View Full Version : Help with PHP Nuke installation

November 17th, 2004, 4:35 AM
I'm just gonna be startin out with my site, and I'm a loser, a n00b when it comes to any knowledge of how to create one. I got myself a host too.
I wanna install Php-nuke in my site. I think v7.4 is free and I dled it to my pc. I unzipped too, but I dunno how to install it :nervous: I checked out the faqs of phpnuke too, but as I said, I'm a n00b and didn't understand anythin.
I have a public_html folder in the site I'm gonna be creatin, if that's needed. And, how do I install different skins of phpnuke? I downloaded one, but I dunno how to use. Please help. It's been quite a while and my site ain't ready. :\