield could be similar to the previous Gym's, only more of the theme of water. Josephine had a vision of herself and Paul battling with their Pokémon underwater, hopefully with re-breathers, yet losing terribly. Glancing at the Poké Balls containing Breona and Riley, she grew worried they wouldn't last too long without over hydrating and running out of air. Or paralyzing everyone in the water before the drownings.

The auburn-haired boy turned to her, eyebrow raised. “So. You're not going to run off and never come back, are you?”

She did a double-take, laughing nervously as the images were pushed out of her head. “No, no! I'm fine, I'm ready!” She pumped her fist up in the air to reassure him. And herself. “I can so totally kick butt!”

Paul shrugged, looking back at the pearl-white seal. “Just checking on ya. You looked nervous.”

Josephine shook her head. “Nah, not me. I don't know the meaning of 'nervous'.” With a deep breath, she began walking erect toward the glass doors. “Now let's get going. You want the badge or not?”

Without another word, the teenager followed suit, hands in his jean pockets. The redhead kept her light eyes ahead of her, preparing to brace herself for whatever was beyond the doors. Her reflection drew closer a bit too quick for her, to the point she paused to stare into her face. She was indeed nervous; it was showing in the crease of her forehead and the frown. She was certain her Pokémon would have the wonderful advantage, but her fantasies of Misty's strength made her hesitate. It looked believable the Gym Leader with her knowledge of Water types could very easily defeat her, her obvious disadvantages.

She was within range of touching the handles, Paul could see that. But the way she eyed the reflection convinced him she was indeed having second thoughts about it all. He tilted his head. “Is there something wrong, Josephine?” he inquired, making her jolt. “Are the handles rigged?”

“What, no! I'm just... making last-minute strategies as all.” She forced upon her face a grin before grasping the silver handle. “See? Nothing to worry about.” Jerking her arm back, the door swung open. Looking inside, the two marvelled at the sight, as their jaws dropped.

The inside was more spacious than it looked on the outside, from its high ceilings to the humongous pool in the middle of the room. Spotlights were suspended above in the rafters pointed toward the water, stands that could seat hundreds built into the walls. The floor was smooth teal tile, and a sign by the door cautioned the two with “No Running” in red letters, yet they could see yellow signs lined up by the pool's edges.

Someone had recently been in here, for wet spots littered a few places and a path led to another pair of doors in a far-off corner. On the deep ends were long, white diving boards held high in the air above five coloured pads floating in the water. This intrigued the trainers. Two of the longer ones drifted at the ends, the smaller squares not too far up front. A good-sized yellow circle occupied the middle, yet left enough swimming water to not be a bother.

Paul strolled closer, his eyes wide in amazement at the originality and vacant room. Josephine kept her eyes on the pool from where she stood, staring at the pads balanced smack in the middle. She took in the size and shape of it all, not believing what she was seeing. “It's a field,” she breathed, releasing the door. It closed quietly, but heavily, bumping up against her heels. She scooted forward sharply, glancing behind her shoulder in reaction.

“Very observant, Josephine,” a feminine voice echoed, causing her to crick her neck turning back to the far end. Walking into the room, dressed in a periwinkle swimsuit and water shoes, Misty gave them a pleasing smile, orange hair put up in a side-ponytail. She had a cream towel hanging over a shoulder, and two miniature Poké Balls clutched in a hand. “My sisters have tried their hardest on making it stand out from the norm. I think they did very well.”

The teenage boy, having turned his attention to the Leader, nodded in agreement. “Very original. I like it.”

Misty smiled. “What's your friend like?” she wondered about Josephine, who was rubbing her neck and grumbling to herself. “We didn't have time to get to know each other back at the Pokémon Centre.”

Paul rolled his eyes. “She's not fit to be a rival of mine,” he muttered, loud enough for the Gym Leader to hear him. From the corner of his vision, he caught the golden highlights in her fiery hair, shimmering with slight movement. Her face and water-coloured eyes were glowing, a hint of cleanliness; she might have finished taking a shower, or she was the one swimming in the pool earlier. As much as the light was fluorescent and thus artificial, she was very real. He imagined the radiance about her as a halo, beaming down from the heavens itself. And not as pretty as you, he thought to himself.

The teen was too into gazing at Misty, he barely heard her speak once more. “You know her, then?”

He caught himself, and blurted out to cover it up, “Not really. But I'm not willing to know her any further.” The girl placed her hands on her hips and titled her head, watching him closely. Paul flushed in embarrassment and looked away.

Josephine walked up with a quirky step, constantly reaching back to rub on the bruised heels. “Gah, those are hard,” she explained, shaking her ankles around. When the throbs faded, she sighed, swinging her arms back and forth, looking up at the two teens.

“Alrighty, then. When do we—” She paused, spotting the pink on the boy's cheeks and Misty gazing upon him brightly. Her light eyes narrowed in slight suspicion. Looking between the two, and pointing at Paul, she said, “Is there something going on between the two of you?”

With a double-take and a cry of disbelief, he shouted, “No, there isn't!” The blush dyed deeper at the outburst, making the Gym Leader sweat-drop with a smile.

“You sure? If there is, I don't find it fair,” she continued. “It's like being a teacher's pet, only instead it's a Leader's pet.”

“There's nothing going on, I swear!”

Giggling, Misty waved her hand. “We're only friends, Josephine,” she corrected her, making the golden-haired boy slump his shoulders. She raised her brows as she smiled, giving her the emotion of interest. “Well, since we're all here, we can begin. You want the rules, first?”

The female trainer nodded, fixing her hat. “Sure.”

Paul gave a silent sigh before nodding, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Good thing of Misty to change the topic. He wasn't sure how he was able to survive the conversation. She resumed, holding up the two Poké Balls she was holding. “This will be a double battle with two Pokémon each, no time limit.”

Quickly, Josephine shot up her hand, almost smacking the boy in the face. “So, if our first Pokémon faints, we send out another, right?”

The redhead Leader grinned. “Correct.”

“Is that the same with you?”

“No, I have my two right here. Second rule is, you are allowed to help your fighting companion, and items are allowed during battle. You are not allowed to purposely harm the other's Pokémon if you two aren't cooperating. If you win, you receive the Cascade Badge.” From her pocket, she pulled out two badges, one somewhat different from the other. They were both water droplets, however, one was vertically straight, while the other curved slightly to the left and was rounder. “If you lose, you are allowed to return as many times as you want until you succeed. Are there any other questions?”

Again, the redhead raised her arm quickly, making Paul glare at her. “We're not battling on those pads, are we?” she pointed to the flotation devices inside the pool.

Misty gave a soft laugh. “Actually, we are. Like you said, it's a field.” Folding her towel and dropping it on the ground, she turned and ran to the water's edge. From there, she leaped and seemed to soar over the pool, landing skilfully without a tremble onto the rectangular pad. The teens gasped at her agility and balance, looking to one another in awe. Did they have to jump to the pads as well?

Paul was the first to make a move. “Alright, let's get going,” he muttered to himself, heading over to the other side. Josephine watched as he gained enough momentum to leap from the edge to the pad, holding out his arms for balance. She scowled at him, having wished he'd fall off. Mimicking his movements, she too tried to get a good amount of strength to make it to the pads. She jumped like how he did, however, her shoes upon impact slipped, and she fell screaming into the pool. The two snickered at her.

“It's not funny!” she yelled at them when she surfaced. “I didn't have enough running power!”

“Balance is more like it,” the boy pointed out, smirking. “Your inner core must be missing.”

Grumbling, she crawled back onto it, shivering from the water sliding down her body and soaking her clothes further. She had still managed on keeping a grip of the Poké Balls in her hand, and enlarged them as soon as she stood. “After this battle, Paul,” she spoke to him, eyes blazing, “you're next to swim.”

“Sorry, I just ate before we came here,” he retorted, rolling his eyes. “I'll get cramps.”

“Shut up, you will not.”

Sensing the argument was going to continue, Misty activated the Poké Balls. “We may begin. Go!”

She threw them up into the air, and they split to release the Pokémon inside, where they landed onto the next set of pads. The first was star-shaped and tan-coloured, with a golden mantle attached in the middle. In the very centre was a scarlet gem that gleamed brightly in the fluorescent lights.

The second was larger, and had an extra star set on the back, giving it the appearance of ten appendages than five, and it was a beautiful shade of light purple. It too had the same mantle of sort; however, the gem was octagonal, yet it was very red, like crimson. When it slightly moved, the jewel glimmered to a faint orange before returning to its normal colour.

The two trainers pulled out their Pokédexes at the same time, recording after one another.

“Staryu, the Star Shape Pokémon,” Josephine's device recorded. “This enigmatic Pokémon can regenerate any appendage it may have lost in battle. Legend claims they can communicate with the stars in the night sky.”

“Starmie, the Mysterious Pokémon,” Paul's Pokédex confirmed. “Its core is able to glow brightly in seven colours of the rainbow. This Pokémon had been given the nickname “the gem of the sea” because it's very luminous.”

The girl beamed. “Ah, yes. I remember seeing them,” she recalled, placing it back into the bag. “They're very pretty to watch.”

“I'm glad you think so,” the Leader giggled, smiling brightly. “They're known to create Star Pieces during certain nights. They either attach to the Pokémon, or they float in the ocean for a good while before sinking to the bottom. No one knows how it works.”

Paul had already released his first Pokémon while Misty was talking. Brute growled in his throat, stomping in impatience. Josephine knew whom she was starting with, and threw Breona's Poké Ball onto the pad. She appeared in the form of white energy, and began to flutter her wings and stretch her body around. <Looks like this is my battle field...> Breona observed her field of play. <Water based field,> Breona noticed. It was definitely out of her element for the most part.

The trainers looked to one another, waiting for the first move. Hearing Brute's heavy pants, the boy shrugged. “Guess I'll go first, then. Brute, Horn Attack that Staryu, now!” he called out.

<Let's dance!> the Nidorino bellowed, and leaped toward the said Pokémon, first jumping onto the round pad.

“Staryu, dodge!” Misty commanded an easy tone to her voice. At the word, the star scooted to the side without any other simple movement. Brute landed on the slippery surface, failing to hit it with his horn. He slid almost to the end of the pool, eying the water conspicuously. If he was to fall in this water, he would definitely lose to the Staryu. He snarled at the idea. He brought himself back to the middle of the floating circular tile. “Water Gun, Starmie! Knock him into the water!”

<Kr-r-r-u! Water blast!> Starmie, from the top appendage, shot water forcefully onto his face. With enough momentum and power to the blast, it caused Brute to slide across the pad to the back to the edge he hated to dearly right now. The Pidgeotto suddenly began to beat her wings to cause a small gust on the other side of the rabbit-like creature. The gust allowed the balance to actually fall the middle portion of the tile. The Nidorino looked over his shoulder confused on the sudden help.

Everyone was shocked, including Josephine. “Holy...! What was that?! I didn't order you to make a move!”

Breona looked at her trainer coolly. <I'm helping my partner. In battle, all allies are needed.> She defended herself accordingly. <If you wish for me to attack... I will do so, Josephine.> The Pidgeotto sprang into action before Misty could respond. Her wings glimmered with increased intensity, as they slammed the Starmie across the front sharply. The Starmie made slight cry of pain as it touched the gem on its chest like a person would touch their lips after a punch to check if it was cracked.

The attack, however, did have a consequence; the power of the attack caused a small wave to send Brute to the edge, and this time he didn't get his balance back in time thus causing him to stumble into the water. The Nidorino struggled as the water began to surge at him from all directions. Slowly, the water was getting the better of him.

Paul's eyes widened as the Pokémon sank, no matter how hard he thrashed. “WHAT THE HELL!” It was probably the same train of thought going through Brute’s head as he sank deeper and deeper into the water.

Breona gritted her beak, knowing the consequences for the attack. <I’ll get him.> She proclaimed. She flew into the air to get a better view of the Pokémon below the depths. She dove within the water to effortless pull him back up to the surface like a person would do for the Coast Guard. Though he squirted out a stream of water from his mouth that he accidentally swallowed, he had managed to faint underwater. His eyes seemed slightly glazed. He was definitely out of it right now.

Unable to believe what had occurred, the boy returned him and threw out the other ball. From it, came Scarlei. Even as a Roselia now, Scarlei appeared nothing more than menacing. The flowers at the ends of his skinny arms seemed to respect the dead. His master glared over at his partner. “Why did your Pidgeotto do that?” he growled dangerously.

The sweat on the redhead’s brow dropped. “I don’t know... And I was trying to think of a move for her to use,” she found herself without a clear excuse.

Misty sighed, shaking her head. “Enough chat, you two,” she demanded. “We're in a battle, so let's finish this seriously. Staryu, Swift on Roselia. Starmie, Rapid Spin to the Pidgeotto. Go!”

On command, the Staryu unleashed a barrage of glowing stars headed for the bird. Its bigger form loosened the back part of its body, and used it to propel itself into the air, twirling quickly at Breona. Paul was again the first to issue orders. “Scarlei, Protect.”

A thin black shield shimmered before Scarlei’s body, easily deflecting the attack. During this, Josephine stared determinedly at the approaching star. Pointing at it, she shouted, “Gust!” She had to admit that she was slightly unsure about the order. The spinning of the star might cut easily through the air. Breona on the other hand was more than sure that she could handle the situation.

Without hesitation, she began flapping her wings harder and harder forcing the star back. The Leader gasped at the sight. The girl grinned. “Great! Keep up the good work.”

Breona gave a powerful war cry as she began to flap her wings with increasing power. The star began losing its intensity to fly backwards. However, Rapid Spin was still in effect, giving it the ability to catch itself before any damage could be done. Josephine snapped her fingers at the sight.

“Good thinking, Josephine,” Misty complimented, “but it's not enough. Psychic, Starmie!”

The gem in the core began to glow a bright violet, as well as Breona, whose eyes bugged out in surprise. She was trapped in the air just when pulses from the jewel travelled to her with power. Even Paul couldn't help but stare at the affects of the attack. Breona, when released, plummeted to the tile underneath her almost like a downed jet. She staggered to her talons, swaying from loss of inner balance. She couldn't keep the opponent in sight clearly. <What... is... this?> she moaned.

“Oh, no! She’s confused!” the trainer groaned, holding her head. “But how...” she relayed to herself. From her knowledge, Psychic couldn’t confuse Pokémon.

“Looks like you didn’t see that my Starmie mixed Confuse Ray with that,” Misty smiled. Josephine however did not.

<Order an attack...> Scarlei spat.

“Staryu, Swift again!” Misty shouted. Since Paul wasn’t going to make a move, she was.

<Hya-a-a! You won’t get away this time!>

From the core of the Staryu came the stars once more. Scarlei soon took matters in his own hand to put the layer of Protect on again. This time it failed, shattering effortless in his face allow the stars to scrape against his face. The stars caused the Roselia to skid across the circular floating tile.

<Make... a... move!> Scarlei commanded. At times like this, Paul forgot that he was the trainer. He snapped himself back to focus.

“Scarlei, Magical Leaf...” Paul called out when he was sure the Swift wasn’t hitting his Pokémon anymore.

<About time...>

Scarlei’s two roses began to emit a bizarre light before shooting waves of small black leaves. The swarmed together forming a maelstrom of leaves to block the remaining stars as well as counter attack his opponent. The Staryu’s and Roselia’s leaf and star struggle continued. The more leaves Scarlei would send, the more stars Staryu would spew out of its core. It was a stalemate now. Josephine saw this struggle as a chance.

“Paul, give me cover.”


Breona collected herself and shook her head swiftly, looking over at her mistress. <Give me the order.>

Pointing at the star getting up, she shouted, “Vital Throw!” Even a Gym Leader couldn’t expect this attack, Josephine was certain. She was taught this move... and the only Pidgeotto to ever have this attack.

Spotting the Staryu, she nodded. <My pleasure...>

With the cover from Scarlei’s petals, she swerved closer and closer to the star before grabbing one of its appendages with her beak. She wrapped her wings around the star after flying it into the air. Breona clutched tightly on the Staryu as she brought herself as well as her opponent down to the tile floor with vigorous strength. The impact made a small wave that splashed against Misty as she viewed her now fainted Pokémon. The light on Staryu’s chest dimmed as it fell limp.

Though one normally would be upset at the fainting of a Pokémon, Misty only smiled, and returned it. “Good job, Staryu,” she told it, before pocketing it. “`Kay, Starmie, Psybeam!”

Once again, the jewel on its body emitted a bright purple glow before it shot pulses from the middle. Rings of light raced for the Pidgeotto, who was still recovering from her Vital Toss. The attack struck her cleanly and she passed out from the energy. “I understand... Breona.” Josephine returned her in a beam of red energy, staring at the Poké Ball. “Well, there’s always next time.” Pocketing it, she pulled out Riley’s ball and threw it to the centre. The thunder cat appeared next to Scarlei, who seemed to give her a glare from the corner of its eye.

“Three-way tie, I’m impressed,” the Leader said, grinning. “This should declare the winner.”

“You’re on, Misty!” the girl cried out. “Riley, Thundershock it!”

<Whatever you say,> she replied, fur sparking with electricity. Scarlei patiently watched as the sparks of lightning began to crackling from the black silk on his partner’s body.

“Quick, Starmie, Light Screen!” At Misty’s command, the Starmie created a new layer of thin light to protect herself from the oncoming attack. If that attack was full power, it would faint her without question. When Riley’s attack fully hit, the blanket of light protected it. Even Riley couldn’t help to grunt alone with her mistress in annoyance.

“Well, scratch the Electric attacks, then,” Josephine sighed.

“Scarlei, Poison Jab...” Paul spoke coolly with his eyes fixated on Starmie. If special attacks were going to work, physical should do the trick.

<You should have said that earlier...>

After making that wise remark, Scarlei dashed across the water. The move next surprised Josephine, Misty, and even Paul alike. His Pokémon used his natural light weight to skip across the water like a rock skipping against a lake’s surface. He secured his place on Starmie’s tiles before unleashing a flurry of jabs with his arms. The Starmie frantically dodged the attacks, praying that one of the petals won’t touch its purple body.

“Starmie, Water Pulse!” Misty thought quickly. She couldn’t afford to be poisoned or even hit by Scarlei’s attack this late in the battle.

Starmie avoided one final attack from the Roselia before retreating to the water’s surface, levitated on top of the water, and rapidly began to spin around. It moved at speeds which created waves that rocked the pads in the disturbance. The two trainers fell to their knees and began hanging on, their Pokémon losing their balance quickly. The Starmie then paused facing them. There was a time where only the waves of the water could be heard before it shot itself into the waves.

The impact caused it to form a chain of surf rush at them, slamming into the Pokémon with such force, they were soaked as the pad spun from the angle it hit them, and made Riley dizzy. Scarlei thinking ahead, planted his roots within the tile that was once Starmie’s. He soon found an opportunity, a slight portion when the Starmie moved, to make his move. He calculated the movement and slammed his rose fist into the Starmie’s chest. The hit made the Starmie stumble back, but held its ground.

Josephine was confused on whether Riley was confused or not. “Are you able to continue, Riley?” she asked worriedly.

<Ehh… too dizzy…>

Misty smiled, seeing this as her chance. “All right, then. Starmie, give me another Water Pulse.”

It began to repeat the manoeuvre once again, the waves rocking the pads to keep her at bay. “Come on, Riley! Get up! You need to dodge this attack!”

Paul glanced over at the girl. He saw the panic in her eyes, and somehow felt pity for her. She had always been good with battling, but there were times when an attack got her struggling to keep the Pokémon in battle. She would shut down and be unable to recover to counter back depending on the situation. Back then, he would make fun of her and constantly brag about being the best. Watching her now, he felt a sudden urge to help. That’s how double-battles go anyway, right? Returning his attention to the battle, he exclaimed, “Scarlei, now!”

A sinister smile crept up Scarlei’s face. He turned around to see Riley unable to move about by herself. Unknowingly to the Starmie, the Roselia had cleverly placed a Leech Seed within the core of the star’s chest that could be launched anytime. The vines of the Leech Seed suddenly spread across the body of the Starmie stopping the attack. It was definitely his ace in the hold, then why did he use it to protect her? Paul... she thought.

Josephine was confused at the sudden defence, slowly looking over at Paul for answers. He flipped his bangs, looking over at her. “What? You are going to thank me, or pay attention to the fight?” He said that with a smile. One that he couldn’t mask with his cocky coating that he normally gave to his rival. Josephine was probably was more stunned about the smile than he actually helping her.

She quickly shook her mind free of the bewilderment. Nodding, she turned back to the field, noticing Riley slowly standing. “Thunder Fang, Riley!”

The thunder cat shook her head free of dizziness and pounced on Starmie. She proceeded to bite down on an appendage, but Misty ordered a Water Gun attack at the last moment. Riley subsequently received mouthful of water. She was blasted into the air, but flipped over to land on her feet by Scarlei. <Well, it was refreshing, but a bit harsh,> she remarked, smacking her lips.

<It isn’t some summer treat...> Scarlei spoke harshly. <You could have been damaged if the attack was timed correctly.>

<You’re definitely no fun to be around.>

Paul glanced over at his partner, a small smile on his face. “Ready to give it another shot?” he queried.

The girl nodded. “Whatever you say.”

They faced their respective Pokémon, calling them by name.

“Scarlei, Magical Leaf!”

“Thundershock, Riley! Go!”

Scarlei spun around to create a storm of the black leaves coated in multicoloured aura while the Luxio sent a power-outage from her static fur at the same time. The two attacks formed into a larger pillar of leaves and electricity. Both Misty and the Starmie eyed the attack. There was no way to dodge it. With the property of Magical Leaves accuracy and the charge of the Thundershock this made this attack unavoidable.

Even if she were to submerge Starmie into the water, it would conduct the electricity. That would same logic could apply to the tiles as well, considering how damp tile was, it wasn’t going to last long either way. All she could do is watch now as the attack struck the Starmie squarely in the middle. The blast sent it flying back into the wall behind Misty, and slid to the floor. The gem blinked in alarm, signalling its defeat.

<Match finished...> Scarlei turned away.

<We won!> Riley praised herself, as well as her partners and of course her trainer.

Paul and Josephine turn towards each other. At this time, they shared a look of respect for each other. The both of them took this time to acknowledge each other skills. Of course, that cocky smile was on Paul’s face. However, Josephine liked it - almost. They quickly snapped their attention away from each other to view the Gym Leader.

The Leader returned Starmie to its ball, and she gazed upon it brightly. “You were awesome,” she whispered to it. “Have a good rest.” She turned around to face the victors, and couldn’t help but grin. “Congratulations, trainers! You have defeated I, Misty, in a Gym battle. You are now one badge closer to the Pokémon League at Indigo Plateau. If you’ll come back to land, I’ll hand you your badges.” With that, she hopped back onto the tiled floor.

One by one, the two teenagers avoided falling back in the water by jumping out of the pool. They returned their companions into their Poké Balls, and walked over to Misty. With a smile, she held out the two badges, and the trainers thanked her. Josephine gazed at the water droplet with pride, while Paul placed it in his badge case. “I enjoyed our battle, Misty,” he told her, giving her a thumbs up.

“So did I. I really didn’t think you were that powerful.”

“What, the rescue wasn’t enough?”

“What rescue?” Josephine piped up, looking away from her prize.

Misty answered it. “I was attacked by a Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee owned by two creeps. I don’t really understand why they did, but it was lucky of me to be found by Paul here.” At the mention of the finding, he blushed in embarrassment, looking away. She giggled. “He saved my life. I wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t walking by.”

Josephine noticed the pink on his face again, but shrugged it off. “Well, aren’t I glad he did? He’s a good kid at heart, no matter what he does.”

“Stop torturing me,” he begged.

“I thought that’s what rivals do,” she pointed out, poking his cheek.

“You’re not my rival.”

“I thought I was!”

“No one is.”

The redhead tomboy sighed, sweat-dropping. “I hope to see you two, again. I really appreciate your company.”

“We might be coming back one day sooner or later,” the redhead trainer said, thinking about how the routes were going. “There’s always that possibility we may have to turn around for the Rock Tunnel.”

“Wow, Josephine, you really do know your directions,” Paul remarked dryly.

“Well, if you do happen to return, give me a call, okay?” Misty wrote down her number on two slips of paper, handing them to each teen. The boy felt relieved he didn’t have to ask her for it in secret. “I’d like to show you around some more, if you want.”

“Gee, thanks, Misty,” the auburn-haired teen thanked her, shaking her hand.

She grinned. “Anytime! I love to help new friends. It’s… in my nature.”

He stared into her eyes one last time, eyes that also looked back at him. Her hands were behind her back, the angelic smile shining the light onto her face. He hoped they were returning; he still wanted to continue knowing the tomboy in front of him. Maybe even ask her out before they would head off again. Then he’d be able to stroke her hair at that time, and hold her in his arms…

“Hello-o-o, Paul?” Josephine’s voice interrupted his thoughts. She waved her hand in front of his face. “You’re breaking up.”

“I am not.”

“Well, I’m getting ready to go. Wanna come?”

“No, you go ahead. I might catch up.”

She looked between the two, and again got very suspicious, narrowing her eyes at them. “Okay… but don’t be too long. I want to kick your butt within the next few days, or so. Got that?”

Paul shrugged, smirking at her. “Whatever you want. You got yourself a challenge.”

Thanking Misty once again, Josephine exited the Gym. She glanced up at the sky, shielding her face from the late afternoon sun. Checking her watch, she found it to be thirty minutes after arriving at the Gym. She sighed, dropping her eyes. She didn’t feel happy. Having seen the look in his eyes and even the pink on his face, she knew there was something going on.

She didn’t really know the feeling very well, but whatever it was, she felt slightly jealous, which didn’t make sense if he hated her guts. Even so, she didn’t make heads or tails of what was going on. The words she muttered under her breath didn’t sound like her, but she didn’t care. It was all she focused on. “I’ll get you for this, Misty. Somehow, someway, I’ll make you pay…”

“What are you saying, Josephine?” a voice of familiarity inquired from nearby.

She looked up quickly, and spotted Rachel walking up to her, her lavender-hair still up in the ponytail she last saw her in, and even in the jumper. “Oh, Rachel! Uh… nothing. I’m just waiting for Paul to come out.” At the words, the said person exited the Gym, a grin on his face. She sweat-dropped. “See? Paul, I’ve been waiting out here for far too long. What took you forever?”

He blinked, confused. “What’re you talking about?”

“Never mind. This is Rachel, whom I ran into back in Viridian City.”

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December 13th, 2009, 5:11 PM
(continued from last post...)

The said girl smiled and waved at him. “Hello, Paul. Nice to meet you.”

He shrugged. “Same here. What time is it, Josephine?”

“Three o’clock.”

Paul turned his back on the girls, waving an arm lazily. “I’m gone. See ya, loser.”

“Hey, that’s no way to treat a girl!” Rachel snapped, glaring at him. “Now come back here and say good-bye like a normal person!”

The redhead shook her head, glaring after him. “Forget it, Rachel, he won’t listen.”

“I’d listen to her if I were you,” the boy called back behind his shoulder, smirking in an unpleasant way. “Actually, I wouldn’t if I was you.”

She scowled, gritting her teeth. “Oh, yeah, well, I wouldn’t want to be you!”

Josephine placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking her head again. “Don’t get him angry, right now,” she warned her, even though Paul was already disappearing into a crowd.

“What is wrong with him?” she grumbled. “He’s such a jerk.”

She agreed. “Yeah… but you haven’t known him all your life.”

“You know the guy?”

“Come on, I’ll explain later. Right now, I need to heal my Pokémon and maybe go train some more. Or…” She gave a grin, thinking up an idea. “…we could have a friendly battle.”

Rachel got into a stance of readiness, already boring her eyes into her for a challenge. “I am so ready for that right now. Go heal your Pokémon, Josephine! We’re having a battle right here, right now! I thought you’d never ask!”

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December 16th, 2009, 5:29 PM
Part 3: The War Foretold

The reflections of the battle were still within Paul's mind. He wondered to himself why he allowed his Roselia to help Josephine's Pokémon, even though they didn't like each other. The last time he had fought together with her, they argued so much, they failed the double-battle test, the only method they didn't do so well in. Since that day, they vowed never to participate in a double-battle as partners again. But today, they had no choice. It was teaming up, or lose the badge. Of course, he could've lost on purpose to fight Misty alone by himself, but he didn't. It was the strangest thing.

The teenager sighed, running his fingers through his hair. He had decided to travel out of the city for a thought or two to ponder on. He found a secluded place that still had the buildings in sight, but he wouldn’t be seen. He leaned up against a wired fence post, folding his arms and staring over at the city. “Of all the battle methods in the world, why couldn't we work together once before?”

<Humans are different in many ways when it comes to pride,> Mewtwo’s harsh voice echoed in his head.

Paul glanced over quickly, eyes glowering sharply at the figure levitating before him. He was very tall in stature, complete in the figure of a feline. The fur was of very pale lavender, the belly and tail deeper in shade of purple. If it wasn't for the tail, the boy noted, he would've mistaken him as a humanoid creature. He indeed had a human shape to him, in the bony arms and leg muscles; however, he only had three fingers on each hand, tipped with a knob-like extension, and two toes on each foot.

The chest was like armour, most likely to protect the ribs from powerful blows. The ears looked more like horns, in his opinion, and the nose was only noticeable from the nostrils. His mouth was in a straight line of impatience, like how he saw it with Rachel. The eyes were the most interesting feature. The sternness of his gaze made Paul shiver, and the intensity of the amethyst irises were clearly seen with a glint, even in the setting sun.

Mewtwo folded his arms, raising an eye-ridge. <You look confident in yourself,> he pointed out.

He wondered how Mewtwo was able to speak without moving his mouth. This was very peculiar compared to his Pokémon. “Maybe I am, maybe I'm not,” he stated seriously.

The super-clone seemed to smirk. <I'm liking your answer, here. However, it won't help you further along in your travels. You best be better off being truthful instead of leaving others hanging like that. Now, I'll mention it again: You look confident in yourself.>

Paul looked around the area he was in. There wasn't a citizen in sight of where he was to witness the strange sight. It wasn't like others went near wired fences on the outskirts of town anyway. He made eye-contact again. “You might say that.”

<But you aren't, are you?>

“Oh, I am. I'm only hesitating because of someone I don't wish to talk about.”

<Ah, the girl, huh? Yes, she is one not worth mentioning. But I'm not here to have a chat, or even make acquaintances.>

“Then why are you here?” the teenager wondered.

The feline landed, still staring down at him. Raising a hand, Mewtwo replied, <I'm here to give you a warning. You better be keeping your eyes open, especially on the girl.>

“Why? I don't even like her, let alone think of her as a rival.”

<Your brash nature will get you in trouble one day, boy,> Mewtwo snapped, his gaze sharp. <It's about time to think of everyone as your rival. The world is a dangerous place to be in, and doesn't appreciate it if you snap at it with your remarks. Now listen here: You better start becoming friends with the girl.>

Paul sneered. “Why? She's not even fit to be my rival.”

<Hold your tongue!> Mewtwo swung his paw swiftly with a flick, smacking Paul in the face. The boy could feel the heated imprint of the limb, and he glared up at the feline. <You better change that attitude of yours, or you'll wish she is.>

Raising an eyebrow, he cried out, “Who do you think you are giving me orders like that? I'll have you know it's not my fault I got this attitude.”

Again, Mewtwo slapped him again, only harder. His eyes pierced coldly into the fourteen-year-old’s own. <You need discipline to straighten it out,> he growled. <As I was saying, the time will come when you wish you were friends with the girl. I don't understand myself why I'm telling you this, but I'm merciful enough to give you a chance to have memories. Normally, I'd be telling you to loathe her with your soul, but I'm in enough trouble already.>

“What're you talking about?” Paul inquired.

<You will know in due time! The time will come when you understand the reason behind this.> Arms folded, the feline rose softly into the air, still glaring down at him. <Keep your eyes peeled. I will return when you least expect it.>

“Then why ask me to keep watch over my surroundings?” he asked harshly.

Mewtwo’s eyes narrowed. <You'll let your guard down sooner or later, boy. If you wish to keep me at bay, then straighten up and act more mature. The world will eat you up, and you'll be lucky enough to be spat out for a second chance to redeem yourself. The war will begin sooner than you expect. This is your only warning.> In a bright light of sky-blue, the feline disappeared within a second. Paul stared up at the place Mewtwo was in, scrunching his eyebrows in thought.

His only warning? Keeping the thing at bay? Friends with Josephine? The war will begin sooner than he expected? What did Mewtwo mean? Shaking his head free from the haunting words, he turned back around for Cerulean City. He needed to sleep it off.


It was late before Josephine decided to turn in for the night. The teen had had an encounter with Prince Arthur, the royal runaway whom Rachel had met in Viridian, and instantly fell in love with him. Josephine knew then that her feelings for Paul had lessened significantly; fair’s fair, after all. Paul had fallen for Misty, so why couldn’t she fall for Arthur?

She and Rachel had a friendly battle that was broken up because fighting wasn’t allowed on the streets. Deciding they were better off not trying to make a rivalry, they talked a little bit about what had happened, and allowed their Pokémon to converse. They shared the same room and bunk bed, and continued to chat even after lights-out (Josephine lost rights to the top bunk). Their companions were huddled together on the other bunk bed, and some were snoring softly. “What do you think is wrong with Paul?” Rachel quietly pondered, staring up at the ceiling.

Josephine was still brushing her hair, sitting cross-legged in her nightgown on her bed. “He's always been like that, since the day his dad left him and Cherry,” she explained. She looked at the floor, sighing. “We used to be friends. Then he turned into a jerk and we fought often. We couldn't even fight together without arguing over a stupid attack move. It's a wonder we even defeated Misty today.”

“Must've been interesting, huh?”

“Yeah... it was.” Stuffing her brush back into her bag, she crawled into her covers. She lay on her side, staring at the sleeping Pokémon. “You ever double-battled before?”

“Besides at school?” the lavender-haired girl wondered. “Nope. I hear it's amazing, though, especially with another person beside you. Apparently, it's to teach others to cooperate with each other, and even to protect one another. Many trainers end up liking the method, from what I heard. Did you know it originated in Hoenn to fight side-by-side? Kanto adopted it later on, but I'm not sure about Johto.”

“Well, if the Johto people discovered eggs first, then I'm sure they have double-battles, too.” Josephine smiled. “Why did you want to know about Paul?”

Rachel shrugged. “I thought maybe he was a jerk at heart. Guess he wasn't.”

The redhead nodded slowly, thinking back to the double-battle at the Gym. The way he ordered his Roselia to send Leech Seed the Starmie was almost a change of heart. She needed to repay him, it seemed. As much as she hated him, it's best to back him up when the time came. “Good night, Rachel.”

“Oh, good, I thought you'd never mention it!” the girl sighed in relief, making Josephine sweat-drop. “Good night!”

With a deep breath, she closed her eyes, dreaming about returning home successfully, and with wonderful memories.



The digital clock on the dresser barely read two before a rosy light appeared in the dark room. The shape faded into the small, pink cat, levitating above the bunk beds. Mew turned her head to the beds the girls were sleeping on, and flew down to the bottom. The girl was fast asleep, breathing slow and even, her red hair and angelic face shining in the little moonlight there was in the room. She seemed at peace. Glancing behind her shoulder to make sure the Pokémon were asleep, the feline reached out a tiny paw, placing it gently on the forehead, closing her eyes.

The darkness altered to a small town, clear blue skies above and green trees flourished. Pidgey cooed as they flew, and an occasional Rattata dug up someone's garden. Many people walked or rode on bikes, knowing each one by name and friends with another. The houses were of wood, or bricks in the new subdivisions, the largest belonging to a lab that could only belong to the Professor. Mew recognized this as Pallet Town, as she sometimes flew over in her travels. She had been transported to one of the brick houses, beautifully kept neat and the garden blooming. Over the door, a welcome banner was tacked up, with red, curvy letters exclaiming “Welcome Home” to whoever came home.

The door opened before the cat could move, and Josephine exited, looking up at the sky. She slightly turned her head to tell some persons she'd be back, and walked down the pathway. Her hair was put up in a ponytail, and she was in a long, white dress; Mew almost didn't recognize her in the attire. Quietly, she flew up to the girl's vision, and peered at her bright, light eyes. Josephine gasped at the sight of her, blinking rapidly. “Oh, my goodness, aren't you a cute little thing,” she breathed.

<That's what they all say,> Mew giggled, smiling at her.

The girl backed away. “You can talk! And I mean with telepathy!”

She nodded. <I've been watching you for a while, Josephine. And I must say your skills have been growing.>

“You saw me at the Indigo Plateau then, huh? I almost beat the Champion with Breona, but he had the advantage.” She shrugged. “At least my family cheered me on all the way.”

Remember, this is a dream, the cat reminded herself. Try not to ruin it too much. <Well, I came by on behalf of congratulating you, and to help warn you.>

The redhead tilted her head, eyebrow raised. “What do you mean by ‘warning’?”

The cat flew in loops around her a few times, a habit of hers to check a person out. She made sure there wasn’t any form of recording device on her before pausing again in front of her. <There are people willing to hurt you to keep you from being what you are destined to be.>

“Of course,” she agreed. “People want to be the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. They can kill for that title.”

<Not that, dear.> Gently, she took her hand into her tiny paws. Josephine never knew how soft the touch could feel with any Pokémon. Mew smiled, as her paws glowed a soft pink, surrounding the girl in an aura.

<You were Chosen to fulfil the destiny needed to keep the world safe from harm. As legend states, the Legendaries will start clashing against Team Rocket to protect the region. Only one side will come out the victor, but it may be delayed for a little while longer because of you. However… if the fight does happen, and the Legendary who chose you falls, so will you. It’s important that survival is the key.>

“Wait, back up!” she cried out, eyes showing signs of fear. “There’s going to be a war to protect Kanto? What?”

<I wish I had more authority to tell you, but I can’t. There’s not much time left. I sense him near us.>

“Who’s near? Why can’t you tell me?”

The smile on Mew’s face became more of sorrow than her usual joy. <In due time, dear. For now, take care.> She closed her cyan eyes and touched her fingers to the back of the girl’s hand. Josephine gasped as a bright light illuminated from the hand and filled her vision. When it faded, she was lying awake in her room, staring up at the top bunk in shock.

What was Mew talking about, and why did she suddenly appear like that? And what legend? Nothing was making sense, and it was beginning to hurt her head thinking about it. Sighing, Josephine turned around to face the wall to try and fall asleep again. Her sleep was deep, but dreamless, with nothing but black for the rest of the night.


With Sinnoh being slowly rebuilt, none of the eight major cities were liveable yet. This was the main reason why the Sinnohian Gym Leaders and Elite Four had had to migrate to Kanto and live there until each of their hometowns were able to be inhabited again.

Volkner Electro, the former Sunyshore Gym Leader, stood in the centre of Vermillion. He felt not only restless, but sensed a dark aura settling over the city. The former Leader had spiky, deep coloured blonde hair, sharp blue eyes, and fair skin. His face was clean cut, but still appeared to be rough and dangerous. Volkner’s eyes always appeared to be calculating, as though he was thinking of war tactics as he walked. He was a well built man from his days in the military. But, the most defining feature was that broad frown that reached across the entire length of his face. Volkner’s frown and his calculating eyes often lead people to wonder if he was a kind person or not. What could be answered was that he was Volkner Electro, formerly of the Sunyshore Gym and the cousin of Charles Ryder Harris.

Because of his accident, Charles had had to retire from the life of a trainer, but he constantly dressed casually. Volkner, however, always wore a black, short-sleeved v-neck short. On top of it was his long-sleeved blue over-shirt with six yellow buttons, three on each arm. Long grey trousers covered his light brown shoes, which left people guessing what coloured socks he had on.

Something caught Volkner’s eye and he turned to look at the fleeing figure. It was a black-clad Team Rocket grunt. The Sinnohian Electric type master exhaled heavily, for he wanted to dismiss the person as not being worth his time, but knew he had to apprehend the grunt.

He released his Electivire, who sped towards the criminal after using Thunderbolt on himself. The Electric type grabbed the grunt and held him as Volkner approached. “So you’re part of the resurrected Team Rocket I keep hearing about. What business do you have in Vermillion?” the Leader barked.

There was no response from the Rocket grunt. Volkner looked at his Pokémon, then at the lawbreaker, before sighing in disappointment. He would be getting nothing from this felon, the grunt was dead. A trickle of some kind of liquid slid down his face. Hmph, the Leader snorted. He was a clever one. Had a fast-acting poison of some sort in his mouth. As soon as Electivire touched him, he swallowed it.

December 21st, 2009, 6:14 PM
Haven't been here a while. It's very good, your writing. You're starting to ease into it more. However I thought Celebi was with Paul why would Mewtwo give the warning.

Legendarian Mistress
December 21st, 2009, 6:19 PM


is Paul's Chosen Legendary. Celebi is Katie's.

Legendarian Mistress
December 22nd, 2009, 4:30 PM
A/N: This chapter is specifically rated M because of the scene where Sandmaul nearly kills Juri. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 7: Kingpin’s Departure, Clouds of War a Brewin’

The Harwood clan, otherwise now known as the Harris’, had some very interesting relatives. Volkner Electro, Charles’ cousin, was Rowan, Josephine and Natalie’s uncle. Eleanor, the former queen of Sinnoh and now residing head monarch of Saffron Castle, was Josephine’s father’s cousin. In addition to that, Prince Arthur — Josephine’s new lover — was her cousin.


With Josephine the second of the quartet to be notified by their Chosen legendary for the predicted war to protect Kanto, and with the other two not knowing yet – as Paul and Josephine had thought it was best that they learn in their own time – the five trainers were completely unaware for what waited for them outside of the Pokémon Centre.

Two black clad Team Rocket grunts pounced on Josephine, shoving the other four aside, while a third grunt quickly gagged the red-haired teen and hauled her onto his shoulder. A Houndoom appeared from behind one of the grunts and released a Smog attack, covering their escape. Paul, Rachel, Katie and Arthur covered their mouths, but it was too late and when the poisonous smoke had cleared, the grunts, Josephine and the Houndoom had vanished.

Between fits of coughing, Rachel hastily called upon her Aerodactyl, Aeroc. The ancient creature circled once and landed beside his trainer. <What’s the matter, Rachel?> the grey skinned dinosaur asked, after folding his wings and screeching loudly. All the while, his massive head looked at his surroundings.

“It’s Josephine,” Rachel said, getting to the point. “She’s been kidnapped by Team Rocket. I need you to see if you can find out which way they were headed.”

As the male Aerodactyl flew into the air and went in a random direction to begin his search, the four teens ran towards Nugget Bridge and Route 24, when Paul noticed something move in the corner of his eye. “You go ahead,” he told the other three. “I’ll be there in a minute.”


Juri’s desire to protect his mistress from these evil people was so incredibly strong, that it caused his evolution. As Arkbull’s Dark Beam attack hit home, the male Sandshrew was unable to avoid the onslaught. When the energy faded... a glowing figure stood in the middle of the path. His claws were bigger and sharper, the spines on his back were coloured brown and sharp enough to puncture a tyre.

“SLASH!!” The Pokémon growled fiercely, swiping the air with his claws.

“Whoohoo Juri! Go, get them! SLASH ATTACK NOW!!” Josephine yelled, ecstatic that her Sandshrew had finally evolved.

<You may have evolved,> Arkbull began in a haughty tone, <but let’s see how well you do against my companion here. Sandmaul, you have my full permission to end this pathetic, inferior being’s life. Proceed as you will.>

“Mauulllll,” the Ground and Steel type released a drawn-out, twisted cry of glee. The hulking shrew stepped forward, rubbing his steely claws together as his scorpion-like tail arched itself in anticipation of a looming bloodbath.

Thinking that he could still get in the first strike, Juri hurried forward, only to be met with pain as Sandmaul’s tail moved at lightning speed and left a big gash in his right shoulder.

<AARRGGHH!!!!!!> Juri yelled, as the pain seared through him like a white hot knife, causing him to stagger backwards. Pools of the red liquid trickled quickly down his sandy coloured scales.

He recalled now, he remembered who had killed his parents.

It was this hulking monstrosity of a shrew who had slaughtered his loved ones. “Well,” Juri thought, grimacing in pain. “One of these days, Sandmaul will be condemned by a Pokémon higher up. But even after that happens, there’s nothing neither I nor anyone else can do to bring back my parents.”

Even as his Sandslash parents lay dying from severe loss of blood, his Sandshrew self wept openly at the brutality of the attack. Some minutes later, with her mate already having passed on, Juri’s mother knew her time was also coming and, in her last moments alive, said this to her male offspring: <Son, be strong. Believe that you’ll win against him one day and, no matter what happens, be loyal to whoever captures you.>

Those were her last words, and the light in her eyes faded as she drew her last breath. The young male Sandshrew was utterly devastated by the deaths of his parents, that he forgot the advice his mother had given him and withdrew into himself, turning into a cold and distant creature.

It was not long after that that he burrowed up to the surface of Route 1 and a red-haired female engaged him in battle against her Shinx, Riley. Still grieving from the murders of his parents, and then being captured had proven too much for him. He shut down almost completely.

But things slowly became brighter for him. He learned that Breona liked to take it easy when not being military-like, Riley was cheeky and Kingpin was happy-go-lucky.

How he could allow the other Pokémon to like him? He would have to become more sociable, he knew that for sure. It would be a difficult task, but he was up to the challenge.

<I remember you.> Up until now, Sandmaul had never spoken; but, now that he had, it was clear that his voice had been affected by his evolution from Sandslash. It was a husky, rasping tone of voice. <You’re that pathetic Sandshrew who wept for his parents, aren’t you?>

<You... murderer...> was all that Juri could say at first. <WHY DID YOU DO IT?!> He yelled.

Sandmaul paused momentarily and chose not to answer, but then continued attacking. His steel grey claws struck repeatedly at the recently evolved Sandslash’s chest. More blood spurted out and Juri felt his life ebbing away. Just then, a beam of red struck him and he was recalled into his containment sphere.

At the exact same time, a somewhat hoarse voice called out: “Battle? This is no battle! THIS is a bloodbath! Sandmaul, fall back AT ONCE!”

A middle-aged woman walked up to the previously battling Pokémon. Glaring at the Ground and Steel type, who was reluctant to give in, she watched as the steely claws fell to the shrew’s sides and the lethal tail lowered itself slightly.

The woman was dressed in her white long-sleeved uniform adorned with a cold geometric pattern that embellished an R-shape on her front, the collar scraping gently below her rather gaunt jaw.

“Why are you doing this?” Josephine asked of the woman.

Pretending as though she hadn’t heard the teen, the woman continued glaring at Sandmaul.

However, Josephine was not to be put off that easily. “Why are you doing this?!” she repeated, having more confidence this time. “Are you a member of Team Rocket?”

Mentally sighing, knowing she had to get this over and done with, she turned to her. “Yes, I am.”

The fourteen-year-old redhead hesitated, her pause lengthening considerably. What was she going to tell her parents? After all of this time, Queen Eleanor was a member of Team Rocket… How could you, Your Majesty?! How the hell could you do that to us?! She pondered quickly.

“Commander Veisa!” one of the grunts straightened himself and saluted Eleanor. “She’s one of them! Look here!”

Alexander, an experienced criminal who seemed destined never to be promoted, had originally worked for Giovanni. After he permanently retired, the grunt was a key member who had instigated the search for Team Rocket’s new leader. Like most grunts, he wore a black business shirt and black denim trousers. A black cap adorned his head and he wore white gloves and white boots.

He grabbed Josephine and pulled her hand out to show one of his new boss’. “She’s a Chosen!!” he emphasized the last word.

Glancing briefly at the tattoo that Mew had imprinted on the girl’s right hand, Eleanor dismissed it, saying, “Lock her up with the others!”

Like most grunts, he showed contempt as he started to drag Josephine away, but the sound of crashing glass distracted everyone. A loud screech split the air, causing the Rocket members – even Eleanor herself – to look skywards as an Aerodactyl swooped through the shattered warehouse window, with Rachel and Paul on his back. Katie and Arthur clung to the ancient dinosaur’s talons.

“Leave her alone!” Paul yelled, as the cocky teen jumped from Aeroc’s back and landed in a crouch. His right hand quickly swiped three Poké Balls from his belt and enlarged them so quickly, that it was hard to see.

Katie and Arthur hit the ground with a thud a few seconds after Paul and immediately brought out their Pokémon as well. At that exact moment, Rachel landed and hopped off her flier. Releasing Laverne and Maverick, after Josephine called upon Riley, Breona, Kingpin and Wisteria, the Pokémon numbering nineteen lined up against Team Rocket. Scarlei, Brute and his newest companion, Drake the Dratini, had joined the fray after Rachel had hopped down off Aerodactyl.

Eleanor calculated her chances. Nineteen against two final evolved forms? Hmm, not good odds. I better back down and retreat.

“Alexander, leave her. RETREAT!” she yelled, hearing the wail of police sirens coming ever closer.

As the gathered Rockets ran everywhere, Prince Arthur felt betrayed as he watched his mother — who he now knew was the enemy — flee the confrontation.

A few minutes later, still in the abandoned warehouse...

“So…” Arthur gave the kind of smirk to the auburn-haired boy that could only be achieved by him. Paul winced at the thought of what he might say. “I see how you look at her.”

“W-what…?” Paul’s speech became equal to that of a person with marbles in his mouth. “What are you talking about?”

Arthur’s eyes squinted as he walked around Paul in a circular motion. Paul followed the movements as best as he could with a look of his own. What was he getting at? What exactly was he getting at? He could feel his heart pound with the simultaneous footsteps of Arthur. Thump, thump, pause… thump, thump, pause. He hated when someone beat around the bush. This was one of those times. He cracked his fingers.

“Just get out what you want to say?!” Paul shouted, clenching his fist to maintain that tough tone.

“Oooh, I know,” Arthur smiled, Paul didn’t. “Don’t say you like….”

“Shut up!” Paul roared, swinging a fist towards Arthur who dodged it effortlessly.

“You like her, don’t you? YOU liked or like JOSESPHINE!” Arthur roared into laughter.

The more Paul threw punches, the more that Arthur laughed. Paul’s face had now turned this crimson colour across the bridge of his nose. He was obviously caught in the act. All he could do was salvage his dignity. Even the dignity was a far off dream now. He was embarrassing himself further as he threw more and more punches.

“I don’t like that loser!” he shouted.

“That doesn’t convince me,” Arthur’s smile grew broader. “Little old Paul has a crush. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I DON’T LIKE HER! She is impatient, rude, and the WORST BATTLER IN EXISTENCE.”

“Sure she is…” Arthur folded his arms.

“It’s true!” Paul roared, trying to now push Arthur, but the royal runaway dodged effortlessly.

“Come on, Paul…” Arthur knelt down to him. After missing that push, Paul had crashed into the ground and didn’t get up. Arthur gave his hand to help him up.

The redness on Paul’s face hadn’t faded, thus causing Arthur’s smile to form a chuckle. Arthur’s grip on Paul’s hand slipped, causing him to slip on his rear and crash back onto the ground. Paul grumbled as he got to his feet on his own.

“Sorry sorry…” Arthur said between his laughter. “My hand slipped…” That was the truth, but in fact it was his laughter that caused it to do so.

“You disgust me,” Paul snapped.

“Come on man… I was just joking. Take a joke,” Arthur smiled. “You’re much too young to be such a stiff.”

“You’re the same age!” Paul roared. “Besides I’m nothing like any of you!”

Paul stormed off leaving Arthur alone. He’s definitely a bit up tight. Arthur rubbed his chin as the teen stomped away from his previous location. Arthur laughed one more before continuing onward.


“Where is it?” Josephine screamed, throwing her map to the ground fifteen minutes later.

“Having trouble with directions, Josephine?” Paul asked, rolling his eyes at the same time. Aeroc bent down, picking up the map in his teeth and offered it to Josephine.

“Shut up, Paul,” Josephine said, grabbing the map from the Pokémon. “I just want to know where Bill's Sea Cottage is.”

Just then, a small, yellow Pokémon teleported in front of them and sat rather blandly on the ground. The head was shaped like a fox’s, but the eyes were closed, giving it the impression of being asleep. The torso, shoulders, hands and feet looked like they were armour, with the aforementioned torso and shoulders being brown. A long, thick tail came from underneath it, with a brown ring formed close to the tip.

“That's an Abra. Wait a minute; the face can't be an Abra. It looks too human...”

Josephine was correct. The Abra's face resembled a human face with buck teeth. “Oh well... it might be a new type of Abra. Let's get it Riley!”

As Riley approached the Pokémon, it shouted, <Hold on trainer! I'm human!!>

“But you're an Abra... aren't you?” Josephine was confused. “If you're really a human, why do you look like an Abra?”

<That's easy to explain. But first thing’s first,> the Pokémon began. <The name's Bill, designer of the Pokémon Storage System!>

“You're the Bill? The person who was the first to be able to create a transport system for Pokémon?” Josephine was amazed that a Pokémon could create all that.

<Did I not just say that?! Anyway, you're probably wondering how a Pokémon could make all that high-tech stuff?> Bill said, seeing the astonished look on Josephine's face. <You see, I was experimenting with my storage system at my house, and it started to malfunction. I went in one part of it and my Abra was in the other. Then it started to work again, but it fused me with my Abra.>

Josephine was trying to register everything Bill had just said, and then the 'download' was finally done.

“So why are you outside Bill?” Paul asked, beating his rival to the point.

<I seriously doubted anyone would be coming inside my place anytime soon, so I decided to go through my window to get some help,> Bill said with a serious look on his face. <But now, I finally have people to help me!! What’re your names?>

“I’m Josephine Harris and I come from Pallet Town,” Josephine introduced herself, and then pointed to Paul, Katie, Arthur and Rachel, who was visibly becoming annoyed; her annoyance clearly shown in her tapping foot.

“Paul Oak at your service,” the auburn-haired boy broke in. “Pallet-born as well, I might add.”

“I’m Rachel Savina, born of Pewter City.” The impatient and impulsive lavender-haired girl spoke hurriedly.

“Sinnohian-born, Kantonian-raised Prince Arthur here,” the prince stated.

“And I’m Pharaohonian-born, Johton-raised Katie Emerson,” the brunette with blonde foils established.

“So, could you tell us where your cottage is?” Paul questioned.

<Just follow me! I'll lead you straight to it!!> Bill said, smiling as best he could in his Abra's body. After a few minutes, Bill and the quartet plus Arthur were standing in front of Bill's Sea Cottage, which was surprisingly big.

<I keep a lot of the storage stuff in there, so I had to make a few modifications to this old house. Well, don't just stand there, come on in!!>

Paul opened the door for Bill to walk in, and the five trainers were amazed at what they saw inside. Old notebooks scattered about on the floor, boxes stacked on each other, every one of them filled with notes about the storage system and other mechanical devices that they assumed were part of the experiments Bill had.

Rachel gave Bill a surprised look, and Bill returned it with a frown. <What? Did you think I was the tidy type?>

“Alright Bill, what do you want us to do?” Josephine said, shrugging off all the mess.

<Well... I need two people to reverse the effects of my accident, and since I have to be in the machine, you're going to have to find someone to help you.> Bill said with a sad look on his face.

Josephine grumbled. Bill raised an eyebrow. “Oh, sorry about that Bill. I'm still angry at the fact I was lost, but forget about it. I don't care that it has to be Paul… after all, he’s got two arms…”

Bill was excited by the sight of Paul; it was almost as though he hadn’t seen the auburn-haired boy enter with the others. <Paul, my boy, how have you been? I'm glad that you finally made it. I was hoping you'd get here soon.>

“Bill?! Is that you? You sure have changed from when my godfather saw you,” Paul said, staring at him, getting in on the act as well. “The Professor said that you were crazy about Pokémon, but isn't turning yourself into one going a bit too far? Oh Josephine, I didn't see you there. What's up, loser?” Paul decided to act his usual cocky self for the last two sentences.

“You noticed me just fine Paul!” Josephine screamed angrily, not understanding that Bill and Paul were acting. Her reaction was to be returned with a sneer from her rival. “Besides, if I remember correctly... I was the one who beat you that last time at school.”

“Yeah, you did get lucky and beat me. I'll give you that,” Paul told Josephine, moving his right hand towards his belt and quickly removing a Poké Ball. “But how about a battle to show that last time was a fluke?”

<Hey! Come on now! Before there are any battles, would you two mind helping me regain my human form? Have your battle afterwards, okay?> Bill queried.

“Alright then Bill, what do the loser and I have to do?” Paul said, making Josephine glare at him.

<First, let me get into the right pod,> Bill said, jumping up to press a button on the pod. <This is where you and Josephine come in. Both of you have to go and pull down the levers, of both pods, at the same time. Got that?>

Josephine and Paul nodded.

<Alright then, get to it!> Bill said, as the hatch closed behind him. Josephine and Paul went to the levers and looked at each other.

“You ready Paul?” Josephine asked. Paul nodded.

“Okay, on three. One... two...”

“THREE!” Paul and Josephine both said, flipping the levers down simultaneously. A light filled both of the pods for about twenty seconds, and then finally faded away, opening both doors.

“That is much better,” Bill said, stepping out of the left pod. Both Paul and Josephine grimaced at the sight that greeted them. “What's the matter with you two?”

“Uh, don't know how to break this to you Bill... but you're naked.” Paul said, closing his eyes and shaking his head at the same time. Josephine placed her hands over her eyes.

“Oh, sorry about that, you two! Be back in a minute!”

With that, Bill ran into his bedroom.

Josephine and Paul both looked at each other with disgusted looks on their faces. “That was more of Bill than I cared to see.” Josephine sighed; shaking her head like Paul had done a moment ago.

“Indeed – I learned two things about Bill today,” Paul said, with a disgusted look on his face. “One... he is crazy enough to mess himself up enough to become a Pokémon. Two... well... I think that you know that one Josephine.”

Josephine nodded, shuddering at the thought.

Bill returned, and this time was fully clothed. “Probably more than you needed to see of me, huh?”

Both trainers nodded silently at Bill's words. Bill rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah... definitely more than you needed to see. By the way, weren't you two meant to have a battle?” Bill asked them, steering the subject in a different direction.

“That's right!!” Josephine and Paul yelled at the same time. Both of them ran outside, with Bill, Katie, Rachel and Arthur following closely behind. They finally stopped when they were some distance from Bill's house. They both reached for the Poké Balls at their belts, and raised them up in the air, ready to throw them.

“From what Professor Oak has told me, these two are pretty good. This should be interesting...” Bill said to himself, smiling at the thought of seeing these two battle each other, especially since hearing what the Professor had told him.

“How about a quick one on one battle Josephine?” Paul asked.

Josephine nodded. “Go Kingpin!!” Josephine shouted, sending out her Pokémon. Kingpin appeared, looking happy to be in battle.

“Go Brute!!” Paul shouted, also sending out a Pokémon, which slowly appeared, and eventually showed the extremely hostile-looking Nidorino.

“Alright, go Brute!! Horn Attack!!” Paul said. Brute charged at full speed towards Kingpin, ready to knock him back.

“Kingpin! Dodge it and counter with Double Kick!!” Josephine ordered. As Brute was about to strike, Kingpin jumped to the left and delivered two swift kicks to Brute's side. Brute skidded back a few metres, but quickly regained his composure and looked unfazed.

<You're going to pay for that, you runt!!> Brute shouted at Kingpin. Brute advanced on Kingpin and gave him a look that told Kingpin that he wanted to kill him.

“Not yet Brute. Hold your anger in for a little later.” Paul told him sternly. At that moment, Josephine realized why Paul called his Nidorino 'Brute'. He was so angry and untamed that he could be considered a brute... which is another name for demon. Although Paul seemed to be able to keep him in check.

I guess Paul really does know how to handle his Pokémon, Josephine thought, admitting in her mind that Paul was a good trainer. But that doesn't mean I won't beat him.

“Brute, use your Poison Sting on Kingpin!!”

Brute ran at Kingpin with his claws extended.

“Kingpin, get out of the way!!” Josephine yelled, but the command came too late. Kingpin took the full force of the blow. Even though he was a pure Poison type, the Poison Sting attack still did considerable damage to him. He struggled to get up from the attack.
“That attack really did put Kingpin down. Still, he doesn't give up easily. Kingpin, use your Horn Attack!!” Josephine commanded. Kingpin ran towards Brute, but surprisingly Brute didn't bother to move. He took the Horn Attack head on, and went right back to Paul's feet.

“Good job Brute. Now use your Rage attack and finish this!” Paul said, giving a sure sign of victory with his smile. Josephine wondered why Paul would order such an attack right now, but then it clicked. Due to Brute's temper, the attack would be even more effective, and especially since he just took some damage. Brute's pupils shrunk, then he charged at Kingpin and knocked him back at least ten metres.

“Kingpin!!” Josephine yelled as Kingpin went behind her right side. Kingpin was barely standing and on the point of fainting.

“Let's end this now. Brute, Horn Attack.” Paul said calmly.

“Wait Paul,” Josephine said, as she recalled Kingpin. “I admit defeat. You win – your Nidorino is stronger than mine. But I won't lose to you again.”

Paul returned Brute and walked up to Josephine. “That was a good battle Josephine,” Paul extended his hand. As Josephine reached out to shake it, Paul pulled it back and ran it through his hair. “Too slow. Just be glad I didn't use Drake in this one.”

“Whatever Paul,” Josephine sighed. “You were better this time, but next time I'll get you. By the way, who is Drake?”

“You’ll find out next time we battle Josephine,” Paul snickered. “Until then, you can think about it.”

“Yeah, but you don’t know who Wisteria is either, and you’ll have to figure that out next time as well.” Josephine said, glad that both of them had Pokémon to hide from one another.

Bill walked up to the two rivals, smiling. “Well, that was a phenomenal battle!! Before I forget Paul, this is what I called you all for.” Bill pulled five tickets out of his pocket. “These tickets allow you to tour the ship in Vermillion Harbour, the S.S. Oceania. It’s one of the best luxury cruise liners in the world. Josephine, Katie, Arthur and Rachel, you can have these four.”

The five trainers took the tickets and pocketed them. “Thanks,” they said in unison.

“Don’t mention it. It was the least I could do after Josephine and Paul separated me from my Abra,” Bill said, still smiling at the two. “If you want to get there, you should leave now, because it will open tomorrow night.”

“Bill, I think you should have this,” Josephine began, handing Bill Kingpin’s sphere. “He deserves to be with you, as you obviously care very deeply about Pokémon.”

“But… Josephine… have you told him…?” Bill answered, looking quite shocked.

“Yep, already did that,” came the reply.

It had been just after Kingpin evolved into Nidorino that Josephine told him that he would be passed onto someone else. Ever the Pokémon with a ‘happy-go-lucky’ personality, Kingpin happily took in the information and continued jumping around like a mad Rhyhorn, impaling flowers on his horn as he went.

“Very well,” Bill responded. It was the only thing he could say. He accepted the red and white orb.

“Josephine, if we want to get there, we NEED to get going NOW.” Paul emphasized the importance of leaving as soon as possible.

“Okay, okay!” Josephine snapped. “Jeez, Paul…” Her ranting dropped to a mere whisper as she muttered expletives under her breath.

“Bye, Bill. Have a good time!” the five trainers shouted back as they quickly set off.

Bill looked at their departing backs for a while, and then face-palmed. “I forgot to mention this to them, but there are reports that Team Rocket is in Vermillion City. I hope they survive this journey…”


Meanwhile, in Vermillion City, Commanders Veisa and Nighthawk were making their move on the S.S. Oceania — the new luxury liner since the S.S. Anne was overtaken and sunk by the Rocket forces who’d been led by Giovanni all those years ago. Demanding that the grunts dress casually and act like ship attendees, Eleanor and Ace observed the happenings from the control room, where the captain and his navigators were strangely bound and unconscious.

“They were on their way to Bill’s Sea Cottage when we had to flee,” Eleanor had previously said, explaining her mishap in not capturing Josephine. “I have reason to believe the eccentric weirdo gave the five of them tickets to this ship.”

“Good,” was all that Nighthawk said at first. There was a lengthy pause, before he continued. “I had a run-in with the auburn-haired boy’s mother a few months ago. Tell one of the grunts to slip a lethal amount of arsenic in the boy’s drink. I want the boy to suffer quickly.” At the end of his statement, he giggled as if he was possessed and rubbed his hands together in his twisted glee.

December 25th, 2009, 2:35 AM
You did a really great job on this fic. I've read no plotholes. If there is one though, maybe I missed it. The concept is great and those POVs are great. The way you interpret when the characters talk are good. If I really had enough time, I would read each chapter and write reviews for each one. But alas, I don't have enough time. I'll try to review the next chapters better. Until then.

Legendarian Mistress
January 6th, 2010, 4:54 PM
A/N: I’d like to thank my co-author, KP, for helping out with descriptions of an evolving Bellsprout and Weepinbell.

Chapter 8: Arrival in Vermillion, A Commander’s Crackdown

“Squirtle, Water Pulse!” commanded a female Picnicker. The rippling liquid energy shot towards its target, a tiny Bellsprout.

“Dodge it Wisteria, and finish this…!” Bellsprout’s trainer began, but then trailed off as something amazing began to occur.

Josephine watched gleefully as Wisteria morphed before her very eyes. The skinny root-like body seemed to merge with her bell-shaped head as the tiny roots shrunk into the light. The leaves grew in size as did the body of the evolving Bellsprout, a hook-like stem protruding out from the top. When the glow faded, there was Wisteria’s new form.

She looked nothing like her previous form. Feet weren’t available anymore for any mobility, except if she were to hop around. A larger, gaping mouth was on the rounded area of the golden, lime-green spotted body. Her eyes were bigger, almost like dinner plates with irises of dark brown. The leaves flapped in the breeze near the top where the stem grew into a hook for hanging from higher areas. Wisteria stared up at the girl and, smiling with her eyes, exclaimed <Are you pleased with me, Josephine?> in a shy tone.

Sensing that the Water Pulse attack was nearing her, Wisteria simply placed the two broad leaves in front of her face and let them soak in the liquid. Then she countered with a Razor Leaf; the emerald-green foliage struck Squirtle and knocked him down and out.

“BOOYEAH!!” Josephine pumped her fist in the air several times. “Of course I’m pleased with you, Wisteria,” the red haired girl added, speaking honestly. “Ever since I caught you on Route 4, you’ve been doing your very best in battle.”

<Why, thank you,> Wisteria quietly murmured, shyly looking away.

“Return,” the female Picnicker recalled her Pokémon to his Poké Ball and went up to the winner of the battle. “Great match Josephine!! I had heard rumours about you, but I didn't think that your Pokémon were that strong!!”

“You put up a great fight too, Ailsa,” Josephine told her.

“Thanks Josephine. Well, here is the money you earned. I hope to see you again sometime!” After handing Josephine her money, Ailsa walked off, leaving the redhead with four hundred and fifty Pokédollars and a very happy Weepinbell.

<I'm getting better!> Wisteria said, bouncing up to her trainer. <I beat a Squirtle! You've been pretty good too Josephine, and with all the money you've earned, we'll be set for a couple of weeks!>

“Don't let this go to your head Wisteria,” Josephine told the plant Pokémon. The teen smiled, remembering the words Misty had given as advice, as if sensing Josephine was on the verge of being visited by Mew.

<You don't forget things too easily...> Riley said, annoyed that her trainer had used one of Misty's quotes against the dual Grass and Poison type. <Too bad you can't read maps as well as you can remember things!>

“Hey, come on! Give me a break! Anyone could get lost on the way to Vermillion City!” Josephine indignantly protested to the Pokémon. “I do know that we are surrounded by trees and that we are on Route Six!”

While Josephine argued the finer points of their location to her starter, with the female Luxio just sitting there grooming herself as electricity sparked in her fur, Rachel was engaged in a spot of play-time with the female Meowth she had just captured.

“Ohh, you’re so cuuute! Yes, you are. Oh, yes.” Rachel spoke in a cutesy sort of voice, well aware that her Meowth – whom she had nicknamed Persi – was used to being pampered.

Becoming aware of Josephine, Katie, Arthur, Paul and their Pokémon, Persi gave each being a calculating stare, determining whether they were worthy of her friendship. Deeming Riley to be worthy, as they were both felines, Persi meowed her approval of the female Luxio and turned her curled tail up at the others.

<She’s a pampered, conceited and generally stuck up little b****,> Psy spoke to Paul. The auburn haired boy had been able to catch the condescending Drowzee just as they had entered the Route. He was a bipedal, tapir-shaped Pokémon, with a lazy face and appearance. The bottom half of his body, other than his toes was black, while the rest of him was golden. As he communicated telepathically, he waved his three-clawed hands around in a circular manner.

Has she always been like that? Paul queried, projecting his thoughts into Psy’s mind.

<Hell yeah; since she was born… makes me wonder why her Persian parents didn’t go crazy,> the Drowzee answered.

“Psy, how’s Juri’s condition?” Josephine questioned her rival’s Pokémon.

She was met with a resolute silence.

“Oh? Didn’t I tell you, loser?” Paul was acting his usual cocky and arrogant self again. “Psy only talks with my other Pokémon and I. So I’ll pass on what he said.”

He paused dramatically.

“WELL?!” Josephine started to worry for her Sandslash. “TELL ME!!!!”

“He said Juri’s recovering well inside the Poké Ball, but we should hurry and reach Vermillion to get him proper treatment.”

“Anyway, you're going to Vermillion City? I can't battle you today, but I will battle you tomorrow. I can also tell you how to get to Vermillion City. Follow this path up ahead until you reach a fork in the road. Take the left path, and you'll be there in no time!!” The speaker had short, spiky blonde hair. He was shirtless except for a green army vest. He had long baggy pants that matched the vest. He was muscular as well, so the quintet assumed that he'd previously been in the army.

“Thanks Lt. Surge!” the quintet called back as they hurried down the left path.

The five trainers finally arrived at Vermillion City, much to the pointless huffing of Persi. They'd already been to the Pokémon Mart there, and they were taking their Poké Balls from Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Centre.

“Thanks Nurse Joy,” they spoke in unison, taking their Poké Balls off the tray.

“No problem, you lot. I hope that you use our services again,” Nurse Joy said with the 'Nurse Joy smile' as Josephine called it. “Remember, the party at the S.S. Oceania is going to be around 7pm.”

“Don't worry, Nurse Joy. See you.” They went over to deposit more of the Pokémon they had captured. Right now, they had seen over seventy different types of Pokémon, and owned about forty. Professor Samuel Oak, at Pallet Town, was happy with what Josephine had been sending him along with his own godson. Not to mention Rachel and Katie’s work.

After they’d deposited their Pokémon, they went outside, to look at the town clock to see that they had about fifty minutes to get down to the dock.

Riley edged over to Juri’s side. <You said something about Sandmaul being a murderer? What were you on about?> she inquired quietly.

<He killed my parents, but I couldn’t remember that it was him until he attacked me,> the male Sandslash was determined to be more open with his team-mates.

<How are you dealin’ with the fact that you’ve now met your parents’ murderer face-to-face?> Breona queried.

Shy though she was, Wisteria was hasty to point out to Breona an irregularity in the Pidgeotto’s question. <Breona, I do believe that’s a personal attack on your behalf. Juri will deal with it the best way he can.>

<In other words,> Breona began, sensing a Pokéspeech brawl was about to break loose. <You want me to apologize. To make everyone happy, I will. Juri, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Please find it in yo heart to forgive me.> Her apology over and done with, she stretched out a wing, waiting for the Sandslash to shake it with his silver-clawed hand.

A bit slow on the uptake, and not realizing what the female Pidgeotto’s gesture meant until Riley whispered in his ear, Juri finally — yet gently at the same time — shook the wing. <You’re forgiven,> he answered.

“Better get going so we can get there early,” Josephine said, reaching for her Pokémons’ Poké Balls, intending to recall Breona and Riley. “Juri should be excited about facing Lt. Surge tomorrow, considering he's an Electric type user and Ground types can easily beat Electric Pokémon.”

“But remember what Nurse Joy said? Juri HAS to take it easy… which means no HARD battles…” Paul pointed out.

Rolling her hazel eyes in frustration, Josephine mumbled “Yeah, yeah.”

Juri took shape after coming into view from the red energy of the Poké Ball. <I'm prepared to battle tomorrow! I can't wait to face his Raichu!>

The red-haired teen laughed at Juri's attitude. As the quintet and their Pokémon walked into the city, they were spotted by a middle-aged man. He quickly ran over to them and picked up Juri. “Ohh, a Sandslash!! These are such amazing Pokémon!”

“Uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you...” Josephine warned, stepping away from the man and Juri.

Juri decided that the man had held him for far too long, and proceeded to Slash and Bite him. The man let go of Juri and stepped back, blood pouring from his wounds.

“I tried to warn you!” Josephine said.

The man regathered his composure and said, “I must say, it certainly does have some power in its teeth and claws. Anyway, young ones, would you mind telling me your names?”

“My name is Josephine, and they are Paul, Rachel, Arthur and Katie. We travel around Kanto to...” Josephine was cut off by the man.

“Josephine, Paul, Rachel, Katie and Arthur!! Good names for rising Pokémon trainers!! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Pokémon Fan Club president, but you can call me Shannon.” Shannon said happily. “Also, it is true that I like Sandslash, but I like many Pokémon. My favourite is Rapidash...”

<Josephine, I have a feeling that this guy is going to be talking for a long time. Maybe I should shut him up my own way...> Juri warned his trainer.

“Juri!! Don't do that!” Josephine said in a worried voice. “Let's just hear what he has to say!”

“Yes, my favourite Pokémon is Rapidash...” Shannon said in an awe-struck voice. “The horn on its head... its amazing eyes glisten to the flowing mane of fire... how I love it!!”

About five minutes later, the same sort of thing was going on. “When it is galloping, the beautiful sound it makes...”

Then, minutes later, Josephine was starting to consider Juri's offer that he'd made earlier. “Yes, Rapidash is truly amazing... WHOOPS! Look at the time!”

Josephine immediately jerked up along with Juri to look at Shannon who was staring at his watch. “I'm sorry for keeping you so long! There has to be a way to repay you for taking so much of your time!! I know!! Take these bike vouchers!!”

Shannon pulled out five coupons from his pocket and handed them to the quintet. “Take these bike vouchers to Cerulean City. Once you get there, you can go and get free bikes from the 'Cycle Shop', which is located near the Gym. Anyway, sorry for taking up your time again! I hope to see you later.”

Finally, the man left the quintet towards the man part of the city. “That was... interesting... oh well! Juri, return!” Josephine returned Sandslash to his Poké Ball, and the five trainers went in the direction of the docks as fast as they could to get to the S.S. Oceania's ceremonies.

“Welcome to the S.S. Oceania!! The most expensive cruise liner in the entire world!”

They had finally reached the S.S. Oceania to see the start of the ceremonies.

An attendee of the ship was talking to everyone there. “I hope that you enjoy the captain’s ship as much as he enjoys riding the seas with it!! Now, come aboard!!”

It was at this point that Paul slipped into the crowd and disappeared from the sight of the other four. He would join them again later; he just wanted to be by himself for a while.

The plank was sent down with many cheers from the crowd. They ran up the plank to see why the S.S. Oceania was so famous. As the four girls stepped on board, it didn't even take a second to realize why. The ship looked so huge from the outside, but it was nothing compared to the inside. There were so many staircases that you couldn't count them all. The main banquet hall was simply humongous. There were countless stores of Pokémon merchandises and memorabilia.

An Olympic size swimming pool took up the bottom part of the ship. Restaurants were lined up at various parts of the ship. A sports area was reserved for the athletes. However, the most appealing thing to the four girls, as well as the other trainers there, was the battle arena. There were dozens of stages to battle on simultaneously, leaving no trainer without a fight for a long time.

As Josephine was about to go on a battle stage, someone called out her name. “Hey Josephine! About time I finally found you!”

She turned around to see a cocky Paul walk up to her. “So, which stage were you going to lose on first?” Paul asked her, with his usual 'I'm better than you' tone of voice.

“Well, with the winning streak that I've had ever since battling you, I was going to beat some more trainers!” Josephine replied, surprising Paul with her words. Huh? How the hell did he get away from us?! I was sure we all entered together… she thought, feeling confused.

“So... you have gotten better since then, huh?” Paul said, chuckling a bit. “Then how about we make a bet? The one to defeat the most trainers in the next hour wins this one. Agreed?” Paul extended his hand to Josephine, who shook it in agreement.

Without warning, an attendee came up to them and offered Paul a flavoured milk drink. Surprised, he nodded his thanks and drank it down in no time.

At that moment, all of the lights in the ship suddenly went out and a figure took the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ lock two of the trainers in a storeroom cupboard. There were shouts of confusion, until the main light in the battle area came back on again, revealing many men and women dressed in black with the letter 'R' in red on their shirts. Rachel, Katie and Paul — unaware of Josephine and Arthur’s disappearing act — immediately knew who they were.

“For those of you who don't know us, which does surprise me considering we will one day dictate all of your lives, we are the organization known as Team Rocket,” said a woman in the middle who, like the boy beside her yet dissimilarly to the others, was wearing a black mask over her face. The voice sounded familiar to Rachel, but she couldn't quite place it.

“We've captured all of the passengers on board, except for all of you tough Pokémon trainers. You can either surrender now, or do what you love the most, and that's have a Pokémon battle with all of us. Choose now, and make sure it is the right choice.”

Legendarian Mistress
January 11th, 2010, 6:12 PM
Chapter 9: The S.S. Oceania Showdown!

Suddenly, Paul caught a glimpse of something light blue. “What was that?” he asked Scarlei. They had just crossed Nugget Bridge, which was north of Cerulean City, and Paul was doing a spot of fishing.

<What was what?> the Roselia questioned his master.

“I think I saw… oh, never mind.” Paul said.

<No. What?> asked Scarlei eagerly.

“I think there was a Dratini there,” Paul said, still staring at the same spot.

<Don’t be silly,> Scarlei said, while he obviously looked around for it as well. <Over there!> he said.

Paul threw his godfather’s rod forward. A small creature dove back under the surface of the water. “Damn it!” Paul muttered. “I have to catch it!”

“Draa?” A small head poked out of the water. It was pale blue with cute frills at the sides; two adorable eyes watched the human with interest and a white muzzle.

Paul took a Poké Ball out of his pocket, but accidentally dropped it, because he was in a rush, and it rolled into the water, where it started sinking. The Dratini dove down again. Paul saw his Poké Ball come to a halt when it reached the bottom. After a few suspenseful seconds, the Dratini swam forward to examine it, poked a little too far, and was dissolved into red energy that was drawn into the ball.

Paul stared at it for a short while, unable to believe his luck, and then attached a small magnet to the end of the line. He reeled the Poké Ball in quickly. He took the Poké Ball off the magnet, put the magnet back in his backpack and held the Poké Ball, elated to have caught a rare Pokémon. Then and there, he vowed to train Dratini until he reached his final form – Dragonite!


The following battle that ensued was utterly terrible. Pokémon lashed at each other for survival. There were screams of pain and victory. Even though the Rockets’ Pokémon mainly consisted of Poison types, the sheer numbers were starting to overwhelm the trainers’ Pokémon. In the southwest corner of the battle area, a Rocket grunt’s Scyther was slashing at the throat of a Pidgeotto. Also in the area, a trainer’s Machop was doing its best to get away from a grunt’s Kadabra, who was using its Confusion attack to torture it slowly.

Near the entrance, more Rockets were starting to come in and surround the area. Things were starting to become hopeless. Very few trainers were still holding their ground, and three of those trainers were Katie, Paul and Rachel.

While the battle raged on the main floor of the ship, a more intimate encounter was happening in the cramped storeroom cupboard. Josephine placed her free arm on Arthur’s chest and hugged him, as he softly stroked her hair.

“How do you think Paul will react?” She asked.

Arthur managed to marginally turn his head in her direction. “Does it really matter what he thinks? He has, after all, got Misty.”

There it was — her lover’s mature-minded, modest and fun loving persona. Mentally, Arthur’s Glaceon — Iceheart — was rolling on the floor laughing his arse off. As for how the redhead knew this would be revealed very soon. A sneaky grin crossed the distant Ice type’s face in the black darkness. The pale azure coloured fox knew exactly what to do; it was time for him and Riley to kick the plotting into action.

Leaning over to press the release button on the female Luxio’s red and white orb, the aloof creature waited for the blinding light to fade. The Electric type’s yellow eyes turned sharply towards her mistress’s lover’s Glaceon and she crisply asked: <What is it this time, Iceheart?>

<It’s time for them to become embarrassed,> the Sinnohian-born Pokémon answered.

It only took a second for the Luxio to realize what the Ice type was going on about. A devious smile spread over her face — unseen by the two trainers in the darkness — and her yellow eyes seemed to sparkle mischievously.

Being able to see in the dark helped Riley a lot, as she gingerly raised a forepaw, slid it underneath her trainer’s right hand and then pushed the five-fingered limb onto Arthur’s hand. The two Pokémon instantly felt the tension rise; they could tell that their trainers loved each other, but just wouldn’t do anything overly exaggerated to make it obvious to others. If there’d been light in the cupboard and if Iceheart had had a camera, he most definitely would have gotten a picture of this moment.

Both the trainers were caught off guard when light flooded into the cupboard and the surprised face of an assistant deckhand looked in at them. “’ere,” he began, “what are youse doing in here?”

Embarrassment quickly forgotten, the group piled out and the trainers muttered apologies. <We were accidentally locked in here. By whom, I wouldn’t know,> Iceheart explained, in a frosty tone, to the deckhand’s Machop. The pint-sized Fighting type waved them off and the foursome hurried back to the raging battle.

“Wisteria, fling Riley to increase her Thunder Fang’s power!” Josephine shouted over the battle cries and orders. Wisteria swung Riley in a three hundred and sixty degree circle and Riley came through a bunch of Pokémon ganging up on three trainers who had already been defeated.

“You do the same Scarlei! Fling Brute!” Paul also ordered. Scarlei and Brute did the same action as Wisteria and Riley had done, except that it had a greater effect due to Brute’s aggressive personality.

<We can take on any Pokémon like this!> Scarlei yelled triumphantly in a very cold, confident voice.

“Josephine – time for some more team work! Let Psy redirect Riley’s Thunder Fang so it can get past enemy shields!” Paul said. Josephine told Riley to use Thunder Fang. As soon as it was released, Psy put both of his hands together and shot the attack in different directions, hitting many Team Rocket Pokémon and causing them a great deal of damage.

“Psy’s Confusion made that one even more powerful!” Josephine said, slightly surprised that she and Paul were working together as a team.

“Did you expect any less?” Paul asked, showing a glint of his usual cockiness. “Josephine, I’m up to seven. What about you?”

He’s already by three, Josephine thought. Bugger, bugger, triple bugger!
“Everybody, go all out now!” Josephine’s Pokémon started to really give the Rockets’ Pokémon problems. Eventually, Josephine had caught up to Paul and even surpassed him when Juri delivered more Slashes as he went up against a grunt’s Grimer. “I’m up to eight, Paul. I passed you and I’m still going!” Josephine yelled, glad at her Pokémons’ handy work.

“What was that?!” Paul shouted back. “I’m up to eight!” Josephine mentally kicked herself. She knew that Paul wasn’t going to wait around for her to catch up and beat him. Then, all of a sudden, the quintet heard about half-a-dozen anguished cries. They turned around and saw Rocket grunts finishing off at least fifteen Pokémon, and then started attacking their trainers. The trainers looked at each other.

“Paul, Rachel, Katie and Arthur — I think we should give them what they deserve if we’re going to win this war,” Josephine told her rival and her friends in a serious voice. “Let’s combine attacks on them!”

“Yeah, let Wisteria use Razor Leaf, Scarlei use Poison Jab and Laverne use Water Gun!” Paul replied.

Josephine nodded in agreement. “You heard him, use them now!” Josephine told the Pokémon. The three Pokémon stood beside one another and released their attacks. Each of the attacks formed a spinning circle, creating a quick flash of bright light. The elements of the combined attacks – grass, poison and water – hit with tremendous force when they reached their targets. The Rocket members were thrown about ten metres away and were left unconscious. The quintet high-fived each other.

“So, you really want to end this battle that badly, huh?” a voice said from behind the two. They turned around to see the same young boy who had stood beside the woman who’d been talking earlier at the centre of the battle area.

“Yeah!” the five of them said in unison. The young boy merely laughed and then grabbed a pair of female trainers who were nearby. He then pulled out a knife and put it across their throats. The quintet didn’t move an inch.

“Now that you five will listen, hear my demands or else these two won’t get ‘ahead in life’!” he laughed at the cruel joke. The five trainers flinched a bit, but eventually gave in and returned their Pokémon.

“Good… good… Now, ALL of you will follow me. Understand?” the boy ordered. Josephine gave Paul a questioning look and, in return, he glanced at Rachel. The lavender-haired girl merely nodded, sensing this boy was Nighthawk and irritating him would not be a good idea. Rachel nodded at Josephine, telling her without any words that this had to be done.

As one, the quintet walked towards the boy. “Alright, I will let these two go once we reach the storage area,” he said, turning and walking to where the storage area was. “Come on now! You don’t want these young trainers to die now, do you?!”

As they followed the pre-teen down the stairs, they were each only wondering one thing. What the hell does he want from me? That question played through their minds many times before they arrived at their destination. The twelve-year-old turned to face them when they were at the storage area’s door and let the two trainers go. “I may be in Team Rocket, but I am a person of my word,” he said as the two trainers ran away. “Now, let’s go inside.”

The quintet followed him into the storage area, and was surprised at the sheer size of it. It was as big, if not bigger, than the battle area. Of course there was a lot of luggage, but there was still plenty of room to have a battle. The boy shut the door and went to the middle part of the room.

“You are probably wondering what I want from you, right?” he asked them. They were shocked that the boy knew their exact words. “I can’t read minds; there used to be someone else in Team Rocket who could do that… I heard she reformed. But, I can tell what’s going through peoples’ minds when they prepare for battle. I know that from experience and tough battles.”

“You mean…?” They started to say, finally figuring out who this person was.

“Yes, I am Commander Nighthawk — formerly of the Admin position,” he said, finally pulling off the mask. Josephine wasn’t aware of the reactions of her rival, friends and lover. She just stood there, still disbelieving at the fact that Scyla’s master was back and quite possibly wanted to kill her. “You are wondering why I joined Team Rocket. That’s simple to answer; it’s because of the power Team Rocket presented to me! I’m here to get payback from you escaping Scyla last time. Now, let me introduce you to a Pokémon of mine you haven’t seen! Go, Redfur!”

The Poké Ball released a large, orange creature, that looked like a huge dog of sorts. He growled viciously, as spurts of flame dripped from his mouth. Redfur’s body was covered in black stripes, and he had a long and thick creamy mane and tail, as well as creamy patches of fur on his legs.

The quintet stared in awe at the way the ‘Legendary’ Pokémon’s muscles tightened visibly in his four legs and the absolute determination in his black eyes. Rachel stammered that she would go first against Nighthawk.


While Lt. Surge enjoyed a round of poker at the Vermillion Pub with his reformed companions and ex-boss, a woman happened to walk into the building and stopped suddenly, her azure eyes searching the room. She was a slender being and her long pink hair was done up in a ponytail which cascaded onto small shoulders. She was dressed in a pink blouse and a long pink skirt, with the woman’s elegance increased tenfold by the flowing effect of her garments. Her hands were as white as a ghost’s and her lips finally formed a smile when she found the group of people she was seeking.

Walking over to them, she started things off. “It certainly is a pleasure to see that you’ve all reformed.”

Lt. Surge merely gawked at the Legendary’s human form, thinking to himself What a babe!

“I would keep your thoughts to yourself, if I were you, Surge,” Sabrina scolded, automatically knowing that Mew wouldn’t have risked being seen if there wasn’t something that she needed them to do.

“You seek our assistance, I can tell. How may we be of assistance to you, Mew?” Koga asked quietly, leaning back in his chair. The tall man was dressed in dark brown ninja-style clothes. A red scarf was wrapped around his neck and broadened to look like a cape. The sleeves and top of his boots were marked with red circular stripes. He had black spiky hair and there was always a serious expression on his narrow-set face. He put two fingers together and placed them on his forehead; it seemed that he was deep in concentration.

“The new quartet of Chosen,” Mew began. “The new leader of Team Rocket has revealed himself to be my Chosen’s brother which makes things a lot more complicated.”

“A sibling bond… of course…” Blaine thought out loud, already devising ways in his mind to nullify the bond between Mew’s Chosen and the new leader of Team Rocket. The elderly man had a bald head and wore sunglasses. The white lab coat that he wore may have given some the impression that he was a scientist, but that was not the case. The tan coloured shirt and the red tie, along with the purplish-blue trousers and brown shoes indicated that this man was, like the others, a Gym Leader.

“I must beg of all you to help the new Chosen in their quest to bring down Team Rocket,” Mew pleaded with each of them, relying on their vows to help the innocent, trusting that they would come through for her.

There was a long silence as they considered the situation. Giovanni finally broke the silence as he said, “We will help them take down Team Rocket.”


Rachel had lost quite quickly against Nighthawk and now it was Josephine’s turn. Breona had already gotten in some swift blows thanks to her agility, but the battle took a sudden twist that would lead to the redhead’s crushing defeat. Nighthawk looked into her eyes and revealed that her brother was the Chosen of Zapdos.

Paul stood there, speechless, while Josephine fell to her knees, utterly stunned by the news. She couldn’t believe it! Her brother – not only the leader of Team Rocket, but a Chosen as well?! Her shock gave Nighthawk’s Arcanine the chance to quickly finish each and every one of her Pokémon. Resignedly, she recalled them all into their Poké Balls and said dejectedly to Paul, “It’s your go now.”

Josephine walked away from the others and leaned on one of the walls, Paul faced off against Nighthawk. Knowing that Scarlei, Brute and Drake were weakened from all of the battles upstairs, the auburn-haired teen decided to go with Psy. Releasing the condescending Drowzee, Paul bravely commanded his Psychic type partner to do his best.

<Let’s go, you pile of dirt!> Psy insulted the Fire type, who became angry at the comment.

<You are nothing more than an amateur at insults, I’m afraid,> the Arcanine replied, his tone of voice clearly a helpless sounding monotone. Nevertheless, the fiery Pokémon lunged over to the Psychic type, alternating his attacks between Flamethrower and Iron Tail.

The Drowzee was on the verge of fainting, but then everything in the room halted as a bright white light which had overtaken Psy faded. He was of a medium-sized stature, complete in a humanoid figure. His entire body, except the white fur around his neck, was yellow-skinned. If it wasn’t for the pendulum, the boy noted, he wouldn’t have known what sort of creature he was.

He indeed had a human shape to him, in the slender – yet well-muscled – arms and legs; however, he only had three toes on each foot. The ears were pointed, in his opinion, and the nose was one of the most noticeable things about him as it was triangular shaped. Pursing his lips together so much made his mouth a straight line of impatience. The eyes were the most interesting feature. The smugness of the Hypno’s gaze made Paul shiver, and the intensity of the black irises were clearly seen with a glint.

Nighthawk’s Arcanine snorted. <You certainly knew when to evolve,> he began, <but that doesn’t mean you’ll win.>

It had been the day after learning of his promotion to Commander that Nighthawk had visited Redfur’s family. The Arcanine was adamant for what seemed like hours that he would not go back to the dark-skinned twelve-year-old. Some convincing was needed and a possible hold over the Fire type’s mentality was put in place; but, eventually, Redfur rejoined the one who had betrayed his trust in the first place.

“PSY!! NOOOO!!” Paul yelled, distraught at the prospect of losing one of his partners. The Hypno was lying motionless on the floor of the baggage area, covered in blood. The blood was courtesy of Arcanine’s Crunch attack, aimed at doing a lot of damage to the opponent.

The ship started to shake, knocking the quintet and Nighthawk off their feet. “Looks like the ship is starting to have some problems because of all the battles,” Nighthawk said, getting up and reaching into his pocket, pulling out a communicator. “Abort mission. The S.S. Oceania is too unstable to fight on anymore. Repeat, abort mission.”

Nighthawk looked at the quintet with an expression of hatred set on his face. “You got lucky this time, you five! But next time, this match won’t finish so easily!” They stared right back at him. As Nighthawk recalled Redfur and was about to leave, Josephine yelled out to him.

“What exactly is Team Rocket trying to accomplish?” She asked, trying to find the answer to the question she had had on her mind ever since she saw the grunt in the Viridian Forest.

Nighthawk turned around and stared at the quintet for a few minutes before asking, “Tell me, how many Pokémon do you think there are in the world?”

Josephine was surprised that Nighthawk would ask her such a question, considering that he hadn’t answered her. “Well, according to Professor Oak, there are four hundred and ninety-three Pokémon known to man…” Josephine started to explain before Nighthawk interrupted her.

“Four hundred and ninety-three? You might think that, but in truth, Team Rocket knows about Pokémon from regions that are relatively unknown to humans. Now if you would like to live, I would advise helping out the people up top. Until our next battle, know that Team Rocket will stop at nothing to get what they want.” Nighthawk finally ran off. The quintet decided to take his advice and help out the crew and passengers above.

Paul returned the bloodied Hypno and the group started running through the room to reach the door. They then left to help out everyone else on the ship.

A few hours later, everyone on the S.S. Oceania was safe on dry land. However, no Team Rocket members could be found. Paul was explaining to Officer Jenny that one of the new boss’ of the criminal organization was called Nighthawk and he was the one who lead the attack on famous cruise ship. Jenny wrote down all of the details and thanked the quintet for their time as she left.

Mewtwo suddenly appeared in front of Paul. <I see you’ve attempted to become friends with the girl.> He paused, and then hit the boy with a three-fingered paw. <But you’re not trying hard ENOUGH! Let THIS be a lesson!>

“Ohhh... I feel sick,” Paul mumbled, as if the slap from his Chosen Legendary triggered a landslide reaction in his stomach. “I’ll be a while, okay?” Without waiting for an answer, he hurried to the Centre and was stuck in the male toilet for ages.

Frazzled from their experiences that day, the quintet booked their rooms. They then showered, got changed into their pyjamas and went to bed.


The digital clock on the hardwood dresser barely read one before both two lights – one rosy and the other an icy blue – appeared in the dark room. With the cold temperatures of winter upon them, she felt in her element as she brushed her sweeping, icy blue hair over her shoulder. Frost glistened off it as they did of her pale skin which radiated an almost death-like chill in the cold room.

The young woman, who happened to be Articuno in human form and Mew, turned their heads to the beds the girls were sleeping on, and focused on the top bed. The girl was fast asleep, breathing slow and even, her lavender hair and angelic face shining in the little moonlight there was in the room. She seemed at peace. Beckoning with her tail, the pink feline indicated to Articuno that the humanized Titan of Ice touch one paw. Glancing behind her shoulder to make sure the Pokémon were asleep, Mew reached out with the other tiny paw, placing it gently on the forehead, closing her eyes.

The darkness altered to a small town, clear blue skies above and green trees flourished. Pidgey cooed as they flew, and an occasional Rattata dug up someone's garden. Many people walked or rode on bikes, knowing each one by name and friends with another. The houses were of wood, or bricks in the new subdivisions, the largest belonging to a lab that could only belong to the Professor. Mew recognized this as Pallet Town, as she sometimes flew over in her travels. She had been transported to one of the brick houses, beautifully kept neat and the garden blooming. Over the door, a red banner was tacked up, red, curvy letters exclaiming “Welcome Home Chosen Two”.

The door opened before the two Legendaries could move, and Rachel exited, looking up at the sky. She slightly turned her head to tell some persons she'd be back, and walked down the pathway. Her hair was put up in a ponytail, and she was in a long, white dress; the Legendaries almost didn't recognize her in the attire. Quietly, Mew flew up to the girl's vision, and peered at her bright, light eyes. Rachel gasped at the sight of her, blinking rapidly. “Oh, my goodness, aren't you a cute little thing,” she breathed.

<That's what they all say,> Mew giggled, smiling at her. Alongside her, Articuno also smiled.

The girl backed away. “And you can talk! And I mean with telepathy!”

Mew nodded and then motioned with her tail at Articuno. “I've been watching you for a while, Rachel. And I must say your skills have been growing.”

“You saw me at the Cinnabar Island Gym then, huh? I almost beat Blaine with Maverick, but he had the advantage.” She shrugged. “At least my friends cheered me on all the way.”

“Well, we came by on behalf of congratulating you, and to help warn you.”

The lavender haired teen tilted her head, eyebrow raised. “What do you mean by ‘warning’?”

The cat flew in loops around her a few times, a habit of hers to check a person out. She made sure there wasn’t any form of recording device on her before pausing again in front of her. “There are people willing to hurt you to keep you from being what you are destined to be,” Articuno spoke.

“Of course,” she agreed. “People want to be the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. They can kill for that title.”

“No, you don’t understand. The fight against Team Rocket will be difficult and one of you will die before the end. But at this moment, I can not foresee which of you may die.”

Rachel’s azure eyes widened in horror upon hearing this. “Back up already! One of us?! Die?! Can you tell me more?!”

Articuno turned her head in shame, not wanting to elaborate. The smile on Mew’s face became more of sorrow than her usual joy. <In due time, dear. For now, take care.> Rachel gasped as a bright light illuminated from Mew – which also surrounded Articuno – and filled her vision. When it faded, she was lying awake in her room, staring up at the ceiling in shock.

Why did Articuno and Mew tell her that, and why did they suddenly appear? And how could one of them die? Nothing was making sense, and it was beginning to hurt her head thinking about it. Sighing, Rachel turned around to face the wall to try and fall asleep again. Her sleep was deep, but dreamless, with nothing but black for the rest of the night.


Having woken up later than usual the next morning for some reason, Josephine became quite pissed off when Katie and Rachel showed her their Thunder Badges that they’d earned from Lt. Surge.

“Have you seen Paul, by any chance?” Rachel questioned her best friend.

Rolling her hazel eyes, the redhead replied: “I only just got up, Rach. Do you want me to go look?”

“That’d be a good idea,” Katie interrupted. “Lt. Surge wanted a battle with the two of you.”

“Okay,” came the red-haired teen’s response. She went down the hallway to Paul’s room and was about to knock, but she found that the door was strangely ajar. Hmm, that’s not like Paul. He always keeps his door shut... she thought, beginning to worry a little. Pushing open the door, the first thing to hit her senses as she entered was the disgusting stench of death.

Her eyes rested upon Paul’s inert figure and she immediately started crying. The teenager she had once loved was covered in vomit and stomach bile. His eyes were glassy and his body stiff as cardboard. A piece of notepaper had been stuck to his hand, obviously after the boy had died. Scrawled on it were the words: Nighthawk was here.

It was at that moment that she heard quickened footsteps. She turned around swiftly and stiffened in panic, frightened that Nighthawk had returned. When a Luxray’s head poked around the corner, in advance of his master, Josephine breathed a sigh of relief. Before long, Volkner was peering at the scene of death. He inhaled deeply and faced his niece. “It’s partially my fault that this happened,” the Leader admitted.

“Uncle Volkner, wha-?” the red-haired teen was caught off-guard.

“A few days ago, I apprehended a Rocket grunt, but he was a clever one. As soon as Electivire touched him, he swallowed a fast-acting poison which he’d obviously stored in his mouth. By the time I got over to him, he was dead. If I had been quicker in getting over to him, then perhaps I’d have gotten vital information on why Team Rocket was in Vermillion. This boy was just a victim of Team Rocket’s villainy. I’m sorry.”

Wondering what was taking so long, Rachel, Katie and Arthur came down the hallway. Volkner turned fluidly and shook his head, indicating for them not to come any further. Josephine faced her friends and lover, but when Rachel saw the tears streaming down her friend’s face, she became indignant. “Who are you and why is Josephine crying?!” the violet-haired fourteen-year-old raised her voice.

Volkner’s head snapped up and he raised a hand, saying: “One at a time, please. Thank you for your consideration. My name is Volkner Electro, by the way. I’m Josephine’s uncle. My niece is crying because the boy she used to love is now dead.”

This piece of news stunned the remaining three trainers. “H-how?” Katie’s question came out as a whimper.

“I suspect it was poisoning from arsenic, but I can’t be one hundred percent sure until Officer Jenny gets here.”

“Who could have done this?” Rachel asked, still shell-shocked.

“I betcha anything it was Nighthawk,” Arthur answered, his voice becoming uncharacteristically hard. “Don’t you remember how viciously he attacked Paul’s Drowzee last night, before Psy evolved into Hypno?”

“Yeah,” Rachel and Katie agreed in unison.

Two hours later...

“Yes, it was indeed arsenic poisoning,” Officer Jenny confirmed. She placed a hand around Josephine. “I’m very sorry you had to see him like this first. It must be traumatic to deal with.” Her tone indicated she was just as upset and shocked as everyone else was.

Volkner spoke up. “His parents will need to be notified.”

“Parent,” Josephine muttered. “He only had his mother. His father abandoned him.”

Lt. Surge and Nurse Joy were at the scene as well. Not normally one to be upset, Lt. Surge’s voice came out broken when he finally started talking. “The boy had a lot of potential. What will the three of you do now?” His question was directed at Josephine, Rachel and Katie.

However, it was Arthur who answered. “We are going to grieve, there will be a funeral at Pallet and then we’re going to suspend the Gym badge quest while we are out of the region.”

The two Gym Leaders, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny nodded in approval. They thought that that was a wise choice.

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January 18th, 2010, 3:34 PM
A/N: A very BIG thankies goes out to winterfell for providing the description of Darkrai.

Chapter 10: A Time to Mourn For the Lost

How many years have I known you, Paul? It seems like forever. You always beat me in everything that I have done. Yet this time, you beat me to somewhere that even I didn’t want to go to. Tell me, why did you have to leave? I thought I hated you, so why are these tears cascading down my face? I can’t come to terms with your death. You were more than just a friend, but something more than me. Though Arthur has my heart, you stole a portion. That portion died with you and now... I can’t think about anything other than revenge. I want to hurt the people who ended your life. That’s why I will move on. That is why I will become stronger.

I never thought that you would leave so soon. I was just getting used to having you around. You always kept a serious expression plastered on your face. That’s why I tried to give you a little nudge. It was to get you out of that. Now I don’t have that chance, do I? Teasing you was just me telling you that I cared and maybe… maybe you’ve realized that. I will never know. But what I do know is that they won’t get away with this. Not as long as I live.

I knew something would eventually happen to you after Nighthawk’s Arcanine nearly killed Psy. I just didn’t think your life – as short as it was – would end because of arsenic poisoning. Team Rocket will pay dearly for taking you away from us.

After getting confirmation from Officer Jenny that you’d died from arsenic, I’m still in shock. I can’t believe they even had the nerve to do such a cowardly act like this. I didn’t know you for all that long, but I will never forget you – Paul Johnson, son of Viridian’s head policewoman. May your soul rest in peace, knowing we will avenge your death.

A day later, the night sky seemed to hear Josephine’s, Arthur’s, Rachel’s and Katie’s respective thoughts and a shooting star fell to the far north, as if telling them that was where they had to go.


“I’m Alice Jacques, reporting for the Kantonian Regional News. Here in Vermillion City – the body of rising Pokémon trainer, Paul Johnson — son of Viridian’s head policewoman, Superintendent Tyler — was found in the Pokémon Centre. It has been confirmed that he was killed by a lethal amount of arsenic. The Kantonian Police Force believes the deceased trainer was well loved by his mother, who may very well be Team Rocket’s next target. There will be more reports into this unusual case throughout the night.”

Misty pressed the remote control, shutting the television off. It was almost 10 PM and the death of her Paul had not accomplished a thing. She tossed the remote away and wallowed in her grief-stricken thoughts for a while. Team Rocket had broken her heart for some reason that was unknown to her, or anyone else, with the exception of Nighthawk alone.

Suddenly, her Pokédex began ringing, indicating an incoming video call. The Water type Leader answered it. “Hello?” she asked nervously.

“How are you today, Misty?” the face on the other was that of Josephine’s. Seeing the dejected look in the auburn-haired girl’s eyes, she added: “Oh, I guess you just saw the news report then?”

Misty shuddered, recalling the recently-turned off television bulletin. “Why...? Couldn’t you have done anything?”

“There was nothing I could do. Some attendee gave him a flavoured milk drink, which he sculled in no time at all. After that, Arthur and I got locked in a storeroom cupboard while Rachel, Paul and Katie were fighting off Team Rocket. It was only after Team Rocket fled the Oceania that Paul started feeling sick. Come the morning...”

The Leader sighed heavily and turned her face away slightly, closing her eyes. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have been presumptuous. Can you do me a favour?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Kindly inform the others that I’m closing the Gym for an indefinite period of time. There is a funeral planned, isn’t there?”

“Of course, but after that’s out of the way... well, let’s just say the four of us won’t be in Kanto for six months.”

“Huh? Where are you going?”

“We’re going to lend the Sinnohians a helping hand in rebuilding their homeland. I hear rumours that they have a new Queen over there now.”

“I see. Well, at any rate, I will be attending the funeral... and I’m sure Superintendent Tyler will show up there as well. By the way, you do know that, with the four of you gone — even though only three of you are Chosen — Team Rocket might up the ante on Kanto.”

“Yes, we’re aware of that,” Arthur interrupted, moving into the small picture. “I’m Prince Arthur Regan, born a Sinnohian, but raised on Kantonian soil since I was nine. Be very wary of my mother; she’s a traitor — her Team Rocket name is Commander Veisa. But I’m sure the Kantonian Elite Four can handle the organization.”

“You sure sound hopeful there, Your...” Misty started to answer, but trailed off when Arthur waved his hand in dismissal.

“Just call me Arthur,” he explained. “I have little time for royal titles.”

The fifteen-year-old Leader smiled bleakly. “As you wish, Arthur. I understand completely.”

“Well, I’ll hand you back to Josephine now. It seems she has one final thing to say. Goodbye Misty, it was nice talking to you.”

“It was nice to talk to you too, Arthur. Josephine, are you there?”

“I’m here,” the redhead replied, moving back into view. “The funeral will be in a couple of days.”

“Two days?” Misty sounded surprised. “I had better go out and buy the appropriate clothing then.”

Emotion-filled yelling could be heard in the background at this point. Josephine turned slightly to Arthur and told him to sort Rachel and Katie out, before focusing her attention on Misty once more.

“I have to go,” Josephine stated, grimacing after learning her lover couldn’t sort out her two friends. “It turns out my friends were trying to tell me that Scarlei is very depressed.”

A small, fleeting smile crossed Misty’s face. “Alright, bye. Have a good night’s sleep.”

“Bye Misty, and... I’m sorry...”

“It’s okay,” the Leader breathed and terminated the call.

The next day...

Scarlei continued to stand by himself, feeling just as despondent as the previous day. <Death is something that I cannot calculate, so why are the figures for it randomly trying to assort themselves in my head? I imagine the tombstone over and over again. P.A.U.L J.O.H.N.S.O.N. No matter how many times I see it, no matter how many times I spell it, the gravestone isn't going to change. This shouldn't hurt, so why does it hurt? Hurting is irrational. Death is going to occur, so why can't my heart see this? Why didn't I expect it? Why do feelings hurt? Why do these emotions exist? My thoughts never expected this. Paul... why did you leave? So many things have been left undone. I don't want to miss you... but I can't help to.>

Josephine looked over the letter she had written last night to the family members of all involved.

To everyone it concerns,

This isn't something that we wanted you to read. We were convinced otherwise by Lt. Surge, who said that people always regret the things they didn't say. We couldn't face you. We can't face anyone actually. Though Paul’s life was lost, we are still alive. We are grateful. But how can we see our loved ones? How can we see you when we are not strong enough to protect you? The past few days have been tough for us. Looking at these stars, we think they are against us as well.

They chastise us as we walk away from the people that we care about. It's not about space, you must understand. But we don't want you to see what we’re willing to become to stop the needless taking of lives. No, it won’t stop at just Team Rocket. It is the entire world's crimes that have us bothered. It sickens us that people are willing to destroy with the use of Pokémon for their advantage; as well as Pokémon that are willing to destroy on their own accord, not because their master said so. To stop this, we’re willing to become far stronger than any trainer Kanto ever knew. We don’t want you to see this transformation but we’re sure that you will see the results.

We’re not sure what path this road to inner strength will lead us. We want to take that road. We want to defeat the evil.

To you personally, Natalie, I have some words I want to say. Protect yourself. Become strong. Don't let Team Rocket get to you before we come back. Keep a watch on Mum and Dad. Become a better trainer.

We’re not going to tell you where we’re going. It's far. We don't want you away from Kanto for so long. We will build our team to grow with us. Don't bother to call because we will not answer. We’re not going to reveal a time that we will be back. We may come back in a week; we may come back in a month, maybe a year. But we will return. We will stop this crime that plagues the streets we want to walk on.

So promise us this. Open your heart to someone else. You may not like the people that we become. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone that would love you.


“I’m surprised Scarlei’s still down,” Katie’s voice broke into Josephine’s thoughts.

“You shouldn’t be,” Rachel answered nonchalantly. “Scarlei was Paul’s partner. They shared a close bond; despite the fact that Scarlei was cold-hearted, he cared very much about Paul.”

Arthur wandered over to Josephine and stroked her face, while placing his other hand on her shoulder. “Rose,” he began, calling her by a shortened variant of her middle name. “We need to tell Scarlei and his team-mates what’s going to happen to them.”

Josephine put the letter down on the table and looked into her lover’s bright cobalt eyes. “Scarlei’s unstable right now, remember?” she replied, returning his caress with a kiss. She looked at Brute, Drake and Psy who stood in a corner, away from the depressed, suicidal aura the Roselia was exuding. “At least Psy’s opened up, even if it’s only marginally.”

Being Mew’s Chosen enabled her to communicate telepathically with Psychic Pokémon, and so she focused her mind on the Hypno’s. Psy, do you know what’s going to happen to you and the others?

<How am I supposed to know that?! All four of you have fortress-like mental shields,> he answered abruptly.

Hey, come on now. There’s no need for that. Between ourselves, we decided to release the four of you back into the wild, the redhead tried to psychically soothe the indignant creature.

<Why would you do that?> the Hypno still sounded sceptical.

Josephine mentally sighed. Because we care, and we don’t want any of you fretting over what was lost.

<......> Psy was stunned into silence.

We care enough to let the four of you attempt to have another go at your normal lives.

<I’m sure Paul would’ve told you I have no family or friends due to my attitude.>

He did tell me that, the fourteen-year-old responded. That’s why Professor Oak has offered you the chance to live with the other trained Pokémon who inhabit the wide open fields of his research laboratory.

<Give me twenty-four hours to think about it.>

I can’t; none of us can. Because after the funeral, we’re heading for Sinnoh. I’m sorry, Psy, but the decision will have to be today.

The Hypnosis Pokémon lowered his gaze for a few minutes. <Very well,> he eventually replied. <I’ll go to the laboratory, but Brute and Drake are coming with me. It’s that or nothing.>

You’ve got yourself a deal, Josephine countered.

The day of the funeral (or three days after Paul’s death)...

Josephine’s POV

My eyes trailed the path in which Paul’s coffin was being carried. The thick wood of his coffin was glossed so well that it reflected light off its surface. I had to watch Superintendent Tyler, Paul’s mother, polish it over and over again with her tears as a substance to clean it. She stood there all morning just polishing off the surface. I can remember the circular motions that she made with her clothes within the grief stricken trance. Now she was alone.

The coffin was set down before us while my hand was tightly grasping Arthur’s fingers. Why, just why did it have to end like this? The world was barren now for all of us; a woman without a child, teens without a friend, and the world with one less Chosen. I couldn’t bring myself to look at his body. Katie had said that he looked dashing in clean clothes, yet the paleness of his skin gave me the bleak reminder that he was no longer with us. I clenched my hand tightly to my chest. A part of me was still with him.

The sun had created something of a mist-like veil of light that showered the preacher as he spoke. The man’s prayers and sermon almost felt like a blur as I watched. He spoke of how we should not grieve his death too much and how he was in happier place. Happier place… my mind choked on those words. Why did he have to leave to be happy? Why couldn’t he be with someone he loved? He could have shared his life with someone like Misty who was now painfully watching this grim scene unfold.

After the preacher’s last words left his lips, Tyler took the head of the small group. She stumbled upon herself as the tears streamed down her face. Everything was collapsing on the woman’s face. The tears came down in rivers. Why did it end like this? I asked myself as I tugged tightly on my black dress.

“Today… we lay to rest a young man… who wanted to become something greater and be better. His life may be cut short, but his dreams will live on in all of you. Paul is with you and he is watching,” his mother bit her lips. “Let him live on and let him become something great.”

Those were the last words of the elegy. She soon fell to her knees, as they began filling the plot with dirt one shovel at a time. With each plot of dirt, my heart fell even deeper into the abyss below. I didn’t realize that my own tears stained my dress. It pitter-pattered against my dress like rain drops.

“They will pay for his death,” I murmured to myself.

“Yes… they will pay…” Arthur reassured. He wrapped one arm around the back of my neck. I needed something warm because it felt so cold. “You’re strong…” Arthur rubbed my back.

“Not strong enough,” I replied.

Those three words sent Arthur into a nonplussed state. His eyes just locked onto the last plot of dirt filled as the grave keepers patted with the back of their shovels. Katie, Rachel, and Arthur then wrapped their arms around me suddenly. I thought I would feel empty since Paul wasn’t in this embrace. However… it felt like he was there — wrapping his thin arms around me.

“We will get them…” Rachel spoke. Her tears mixed with mine on my dress.

“Yes,” I let out a deep bit of air. “Yes we will…”

Misty slowly approached the grave, watching Tyler place a row of flowers on it. Charles helped her gain the strength she needed to give that final goodbye; he gently guided her to the gravestone. When she got there, she fainted under all of the pressure. Charles managed to catch her before she hit the ground despite his condition. It was a very disheartening scene. Though a part of me was with him; all of her heart was with him. The loss sent her to unconsciousness.

They were not going to get away with this. Everything felt so wrong, like nothing any of us imagined. Team Rocket… this is my vow. You will never get away from the people that you hurt. We will find you and we will put an end to all of this.


Somewhere in Sinnoh, a creature cloaked in shadow emerged, his ice blue eyes glowing ominously. On his small head was a white fog and surrounding his neck was a crimson collar of sorts. The long skinny arms hung limply from his body which was shaped like an hourglass.

<Damien,> Darkrai spoke in a husky tone, turning to his Chosen. <Be prepared, for they are coming. And they will need all of the help they can get.>

The fifteen-year-old Chosen of Darkrai, Damien Shadowlore, faced the Dark type Legendary. His clothing was modest and nondescript, consisting of his black shirt with a white trim and blue jeans. Damien’s hair was also black and his footwear was coloured grey. “Gallade has just told me something,” he began. “He predicted that one of the girls will fall in love with me.” Here, he stopped and snorted dismissively. “As if anyone could fall in love with me — I’m slightly moody and secretive, after all. Why me?!” He suddenly yelled to the night sky, thus showing that he was indeed irritable.

<I think it’s because you look... uh, what word do the girls use? Ah yes, you look ‘hot’.> Darkrai answered slyly.

“Spare me the flattery, Darkrai,” Damien responded abruptly. “We both know you only picked me because of my personality and not my appearance...”

<Enough of this,> the Dark type Pokémon commanded firmly. <I marked you because there were some attributes of yours that were similar to mine. All you have to do is behave and wait for them to come.>

“I understand, Darkrai,” Damien replied.

Back at Kanto...

The S.S. Oceania had left the region, headed directly for Sunyshore City of Sinnoh. Once the luxury liner arrived, the foursome would get acquainted with the Mercurias — the new royal family of the city — before travelling to all of the cities and townships in order to help them rebuild what was lost.

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January 21st, 2010, 5:11 PM
Sorry for the lack of reviews lately. I have been you know busy with various things. Yet here is the review and I hope that you like it.

First off, I really think you are portraying the lot of your characters nicely. I don't think that you notice it but you have a ton of characters, each with their distinctive personality. You are really showing improvement on the personality of each characters and the emotional factor that comes with each and every chapter. I think Paul's death really showed how serious the fan fiction can be and is going to be from now on. Up until now it has been kind of light, now you are really bringing down the darker side of the pokemon world. I like it.

On a side note, Lt. Surge totally eying the humanized mew in the Vermillion Pub--priceless. I was like woah, that is something I would make Lt. Surge do in my fan fiction (albeit Josh will probably smack him in the back of his head.).

Keep up the good work and I hope that this review as worth the wait. :) See you around.

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Interlude: A Time to Strengthen

Natalie brushed her hair from her face as she stared blankly out of the window over-looking their front lawn. The night had just blanketed itself over the area so the sky had enveloped something of a glow of it all. She traced her finger down the windows, allowing the smudge of her fingertips to form an almost perfect straight line down the reflective surface. Her sister was gone without any words to bridge the reason of the departure. She could feel the loneliness swell within the confines of her chest.

After prying herself away from the window, she straightened the miniskirt to the point that it almost ripped. Amongst the feelings of loneliness, she couldn’t help but feel a bit angry with the sudden decision to leave. Even now she could see the boat drifting off into the distance in her mind’s eye. Everything seemed so different now. She knew something had changed within Josephine’s eyes the day that she gave a weak goodbye towards her. They held the sense of change and they basically bellowed the seriousness in her entire body. She could have at least have taken her upon their journey. However, that didn’t happen. She was standing within these walls already waiting for her return.

With her face red with emotion — though her mind was filled to the brim with such — she continued walking down the narrowed hallways like a phantom. Through the hallway, she came upon what was once Josephine’s room. Her body almost felt as though it was moving by itself as she reached for the silver doorknob. She twisted it and pushed the door open. The door creaked open allowing the young girl to enter silently within the darkness of the room. Natalie fiddled with the wall until her fingertips touched the light switch. She clicked it.

The room was lit with a flow of yellow light causing Natalie to squint as she tried to observe her sister’s room. The dark colour of the room, a navy blue colour like a Luxray’s fur, helped her eyes adjust to the sudden surge of illumination. She wandered slowly into the room. The scattered journal pages littered the floor with more even pouring onto the bed. She picked up a page. It was the day she graduated from trainer school, taped to the front with the graduation picture — Paul was in it circled with a black marker. Tears soon littered the picture from being seen clearly. Natalie clutched it to her chest as she looked at her sister in the picture. That smile was much happier than the one that she saw that day that she left; a faded shell of it was all that she saw.

As she ventured deeper within her sister’s room, more of her feelings towards her sister leaving began to bloom. She couldn’t decide what she was angry at or why she was angry in the first place. She knew why she was sad however, her sister had ventured to Sinnoh without her. She ran out of the room with the tears streaming down her face. She could still remember those words that she spoke to her parents, those same words that she resented as they played in her mind over and over again.


Days before...

“I’m leaving for Sinnoh…” Josephine spoke calmly trying to keep her face composed as she stared at her father’s concerned glances.

“Sinnoh?” his voice was that of disbelief. “Why would you go to Sinnoh? It’s so….”

“Far!” Josephine’s mother finished as she vigorously rubbed the glass that she was cleaning. It almost broke.

“I need to become stronger,” Josephine kept this cold tone of resolve.

Charles, Josephine’s father, rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger as though he was trying to quell a headache. After a massaging it a bit more, he placed the glasses firmly upon them as he stared down at his daughter with a bleached smile written on his face. Fiona, his wife, stared at him as he tried to patch together this smile. She had long given up trying to smile in this situation, yet Charles wouldn’t stop. She took in some air as she started to gather her opinion on this matter.

“I don’t think that you should go,” Fiona spoke sternly. Charles shot her a glare.

“We cannot decide that for her, Fiona. You didn’t lose a friend to an enemy nor are you in a situation like she is in now.” Fiona’s eyes almost seem like they were going to fall out of their head with her husband’s surprisingly calm tone. “Josephine…”

Charles suddenly seized Josephine’s hand. They were almost doubled the size of hers. She stared at the back of his slightly scarred hand as he held it tightly almost squeezing it beyond the normal circulatory means. He looked into her eyes deeply; they shared the same eyes colour so it was like staring deeply into his own. He took a deep breath trying to compose the words he wanted to say to her. When they finally arose at his lips, he squared his shoulders and released his grip on her hand.

“Be safe,” Charles spoke. Fiona dropped her glass allowing the shards of glass to shatter on the tiled floor.

“Why aren’t you stopping her?” Fiona exclaimed.

“This is my journey, mum,” Josephine spoke simply as she readjusted her dark blue bag. She flashed the tickets to the boat they were taking. It was already set in stone.


Fiona was breathless so words were impossible. Nothing she could say or do could convince her otherwise so she just eyed the bag thrown helplessly over Josephine’s shoulder in astonishment. She was really going to do this. She was really going to leave. Tears began to form on her mother’s face. Never once in her entire life of being a mum had she worried this much about her child. Those same tears were reproduced on her father’s normally relaxed expression as Josephine walked toward the door. Natalie, who until now had just been peeking around the corner, sprung into action. She flung herself around her sister’s stomach.

“Don’t leave…” Natalie pleaded as the tears crashed all around Josephine’s feet. “Don’t leave me…”

This was the last person that Josephine wanted to see her leave. She wanted to take every precaution to make sure her little sister wouldn’t know until she woke up later this morning. Yet there she was, tugging her stomach as though she was trying to pull it away from the door. Natalie’s head swayed back and forth as though she was denying the very reality of the situation. She couldn’t reject it… no one could.

“Natalie… please let me go,” Josephine spoke trying to hold back her own tears.

“No… you won’t be able to leave if I hold on to you,” Natalie spoke between her sobs.

“I know that you don’t want me to leave yet…” Josephine forced Natalie to break her embrace slowly. “This is something that I have to do.”

With that Natalie slid to the floor sombrely, she crashed on her knees as Josephine opened the door. She could no longer feel her legs any more; they felt like jelly under her waist that couldn’t keep form. Josephine looked at the disgruntled young girl with a disgruntled look of her own written in tears on her face as well. She opened the front door slowly causing an agonizing creak for everyone in the room. This was it. The light just poured within the room of the house as Josephine took her first steps out of the building.

“I’ll be back…” Josephine whispered as she stepped clean out of the door. “Keep the light on for me,” she spoke as her own voice began to crack underneath the pressure. “I love all of you…”

She closed the door behind her leaving this ghost in the room that felt like her without her being visible. The remaining three Harris’ emptily stared at the door, hoping that Josephine would just crash through the door at any moment. That moment never happened, forcing Charles to wheel over to the door to flick the lock. The morbid aura drenched the room with a mixture of sadness and understanding. The tides of change had occurred and all three of them were now being pulled under the sick undertows that came with it. It was something that they had to accept as a family.


Charles struggled to swing his body into his wheelchair allowing his massive arms to bring him to the comfort of being upright. The doorbell was ringing a rather slow tone for the third time. This person definitely want to see the family and he wasn’t about to let them wait any longer than his wife had already. He wheeled himself to the doorway allowing him to fling the door open rather casually. There stood Sabrina with her eyes already observing the area in a sweeping motion. She gave a mental note of how nice Josephine’s house was before continuing with the task at hand.

“Good morning, Mr. Harris,” Sabrina allowed herself in without much effort from Charles to stop her. It didn’t help much that he loved company too much to care that she came in uninvited.

“Have a seat, Sabrina. Have a seat,” Charles gave the notion with his hand. She took a seat on the white leather sofa while he closed the door. “What did you come to speak to us about?”

“It’s about Josephine…”

He could feel his heart almost slide from the crest of his ribs to the bottom of his stomach like a boulder tumbling down a slanted hill. Charles, unknown to him, had formed this rather concerned facial expression that infected the rest of his body to a nervous shutter. His hands rapped against the metal of his wheelchair hoping that wouldn’t hear something that would make him regret letting Josephine leave in the first place.

Before the conversation could even begin again, Fiona rushed into the room as though her mind had detected the name in her daughter’s name. Though she had a full silver serving plate of tea and cups, she rushed into the room placing it down at the table where all of the furniture of the living room was centred. She hurryingly poured three cups of tea before sitting in the vacant chair closest to her husband, but close to Sabrina enough to hear what she had to say.

Instead of speaking right away, Sabrina helped herself to the steaming cup of tea placed before here. She brought the cup slowly to her lips allowing the smooth, fantastically made tea flush her pipes clean. After consuming much of the cup, she placed the porcelain down and allowed the other two to do the same. Charles, who was nervously sipping away at his tea waited for Sabrina to speak while his wife, who hadn’t touched her tea at all with the fear she will break the cup, did as well. She closed her eyes.

“Your daughter’s safe…” Sabrina mentioned conversationally. Both of the parents sighed in relief.

“That’s a relief,” Fiona reached towards her cup of tea. She drained the cup to cure the dryness that fluttered in her throat.

“That is definitely a relief,” Charles’ booming voice echoed within the room. He looked up to the white walls.

“But I can say,” Sabrina started, but was suddenly distracted by the change in expression of both of the parents. The world ‘but’ always transitioned a sentence from a positive to a negative note or vice versa. Since they started with a positive one, the negative would soon follow. “She won’t be the same…”

A sense of bewilderment flashed against Charles and Fiona’s faces like lightning amongst the clouds. Won’t be the same, Charles mouthed to himself. What did that mean exactly? It was natural that a person changed when they went off. Why would she go about telling them this when it was common knowledge for this to happen. Again they were waiting as the mysterious wielder of psychic powers found the words she wanted to speak.

“She’s not going to be the little girl that you both raised. She’s going to be different. With power comes a different outlook, it is a simple thought.”

“Would she be…?” Fiona trailed off. “Would she….?” The words failed her miserably allowing this broken person before them.

“Don’t worry,” Sabrina stood up as she took a gander at the last remaining portion of tea. “She will be just fine. Just different…”

“How different?” Charles found himself asking.

“More than what you are used to…” she spoke as she moved her hair from her face. “However, I must be going now. It was a pleasure speaking with you.”

As quickly as she came in, she was gone in a flash leaving a slight imprint on the Fiona and Charles. They pondered the words to themselves trying to understand what she meant by that. It already felt like years had passed since she was last seen within these walls. Now, with this new information, it rekindled their concern about their daughter’s well being. It made them feel anxious, yet it made them worry as well. Charles locked the door in the same way that he did when Josephine left. This time it felt much more different yet confusion was the common grounds.


“Looks like our little birds have left their gilded cage,” Nighthawk mocked as he read the report again that a grunt handed to him on the progress of Josephine and her party. “Take one piece from the puzzle and the entire thing comes crashing down. Right, Crimson Lightning…”

The boy’s eyes met with the woman’s across the table. The unending boasting of how he single-handedly killed one of the Chosen had increased indefinitely as the time passed. Everyone in Team Rocket now looked up to his bravery, but for the most part, Crimson Lightning found it to be annoying. Anyone could have poisoned Paul on a whim if security was that loose. The woman’s face almost crumpled as Nighthawk continued on with his boasting of his slaying—as he called it—of the Chosen.

”What’s with the face, Crimson,” Nighthawk’s raised a brow. She had this look of displeasure on her face as if she had seen something repulsive.

“Don’t get cocky, they are just leaving the region,” Crimson Lightning folded her arms.

“What if they don’t come back? What if they are too overcome by grief to stop us? What would you say then?” If Nighthawk’s ego could get any larger, it would leak from his ears.

“We can fill the world with what ifs. But the truth in the matter is that they will most likely come for revenge and it will be our head. That is the reality of it all.”

Nighthawk waved it off as though she was not even speaking. He was too consumed by his pride to care that Crimson Lightning was even speaking to him, nevertheless scolding him for the achievement that he worked hard for. After a couple of moments of her rambling, he stopped her by just raising his hand while she was in mid-sentence. She stared at the palm of his hand, dumbstruck that he would speak to a person much older than he was in that matter.

“If they do come back,” Nighthawk spoke. “I will destroy them,” he spoke that simply.

“What if you got lucky?” Crimson Lightning rebuked.

“What if we filled the world with what ifs,” Nighthawk spoke in a clever retort. “Trust me. If they want to gather their broken pride in another region, let them. However, if they cross my path again, they’re going to wished they stayed.”

An awkward silence filled the room with a slight uncertainty, much of this radiating from Crimson Lightning. She stared at Nighthawk as he laced his fingers together. Until now, she hadn’t viewed him as a superior mainly for the fact that he was a child in her eyes. Now he wasn’t a child; he was a pure demon that bore his horns through his forehead. She gulped loudly as she viewed Nighthawk’s calculating expressions.

“If they come…” his confident expression dissolved into pure darkness upon the muscles of his face. “I will kill them without a doubt.”

He left the office soon after leaving Crimson Lightning stunned on what was going to happen. For their sake, she thought to herself. They better not come back.

January 31st, 2010, 2:45 PM
Hello, sorry for the lack of reviews. I'm in agreement with SS, the dark turn of the story is unsurprising but welcomed and you are rising to the challenge it brings. Be careful and don't slip up now. More people are becoming interested and that means more nagging. Good luck and continue writing your best.

February 1st, 2010, 6:42 PM
very nice!!!! keep it up!

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Lending a Hand: Sinnoh Reborn

Sinnoh, once a fairly successful region, had fallen into the despair that slowly contaminated the world like a deep setting poison within a drink. Every aspect of the region was dying away at a bitterly sluggish rate; the economy was the first, then the criminal level rose, and finally its people slowly began to fall to the hopeless world around it. Everything looked as though it was falling apart for the region; even Kanto, Johto and Hoenn had lost hope in where Sinnoh was going.

Hope was just another word in many of the Sinnohians dictionary; however, it lacked a meaning. After a couple of years within this painful anguish of the blackened world, the region began to reconstruct itself. Without guidance, this became a difficult task. Every step they took forward, two was taken back. In the shambles of this broken land, a new group of leaders would step forth into this abyss. This group was called Mercurias and this group was authority and order.

The members of the family known only as the Mercurias was quickly identified by the crimson full moon tattooed on their right shoulder and printed on the left side of their clothing. The oldest of the family, a beautiful woman with ginger coloured hair that flowed to her back, would take charge in recreating the nation. Like her family, she was order and she was perfect. Everything was constructed perfectly with her siblings like a well-played orchestra that performed the song of hope for the people. At first she went only by the name of the Red Angel, then when she thought that everyone deserved to know her name she revealed it — Ilona Mercurias.

Respected much like the former queen, Ilona carefully observed her people as well as her siblings to assure the perfect harmony within the reborn country. Her dazzling jade eyes watched every portion of the effort to rebuild the region; along with her brothers and sisters: Sebastian, Erwin, Symphony, Aaron, and Kilia.

Sebastian, the careful thinker of the family, handled the economy with various new products and ideas to get the flow of money. Though he was a rather stocky man, his brains were as strong as his body. Within several months, many of the people of Sinnoh were back in work. A small smile against his scruffy black beard could always been seen when a press conference was given. He knew that he was brilliant and he had every right to think that.

Erwin and Symphony helped rebuild the hope and families of the people of Sinnoh. Twins, they were never seen without each other, yet they were always seen surrounded with crowds of people as well. They would sing songs, mend families, and bring the unity back to the more damaged portions of the family. Known for their two-toned hair in opposite directions; they brought back the fundamentals of what Sinnoh was about. They were a blessing to many of the people that they came across.

Aaron, the second oldest of the family, was Ilona’s right hand man when doing anything. He controlled the law of Sinnoh, bringing back the crime rate to a relatively low level by just his presence alone. Everyone felt that inkling sensation of danger when around the rather lean but battle-scarred man. Within his first months, like his brother Sebastian, he managed to get many of the high ranking criminals off the street. It was indeed quite the feat with such dangerous men around.

Finally, the youngest of the family, Kilia, was the relations officer of the family. Only being in her early twenties, she controlled the relations with other regions. She insured that none would threaten in such dire times and was the ambassador to gain support of the other regions. Her hair, the lightest of red, would bounce aimlessly as she entered other regions. Not many would take her seriously yet she was down to business to gain support. Effective thinking with an extroverted personality made her the perfect spokesperson for the family. That was a decision that no one could regret.

The fallen region of Sinnoh had made a complete turn from the worst to the best country within a short window of time. Like small dew that drenched the entire land, Sinnoh began to prosper like no other era before this. The world began to view them as an equal to Kanto or even greater than that. Ilona had successfully crafted a phoenix from ashes alone. She, as well as her siblings, had exacted their blessing on the land and it continued to grow.

February 7th, 2010, 11:02 PM
Awe, you poor girl. :( Having only two reviewers must not be helping a lot, no? Don't worry, I came to the rescue! [/shot]

I admit; I have not finished reading all the chapters. I'm still on the 4th one.

The storyline is better than I had hoped, for I was appalled at how much was written. There a couple of grammatical and punctuational errors, but I guess that it'll slide. I've encountered one or two typos, unfortunately.

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February 22nd, 2010, 3:39 PM
A/N: Thanks goes to nokyo-chan for letting me use her description of Darkrai’s human-ized form, and to winterfell for having the time on Messenger to think up the name of Ires for Josephine’s female Weavile.

Arc 2: The Hunt Commences

Chapter 11: Strike Fear into TR’s Heart

Sunyshore City, the Mercurias’ Royal Citadel...

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve stepped onto Kantonian soil...” Arthur trailed off; his usual light-hearted attitude now replaced by a hardened heart.

“Won’t it be six months?” Damien questioned brusquely. The black-haired fifteen-year-old would, along with his sister, accompany Josephine, Arthur, Rachel and Katie back to Kanto from their business trip in Sinnoh.

Rachel’s face darkened. Despite the fact that she had fallen for Damien, she did not like the fact that her lover kept bringing up the past, however indirectly. “Leave it, Damien.” She looked over at Josephine, only to find that her best friend’s face had not changed from the deep scowl it had become since they’d entered the Mercurias’ castle. “Jose?” she tentatively asked.

Sighing deeply and clearing her mind of troublesome thoughts, the redhead — who was preparing to turn fifteen — faced the violet-haired teen. “When we go back,” she addressed the others, “it will be to a Team Rocket-controlled Kanto. We must be prepared to wipe them out one by one. I’m going to emphasize that none of us will be even laying a finger on Nighthawk. Why? I’ve spoken with our Chosen Legendaries and they said one of them will exact revenge on him. I can’t say which one it is, as that would be giving away the surprise.”

It was here that she stopped talking and shared a wink with Desmond, Darkrai’s human-ized form. He was fantastically taller than Rachel was. White shaggy bangs hung down over his right eye, obscuring it completely, and his skin was pale. His visible eye was quite shocking — he appeared to have no pupil, and his iris was white, but a brilliant robin’s-egg blue surrounded it.

He wore a long coat that ended in tattered strips of gauzy material that seemed to shift around his legs in a nonexistent breeze, and the same material hung from the backs of his shoulders, extending further than his black-gloved hands. The collar of his coat was red, with red spike-like things jutting up from it and ending somewhere near his jaw — his hood hung halfway down his back and stirred in the same breeze the rest of his coat did. What he was wearing beneath the coat, Rachel couldn’t tell; it was closed over his skinny body.

Fortunately, no-one else saw the unspoken communication between Josephine and Darkrai just then and everyone agreed that the redhead spoke the truth. Nighthawk was just far too powerful.

“Anyway,” Katie spoke up. “We need to head out to the Oceania. It’s waiting to take us back to Kanto.”

Even in the silence that followed, the brunette with blonde foils sensed that everyone was thinking of their return and how their families would feel.


Later that day...
Saffron City, Pokémon Centre

“Mr. Harris?” A young woman placed a cup of tea down on the table for the formerly disabled man.

“Just Charles please. Thanks,” he answered and motioned to the liquid in the mug. “Your name was...?”

Channeler Rosevale or Serenity, as she liked to be called, studied the previously wheelchair-bound man. She couldn't understand how this person could be so calm for someone who had lost their child for six months. Serenity found herself comparing herself to the older man. Rosevale was a twenty-seven year old woman with the responsibility of being the acting Gym Leader if anything were to befall Sabrina.

Even comparing their eyes, she found a vast difference. Though Serenity’s were as black as the night, hers had the sense of a warm and caring woman. However, Charles’ blue eyes were hard and calculating. Serenity lacked the callous look in her expression. Just being around him made her feel uneasy — like that time she had been tricked by her brother’s friend. She mentally cringed at the thought.

Serenity, however, was entirely different for that matter. She was, and had always been, true to the code she pledged her life to. Her messy black hair was tied loosely in a ponytail, soft black eyes, and a genuine smile made her a hard person to hate. She was shorter, more maturely built, with no wrinkles under her eyes to show the difference in age. The difference in maturity was also there. The Channeler wore a one piece bone coloured dress with lavender and black hues imprinted on it, while her feet were protected by slip-on sandshoes.

“Serenity Rosevale, Channeler of the Saffron Gym, at your service.” She replied.

Nodding his head in acknowledgement, Charles went on to explain why he was now out of his wheelchair; it was clearly an issue that many people had questioned him about. It had all started six months ago, on the exact day Josephine and her friends had left for the Sinnoh region. The Saffron City Hospital had rung the Harris residence, and Charles was the one who picked the phone up. A leading doctor said they had perfected a new treatment which would completely heal his body; it was as if the accident had never happened. After hurriedly talking in an undertone to Fiona, Charles agreed to participate in the Hospital’s plan.

Time passed slowly and, at first, it seemed like nothing was happening. But as two months approached, Charles began to get the movement in his legs back. Overjoyed, he still knew he had to take it slowly and started little tests like being able to rise from his wheelchair and moving a couple of steps. By the time the six month trial period was up, he had regained full use of his legs and put his wheelchair in storage. He couldn’t wait to show his daughter how much he’d changed in the six months she’d been gone.

“Charles, Natalie! They’re here,” Fiona's voice interrupted the conversation.

“I guess we can ask her,” Natalie responded, a bit pleased as she came over to her father.

Charles finished his tea and placed the mug firmly on the table. He stood up. The only clear difference from him in the six months was his hair. He now had it at shoulder-length. But when business called, he came. The Harris “lord”, for want of a word, brushed small particles of dust from his white formal shirt and fixed his black leather jacket. Charles seemed to be pleased at meeting the guests.

“Fiona, where are we supposed to meet them?”

“The Trainers’ Hall; Nurse Joy prepared a meal.”

“Okay, let's not be late,” Natalie put in.

Fiona nodded and used the escalators to reach the upper floor subsequently. Charles fiddled with the mug briefly, before nodding to his youngest daughter. Natalie immediately stood to attention, but her father laughed and told her to be at ease. They went upstairs, with Charles once again nodding his thanks to Serenity.


The Pokémon Centre’s Trainers’ Hall...

“The Chosen have returned!” A former guard from the now abandoned Saffron Castle announced their arrival. Upon receiving Arthur’s letter from Sinnoh, which warned them that their ruler — Queen Eleanor — was a traitor who had worked for Team Rocket all along, the guards and sentries had bustled Princess Victoria out of the citadel immediately.

Now, with Josephine’s family, Misty, Lt. Surge and Sabrina, the guards, sentries and the Princess were stunned into silence at how much the teenagers had changed in the period of time that they had been away.

“Scarlet Death, Aquamarine Flame, Steel Wildfire and Shadowheart.” The guard quoted their self-styled aliases.

“Roberto...” Arthur started, trailing off deliberately. The prince gave the other man a meaningful look.

With the guard’s name now revealed, Roberto coughed pointedly and hastily fixed his mistake. “Josephine Harris, Rachel Savina, Katie Emerson and Damien Shadowlore. With them is Damien’s sister, Liana.”

The people in the gathering looked decidedly pale at the teens’ appearances. Josephine and the others were noticeably leaner, with toned bodies and tough-looking Pokémon stood by their trainers’ sides.

Scarlet Death, otherwise known as Josephine, was situated beside Arthur with her fully evolved team sitting or standing around her. Riley, Juri, Breona and Wisteria were now joined by Ires and Diego — a female Weavile and male Dusknoir respectively, both of whom Josephine had managed to capture in the last month before she left Sinnoh.

Rachel stood quietly beside Damien and Liana, with Rachel and Damien’s Pokémon crowding around them. Laverne had since evolved into a weird mix of Arcanine and Suicune, and the lavender-haired girl’s team was thus complete with Maverick, Persi the Persian and Tempest, an outcast Lapras, whom Rachel had befriended. She also had a Tyranitar, whom she’d nicknamed Tyria.

Damien’s team consisted of Houndoom and Gallade, his two main stayers, as well as Empoleon, Rampardos, Lucario and Jolteon. Houndoom, nicknamed Scarface because of the massive mangled scar that ran along from the top of the right side of his head to the bottom of the left side of his jaw, was a violent and unpredictable creature of the night. Bronco and Brooklyn — the Rampardos and Lucario respectively — were the only ones able to reason with Scarface when he ended up in one of his moods.

Kyga, Nightfall, Sinuous, Dazzle, Amethyst and Fortsect formed a protective wall around their mistress, Katie. The Firtah, Honchkrow, Floatzel, shiny Electivire, Espeon and Scizor were intensely loyal to the Pharaohonian-born Johton trainer. Nightfall was still his usual cheeky self, and Katie admired that the Dark and Flying type bird loved playing games with her.

“Josephine is Scarlet Death...?” Fiona breathed in disbelief.

Josephine with Arthur by her side continued further into the spacious area known as the Trainers’ Hall. The room itself gave a reminder as to demand respect from Josephine in her expectations of Saffron. Arthur’s girlfriend couldn’t tell at the moment what the city was like outside, because they had all been bustled inside after arriving back from Sinnoh, with no chance to view anything. The only people in the room she didn’t know were the guards, sentries and Princess Victoria.

Her mind locked onto all of the familiar faces in the crowd; her parents, Natalie, Lt. Surge, Misty and Sabrina. Her lip curled to make a smirk. Natalie studied Josephine from the spot behind her father’s back. She didn’t like that smirk her sister had on her face, but she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Charles looked back at his youngest daughter from the corner of his eye. He honestly expected her to be much happier and additionally tons more animated than what she was. He assumed it to be nerves.

Josephine paced the boundary of the room studying everyone she knew and those she didn’t. She approached her father first; it was the least she could do now that he’d healed. He was standing upright now, so the redhead quickly assumed that he was okay. The teen gave him a loose hug before Charles spoke.

“Jose! You're Scarlet Death?” he asked.

“I suppose I am,” Josephine’s eyes darkened. “I'm glad to see that Team Rocket didn’t get to any of you. I left before I could see you recover, dad.” Josephine tried to muster up enough emotion to make her statement convincing.

“It's fine. I'm just shocked that you are Scarlet Death. I thought you wouldn’t become a mercenary.”

“Was that an insult?” Josephine fiddled with her crimson hair, which was now at her neckline. “Militaristic as ever, dad.”

Charles laughed. “You know I try.”

Natalie found herself analyzing her sister’s voice pattern now. The hyperness had dissolved from Josephine’s voice leaving a rather husky sounding remnant of the nearly fifteen-year-old’s former impatient, yet kind, caring and hyper tone. She couldn't explain it, nor could she come to terms if she liked it or not. But one thing was for sure, it sent chills down her spine when her older sister spoke.

Josephine continued her way down the row, Arthur followed not too far behind in introducing himself. For some reason, Natalie wanted her sister to stay further up the room. She wanted to examine her more. But her time for this assessment was quickly winding down with the teen’s progress now to Misty who was positioned in the middle of the room.

“Misty,” Josephine’s eyes lowered to the slightly older teenager.

“Josephine, you have grown,” Misty stated.

“I haven't noticed.” Josephine looked away.

“You really have. You've toughened up. What did you do in Sinnoh?” Misty said jokingly.

“I’ve been exercising for obvious reasons.”

“Do you want to tell her the time that you and Riley took down a Hippowdon?” Arthur questioned, smirking.

“You had to bring that up... didn't you?” Josephine stared at her lover.

“Should I tell them that you and Riley did it single-handedly?” the Prince’s smiled broadened.

“I did what was required. At that point, it was freezing a Hippowdon. It was causing a massive sandstorm and I didn’t want to kill it, so Riley and I froze it using Riley’s Ice Fang, which is her personal favourite.”

Everybody's mouth in the room dropped. Natalie could have sworn she could have heard her jaw shatter on the tiled floor. Lt. Surge dropped the mug of coffee he was drinking, and when it processed through his mind he was forced to kneel down to pick up the pieces. Misty helped Lt. Surge out considering she needed to think about what was just said.

She went from the death of Paul to freezing Hippowdon in six months.... jeez... The Vermillion City Gym Leader thought.

My god. What training did they go through? Misty pondered, picking up the shards of the earthenware mug.

What the hell happened in Sinnoh? Should I go back there? Charles mulled over his questions.

Josephine glared at Arthur for a couple minutes. She didn't really want to brag about it. The redhead had done it because it needed to be done. Canalave would have been engulfed in sand if she hadn’t. All she wanted to do was to protect those people, so it was a good thing she didn't mention how rogue Team Rocket separatists were involved there now that Galactic had moved on. She had to teach them a lesson in pain for that. It was blood on the riverbank that day.

“So how did you get your alias?” Lt. Surge asked, picking up the remaining pieces of the mug.

“I knew that was coming...” Arthur stated, helping Misty and Lt. Surge up.

Josephine thought back to the conversation started by the new Sinnohian queen, she who was head of the Mercurias’. What should she tell them? But before she could speak, Arthur took the initiative and charged ahead.

“The new queen stated that Josephine’s scarlet coloured hair reminded her of the meteor that destroyed Snowpoint and that she would be the death of all evil.”

“Never mind this.” The teen found all of this small talk irrelevant. “I’m just glad that I'm back.” Josephine finally stared at her younger sister, who hadn't said anything directly to her since the older sibling entered the room.

She finally made it to Natalie and her mother at the other side of the room. The teen wasn't smiling properly; she had lost the ability to do so. Josephine extended her hand and her mother took it. Fiona looked down to see that her hand was being squeezed harder than normal due to her daughter’s increased strength.

“What a firm handshake,” the pale red-haired woman said, looking at the grasp on her fingertips.

“Thanks...” Josephine answered blankly, releasing the hold.

“Do you want to catch up with Nat?” Fiona said suddenly, throwing the words in her face.

Before the nearly fifteen-year-old could reply, it seemed as though Natalie had found her voice at last. “I challenge you to a battle, Josephine.”

Lt. Surge and Sabrina looked at each other. “I guess the meeting’s finished then...” the raven-haired young woman whispered in the older man’s ear.

The Electric type Gym Leader could only nod in reply as his eyes analyzed Josephine’s movements and reaction.

Selecting a sphere off her belt, Josephine looked at her younger sister. “I accept,” were the only words she uttered.

“Okay, okay — let’s take this outside,” Arthur raised his voice. Natalie and Josephine hurried outside, followed by Arthur, Rachel, Damien, Liana and Katie. The other five trainers watched as Natalie picked a ball from her belt and faced off against her older sister. As the Charmeleon burst free of the ten-year-old’s sphere and Diego, the Dusknoir, from Josephine’s containment device, the tension rose.


Back in the Trainers’ Hall, movement attracted the attention of Lt. Surge and Misty. The first figure, a man, slid the hood of his cloak off his head. In his late forties, he was behind those shadows. His hair was shoulder length that flowed effortlessly from white to violet. His skin was almost an inhuman pale, accompanied with crimson coloured eyes, which made him appear more than just a human. Lt. Surge could see the tattoos that almost appeared like tiger-stripes on his complexion.

A middle-aged lady stood beside her companion. Her lavender hair bounced as she finished stepping forward. Her pale azure skin contrasted with her violet, with white diamond, coloured dress. Yet with all of her splendour, she appeared to be dangerous with the shape of a cobalt crystal on her forehead. Misty gazed at her with awe etched on her face.

Lt. Surge wasn’t one to beat around the bush. “Who are the two of you?” he barked.

“Rayne Stormcloud, at your service,” the man introduced himself.

“And I’m Soren Galeforce,” the woman added.

“How did you get in here?” The Electric type Leader questioned roughly.

“We used the door,” Soren answered. “But that’s enough of that,” she continued, shrugging off the question. “We’re here because you two, as well as one other, need to help them.” Here, she jerked her head in the direction of the Chosen and their partners.

“They spent six months in Sinnoh!” Surge raised his voice, only just becoming aware that nobody else could hear their conversation. “What more help could they possibly need?”

“They won’t be able to eradicate all of the evil by themselves,” Rayne cryptically replied. Before the two Gym Leaders could speak any further, Rayne and Soren lunged at them like lightning bolts, thrust their hands on the Leaders’ limbs and marked them as Chosen, forcing them into a “till death do us part” bond.

Rayne faded into the shadows of the room, as Soren sent a message back to the Leaders. “The bond works in more ways than one. If you don’t help them, you will die. It is your choice.” And with that, she disappeared as well.

Lt. Surge and Misty glanced down at their right hands to see the glowing outlines of an azure Suicune and an electric yellow Raikou. They then stared at each other. “We’re in this together, I guess,” Misty stated the obvious.


In front of the Pokémon Centre, Josephine had withdrawn Diego with the conclusion of the battle being in her favour. The red-haired teen was about to step forward and congratulate her younger sister on a battle well-fought, but Natalie turned and stormed off.

“...” Josephine was stunned into silence as she turned to Arthur.

Arthur shrugged, equally confused. Nevertheless, all of the teenagers ran after the ten-year-old, still well aware that Saffron was in the stranglehold of Team Rocket. A few moments later, they found her... in the grip of a Rocket grunt, with the criminal holding a gun to her head. The Prince threw out his arms, stopping the others in their tracks.

He turned back slightly to see his lover whispering something to Diego, her Dusknoir. The Ghost type nodded in agreement and pressed his hand to his trainer’s forehead. With Diego muttering something creepy, his mind merged with Josephine’s and the two spiritually entered the Rocket grunt’s body. Their aim was to kill him quickly, for even thinking of endangering Natalie’s life.

All while the duo were in his body, the grunt was writhing and screaming in pain, even cursing the fact he’d joined the organization. Seconds later, he was dead, the heart’s major vein severed from the rest of the organs. Back in their own bodies, Josephine and Diego looked at each other warmly before the nearly fifteen-year-old embraced her sister in a big hug.

“I’m sorry for storming off, it’s just that I’m not used to losing,” Natalie admitted.

“Pfft! It’s fine, Nat,” the older sibling replied.

“I’m serious,” the ten-year-old persisted.

“So am I,” the redhead countered.

All the while, a Fearow with a security camera flew overhead, watching the battle. The footage was being sent back to Team Rocket’s Silph. Co headquarters, where Crimson Lightning and Nighthawk were absolutely stunned.

Legendarian Mistress
February 25th, 2010, 7:49 PM
A/N: Thanks go to winterfell for providing a description of the mutated Eeveelution, Kamiah. I’d like to thank winterfell, again, for providing a description of an adult version of Silver, Giovanni Walker’s son and for giving me a reason for why Shira works for the JD.

Chapter 12: Mission — Capture Celebi

<You don’t expect us to give up our bodies, do ya?!> spat a tough-looking Eevee in the Ilex Forest that night. Glaring down the opposing trio of Houndour, Mareep and Murkrow, the three Pokémon of which were owned by a Johton Team Rocket grunt, the aforementioned Eevee was different to the rest of his kin. On his small chest was a scar, depicting the letter ‘x’.

The scarred Eevee, his brother and their two sisters had been sleeping peacefully, minding their own business when the enemy Pokémon disturbed them. Immediately getting into an argument with the Houndour, the two male Eevee learned of the Johton-based organization’s plans... and something which involved them, which of course lead to the older male growling in defiance.

Until now, Team Rocket hadn’t truly revealed why they were evil. In an elaborate two-pronged attack, they were determined to capture these Eevee and flush the Time Traveller out of her hiding place. The Eevee were destined to be experimented on, but the Time Traveller... if they could obtain Celebi, they saw this as being able to protect her from the twisted, malice-filled desires of the Johto Destroyers, while using her for their own gain. All the Commanders did was send out lowly grunts with their inferior intellect to fulfil their needs; it was like they were too busy to do the missions themselves.

<You mustn’t resist,> the Mareep bleated.

<Or you’ll pay the price,> the Murkrow squawked.

<Pfft! Pay the price?! What price, huh?!> The scarred Eevee countered.

<The price of death,> Houndour growled menacingly.

Mentally taken aback, the older Eevee turned and stared into the Dark and Fire type’s narrowed eyes. <He... he means business! I have to protect my siblings, I can’t let them die here!> A bright white light flashed in the Forest, signalling the arrival of a saviour — though the Eevee didn’t know it.

“What the hell are you three waiting for?!” the grunt yelled. “GET them!”

The Houndour, Mareep and Murkrow lunged in unison, aiming to scatter the four Normal types. However, as a family, they stayed together. Houndour and Mareep went after the older Eevee, while Murkrow targeted the younger ones. Working together, the canine and sheep cornered the scarred creature. The Houndour’s jaws were flaming with fireballs and he growled even more threateningly than before. <You’re gone,> he snarled and charged forward, biting the Eevee’s throat, burning him, while Mareep watched on.

At that moment, a raven-haired woman appeared, focused her powers and sent a huge psychic shockwave at the criminal and his Pokémon. Houndour flew backwards with the scarred Eevee still in his mouth. The Johton-based Team Rocket grunt, as well as his Mareep and Murkrow, crashed into a cedar tree.

Now would be a good time, Chelsea, the woman broadened the range of her abilities and contacted Celebi.

<As you wish,> the green fairy-like Pokémon replied. She allowed Sabrina to pick up the younger male Eevee and his two sisters, before thrusting her small hands out and completely froze time for about one minute. <Shall we make our getaway?>

That would be wise. Any longer and they would have found you. It was only a matter of time; the grunt was so very close to your shrine, Sabrina answered. Her explaining over and done with, Sabrina and Celebi teleported out of both of the Ilex Forest and Johto.


The next morning, Josephine and Arthur emerged from their Pokémon Centre room in a perceptibly quieter frame of mind than what they had been in last night. Rachel noticed a very faint sheen of red on their faces, and said nothing about it. Katie, having not been paired with a boyfriend of her own yet, knew nothing about subtlety and gawked at them with her azure eyes wide with a combination of shock and laughter.

“Oh my god! You guys actually did it?! You’re only fourteen!” she exclaimed.

Josephine turned her head away, but Arthur snapped back in a controlled manner. “We’re turning fifteen, you know that!”

“That’s not the only thing they should be concerned about.” Sabrina’s voice was heard within the room, but there was something about it that Josephine fretted over. It had hardened a fraction since the redhead had last seen the raven-haired woman. “I saw the thought before it was even born in your mind, Josephine. Indeed, I won’t beat around the bushes. Team Rocket’s Johton-based forces were so very close to capturing Celebi last night, but that’s not all. In order to flush her out, they targeted a family of young Eevee. Chelsea, if you would kindly show them.”

The human-ized Celebi walked into the room with three Eevee nestled in her arms. “We managed to bring these ones back with us, there’s a male and two females. Their older scarred brother was taken. I know in my heart he’ll be experimented on. Sabrina and I already decided beforehand that we would delegate one of them to each of you. I hope you will approve of our choices and look after them.” Chelsea’s voice was soft not only with anxiousness, but a caring love for the surviving siblings.

She proceeded to give the second-oldest male to Josephine and Arthur, the first female to Rachel and Damien and the youngest to Katie. “Thank you, Chelsea.” Their voices spoke in unison.


In a Johton-based TR HQ...


“Commander Apollonir!” the grunt gasped. “Forgive my blunder, sir!”

“You two, that is enough.” Pandora’s icy voice cracked the air like an electric whip. Pandora was sick to death of hearing Apollonir argue with her organization’s grunts all of the time. While Apollonir had a point in the fact that they could have had Celebi, there was absolutely no need to punish the hard-working grunt who had brought back the scarred Eevee for experimental purposes. That deed alone satisfied Pandora.

“Noble leader, when would you like me to begin the experiment?” A scientist asked of Pandora.

“Commence Operation: Cellular Merge now,” the Johton-based Team Rocket leader replied.

The scientist nodded in compliance, just before an as yet unknown Commander spoke up, getting Pandora’s attention. “Do you want me to take some of our forces and observe the happenings of the Johto Destroyers?”

“Yes, that would be a good idea. That was fantastic thinking on your behalf, Renata. You may leave as soon as you’re ready,” Pandora answered.

The black-garbed Commander Renata stood to attention and saluted her leader, before easing her position and leaving the room to find her best men.


Half an hour later, outside a Johto Destroyers base...

“What are the Johto-based forces of Team Rocket doing anywhere near us?”

The platinum-blonde Renata and her men were soon blessed with the presence of a young lady, accompanied by a Gengar. Her cerulean hair bounced as she jumped down from the tree Renata and her troops stood under. Her dark skin contrasted with her grey skin-tight uniform. Her violet eyes studied the other female and her underlings as she tilted her head.

“Who are you?! You look more like an Admin,” Renata countered.

“Far from it, to be honest. My name is Phoenix, but you will address me as Commander Lenaya. I’m a high-ranking member of Johto Destroyers,” Phoenix answered in a tone of authority.

“I’m not addressing you as anything!” Renata yelled. “I, too, am a Commander. Commander Sirsa Renata is my full title, and I’m allied with...”

Phoenix cut her enemy off while she was in mid-sentence by simply raising her hand. “Blah, blah,” she mocked. “I know who you’re allied with. What I’m asking is what are you doing here? Answer now, or you’ll regret the indecision.”

“C-commander Renata, ma’m?” One of the grunts stammered. “I t-think we should leave this place.”

“Silence, fool! You are not here to give me orders!” Renata slapped the man on the face. “Very well, Phoenix, you shall get your answer. My squad and I are here to monitor your activities in regards to Project 251 and what you plan to do to it.”

Phoenix’s eyes narrowed upon hearing Renata’s slight on her rank. She sighed deeply, closed her eyes and looked at the ground. Without warning, she jerked her head up, opened her eyes quickly and stared directly into those of Sirsa’s. The very air between her and Renata warped severely as her special ability attacked the Johton-based Team Rocket Commander’s mind. Speaking as though in a trance, Commander Lenaya explained the side-effects of her ability to her enemy’s grunts.

“What you’re seeing before you is my special ability. It is called Telepathic Mind Rape, or TMR for short. I use it when I want to weaken the opposition’s mind. The major side-effect is a barrage of emotions that leave the target defenceless for more of the same. Other, more minor effects include shattered mental shields, no emotions whatsoever, or a permanently damaged brain.”

By this time, Renata was down on her knees, cradling her head in her arms, begging for mercy.

“However, I shall be lenient this time. Don’t let me catch you information thieves sneaking around here again,” Phoenix broke off her attack and the grunts fled from her sight, protecting their Commander.


Back at Saffron City...

Sabrina sat stock-still in a private room at her Gym. “Oh no,” she whispered. “It’s happening. I have to warn the others.” With that, she instantly teleported out of the Gym and materialized at the Pokémon Centre. Noticing that the others were just leaving the building, she caught Josephine’s attention.

“Sabrina? What’s wrong?” the redhead questioned in a hard tone.

It’s the older, scarred Eevee. They’re doing something to him. I heard something about Operation: Cellular Merge. Whatever they’re planning, you lot have to go there and stop them, the woman with jet black hair telepathically warned them.

Without even looking at each other, their decision was unanimous. “We’ll do it. Operation: Cellular Merge will be shut down. You can count on us.”

“I can’t teleport you as it is too great a distance, but Alakazam can. He’s used to that sort of thing. Alakazam, your presence is required!” Sabrina tossed her starter’s Poké Ball out and the tall, yellow, bipedal fox appeared after the light died down.

Reading his mistress’s mind required only a split-second to comprehend the order. <I want you all to grab hold of each other, then your leader should hold me!> After they complied with Alakazam’s instructions, Sabrina had to shield herself from the biggest flash of white light she’d ever seen as her partner teleported away to Johto.


In the same Johton-based Team Rocket force’s Headquarters as before...

Their auras loomed ever closer. Kamiah rubbed a blue paw over his lighter coloured ear, wincing as the scales pulled lightly against his fur. Swivelling his feline head back and forth, the hybrid glimpsed the blue fish-like tail and the scales running across his back. He hoped his targets would hurry. He was interested in completing the mission.

Chase and Soren were nearby, with both of them pretending to be Team Rocket members. Helena, Ho-oh in human form, had instructed them to keep an eye on Kamiah, in order to see if there was any way for him to be turned back to the side of good. So far, they’d had no luck, for during the mutated evolution, Kamiah’s mind seemed to have been twisted and filled with dark thoughts. But there was no harm in keeping on trying, just as long as they didn’t get caught in the process.


The human-ized Pokémon representing the Shadow and the Darkness stood opposite each other. It had not even been half a week that the Chosen were back in Kanto and Mewtwo and Darkrai were already confronting the other.

“You do know that the Lord won’t approve of this?” Matthew questioned abruptly.

“Quite frankly, I don’t think he would care. Unlike us, he chose to bind himself to a human form until this whole fiasco was over. The other reason he did that was to help the Johton-based forces of Team Rocket, though I daresay Donovan will get his revenge sooner or later.” Desmond answered back, just as brusquely.

“Donovan? What’s he got to do with this?”

At this comment, Desmond smirked and folded his arms. He was inwardly surprised that Mewtwo hadn’t been told about Dialga’s lust for revenge on Arceus, that Dialga’s entire being wanted payback for being cursed. “I’m sure Pandora will tell you if you ask her nicely,” Darkrai replied.

Immediately, Mewtwo’s eyebrows shot up. “Palkia? She’s here as well?!”

“Not here, as such. But yes, she’s in Johto.”

Very slowly, it seemed, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together in Matthew’s mind. “Arceus cursed Dialga, didn’t he? That’s why Palkia and Arceus moved to Johto and became prominent members there, isn’t it? And why Dialga is a high-ranking member of the Johto Destroyers, am I right? Dialga wants revenge...”

“Correct on all accounts. My god, you’ve got a clever brain,” Desmond taunted.

“That’s enough, you two.” A new, feminine-toned voice entered the discussion. A woman materialized and stopped suddenly, her azure eyes searching the faces of the two males. She was a slender being and her long pink hair was done up in a ponytail which cascaded onto small shoulders. Mia was dressed in a pink blouse and a long pink skirt, with the woman’s elegance increased tenfold by the flowing effect of her garments. Her hands were as white as a ghost’s and her lips finally formed a smile when she read the facial expressions of Matthew and Desmond.

“Mia, what are you doing here?” Matthew asked.

Seemingly ignoring the question, Mew got straight to the point. “The Chosen have just gone to Johto to see if they can help Kamiah, a former Eevee forced to undergo a mutated evolution. They will need all of the help they can get.” Having finished her explanation, she stared at both of them. It was almost straight away that they realized her point.

“We’re on it,” Desmond said.

Yes, mother, Matthew responded telepathically, knowing that Desmond wouldn’t be able to hear him.

“Go now, then.” Mia answered, and dematerialized.

Several minutes later...

Having found the Chosen, with Rachel and Damien standing to one side, Desmond nodded briefly at Matthew. The human-ized super-clone strolled up to the boy and pushed his right hand up against the male teenager’s right shoulder blade. A burning pain seared from the spot of contact, but Damien issued no cry of pain. He was used to being marked. When the pain subsided, Damien looked both Legendaries in the eyes, before speaking up. “This was in the legend, wasn’t it? The original Chosen who was marked by you both ended up dying, didn’t he?”

Matthew and Desmond nodded in unison. “Yes, but that was of old age, not a death from the war.”

“Let’s just get this over and done with,” Arthur’s voice came from behind them. While the two Legendaries had been talking with Damien, Josephine and Arthur had crept up to a window of the Team Rocket headquarters, peered in and saw Rocket members swarming around some freakish Eevee evolution. They also saw Chase and Soren pretending to be Team Rocket members.

“Wait, something’s happening,” Josephine hissed from her spot at the window. The other Chosen, as well as Desmond and Matthew, hurried over and peered in. What they saw stunned them. In between Josephine and Arthur looking through the window until now, Kamiah’s mind must have awoken to the presence of a Legendary inside the headquarters, because the hybrid was now clearly pointing a forepaw at Soren.

Chase and Soren froze as the grunts, Admins and Commanders faced them. Slipping on a pair of highly-advanced goggles, Pandora saw Soren for what she really was. “Hmph, well, well. Hello, Suicune. If you thought you could trick me with that illusion, you’re out of your mind. Apollonir, you will stand in for Renata, since she hasn’t fully recovered yet. Use the NEC, now!”

As a giant cage began appearing from underneath the floor from a simple flick of Apollonir’s fingers, Chase jumped out of the way. “No, Chase! Don’t leave me here!” was all Soren could cry out before the electrified steel bars of the enclosure shot a massive amount of the elemental energy at her, forcing her to drop her illusion and reveal her true form. The energy continued pouring into Suicune’s body, causing her to fall unconscious.

From outside, Matthew and Desmond weren’t going to let this brutal, barbaric treatment of a fellow Legendary continue. Combining their Aura Sphere and Dark Pulse techniques, they blasted a hole in the side of the building, charging inside afterwards, with the Chosen following in their wake.

As the haze from the explosion cleared, the Chosen and the Legendaries found themselves facing off against Arceus and Palkia. The God of all Pokémon was a white, four-legged creature about two-thirds of Lugia’s size, with a yellow energy ring on his body, perpendicular to the middle of his back. His ring was in the same colour of all of the elemental plates that could be found in the world. <Humans and Legendaries? Working together?> Arceus’ deep voice boomed.

“You can’t talk!” Matthew yelled. “You were masquerading as a human, too, you know!”

<Silence, Mewtwo! I have my reasons, as does Palkia! Explain to me why you are here, with humans.>

Mewtwo fell silent, but Arthur spoke up. “We came to see if we could free the mutated evolution of Eevee, and then when we do show up, we find you keeping Suicune hostage in an unconscious state. Explain that!”

<I do not have to explain myself. Kamiah is a loyal experiment, and he will be staying with us. There is nothing you can do to make me change my mind. Palkia, if you please.>

Palkia drew back her arm, as the orb on her other limb shone cerise. <I do not wish for it to have been like this,> was all she uttered as the Spacial Rend attack shot towards them like a meteor.


Time had passed but to him nothing had changed, barring the stupid cowlick in his short red hair, which he had gotten to lay flat on his head. He lazily blinked crimson eyes at the mirror. The lines on his face were deeper, the frown more prominent. He was certainly taller, possibly six feet even. He grimaced quietly at how white he was. Wearing mostly black really didn't help with a tan after all. He pulled his red and black jacket over the black belly shirt. Sighing, the twenty one-year-old ran his fingers over the smooth black fabric of his pants. He still dressed like a kid, after all this time. Giving up, Silver wrapped the grey cape over his clothing. Not much else to do now.

“Mr. Walker, sir?” A hesitant voice piped up.

“How many times have I told you to just call me Silver?! I will be ten times the man my father was!” Silver snapped back at the researcher. “Now what is it?!”

“Extremely high abnormal energy readings are being detected from the enemy base in Goldenrod City, Silver.” Another scientist responded after the first fell silent from fear.

“Base signatures are distinguished on the thermal radar, Silver!” Yet another scientist hollered.

“What are you waiting for, idiot?! Who are they?!” Silver yelled back.

“The energy readings indicate that Arceus, Palkia, Mewtwo, Darkrai and an unconscious Suicune — plus some teenagers — are in the base at the moment.” The second technician answered.

So... it’s begun, has it? Hmm, things just keep getting interesting, the Johto Destroyers leader thought. “Alright, I’m sending Phoenix, Donovan and Shira in!” A very livid glare from Arianna prompted him to add that she, too, could go. “Take these with you.” Silver called out to Arianna and threw her a couple of spheres; they were jet black in colour with a silvery-grey letter imprinted on them. The letter on the balls represented the containment spheres used by a Pokémon poacher from an age long ago, because they were, in fact, the same objects he used — Dark Balls.

As Phoenix, Shira Davina, Donovan and Arianna left; Silver turned back and continued watching the intensifying battle which was Arceus and Palkia VS Mewtwo, Darkrai and... Raikou? “What the ****ing hell?!” he swore. “Where did Raikou come from?!”

On the way to Goldenrod City...

Like her Johton-based Team Rocket counterparts, Apollonir and Pandora, Shira was very tall. As she walked alongside the other three, the human-ized Shaymin observed Phoenix’s behaviour, before returning one ghost-white hand — both of which had beautiful sapphire coloured bangles on them — to her side. Running the fingers of her other hand through her sea green hair, which went down to the base of her spine, her emerald eyes viewed the surrounding area. The woman was slender, and the fact that she wore white attire helped pronounce this even more. It was a clean pale coloured piece of clothing which had a jagged green bolt on it.

Her eyes bore a hole into Phoenix’s inquisitive expression, as she considered what to say to her. As she studied Commander Lenaya once again, they had a particular glow about them, which revitalized the cerise flowers on her head.

Able to walk backwards, a feat not many humans could successfully pull off, she faced Phoenix properly. This allowed her completely white boots to make a soft squishing noise in the rain-laden grass.

“Shira...? Don’t make me ask again,” Phoenix spoke brusquely.

“I believe that I could destroy them if things got too out of hand. Or maybe, it was that Silver convinced me that all of my peace and hope would do nothing and the best thing to do would be to destroy the world and start anew,” Shira answered softly, sighing as she thought back to the day she accepted Silver’s proposition and started to willingly work for the Johto Destroyers.

The group hurried along in silence for a while, as they thought about the carnage that lay ahead of them. They wondered on the result of the battle, who would lose and who would win. By the time they got through these thoughts, they’d arrived in Goldenrod from Ecruteak and found half of the Radio Tower in ruins.

Arianna let out an impressive whistle. “Wow, not,” she spoke loudly in a contradicting way. However, all four of them knew what was happening inside. A war-like battle between five Legendaries was occurring to determine the fate of Rayne’s fallen sister and Kamiah, the mutated evolution of Eevee.

Treading very carefully, the quartet made their way inside the damaged building and was just in time to witness Arceus break Raikou’s front right leg. All five Legendaries were sweating and trembling badly from exhaustion, but it seemed Arceus refused to give in. Yet, when he saw the four Johto Destroyers members, he did stop. Sensing that Shira and Donovan weren’t really humans, he nodded at Palkia and both of them changed back into their human forms.

“We’ll finish this another time, useless Chosen!” This comment was directed at Josephine and her companions, but they paid no attention to it, for help had arrived. Sabrina’s Alakazam had just teleported in, knowing they needed to make a getaway and, as the usual flash of bright light detailed their departure, Apollonir and Pandora failed to notice the disappearance of Suicune and Kamiah.

February 28th, 2010, 3:45 PM
I laugh at Katie's lack of subtlety. I would recommend coming up with a more elegant name for the mind rape, but it won't bother me all that much. Very good. You're evolving as a writer. I'd recommend continuing but I don't think I need to. Have a feeling you know that already.

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March 3rd, 2010, 5:42 PM
A/N: Thanks goes to Saucy Fish Boi (now known as Ineffable) for participating in this chapter, though I am not impressed that he failed to give me a description of a baker, which he wanted to be in order to sell croissants.

Credit goes to winterfell (now Fuyu) for allowing her character to be featured in my fic, for thinking up a name for Jirachi’s human form and Votuan’s human-ized description and for letting me use two Amaya scenes.

Also, the nickname of Phoenix’s Gengar is derived from the Middle Persian form of Old Persian Angra Mainyu, meaning "devil; evil spirit." In mythology, this is the name of the God of darkness, death and destruction, and the number one enemy of Ahura Mazda.

Chapter 13: A Wounded Hawk?

Foretold long ago, would be the day Darkrai and Mewtwo fought over a Chosen. The Shadow and the Darkness argued over whether it was right for a Chosen to have been marked by two Legendaries. With the Chosen human having already been marked by the Darkness, the Shadow thus marked him too. But there was a drawback, there always was.

At exactly the same time that the Chosen left Johto, so did Darkrai and Mewtwo. Once again, the two Legendaries were bickering, this time over Damien. “You know very well that he won’t be able to handle both of our powers inside his body!” Desmond yelled. “Why did you insist on putting his life in danger?!”

“I know very well this, why do I that?” Matthew mocked. “The girls needed a male Chosen with them, simple as that!”

“Well then, why not mark the boyfriend of Mew’s Chosen?”


Overcome with anger and disdain, Desmond spat at the ground. So what if the Prince is not in the Prophecy? He thought. He’s the cousin of Mew’s Chosen, so why can’t he be a Chosen himself? Realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere with his thoughts, he faced Matthew, his mind still in turmoil. “Who IS in the so-called Prophecy then?”

“The Prophecy predicted the births of six special trainers, with each trainer having different unique attributes about them, though the third Kantonian Chosen was sadly taken from this world. One would be a red-haired Pallet-born girl, the second a violet-haired Pewterian female, number three a brunette with blonde foils from New Bark Town, a black-haired boy from Sinnoh was number four and an emerald-haired Hoenn male was the last.” Matthew explained. “In addition to that...” He was cut off.

“What’s so special about three girls and two boys?” Desmond questioned. “And what was the third Kantonian Chosen’s gender?”

Matthew decided to respond to Darkrai’s second query first. “He was my Chosen, his name was Paul Johnson. A Team Rocket Commander by the codename of Nighthawk sent him packing with a lethal amount of arsenic.”

Without even saying it, the shock on Desmond’s face reflected the anguish Matthew still felt to this very day. A shudder passed through Desmond’s body.

“That is why the girls needed someone with my powers,” Mewtwo continued. “Now, as for your first question — the five Chosen will help unite the wayward Legends and free both Kanto and Johto from evil.”

“I still don’t agree with this, but if you feel it will help their ultimate goal, so be it.” Desmond replied, shocked from hearing Matthew’s revelation about his dead Chosen.


Back in Kanto...

“SABRINA, OH MY GOD, YOU’RE BACK! DEAR LORD, IT’S BAD NEWS!” Nurse Joy practically screamed.

“What is it? And calm down, by the way,” the Psychic replied.

“......” At first, Joy was speechless after the comment to calm down. But she quickly recovered and, thankfully, did settle down. “I just got back from Cerulean’s Hospital after checking on Misty’s condition — she’s still unconscious, I’m extremely worried about that — to receive a phone call from Vermillion City saying that Lt. Surge was admitted to the Vermillion Hospital with a severely broken leg. What in Mew’s name is going on?”

The raven-haired woman remained silent and simply raised an eyebrow. After several long moments, she spoke up. “Have you got room to treat a Pokémon and a human?”

Nurse Joy blinked rapidly for a couple of seconds. “Yes?”

“Alright, you lot, bring them in!” Sabrina turned her head and shouted to the group, who were waiting in the foyer.

It took Josephine, Arthur and Rachel to carry in Suicune’s unconscious form, whereas Damien and Katie provided support for Rayne as he hobbled forward. Staring closely at Rayne, as if she expected him to drop the illusion, Joy asked: “You’re really Raikou, aren’t you?”

Rayne looked hesitantly at Sabrina, and she had an “It’s your choice” expression on her face.

“Yes, Nurse Joy, I am Raikou. But now is not the time to be questioning who I am. Now is the time to be healing my sister and fixing my broken leg,” the human-ized Legendary replied.

Joy nodded in total agreement, before she went to work on setting Rayne’s leg. “Don’t attempt to walk on it for several days, it needs time to...” She was quickly interrupted as Rayne got up off the table and began walking around.

“It needs time to heal!” she cried.

Rayne shot her an exasperated look. “I’m a Legendary. We heal much faster than normal humans do. And while we’re at it, hurry up and treat my sister.”

Completely stunned and wondering about the healing abilities of Pokémon, Nurse Joy checked the vital statistics of Suicune’s motionless frame. After ten minutes, she stared into Rayne’s eyes. “She’ll be fine, her body was just pumped full of electricity. Judging by how fast you’re healing, she’ll be in here for at least a day. Misty, on the other hand...” Joy glanced down at the floor, apparently still very concerned for the Cerulean City Gym Leader.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine, Joy,” Sabrina responded. “In fact, I’m heading over there now to go and check on her.”

“Okay, thanks Sabrina,” Joy interposed.

That night...

Ahriman and Crescent, Phoenix’s Gengar and jet-black Persian, had been sent to patrol Saffron City. With Phoenix watching not only them, but the movements of Team Rocket from the Silph Co. building, it was clear to see the Johto Destroyers’ plans come to life. It was at that moment that their intended target exited Silph Co. and proceeded to walk along the street. Silently, from her hiding place, Commander Lenaya removed a special whistle from the pocket of her shirt and blew into it twice.

Immediately, Ahriman and Crescent became alert and their crimson eyes stared at Nighthawk in a threatening manner as he passed them. The Gengar kept to the shadows as he followed the twelve-year-old dark-skinned Commander, but the Persian padded quietly behind the pre-teen.

Without warning, they struck, giving Nighthawk no chance to see who his assailants were. Ahriman remained in the darkness as he used a Shadow Ball and Shock Wave combination, while Crescent used her signature moves of Shadow Claw and Toxic. Although the Gengar’s techniques were designed to bruise and electrocute Nighthawk, the Persian’s were more efficient in gouging the flesh and poisoning the victim.

Phoenix’s two Pokémon continued in this manner for several minutes, alternating between each other’s main attacks as they mauled the right side of his body. Then, Phoenix decided that Nighthawk had had enough, and let him flee from the scene, while she aimed her sniper rifle at the upper part of his left leg.


A faint cry escaped Nighthawk’s mouth as he fell to the ground, injured now not only from gouged flesh and poison, but a bullet wound as well. Weakened and at the end of his physical limits, the twelve-year-old lay there as a thunderstorm, which had been brewing for some time, let loose with rain that pelted down, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed across the sky.

It was at least an hour before anyone realized he had not returned and a squad of four grunts were sent on a search party. They stumbled over his body, instantly picked him up and returned to headquarters. “Code red, I repeat code red!” one of them shouted. “Commander Nighthawk’s been injured!”

“What?! How did this happen?!” Crimson Lightning demanded. “Nighthawk, answer me!”

“I don’t think you’ll get anything out of him.” A third voice stepped in.

“Who the hell are you?!” Bethany snapped.

A light laugh filled the air. “I am Phoenix Lenaya, a high-ranking Commander of the Johto Destroyers.” No sooner than she had introduced herself, Phoenix vanished.

“The *****! You four, go and find her NOW!” Crimson Lightning yelled at the grunts who’d brought in Nighthawk.

“Yes, Commander-General!” They spoke in unison, standing to attention and then hurrying off.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before they returned empty-handed. “She completely vanished,” one of the grunts replied, after being glared at by Crimson Lightning.

She wouldn’t have completely vanished, Bethany thought. This Phoenix is out there somewhere. Nevertheless, this is disturbing that they are invading Team Rocket territory. I will have to report this to Rowan.


The next morning...

He didn’t need to look back, he could hear them. Brutal, sporadic barking. Gnashing teeth. Paws thumping hard concrete, keeping rhythm with their rapid panting. He could almost smell their hot breath. Wild, bestial and savage. They were getting close, real close.

The baker raced around the corner of the Pokémon Centre, only to careen into the Chosen, who were exiting the building.

“What’s the matter?” Rachel queried.

“Oh, please help me! I’m being chased by devil dogs!” he shouted, still panicking. He was dressed in the usual baker’s outfit of the matching white shirt and trousers, as well as his weird-looking baker’s hat and black sandshoes.

Rachel stared at each of the others in turn, and then focused her gaze back on the baker. “Don’t worry, we’ll help you. Tempest, your presence is required!” The amethyst-haired teen launched her Poké Ball at a nearby pool of water. In the six months that the Chosen had been gone, various small ‘river-like’ gathering holes had been artificially created in the capital of Kanto. White light spilled from the orb into the water, forming a large creature with a long neck and horned head. The light faded away to reveal a dark blue body, slate grey and knobbly shell and yellow bellied form of a Lapras.

“You, too, Diego!” Josephine cried out, releasing her Dusknoir.

The red eye centred in his cylindrical head narrowed as the three silver spikes on either side of his neck flared out; he was not happy as he emerged from the sphere. He rose higher into the air, exposing his rotund, dark grey stomach and the golden zigzag on it that stretched into a frown.

Josephine and Rachel’s Dusknoir and Lapras stood side by side, allied until death. The baker hid behind the Chosen as the “devil dogs” appeared on the scene. Their eerie, baying howl indicated they were not in the mood to play games. Both girls saw the metal plates attached to the heads of the three canines and immediately suspected Team Rocket was involved.



“Surf and Shadow Punch, now!” The two commands were given at the same time.

Tempest and Diego’s respective attacks hurtled towards the unsuspecting, clearly brain-washed Houndoom. Diego’s Shadow Punch winded and crippled them, and Tempest’s Surf was the final straw for the Fire attributed creatures as their internal flame sacs were extinguished and they perished.

There was silence for an extended amount of time, before the baker started exclaiming “You saved my life, you saved my life! How can I repay all of you?” He gave them no time to answer his question before he launched into another flurry of excited words. “I know, you can buy some of my croissants! I sell them in a baker’s dozen!”

“That’s nice; I’ll have some too, if you don’t mind.” A new, unknown voice spoke up. The Chosen turned around to see a girl who appeared to be around their age standing beside a boy.

"These guys... are the Chosen, right Votuan?" the girl asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. He nodded, glancing at her. She gave a strange smile. "I see. This is getting more interesting by the minute."

Amaya, whenever you say that I get a bad feeling, Jirachi moaned.

That's because you have no sense of adventure, she chirped back, her smile widening. They have something within them, something... useful.

Amaya, are you sure you want to join them? Jirachi asked worriedly. You do just fine on your own and... Well, you've never been very socially accepted. You're not a normal human.

I will do whatever it takes for my family to be able to rest in peace, she said solemnly. Even if it means being around other people. With that, she bounced over to them, looking all like an innocent child.

"So you're Chosen, huh?!" she chirped. "That's cool! I am too! Nice to meet you!"

Narrowing her eyes, Josephine questioned the female for her name.

“My name is Amaya. Amaya Suzuki and my Chosen Legendary, Jirachi — though he prefers to be called Votuan Sidus — stand before you. Let’s not waste any more time, we can’t keep the baker waiting, can we?”

Standing at a small height of only 4 feet 9 inches, Amaya Suzuki was unlike the rest of her family. Like her mother, she is a petite individual with lightly tanned skin. Her hair is a dark-blue at medium-length reaching just past her shoulders. Normally she wears a light grey shirt against a black jacket and thin blue jeans along with cheap, tattered bluish-white sneakers. Occasionally she wears her pair of black fingerless gloves. Around her neck is a violet crystal pendant, with gold twirling through the teardrop-shaped gem. Her eyes are a solemn lavender-grey, giving her an almost permanent distant stare.

She usually carries a black leather backpack faintly covered in a protective metal alloy, resistant to wear and tear as well as fire. It's filled with all the essentials of a trainer, such as Poké Balls, Potions, and Berries. However, she carries her personal items as well, such as her sketchbook and pencils. In a hidden pocket is a small red Netbook for emergencies, along with two small ratty paperbacks. Attached to the bottom left pocket is her black PokéGear.

Votuan Sidus stood beside her. He was a blonde-haired teenager who wore a pure white shirt and blue jeans. There were green facial markings like three tags on his face. His eyes were bright teal and on his stomach was a crescent moon-shaped scar representing his true eye.

Josephine initiated a telepathic conversation with Amaya and had been speaking with her psychically for several minutes when Rayne appeared. As it turned out, Soren had made a full recovery and Misty had awakened from her coma. But in the wake of what had happened recently, Rayne and Soren had decided that it was high-time the Legendaries started to drop their illusions and kept their true forms.

Amaya instantly argued that that would make the Legendaries prime targets for any Pokémon poachers who might be prowling around. “If there were any poachers,” Soren countered, “they would’ve gotten one of us by now.” Amaya couldn’t deny the human-ized Suicune’s logic, and had to nod in agreement. Rayne quickly tired of the back and forth bantering, so he ended it by revealing his true self — Raikou.

The gathered Legendaries saw sense in Raikou’s action and, one by one, they transformed back into their Pokémon bodies as well. Mew, Celebi and Jirachi hovered above Josephine, Katie and Amaya respectively, whilst Articuno stood in all of her glory beside Rachel and Mewtwo and Darkrai protectively guarded Damien.

<I’m going to go to Cerulean now and check on Misty. Josephine, what I want you to do is start training. Lt. Surge told Rayne to tell you he wants to battle you,> Suicune informed the nearly fifteen-year-old redhead.

Josephine’s hazel eyes widened in shock. “Battle me? In his condition?” she asked, stunned.

<Hey, you’re forgetting he’s an army lieutenant! He’s battled with far worse injuries than that!> Raikou barked.

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. When is the match scheduled for?”

<Three days time,> Mewtwo answered sourly, having read Raikou’s mind.

<I swear, if you do that one more time...!> Raikou threatened the super-clone.

<Knock it off, you two,> Mew’s beautiful sounding; bell-like voice piped in.

“Three days, huh? Right, I’ll go start training now!” Josephine cut in, stopping Raikou from threatening Mewtwo anymore. As she raced off, with Arthur following in her wake, the Legendaries could only hope the Chosen fulfilled their sacred duty and saved both Kanto and Johto from the looming evil that was spreading across the two regions like a disease.

While Arthur hurried to catch his girlfriend, Amaya turned to look at the deceased Houndoom. "So they're dead, huh?" The young teen stated softly, never glancing up from the three corpses. Amaya stroked the now cold fur. "Poor things. You died so cruelly. You died fighting for your pack, as you always do. An honourable way, I suppose." Her violet eyes seemed to dull as she stood up. Suddenly, she gave an insane smile. "I can not say the same for your trainers. I wonder if they know what fear looks like." She pulled a Poké Ball from her belt. "You'll help me show them, won't you Spira?" Her smile widened. "You and I... will make them all suffer in their own despair."

March 3rd, 2010, 5:57 PM
God Mewtwo and Darkrai are so hot-headed. I'm enjoying their argument more than anything else. Ooh, Phoenix is enjoying herself huh? You're truly bringing out your full potential. I'm looking forward to you continuing and enjoying yourself as well.

Sgt Shock
March 7th, 2010, 4:42 PM
Sorry for the late review, Kyuu. Just been so busy and such and I apologize deeply for withholding this review from you. I hope that you will like I have to say about this chapter because I definitely have good things about this chapter.

What I liked the most about this chapter is the amount of depth that you have added to the legendaries' personality. You really showed that they can have many different emotions swirling within them as the humans in the stories has as well. Darkrai and Mewtwo really showed that they aren't always the calm demeanor all the time. They have the ability to bicker between on another like many can. I think I like Mewtwo's character in your story than the anime, it has more depth. Of course the same goes for Darkrai.

You have a knack for creating a distraught situation. I can feel the panic in Nurse Joy's voice in the beginning of the situation. You are truly improving on your emotions capabilities through your writing. I can see improvements.

Anyway, I am done talking your head off. I hope this review as worth the wait. :) Again I am sorry.

Oh on a side note, thanks for the information before the chapter started. XD

March 8th, 2010, 10:27 PM
Okay, here’s my review! I warn you, I focus on the negative, so positive comments will be rare. I think I may have worded my review rather harshly, so I apologize in advance.

By the time I was five, and Rowan three, Josephine was born. According to my parents, Josephine was just as gorgeous as I was when I’d been born. Rowan, being Rowan, decided to start poking my younger sister. Mum wouldn’t have any of it.

He was immediately sent out of the room, with his punishment being no dessert for a week. Being a three-year-old, he chucked a tantrum, which caused me to raise my eyebrow in disgust. I mean, come on! This was a public hospital. Patients shouldn’t have to put up with a three-year-old’s outburst. Uh, Tara is a five-year-old here. I highly doubt she would raise her eyebrow in disgust. More likely, she’d just giggle that her younger brother was getting into trouble. And seriously, no dessert for a week for being curious about his new sister? That’s harsh.

Alright, I was a bit confused at first about your POV thing before I figured out Tara’s narrating italics and Josephine is doing the normal text.

An unintentional sneeze from overhead alerted me to the fact that someone was spying on us. I shielded Natalie as I quickly turned around. Mum, Dad, Row-... My eyes widened in shock. Whoever had been spying on us had taken Rowan, and left Mum and Dad unharmed. I then narrowed my eyes. It must’ve been a Psychic with teleporting abilities. But who has those sort of powers? I asked myself. But just to be sure... “Hey Mum, where did Rowan go?” This passage confuses me somewhat. There was a sneeze overhead (what, is this mysterious person flying?) and Josephine concludes that Rowan must have been kidnapped. Pretty big leap there; couldn’t Rowan have just wandered off since he apparently doesn’t care?

Okay, here’s a problem I was noticing:

But she was no normal psychic; she had been able to hide her spiritual powers, preventing her from being discovered.Upon hearing the order to fall back, she nodded once and knelt down.

“Speak up, boy!” Another voice snapped.This was the voice of Ross, the second-in-command.
I think it’d be better if you kept the green highlighted things to yourself. They don’t really flow well and could probably be better revealed later, when we actually know the characters you’re talking about.

“Yes, I do,”the boy responded, as he stood tall in response to the order.

“Ask, and you shall receive,” the man countered. What was he countering?

Also, I’m having trouble that Rowan is so interested in power. He’s twelve, what kid that age care about that sort of stuff? In my experience, they’re not interested in anyone’s future, but only want to enjoy themselves.

Unbeknownst to even herself, she was a product of Giovanni’s cloning tests. Yeah, this totally isn’t needed. Instead of spoiling stuff right off that bat, keep it to yourself and build up the mystery of who this strange woman is.

Fiona blinked a few times, then... “OH MY GOD! My son wants to be a trainer! Oh Rowan, good on you!” Her eldest daughter just died and she care’s about this sort of stuff?

I silently gasped when I realized who the ghost was. It was my sister, Tara.

“I see you’ve recognized me. But this isn’t exactly a good time. I’ve come to warn you about the one who will defect. Beware your brother! For the one whom defects will cause more trouble than you can possibly imagine!”

Tara’s ghostly outline began to fade, satisfied that she had done her job.

“Wait!” I cried out. “I miss you!”

Tara’s last words were brief as the last of her spirit faded. “As I you.”
Alright, so Tara is suddenly a guardian angel or something like that. Was she a psychic or something? How can she do that?

“Mew...” My brother’s voice was static due to Zapdos’ Electric abilities.

“Zapdos...” Mine was telepathic.

“So... It... Has... Come... To... This...”we spoke in unison. What? And now they’re suddenly chosen ones? Why do legendary Pokemon need to choose people?

What's more, if my parents were to discover this they, too, would disown him. Rowan’s twelve and his parents would apparently give up on him so easily?


I controlled the boy because the ‘seeking power’ aura he exuded was exactly what I wanted. Together, we would be unstoppable. Mew attempted to stop me, saying that the Trinity would not accept my thirst for supremacy. I was tempted to lunge at her, for I didn’t care about the other two one little bit.

When I bonded with the human, I had to assume a similar form. I felt slightly less authoritarian as one of his kind, but I thought nothing of it as I was his advisor. Alright, we have some answers here. I feel a bit better now that it’s understood that Mew chose Josephine specifically to get through to Zapdos.

Also, I suggest you rewrite the green sentence because I had to double-take to get its full meaning.

“Celebi and Articuno have become fascinated with a New Bark and Pewterian-born duo respectively. Myself? A Pallet-born redhead has me spellbound. What about you, Mewtwo?” Mew continued, as though there had been no interruption whatsoever. Okay, it’s apparently not because of Zapdos that Josephine was chosen. Why are legendaries choosing people? If they have to, why now of all times?

Whereas Mew was quite happy to telepathically say farewell to the departing Titan of Fire, as Magnus left the Forest. This sentence doesn’t make sense. Using ‘Whereas’ means you’re going to compare something and there’s no comparing here.

Having set up residency in Saffron City, the fact remained that the Kantonian royal family was not of Kantonian blood. In fact, they had escaped their homeland just in time.

Now that the noble aristocrats lived in Kanto, they would have to quickly adjust to the Kantonian way of life. It was said that they had had three children but, strangely enough, only two were with them when they arrived. Rumours began spreading that the oldest had been a royal knight who had his life taken from him in the line of action.

The queen and the next oldest child, also a male, did nothing to stop these rumours – though they knew the truth. And so the Regan clan did what they could to survive in an unfamiliar region. But as the years passed, the remaining son began to harbour a desire to quit nobility and just be a normal trainer.
Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on in this scene.

First thoughts: things are pretty confusing and I just can’t get over the ‘chosen by legendaries’ thing. This is more my fault than yours because this type of plot always stretches my disbelief to the breaking point. You also have a problem of revealing things too soon and you break any sense of mystery. Letting your reader try to figure stuff out for themselves makes them curious about the story and will keep reading to figure it out. If you spoil it, readers will have an easy time leaving the story and you don’t want that.

I think you’re trying too hard to paint Rowan as a villain. He’s just a kid in most of this chapter and while they can be bratty and not understand that they shouldn’t fight with people, they can’t be pure evil. Right now, Rowan is pretty 2D and has no good points, which doesn’t make him very interesting. Josephine also isn’t that interesting but that’s more because we haven’t seen her much and I don’t really have a grasp on her personality.

If you’d stop spoiling thing, you’d probably have a pretty good mystery on your hands. The story is set up to be epic and I liked how you described Sinnoh as pretty much unlivable due to Zapdos (I never liked Sinnoh that much, so that’s a plus in my book).

Anyway, on to the next chapter!

"I'm sorry,Arthur, but it's our duty to keep you from leaving!" one of the guards shouted as he continued to block Arthur from leaving. That seems like a pretty informal way of addressing a prince.

Victoria said,“Iceheart,” and simply walked away from the window. The guards were injured, but she knew it would happen. I’m kind of surprised how short the chapter was. I was expecting something prequel length. Though, I’m glad things are starting to clear up. Arthur seems like an interesting fellow and I’m wondering what Pokemon Iceheart is. A Glaceon, perhaps?

Chapter One
When Charles arrived from Sinnoh at the age of twelve, she became rivals with him.

This act in itself completely destroyed Alexis’ trust in Fiona- Wait, what? How is that a betrayal? And if Fiona can’t remember her past, how does she remember that?

The Harris’ were able to understand him because he had been with them since he’d been born, which was a few years ago now. I question this because I can’t see how an animal can be understood like that. It doesn’t matter how intelligent Pokemon are, but if an Eevee can only speak in growls and barks, these’s no way they could be understood in words. It’d make more sense if the Pokemon could be understood only vaguely by the emotion in their cries (like, a low-pitched cry can be sad or angry and a high-pitched for perkiness) or even their body language.

Though, talking Pokemon is a pet peeve for me, so feel free to ignore the previous paragraph as nitpicking.

“Release the Pokémon within!” her father barked, reminding her that he was the cousin of Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore. This made me laugh; I can’t imagine any adult saying that with a straight face. Oddly, the phrase reminds me of Card Captor Sakura for some reason.

It had been just yesterday, amidst the shocking exit of Prince Arthur from Saffron Castle, that Mike – an Aide of Professor Oak’s – had come to the Harris residency. He’d given Charles the Poké Ball and made him promise not to reveal it to anyone, except his oldest daughter and only on the day of her journey. He had also mentioned that the creature within was one of four smuggled Pokémon, but wouldn’t go into any more detail. I’m kind of confused why this is in the middle of the text. Is Charles thinking? Either way, it doesn’t really fit.

I like your choice of first Pokemon, by the way. Shinx is rare to see and it’s nice that Josephine is starting with a Pokemon from a different region.

You know, it’s kind of odd, because already I’ve seen a jump in quality between the prequel and this chapter. Was the prequel written months before you posted it, because I’m really surprised at the big gap between the two. Maybe it’s because things aren’t as hectic and jumping around, but either way, good job.

Chapter Two
“How long has Rowan been gone now, Mum?” Natalie asked in a high-pitched voice, as she ran into the room. Yeah, you could have definitely chosen a better way to explain how long Rowan has been gone for. He’s her older brother, so of course she’d already know.

Her mother’s familiar face filled the screen, with Eevee curled up on top of her head. That’s absolutely adorable, I have to say, though wouldn’t it be uncomfortable? I can’t even have my own cat on my lap because he’ll dig his claws into my skin and I can only imagine how painful it would be for claws to be digging into my scalp.

One of the equine Pokémon, a quiet-natured stallion, turned his majestic head and spoke rapidly to the mare in Spanish. <Tan oyó usted las noticias de nuestros dueños? El rumor lo tiene ese Cohete de Equipo ha tenido una resurrección. ¡Cómo horrorizar! A semejanza de miradas habrá mucho más patrulla de ahora en adelante.> This confuses me. The brackets indicate that a Pokemon is talking Pokemon and it’s translated into English, but here a Rapidash is talking Spanish when they don’t even have those type of vocal cords- and I’m really, really confused. Not that the Rapidash really matters, but I’m still confused.

Anyways, your description is good and I like both battles. I also like the choice of Josephine’s second Pokemon; Sandshrew are rather awesome and should be used more.

Chapter Three
Facing the Pokémon, the teen questioned the Shinx. “A Psychic type? Which one?”

<The smell was unmistakably that of an Alakazam,> came the response. How does Riley know what an Alakazam smells like? Clone or not, didn’t the Shinx come from Sinnoh, which doesn’t have any of those Pokemon in the wild?

The scene with Rowan and Pandora confused me at first. When you first referred to Rowan, the image that popped into my head was the Pokemon professor from Sinnoh and it was only when the scene went on that I understood. Nothing you can do about that, but you have to be careful when naming characters to make sure that a canon character doesn’t share the same name. I also had the same problem when I was creating one of my own characters, William, who was going to be named Will, but was changed at the last minute because a Johto Elite Four person already shared the same name.

Also, I was rather befuddled by Pandora, who I didn’t understand was a Palkia until I reread the scene. Maybe you could have described her a bit more.

Twenty minutes later, our heroine emerged from the shower- Bit of a nitpick, but in my opinion, referring to Josephine as ‘our heroine’ breaks the fourth wall and throws me out of the story.

The redhead was able to understand Riley’s tone of Pokéspeech, thanks to four years of living with her family’s serious-natured Eevee. This would make more sense if Riley was a similar species to Eevee, but a Shinx seems very distant, not even from the same region or type.

<Is that the best you got?> she taunted.

Scyla grinned.
Alakazam have long snouts, so they can’t really grin. Their mouths don’t move that way.

Anyways, battle between the Alakazam and Riley was interesting. Good thing Sabrina came along or Josephine would have totally gotten owned.

Right now, I’m have a bit of trouble keeping track of all the characters. It’s only Chapter Three and you’ve introduced so many people already. Spreading it out more would help and allow us to get attached to the characters without using our time to sort out who’s who.

Chapter Four

Your mother was a victim of a science experiment donetoher by Team Rocket’s leading scientist, Sabrina thought-

-but what intrigued Sabrina the most was the two words Riley uttered in Pokéspeech. <Skyshadow... poachers...>
I think it’d make a bit more sense if Sabrina read what was on Riley’s mind instead of the Shinx just saying it. Really, do you know anyone who talks in their sleep? I certainly don’t.

Miss Barrett was no Healer- Tell the audience Sabrina’s last name before using it so we don’t get confused.

Sabrina will mentor Josephine;Candice,Rachel;Will,Paul;and I,you. It looks like your writing down first and last names. Now, I’m not actually sure if my corrections are right, but they were the first thing I thought of.

So, after a talk that stretched that went through different scenes (which I liked, by the way), there came a meeting, where I stopped. Honestly, by that time, I was starting to skim. My suspension of disbelief only stretches so far and I can’t just believe legendaries walk around in human bodies. Maybe Mew and even Mewtwo, but no one else. That’s just not suited to my personal Pokemon canon.

So, my opinion on the prequel and the first three (and a half) chapters:

First off, it’s confusing. I think the reason for that is a mix of too many characters in such a short time, and you don’t really explain yourself. It’s hard to describe, but I can’t just accept people are walking around with psychic powers, legendaries are taking the form of humans and Pokemon are intelligent- maybe that’s more my problem then yours, but it’s something I can’t accept easily.

Sometimes, you even over describe too much, usually when you describing a person. I noticed you listed ages of a character, what they’re wearing and sometimes even their history… that’s stuff that’s not really needed. We (or maybe it’s just me) don’t care how old a character is and you really only need to vaguely describe someone. We can fill in the blanks by ourselves. Anything history related can wait until we start getting attached to the characters. Right now, it’s kind of info-dump-ish.

As said, you have too many characters and things are going so quickly, I have a hard time keeping up. You’re not even at your first badge and already we have what, fifteen characters we need to keep track of? Slow down, the world isn’t going to explode if you spread this stuff out.

For characters, there’s not really much I can say of them. They don’t really leave much of an impression. Josephine seems fairly generic, and Rowan is still 2D, but he’s the villain and is probably going to be fleshed out later. The only other ones that I can really name are Riley, Juri and Nighthawk. I like Juri more than Riley because the Sandshrew is very quiet and doesn’t battle, which leaves more of an impression than Riley in my book. Nighthawk is an angry person, but with a name like that, even if it’s a codename, at least he has an excuse.

Another thing that bugged me was Team Rocket. Nothing really specific, though I thought the organization was a way for Giovanni to use Pokemon to make / for money, even if it had rather fanatical members that loved their leader (the reason behind the Johto incidents, I believe). It just seems too diabolical-ish to me.

Nighthawk is another matter. He’s twelve and has a mohawk. While really weird, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it just paints an image that’s impossible to take seriously. Also, he’s twelve and is apparently important in Team Rocket. I wouldn’t be so concerned if he was older than twelve, but really, who would trust a twelve year old (especially one that looks like that) to make decisions “in Team Rocket’s name.”?

Okay, one final thing and that concerns the prequel. I don’t see the point of it. While nice, the prequel’s events could be better explained in story and as it is, it ruined potential major mysteries. Take Josephine’s and Rowan’s sibling relationship, for example. You didn’t have to reveal it at the beginning, you could have kept it in the dark, while throwing hints of who this mysterious Rowan character is and where Josephine’s lost brother may be. Actually, it’s kind of obvious when I write it like that, but it could still throw a sense of mystery over the story.

And really, I wouldn’t have much of an issue with the prequel if it wasn’t attached the main story like this. I usually skip author notes, so as I was reading, I was under the impression that the prequel was actually the prologue (and that the thread heading, ‘The Resurrection’s Beginning and Apocalyptic Dawn’, was the full title of your story). It was only when I got to the real prologue did I realize. The way you’ve put the stories in the same thread make the prequel much more of a prologue than a prequel, one that you have to read since you think it’s really part of the story, instead of an extension.

Okay, I’m off the bad parts now, that’s all the issues I had with the story, and really, some of them are mine. I just can’t handle a chosen one fic. In my mind, Pokemon are just animals that are slightly more intelligent than your average animal and that have super powers. That includes the legendaries, who are just really powerful Pokemon that are common in myths and legends. Hence, ‘legendaries’. Your fic just goes too far off my personal tastes to be comfortable.

I liked how you handled some stuff, though. Unlike most people, the Pokemon you chose for Josephine were unique, but also common. Shinx can be considered only rare because they’re from a different region, and really, as I went through the story, I kept having to remind myself that this took place in Kanto, not Sinnoh. It’s really not often you see a Pokemon crossing over regions, though that may because I don’t read too many Pokemon fanfics.

You certainly got your battles down and they were all entertaining and distinct, so I have no complaints there.

Another thing I liked is that you’re using the gym leaders and elite fours members. In most other fics, they’d be ignored, or one-shot characters, but here, they’re set up to be major characters. Sabrina, especially, is this. I’ve always thought she’d make a great character.

… Wow, this has to be the longest review I’ve ever written.

Even if I didn’t finish the story, I’m posting this anyways. I usually don’t since whenever I get a review from a person who didn’t finish the story (I sometimes get these on FF.net) and they ask questions like I’m doing, I’m always thinking to myself, ‘Dude, those questions are answered in later chapters! I wrote the early chapters months ago, all your advice is way too late to be any use!’ Well, something like that, anyway.

I looked at some of your more recent chapters and they seemed much better, even just by skimming it. I suggest you go back to your earlier chapters and revise them to reflect your current writing style and maybe make them less confusing. Adding a bit more description, subtracting some, and so forth.

Well, that’s all I can say. You have a set up for a great story, you just need to work on the presentation. With the earlier chapters, anyways.

Legendarian Mistress
March 9th, 2010, 4:12 PM
Thank you for the review, Dagzar. I will edit in my response to your issues later on.

Special 1: Starry Eyes — Interview With the Characters

Location: Saffron City

Riley, Iceheart and Laverne sit side by side on a low-set, smooth-faced boulder. Each of their Poké Balls — with a lightning bolt, shard of ice and a combined fire and water emblem imprinted on them — is positioned in front of the Pokémon they represent, as the Pokémon wait for the show to start. Meanwhile, elsewhere...

Brooklyn (manning the camera): Is it going to be much longer?

LM: One minute, everyone! Scarface, stop messing around over there! Bronco, a little help would be nice?

Scarface: Just try and stop me! *shoves his face at LM’s and growls threateningly*

LM: -_-;

Bronco: Uhh...... what?

Wisteria: *speaks softly* You were told to placate Scarface.

LM: Wisteria, I thought you were over helping Persi and Sinuous.

Wisteria: We’ve already finished that task. *looks around shyly*

LM: O_o


Riley: *looks totally elegant, yet serious at the same time* Hey, guys! Welcome to Apocalyptic Dawn’s first special: Starry Eyes. I’m Riley the Luxray...

Iceheart: ... and I’m Iceheart the Glaceon...

Laverne: I’m a failed Suicune experiment, the name’s Laverne... nothing more, nothing less...

Riley: The readers already know you’re a failed experiment, Laverne. You don’t need to keep beating it into them...

*Laverne sweat-drops*

Riley: Okay. Iceheart...?

Iceheart: For those of you who don’t know, LM decided to write up this chapter for those of you who had questions to ask to get them answered.

Riley: Yep! LM will be with us soon... she’s just sorting out some difficulties...

Laverne: I have a question.

Iceheart: We’re supposed to answer questions, not ask...

*Laverne bares his teeth at Iceheart, causing him to falter*

Riley: Um... go ahead, Laverne.

Laverne: Do either of you think that this is a waste of time?

*Riley and Iceheart look at each other*

Riley and Iceheart: Nope.

Laverne: It IS! Think about it!

Riley: Oh, would ya look at the time! It’s time for our first segment: Conversing with the Writer!

Iceheart: After this short break...

Breona: Apocalyptic Dawn on PokéCommunity forums announcement... From the 20th of March, Apocalyptic Dawn will be approximately having a two and a half week break. Thank you!

Persi: *sniffs haughtily* You are now returned to the interview...

SEGMENT ONE: Conversing with the Writer!

Iceheart: ... Tell us a little bit about yourself, LM...

LM: I’m nearly 25. I like to watch various shows which include Pokémon, Bakugan, Yugioh 5D’s and Video Hits, story write, listen to certain music and surf the web... oh yeah, and talk with my online friends.

Riley: Found anyone yet? *winks*

LM (frowning): Nope.

Maverick: *mutters* Pathetic.

LM: I heard that, Maverick!

Maverick: ^_^

Riley: Come off it already, Maverick... Now, how did the conception of Apocalyptic Dawn come about?

LM: That’s a long story... Apocalyptic Dawn wasn’t the original name for the fic — Pokémon: Generation of the Clones was. And Pokémon: GotC was born way back on the 28th of September 2005. However, the fic was quite bad back then, being generic and all that. Back then, I was Psychic Umbreon and I was constantly pushing myself to release a chapter a week. Put simply, Pokémon: GotC was — in my head, at least — the sequel to another author’s fic. The altered versions of the fic had fake Pokémon appear in them, and I’ve kept the tradition going since.

Iceheart: Fake Pokémon?

LM: Yeah. There were the Psychic/Ghost types Magepup, Magehound and Mageberus; Zebreez and Cloubra, the Flying/Ghost types; Icekit — pure Ice — and Felireeze, Ice/Steel; oh yeah, the Grass/Dragon types — Drapling, Woodvern and Arbogon. And then there’s the starters and their evolutions, I can’t forget them. Lerrow, Lekite and Leagle were the unusual Grass/Flying types; Firkit, Firwean and Firtah were Fire types; and lastly, there was Liquipup, Liquizzle and Liquihound, the Water and Water/Ice types.

Riley: What happened, then? How come none of them have appeared in the fic yet?

LM: Two others — Arkbull and Sandmaul — actually have, and that was several times in Arc 1, but they are allied with Team Rocket.

Riley: So, how complete is Arc 1?

LM: *raises eyebrows at the Luxray* Riley, if Arc 1 wasn’t complete, would I have started on Arc 2? The answer’s “yes, Arc 1 is finished”.

Riley: Okay, one last thing. Did you make any modifications or are you planning any changes at this point?

LM: When I looked back over Arc 1 several weeks ago, I noticed some anomalies, so I deleted them. I am considering completely revising the fic so far, to attempt to make it better.

Iceheart: In Arc 2, how many Gym battles are there?

LM: Only 1.

Riley: Will any new characters of consequence appear in Arc 2?

LM: Yep, two new characters make their debut in Chapter 14. They will also be the last of the unplanned trainers.

Riley and Laverne: ...

LM: Okay, that’s enough for segment one.

Iceheart: Yeah, ‘cause Segment Two is the part I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for...

SEGMENT TWO: The Deleted Scenes...

LM: Keep in mind that these scenes were from the original version of Apocalyptic Dawn, which was called Kanto Origins. Kanto Origins had fakemon appear in it.

Riley: There were deleted scenes?

Maverick: Seems like that.

Wisteria (tearful): Why would LM delete scenes from the AD plot?

Tyria (goes on a rampage): I wasn’t even in the original, so what does that say to you about LM?!

Breona: Tyria! Settle down!

Tyria: Why should I?!

Riley: Moving on... Why don’t we look at this first scene?

Deleted Scene # 1 — From Chapter 9: The S.S. Hawkesbury Showdown!

The moon was full, a pearly orb of light that shone down on Kanto, rendering street lights obsolete. In fact, the light was so bright, it almost looked like day time, and only the sky was dark. A spattering of stars in the blanket of heavens twinkled with a luminous glow. Paul was sitting on the steps of the Pokémon Centre in Vermillion City, staring at Zurax’s Poké Ball and feeling embarrassed at the same time.

“What’s the matter, Paul?” Josephine asked, as she came up behind the auburn-haired boy and sat down beside him.

“Huh? Oh... I’m just thinking of what happened today, when we were accidentally locked in that storeroom cupboard.”

“Ah... I’m sure you’ll remember that for a long time to come,” she replied, as she blushed and stood up. “As beautiful as it is tonight, I’m going to go to bed. See you in the morning.” Josephine leant down and kissed Paul on the cheek. As she walked inside, she turned and whispered, “I love you, Paul.”

Paul touched his cheek and said to himself: “I love you too, Josephine.”

Maverick: Your point?

Juri: That would have been a good scene... Admit it...

Maverick: No.

Riley: Fine, what about this one...?

Deleted Scene # 2 — From Chapter 9: The S.S. Hawkesbury Showdown!

Having woken up later than usual the next morning for some reason, Josephine became quite pissed off when Paul and Rachel showed her their Thunder Badges that they’d earned from Lt. Surge.

“AARRGGHH!! You... How could you do that to me?! I thought we were a team?!” she ranted and raved at them.

<Ol’ Surge is waiting for yo in the Gym,> Breona spoke up, after receiving a telepathic message from Psy.

Swiftly returning the Pidgeotto to her containment device, Josephine’s red hair flared behind her as she ran out of the Pokémon Centre, heading towards the Gym. For the third time in her life, Josephine found herself carving out her destiny. “This will be a one on one Pokémon battle for the Thunder Badge. Although there is no time limit, I am within my powers to end the match whenever I see fit. Ready?” Not waiting for an answer, Victor continued. “Begin!”

“Go, Lezro!” Josephine shouted, without any hesitation.

“Kick his arse, Electabuzz!”

Although she had fought no Gym battles yet with only one Pokémon, there was the Nugget Bridge tournament, which she had won with flying colours. So when Victor decreed that it was to be a one versus one duel, it had taken the redhead by surprise. In the long run, it didn’t really make any difference — she just had to make sure that she didn’t make any mistakes with Lekite; otherwise, her winning streak with the Gym Leaders would be destroyed. For the past couple of days, though, Lezro had been training hard and Josephine had faith in her friend.

Opposite Lekite stood a strange creature that looked vaguely human, which prompted the teen to recall the incident at Bill’s retreat; however, she did not delude herself. It may have had arms and legs like a human, although they were somewhat stunted; ultimately, it was its black and yellow fur and tooth-filled mouth that destroyed any allusions that the Pokémon was anything other than that. Curious as to what she was facing, Josephine brought out her Pokédex and flicked it open.

“Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon — a Pokémon of the Electric type. This Pokémon recharges the electric cells in its body by siphoning energy from areas of high power such as power plants, causing widespread blackouts. Electricity runs across the surface of Electabuzz’s body, causing it to glow slightly and statically charge the air.”

“Right, let’s get started, then.” Josephine said more to herself than anybody else. “Start off with Double Edge, Lezro!”

Wasting no time on pleasantries with his opponent, Lekite charged the yellow creature down, his beak open. Like her Pokémon, Josephine was eager to end the battle quickly rather than draw it out, because it left less room to make a mistake that Surge could exploit. So she had opened with Double Edge, a technique that used all of Lekite’s strength to deliver maximum damage; the other side of this double-edged sword was that to gain this level of attack power actually hurt Lekite.

As Lezro approached Electabuzz, Surge shouted out a quick, concise command. “Counter!”

Electabuzz’s arms shot out and caught the speedy green bullet just before he reached his target, lifting him high into the air and, to Josephine’s shock, slamming him straight into the ground with a mind-numbing crunch. As though adding injury to insult, Electabuzz grabbed a tight hold of the upside-down opponent and laughed as he channelled electricity through his skin and into Lekite, causing plumes of smoke to rise from the Leaf Kite Pokémon.

Despite the parts of the Grass Pokémon that were burning, he was perfectly alright. Thundershock barely fazed Lezro thanks to his plant heritage. It was fortunate that Electabuzz, in his arrogant vigour that military Pokémon are renowned for, had forgotten that plant tissue was not good at conducting electricity. Finishing his attack, he glanced back at his commanding officer who nodded knowingly.

Rearing back his arm, Electabuzz squeezed his eyes tight and concentrated. Lezro took this time, while the Electric Pokémon was distracted, to orient himself and counterattack; however, as his trademark Razor Leaf move came out to help him pull away, energy crackled around Electabuzz’s hand. It glowed so bright that it suddenly burst into flames. In a flash, Electabuzz had punched Lezro in the face with his flaming fist, knocking him clear across the arena.

“Fire Punch on an Electric Gym Leader’s Pokémon?” Josephine questioned, before whistling in amazement. “What’s the world coming to?”

“All’s fair in love and war, and Pokémon training is a combination of both.” Surge laughed, enjoying every moment of his opponent’s vulnerability. “And while we’re at it, Fire Punch isn’t the only cross-type technique that Electabuzz knows. Show her, Electabuzz.”

Concentrating just as hard as he had before, Electabuzz closed his eyes and charged energy around his other fist as though he were summoning a Thunderpunch or its flame-based equivalent; however, the energy that surrounded his hand spread outwards creating a magnetic field around his right forearm. This, to the redhead’s surprise, drew all of the heat out of the air and layered Electabuzz’s arm with a coating of blue sleet. It was similar to the thin blanket of ice found on early morning grass in winter.

In one hand, the Electric Pokémon was wielding a ball of fire, like the volcanic brass knuckles of the Pokémon world, but in the other hand the lack of heat had created a swirling mass of ice that corrupted the air around it into sub-zero temperatures. With both extremes of the mercurial scale at his command, Electabuzz had Lekite — a slave to both extremes — at a disadvantage.

Shaking her head, Josephine tried to taunt Surge into surrendering his obvious advantage by playing off his pride. “Lieutenant Surge, I didn’t know you had to stray away from the Pokémon element you pledged your loyalty to in order to win.”

“We play the cards we’re dealt.” He returned, refusing to take the bait.

“Makes little difference in the long run, Lieutenant.” Placing emphasis on the rank that had been given to him by the Pokémon trainers of Kanto, cheapening his real military rank of lieutenant colonel, Josephine was attacking Surge more out of spite than anything else.

Frustrated, Surge growled. “I think it’s time I put you in your place, lassie.”

“Don’t worry, Lezro.” The redhead consoled her friend as he staggered to his feet. “To use his attacks, Electabuzz has to get close. Just stay away from his fists.”

“Can’t have that now, can we, buddy?” Electabuzz shook furiously at his master’s banter.

Seeing Electabuzz psyched up put Josephine off guard slightly. The Electric Pokémon was probably used to fighting these sorts of battles, having faced many trainers with Grass types who considered themselves smart for using said Pokémon type in an Electric Gym, so he was acquainted with the strategies. The key to victory in the Vermillion Gym was thinking outside the box that less talented trainers were confined to; however, it was proving difficult to come up with battle plans.

Taking the initiative, Electabuzz charged at Lekite, prompting the Leaf Kite Pokémon to send out a flurry of leaves, so he could get away quickly. As he charged, though, Electabuzz closed his eyes and screamed, charging up more electrical energy. Just as he reached Lezro, he released the charge and a wave of electricity washed over Lekite, causing him to flinch visibly and falter in his attempts at a retreat, much to Josephine’s chagrin.

“Lezro!” Josephine pleaded. “Flee!”

While the Pallet trainer could only watch as her partner tried to stumble away from Electabuzz’s dichotic attacks, which pounded him into the ground, Surge shed some light on the Grass Pokémon’s ailment. “Electabuzz used Thunder Wave...”

“I know!” Josephine snapped. “I hate that move!”

“Well then, you should also know that Lekite is helpless now.”

“Not as helpless as Electabuzz...” the Pallet-born trainer murmured as a plan for victory flashed through her mind. “Lezro, Sleep Powder!”

Because Electabuzz was standing directly over his prey, the cloud of silver dust struck him in the face and he inhaled an entire lung-full of the chemical concocted from Lezro’s wings, causing him to stagger backwards and sneeze uncontrollably. When the black and yellow Pokémon was finished spasming, he looked up at Surge to see if his master had any commands, and then collapsed to the ground in a heap, trying desperately to keep his eyes open.

Shaking off the paralysis, Lezro staggered backwards, nursing burns from both fire and ice on his flanks; however, he stopped before retreating too far and, without waiting for an order from Josephine, lashed out with his Razor Leaf technique, slapping Electabuzz to the ground. It was obvious even to the most elementary observer that the attack had little effect on the Electric Pokémon, but Lezro persisted anyway in revenge for the previous beating he’d received.

Knowing all too well that she had only bought herself a little bit of time and Electabuzz would have the powder out of his system in no time, Josephine considered the facts; she needed to get Lezro away from Electabuzz, but in a position where he could fight back and win the match. As she thought about the battle, her eyes wandered up to the iron framework of the hanger roof high above, and then to Lezro’s Razor Leaf-filled wings.

Slowly, Electabuzz’s strength was returning and he was angry at his antagonist. After a minute or two of having his sides whipped by Lekite’s sharp leaves, Electabuzz was sporting a series of nasty red marks, not the gashes Lezro was aiming for. Striding purposefully towards Lezro, he recharged his hands with fire and ice and prepared to finish the match.

“Lezro, go up!” Josephine shouted.

Looking up to see what his mistress was screaming about, Lekite understood the order given to him and, with his wings, shot up into the rafters above, wrapping themselves around the iron; however, he nearly didn’t escape the furious Electabuzz in time.

Once Lezro was safe, he was free to fire bursts of leaves down on Electabuzz without worrying about fiery or icy repercussions. Realizing the melee combat he excelled at had been removed from the battle, Electabuzz saved the energy in his hands and they returned to their original shades of yellow. The next step was to charge up his electric cells again and start firing bursts of energy at Lezro, who used his wings to swing through the air randomly, making for a tough target to hit.

“What are you trying to accomplish? You are just delaying the inevitable!” Surge barked.

“Use Leech Seed.” Ignoring Surge’s banter became easier the more Josephine remembered jocks.

An expert at Leech Seed now, Lezro hit Electabuzz with miniature plant seeds. As their roots burrowed through the Electric Pokémon’s skin, Lekite continued with his Razor Leaf attack, cutting his opponent more and more until red replaced yellow on Electabuzz’s fur. Although nothing came to Josephine’s mind as far as effective strategies went, she would soon be forced into a situation where she would have to act on her feet.

Suddenly, Lezro spasmed in the air, releasing one of his wings to the paralysis that still lingered in his muscles. With only one wing left to support him, Lekite fell to the ground below, landing with a thud and then leaping up to his feet, the seizure subsided. Electabuzz jumped on the opportunity to end what was supposed to be a short battle, casting the flames and sleet back onto his fists.

Frustrated by fate, Josephine watched dismally as Electabuzz bore down on Lezro, until something rather peculiar happened; in the sunlight that bathed the hanger in a warm glow Lekite had fallen and, now that he was in the yellow light, once again his body began to glow vigorously. Josephine had seen this once before during training when Lezro had used the technique Synthesis to regain health from photosynthesising the light. Wondering what other techniques Lezro had stored within his body, Josephine returned her spirit to the competition.

Seeing Lezro’s back glow yellow didn’t dissuade Electabuzz from attacking; so, as planned, his fire fist raced towards its target, great jets of flame lancing forward in excitement. The burning hand never reached Lekite, though. For as the Electric type closed the distance between the two Pokémon, something appeared in the air, as though the light created a solid wall. Electabuzz’s fist slammed into the sparkling shield and bounced off.

Perplexed by this latest development in the battle, Electabuzz tried his other hand, only to receive the same result. He tried both, but to no avail. Lekite, knowing not to look a gift Rapidash in the mouth, lashed out quickly with his Wing Attack, forcing Electabuzz to the ground. He then jumped onto the Electric Pokémon, performing an expert Body Slam, breaking one of his opponent’s arms and jarring him so badly he couldn’t move.

Surge cursed under his breath, making sure the children couldn’t hear.

“Go, Lezro!” Josephine encouraged her partner. “Try Double Edge now!”

Although luck played a part in the turn around of the battle, credit could also be given to the seeds imbedded in Electabuzz’s skin, which constantly fed Lezro energy, recharging his cells. When the Leaf Kite Pokémon struck the Electric type, Electabuzz groaned in agony as the roots under his skin did their work. Lekite would have normally been injured in that attack also; however, as Electabuzz hurt, Lezro healed.

Racing forward eager to deliver another devastating Double Edge, Lekite did not see Electabuzz shake off his paralysis and swing his fist around. It was only after he was lying on the ground, scorched by yet another Fire Punch, did he consider what Electabuzz’s intentions were. It became obvious as the Electric type stalked towards the downed Pokémon, one arm limp at his side, that his intentions were hostile.

“Come on, Electabuzz, buddy!” Surge shouted. “Kick the **** out of him!”

Blessed by the gift fate had bestowed upon her, Josephine dared to tempt it again. “Lezro, use the sunlight to recharge yourself!”

Facing the blinding morning sun, Lekite soaked in the beautiful warm glow, causing his body to pulse uncontrollably, as if the energy was overloading. Although he had looked close to death, now he looked rested. With the energy stored inside, Lezro began to concentrate, focusing what he had gathered from the sunlight. Curious as to see what would come next, the redhead held her breath.

Electabuzz charged straight at his enemy, causing the Leaf Kite to bring his wings forward in defence; however, as the Electric Pokémon closed in, he disappeared in a flash of yellow. “Watch out behind you!” Josephine shouted. “He’s using Quick Attack!”

“Yes!” Surge yelled as adrenaline coursed through his body. “Finish him!”

Whirling around, Lezro spotted the yellow and black streak that could only be Electabuzz and opened his beak, revealing for all to see — a seething, boiling mass of purple goo, ready for deployment. It was stuffed into the small space, so when the burst of energy released it, it was more like an explosion. Because of the volume of Sludge Bomb, most of the air in the arena was taken up by purplish-black toxins, creating a very yucky looking beam.

They crashed into Electabuzz as he closed in, stopping him in mid-stride and tearing through him with a smelly stench. Like a good soldier, he did not fall, though; he simply stood in the beam, accepting each splatter as it was given to him. However, when the onslaught ended, there was really nothing left for the bewildered Pokémon to do but collapse.

“Electabuzz is unable to battle!” Victor declared, amazed at his commander’s defeat. “The victory goes to Lekite and Josephine from Pallet Town!”

Withdrawing Electabuzz, Lt. Surge crossed the arena to meet Josephine in the middle as she tended to Lezro’s injuries, concentrating on his paralysis first and letting the sun heal his other ailments. Lincoln, Lt. Surge’s friend, also stepped onto the battlefield to congratulate the teen on her victory.

“Well done, lassie,” Mr. Lincoln spoke up, with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yeah, that really kicked arse, Josephine.” Slapping the fourteen-year-old who defeated him on the back, Surge held out his hand with a small yellow icon in it. “Here is the Thunder Badge, your prize for defeating the Vermillion City Pokémon Gym. You’re one step closer to living your dream as a Pokémon master, mate.” The Leader slapped her on the back again, playfully.

LM: Okay, that should be enough for segment two.

Riley: Yeah, it’s about time we moved on. Let’s go...


Riley: Okay, so let’s roll out these questions...

LM: We’ll try not to leave anyone’s question unanswered...

Iceheart: We won’t reveal spoilers, though...

Laverne: Or too many of them...

Riley: First round of questions are from Zephyr Drake... Okay, first one: “Was there any reason that Kingpin left the team, and didn’t he have any misgivings about leaving?”

LM: Kingpin left as there was one too many Nidorino (read: Paul had a Nidorino, as well). He didn’t have any misgivings because he was aware of the ‘too many Nido’ issue and also since he felt threatened by his older brother, Brute. But, because Kingpin has a fan in Zephyr Drake, I have good news — Bill gives him back to Josephine when the Chosen pay a visit to the Cerulean City area.

Riley: Next one’s also from Zephyr Drake: “What’s with Juri? Why doesn’t he loosen up a little?”

LM: Um... Juri was cold and distant because his family was murdered when he was young. But now, having met his parents’ murderer face-to-face and after revealing the secret to his team-mates, he’s learned to relax.

Maverick: What a pathetic question...

Laverne: Maverick!

Maverick: What? It was...

Riley and LM: -_-;

Iceheart: Okay, we have one from Commander Electric: “How did you come up with the ideas of using humanized Legendaries within the fan-fiction?”

LM: All I really did was look at the Sugimori art in my Pokémon strategy guides/handbooks and design human bodies for them. Mewtwo and Mew were by far the easiest.

Riley: Next one: "Which character is your favourite to write?”

LM: I’d have to say Josephine.

Maverick: Okay, Commander Electric’s last question is: "What future battle do you most look forward to seeing written?"

LM: Possibly the Celadon Gym battle, but most definitely the battle against Serenity — the acting Gym Leader of Saffron if anything happens to Sabrina.

*Scarface starts behaving inappropriately*

LM: Okay then, with all of the questions answered, it’s time to bring this special to a close...

Iceheart: Wait!

Maverick: ...

Iceheart: Don’t the fans get a sneak peek of Chapter 14?

LM: I don’t see why not... *looks through info*... This’ll do just fine...

*Bronco and Brooklyn attempt to placate Scarface*

LM: Coming up in AD... After a few days of training, Josephine is ready to challenge the wheelchair-bound Lt. Surge, as she has set her sights upon the Gym’s prize... the Thunder Badge. Meanwhile, the arrival of her peacemaker auntie has Rachel in a panic... not to mention the unexpected appearance of Set Johnson has all of the Chosen on edge... Apocalyptic Dawn Chapter 14: The Winds of Change... coming soon!

Sgt Shock
March 9th, 2010, 4:22 PM
That was so innovated. I loved it! I want to see more of it when you have the chance. Maverick is such a cool character. I think that you cannot deny that after reading this. WAH! This is so cool. I wish that I have thought of that. :) Too bad no one reads my stuff enough. -_-' Anyway good job. I'm looking forward to the next one.

March 9th, 2010, 4:28 PM
well I have been a mixture of amused and and interested. Maverick, you should learn to keep your mouth shut. I truly wonder, what would have been if you had continued with the original fic's plot. Very very curious. Well, I'll miss you during the break but hopefully everything that comes before that will keep me satiated during that time. Keep it up.

Legendarian Mistress
March 11th, 2010, 3:08 PM
A/N: I must thank Fuyu for helping out with a description of an adult version of Blue, from the Pokémon manga; the differences being her name, as in my fic she is Rachel’s mother’s younger sister and her team of Pokémon. I must advise people right now that I am not following the manga canon in regards to Blue, so you only have yourself to blame for any anomalies that come up. This is a very different Blue, please keep that in mind!

It is my birthday on the 20th; however, since I’m celebrating it a week before in real life, why not celebrate it around the same time on PC?

Chapter 14: The Winds of Change
(It’s Legendarian Mistress’ 25th birthday!)

Three days later...

It's been a long time since I bothered to look in a mirror, the woman thought, staring solemnly at her reflection with her sad blue gaze. Brushing her reddish-brown hair from her face, she examined the white gloves resting upon her bedside table. "I can't believe I went back to this outfit," she muttered, brushing her fingers against the short black dress. "I really should hurry up," she said to the empty room. “After all, time won't wait." Slipping on her white boots, Bohdana Piper left, clutching a Poké Ball in one fist.

From birth, Bohdana had been a Savina-family member; that is, up until Rachel — her niece — left Pewter City to be schooled at Pallet’s Pokémon Trainers’ Academy at the age of five. It was at that time that Bohdana changed her last name to Piper and began training her partners once more. Nowadays, she is an experienced “mature-aged” trainer, having breezed through two Indigo League competitions and only lost once.

Bohdana knew that there was a Gym battle at Vermillion City today, as it had been advertised for the last three days and, judging by how excited everyone was, it was going to be a monumental match. She did have to wonder who exactly was challenging Lt. Surge. Was it a relative newbie? Or was it a skilled trainer like herself? What Pokémon would the trainer use against an army lieutenant? Which partner would Surge call upon? All of these questions and a few more were running through her head as she headed towards the Gym.


She could still feel the ribbons of fatigue dripping off of her skin from the previous three days of non-stop training. All for this moment, Josephine devoted herself to conquer that hurdle before her. That hurdle was Lt. Surge — he looked at her as fiercely as he had done any other opponent before. Despite the fact that he was bound to a wheel-chair, he hardly looked like he was in pain. Those years of war experiences made pain itself much more bearable, especially when it came to something that he wanted to accomplish. This time, his mission was to defeat Josephine. The pain would have to wait.

“At the request of Lt. Surge, this will be a one on one encounter. The battle will only end if either of the Pokémon faints or cannot continue. Surrender is always an option as well. Are the rules clear?” the referee questioned.

Surge as well as Josephine nodded to confirm the rules of the battle. Even in a wheelchair, Lt. Surge appeared as gruff as ever. His features seemed to buckle within the intensity slowly seeping through the pores of his skin. Like always he wanted to win, yet he also knew that Josephine wanted to as well. It was only natural. With everyone else carefully observing from above, Josephine clutched the Poké Ball. Everyone knew which Pokémon she was caressing with her thumb.

“Will she really use an Electric type against an Electric Gym Leader?” Rachel wondered aloud.

Honestly, she was expecting a response from someone when she said that. She turned to Arthur, Katie, and finally to Damien. She wanted a response from him. Out of everyone there, he was the one who talked the least; Rachel wasn’t satisfied with that. A smile crept up on her lips as she suddenly flopped upon him and started tickling him.

Damien’s laughter left a unique but pleasant aura to the Gym. For someone so withdrawn and dark, his laughter showed promise as well as purpose. “S-stop it,” Damien spoke between his laughter as he pushed Rachel away.

“Then talk!” she demanded.

Damien took some time to gather some breath from the pains of laughing so hard. It didn’t help that he hadn’t done so in a while. He assumed a more appropriate stance for conversation, since he was basically on the floor when he was being tickled to death, and nodded his head.

“She would definitely use an Electric type against Surge,” Damien spoke smoothly.

“But that doesn’t make sense!” Rachel cried out.

“I think it does…” Damien stroked his chin. “You have to think that his Pokémon... is connected to her in more ways than you can see. This bond is strength.”

Rachel’s eyes widened with that thought. Was this bond enough to defeat one of the lords of electricity? Would she want to risk him knowing every attack coming? It’s definitely something that would put her at a disadvantage. Then why, why would she risk losing? She could feel her stomach fall when Josephine threw the Poké Ball into the air. It crashed into the ground revealing Riley, the Luxray.

“Riley,” Josephine kept herself calm. The Luxray gave something of a slightly aggravated purr. “Keep your mind focused on the battle, if you will.” Josephine smiled.

<I will try,> Riley’s voice possessed this elegant tone like a woven silk. She seemed livid at first; however, it soon wore off as she stretched her four-legged body.

“You would really use Riley against me?” Lt. Surge spoke as he leaned within wheel chair.

“I don’t see why not,” Josephine folded her arms.

“Electricity is my specialty. Not many have fought me on equal grounds and became a victor. Do you really want to cross this road?”

“Just choose your Pokémon, Mr. Surge,” was Josephine’s response.

“Very well…”

Everyone was expecting it, Surge tossing the Poké Ball upward to crash into a ground and the orange-mouse to emerge from the light. Yet, it didn’t happen. Instead, a humanoid cat-like creature bore itself through the pale luminosity of the ball. It was Surge’s Electabuzz. Everyone’s face contorted oddly at Surge’s choice. The former Army Ranger released a hearty laugh as both his Pokémon and he assumed the same stance.

“You deserve one of my best, Josephine, for choosing so boldly…” Lt. Surge smiled.

Once Josephine had observed the Electabuzz further, he looked much older than any of his other Electric Pokémon. His shaggy yellow fur was striped with greying lines and he was a bit slimmer than a younger one. Yet the vigour of battle still glowed brightly within his eyes. He was born from battle and he was battle. There was no denying that.

“Challenger, ready?” the referee questioned.

“Yes,” Josephine responded.

“Gym leader, ready?” the referee turned to Surge.

“Yeah,” Surge spoke as he put his elbow on the arm of the wheel chair.

“Then let this battle begin.”

Without much noticed, the Electabuzz sprung forwards unleashing a powerful Thunderpunch towards Riley. Out of reflex alone, she dodged it. Something felt different about that attack. Though it would damage her as much as other attacks would, it was like it could crush her very being.

“You shouldn’t underestimate Private Buzzkill,” Lt. Surge shrugged. “He did go to war with his master.”

Josephine’s mind began to race. She stared blankly at the small crater that Buzzkill, the Electabuzz, punched through. It did quite a healthy amount of damage to the floor and was definitely something to avoid. She soon collected her thoughts to assess the actual situation. She was fighting another Electric type, thus her Electric attacks would not be half as useful. So, other attacks would be better suited for this situation — attacks that weren’t electricity-based.

“Crunch, Riley!” Josephine shouted.

“Fire Punch, Buzz…” Surge smiled.

Before Riley could sink her fangs into the Electabuzz, she was met with a flame-engulfed fist that sent her flying back to where she had come from. Riley skidded across the floor for a while before catching herself for a better position. She shook off the remnants of fire dangling from her charred coat as she bettered her position.

<I don’t think I like that Electabuzz,> Riley closed her eyes.

“I don’t think I do either,” Josephine concurred. He was strong.

“Don’t tell me that you are giving up?” Surge mocked.

Instead of a response, Riley lunged forward with a claw towards the Electabuzz’s eye. It was too close for the Pokémon to dodge, thus causing a slight slither of blood to ooze from his eye. The Pokémon tried to unleash another one of his punches, this time ice-based, towards his opponent. However, Riley dodged it cleanly and hit him with her claw aimed at his face.

“Stop playing with him,” Josephine chastised.

<I’m not…>

“Then Ice Fang…”

She did as she was commanded and sank her teeth into Buzzkill’s forearm. It promptly froze before the Pokémon pulled his arm away — now just a frozen block of ice. He stared at the column of ice in slight pain before a smile fluttered upon his face.

“Thunderpunch,” Surge cried.

“Why?” Josephine asked herself as well as all of the spectators.

The Pokémon slammed the frozen fist towards his opponent forcing her to dodge it before she would have been clubbed. The ice broke soon without touching the ground due to the vibrations of the electricity coursing through the arm. Josephine took a step back breathless. Surge was a brilliant man.

“That was good,” Arthur noted kind of nervously.

“He didn’t become Lieutenant because he was dumb,” Damien said, as he leaned half-way over the guard rail.

“Josephine will win,” Katie spoke confidently, even though her mind was littered with doubts.

“Iron Tail!” Josephine cried out.

<Right,> Riley responded.

Riley dashed towards the Electabuzz, her tail glimmering grey as though it was dipped in pure silver. She slammed her tail against Buzzkill’s now defensive arms.

“Wrap your tail around his arm!”

She did as she was told. The star at the end of her tail moved rapidly around Buzzkill’s left arm. Surge’s Pokémon tried to pull the tail away, however couldn’t due to its new density.

“Magnet Rise and then toss him!” Josephine cried out.

The Luxray levitated about five metres off the ground, before spinning her body around to toss him into the wall. She gracefully floated back down after the Magnet Rise was completed.

Buzzkill gave out a cry of pain before standing up again. He was almost at his limit; that could be seen on both his face and Surge’s. Yet both of them seemed as though they had a plan.

“Are you ready, Private?” Surge noted.

Buzzkill nodded, before dashing toward his opponent. It was truly hard to predict his movement since he and his master hardly spoke aloud. Their bond would speak for them. They knew what was expected of the other.

The Electabuzz sent out a wave of punches towards Riley forcing her to dodge them. Each of them was faster than the next, forcing her closer and closer to the wall. It was there, with her back against the wall, when she thought of a plan.

<Discharge!> Riley cried out.

“Damn…” Lt. Surge muttered.

The attack was definitely a bold one since there was a small window involved. The next punch would have had to be Thunderpunch for it to work. If it was, the electricity of both of the Pokémon would clash, forcing each of them backwards. Since Riley was already against the wall, it wouldn’t hurt as much… or so she thought.

The educated prediction worked for the most part. The next punch was indeed an electric fist; however, the electricity from both of the Pokémon struck them. Buzzkill was sent flying backwards, while Riley took the brunt of the blow. Both were rendered unconscious. It was a draw.

“Wow…” Arthur’s eyes dashed back and forth. “It’s a draw.”

“Both fought like masters… using electricity like I have never seen before…” Rachel spoke, trying to get her mind together.

“Good job, Josephine,” Surge smiled as he returned his Pokémon. The pain in his leg struck him like lightning. “****!” Surge cried out.

“Surge?!” Josephine raised her voice as she returned her Pokémon.

“Don’t worry about me,” he muttered. “It’s nothing compared to being shot in the chest.”

Surge has been shot in the chest?! The Chosen looked shocked as their closeness brought forward that thought.

“Anyway, Josephine…” Surge smiled. “Great job…”

“Absolutely pathetic; even I know you could have done much better than that!” A new, unfamiliar voice sneered as the voice’s owner walked forward. The Chosen and Lt. Surge turned to face the newcomer and Josephine was greeted by a familiar face.

Paul? She questioned herself, but stopped a moment later. No, Paul’s dead. Then who is this...?

Arthur, Damien, Liana and Katie were thinking along the same sort of lines. The arrival of this Paul look-alike will tear Josephine’s heart apart. Amaya had never known Josephine’s first love and, because of this, was feeling a bit left behind.

The teen was of an average height and he had spiky, auburn-coloured hair. He wore a grey shirt and baggy purple pants. On each of his wrists was a purple sweatband and cupped in his right hand were two red and white spheres.

“Who are you?” Josephine demanded.

He tilted his head, as if appalled by the girl’s reaction. Eventually, he smirked, but it seemed to be filled with malice. “Paul never told you?”

“Told us what?!” Arthur snapped; tired of the other boy’s attempt to play mind-games.

There was laughter for several moments, and then it stopped. “I’m the identical brother he never told you about. The name’s Set, how’s it going?” He offered his hand in a hand-shake, but the other trainers wisely ignored the motion. Seeing the narrowed glares from five of the Chosen didn’t faze Set; instead, he brought out two spheres and waved them in Josephine’s vision. “Why don’t we have a walk down memory lane, eh Josephine?”

He released the two Pokémon contained within and, after the light faded, the forms of a Dragonair and Nidoking were revealed. Josephine immediately became filled with hatred of Set — those were two of Paul’s Pokémon! Whether or not Paul had a reason to not inform them of his identical twin hardly mattered now — Set had to be stopped! She would not allow this obviously evil brother to tarnish Paul’s legacy!

Sensing Josephine’s mood because of their psychic connection, Amaya stepped forward. The Channeler’s daughter frowned childishly, examining the Pokémon opposite her. "Well, you're just a monster, aren't you?" she questioned, pulling two Poké Balls from her belt. Amaya smiled. "That's a good thing really, because..." Releasing Lea and Spira, her smile widened cruelly. "Those like you and I are the best to taste!" Stepping in front of Josephine, she licked her lips hungrily. "With your permission Josephine, I'd like to battle him."

“Feel free to,” was all the redhead said.


As the battle between Amaya and Set began, a battle of a more personal level was occurring with Rachel and her auntie at the entrance way of Vermillion City.

“Why now, auntie Bohdana?! Why did you have to come back now?!” the lavender-haired girl yelled.

Sshing her and making placating motions with her hands, Bohdana explained: “You were only five when I left, you wouldn’t remember much. That said, do you remember the story of how your parents got together? Yes? And how it looked as though they died? Yes? Well, this is where it’s going to hurt... they’re still alive. They need your help; they’re being held in Sinnoh by rogue Team Rocket members.”

Rachel was speechless, staring at her auntie with her mouth wide open. She shook her head, disbelieving what Bohdana had said. “How do you know this? If you... why didn’t you help them yourself?!” Her voice rose again.

“Believe me, I tried. I tried negotiating your parents release with the separatists, but they refused. So, your parents begged me to get in contact with you.”

Rachel looked at the ground, her mouth still partially open as she sighed. “You’re not putting me in a very good position, you know,” she responded as her face rose so her eyes could meet her auntie’s.

“I know, but what choice is there?” Bohdana answered.

Torn, Rachel stared back towards the Gym where Amaya was no doubt still fighting Set. If she accepted her auntie’s request, it would mean she and Damien would have to leave the group for a while; it wasn’t something that she wanted to do willingly.

“I’ll do it,” the violet-haired teen exhaled heavily as she replied.


Liana Shadowlore is of average height and build. Her brown hair is long and tumbles down her shoulders, and her eyes are piercingly green and almond-shaped. Her skin carries a sun-kissed tan, and her eyelashes are long. She usually doesn't wear makeup, but when she does, she accents her eyes with eyeliner and they look as though they are about to pop.

However, even the goddess-like beauty of Athena couldn’t compare to Liana’s rage right now. Her hat had a pair of ears that were laid back, like an angry cat’s. Already, but just the once, she’d had to be held back while trying to lunge at Set. She’d been quick to yell and call him obscene names.

Amaya put the distractions behind her and telepathically asked Josephine what she should do now that she’d defeated Brute and Drake. Whatever you do, the redhead answered, do not kill them. They are Paul’s Pokémon and I value their lives.

Okay, Amaya responded.

With his defeat engulfing him like the ocean, Set returned the stolen creatures to their respective balls and ran off, but not before saying: “I’ll be back for a rematch, you lot! And this time, it WILL be with you, Josephine! You hear me?!”

“Yeah, yeah... we hear ya! Now just piss off!” Rachel yelled at his retreating form. With a heavy heart, the teenager turned to her friends and breathed in, preparing to tell them about how she accepted her auntie’s request.

“Stand down, Rach,” Josephine interjected. “We know already.”

“Huh? How?” she queried, looking shocked.

“Your auntie came by after she finished talking to you and told us,” Arthur added.

“Don’t think you’re going anywhere without us,” Damien continued.

“Um... well, it’s really only Damien I can go with,” Rachel finalized the conversation, with an apologetic tone in her voice.

“......” the others were stunned at the turn of events.

“What’s the deal, Rach?” the red-haired girl questioned her best friend.

“It’s not that I don’t want you guys to come, it’s more of a get to know each other time for me and Damien while we save my parents,” came the answer.

Josephine opened her mouth to say something, but Arthur put a hand on his girlfriend’s arm, silently telling her to stop. The prince nodded at Rachel and Damien, his motion wishing them good luck, before he turned and hurried after Josephine who had stormed off in a huff.

Knowing Lt. Surge had given them a mission, mainly in order for Josephine to earn the Thunder Badge; the remaining Chosen set their sights upon Saffron’s Silph Co. building in an attempt to start eliminating the threat of Team Rocket.

March 11th, 2010, 5:44 PM
I read your latest chapter and while I didn’t know what was going on in some places, I rather liked the gym battle against Surge. And, because I’m bored, here’s a short review with a few things I noticed:

Instead of a response, Riley lunged forward with a claw towards the Electabuzz’s eye. It was too close for the Pokémon to dodge, thus causing a slight slither of blood to ooze from his eye. Now, I’m not quite sure if I’m correct, but the eye is made up a white material and doesn’t contain blood. If it was scratched, it’d ooze this white liquid, not blood.

Both were rendered unconscious. It was a draw. A bit more description would be nice here. Maybe describe how Riley was laying on the ground, limp and not moving, instead of just stating that they were unconscious.

Knowing Lt. Surge had given them a mission, mainly in order for Josephine to earn the Thunder Badge; the remaining Chosen set their sights upon Saffron’s Silph Co. building in an attempt to start eliminating the threat of Team Rocket. The ending was a bit abrupt. It seems more like a summary than anything else.

Anyways, as said, I enjoyed the battle between Josephine and Surge. I liked your description of the old Electabuzz, it really brought an image to my head. Surge acted as expected of an electric-type master and now that I think about it, it was a rather bold move for Josephine to use another electric-type. Having both of them lose was rather realistic, especially since the Electabuzz seemed like the ‘old warrior’ type, not a Pokemon to be taken lightly.