View Full Version : [BW] Need Help with White team

October 20th, 2011, 6:52 AM
Ok so I am struggling with my team. I would really appreciate any help from you guys. Here is my team so far-
Belly drum
Dragon tail
I would really like hidden power flying but i don't know how to get it. Any help here would be welcome.

Excadrill- sand rush
Rock Slide
Sword dance
Brick Break/ sandstorm

Mienshao- regenerator
Fake out
Hi-jump kick
Stone edge

From here I really have no idea. I have a chandelure, but I already have a fire. Maybe a carracosta as a tank? Again any help would be appreciated.

October 20th, 2011, 7:09 AM
This belongs within in-game team help, so moving it there :)

For Charizard, the only way you can really get HP flying is to keep on breeding, basically. Fly to Mistralton City and talk to the man in the Pokemon Centre and he'll tell you the Pokemon's Hidden Power. Unfortunately, it is down to luck. Either way, Hidden Power isn't really useful and you'd be better off with something like Earthquake for coverage. Belly Drum is pretty much useless on Charizard if the majority of your attacks are special (if you want to go to Earthquake, you're still better off without Belly Drum). If you want to improve Dragon Tail, instead go for Dragon Dance so you can outspeed things easier. :x

I suggest a Jellicent, since Jellicent with Water Absorb can cover your weaknesses with two of your Pokemon and generally has great spD so it can take attacks easily. In which case you'd give it something like taunt (so they can't boost anything), wil-o-wisp to wear down opponents, scald for chance of burn if you don't want wil-o-wisp and recover to repair the lost HP while the opponents try to wear you down. Taunt is more suited to wifi battles, though, but if you're using it in-game you could try ice beam, shadow ball or energy ball, depending on what you want.

I don't really have any other suggestions off the top of my head, though. Good luck at fixing the team!