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August 10th, 2011, 9:26 PM
Forgive me for the absurd post title, but I use it for all intro threads.

I'm Drew DeVault, and I hail from Colorado Springs. I own a DS Lite, 3DS, and a Game Boy Advance SP. I've also got a flash cart for the DSes so that I can play ROM hacks easier. A Game Boy Color is currently speeding towards my door via eBay, and a friend of mine is selling his old GBAs and DSs to me. I'm a bit of a hacker (white hat) and I'll be doing some very interesting things to these consoles.

I own Red, Gold, Soul Silver, and Black. I've previously owned Blue, Yellow, another Gold version, and Leaf Green. Pokemon Blue was my first video game ever, so I'm obviously pretty attached to it.

I'm also a pretty big calculator hacker - I own a TI-Nspire and a TI-84+, and I'm good friends with the guy who made GameBoy emulators for both (hence the relevance). I do a lot of programming, too - I know a plethora of languages, including z80 assembly (which games up to gen II are written in - sorta). That means I'll be making some ROM hacks if I ever find time. The only ROM hack I've played is Pokemon Brown, but I'll be playing ShinyGold and Prism soon.

I also like to program on computers, and write a large variety of tools. For my own use, I'll probably make some ROM hacking tools and give 'em away open source.

You should follow my Twitter (twitter.com/sircmpwn) and my blog (drewdevault.com) [note: I'll make these links once I hit 15 posts, or a friendly mod comes along], especially the latter, because my recent post is about a pretty cool Pokemon Gold restoration.

Finally, I'm not new to forums or the general internet in the slightest, so I'll just skip all the noobish stuff.

tl;dr Hi, I'm new, I'm a hacker (the good kind), and I'm awesome. I'll probably make some ROM hacks.

August 10th, 2011, 9:35 PM
Welcome to PC, this place is a very fun and very social community and since u like rom hacking, u are at the right place!

August 10th, 2011, 9:41 PM
Thanks for the welcome! I'd love to make some sick hacks, especially of gen I because the full source code is easily obtained for epic hacks.