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September 11th, 2010, 2:59 AM
^Yep. That pretty much sums up the episode.

September 11th, 2010, 3:36 AM
I guess it was a pretty good filler. ditto is a funny pokemon to have in an episode to begin with. but whats this? shiny ditto? =Þ

When I first saw her I was like wtf Flints a girl???

September 11th, 2010, 3:55 AM
Brock's dealing out some hard **** on female Flint in this one. Ash proves no one can call him a newb if they only have a month of expirience. Alternate colored Ditto seems pretty cool. Quick Attack > Volt Tackle A.D. it seems. Mean person acting mean to look tough? How cliché. Ash still has Pikachu's Poké Ball it seems. Brock certainly can draw. Pikachu face battle was the best ever. Newb.

September 11th, 2010, 7:09 AM
Female Flint, and her name is Narissa; just like my little cousin. ._. There's so many relations in the episode with that one girl, it's weird. It was a decent filler though. Just something that I mention every time I see it, but I was pleased to see Brock get more involved during this episode. Plus, it's always comedic to see Happiny come out and show its strength.

Narissa sure was the character though. She's got to learn to be her own self and not someone who she isn't. She won't be a better trainer trying to be someone she isn't. Plus, it'll only confuse her Pokémon in the end. Then again, I'm just getting too into this. XD;


September 11th, 2010, 7:34 AM
"It's like a Pokemon explosion!"


I loved this episode, it was awesome!
Ditto is awesome.

September 11th, 2010, 8:40 AM
The very reason this episode was so good were the two Dittos. Ditto 1 and Ditto 2? That girl's got to be more creative while naming her Pokemon.
Narissa, (if that's her name), is so overconfident, but the truth is that she a noob trainer. Wow, we got someone who is worse than Ash. XD Brock looked so assertive and dominating that he quite scared me. And, he can draw pretty well too! But how did he do that so quickly? XD
And yeah, I forgot, but wasn't the battle between Narissa and Team Rocket a bit unfair? She was using two Pokemon against a single one of Team Rocket.
In my opinion this episode is decent enough and better than that last one.

September 11th, 2010, 9:58 AM
I really enjoyed this episode. The double Dittos made for a great practical joke on Ash and his friends. I loved the part where Ash was trying to decide which Pikachu was his, and ends up getting thunderbolted by both. We need more moments like those in the show. I guess Ash doesn't know his Pikachu as well as he thinks he does.

Narissa, what a character! Dressing up like Flint, and acting all tough and egotistical; Brock really told her how a trainer should be raising his/her Pokemon. I loved his passion; he felt very strongly about what he was saying.

Team Rocket's plans to steal Ditto weren't very impressive, unlike previous recent episodes. This was another typical "catch Pokemon in a net, escape, get caught by Ash, and blast off" scenario. I was not impressed at all, but then again, am I ever impressed with Team Rocket? Their dialogue was reasonable, rhyming kept to a low, but Meowth's "Oy Vey!" caught my attention; another example of Team Rocket's terrible lines.

September 11th, 2010, 11:46 AM
This was a weirdly interesting episode!

Dealing with two Ditto looks like a pain yet fun at the same time. Which one is the real Piplup? Use Draco Meteor. Which one is the real Togekiss? Put it back in it's PokeBall. Which one is the real Pikachu? Dang it, we don't know!!

So we meet Narissa. I honestly thought Flint was going to be in this episode, but we're wrong. Sad day.

Wow, she's acting all tough. She's only been on the journey for a month with zero badges? And she's calling Ash a n00b!? With her battling style!?

When Brock lays the smack down...RUN!!

It was really cool seeing how Ditto can be used multiple times to use Transform and coming up with improv strategies. Too bad for TR as they got hit with a triple Thunderbolt.

And Brock gets hit with a triple Poison Jab. Epic. Fail. For. Brock.

Looking forward to the Grand Festival!!


September 12th, 2010, 2:32 PM
I liked the episode, my favorite part was Ash being called noob by a noob I mean she doesn't even deserve to be in the same scenes as himXD

Get Weird
September 12th, 2010, 2:35 PM
I loved this episode, I just wish Ditto could of transformed into more Pokemon.

What would of made it great is after everything that Nirissa learned of Brock that Ash and Her could have a battle. Wish Narissa transforming into other Pokemon, not the one's Ash has on the field.

Overall a great episode. 10/10

September 12th, 2010, 2:50 PM
Eh, this episode was alright. I loved Gible's creative use of Draco Meteor to find break the Piplup illusion, hah. XD

Thought the whole "noob" gag was pretty good, too, considering how many noobish mistakes Ash continues to make from time to time. As much as I like Pikachu, part of me really wanted Ditto to beat him, but alas...that wasn't meant to be...

September 12th, 2010, 3:21 PM
Only interesting thing about the episodes was when Zapdos was flying over Sinnoh.

September 12th, 2010, 3:39 PM
Hmm... stupid WinTV failed on me. I had to shamelessly find the episode >_<

Well, I think this was probably one of those good filler episodes. A rookie hot head with a shiny ditto AND a crush on Brock in one episode. Freakin nice. Also, I was like "wtf?" when she called Ash a noob. Internet must exist in the Pokemon world. I wish we could see more of that.

A good 9/10 episode. Did Brock have to be an ass and flirt with a random girl in the forest that just happen to pass by when it was so obvious that Narissa liked him?!

September 13th, 2010, 7:42 AM


I so totally Lol'd!~

Im bored of saying I enjoyed the episode! This one totally sucked, im sooooo bored of fillers!

I bet brock would have "fell in love" with Narissa if he saw her without that costume on!~

September 13th, 2010, 3:14 PM
There haven't been many fillers lately so I don't know why someone would be complaining about it.

Haven't complained in the last couple of minutes so: There's a difference between newb and noob. Don't know why people are using the latter.

e: Isn't female Fllint 10-years-old? Brock doesn't go for younger girls.

September 14th, 2010, 10:35 AM
I liked Ash and Pikachu here x) That girl at the end was RANDOM!!! Liked the Ditto. Narissa needs to change her style. The end.

September 17th, 2010, 12:34 PM
Final K6-11 Ratings for Saturday, September 11, 2010 Cable Networks only (Live + SD Data):
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CARTOON NETWORK 2.0/11 Avg. (7a-1p)
Pokemon: DP Sinnoh League 1.2/15; Beyblade: Metal Fusion 1.0/10; Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 1.8/13; Generator Rex 2.2/13; Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.5/11; Hot Wheels: Battle Force 1.8/8; Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders 1.5/7; Johnny Test 1.9/9; Johnny Test 2.8/13; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc. 2.5/11; The Garfield Show 2.3/11; The Garfield Show 2.0/10

It did well this week for its slot I guess.

September 18th, 2010, 12:37 AM
AT first I thought she looked like someone then I remembered it was Flint she looked like. This was a nice episode. Never too old for a ditto.

October 5th, 2010, 6:04 PM
It was a funny episode, but I don't have that much else to say about it.

Favorite part:

Dawn: "So Narissa, have you been traveling a long time?"
Narissa: "It's already been a whole month."
Ash: "Whoa."


October 5th, 2010, 6:15 PM
The use of the word "noob" was pretty entertaining.

It just bothered me that every time Ash encounters Ditto, he acts as if he's never seen one before, and the ability to transform is totally revolutionary to him. Duplica, anyone?

October 26th, 2010, 10:31 AM
I actually enjoyed this episode. Perhaps because I haven't watched the dub in so long

- Whoa, either it's been too long since I've watched a dubbed episode, or Ash sounds more like a woemn at the start o.O
- Piplup sounds awful o_O
- Ah, it's a different Piplup
- That Draco Metor thing is old
- How can you not know your own Pikachu, Ash!!
- Wait, wtf? A female Flint
- ...Ah, I see...dress up...still weird
- Wow, a shiny Ditto
- "You just keep your shirt on"...
- "Noob" -_-
- ASH said noob?? LOL
- "I smell a fanatasy scene" wow, PUSA have caught on that Meowth's fantasies are weird
- Hehehe, saying super effective
- Heh, the answer to "why do Pokemon know moves other than your type" is good info for kiddies who only use same type attacks
- Wow, actually, I really prefer TR in BW
- They're saying "Nya"? XD
- *sigh* I'm fed up of TR battles

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Haven't complained in the last couple of minutes so: There's a difference between newb and noob. Don't know why people are using the latter.

...There is?

November 2nd, 2010, 1:40 PM
...There is?

Yes there is. "Newb" is just short for newbie. "Noob" is just saying "Oh, you're a total child who doesn't know anything and you don't know how to behave yourself and you don't know how to do anything. You're so annoying so just get away from me."