View Full Version : Any sushi fans?

January 24th, 2011, 2:28 AM
Well, I've lived in Japan for probably most of my life. And I'm a die hard sushi fan. Are you a sushi fan too?

Favorite sushi: Tuna & Unagi!

January 24th, 2011, 2:44 AM
Are you seriously asking that? Who DOESN'T like Sushi. -alot of people are going to say otherwise but, meh. xDD;;-
I'm obsessed with Salmon Sashimi. >3 -i think that's what it's called...-

January 24th, 2011, 3:29 AM
Are you seriously asking that? Who DOESN'T like Sushi. -alot of people are going to say otherwise but, meh. xDD;;-
I'm obsessed with Salmon Sashimi. >3 -i think that's what it's called...-
Yeah, it's called salmon sashimi. I'm obsessed with it too. Not only that, I also love spicy tuna rolls and soft-shelled crab sushi (I had the latter last night for dinner).

January 24th, 2011, 3:34 AM
Lucky~ Sushi is rare for me. xDD;;

January 24th, 2011, 3:44 AM
Sorry but, I haven't even tasted a Sushi yet. XD; I'd like to try and base from your opinions about it, it really makes me wanna try. :)

January 24th, 2011, 3:55 AM
You haven't tried a Sushi? :O
What are you doing here?
GOGOGOGOGOGOGO. Get sum sooshee~

Weeaboo Name
January 24th, 2011, 6:35 AM
I've had some fishless sushi before, it was good.

January 24th, 2011, 8:39 AM
I don't eat seafood so I'm limited to... kappa maki, inarizushi, and tamago, I think. At least for common ones. I like when I can find a natto one so I can surprise people. Mmmmm, natto.

January 24th, 2011, 9:21 AM
i like sushi too!!!

my faviritre is the one that looks like this...

but i don't know the name...

January 24th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Just had Kappa Maki a couple hours ago for a snack.

January 24th, 2011, 2:23 PM
If you put sushi in front of me, I'll eat, regardless of what it is. XD I love love Shrimp Tempura, California Roll, and spicy Tuna Rolls too. Mmmm.

January 24th, 2011, 2:25 PM
I've never tried sushi, but I'm sure I wouldn't like it.

January 24th, 2011, 3:28 PM
No takers for uni/sea urchin?
I'll be fine as long as this thread doesn't degenerate into a chuu-toro vs oo-toro argument.

January 24th, 2011, 4:04 PM
I find that I really love sushi as long as I don't have it too often.

During this past summer while I was working, I think I had sushi every day at lunch for about two weeks. Then I actually got tired of it and couldn't have any more for another two weeks.

January 24th, 2011, 4:57 PM
No takers for uni/sea urchin?
I'll be fine as long as this thread doesn't degenerate into a chuu-toro vs oo-toro argument.

I've been curious about what Sea-urchin tastes like. What does it taste like? xD;;

January 24th, 2011, 5:02 PM


I /adore/ sushi. I really love unagi; it's one of my favorites. I have yet to try a sushi that I /don't/ like, actually.

January 27th, 2011, 1:44 AM
I've been curious about what Sea-urchin tastes like. What does it taste like? xD;;
Assuming it's good sea urchin and not bad quality ones they sell at the supermarket, it has a delicate smooth texture and a nutty taste with a slightly sweet tinge.
It's hard to explain. It really is just "sea urchin flavor."

January 27th, 2011, 11:32 AM
Although I reaaaally hate fish, I love sushi! xD
As long as there is soy sauce mixed with wasabi, I love all kinds of Sushi, although my personal favourites are Californias(Think that's how they're called).

January 28th, 2011, 9:26 AM
I was obsessed with sushi and it was my favourite food a few years ago. I still like it, and I go out for Japanese food pretty often but I've graduated to liking a lot of other foods. (Udon ♥ ;~;)

I prefer tuna or salmon sushi/sashimi. :] I like other kinds but those are my staples.

Also, it's fun to make your own sushi, even if I suck at it.

Ethan Gold
January 28th, 2011, 10:03 PM
I am capable of eating a maximum of 15 plates of sushi. That is how much I love sushi.

February 3rd, 2011, 8:11 PM
Unagi, Salmon, and Tuna for me.. but there's this one place that makes crunchy kani maki and they're absolutely delicious.. probably steals my place for first..

Other than that.. dragon rolls :3 Black dragon rolls especially <3 Cause of the unagi <3

Oh.. and tobiko sushi (fish egg) :3

February 7th, 2011, 4:08 PM
SUSHI X3 I love Sushi~
http://www.thesushibar.com/egg.gifTAMANGO ONE OF MY FAVORITE ^_^

February 8th, 2011, 8:11 AM
I love crab roe sushi and salmon sashimi! Tuna is also pretty nice.

February 10th, 2011, 9:22 AM
Spicy crab and spicy salmon are my favourites. 8D Just put them in front of me, and I'll devour them. I also like salmon sashimi, although I don't have it as often because the restaurant I normally go to only offers it at dinner, and I generally go for lunch.

I'm also a massive udon noodles and tempura fan. Oh god, I'm getting so hungry reading this thread. D;

February 11th, 2011, 2:05 PM
As a new 寿司fan, I've had one question.

Are the traditional seaweed wrapped rolls called sushi in Japan? A Japanese friend of mine told me these were called something else.

February 27th, 2011, 6:22 AM
I've had sushi once before, I don't know what kind but I didn't like it that much. I'm not crazy over sushi.

February 27th, 2011, 6:54 AM
Of course I love Sushi! My favourite dish is Tamago <3 Yum yum.

February 27th, 2011, 6:20 PM
I love Sushi, first tasted one when my friend and I went to the mall and almost all of the food chains are full, so we decided to enter a japanese restaurant and ordered sushi, I think it was tuna, it was delicious! <3

March 2nd, 2011, 6:43 PM
They only serve fake stuff on campus but it's still really good (maybe that's for the better; no risk of parasites in the fake stuff).

OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
March 2nd, 2011, 6:51 PM
I've never tasted Sushi...though I always wanted to...but I don't know any good places to get Sushi...

March 3rd, 2011, 9:52 AM
I lived in Japan most of my life too and I hate sushi. I moved to America and I still see sushi! And what's more I see wanna' be Japanese people saying sushi is their favorite because they want to seem cultured.

March 5th, 2011, 12:21 AM
why is sushi discussion in j. entertainment..............................
sushi isn't very entertaining.......................

i like toro and ikura and uni when it's available but i am not really entertained by it.................

Pokemon Trainer Touko
March 5th, 2011, 1:01 AM
Sushi! ;D I love Sushi!! XD

Favorite dish- Tuna, Salmon, Unagi~ <3

March 6th, 2011, 7:49 AM
I'll eat any sushi, except ones that contain shellfish which I am allergic to. (But if I wasn't I'd eat it in a heartbeat.)

March 13th, 2011, 8:19 AM
i've only had sushi before once, but fell in love with it. it's so GOOOOOD ~

most fond of salmon/tuna.. yeah. and maybe tamago. and everything else.

i recently noticed this sort of ' SUSHI KIT ' thing in a (foreign) supermarket.. so now ima try and make some myself with friends someday.
hopefully soon. XD;

April 5th, 2011, 10:08 PM
I do love Sushi<3
the sushi I usually eat is called "dynamite" in this Japanese Restaurant called "Sato's" it is really good sushi place here in my town other than that I eat Sushi from our grocery stores. :/ not the best but its good.

April 5th, 2011, 10:37 PM
I love the Sushi Train Sushi.

Seriously, I go there at least once a week.
My favourites are chicken and avocado roll, mini ebi roll and usually whatever's there :)

April 7th, 2011, 8:11 AM
I absolutely ADORE sushi!

I make my own. I have a rolling mat, seaweed and some Japanese rice. I made jalapeno sushi a few weeks ago, was quite nice. I also have a friend who likes to roll her own (:P) too.

I've never met someone who DOESN'T like sushi, with the exception of my mother, who hates the texture of Japanese rice. I prefer Japanese rice to Indian or Chinese actually.

April 25th, 2011, 7:22 AM
I <3 Sushi!

Lol. I personally love sushi, but mostly, I eat Sashimi. xD Not really fond of any kind of rice.. My mom let me try Tuna Sashimi, and then I tried Salmon, and then I just loved it! But.. I've never tried anything with wasabi. :3

May 4th, 2011, 3:18 AM
I'm a MASSIVE Sushi fan. Maybe it's in my blood? =P I love all types- makizushi, nigiri, and I love me some sashimi they sell on the side (which isn't sushi, but...). I'm so lucky that my mum can make mean Californian rolls~♥

June 10th, 2011, 10:35 AM
Well, I simply ADORE Tuna Maki Roll. I dislike Salmon, Shrimp, Crab and other stuff.

June 16th, 2011, 9:31 AM
I love sushi. I don't really have it that often as it's quite hard to get it around where I live, but my local supermarket sells them in snack packs with soy sauce. Shame they're expensive though, which takes some of the appeal away seeing as I'm given a less-than-flexible amount of money for lunch a week.

Captain Hobo.
June 16th, 2011, 10:08 AM
I have never ate sushi before, but I should try it.

ii_Amby Bear_ii
June 18th, 2011, 6:44 AM
HUUUUUUUUGE fan of sushi here, there's a ton of great places on the west coast and I love gobbling it up.