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May 31st, 2011, 6:36 PM
Well, after getting introduced to the series, I'm just curious to see what other users who have seen it have to say. Note: Keep everything that reveals anything in spoilers.

I wrote these right after I was finished with every episode:

Episode 1-
I'm happy to say I enjoyed the first episode.
How in the beginning the kid found the 'artifact' and how the two other college kids are affected by the guy in a leopard costume. It was quite enjoyable haha. But then when the girl found the body in the tree, I was like 'That's a bit odd, in a tree?' and I thought nothing of it. Then again the kids dad get's murdered, again with the tree, this time he was stuffed into a hole in a tree, which was a bit odd. The third, his wife stuffed into a tree. Well, the villain is a cat, so....lol My guess is that he's after the envelope that was seen in the beginning. But I'm also curious to see what those two other kids play a role in. Also, the police having that one blue costume things is pretty cool, like a battle suit or something. Then in the end the police guy starts fighting, he ends up getting his butt kicked and Agito shows himself/herself for the first time and kicks the crap out of the leopard villain, only to find out there are two more in the background. What's going to happen next?

Episode 2-
Well, this one was a bit of a surprise.
But first I have some questions, (Don't answer them tho, I'm just asking them to myself.) what happened to Shouichi's memory? We already found out what happened to the other guy, he was involved in an accident. And I wonder why he loves with his sensei. And that girl who said she wanted to marry him has some power. She was able to know what cards he had but the other two weren't. And then that guy is still in the hospital, I wonder when he's going to show up and transform like Shouichi did. I was pretty surprised when he did transform, it was a bit unexpected, my hypothesis was that there were three different Agito, him being a different one, the one that was in the previous being the main, and the guy in the hospital being the other one. Guess I was wrong tho haha. But yea, Agito is strong, unlike the police guy who is pretty weak. He got the crap kicked out of him again, not by one but two of those 'unknowns'.

So overall, even tho I've only seen two episodes, I really enjoy it. Anyone else enjoy it/have anything to say about it?

May 31st, 2011, 10:15 PM
I like it. I can't really pin it as my favorite Kamen Rider series, but it's definitely a way to get into the Kamen Rider series.

Plus Another Agito is a badass

June 1st, 2011, 4:57 AM
I want to open that spoiler, but then again I don't want to ._.

Which episode was your favorite?

Episode 3-
Pretty good episode. I thought that Shouichi was a good guy, but he attacked the police. But, he was confused so it doesn't really count. I wonder what will happen with that swimmer guy, seeing as he acts similar to the way that Shouichi acts whenever that puzzle is tampered with. And look another villain! This time it looks more like a reptile than a mammal. Anyways, they found another victim buried underground, but there was no trace of any digging. How odd. And that 100 yen in a bottle? Seems pretty weird, imo. Also, I got some laughs out of Mana-chan and her family trying to do Shouichi's work around the house. And I loved her brothers reaction to when their dad said that he's going to do the cooking. But, he ended up spilling hot water on himself, Mana ended up starting a fire, her brother vacuumed her hair and it turned into chaos, funny chaos that is. Another guy gets attacked and this time Shouichi is there first, but Mana followed and she saw him transform. What's she going to make of this?