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January 8th, 2005, 12:46 PM

They hit each other with a clatter.

The little boy was bending on the ground, small hands curling up on another small rock. It felt heavy against his palm, but he still threw it, watching the two rocks hit each other with a small gurgle of happiness. Sighing contently, he gazed at the clear azure sky, dotted with puffs of clouds drifting aimlessly. It was a rather pretty day, and he was at the courtyard throwing rocks for entertainment. Next to him was a creature, fur the color of vivid orange with black stripes, playing with the leaves that were constantly teased by the wind.

His gaze at the sky did not last long, for a threatening silhouette hovered above him. She had the unusual sharp face for a child, cerulean eyes glaring daggers for a cause he did not know. It always varied around her. Meeping, the boy quickly cowered under her gaze, a habit he had been doing ever since he had first met her. She tilted her head back, so that the boy might be able to stand up properly. The dog next to him had scampered off somewhere, clearly scared of this girl as much as the boy did.

"J-Jessibelle?" He whimpered, afraid to clearly say the name. The girl nodded once, mouth formed in a cold, obdurate line. "W-want to play?" He asked hopefully, pointing to the two rocks on the ground. To his dismay, she let out a loud scoff.

"Me? Play on the ground? You must be daft, James. A girl like me deserves better than that!" Jessibelle sniffed once, brushing away a speck of dust that had somehow clung onto her dress all this time. Frowning, she turned back to James, who was running a hand through his soft, pastel violet hair out of pure anxiety. Her heart fluttered once, but she firmly placed the feeling aside. The girl couldn't help it however- he was so cute!

Regaining his courage, he tried asking another question. "What do you want to do then?" James dearly hoped Jessibelle wouldn't want to play dress-up again, or the dance at the mall. It was positively torture trying to get through this beautiful day, being wasted by her own foolish desires. To his surprise, the girl merely smiled.

"Nothing. I just want to talk with you."

Those words lingered heavily in the air, the sudden 'kind' smile nearly knocking James on his back. He noticed the two dusty rocks idly sitting on the ground, and he wistfully gazed at them before noticing Jessibelle's disappointment. Quickly, he forced a small, nervous smile.

"W-well, what do you want to talk about?" To his relief, she seemed pleased by his question. Her fingers casually touched a strand of her magenta hair, curling it up before staring intently at James again.

"Who do you want to marry when you grow up?"

The boy suppressed a groan with difficulty. It was a question Jessibelle had asked one too many times, and she knew the answer already! Why was it that she always asked something she knew the answer to? Even his parents had arranged it if she ever wanted proof!

James reluctantly sighed, before repling inaudibly, "You." It gave him great satisfaction to see Jessibelle's smile, for that only meant he was not going to be hit. It struck him as odd when a girl of eight would be thinking of marriage already, when it seemed lightyears away. It was a foreign concept more likely, something that stirred disappointment in his heart. Marriage was to be with someone you loved, but did he 'love' Jessibelle?

"I love you, James..." The boy was surprised to feel a hug around his neck, tight and demanding in a way. He weakly smiled, almost feeling his back break.

"I like you too, Jessibelle."

The hug abruptly came off, and he swerved around to face a rather harsh face. She was angry. The back of his mind kept hissing the word 'stupid' repeatedly, but what had he done?

"Like? No, when we marry, we must love each other! Now say you love me, James. Or else."

The last part didn't sound promising. James meeped once, before slowly stuttering out the words obediently. They were barely audible, but the girl seemed satisfied. James eyed the two rocks collecting dust; what he wouldn't do to fling them at the girl's dress, ruining it. Biting his lips, he pushed the idea away.

"You won't regret it, James," Jessibelle simpered, her eyelashes deceiving in a way. "Now if you'll excuse me, your Mistress must practice her piano now..." She carefully picked up two ends of her silk dress, and walked away slowly, passing James by. It was obviously a lie, and would have been fine if on the way she hadn't presented him a swift kiss, oblivious to James' shock and embarassment.

Her giggling died off, as the boy rubbed his cheeks. It felt tainted already. He turned around, and bent down to the two rocks waiting for him. His hand gripped one, and flung it to the next.

They clattered together.

Aiya Quackform
January 8th, 2005, 12:57 PM
Fascinating, LilyPichu! I've always thought that the Jessibelle/James relationship was something that the anime could have done a lot more with. You really described the characters well, just the way I imagine James to be. Jessibelle's demanding yet 'loving' attitude was also captured very well. Your description was excellently done. Not too much, not too little. It really gives insight into that exact moment of James' life.

Is this is a one-shot?

January 8th, 2005, 4:40 PM
Wow. It was just wonderfully portrayed. =3 I love how you wrote James.

January 14th, 2005, 7:59 AM
Excellent! Perfectly, really. :D