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October 24th, 2004, 1:22 PM
What would you think of a world bereft of light and goodness? A world where chaos ruled and the only law that mattered was "Don't get caught?" A world bound by only the thinnest of power structures? A world where loyalty and friendship are considered weaknesses? Welcome to Menzoberranzan, Jewel of Lolth (Matron Godess of assassins, chaos and the drow), Capitol of the Underdark and the drow nation (if it can be called such). Now think of this world when deprived of their godess. Lolth has fallen silent and her clergy grows uneasy. The slaves and subservient males are beginning to suspect this lack of clerical power and grow restless. for the first time in over five thousand years, Menzoberranzan faces a full-fledged revolt.

Age: (nothing over 1,300)
Race: (preferably drow, but druegar, goblin, orc, kobold, illithid, and human can be used)
House: (Baenre, Barrison Del'Armgo, Mizzrym, Faen'Taerth, Obloudra, Argith, Bregan D'Arthe[mercenary/spy organization], commoner, Undercreature [only applicable if you did not choose drow for race])

Name: Mil'Inthil Mez'Barris
Age: 556
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Class: Weapons Master
Job: Bregan D'Arthe lieutenent/operative. Currently on assignment infiltrating House Mizzrym
House: Bregan D'arthe. Originally of Barrison Dal'Armgo
Weapon: Enchanted saber (Charon's Claw) and enchanted dagger (name unknown) combo.

Master Angel
October 24th, 2004, 5:11 PM
Name: Silac
Age: 15
Race: Human
Gender: male
Class: warrior
Job: works at a pub, serving food (but he's seeking a new and more galliant one)
House: commoner
Weapon: Sword of Mythril

Raichu Master
October 24th, 2004, 5:18 PM
Name: Exodus Con'hunin
Age: 351
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Class: Mercenary
Job: Bounty Hunter
House:Bregan D'Arthe
Weapon:Scimitar (Right handed), staff (straped to back), small wizarding staff (Strapped to hip)

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October 24th, 2004, 7:05 PM
Nice, you two. Thanks for joining.

Master Angel
October 25th, 2004, 9:08 AM
You're welcome. How many more people do we need?

October 25th, 2004, 2:02 PM
I'm hoping for two more, but one would suffice.

Raichu Master
October 25th, 2004, 2:29 PM
Did you invite anyone else? Or are you just hoping they'll join by themselves?

October 25th, 2004, 2:33 PM
I invited d_e and one other, I think, although I can't quite remember who. If you'd like to send out a few more, though, be my guest.

Raichu Master
October 25th, 2004, 2:36 PM
I invited d_e and one other, I think, although I can't quite remember who. If you'd like to send out a few more, though, be my guest.

Do any of those people know what Mensoberranza is? Cause I don't want this to be like the Drow Academy...where we spend 5 pages on what the darn place is...

October 25th, 2004, 3:14 PM
hi guys. keh, i`ll join.

Name: Saphira Moonstream
Age: 13
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Mage (is that okay? if not then warrior)
Job: Works in Fields
House: Commoner
Weapon: Bow and Arrow

hope we can start soon.

Raichu Master
October 25th, 2004, 5:36 PM
OOC: Well I'm just going to start this off, if anyone wants to join then feel free! I hope that's ok with you tad! ^^

IC: Exodus sat on a chair in the back of a rundown old pub, the oldest in the metropolis of Menzoberranza. Playing with his wizards' staff he looked cautiously around, in a city full of evil hearted, sinfilled creatures one can't be too cautious with being solo.

Skilled with both magic and weapons, Exodus only had to fear weapons masters and only the strongest drow wizards. Exodus was indeed a rogue, but made his living off of collecting bounty. Very rarely was he aloud to visit the house in which he was born. Set as an outcast, only loved when he was wanted. But when he was of no use, everyone forgot his existance.

Exodus cared not for these individuals, the only thing he cared for was the rush of battle, and the thrill of the kill. He lived his life as a killing machine, and wasn't going to give up the only thing that kept him prepared.

"Get out of here!" Came a rough voice from the entrance of the bar.

Finishing the musty mug of ale, Exodus slammed the fagile glass onto the wood table, breaking it.

"Now why would I do that." Exodus said placing a hand, cautiously on his staff, but keeping a calm composure.

"Cause I told ye too!" The man retorted, as he stepped into the light, revealing that he was a very muscular, and arrogant man.

"You'll have to make me. I was here first and I see no reason to leave." Exodus said his voice becoming the regular deadliness that everyone expected of him.

"State you're name drow." The drow warrior cammanded.

"Exodus...Exodus Con'hunin. And if you know what's good for you, you wouldn't take one more step towards me." Exodus said rising to his feet.

"Why I ought to teach you a lessen you fool!" The drow stammered as he charged, his broadsword at the ready, wielding it in one hand.

Unseathing his scimitar, Exodus dodged the blow that was directed at him. And peirced the foe's skin with the needle point of his sword.

The drow picked the sword out like it was a splinter and casted it aside. Then resumed his charge.

Drawing his staff, Exodus held it's flat point out a the drow, which made his stop out of instinct.

Exodus, lightning quick, brought the staff between the enemies legs, and seperated them, and the rested it on the floor directly above the bearly drows crutch, so he could survey the drows reaction. Then bringing it up hard, slamming the drow between the legs.

The drow knelt down in pain, but didn't collapse like Exodus wanted.

Exodus then butted the end of his body long staff in the drows face having him stumble backwards, then sidestepping to trip the drow.

The final blow came when Exodus drove the iron point of his staff directly into the drows heart.

After the death of a fellow drow, Exodus licked the blook off the point, and tasted it. Spitting on the drows stone cold face, he exclaimed, "Ye aren't even fit to eat!"

After the simple battle, Exodus stalked out of the bar, pretending like nothing ever happened.

October 25th, 2004, 5:51 PM
<OOC>Hopefully, RM, our description and my little intro will convey the point.<OOC>

I stepped gratefully into the pitch-black of the cave Menzoberranzan was built in. Though it had never seen light and millions of tons of granite surrounded the massive cavern, compared to the stale air inside House Mizzrym's stlactite castle, it was delightfully fresh.

Matron Mother Mizzrym had been keeping me cooped up to trian her pathetic excuses for soldier recently, and though they didn't deserve to even die on the point of my blade (the demonic saber at my waist purred at the thought of killing), I dared not violate the Matron's order and jeopordize my mission. Jarlaxle was not one to cross, even for one of my more than considerable talents.

I touched the House emblem fastening my piwafwi, an enchanted drow cloak. Immidiately after, I stepped into the this air, falling a foot or so before the innate levitation spell I'd activated took hold. I drifted gently to the ground of the cavern and set off for the Clawrift, a massive canyon that contained Bregan D'Arthe's headquarters. Along the way, I began kicking a few pathetic kobolds for sport, blasting the puny creature's skulls apart with the point of my boot. I laughed as I cleaned the gore from the fine leather, restoring the immaculate state of my dress.

Raichu Master
October 25th, 2004, 5:54 PM
OOC: Was my beginning ok? Or did I have to be more...Bob salvatory?

October 25th, 2004, 6:03 PM
<OOC>No, that's excellent, in fact. You should check out Dissolution, by Richard Lee Byers. It captures more of the side of Menzoberranzan I want to explore in this RP. You did that nicely.<OOC>

Raichu Master
October 25th, 2004, 6:15 PM
OOC: Thanks I was trying to capture at least some of the evilness in my drow friend. I might check that book out when I get done with the ice wind dale trilogy! I tryed to be alittle Salvatory when I did the stuff...although my battle scenes need to be a bit better...at least my english teacher likes my descriptive style...

As the saying goes, "You are your worst critic." I guess it's true with me, I'm constantly comparing my work to others far more educated than myself at this stage in my life.

IC: Now traveling the streets of the city, Exodus turned down a dark alley, and then turned up another, well hidden by the darkness of both alleys.

As Exodus stalked down the alley, growls of what seemed like a Drow, stopped him in his tracks every now and then. Although he tryed to pay the sounds no heed, he couldn't help be keep on his toes as the approaching threat came closer and closer still.

"Exodus..." The deadly voice came from infront of the lone drow.

"What do you want Calnipic." Exodus snorted stopping in his tracks letting his white hair rest at his shoulders, although the drow in front of Exodus was no threat. In a world filled with bloodthrusty killers, he was ready to fight when ready. But Calnipic was more skilled than even he, so it would be worthless to even fight unless there came about an gain.

"The matron wants you to meet with Mil'Inthil Mez'Barris." He replied quietly.

"As she wishes." Exodus said bowing lowly and then turning to track down Mil'Inthil.

October 25th, 2004, 6:33 PM
I was at the lip of the Clawrift by now, staring down into a blackness greater than that of the city as a whole. Touching my emblem again, I drifted down to the interdimensional doorway seperating Faerun and Jarlaxle's private offices. Tha barrier looked only inches thick. when I stepped through, however, it was much akin to a short hallway filled with gelatin. When I broke through, I bowed low to my true master, Jarlaxle, leader of the mercenary squad and spy network Bregan D'Arthe. After rising, I flashed in the drow hand-code (mainly to keep the edge of anger out of my voice) Matron Miz'ri isn't pleased. She plans war and wants her warriors trained. This meeting may well compromise my operation. I had to argue for hourse AND take that hag as a lover to get away. Jarlaxle laughed charmingly (he was always charming) and said "My friend, my most trusted lieutenent (which wasn't saying much around this most pragmatic of drow), don't worry about Matron Miz'ri. According to my information, the priestesses have lost their magic." "So" I sneered in reply. "So" he continued, ignoring my tone and leaning over the cherrywood desk (imported at great expense from the Overworld). "So, this is our chance to overthrow the female power structure! To eliminate the matriarchy and have our way! Now, please wait before you return. There's a colleague I wish for you to meet."

Master Angel
October 26th, 2004, 9:08 AM
I held my sword in front of me, at the ready. It was pointed at the target in front of me. My target stood stock still. I smiled, and lashed out at it, totally missing. I sighed and looked back at the untouched rags filled with straw and tied to a stick. Not a very deadly target, but I always thought it resembled something... something... I don't know what.

I brought my sword down beside me and looked down at the shining blade. It had a few stains, but none of them were my making. This sword belonged to my dad, who gave it to me. A family airloom, he had recieve it from his father and he from his father and so on. One day if I were to have a son I would give it to him. That was one of the only things that kept me going. My father was gone before he could tell me the swords name. I hoped to one day find out what it was, or make one of my own. That would be amazing, give a sword a name. And perhaps the sword would become famous! And maybe hogs would fly. Ha.

But for now I was using my lesiure time (not that I had much, mind you) to practice using the sword. My father had also never taught me how to use it, and I couldn't find anyone who would help me. So I was teaching myself. And it wasn't working. I was still as un-taught as an infant. Drags, even a two year-old would swing a sword better than I.

"Boy! Get in here!"

I cringed at the sound of his voice. 'He' was the owner of the pub, my boss. Not a very pleasant man, but he was my boss, and the only person who would employ me.

I stepped inside the pub. "Yessir?"

"Clean up the table by the window."

"But sir, I serve the food."

"You do what I tell you, or there'll be no pay!"

I sighed. I needed the money, badly, so I took a wet cloth and began wiping the table. Back and forth and around in circles.

Raichu Master
October 26th, 2004, 1:12 PM
"Mil'Inthil, the matron want me to see you." Exodus said coming up slowly behind the two as the conversed. "No doubt she wants me to act as a spy, to make sure you behave yourself."

"But I have a feeling, knowing you two, you both have something different in mind." He added folding his hands and joining the two drow. "What's the plan, and what's the pay?" This was Exodus' way of doing business, even to his own 'family' members.

"I've heard the priestesses are losing they're power...there is not a doubt in my mind you two plan a revolt. My only question is...where do I fit in?" He said raising his hand to keep them both from starting to explain, so he could explain that he guessed the plan, he just wanted his role.

"Am I right in saying you two want to switch the roles of power?" He said his lips curling into a nasty smile. Even though the two drow in front of him were higher in rank, drow males never had a rank higher than each other, they were all lower than dirt. His life wasn't worth much anyway, so he never bothered with using any sort of manners. He'd fight back against females, if he thought them of good sport.

October 26th, 2004, 1:25 PM
I nodded at the newcomers comment. Small wonder, Miz'ri was impatient, even for a high-ranking matron.

"Firstly" Jarlaxle said cooly, adressing the both of us, "I want you to visit the Undercity. Exodus, use a bit of magic to make you two look more favorable to the Undercreaatures, but start stirring up some anti-drow sentiment. If we can shock the females enough, toppling the matriarchy becomes much easier." I nodded and did my best not to look repulsed. I would actually have to associate with those foul things?

The crafty master of Bregan D'Arthe continued, saying "Secondly, start looking for other males for our cause. There's an abandoned stlagmite castle we can meet in, but find others who tire of the females. Dismissed." Jarlaxle turned as I did, to leave. I placed a bit of trust in this Exodus to follow me out and to Narbondyllen, the Undercity of Menzoberranzan.

Raichu Master
October 26th, 2004, 1:33 PM
"I just came from that slum..." Exodus retorted as he turned on his heels and stalked out of the room. "Oh well, it's a place I many a time have called home." He added once he was out. "I know my way around that place like the back of my hand."

Then he turned to face Mil'Inthil with a smirk of sinister evil. "Stick with me, and you won't get killed. I know the perfect spot to gain the advantage." Exodus remarked as he waited for the weapons masters input.

October 26th, 2004, 4:00 PM
I replied with a smirk of my own. An idea was in my head, one that if it worked would further both our new cause and my own pleasure. I said "Very well, we'll see. But my Claw has a bit of an appitite. Can you disguise me as Berg'Inyon Baenre?"

Master Angel
October 26th, 2004, 4:31 PM
I walked away from the pub, happy that work was done for the day. Although I only had about 5 hours to sleep and get to work on time tomorrow.

Today I decided I would take a walk instead of going straight home. Today I had remembered my sword. I hoped I could protect myself if I saw anything.

OOC- well, I'm out of ideas (it's too late 4 me!) so I'll end it there. I know it's short...

October 26th, 2004, 4:36 PM
<OOC>Well, just one thing, technically Menzoberranzan is sevral miles underground, in a massive cave network called the Underdark. Kinda hard to have good weather or ANY weather underground.<OOC>

Master Angel
October 26th, 2004, 4:44 PM
OOC- Okay, kinda like The City of Embers (one of the BEST books in the world! ^^). Alright, I'll change it. By the way, how do they get light down there?

October 26th, 2004, 4:55 PM
<OOC>They don't. There's a few magical lights, but not really enough to see effectively by. The drow have evolved into creature that live in the dark, though, and have the ability to see in the infared spectrum. That's the vision they use most of the time.<OOC>

Raichu Master
October 26th, 2004, 5:33 PM
"Already want to abuse my powers, weapon master?" He said chuckling bitterly. "Yes I could do that, very simple incantation, if you know how to do it. My best attribute in magic is as an illusionist, I'll have you know." He said with another smirk, boasting about his powers.

Exodus, who had lived 351 years under drow rule, knew the ins and outs and what he was aloud and not aloud to do. Boasting could cause him his life...if he couldn't prove the boast true. And Exodus, who was always on the cocky side, never once overestimated his magical power, and if he said he could do something, than he could.

Entering the undercity, Exodus guided Mil'Inthil to the place, where the only intellegent, or half intellegent beings gathered to council themselves. "They call themselves the council of theives. Basically what they are. But aren't we all?" Exodus said revealing some of his Philisophical side.

"Greetings Calhun." Exodus greeted, an hidious drow. His face was scared and he was missing an eye, his white hair was long gone, as with his teeth.

"What can we do for you?" Calhun stated, in a too friendly voice, but the undercity was completely different than the city. More drow dependant on each other for survival in the harsh conditions, and many of them were true friends, not something you find in the main city, ever.

"Yes me and Berg'Inyon Baenre would like to have a word with you." He said stepping to the side to reveal that the drow was standing behind him. Exodus had transformed the weapons master right before Calhun had greeted them.

Exodus then waited for Mil'Inthil to speak his mind, and do his part of the plan. As far as Exodus was concern, he was free to go as he pleased, cause his mission was to get the undercity together, and let the weapons master do the talking.

October 26th, 2004, 7:31 PM
"Alright," I began, imitating the cocky swagger I'd seen the Baenre weapons master use so much. I continued "What do you think the Undercreatures would do if they knew the priestesses had lost their magic." This excuse for a drow disgusted me, one rised among the nobility. Alas, this mission was too important to delagate. I was already sure I knew the answer, but I wanted to make sure.

The old creature responded "They'd revolt, I'm sure. If they knew they would have some support." I grinned wickedly at the thought, made a brief farewell and strode off to engender a bit of revolutionary sentiment in the masses of thralls that crowded every filthy inch of Narbondyellen. Besides, I wanted a bit f fun. Drawing Charon's Claw and my dagger, I slew the first creature I came across, an old, sacarred orc. Such hunts were common and no one paid me a mind. for now.

Raichu Master
October 27th, 2004, 11:56 AM
Exodus snapped his fingers once the conference was over, Mil'Inthil returned to his normal self. He stopped in his tracks, putting a hand on his scimitar, Exodus was going to make sure that the weapons master had his eyes on him.

"What's my payment?" Exodus said bluntly. "I played bodyguard, and made sure that you didn't get killed. What will be my payment, if the control flips into the males hands? What's my fair share?" Exodus would force an answer from Mil'Inthil if he had to. he wanted to know his payment, cause if he wasn't getting a fair proportion, he'd do exactly what the Matron wanted him to do. Spy. He'd go directly to the Matron and tell her all about the upheaval, if he didn't think he wasn't going to get a fair share.

"So, say this whole thing is successful, and I loan my services fully to you, what will be my payment?" He pressed again. This was the only thing he cared for, he'd way their price against the Matron's price and determine which was better. Of course he knew, that sticking with Mil'Inthil would pay off the best, he just wanted to make sure. Exodus was never the reckless kind.

October 27th, 2004, 3:15 PM
OCC: I think I'll join this. ^^ I was invited by TAD. Sorry for my late post.

Name: Kleo
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Archer
Job: Kleo doesnt really have a job, but wanders around offering help to those who need it.
House: Commoner
Weapon: A bow and arrow, and she uses the power of wind, which makes her a very gifted human.
Description: Kleo has waist length brown hair, and blue eyes. She usually wears brown leather pants and vest. Just by looking at this young girl you would think she is a weakling, and a disgrace to her human kind. But if you were to fight her, you would think differently.
Personality: This young girl very serious, and gets mad fairly easily. She can be nice, but you would have to catch her on a good mood.

October 27th, 2004, 4:58 PM
"Firstly, free reign" I responded, followimg a logical course of reasoning. I added as an extra carrot or two "Secondly, as things stand now, you'd be Patron of the third house. Finally, a chance for chaos, slaughter and treasure."

I'd stopped my killings for now to better converse with Exodus. I took a sharp turn into a side alley, heading for an underground "bar" by the name of "Exile's Nest." The outside of the place looked seedy and run down, as one would expect from the name. I rapped on the door, a peephoe slid open and I entered into opulance. I motioned to exodus, flashing silently If we can't find a few revolutionaries here, we won't anywhere.

October 27th, 2004, 5:55 PM
Kleo aimed her arrow straigt for the man she was supposed to kill...or capture. Kleo prefered kill for she wasnt exactly in the mood to spare someones life.
He cant run forever... she though, watching the man slow down. Kleo pulled on her bow, ready to shoot her arrow. Once the man slowed to a fast walk, and assumed Kleo was gone, she let go, sending the arrow right into the mans back. The man fell down, and Kleo smirked. Another theif down, and 3 more gold coins for her.

Kleo lowered her bow and headed back to the small village, leaving the lifeless body for the vultures to pick at. Back at the village, she recieved her coins.
"Pleasure to be at service..." Kleo said, tucking the coins in her pocket. "Call me if you need me again".
"Thank you so much." said a women. "Is there anything else we can do to repay you?"
"Not really..." Kleo replied, even though there was many things the women could of done. The young archer walked out of the small cabin, and sat down against the wall. What was there to do now?

Raichu Master
October 28th, 2004, 12:36 PM
"Rather enjoy the killing bit of it, but free reign sounds nice too." Exodus muttered to himself weighing the pros and cons. "Fine I'll lend all my services to you. Only if I get everything you've mentioned." Exodus said as he followed Mil' Inthil.

Following Mil'Inthil into the bar, he stopped and waited for instructions.

October 29th, 2004, 6:27 PM
Exile's Nest was far more han the sava boards scattered about the room and extensive selection of drinks suggested. More than that, it was a brothel where pent-up males could take out their aggressions on captured females and the best underground information exchange in the city. "Talk to any male in here. The fresher the wound, the better" I whispered to exodus, walking up to the barkeep alone and ordering a flute of ale, imported from the surface.

October 30th, 2004, 11:43 AM
Kleo finally stood up and looked around her. She, like always, had no clue where she was. But one thing caught her eye. It looked to be a rather large village in the distance.
I think I've found my new destination...the young girl thought, picking up her bag from the ground and throwing it over her shoulder.

It didnt seem long before Kleo reached the city. It was quite dark, darker then the small village she had previously been to that is. This city gave her a nervous feeling; a feeling that told her that maybe she shouldnt be there. Kleo tried to shrug it off, and headed into a pub. She tried her hardest to avoid the stares of drows and humans alike. She quickly sat down at a table far away from everyone else, and pulled a map from her bag. She carefully spread it across the table, and examined it.

Raichu Master
October 30th, 2004, 5:00 PM
OOC: Drow only live in complete darkness. And each city of drow is a huge metropolis, I think Menzoberranza is the smallest or something like that, correct me if I'm wrong TAD. So the only way humans could see down in the underdark is through infared vision. And the ability to survive against a drow. Just to let you know LP.

IC: "Right." Exodus said walking off to a table of drow warriors.

"Did you hear about the resistance group of male drow yet?" Exodus said sitting down with them.

"You heard about them too, aye?" One answered looking at Exodus with interest.

"So have I." The other 3 said chuckling. "Bunch of morons the lot of them are, do they really think they can overthrow the hierarchy?"

"It's possible, the females are losing power, and if we all strike at the right time, we could." Exodus said confidently.

"Yeah right, that's a lonacris idea. Drow like you are stupid if you think you can do that, even if they are we." They all said.

"Well..." Exodus sighed. "I guess you'll be of no further service then..." He got up from the table and put his hand out in front of the group, and closing his eyes.

Opening his eyes again, which were ingulped in a purple glow. His finger tips shot out lightning at each drow, killing them on impact.

"Why I ought to!" A voice came from behind Exodus.

Swinging around as he got his staff out just in time to block a broadsword from cutting through his body, Exodus, broke through the drows mind defenses, sending him crimpled to the ground. "I've tryed reasoning."

Flinging his left arm in an arch to the side, all the doors and windows shut. Making sure to sound proof the exterior of the building he continued, "No one will make it out of here alive if they don't join the resistance!"

Exodus stood there, like a civilized being in the middle of a bunch of tyrants. Exodus held himself proper, and his expression was one of extreme seriousness, meaning everything he meant. He would kill everybody in the building, if they didn't agree to join, even though it would take a huge chunk of stamina from him, he was capable of doing it. He would adventually regain his energy so he wasn't worried about doing the daunting task.

October 30th, 2004, 7:38 PM
"Calm down" I snapped, bearing a bit of Charon's flaming black blade as I continued "All of you!" Dropping my Claw back into the sheath, I continued in a dangerous voice "Are you doubting the word of Bregan D'Arthe? I would have thought that our reputation alone would have made that seem very, VERY dangerous."

I was severly angered by now, the outburst had ruined a decent enough conversation with the barkeep. "Now" I added, quietly but audible nonetheless. "If you require proof, I suppose I'll have to attack a patrol from Arach-Tillinth. Will that do for you lot of fools? Or are you convinced already?" Judging by their faces, the answer was now.

Nevertheless, a bit of goodwill never hurt anybody. I slid a small sack of gold to the propriator of the place, a male by the name of Lilinth. The amount was enough to pay for a night with one of the Nest's girls for every customer in the place. I whispered "enjoy yourselves" as I headed for the stairs myself.

Raichu Master
October 31st, 2004, 5:40 PM
"I can't even have a bit of fun." Exodus whispered to himself.

He settled back down, and sat at the bar counter. Ordering a nice sized pint of ale, he sipped it absentmindedly while he muttered to himself, "When does the action start?"

Finishing the pint, Exodus thought of starting a good ol' fashion bar fight just for the heck of it. But then thought twice, and thought it wouldn't be good if people wanted to join the resistance.

November 6th, 2004, 11:21 AM
uhhh... hi! ^^' where are we?

November 6th, 2004, 7:39 PM
<OOC>Vairous places within the city, having our own various adventures.<OOC>

Down in the basement, there were a variety of small rooms, each containing a captued female. I myself went to the one I knew best, containing a former priestess of Barrison del'Armgo. She was one of my best sources of information.

November 7th, 2004, 4:04 PM
ooc: okay, i`ll just start.

"Hey ,Saphira! You done yet?" Saphira looked up. It was that new boy, Kal. He still had a lot of Brumbleweed to pick. Saphira nodded.

"Yeah. Why?" She already knew, but still wondered how he got her name.

"Well, err.... I was wonderin` if, uhh, you could kinda help me?" Kal said looking everywhere but at her.

Saphira glanced at her full basket, which lay on the ground at her feet filled to the top with Brubleweed. She looked over her shoulder at the small house that was about half a mile away, where her master lived.

"Alright...." She said looking back at Kal. "As long as Mr. Harrison doesnt find out." Normally, Saphira wasnt this kind to people, but since he was new, and had just come Saphira was smythetic. "And," She added, "Dont think I`ll help you everytime you fall behind."

"Thanks... And believe me, I wont!" Kal said with a smile, getting back to work. Saphira walked over torwards him.

"So, Saphira..." Said a cold voice from out of nowhere. "Going to help the new slaves again, are you?" It was Mr. Harrison. Saphira rolled her eyes. She could see another beating in the near future.