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May 9th, 2012, 3:23 PM
and you're not.

Jealous yet?

Probably not. You should be though.

I won't lie, I was browsing Pokemon VGC stuff and stumbled upon this site. The only real reasons I joined are because:

1. I'm having a boring evening
2. The banner. Elesa is too pretty. If my friend Adam (pokebro921 on youtube. He has a really well done and underrated/underviewed TCG show. You should probably check it out.) weren't already my waifu I'd choose Elesa. Also the slogan is pretty rad.

I don't think anyone here knows me so let me say, I'm kind of a big deal in the TCG world. But the current format is lame and I feel I don't use my 3DS enough so I've begun to play the video game. I've mostly just been messing around with UU pokes in the battle subway but I've enjoyed it a lot so far.

So yeah, hi everyone.

My real name is Chase btw, but most address me as turd or TC.

May 9th, 2012, 9:14 PM
Welcome to PC, Turd! It's alright if you're having a boring night. I was having a busy night myself. But oh well! At least you're here and you're a member, yes?

I'm glad to see that you like our PC forum style! Our amazing members Morkula and Abnegation did the design, so you should probably tell them that it's amazing! ^_^

Anyways, we have a ton of sections for you to check out. Especially the Competitive Battling Center, where you can challenge other members for a battle, as well as the Pokemon TCG section, if you like to talk about the card game. :D There's a ton more, but I'm just recommending you ones that you may be interested!

Also, you should check out the Adoption Center if you like! You can get yourself hooked up with a mentor, and explore a section in the community. :3

If you have any questions, you can always PM me or Snivy, yes? Have a great time and I shall see ya aroooound~