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August 19th, 2010, 1:57 PM
My offers:

NOTE: none of the offered pokemon are shiny unless stated otherwise.

Mew - 20 - Bashful - received in GTS, so it is probably a hack
Celibi - 20 - Jolly - recieived from a friend via migrate, again probably a hack
Suicune - 40 - Bashful - Legit caught In the wild
Raikou - 40 - modest - Legit caught in the wild
Entei - 40 - Jolly - Legit caught in the wild
Latios - 40 - Legit event pokemon
Japanise Lugia - 70 - Lax - Recived via GTS

Any of the above pokemon can be equipt with master balls, I only accept one pokemon per pokemon traded, so don't try and ask for two pokemon for one in return.

What I'm looking for:

Shiny vulpix
preferably female at a low ish level (so I can train it)
Shiny Pikachu
any gender low level again
Shiny leafeon
Preferably female below lvl 60
It can be an egg hatched one or one at a low level

NOTE: Crossed out names are COMPLETE transactions and will not be available.

If anyone is interested let me know C:

Erik Destler
August 19th, 2010, 2:18 PM
Pokemon that are probably a hack or illegitimate are not allowed to be traded.

Also, you need to offer/request at least 10 different Pokemom to have a trade thread