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Hiroshi Sotomura
December 16th, 2004, 4:58 AM
I've been really thinking of PC features or issues that you could tease. And no, it's not involving overclocking or all that usual stuff. I read APC for all of them. If there's any you can conjure, why don't you do it here?

Note to Sawah: Sorry if this isn't permitted. I'm just having a hyper night tonight. XD

What's posted by me now is from APC (Australian Personal Computer) Mag.

Make what you will of Toshiba's "Accelerometer" - a mysterious new "feature" APC reader Sean O'Loughlin discovered in the user manual of his Portg M200 notebook. According to Toshiba's instructions, when the Accelerometer is enabled you can "invoke the Start menu, switch active windows or launch predefined applications by shaking the computer vertically or horizontally, or tilting it". Helpfully, there's some safety advice: something about not braining people on public transport.

Drop it from a building and hey. . . what do you know. . . it performs the shutdown command!

Don't let anyone tell you that Microsoft's Knowledge Base isn't helpful; it just depends on your point of view. Linux users, for instance, might not be amused by page 31,4458 on the MS tech site titled "How to Remove Linux and install Windows XP" (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314458). The helpful hints range from manually removing Linux partitions to formatting advice for the Linux-challenged. When installing Windows XP, the text advises, Linux partitions can be removed and new ones created with the "appropriate" file system.

December 16th, 2004, 8:47 AM
Those were both really funny! XD

Those Windows peoples are crooks with that Linux-removing page! XD
*looks at computer*
I'm a crook too!
Ahhh! Curse you Bill Gates! XD