View Full Version : Came here for shelter

May 8th, 2010, 12:17 AM
Well, it seems like the other 4 forums were attacking me, or they closed it for maintainence.

First, is the Super Mario Party Website Forum. They kicked everyone out for forum repairing.

Second, is a brand new forum I made in My Fast Forum. The real administrator will fix things there too

Third, is PokeFreak Forums. I was acting like a jerk there, so they banned me for a month.

And Finally, The Mario Kart Wii Forums. I was acting like a jerk there too. So a mod gave me a spam infraction.

To Conclude, this is virtually the only forum that has good shelter. I am treated like a normal user there, and not a jerk. What's good about this forum is that the Forum Games are a little active.