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November 11th, 2010, 4:08 PM
Yeah, this is basically just shameless advertising. But oh well.

So my friend and I, about a year ago, decided to get together and start a band. Soon after, we started making an album. We sat in his kitchen with our instruments using his relatively cheap recording equipment and started making music.

Well, yesterday, we finished that album. And frankly, I think it's pretty dang good considering two 16 year old boys made it in my friend's kitchen.

Our band's name is Minute Detail, and we've named our album Surface Tension. The quality isn't perfect, but we're hoping that maybe this album will reach the hands of the right person and we can actually record this for real with good equipment.

We're not even looking to make money, we just want to get our stuff out there. So it would be awesome if some of you could check it out.
Three of our songs are on Youtube, if you'd like a quick listen:


We definitely lean towards the "soft rock" or "pop" genre of music.
Whelp, I hope some of you check us out!
If you want to download our album, just go to the following link:


And download! I promise I'm not going to give you a virus from that download link. We would greatly appreciate it if you downloaded and gave us your honest opinion

Peace everyone,


Eliminator Jr.
November 11th, 2010, 5:07 PM
I'll try and be honest here. This isn't my style of music so maybe I can't appreciate it or something, but yeah.

The first song had a pretty typical chord progression. I'm not sure if you see that as a positive or negative, but the song sounds like it's been done many times before. The non-outro part of the second song sounds a lot like some of Powderfinger's songs. I liked the second song better than the first one. Again, the third one isn't my style, the first two chords of the intro sound really cool though, but apart from that I can't really say much.

Sorry, it's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I don't enjoy it much. I hope you get a reviewer who's into this kind of music soon though :)

November 11th, 2010, 5:32 PM
Hey man, I respect your opinion. This genre isn't for everyone, some find it boring.

The album is very multi-genred, so you may find something you like from the other 11 tracks

November 12th, 2010, 7:53 AM
your music isn't exactly my "thing" but i can't say your work is bad and i do think you guys have some talent, baut- in agreement with Eliminator- i think you guys ought to try some diversity in the chord pitches and frequency, the songs sound very...well, typical and ordinary. but maybe that's the sound you were going for- and, like Eliminator, this isn't the genre i generally listen to and find appreciation for. but the talent is there, the sound quality is pretty good; good luck with your band and such

November 13th, 2010, 10:49 AM
Haha well thanks at least for saying we have talent :P

Well I'm gonna go ahead and bump this thread...

Aight peeps, we got a new video up!

Here's a video of me playing the guitar part to Memories of You, one of the songs on the album: