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Fallen Angel
November 20th, 2003, 11:13 PM
Chapter 1

*A lot of the spanish is from a free translator so... yeah.... Oh and alot of spelling mistakes*

"Hey Abby, have you seen Carter? M.V.A coming in," Susan asked as she walked to the admitting desk.
"Nope, but I think he is in Exam 1, want me to see if he is there?", Abby asked.
"Yeah, tell him to drop what he is doing and get out here," Susan said grabing her coat and walking out to the ambulance bay.
Abby walked over to the room and was right about Carter being there. She opened the door.
"Hey Carter, M.V.A coming in Susan needs your help," she said.
Carter was sewing someone and he looked up, turned his head and said, "Ok, I'll be right there."
Abby nodded and left the room. Outside it was mid-December and it was snowing. Susan shivers and the ambulance arrives.
"26 year old with multipule abretaions, some cuts, possible a broken leg," on of the permedics said as a 26 year old is brought out on a gurney, she has a cast on her right arm and she is wearing a very light blue down jacket, with a white long sleave shirt and jeans.
"Son of a *****! I don't any **** help! All I have are some scrapes!", she yelled.
"Oh great.....", Susan said to herself. "Hi, I'm Dr.-", she started to say to the girl.
"Lewis, I know, trust me I have been here enough to know every **** doctor by sight, name's Jessica Carson. Where is Dr. Carter?", the girl said as she was brought into the hospital.
"I'm sorry but I don't know where Dr. Carter i-", Susan started but was inturrped again, this time by Carter.
"Wow, the day you get your cast off you end up needing a new one, huh Jessica?", he asked.
"Not funny at all, I don't need a new cast. I need the sleep today, I start my new job tomarrow," Jessica said.
Susan left the room when one of the nurses said someone was on the phone for her. Carter starts to work on removing Jessica's cast.
"What job would that be?" Carter asked her.
"Well it's a contuation of a job, I'm a fourth year med resident, staring fifth year tomarrow, here," Jessica said looking to her moniters.
"Well really, better than being a med student. I swear we get them every day...." Carter said as he pulled the cast off of Jessica.
"I still have to tag along with some doctor for a month or two...." she sighed.
"Well your done, you got a place to stay? I heard your mom was drunk again, I figure you don't want to stay with her," Carter asked.
"I guess a hotel, but then again, I have NO money so I can't go anywhere, but if I can't stay with my drunken mother, I'll scrape the funds for a hotel, thanks again Dr. Carter," Jessica said walking out of the trama room.
The next day the ER was very busy and Susan runs into Carter.
"You hear, two new ones for us today, I got one, how about you?", she asked him.
"Yup, I hope it's that girl, Jessica," Carter said. And as if to answer his prayers Jessica walks into the ER and spots Carter.
"Well, well, well, seems as though I have to be working with you for a few months," she smiled as they heard ambulance sirens go off.
"Well come on Dr. Carson," Carter said in a joking voice.
Jessica sighed and rushed to the side of the gurney that was rushed in.
"20 year old female, found on the sidewalk by the El Train, beaten up pretty badly," the paramedic said as the girl was wheeled in to trauma room 2.
Jessica looked at the girl as one of the moniters.
"Hey, her b/p has droped!", she said as the moniters started to go off and the girls heart stopped.
"We need to intubate," Carter said.
"Let me, I can do it, I have done it like a million times," Jessica said grabbing what she needed.
"No I don't think you should do th-", Carter started but Jessica was already done with it.
"Ok, bag her," she said. She looked to Carter and gave a nervous smile. Her stats went back to normal, the girl was wheeled out of the room.
"Well, I guess you really don't need me," Carter said with a smile.
"No I don't, this **** hospital wants me to tag around with you just to make sure I can handle it myself," Jessica said pulling off her gloves. "That girl, I think she was raped, seeing some bruses where on her legs."
Carter looked at her and said,"You may be right, what to preform the rape exam?"
Jessica started to walk out of the room and she said,"Nah, maybe you can? I skipped breakfast. I'll be in the lounge."
Carter just sighed and shook his head.
Jessica looked at the pot of coffee in the lounge and made herself a cup. She sat down and sighed and door opened. Dr. Kovac entered and looked to Jessica and said,"Who are you?"
Jessica stood up. She walked over to Kovac and said,"Oh I'm a new 5th year resident being treated like a med student. Jessica Carson." She offered to hand-shake with him.
"Luka Kovac, nice to meet you," he said shaking her hand.
The door to the lounge swung open and Carter appeared. He seemed to have run to the lounge.
"Jessica, that girl, she's crashing," he gasped.
"Um, nice to meet you," Jessica said rushing out of the lounge.
As the two rushed into the room, they found the girl in a seizure. Abby was rushing around for things.
"She started to talk, we got her name, Jasmine Lopez, and that's it," Abby said.
Jessica seemed to know who the girl was but didn't want to let Abby, Carter, or any of the other nurses know that. She took control, trying to prove to the hospital that she can take care of herself.
"You got liquid dilaten for I.Vs? Get me 50mgs," Jesscia said.
"50? That's alot," Carter said.
"Just do it!", Jessica said worried.
Carter did so and Jasmine stoped sezing. Jessica sighed, removed her gloves and grabed some new ones.
"Ok, um.... I think I will preform the rape exam....," she said, her voice trailing, off.
"Ok, well I have Abby help you out ok?," Carter said leaving.
Jessica sighed as Jasmine came too.
"Jessie??? What are you doing here?", she asked, the intibation tube had been taken out.

Continued in next post.

Fallen Angel
November 20th, 2003, 11:14 PM
"I'm a doctor, don't move, I think you where raped. Stop taking your Dilanten? You just had a seizure," Jessica said swabing something.
Abby looked at Jessica akwardly.
"One, what's your name, and two who do you know her?", she asked.
"Answer one, Jessica Carson, answer two she is my sister, living with my step-dad, her dad, after our mom and him got divorced," Jessca said.
"He, took away my dilanten, said I didn't need it, all I needed was him," Jasmine said, in pain.
"Who? Tell me who, I can help you," Jessica said stopping.
"James, my boyfriend, he is very sweet," Jasmine said.
"Sweet my ***, Jas. I think this James of yours raped you, druged you on something that could have been fatal with what ever dilaten was in your blood," Jessica said placing the swabs on the tray. "Um, get thoses cultured, get a CBC, order a CT, and a tox screen."
"You seem to be a pro at this, huh?", Abby asked.
"Yeah I am, I was the best in the ER, I mean, in New York it's pretty tough, so they needed someone that could take control. I'm a senior resdient, being treated like a med student. It sucks," Jessica said ripping off her scrubs and taking off her gloves as she left the trauma room.
The ER was supiciously empty and Jessica seemed to just hang around looking for something to do when she ran into Kovac.
"Hi, how was the patient?", he asked.
"Other than the fact, she was raped, taken off her dilaten by her boyfriend, and is my baby sister, she's fine," she joked.
"Have you seen Carter, I can't find him, I need to talk to him."
"Yeah, he is with your, sister is it, that's why I asked," Kovac said.
Jessica nodded and walked off to the room.
"Hey, Carter, what am I suppose to do now that the ER is empty?", She asked leaning on the door.
"Well, after you forget to tell me that this is your sister, hang out with me, get lunch maybe?", he said.
"I didn't know.... Anyway I ordered a CT, a CBC, and a tox screen. She was taken off her dilaten who knows how long ago by some guy named James. He may have druged her and may have almost killed her with what ever dilaten is left in her blood streem. From what I heard from the last time I spoke to my *** of a step-father, she has lukymia," Jessica said a hint of pain in her voice. She walked out of the room and as she walked to the admitting desk a man came in, in his early 40s, and speaking in spanish. Jessica stood staring at her step-father like she saw the devil.
"El hijo de una ramera! Yo la matar! Durmiendo con algn tipo, y con mi hijastra que no da un maldito acerca de su hermana ms joven es su mdico!", he screamed in spanish. Jessica stood her ground. Chuny stood behind translating.
"He said, 'Son of a *****! I will kill her! Sleeping with some guy, and my step-daughter who doesn't give a **** about her younger sister is her doctor!'," she translated to Carter, Abby, Jerry, and Susan.
"Cllese! USTED la permiti fuera as, USTED podra dar dos maldicen acerca de su salud! Supo usted que ella fue tomada lejos su medican de ataque? O tiene ella estuvo aqu para tratamiento de cancer? Retrocedera, dara mi vida para el Jazmn, a diferencia de usted o mi madre!", Jessica said, she supprised the staff.
"She said, 'Shut up! YOU let her out like that, YOU could give two damns about her health! Did you know she was taken off her seizure medican? Or has she been here for cancer treatment? I'd back off, I'd give my life for Jasmine, unlike you or my mother!'", Chuny said walking up to Jessica.
"Calme Dr. Carson. Querra usted m obtener los servicios sociales en aqu?", Chuny said softly to Jessica.
"S," Jessica said rushing past the suprised staff. "What ever you do, don't tell him where Jasmine Lopez is."
"Chuny what did you ask her?", Abby asked.
"I asked if she wanted social servises down here," Chuny said.
Jessica walked into the drug lock-up, most likely to get something for her sister, and she broke down into tears. She noticed Carter walking by and she grabed some bottles, and walked out.
"There you are, I was looking for you. Where you crying?", he asked her.
Jessica sniffled and nodded her head and made her way to her sister's room.
"Qu est equivocado? O chillar," Jasmine asked in spanish.
Jessica looked down to the floor and said,"Your dad came, I don't want you going with him, he will hurt you, let you die. I know you have lukyima. You need to be helped here."
"No, I won't. I have no where to go. I need to stay with him," Jasmine said.
"Sorry, but your going to a foster home, the police will be here soon to talk to you," Jessica said angerly as she stormed out of the room and ran into Kovac.
"Sorry," he said picking up the chat Jessica was caring.
"No, all my fault, no need to say sorry Luka," Jessica said in an almost happy voice.
"I heard screaming and yelling before, is everything ok?", he asked.
Jessica sighed. "I guess so, I have now been caught in the middle of my step-father and my baby sister."
"Well things will clear up," he said walking down the hall.
"Yeah I hope so....", she sighed as she saw Carter walking down the hall.
"I seem to keep loosing you," she said.
"No, you seem to keep running off. Now and MVA coming in, care to help out?", he asked putting a trauma gown on and tossed one to Jessica and she put it on.
"Well I guess so," she said.
A womon is brought in on a gurney. She is wearing a flowered dress.
"43 year old, female, seziure behind the wheel hit someone else," Dr. Lewis said.
Jessica stoped in her tracks as the face stared up at her.

Phantom Angel
November 20th, 2003, 11:43 PM
Nice story. :)
Am I in this story...?
Add me...*yawns*


Fallen Angel
November 21st, 2003, 4:42 AM
I can add you, you can be the other med student. I am working on chapter two. But after I go out tonight.