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July 21st, 2011, 11:32 AM
It isn't needed anymore

I want to battle online if my pokemons are trained.
It is on heartgold.
It is for UU tier
I am not really a EV trainer.
Here is my team:

ability: blaze
nature: docile
item: charcoal
EVs: it had pokerus

blast burn
rock climb

He is my first pokemon to try to beat the most pokemon in the begin.

mismagius lv 67
nature: naughty
item none
EVs: it had pokerus

shadow ball

She is my special sweeper she is balanced in types so that she can take a lot of pokemon out.

ampharos(thunder) lv 71
ability static
nature: relaxed
item expert belt
EVs: it had pokerus

rock climb
thunder wave

She is there to take out mostly water-types.

torterra(primo)lv 100
ability overgrow
nature: careful
item miracle seed
EVs: It is trained in defense I don't know.

leaf storm
rock climb

He is my first wall so I can think of my next step.

crobat lv69
ability: inner focus
nature: relaxed
item: none
EVs: He has pokerus now

shadow ball
cross poison

He is more like a filling up pokemon I am gonna change his moveset soon.

My last pokemon isn't there I am planning to get a walrein being my second wall.

So please rate my team.
I don't have a lot of items so I do have neversmeltice for walrein when I got walrein

July 23rd, 2011, 7:35 PM
I don't know how to really put it, you have about a basic consept of how a team should go. But it's far from online usable, IMO. First thing is what tier are you using, most seem to be in the UU teir then you have swamp and chomps in there through off the teirs.

It really calls for a lot of reworking in general, sorry to tell you that but it will be for the best.

First off might want to answer a couple questions. Is the team going to be OU/UU/NU/Uber? This will just give me, and everybody something to use as sorta a guide.

Have any of these been EV trained? Showing the stats doesn't help at all. Considering it's just random IMHO.

My next thing I would have to say is doubling up on items is almost key, and makes things a lot easier to do. If you need/want any items I have all of them I can give you.

So much more so it may be easier to PM me for more details.