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December 30th, 2004, 9:59 PM
Long ago, or at least it seemed, A beutiful Espeon named Otaku was wondering though her forest, made by her creative mind and enchanted by her as well. One morning, Otaku decided to take a stroll threw the medows, picking Orchods to make her special soup. The sky was chirping with activity as she pranced happily, the sun glinting off her mystical, mysterious face. Many other Espeons had joined her home, seeing it fit to meet their needs.

Otaku was then mystified by a strange hint of darkness in a patch of trees, in which followed thrrew, lead to the forest. The young Espeon tried to change it, but failed, feeling a little worried. Maybe she had ben seeing things. Then a sound made her turn her head tords the forest once again, and a voice beconed. It wasn't really saying anything inparticular, but it was speaking in it's own language. Then, suddenly she was rengulfed in smoke and lead into the dark forest, where there was always at least a glint of light in a pitch black sky. But no light was seen.

She was then taken, held by the grip of evil as it reigned. Otatu had part control, but she could not leave that forest no matter what, until someone freed her from the grip of the shadows.

December 30th, 2004, 10:03 PM
Whats the plot in this RP? It sounds like fun.

December 30th, 2004, 10:07 PM
The last p[aragraph kinda tells you it.

December 30th, 2004, 10:10 PM
True. But enless theres a certain plot the mods will close this thread. So basically it's,

You have to help Otaku escape the forest. But your trapped as well. Ect. Plus you need a form.


Simple. But without this stuff the thread will be closed.

December 30th, 2004, 10:12 PM
personality:adventous, afterwards a litle frightened

December 30th, 2004, 10:18 PM

Name: Blaze
Pokemon: Vulpix
Personality: Brave, calm, friendly, loves adventure, and will always stand up for friends.
Description: A normal Vulpix cept has a fire stone encased in gold around neck.

December 30th, 2004, 10:20 PM
Blaze....I like the name. Can you start with your charactor in additon to the one I made At the top?

December 30th, 2004, 10:31 PM
I g2g! I'll post this tomarrow, or something!

December 30th, 2004, 10:33 PM

Blaze ran around the meadow happily chasing her six tails just for the fun of it. Suddenly she hit a rock and tumbled end over end until she lay panting on the soft grass. She looked up and saw an Espeon dissappear into the forest. She yipped and scampered after her. Suddnely she stopped. She could feel that something wasn't right. But before she could turn around she felt darkness take her. She snarled but it was to late. She couldn't escape.

December 30th, 2004, 10:34 PM
O, nevermind, im back. Sorry, personal problem

December 30th, 2004, 10:37 PM
mind if i join?

Name: Sonaru
pokemon: bulbasaur
personality: nieve and immature but in an important situation he will get serious
description: a normal bulbasaur with no special qualities

December 30th, 2004, 10:38 PM
Otako, her head hanging down, looking at the floor, sensed activity around her and looked up, her ears pearked up. She saw a Vupix being hurtlee into the darkness as well. She ran over and instinkivly tryin to free the creature, but could not break the bind of evil. It was pointless.

December 30th, 2004, 10:39 PM
yes, you can. You get the plot, right?

December 30th, 2004, 10:47 PM
Aren't we supposed to be Pokemon?

Blaze saw the Espeon trying to help her. She whined and snapped. Finally the darkness receaded and let her go. She hit the ground panting and looked at the Espeon.

December 30th, 2004, 10:50 PM
oc: yea i got the plot

Ic: Sonaru was fighting a caterpie in the middle of the forest sonaru was cheering himself on, until the caterpie suddenly stopped "hey wats wrong why arent u fighting?" sonaru walked up to the caterpie and the caterpie still didint move until sonaru turned around, something which seemed to be a huge dark fog swalloed him whole

December 30th, 2004, 10:52 PM
um, yes we are supposed to be pokemon...why?

THe Espeon stared intently on the Vulpix, sensing her bravery. She wanted to speak to her, but not sure how to begin. At least the evil was gone...for now. It had not over taken Otaku either, luckly. The Espeon wondered if there was a way out of the dark forest.

December 30th, 2004, 10:55 PM
OOC: Light's a human.

Blaze stood up and looked around. She stared back at the Espeon before saying, "Nice place. Where's the exit?"

December 30th, 2004, 10:59 PM
occ: i edited dont worry now i fixed up a few things

December 30th, 2004, 11:01 PM
"It's not a nice place. It's been pocesed by evil." Otaku sighed. "And Evil altered it. The place you came in is not there only a row of trees in it's place. My name is Otaku." The Espeon was a little uneasy, knowing that evil was watching.

December 30th, 2004, 11:05 PM
Blaze continued to stare. Otaku seemed edgy. Who wouldn't be. But it was alright. All they had to do was walk through the trees and be in the meadow again. "I'm Blaze." She said simply. Then she added, "Do you know how to get out of this charming forest?"

December 30th, 2004, 11:05 PM
"this is awkward, where are we??" asked the bulbasaur curiously lookin around in his surrounding

December 30th, 2004, 11:10 PM
Hey, light, is, your charactor in the forest?

"I haven't a clue where we are to go, even though I created it. But, as I said, evil has altered it so we c can't find our way out." Otaku looked discoraged, feeling bad having traped Blaze in the forest.

December 30th, 2004, 11:14 PM
Blaze wagged her six tails. "Relax. If there's a way in then there's a way out. It's just the rules of the world. We'll find the way out. Cheer up." Looks over at the Bulbasaur. "Hello. I'm supposing yuo're trapped too."

December 30th, 2004, 11:21 PM
Otaku blushed, for she did not see the bublasur before. "Oh! I'm sorry. My name is Otaku. And, Blaze, your right, but we must start serching soon before my world gets out of control. Without me, my wold will crumble, including all the pokemon within it." The Espeon brightened, feeling recharged.

December 30th, 2004, 11:21 PM
occ: yea im in

Ic: "trapped!? how did we get trapped here?" the bulbasaur shifted glances at the 2 pokemon he was accoupied with "this is pretty werid so how do u suppose we get out of here...........or do we?"

December 30th, 2004, 11:25 PM
"Yes, we are trapped. But we are going to have to make the best of it. Do any of you know the way?" Otaku asked, famished with hunger. "I'm straving. Do you think evil will produce fruit?"

December 30th, 2004, 11:28 PM
"SOme hwo I dout it. But we do have to eat. Come on lets go look for some food. Can't work on an empty stomach."

December 30th, 2004, 11:29 PM

I walked along the side of the forest when I hear a strange voice crying "save us."
I knew one of the voices, Blaze was in the forest. He wanted to go and help but
Blaze always picked on him cause she was stronger.
"It doesn't matter if they need my help I must help them." At that moment a black smoke sweap Dj into the forest.

December 30th, 2004, 11:31 PM
I have to go, I'm sorry. You can countinue the story without me. I'm going to go to sleep. It is 11:30 after all. Happy hoilidays!

December 30th, 2004, 11:42 PM
Blaze looked around. "Looks like we have anouther visiter." She said lightly walking over to a Treecko. "Well what do ya know, Dj. How did you wind up in here?"

December 30th, 2004, 11:45 PM
i stared at the treecko with a little frustration they know each other!? but obviously they arent........hopefully not
"well lets get on with the food bussiness now lets go look to see if there is anything lying around for us to eat"

December 30th, 2004, 11:51 PM
"Alright. Come on Dj stop lying around."

December 30th, 2004, 11:57 PM
the little bulbasaur started to walk onwards throguh the darkness "where do u suppose we can find food blaze?"

December 31st, 2004, 12:03 AM
Blaze shrugs. "I'd say just follow your nose. I hope they have wind to carry scents in evil realms." She sniffed the air tryin to catch a scent.

January 2nd, 2005, 1:06 PM
OOC: Sorry to double post but I don't want this RPG to die before it begins. *Gives the puppy dog eyes.* Please post.