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January 17th, 2005, 11:26 AM
Anyways, as the title states, it's a jail break. 6 people maximum(including me) for this RP, we will start as soon as 3 others join.

For the age, please have your character be over the age of 22. Thanks or whatever. Just under the age 27.

When you post, please have everything spelt the best you can, and posts must be a minimum of 7 lines of words. No spam, and every post must have 7 lines of IC. Then you can put an OOC note at the bottom or something. Just dont spam. Spam, and I have the right to not allow you to post in my thread.

And no posts where you're just walking down the street, and crud like that.

Basic plot: The inmate will start out in their cell. The rescuer(s) will somehow break into the jail and rescue the inmate. No uber'ing. The warden is a harsh person, and is usually locked up in his/her office, and only comes out when he/she is eating or during a major emergency. The officer(s) are clueless most of the time, and have 9 millimeter Glocks, 8 round magazines. Each of these have a silencer on the end of the barrel. I lowered the number of rounds cause I dont feel like having cops shooting everything. The warden has a 12 guage, double barrel single load shotgun under his/her desk, with a box of 12 rounds in a drawer. The rescuer(s) have 9 millimeter Glocks with custom laser sighting, and 8 round magazines. These have silencers on the end of the barrels as well. Inmate has nothing but a bright maroon jumpsuit, but they are wearing it. No killing, but when someone shoots, the worst would would just be the bullet of one of the Glocks embedding itself in a limb, or the bullet grazing their side. With the shotgun shells, they're not wide-range splatter shells. It's hard to aim the shotgun, and the diameter of the hole made by the shotgun is six inches. All the Glocks will be held in shoulder holsters. Geez, I read too much. And, eh, the weapons aren't allowed to be seen in public, whether you are a police officer or a rescuer. The weapons aren't allowed to be shot in public, either. Break any of the rules, I will kick you out of my RP *sticks out her tongue*.

[Choose one]
Police officer(s): ??? & ???
Warden: ???
Inmate: Kristal Meredith
Rescuer(s): Ciera Tollen & ???


Physical Deformities [optional]:

My example/form:

Name: Ciera Tollen
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Clothing: Wears baggy black pants with a tight black tank top. Around her neck she has black ribbon, about an inch thick, with a blue crystal slightly hanging off of it.
Physical Deformities [optional]: She has a long scar from the corner of her left eye, to the tip of her chin. On her right shoulder is a very large scar, about half of one inch wide, and 6 inches long. She aquired these scars from a car wreck, a couple years back.
Appearance: Black hair with dark blue tips. It is about waist length and is always worn down. Her eyes are stone gray, with little flecks of icy blue.
Attitude: Has a leave-me-alone-or-face-my-wrath attitude. Is kinda of friendly, but doesnt like people.
Position: Rescuer.

WARNING: Read everything above before joining. Get everything correct. Thank you, have a nice day (*giggles*).

January 19th, 2005, 10:26 PM
Nice idea! ^ ^

Name: Kristal Meredith
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Clothing: A prison uniform, what do you think?
Attitude: Was originally a sweet loving woman, but went crazy after killing her boyfriend and her emotions are really hard to control.
Position: Inmate x.x

January 20th, 2005, 12:27 PM
Yes, yes, yes! Finally! Someone posts! ^^

Thank you!

(*is such a loser* XD)