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January 1st, 2005, 12:50 AM
wow, that's really good, and why not write about something you hate?
like, lipstick XD

Everywhere, anywhere, I play gags
They're all targeted towards Mom's make-up bags
Mascara, nail varnish, and lipstick
Red and pink, even green, oh sick

They don't smell really nice
A bit like leftover rice
They leave marks everywhere too
Mugs, bowls, even the loo

She uses lipstick, everyday!
Little, Ickle, Pink, Sparkling,
Tiny, Icky, Casual, Killing!

Yes, that's the meaning of it
You use it bit by bit
When it's finished, you throw it away
And buy one, another day!

You use that money on that
And not even buy me a hat
It's a sunny day you know,
And it's not like it's going to snow.

So lipstick is a very dangerous and addivtive thing
My mom won't let go of it, but she does it to her wedding ring
So I'm going to take it away, brake it in half
And use everything I have on it. My Grandpa's magic staff?

But I was was scared, so i lie in bed
"Go to sleep," my mom said.
If I don't stay in bed, she'll go whack my ear
So i did as she told, for nearly a year...

One night i dared, i dared enter the room
I tiptoed in, prepared, with a broom!
I take my mum's make-up bag
Just another silly gag

She bought something new!
It's not lipstick... phew!
I open the thing, oh gross gross gross
I look at it clearly... What is this? Lip Gloss?

I know it's short... don't kill me for that... X.x