View Full Version : SSB or SSBM?

December 1st, 2004, 4:13 PM
which do you prefer?Super Smash Brothers or Super Smash Brothers Melee?

Pokemon Master #1
December 1st, 2004, 4:23 PM
I like SSMB more because of it's many options.And of course it's for Gamecube.

December 2nd, 2004, 3:23 AM
Obviously Melee. It has everything that the original game had plus more.

December 2nd, 2004, 3:25 AM
Sadly, I've never played either of them. =(

December 2nd, 2004, 7:45 AM
SSBM. It's faster and got more characters. And the graphics are better too

December 2nd, 2004, 8:04 AM
Melee wins hands down. Better characters, Graphics, Moves, Items. You name it, and it will probably be better

December 2nd, 2004, 8:06 AM
SSBM, i havent played the other one O.o;; XD

December 2nd, 2004, 9:22 AM
SSBM, lol more charectors, better graphics, more options and more stages

December 2nd, 2004, 4:39 PM
Melee has Pichu; it wins by default.

<3 It's also got Roy, whom I've hated ever since the game came out, but now I love him! *yays* XD

But... yeah, I like Melee the best. ^_^ Although, the Pokemon stage in the original game pwns everything. >3

December 2nd, 2004, 4:46 PM
Melee wins Roy rules all.He is the best character!!!

December 2nd, 2004, 5:29 PM
how can you even compare them?SSB PWNS all.No,im kidding.SSBM PWNS all.

December 2nd, 2004, 5:31 PM
ha! first vote for ssb! it's just so classic.

December 2nd, 2004, 5:32 PM
SSBM of course yeah Roy pwns but he cant be better then samus but im good with a lotta characters link/younglink, ganandorf/captain falcon, mewtwo, Yoshi, fox and a lotta others but as i said SSBM hands down

December 4th, 2004, 5:09 AM
Of course.. SSBM is way better! It has better graphics, more chars and better gameplay! It's in all ways much better :D

December 4th, 2004, 8:48 AM
SSBM all the way! Ha more characters! Roy! *hugs roy* >.> No one saw that XD And since I have Gamebube and not N64, SSBM wins. It also has better graphics. And it's cooler XD

Flaming Torchic
December 7th, 2004, 7:01 PM
Super Smash Brothers: Melee, of course.

It has better graphics, more characters, and better arenas.

I mean really, there's not a single thing I can think about that the original had that Melee didn't. oO;

December 7th, 2004, 7:09 PM
Melee, Hands down. I love Kicking my friends Pathetic Arses With A Cute and cuddle-rific Character, Like Jigglypuff, Or Pichu! (Rest PWNS all!!!) I can kick all of the people I know 's sorry butts In that game. (Then again all of my friends are crappy at video games....)