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December 28th, 2004, 1:03 AM
The Rueful Rp

Welcome, my dear Rpers, to a rather unfortunate rp.

I must warn you though, before you join, that this will not be a happy and fun rp with a great ending, it's but the opposite. So, if you are expecting lots of beautiful flowers and sweet little animals, and if you would not like to participate in an rp that would positively have a series of unfortunate events, then turn back. Hurry and press the back button.


Still here? Then I could only assume that you are interested, I am quite delighted you could stay, but again, I warn you. I'll count until three and if you still decide to stay, then it is settled.


Ah, I guess you really want to join this rp. Alright then, I must tell you what it is you do here.

First, here is the character form:


If you would like to be any of the Baudelaire siblings, or any of the Quagmires even, then you must prove to me that you are willing and worthy for that part. How, you may ask, just write a sample of your writing. If no one would like to be a particular character, then the character left out would be an NPC.

Now that's settled, I'd like to inform you're characters purposes are.

Your characters are friends of the Baudelaire siblings, and you tagged along with them, hoping to help them banish their misery and woe, and especially the infamous Count Olaf.

Or if you'd like, you can be an enemy, and your purpose is to bring the Baudelaire back to Count Olaf, or make them suffer yourselves.

Everything is clear now; I can only say one thing...

Happy Rping.

I suck at making Rps so if anything's amiss, please do tell. :)