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Silly Sentret
October 22nd, 2004, 2:11 PM
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

huhu, this is one of the BEST games for Gamecube that I know of. 'Nyways, discuss HM: AWL here and also the upcoming preview of HM: For Girl.


I think I've found a glitch! You know where Kody's house is? Well, between his house and the pyrotechnitions, there's a royal fern (that's in the summer, it depends what it is during other seasons). One time, I was showing the town Kevin (Muffy's son) and I found the fern. So I put him down and he froze! If you put Muffy's son down where either the flower/mugwort/royal fern is, he'll freeze and stay there until Muffy calls him home for bed! (I've only tried this with Muffy's son, but if someone could try with Nami's or Celia's that would be great.)

And here's another glitch. My character came outside from his house and he went out to milk his cows. And it was so weird because the spot where the calf hutch is, my sheep, Ben! (yes, the exclamation mark is suppossed to be there -_-) was running. It was so weird because I then went to sell my load of items to Van and when I came back, he was still running. Anyone have this happen to them?

By the way, here's my characters stats:

Name: Danny
Nickname: Dan
Wife: Muffy
Son: Kevin
Dog: floppy eared; Roxy
Cat: black cat; Shadow
Livestock: Tetsuga (male star cow), Dani (female star cow), Moo (female normal cow), Vanna (female marble cow), Ben! (male sheep), Tinkle (female normal cow), Star (male horse)
Chickens/Ducks: Bobby (male rooster), May (female chicken), Daisy (female chicken), Quacker (male duck), Sabrina (female duck), Duckie (male duck)
Crops/Trees: Bannana Tree B quality, Tomato Tree (not ripe yet)
Money: 29345 G
Year/Season/Day: Year 2, Summer, Day 9