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January 28th, 2005, 10:14 PM
Authors Notes
Figured I'd post my fanfic on the Pokecommunity. There are a few things though:

1. Each Chapter is a bit long...
2. It's in the script format.

I'd really like to see how this goes before I post any more.

Pokemon: Lento Legends

Introduction: Before I get started with this story, let me give you a small intro to the plot. This story is based on my Rpgmaker 2003 Pokemon fangame, Pokemon Dawn/Dusk versions. Ash, May, Max and Brock are returning to Pallet Town in this episode, and Ash decides to leave for the new region Lento, with another batch of new Pokemon and a new ally (Brock will return too). This is only an alternate storyline and will not tell what will really happen after Hoenn on the TV series. With that out of the way, let's get the story started.

Episode 1: Homeward Bound

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Sceptile, Swellow, Torkoal, Corphish, Snorunt

Hoenn Badges: 8

(A ferry can be seen going across a body of water. It's dark outside. Ash and Pikachu are standing out on the deck as the ferry heads to Pallet Town)

Narrator: It's yet another clear and cool night as our heroes continue on their journey back to Pallet. Yet one of our heroes can't sleep.

Ash:(Turns to Pikachu) Pikachu, I just can't wait to get home.

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: I can't believe I blew it at the Hoenn League.

(The scene changes to a flashback of one of Ashs Hoenn League Battles. Ash and Sceptile are on one side of the field. Their challenger and a new looking, brown, round shaped Pokemon stands on the other side of the battlefield. The ball Pokemon is large and pudgy, with a large flame shooting out of its head. There are claws on its fingers and toes. Sceptile looks badly hurt)

Ash:(in flashback) You can do it Sceptile, let's try another Leaf Blade attack

(Sceptile looks ready to attack, but instead it faints, the flashback scene ends)

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Ash:(groans) That was a terrible performance...

(May walks out of her cabin on the boat, she lets out a huge yawn)

May: Ash, are you still out here?

Ash: (Turns and faces May) Yeah

May: I'm eager to get to Pallet Town and see what it's like, I'm always interested in seeing new places!

Ash: I know that, May, I'm just thinking

May: About the Hoenn League

(Ash falls down anime style)

Ash: Yes

Pikachu: Pikachu.

-Title Theme-

(It's now the next day and the boat is docking in a dock near Pallet Town, Ash, May, Max and Brock walk off of the ship. Max looks extremely excited)

Max: I'm so happy I finally get to meet Prof. Oak in person!

May: But we already met Prof. Oak in person.

Max:(head dropped) That's right, (he lifts his head) well then, I can't wait to see his lab in person.

Ash: I'm just glad to be home!

Brock: Is it because you lost at the Hoenn League?

(Ash falls anime style)

Ash: (graoning voice) Yes, and you're the second person to ask that!

May: We should leave Ash alone about that, after all he made a bigger mess than usual

(Ash gives her an angry look, May replies)

May: Well! It's true!

(In the meantime, Team Rocket are watching our heroes from up in a nearby tree)

Jessie: Well, Well, look at what we have here!

James: The twerp patrol!

Meowth: And Pikachu too!

James: It looks like they're headed back to Pallet Town

Jessie: It's about time we got inconspicuously evil!

Meowth: Don't ya mean like we always are?

Jessie: I mean even more so!

Team Rocket: Team Rocket will strike back!

(Wobbuffet comes out of it's Pokeball)

Wobbuffet: Wobba! (Wobbuffet's extra weight breaks the branch Team Rocket was on. They all come crashing down)

Jessie: Good Job, you blob of Foolishness!

(Jessie returns Wobbuffet to it's Pokeball)

James: Look up there!

(James points to the sky and notices a Fearow carrying a letter in it's beak. It drops the letter on James's Lap, he opens the letter to read it)

James: The boss wants to see us!

Jessie and Meowth: But why?

James: He's got some news for us...

(Jessie and Meowth turn completely white)

Meowth: Maybe, he's givin' us da pink slip

Jessie: Or, maybe he's reducing our salary.

(The next scene is in Team Rocket's HQ, Butch, Cassidy and Giovanni are there along with Jessie and James)

Giovanni: I'm changing paths!

J,J &M: WHAT!!!

Meowth: What do ya mean by changin' paths?

Giovanni: I mean we're going good from now on!

Butch: (puzzled) But why the change of heart boss?, why go good now?

Giovanni: To tell you the honest truth, I lost a bet.

J,J & M: WHAT!!!

Giovanni: Not too long ago, I bet my brother, who turns out to be the leader of another evil team, that my team could steal more Pokemon than his could

James:(upset) And

Giovanni:(Head turned, ashamed) And I lost that bet. As a result, Team Rocket must become a good team.

Jessie:(Confused) Now, let me get this straight, We're going good?

Giovanni: Yes

Jessie, Well, then I quit

James and Meowth: WHAT!!!

James:(upset) but Jess, we can't quit!

Jessie:(angry) but being evil is in my blood, I can't go good now! It'll ruin everything.

Meowth: I agree!

James: Me too, looks like we're going to operate independently!

Jessie, James & Meowth: Team... Us blast off!

(They leave)

Giovanni: Have it your way, but don't think for a second that I wont crush you. (Turns to Butch and Cassidy), I still have your cooperation in this crossover, right?

Butch and Cassidy: Absolutely!

Giovanni: I honestly cant wait to see where those fools end up.

(Scene Change, the Ketchum residence. ash and the Gang are at the table with plates of delicious food sitting around them. Delia Ketchum and Mr. Mime are present)

Delia: Enjoy Kids.

Ash, Brock, May & Max: Thanks a lot, that looks great!

Pikachu: Pika!

(The gang begins to eat)

Max: Thank's Mrs. Ketchum, that is delicious.

Delia: Don't thank me, Mr. Mime did the cooking this time!

Mr. Mime: Mime, Mime!

Ash : It's great, Mr. Mime!

May: Yeah!

Delia: Oh, Ash, aren't you going to see Prof. Oak today?

Ash:(Jumps up from the table) That's right, I forgot!

Max: Maybe because the Hoenn League is all you can think about.

(May motions for Max to be quiet, Ash falls down anime style, yet again)

Delia: Ash, think nothing of it, It's ok being top 4 in the Hoenn League.

Brock:(Agreeing) Yeah! You did better there than in the Johto league!

Ash:(rubbing the back of his head) Yeah, I guess you're right!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

-Who's that Pokemon? Hint: The points on its head absorb nutrients from clean water. They cannot survive in polluted water.-

(Ash and gang are now running toward Prof. Oak's Lab. They enter the lab and see Prof. Oak on the videophone with a young woman with long brown hair. She has a lab coat on as well)

Ash:(running inside) Prof. Oak, I'm here!

Brock: Ash, can't you see Prof. Oak is on the phone!

Woman on Phone: So, Prof. I look forward to our lunch together while we discuss those new species of Pokemon we discovered.

Oak: Ah, Prof. Palm! Of course we should have lunch next week! Too bad our regions are separated and far off.

Palm: That's ok, you can stay here for a day.

Oak: I'm sure I can get Tracey to watch the lab for a couple of days, he does such a good job.

Palm:(Noticing Ash and friends) I think you have some company, Prof. Oak!

(Oak turns around and notices Ash and the Gang)

Oak: Ah, glad to see you're all back.

Ash:(happily) Glad to be back Prof., who is that you're talking too?

Oak: Why, this is Prof. Palm from Redwood Town in the Lento region.

Palm: Hello Ash, I saw you battle in the Hoenn League! You did a great job!

Ash: Thanks!

Brock:(curious) Prof., I think I heard you mention you were gonna discuss some new Pokemon with Prof. Palm.

Oak: That is correct Brock, a few days ago I saw a weird looking thing. It was like a bubble, just bigger and it had eyes! It may have been a Pokemon, because I saw it use a Bubble beam attack on some Pidgey.

Ash: WOW!!! Really! That is so cool!

Palm: We believe it may have gotten there from Lento. I know about all of the species that we have discovered here, and I feel that it was a Bubbler!

Ash:(surprised) What!, so then...

(The scene changes back to that same flashback from the beginning of the episode, but now the focus is on the big brown ball Pokemon with the flame)...that Pokemon I faced when I lost!

Palm: Why Ash, that was a Burnsphere. It evolved from a Burnbal I gave to that trainer when he started his journey. a long time ago.

Brock:(realizing something new) I get it, Ash didn't know how to deal with it because he'd never seen it before.

Palm: Anyway, I'd enjoy it if you could register to compete in the Lento League, Ash!

Ash:(unsure) Uhhh...

Pikachu: Pikachu Pika!

Brock: I think you should go for it Ash!

May: Yeah!

Max: Yeah Ash, you should!

Ash:(thinking for a moment, then stating) then I will, I will compete in the Lento League!

(all of a sudden, there is an explosion from outside)

Oak: Sorry to cut you off, Prof., but I have to see what's going on!

Ash:(angrily) I have a pretty good idea of who that is!

Pikachu:(angrily) Pika!

(They rush outside to see Jessie, James and Meowth in street clothes)

Max: Team Rocket!

Jessie: Prepare for Trouble, that's where you're wrong

James: Make it double, we're singing a new song!

Jessie: To protect the world from devistation

James: To unite all people in every nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jessie: Jessie

James: James

Jessie: Team....Uhhh.....Uhhh

James:(angrily) C'mon, you know, you're messing up our motto!

Meowth: Dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: 'ding ding'

Ash: So, if you're not Team Rocket?

Jessie: I know now, we're Team Independent!

Brock: Team Independent?

May: So, you finally ditched those losers at Team Rocket?

Meowth: As it turns out, Team Rocket has gone on to da good side.

Jessie: So we gave it up before we lost our evil touch!

James: And now! We'll get our hands on all of the Pokemon here!

Meowth:(Holding a mechanism with a rubber hand) And dat includes your Pikachu!

(Meowth activates the mechanism and grabs Pikachu)

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash:(yelling) Pikachu!!!!

(Team Independent jumps into their Meowth balloon, which has a vacuum inside. the vacuum is activated and Oak's Pokeballs are sucked into it)

Oak: The Pokemon!

Ash:(throwing a Pokeball) Go Sceptile!

(Sceptile comes out of its Pokeball in a fighting mood.)

Sceptile: Sceptile!

Meowth: You think dat scares us?!

James: That thing can't beat us!

Ash:(angrily) Sceptile may have lost at the Hoenn League, but that was due to unknown type disadvantage! Use Leaf Blade.

Sceptile: Sceptile!! (Sceptile uses a leaf blade on the vacuum bag, releasing the Pokeballs. Another leaf blade frees Pikachu)

Jessie: Oh, that's no fair!

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Piiiikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (Pikachu hits the balloon with thunderbolt and the balloon explodes)

TI: Looks like Team Independence is blasting off again!!!

Ash:(happily) we did it! That was great!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sceptile: Scep-Tile!

-That Pokemon, It's Corsola-

(It's later in the evening outside Oak's lab. Oak is holding Ash's pokeballs)

Oak: Are you sure, Ash?

Ash: I'd like you to hold everyone besides Pikachu! It's time for another clean slate!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash:(turns to May, Max and Brock) So can you come?

May: Sorry Ash, but while I'm here I might as well go exploring.

Max: And I need to go with my sister and make sure she doesn't screw up!

Ash:(upset) Awwww, guys!

Brock: I need to stop by home one more time, and I will definitely catch up to you in Lento.

May: And Max and I will catch up when we're done here!

Ash: Ok!

Oak:(remembering) Oh, and Ash, here is a ferry ticket to the Lento region and a new Pokedex. Now don't forget to stop by your house and let your mother know!

Ash: I won't forget, thanks Prof.

May, Max & Brock: Bye Prof.

Oak:(shouting) Bye, and good luck Ash!

Narrator: After yet another full day of adventure, our heroes head down their own paths. Ash to the Lento region and Brock, May and Max to Pewter City. One things for sure, they'll see each other once again someday!

>To be continued

End Notes
Well, I finished the first Lento Legends Edit. I polished it up and ran a spellcheck. Hopefully, it will be better than the old first chapter. Anyways, please keep the critique coming. It will definitely help me write a better fanfic!

January 29th, 2005, 10:37 AM
Authors Notes:
Well, here is the edit for Episode 2. Hopefully this one is better as well.

Episode 2: Lento Me a Hand

Ash's Team: Pikachu

Lento Badges: 0

(It's a bright sunny day. This scene takes path on a tree lined path, in the distance a girl is running toward Redwood Town. She is dressed all in black and she has a white bonnet on her head. She is very pretty and has long black hair. Her name is Sarah)

Sarah:(running, worried) Oh, I hope I'm not too late!

(Sarah trips over a boulder, it happens to be a Geodude. She gets up and continues to run. Several bunny type Pokemon, with large floppy ears and fluffy, cotton tails watch her as she runs down the path. She finally sees a town with a huge laboratory in the center)

Sarah:(to herself) Redwood Town, I hope I can make it in time!

-Title Theme-

(The scene is now Ash and Pikachu getting off a ferry in a small town)

Narrator: After a short while of traveling, Ash and Pikachu arrive in the Lento region just a ways away from Redwood Town.

Ash:(excited) I can't believe it Pikachu! We've arrived in Lento!

Pikachu:(excited) Pikachu! Pika Pi!

Ash:(still excited) It shouldn't be too far to get to Redwood Town, we should ask for directions.

(Suddenly, Ash sees a big, metallic, armored bird fly across the sky)

Pikachu: Pika?

Ash: Right, I don't know what that was, now let's head to Redwood Town.

(Back in Redwood Town, Sarah walks into the lab of Prof. Palm. There are several desks lined up in front of a wall with a chalkboard hanging on it. Prof. Palm is wrapped up in study. On a nearby table, there are 3 Pokeballs)

Sarah: Prof. Palm, I came to register for your class.

Palm:(startled) Huh? Who's there?

Sarah: My name is Sarah, I come from Everwind Town, and I want to register for your Pokemon classes!

Palm: Didn't you know, you missed the deadline

Sarah:(bead of sweat on the back of her head) No way!

Palm: I'm sorry.

Sarah:(discouraged) Oh... Ok, I guess...

Palm: Wait a second! My graduating class had one graduate, I have some spare Pokemon to give away!

Sarah:(excited) Really!

(suddenly, there is a crash. Sarah and Palm turn around to see a couple of men in full black uniforms standing in the lab near a broken window. They both have Red E's on their uniforms)

Man #1:(snickering) These beginners Pokemon are fairly rare!

Man #2: These are perfect for stealing!

(The Man takes the Pokeballs from the table)

Palm: Hey, you can't take those Pokeballs, they need to go to new trainers!

Sarah:(upset) Like me, so leave those Pokemon alone!

Man #2:(angrily) Hey, you stay out of this young girl!

Man #1:(throws a Pokeball) Weezing, use smokescreen!

Weezing: Weezing! (Weezing releases a smokescreen, making it hard to see. Palm and Sarah cough while the smokescreen lingers, once the smoke lifts, the 2 men are gone and so are the Pokeballs)

Palm:(angrily) They got those beginner Pokemon!

Voice: No way!

(Palm and Sarah turn around to see a young boy with a red cap turned backwards on his head. he has a red and white striped shirt, yellow gloves and brown shorts. His name is Joseph and he's the graduate Prof. Palm spoke of earlier)

Palm: Joseph, you're a bit late!

Joseph:(angrily) Nobody gets away with stealing Pokemon! I must go find them! (Joseph storms out)

Sarah: Is that...

Palm:...that's the graduate!

(Next scene, Ash and Pikachu finally have Prof. Palm's lab in their sight)

Ash: There it is, Redwood Town!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Let's find the Pokemon Center and register!

(Next Scene, Jessie, James and Meowth come crashing into a mysterious HQ. A man in a grey, 3 Piece suit with black suede shoes walks up to them. He is very stern looking, with a serious air about him.)

Suited Man:(sternly) Welcome to the HQ for Team Evil!

Jessie:(pops up) Ha-Ha, prepare to be taken over by Team Independence!

James:(also pops up) We will be in command of your operations!

Meowth:(springs upward) So, hand ovah dat control, we're in charge here!

Suited Man:(snickers) I like your spunk, why not join up with us?

Jessie, James & Meowth:(quickly) Willyougogoodsuddenlyfornoreason? (Will you go good suddenly for no reason?)

Suited Man: There's no chance of that ever...

Jessie, James & Meowth:(quickly) Wheredowesignup?! (Where do we sign up?)

Suited Man: Looks like we have some new recruits...

-Who's That Pokemon? Hint: When several of these Pokemon Gather, they can cause lightning storms-

(Scene, The Pokemon Center, Ash and Pikachu walk up to the counter and talk to Nurse Joy)

Nurse Joy: Ok Ash, I'll get you registered for the Lento League!

Ash:(excited) All right!

Pikachu: Pika!

(suddenly, a news flash appears on a nearby TV)

Reporter: We're receiving late breaking news that two shady men have broken into Prof. Palm's lab and stolen her 3 Beginner Pokemon!

Ash:(shocked) What!

Nurse Joy:(looking at the TV) That Team Evil must be at it again, they're always causing trouble.

Ash: Team Evil?

Pikachu: Pika?

Ash: Wonder who they are...

Nurse Joy: Ok, Ash, you are now registered to compete in the Lento region. Your first gym is in Smallplant City.

Ash: That's too cool! (turns to Pikachu) Ready, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

(Suddenly, Sarah rushes into the Pokemon Center and up to Nurse Joy)

Sarah: Nurse Joy, have you seen 2 shady men walk in here?

Nurse Joy: No, but I saw it on the news.

Sarah:(sad) darn!

Ash: Excuse me. (Sarah faces him) are you looking for two shady people.

Sarah:(hurriedly) YesIamhaveyouseenthemanywhereatall? (Yes I am, have you seen them anywhere at all?)

Ash:(nervous) Ahh! No I haven't, but I can help you!

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!

Sarah:(excited) You can?!, That'd be so great!

Ash: Well, lets go find them!

(Ash and Sarah run out of the Pokemon Center, Suddenly they are surrounded by smoke, when the smoke cleared, Jessie, James and Meowth are there. Jessie and James are wearing the same uniforms the 2 men were, just without the caps)

Jessie: Well, look who we have here.

Meowth: Da Twerps!

James: Wait a minute, don't you mean, the twerp?

Ash: Team Independence!

(Sarah notices the E's on their uniforms)

Sarah: No, that's Team Evil!

Pikachu: Pika?

Ash: Man, they keep switching teams, it's hard to keep up!

Jessie:(angrily) Enough of the foolishness, little boy!

James:(holding 3 Pokeballs) The boss has entrusted us with a new entourage!

Sarah and Ash:(shocked) Prof. Palm's Pokemon!

Jessie: So smart, yet so silly!

Meowth: Dese Pokemon belong to us now!

James:(throwing the Pokeballs) C'mon out you three!

(One Pokemon looks like a green seed, only a bit bigger and with red shoes. It wears a big grin on its face. Another looks like a small brown ball with a small flame coming out of it's head, and yet another looks like a long, blue, stretchy eel. These are the beginner Pokemon, Seedy, Burnbal, and Eelin)

Ash: Those are the beginner Pokemon? (He checks the Pokedex)

Pokedex: Seedy, Burnbal and Eelin, these Pokemon are the three beginners Pokemon that a starting trainer in Lento can choose from.

(Ash closes the Pokedex)

Ash:(angrily) You'd better give those back!

Jessie:(laughs) You'd better think again, little boy!

James: Yes, these Pokemon are ours!

Meowth: So stay out of our business!

(Wobbuffet comes out of it's Pokeball)

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobba!

Ash:(angrily) Pikachu! We'll show 'em!

Pikachu:(cheeks sparking) Piiika!

James:(not scared at all) Ha, with our new trio, there's no way you can beat us!

Sarah: Oh yeah, well there's a way they can beat you!

James, Jessie & Meowth: There is?!!!

Sarah: Seedy, use tackle. Burnbal, use ember. Eelin, use Water gun!

(The three Pokemon use their respective attacks on Team Evil. Team Evil screams in pain the whole time)

Jessie:(puzzled and hurt) But, how...can...that...be?

Sarah: You forgot, Beginner Pokemon will listen only to people they trust, like their first trainer!

Meowth: Ya gotta be kiddin' me kid!

James:(angrily) There's no way we'll let you win!

Ash:(determined) But we already have! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (Pikachu shocks Team Evil and sends them blasting off.

Jessie:(upset) I can't believe we let them beat us!

James:(upset) We never got the chance to really show them who was boss!

Meowth: Dis is not da way to start a whole new beginning!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet! Wobba!

Jessie:(angrily) Who asked you?!

TE: We're blasting off again!!!!

Ash:(happy) We did it!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(excited) Ash, that was great!

Ash: You know who I am?

Sarah: I recognize you from the TV, you're pretty famous over in my hometown.

Ash:(nervous)Really (starts to rub the back of his head) well...

-That Pokemon, It's Pikachu!-

(Next Scene, Prof. Palm's Lab, Palm and Joseph [who looks tired] watch as Ash and Sarah make their way to the lab. Sarah is holding the 3 Pokeballs)

Joseph:(stunned) I can't believe she actually did it!

Sarah:(hands the Pokeballs back to Prof. Palm) Here you go, Prof.!

Palm: Sarah, I don't know what to say, except, thank you, and you too Ash, I'm sure you helped her.

Sarah: Actually, he helped me.

Ash: That's right!

Sarah: And we're gonna travel together!

Ash:(questioning) We are?

Pikachu: Pika?

Palm: That's great, now are you ready to select a Pokemon.

Sarah: I'm going to go with Burnbal!

(Sarah picks a Pokeball)

Joseph: And, I'll take Eelin!

(Joseph picks a Pokeball, one remains)

Palm: Ash, I want you to have the Seedy that remains.

Ash:(questioning) But what about the other trainers?

Palm: To tell you the truth, Ash, this is pretty much it!

Ash:(shocked) No Way!

Pikachu: Pika!

Palm: Yes, and I'm sure you'll make a great trainer for this Seedy, or so that's what Prof. Oak says!

Ash: If you insist...(he takes the last pokeball and holds it high in the air) I got a Seedy!

Pikachu: (does the usual "peace" sign) Pi Pikachu!

Joseph: Well, I should be going!

Sarah: So should we, Come on Ash!

Ash: Ok, (yells back to Prof. Palm) Bye Prof.!

Palm: Bye Ash! Good Luck!

Narrator: And so, Ash and his new Friend Sarah begin their journey through the Lento region. They will face Good and Bad times, they'll meet new people, make new friends, and more importantly, meet new Pokemon, as they journey through the Lento Region!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Well, this episode introduces us to Sarah, a young trainer from Everwind Town. Sarah's character details will unfold a bit more as each new chapter is released.

January 29th, 2005, 8:38 PM
Not bad, rubyrulez. Not bad at all.

All of the characters seem to act just the way they're supposed to. A big plus in my part. Detail is decent, although new Pokmon seem somewhat vague. Sarah seems like another Ash. Wonder how she turns out... (will she related to a gym like the previous two young ladies that accompanied Ash?)

All in all, I like it! Only thing is to add a little more detail and more to the new Pokmon. I'm looking foward to seeing the next chapter!

January 30th, 2005, 11:36 AM
Authors Notes:
Thank you very much, dqle, for the nice comments, and telling me how I can improve. The bad news is that I already wrote Chapters 1-11, so they will be as is, but I will keep your advice in mind for future chapters. Anyway, here's the chapter 3 edit. Enjoy!:

Episode 3: Here Today, Gonbe Tomorrow

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal

Location: Redwood Town & Between Redwood and Everwind

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, Redwood Town, Ash, Pikachu and Sarah are walking down a road in Redwood Town, along this road are several markets selling all types of food items and other trinkets)

Narrator: As Ash and Sarah continue on their journey through the Lento Region, they pass by one of Redwood Towns most famous areas, the food market.

Ash:(wide eyed, mouth watering as he looks at all of the food) All of that stuff looks tasty!

Pikachu:(also wide eyed) Piiiikaaaa...

Sarah:(angry) Snap out of it, the two of you!

Ash: But we're just a little hungry, can't we buy some food?

Sarah: We have to get to Everwind Town if you're going to become a Pokemon Master overnight!

Ash:(angry) What's the hurry?! Nobody becomes a Pokemon Master overnight! We could stand to have something to eat!

Sarah: I suppose you're right!

(suddenly, a woman is heard screaming from not too far away)

Woman:(screaming) Stop! Thief!

Ash:(turns to Sarah) Could that be?

Ash & Sarah: Team Evil!

Pikachu: Pika!

-Title Theme-

(The next scene, the screaming woman's fruit stand. the woman is bulky and is wearing an apron. She holds a broom raised high above her head. Among the fruit is what seems to be a small version of Snorlax. It is eating the fruit. This Pokemon is a Gonbe)

Woman:(still screaming) You little thief! Get out of my fruit!

Gonbe: Gon Gon!

Woman: Why you...!

(Ash and Sarah run up to the stand)

Sarah:(worried) Team Evil?

Ash:(relieved) No, it's just a Pokemon.

(Ash pulls out his Pokedex and holds it up to Gonbe)

Pokedex: Gonbe, The gluttony Pokemon, this Pokemon is the baby form of Snorlax, it scrounges for food in trash bins and eats anything in it's sight. It is very carefree and will nap without warning.

Ash:(interested) A Gonbe! There are more new Pokemon then I thought!

Woman:(screaming) Get this little runt out of here!

Ash:(throwing a Pokeball) Seedy, let's go!

(Seedy comes out of it's pokeball. It seems willing to battle for the first time with his new trainer.)

Seedy: Seed!

Ash: We're going to teach that Gonbe a lesson for stealing!

Gonbe: Gonbe!

(Gonbe starts to run away, Ash chases it)

Sarah:(hands the woman 100 poke dollars) Here, for the fruit Gonbe ate!

Ash: Seedy, use your Tackle attack!

(Seedy rushes at Gonbe with it's Tackle attack. It scores a direct hit)

Seedy: Seedy! Seedy!

Ash: Good job, Seedy! (Turns to Sarah), would you like to do the honors?

Sarah:(points to herself) Who, me?

Ash: I have a Snorlax back in Pallet, I don't think I need another!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(confident) If you insist!

(Sarah pulls out an empty Pokeball and throws it at Gonbe. Gonbe gets up almost instantly, and runs away.)

Ash:(nervous) Oh-No!

Pikachu: Pika!

Seedy: Seed! Seedy Seedy!

Sarah: We've gotta go after it, before it causes these shopkeepers more trouble!

Ash: You're right! Let's go!

(All the while, Jessie, James and Meowth were watching this through their binoculars from nearby)

Meowth: Wow, dat Gonbe Pokemon is a real troublemaker

James: Troublemaking is what we're all about, we could use a Pokemon like that on our team.

Jessie: (slaps James) Have you forgotten, anything we steal from now on goes straight to the boss!

James: We can't even keep the least bit of the Pokemon we steal?

Jessie:(angry) No, not even the tiniest bit.

Meowth: Dat stinks!

James: It does.

Jessie: The boss will be expecting the best from us, and that Gonbe is just what he needs.

James:(narrow eyed) How would you know? We barely got to know the guy!

(Wobbuffet comes out of it's Pokeball)

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Jessie puts it back in it's Pokeball)

Meowth: I guess if dat's how it must be, we must give it to da boss!

James: For the boss.

Jessie: For the boss.

James:(muttering) Who you hardly know...

Jessie:(angry) WHAT?!

James:(nervous) Uh... nothing!

(Next scene, a nearby forest, Ash and Sarah are still chasing Gonbe, they look tired, as does Pikachu and Seedy)

Ash:(panting) Man, that Gonbe can run!

Sarah:(panting) Yes, very much so!

Pikachu:(also panting) Pika, Pika, Pika...

Gonbe:(tauntingly) Gonbe! Gonbe!

Ash:(angry) Is that the way you wan't to be? You'll have to deal with me!

Seedy:(panting) Seeeeeed...

Ash:(still angry) C'mon Seedy, let's show him who's boss! (Seedy faints from exhaustion, Ash puts it back in it's Pokeball) You got lucky!

Sarah: Wait, Ash!

(Sarah throws her Pokeball, Burnbal comes out)

Burnbal: Ball!

Ash: That's right, Burnbal can help!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Burnbal, use Ember!

(Burnbal starts to use ember, but a mysterious grappling hand comes from the sky. It is actually coming from Team Evil's balloon, which has been changed to a Wobbuffet balloon)

Ash: Not you guys again!

-Who's that Pokemon. Hint: The cheerful spirit of its TRAINER gives it energy for its psychokinetic power. It spins and dances when happy-

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, this Gonbe is ours

James: And Make it double, at least it's not yours

Jessie: To protect the world from devistation

James: To unite all people in every nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jessie: Jessie

James: James

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: 'ding'

Ash: What do you guys want now!

Jessie:(now holding Gonbe) Nothing, this Gonbe will do just fine!

Sarah:(angry) Let Gonbe go!

James: Not a chance! (throws a Pokeball) Go, Cacturne!

Jessie:(throws her Pokeball) Let's go, Seviper!

(Cacturne and Seviper come out of their Pokeballs, Cacturne turns around and gives James a big bear hug)

James:(screaming) Not me! The Twerps, The Twerps!

Jessie: Seviper, use Poison Tail!

(Seviper is about to use Poison tail on Burnbal. It's tail glows purple.)

Ash: Sarah, use an attack!

Sarah: Right! (Turns to Burnbal) Use Ember!

(Burnbal uses Ember and roasts Seviper in one hit)

Seviper:(weakly) Se...viper.

James: Cacturne, use Pin Missile

(Cacturne shoots a Pin Missile attack at Pikachu)

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunder!

Pikachu: Piiiiikaaaaachuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu's Thunder attack hits Cacturne head on!)

James:(screaming) Noooooooo!

Meowth: Dey've got us yet again, don't dey?

Jessie:(shocked) Maybe, but we've still got Gonbe!

(Gonbe notices Jessie's long hair. It bites down hard on her hair)

Jessie:(screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhh! My hair! Let go of my hair you little rascal!

James: Little Rascal?

Meowth: Obviously, somebody's been watching too many of dose classical movies!

(Jessie drops Gonbe, Sarah runs out and catches it in her arms)

Sarah: Gotcha!

Gonbe:(happily) Gonbe! Gonbe!

Jessie:(screaming) That thing ruined my hair, I don't want that thing near me again!

(They return their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs in utter defeat.)

Ash:(determined) Pikachu's all fired up and ready to teach you all a lesson!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikachu!

Jessie, James & Meowth: No! Not again!

Ash: Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu's Thunderbolt sends them blasting off)

TE: Team Evil's blasting off again!

Ash: Bye-Bye!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Great! (To Gonbe) and now to finish what we started...

(The scene changes, Gonbe is on one side, Sarah and Burnbal are on another side. Ash and Pikachu are on the sidelines)

Ash:(excited) I can't wait to see how Sarah does!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sarah: Burnbal, use Scratch!

Burnbal: Ball!

(Burnbal rushes at Gonbe, bearing it's claws)

Gonbe: Gonbe!

(It dodges the attack, and then let's out a big yawn bubble. The yawn bubble is big and pink. It hits Burnbal and bursts. Burnbal looks sleepy)

Ash:(yelling) Sarah, it just used Yawn attack!

(Burnbal falls asleep, Gonbe rushes at it, using Tackle. it connects, but doesn't do much damage)

Sarah:(yelling out to Burnbal) Burnbal! You can't sleep now, you've gotta wake up!

(Burnbal hears this and wakes up)

Ash: All right!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Burnbal, use Ember!

Burnbal: Ball! Ball!

(Burnbal shoots embers at Gonbe, it scores a direct hit. Gonbe now looks dizzy)

Ash:(yelling to Sarah) Sarah, now's your chance!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Sarah: What?

Ash:(still yelling) Throw your Pokeball!

Sarah: Oh, right! (She pulls out a Pokeball and throws it) Pokeball, go!

(The Pokeball opens up and Gonbe disappears inside in a flash of red light. The ball then begins to wiggle back and forth. Sarah, Ash and Burnbal watch the Pokeball with determination. Suddenly the Pokeball Pings and Sarah picks it up)

Sarah:(excited) All right, I caught Gonbe!

Ash:(also excited) Great job!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: I owe it all to Burnbal!

Burnbal:(happy) Ball!

-Did you guess the Pokemon? It's Kirlia!-

(Scene changes, the sun is setting. Ash and Sarah are walking down the path to Everwind Town. Sarah is holding the Pokeball with Gonbe in her hands)

Sarah: I can't believe I actually captured my first Pokemon so quickly!

Ash: I'm not surprised, there are more of them where that came from!

Pikachu:(pointing forward) Pikachu!

(Ash, Sarah and Pikachu gaze upon a town, It's Everwind Town)

Sarah: This is Everwind Town, my hometown!

Ash: Let's get to the Pokemon Center and hang out for the night, ok Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(to herself) I've never met anybody who loved Pokemon so much!

(Ash and Sarah start to walk toward Everwind Town)

Narrator: After quite the adventure, Ash and Sarah head into Everwind Town, one of the first stops on their Lento journey. It's even more special for Sarah, because she enters here with her first new friend!

> To Be Continued

End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed Chapter 3. This chapter was actually written before Munchlax got it's english dub name. You'll notice in future chapters it will go by it's dub name.

January 31st, 2005, 6:16 PM
Yknow what, I honestly believe this could become the next Pokemon series! If you learn cartooning, you could make this into your own series!

January 31st, 2005, 7:07 PM
PM running out of space... I'll just inform you here that the more detailed review for your story is now available in the fanfic lounge (read at your own risk as always)

However, do not ever be proud that your fanfic is better than the TV set, because that's an awfully easily achieved and a terribly low standard ^_^ Avoid turning your fanfic into a new-Pokemon-anime-wannabe at all cost. It's the first fundamental rule in Pokemon fanfic writing perhaps... feel free to make your story a sequel to the anime, but never *become* the anime itself or prepare for a truly well known reputation being stuck to your story, not in the way that you want it to be.

January 31st, 2005, 9:36 PM
Authors Notes:
Well, here is Episode 4, entitled "The Great Gym Caper" I edited this from it's original version so that the style of it matched the first three. Brock finally makes a comeback in this episode, and Ash sees another new Pokemon. Hopefully these edits will get better reviews from critics I can only hope to please. As for being better than TV, or being sucked into an "anime-trap", that is not an ultimate goal. Hopefully I will be able to write better chapters in the future!

Episode 4: The Great Gym Caper

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Gonbe (Munchlax)

Location: Everwind Town

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, outside the Everwind Town Pokemon Center. Ash steps out with Pikachu on his back. Ready as always to continue on his journey.)

Narrator: It's yet another beautiful day, as Ash and Pikachu head out of the Pokemon Center in Everwind Town, ready as ever to start the journey through Lento!

Ash:(determined) Well, Pikachu, you ready to head off to Smallplant City?

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(upset) Hold on one second!

Ash: What's up?

Sarah:(still upset) I wanted to stop by my home for a few seconds before we headed off. Gee, you're in such a hurry!

Ash:(discouraged) Sorry...

Pikachu:(also discouraged) Pika...

(Suddenly, Ash and Sarah notice a huge building not too far off. There is a large crowd standing outside.)

Ash:(curious) Wonder what's up over there!

-Title Theme-

(Scene, outside the huge building, there is a fairly large crowd of people trying to squeeze in. Salesmen outside are selling T-Shirts and other souvenirs. Ash and Sarah walk by.

Sarah: Oh-my, this is the Everwind Gym.

(Suddenly, there is a gleam in Ash's eye)

Ash:(slyly) Gym, eh...

Sarah: Forget it Ash, this gym is only for professional trainers.

Ash:(angry) Are you calling me unprofessional?!

Sarah: What I mean is, this gym leader never battles anybody unless they can show Lento's other 7 badges, and no exceptions!

Ash: Then, this huge crowd of trainers must be waiting for a battle.

(A man in the crowd hears this.)

Man: We're not here for a battle, we're here to watch a battle!

Ash:(curious) Watch?

Pikachu: Pikachu?

Sarah: Oh well, looks like the crowd is too big for us to get in.

(Suddenly, a familiar hairdo can be seen in the crowd. Ash pushes through the spectators until he finds none other than Brock! Brock is now wearing his FireRed/LeafGreen outfit, making him the only character in this fanfic with new clothes)

Brock:(turns around) Ash! Great to see you!

Ash:(happy) It's so great you made it to Lento!

Brock: Yeah! I was able to get tickets for all of us to watch the gym battle here!

Sarah:(happy) That's so cool!

Ash:(remembering) Oh! Brock, I'd like you to meet Sarah!

(Brock and Sarah shake hands)

Brock: Nice to meet you!

Sarah: Same here!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Ash:(curious) So, how did you get those tickets?

Brock: This nice lady gave them to me when I asked her out!

(Brock points to a tall, dark haired woman. The woman turns around and notices Sarah. Sarah is now wide eyed.)

Sarah:(surprised) Mom!

Sarah's Mom:(happy) Sarah, I'm so glad to see you home! Did you get into those classes?

Sarah: Even better...

(Sarah pulls out her Pokeballs and opens them. Burnbal and Gonbe come out)

Burnbal: Ball!

Gonbe: Gon! Gonbe!

Sarah's Mom:(shocked) Sarah! I'm so proud of you, you got your first Pokemon without those classes! (She notices Ash) You must be Ash!

Ash: That's me!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: I can't wait to get inside and watch this battle.

Ash:(curious, as always) By the way, How're May and Max.

Brock: They hung out at the Pewter Gym with me and then they headed for Mount Moon. I'm sure they're gonna want to explore a little before catching up to us!

Ash: Yeah!

(Suddenly, the crowd grows smaller as people file into the gym.)

Ash: Why are there such large crowds at these gym battles?

Sarah's Mom: In Lento, it's quite a big deal earning 7 badges...

Brock: I hear the Lento region is much tougher than any other league!

Sarah's Mom: Correct, now, people from all over want to see these trainers strengths for themselves, so they come to watch the gym battles in person. It's the only gym in Lento with such large crowds.

Ash:(excited) That's so cool.

(Ash turns toward the gym and starts to think to himself. He sees himself standing on the battlefield in the gym, holding onto his 8th badge as the crowd cheers loudly.) I can only imagine myself in there!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sarah: Well, let's go in!

(Ash and gang head inside, watching them is Team Evil's Jessie, James and Meowth)

Jessie: Well, would you look at that...

Meowth: Da Twerps is headin' into dat gym.

James: And did you see that large crowd? Each of those people must have Pokemon that are perfect for picking!

Jessie: That's right!

Meowth: And dat Gym leader must have da pick of da litter!

Jessie: That must be why this battle is such a big deal! We must poach those Pokemon!

James: It'll be the heist of the century!

Meowth: We'll be in for that Promotion of our dreams!

Jessie, James & Meowth:(excited) What're we waiting for!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Jessie returns Wobbuffet to its ball)

Jessie: We need a plan!

James: One that won't fail!

Chimecho: 'ding ding'

James: Chimecho! I'm trying to think!

(Chimecho wraps itself around James's eyes)

Chimecho: 'ding'

James: Stop that!

(Scene, inside the gym. The stands are packed but the battlefield is empty. Ash and the gang have ringside seats to the battle. There is a scoreboard on the wall. It appears as if each trainer may only use 2 Pokemon each!)

Ash:(excited) I'm so excited!

Brock: Of course!

Sarah's Mom: Everwind Gym always has exciting battles Ash! You're in for a real treat!

Sarah: You sure are!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Everwind Gym. Announcing the arrival of the leader, Perry!

(A short man with messy, dark brown hair steps onto the battlefield. Hes wearing a white shirt with white pants.)

Sarah: That's the leader, Perry! He's my hero!

Ash:(sarcastic) He doesn't look so tough...

Sarah's Mom: You don't have any idea!

Announcer: And, on the other side of the battlefield, Gregory from Smallplant City!

(A tall man with brown hair steps onto the battlefield. Hes wearing a red shirt with blue jeans.)

Brock:(impressed) Now he looks tough!

Ash: Ha! I could beat him easily!

Announcer: Each trainer will only be allowed to use 2 Pokemon! The winner will be declared once one sides Pokemon are judged unable to battle! The challenger may use substitutes while the leader may not. With that said, let the battle begin!

Leader Perry: Are you ready for a match to remember?!

Gregory: You bet! (He throws a Pokeball) Go, Machamp!

(Machamp comes out of its Pokeball, he looks ready to fight)

Machamp: Machamp!

Ash:(sad) Awww, Ive seen that Pokemon already!

Pikachu:(sad too) Pika...

Leader Perry:(throws a Pokeball) Palmlet! Let's teach him a lesson! (A goldenrod colored, round Pokemon comes out of the Pokeball. It's got a fairly large Palm tree growing out of it's head, with 4 huge leaves.)

Ash:(excited) I've never seen that one before! (He takes out the Pokedex)

Pokedex: Palmlet, the Palm Tree Pokemon. Palmlet is small and very agile. It constantly sways back and forth to keep from tipping over due to the large Palm Tree on its head.

Brock: That Pokemon looks kind of cool!

Ash: Yeah, I wonder what it can do!

-Who's That Pokemon? HINT: It is the world's most slothful Pokemon. However, it can exert horrifying power by releasing pent-up energy all at once.-

Leader Perry: Ok, Palmlet, let's start with a body slam!

(Palmlet rushes at Machamp, prepared to pull off a powerful Body Slam)

Gregory: Ok, Machamp, let's stop it in its tracks!

Machamp: Machamp!

(Machamp grabs hold of the palm tree on Palmlet's head)

Leader Perry: Palmlet, let's show Machamp your Seismic Toss!

Palmlet: Palm!

(Palmlet swings its tree back and forth. Still holding on is Machamp)

Ash:(shocked) Whoa!

Brock: Palmlet is strong!

(Suddenly, there is a rumbling in the gym. There is a dusty explosion in the center of the battlefield. When the dust clears, there is a giant Gonbe robot with a big, red E on the stomach.)

Ash:(angry) Team Rock, Uhhh, Evil! (Muttering) I gotta get used to that!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, it's time for a change

James: And Make it double, within our new range

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation

James: To unite all people in every nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jessie: Jessie

James: James

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Jessie: Well now everybody, we hope you enjoyed the show!

James: Because now it's time for your Pokemon to go!

(Two vacuums come out of the robot and start to suck up the audiences Pokeballs. Ash, Sarah and Brock hold on tightly to theirs, but the rest of the crowd isn't so lucky. Ash, Sarah and Brock run onto the battlefield)

Leader Perry: What's going on here? Who are you?!

Ash: It's OK, we're here to stop these crooks!

(James notices Palmlet)

James: Well, what do we have here?

Meowth: Another Pokemon dat's right for da pickin'

James: Come to papa!

(The vacuum starts to suck up Palmlet, but is having trouble)

Leader Perry:(Upset) Palmlet! No!

Sarah:(angry) That is it! (Throws a Pokeball) Go! Gonbe!

Gonbe: Gon! Gon!

Jessie:(shocked) You've got to be kidding me!

James: That thing can't stop us!

Meowth: Let's suck 'em up!

(A vacuum points at Gonbe. It tries to suck it up but is having trouble)

Sarah: Gonbe! Use headbutt!

(Gonbe rushes at the vacuums with its head. It slams into the vacuum and tears it off the robot. It does the same to the other vacuum and tears that one off. The stolen Pokeballs come pouring out)

Jessie:(yelling) That's no fair! You can't have those back!

Ash: Well, we're taking them back!

Sarah: Gonbe! Another Headbutt!

Gonbe: Gon!

(Gonbe rushes at the Gonbe robot with its head. It makes direct contact and causes an explosion. Team Evil flies out of the gym and into the sky.

Jessie:(sad) Beat again!

James: Buck up, we'll win someday!

Meowth: We hope dat's gonna be soon!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

TE: Team Evil's blasting off agaaaaaaaaain!

(Back at the gym, the audience is cheering. They rush onto the battlefield to claim their Pokeballs)

Ash:(excited) Sarah! That was awesome!

Brock:(excited) Yeah, you handled your Gonbe pretty well!

Sarah's Mom: Oh sweetheart, I'm proud of you!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Thanks, but Gonbe deserves all of the credit...(she picks up Gonbe and hugs it)...right?

Gonbe: Gonbe! Gonbe!

-Did you guess the Pokemon? It's Slaking-

(Scene, outside the gym. Ash, Sarah and Brock are standing outside with Sarah's Mom)

Sarah's Mom: They decided to postpone this battle until tomorrow. I know you need to head out so I'll let you know how it goes, OK!

Sarah: Sure Mom!

Sarah's Mom: Sweetheart, make me proud!, and good luck Ash!

Ash: Thanks

Pikachu: Pikachu!

(they wave goodbye and walk down the road)

Ash:(to Pikachu) Just think, Pikachu, that'll be us on that battlefield someday!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: That's the spirit Ash!

Sarah: Always dream big! That's what mom always said!

Ash: Yeah!

Narrator: After a great adventure in Everwind Gym, Ash and the gang are ready to set off to Smallplant City, where Ash definitely has big dreams of earning his first Lento Region gym badge!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Well, that's it for chapter 4. Hope you all enjoyed. I will work on editing the rest of the chapters as well. Just keep those reviews coming. Chapter 5 will be posted soon.

February 2nd, 2005, 9:03 PM
Authors Notes:
Well, Chapter 5 is coming at ya! In this episode, Ash meets a trainer with a brand new Pokemon. He challenges her to a battle, and Sarah learns about pulling Brock by the ear whenever he tries to go near a girl. Please keep those reviews coming!

Episode 5: Keep on Moving Bunon!

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Gonbe(Munchlax)
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, a country road. Ash, Sarah and Brock are walking along the road, a crystal clear lake runs nearby the roadside)

Narrator: It's yet another perfect day in the Lento Region as Ash and the gang continues to Smallplant City and Ash's first gym battle. But the road ahead is long and full of wondrous new Pokemon.

Ash: I just can't wait to get to my first gym battle!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(concerned) What's the big hurry?

Brock: Don't worry, he's always like this.

Ash: I feel ready for a great gym match!

Brock: Enthusiastic as always, right Ash?

Ash:(excited) You bet!

Brock: May I remind you that youre just starting up again, and still need training.

Ash:(stops in his tracks) What!

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock: That always gets him!

-Title Theme-

(Ash and the gang are now stopped along the bank of the river, taking a rest)

Ash: I cant believe you got me again.

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Ash, hes serious.

Brock:(stern) Remember back in the Hoenn region, all those times you ran into battle unprepared?

Ash:(cool) Brock, theres no need to worry about me! Ill be alright.

Brock: If you insist, you could at least catch some more Pokemon.

Sarah: Like I caught Gonbe, which I heard can also be referred to as Munchlax.

Ash:(standing & serious) Ill catch a Pokemon, just see what comes my way.

(Suddenly a bunny rabbit type Pokemon runs out of a bush. It sniffs around for a while.)

Bunny: Bun Bun.

Ash: See, they all just come right to me!

Pikachu: Pi

Sarah:(curious) What is that?

(Ash pulls out his Pokedex)

Pokedex: Bunon, the Bunny Rabbit Pokemon, this Pokemon is very agile and is always on its toes. Whenever it senses danger, it scurries around and tries to find the safest exit. At times, it will fight the danger head on.

Ash:(excited) Thats the type of Pokemon that I need on my team!

Sarah: Yeah, a Pokemon thats afraid of everything.

Brock: Ash could use another Pokemon.

Ash:(in battle mode) Ok, Pikachu! Lets get it!

Pikachu: Pika!

Bunon: Bun!

Ash: Pikachu, use your Thunderbolt!

Pikachu:(charging up) Piiii.

Mysterious female voice: Wait!

Ash:(curious) Huh?

(a tall and beautiful, black haired girl runs out toward Bunon)

Brock:(in love) Wooooooooow! Its love at first sight!

Girl:(angry) Why would you battle my Bunon like that without me around!?

(The girl is wearing a red dress with a green blouse underneath. She is very slender and pretty, with delicate features. Ash approaches her with a worried look on his face.)

Ash: Well, I wanted to capture it.

Brock:(mumbling) Ash, bad thing to say.

Ash:(apologetic) Im sorry, I thought it was a wild Pokemon!

Girl: Its ok, I guess.

(Brock rushes up to her)

Brock: Dont mind him, hes new here. My name is Brock and you are the light in my life!

Girl:(stupefied) Uh?

Brock: Tell me your name.

Girl: Im Gloria. Its nice to meet you.

Ash: Nice to meet you too, Im sorry for the trouble I caused you and Bunon!

Gloria: Oh, thats alright.

Bunon: Bun!

Brock:(still in love) That Bunons as cute as you are Gloria!

Sarah:(confused) Whats up with him?

Ash: Don't worry about that, there's one simple solution!

(Ash pulls Brock by the ear)

Brock: Ahhhhhh!

Ash: We'd be much better off if you didn't do that!

Brock: Ow! Let go!

Gloria: What's with him...

Sarah: Don't ask.

Ash: So, anyway, will you battle me, Gloria?

Gloria:(happily) That'd be great!

(Meanwhile, from the bushes, Team Evil spies on our heroes)

Jessie: Well, well.

James: It's the twerps!

Meowth: And dey're with some new girl!

Jessie:(angry) Humph, she's not as gorgeous as me!

James: She's got nothing on you...

Meowth: But everything 'bout her's better dan you.

Jessie:(Angry) WHAT WAS THAT?!

Meowth:(scared) I didn't say anyting.

James:(noticing Bunon) What's that thing?

Meowth: Dat's a Bunon. It's a pretty strong Pokemon.

Jessie: Hmmmm, well we'll just see for ourselves exactly how strong that thing really is.

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Jessie returns Wobbuffet to it's Pokeball)

James: It's game time!

-Who's that Pokemon? HINT: When it changes form, an aurora appears. It absorbs attacks by altering its cellular structure-

Brock: This is a 1 on 1 match between Ash and Gloria. The first Pokemon ruled unable to battle loses! With that, let's start the battle.

Gloria: I'm certain Bunon and I can win this match!

Ash:(determined) Don't be so sure of that!

Gloria:(throws Pokeball) Go! Bunon!

(Bunon comes out of the Pokeball. It looks pretty angry, and is in the perfect mood for a long battle.)

Bunon: Bun!

Ash:(throws Pokeball) Seedy! I choose you!

(Seedy comes out of its ball. It, too is ready for a fierce fight.)

Seedy: Seed!

Gloria: Bunon, let's start with a quick attack!

(Bunon rushes at Seedy at top speed)

Ash: Seedy, dodge it!

(Seedy jumps out of the way)

Sarah:(amazed) Wow, Ash is good!

Brock: He's been everywhere with Pokemon, in all different situations. He's earned some valuable skills!

Ash: Ok, Seedy, lets use Tackle!

(Seedy rushes into Bunon and knocks it down)

Gloria:(determined) Ok, Bunon, lets show Ash your special Technique.

Bunon: Bunon!

(An orange glow appears in Bunons hands as he places them together)

Brock:(astounded) No way!

Sarah:(confused) What?

Brock: It knows Hyper Beam!

Ash:(calm) Seedy, close your eyes and focus.

Seedy: Seed!

(Seedy closes his eyes and does exactly as Ash says. He awaits Bunons Hyper Beam attack to fully charge.)

Gloria: Launch Hyper Beam!

(Bunon shoots a bright, orange beam at Seedy)

Ash: Now!

(Seedy jumps, and the Hyper Beam attack misses)

Sarah:(amazed) Whoa!

Brock: Thats Ash for ya!

Gloria:(dumbstruck) Wow!

Bunon:(confused) Bunon?

Ash:(confident) We dont fool around!

Seedy: Seedy!

(suddenly, two extending claws come out of the bushes and grab both Bunon and Seedy. A third grabs Pikachu)

Gloria:(upset) What the?

(It's Team Evil. Their balloon appears out of nowhere. The three Pokemon are hanging from it)

James: Allow us to introduce ourselves to the newcomer.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, It's time to be bad,

James: And Make it double, hope you're not mad,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Meowth:(angry) get back down dere!

(Pushes Wobbuffet down)

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobbuffet!

Ash:(angry) Not you guys again!

Brock:(angry) Don't you guys ever give up?!

Jessie: Apparently, no...

James: Being evil is in our blood, as a matter of fact, it's our Team's name!

Meowth: To tink we'd give in to da likes of yous.

Gloria: You know them?

Ash: They follow us everywhere and give us trouble.

Jessie:(throws Pokeball) Seviper, get out there!

(Seviper comes out)

James:(throws Pokeball) Let's go, Cacturne!

(Cacturne comes out, but gives James a big bear hug [ouch!])

Cacturne: Cacturne!

James:(in pain) No, get them, get them!

Ash: I have no other Pokemon!

Brock: Use Pikachu's Thunderbolt!

Ash: Right, (to Pikachu) Use thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu shocks Seedy and Bunon, but not the balloon.)

Jessie:(mean) Hahahahahaha, doing that again would not be a good idea.

Meowth: Dat net reflects everyting back on your own Pokemon.

James: Ok crew, move in on the twerps.

Sarah:(Pulls out a Pokeball) I've got this!

Gloria: I'll back you up when you free the Pokemon.

Sarah:(throws Pokeball) Go! Burnbal!

(Burnbal comes out of its ball, ready to teach Team Evil a lesson they may never forget!)

Ash: Get 'em Sarah.

James: Cacturne, Pin Missile!

(Cacturne fires a pin missile at Burnbal)

Sarah:(to herself) If I can think like Ash, I'll be able to pull off the same stunts as he does! (aloud) Burnbal, dodge!

(Burnbal tries to dodge the swiftly moving Pin Missile attack, but is a bit too late. Burnbal is hit by the attack and damaged badly.)

Burnbal:(hurt) Ball...

Sarah:(upset) Burnbal, no!

Jessie:(laughing) You can't stop us!

Gloria: I can!

Meowth: No way!

James: Keep trying, you can't beat us when you're short on Pokemon!

Gloria:(pulls out 5 Pokeballs) Wanna bet?

Team Evil: What!

Ash: She's got six Pokemon!

Gloria:(throws Pokeballs) Bunon! Let's go!

(5 Bunon come out of each Pokeball. Each Bunon is unique in that its fur color is a different shade of brown.)

Brock: Whoa!

Gloria: You guys know what to do!

Bunon(all 5): Bunon

(the same orange glow appears in each of their hands. They fire Hyper Beams at Team Evils Pokemon. Team Evils Pokemon all faint.)

Jessie:(angry) No way, thats no fair!

James: Thats cheating!

(They put their Pokemon back into their Pokeballs)

Ash:(angry) Thats a taste of your own medicine!

Meowth: Hes right!

Jessie:(angry) Well, well still get away with your Pokemon!

(While Jessie wasnt noticing. Glorias 5 Bunon freed the Pokemon with another Hyper Beam)

James: Oh no, we dont!

Ash:(angry) Pikachu, you know what to do!

Pikachu:(angry) Piiiiiiikaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fries Team Evil with a Thunderbolt. They blast off toward the horizon.)

Team Evil: Team Evil blasts off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash: That'll show 'em!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Gloria: You did very well, Bunon!

Bunon (all 6): Bun, Bunon Bun!

Gloria: I'm so glad!

(She hugs all 6 of her Bunon)

Brock: That's so nice.

Sarah: Yeah.

Ash: I agree, I've never seen anybody so connected to their Pokemon.

Brock: How about you?

Ash:(laughing nervously) Oh, right!

Pikachu: Pika...

-Did you guess the Pokemon? It's Deoxys-

(Scene, the sun sets on the country road. The lake is now pink in color as it sparkles while the sun sets. Ash, Sarah and Brock are ready to depart. Gloria and her 6 Bunon are ready to see them off.)

Ash: So Gloria, we never got to finish our battle.

Gloria: I know, Ash, but I'm positive you would have won.

Ash:(confused) Huh?

Gloria: You have quite an amazing connection with all of your Pokemon, the way Seedy was able to dodge that Hyper Beam was incredible. You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for that one. (To Bunon) Isn't that right?

Bunon #1: Bunon!

Bunon #2: Bunon!

Ash: Well, I guess we should be going.

Pikachu: Pika!

(They start to walk away, Brock is still there on his knees, holding Gloria's hands.)

Brock: Oh, Gloria, don't think of this as goodbye, just...

(Sarah pulls Brock away from Gloria by the ear)

Sarah:(angry) Let's keep thinking of this as goodbye, and get a move on.

Ash:(to Sarah) Good one.

Brock:(in pain) Ow, my ear.

Gloria:(waving) Goodbye!

Bunon (all 6): Bunon! Bunon!

Ash and Gang: Goodbye!

Narrator: Ash and gang now continue their journey on to Smallplant City, with a new thought in mind. Such a great connection between Pokemon and Trainer is what will get Ash far in this league. It's sure to make an everlasting impression.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Well, hope you enjoyed. Chapter 6 should be posted soon!

February 4th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Again, nice mixture of details and actions to actually make it like an actual episode. Sorry I haven't kept in contact. Been busy the past few days. Also working on my own fanfic as well.

Keep it up. It's not everyday that Frostweaver reads fanfics.

February 4th, 2005, 7:01 PM
Authors Notes:

Well, here it is! For your enjoyment, Chapter 6.

Episode 6: Metapod Madness.

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Gonbe(Munchlax)
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, the Pokemon Center at the outer edge of a large forest. Ash, Sarah and Brock are sitting in the center, waiting for Ash's Pokemon to heal.)

Narrator: It's yet another good day as our heroes travel on to Smallplant City. They decide that it's time for a well deserved rest at the Pokemon Center.

Brock: So Ash, have you got your strategy for the first gym all set out yet?

Ash: Well, first I need to catch more Pokemon, like maybe that Bunon.

Sarah: Yeah, maybe...

(Suddenly, a young man, about Ash's age, runs into the Pokemon Center. He looks very upset. Ash and the gang are watching him)

Boy:(upset) Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy!

Nurse Joy: Calm down Zachary, now, tell me exactly what happened.

Zach:(still worked up) Well Nurse Joy, it's the Metapod in the forest, they're at it again.

(Ash and the gang overhear this)

Brock:(worried) Uh-oh, this doesn't sound good.

Ash:(curious) Wonder what's up with the Metapod...

-Title theme-

(Ash and Gang approach Zach)

Ash: Excuse me kid, what's wrong with your Metapod.

(Zach spins around)

Zach:(angry) That's none of your business!

Ash:(angry) Hey! We're just trying to be helpful!

Brock: That's right, Ash here used to have a Metapod.

Ash: Yeah...

(The scene changes to a flashback of when his Caterpie evolved into Metapod. He then begins to remember when he fought Samurai using his Metapod, how he defeated Pinsir. He also remembered saving Metapod from the Beedrill. The flashback scene ends, and changes back to the previous scene.)

Zach: Really...

Ash: I only had Metapod for a short time, before it evolved into Butterfree. I'm sure I may be able to help.

Zach: Cool, by the way my name's Zach. I'm the keeper of the forest.

Ash: Nice to meet you Zach, I'm Ash!

Sarah: I'm Sarah, hello.

Brock: And I'm Brock, nice to meet you.

Nurse Joy: Ash, Your Pokemon are ready.

(She comes out with Seedy's Pokeball and Pikachu. Pikachu jumps into Ash's Arms.)

Pikachu:(happy) Pika!

Ash:(determined) All right, now that I have my Pokemon back, let's go!

(Ash and gang, along with Zach, leave the Pokemon Center. Watching them from their Balloon, which is now a Wobbuffet Balloon, is Team Evil)

Meowth: Well, wadda ya know, it's da twerps!

Jessie:(bored) Again? That's the 3rd time we saw them today and haven't done anything. Why don't we just not butt in today.

James:(shocked) Jessie! Have you forgotten our mission already?!

Jessie: What...

James:(angry) We gotta steal the twerps Pikachu!

Meowth: And, maybe some of dere other Pokemon!

Jessie:(bored) Yeah, but did you ever consider we may be wasting our time with them? We always lose

James:(angry) Well, I for one will not quit!

Jessie: I'm not quitting, I'm just saying we should try something new for a change.

James: Like what?

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Jessie returns Wobbuffet to it's Pokeball)

Meowth: We've tried every trick in da book. Robots, holes, nets...

James:(afraid) And I still fear for my safety.

Jessie: Just you wait, this new trick will blow those little brats out of the water!

Team Evil: OK!

Chimecho: 'ding ding'!

(Scene, the forest. Sunlight flitters through the trees. Ash and gang, along with Zach are walking along the forest's dirt path. They suddenly come to a big clearing, which is all grass, colored with different shades of green. Pretty Red and Pink Tulips are also growing in this clearing. Tall Oak trees completely surround the clearing. Spread across the clearing are several Metapod.)

Zach: Well, there they are...

(The Metapod crashing into each other, hopping around, and just acting plain old weird. Almost like they are confused.)

Ash: You guys, let's get to work!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Let's figure out what's wrong with these Metapod!

Brock: Let's go!

Zach:(grateful)Thank You. You guys are very enthusiastic!

(Brock picks up one of the Metapod as it wrestles around in it's arms. He feels it's forehead, which is burning hot. Brock cringes as his hand is burned, and he removes it from Metapods forehead immediately.)

Brock:(worried) Not good.

Ash: What is it, Brock?

Brock: This Metapod has a really bad fever!

Zach: It can't be, these Metapod never get sick, and the climate in this forest prevents that from happening.

Sarah: Something else must be causing them to become sick!

Brock: The fever is confusing them, causing them to behave like this.

(He puts down the Metapod as it hops around. That Metapod bumps into another Metapod and angers it, and now all the Metapod have decided to form an angry mob and chase after our heroes.)

Ash: Now what!

Sarah:(scared silly) Run!

(Ash and the gang start to run from the rampaging Metapod)

Brock: All of this confusion has turned to rage!

Sarah:(angry) You think?!

Pikachu: Pika Pika Pi!

Brock:(starting to feel feverish and slow down) Oh, I don't feel so hot.

(Brock faints and falls to the ground. A bead of sweat runs down his forehead.)

Ash:(worried) Brock!

Sarah: Now I know something's up!

Zach: But, what...?

-Who's that Pokemon? HINT: This Pokemon is vulnerable to attack while its shell is soft, exposing its weak and tender body.-

(Scene, back at the Pokemon Center. Brock is lying in bed, still unconscious, as Ash, Sarah and Zach look on. Sarah is deep in thought)

Sarah:(curious) How...?

Ash: Don't worry, Sarah, we'll figure it out!

Pikachu: Pika!

Zach: I sure hope so, Ash.

(Nurse Joy walks into the room. Ash runs up to her)

Ash:(worried) Nurse Joy, will Brock be OK?

Nurse Joy: Hell be fine, he just has a fever.

Zach: Nurse Joy, something in my forest is giving all the Metapod fevers!

Sarah: We cant figure out what it is!

Nurse Joy: How can that be?

Ash:(angry) Ive got a feeling Team Evil is behind this!

Sarah: Lets get back out there!

(They leave the center. After a while of walking along the edge of the forest, Ash stumbles on a little black box. It has a little red E on it.)

Ash: Whats this?

Zach: Thats gotta be it, that must be whats giving the Metapod fevers!

Sarah: That thing?

Ash: Maybe, just maybe, Team Evil was using that little box.

(After holding it for a while, Ash began to feel a little feverish)

Zach: Ash, you OK?

Ash:(sick) I dont feel like myself

Pikachu:(worried) Pika!

Sarah:(takes the box and turns it off) I knew it, that box does make people and Pokemon feel sick, and Team Evil is the only culprit.

(Suddenly, the ground beneath them gives way. Ash, Sarah and Zach fall into a hole. Jessie pops out of the bushes, dancing happily)

Jessie: Hooray! Hoorah! Weve finally got those twerps!

(James and Meowth walk out of the forest. James has a big burlap sack on his back. Within the sack are all of the sick Metapod.)

Meowth: Dats your big plan?!

James:(angry) Thats almost like any other hole wed dig!

Jessie: This holes a few feet deeper so itd be harder to get out of, isnt that clever?

Meowth:(to James) I tink shes gone of the deep end!

James:(to Meowth) Shes off her rocker, no doubt about that!

Jessie:(cheerful) Well Team, lets take these Metapod away

Zach: My Metapod!

Sarah:(angry) Team Evil! You were the ones making those Metapod sick, and only so that you could catch them!

Jessie: Well, of course!

James: Hey, Jess, arent we forgetting

Jessie: Right.

(She poses for the motto)

James: Lets go!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, Its Metapod for us,

James: And make it double, now were in a rush,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: ding ding!

James: One more thing.

(James pulls out an extendable-glove and captures Pikachu. However, the black box made Pikachu too sick to fight back)

Pikachu:(sick) Piiiika.

(Pikachu faints)

Jessie:(laughing) Ha! I love it when we win!

James: Maybe when this is over, well send her to the loony bin.

Meowth: Im right behind ya, Jimmy!

(Meanwhile, in the hole, Sarah is climbing up the edge, trying to escape)

Sarah: Ash, we need to get out of here

(She notices that Ash has passed out)

Zach: Oh-no, the fever made him faint!

Sarah:(angry) Well, we cant let them get away with Metapod or Pikachu!

(Sarah starts to climb out of the hole)

Zach: Right!

(Zach also starts to climb out of the hole, with Ash on his back. Meanwhile, Team Evil is running away with a sick Pikachu and several sick Metapod)

Jessie: Im so excited!

James: Maybe a little too excited!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Jessie: Your snide remarks wont change my mood today!

Meowth: Good, because you wont believe what we said about ya!

James:(rushes to cover Meowths mouth) Keep your mouth closed! You want her to beat us senseless!

(Suddenly, there is an explosion in front of them. Its Nurse Joy and Chansey. Chansey had used an Egg Bomb attack.)

Jessie:(angry) Nothing will spoil my good moment!

Nurse Joy: You cant take those Metapod!

Jessie: Oh, and what are you going to do to stop me?

Sarah:(angry) Well stop you!

(Jessie turns around to see Sarah standing there angrily, with Zach and Ash on his back. Zachs knees are bent, and he looks exhausted)

Nurse Joy:(concerned) Ash!

(Sarah tosses Nurse Joy the black box)

Sarah: Heres what Team Evil used to make Ash, Brock, Pikachu and the Metapod sick, Nurse Joy!

Nurse Joy:(angry) So!

Jessie:(angry) Oh, I dont have time for this!

(suddenly, the bag of Metapod tears and several Metapod come pouring out. They look extremely sick)

James: I dont think we had time for that, either!

Sarah:(throws Pokeball) Burnbal, torch them!

(Burnbal comes out of its Pokeball and shoots embers at Team Evil. Team Evil gets hit by some scorching embers. The scream in pain as they are burnt.)

Nurse Joy: Chansey, use egg bomb!

(Chansey throws some eggs at Team Evil. They explode, sending Team Evil blasting off while leaving Pikachu and the Metapod behind.)

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobbaaaaa!

Sarah:(happy) We did it!

Burnbal: Burnbal! Burn!

Zach: That was great, but the Metapod are still sick!

Nurse Joy: Right, I must take care of the Metapod as well as your friends right away!

-That Pokemon: It was Metapod-

(Scene, inside the Pokemon Center. Ash and Brock are sitting up in their beds, stretching. Sarah, Zach and Nurse Joy walk into the room.)

Ash: Wow, I feel much better.

Brock: And so do I (he races to Nurse Joy) and its all thanks to you, my dear!

(Sarah grabs his ear and pulls him away)

Sarah: Oh please! Shes already aware of your undying gratitude.

Ash: So, how are the Metapod, Nurse Joy?

Nurse Joy: The Metapod will turn out OK after all. Its a good thing we got them in here as soon as we could.

Zach: I want to thank you, Ash, If it werent for you then my Metapod wouldnt have made it.

(Pikachu runs into the room, toward Ash)

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Ash:(happy) Pikachu! (he hugs Pikachu) Im so glad that youre OK!

(Suddenly, there is a large flash of light coming from the other room. Ash, Sarah, Brock and Zach watch this flash in awe. Then, the door bursts open and a flock of Butterfree fly in. Ash, Sarah, Brock, Zach and Nurse Joy watch them)

Brock: Where did the Butterfree come from?

Ash: With all of their adventures, the Metapod must have evolved into Butterfree!

Sarah: Thats so awesome!

Zach: Yeah.

(A Butterfree flies up to Sarah and hugs her.)

Sarah: Oh.

Zach: Sarah, I think that Butterfree wants to go with you! I think you should take him. You could become the best of friends, you know

Sarah: Ok! (She hugs Butterfree) I got a Butterfree!

Ash:(happy) Thats so cool!

Brock: Yes!

(Ash and gang are now leaving the Pokemon Center, waving goodbye to Zach, Nurse Joy and the Butterfree)

Narrator: After yet another amazing, yet sickening adventure, our heroes continue onward to Smallplant City, and Sarah makes yet another friend to accompany her on her quest alongside Ash and Brock. This trip to Smallplant City just might become a bit more interesting.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Well, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 6. Keep an eye out for Chapter 7, for it will contain a special surprise. I don't want to give away too much, but I will say this much. An old friend of Ash's will return... (Not Misty, It's a Pokemon.) Anyways, hope you liked this chapter. Keep up those reviews and see you for chapter 7.

Munchy the Munchlax
February 6th, 2005, 3:56 PM
all i have to say is...wow. it was both good and bad at the same time. i found it rather enteratining, but the anime-ish plot has to go. i'm not saying it's a bad story, but i'm also not saying it's good. you did a god job giving detail, though it is still a bit vague. hopefully, you'll throw the anime-ish plot out the window, keeping those characters, and be able to write a stellar fic. scripted or not, this has a chance to be the best.

February 9th, 2005, 9:45 PM
Authors Notes:
Well, here is Chapter 7. You might or might not be surprised at who returns. Anyways, enjoy. Please Review...

Episode 7: A Different A-Poach

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Gonbe(Munchlax), Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, a foggy loading dock. There is a boat in the nearest dock; a muscular man stands near the boat. Suddenly, a truck pulls up to the boat. Several cages are piled on top. They contain several Pokemon, one of which is a Pidgeot.)

Man in truck: I got here as fast as I could!

Man near boat:(to self) Rookie... (aloud) Ok, load the cargo onto the boat.

(2 other men start moving the cages onto the boat)

Man in truck:(jumps out of truck) So, where am I headed.

Man near boat: You're to take these Pokemon to the Lento region, and not one is to escape, you got it, Mac.

Mac: I got it!

Man near boat: Great, you'll do good kid, this your first time poaching?

Mac: Yeah!

Man near boat: You'll do fine.

(Next scene, on the boat. The sky is pitch black. The ocean waves are a bit choppy, they rock the boat around. The cage with Pidgeot in it falls and breaks open. Pidgeot flies ahead toward the Lento Region.)

-Title Theme-

(Scene, a dirt road in the Lento Region, with large patches of grass around. Ash and the gang are walking along this road. Sarah is holding onto a Pokeball, almost cuddling it.)

Narrator: Ash and the gang, continue on their journey to Smallplant City. Sarah, having caught a new Butterfree, is driving our heroes crazy!

Sarah:(excited) Yay! I caught a Butterfree! Hurray!

Ash: Rub it in more, why don't ya?

Pikachu: Pika...

Brock: Take it easy Ash, Sarah can be excited about catching a new Pokemon.

Ash:(yelling) She's been going on like that for hours!

Brock: Reminds me of a certain trainer...

Sarah:(pointing ahead) Hey! What's going on?

(Sarah notices several police cars. Officer Jenny, along with several other police officers are standing around)

Brock:(heart-eyed) It's Officer Jenny!

(Brock runs to her, but before he can, Sarah pulls him back)

Sarah: Oh-no you don't! Better stop you before you begin.

(Ash walks up to Jenny)

Ash: Officer Jenny, what's going on?

Jenny: Witnesses reported seeing a Pokemon Poacher pass by here in a truck.

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: A Pokemon Poacher!

Jenny: You kids be careful, he could be dangerous!

Brock:(still in love) With you around, Jenny, I feel safe and secure.

(Sarah pulls Brock away)

Sarah: Uhhh, I don't think she'll be safe and secure with you here.

Jenny: just continue along as you normally would.

Ash: Ok, let's go guys!

(Ash walks away, while Sarah has to drag a teary-eyed Brock away. Meanwhile, from their Wobbuffet balloon, Team Evil listened in to this bit of information.)

Jessie: Did you guys hear that?

James:(excited) Yes! A poacher for us to poach from!

Meowth: We could start wit da twerps, you know!

Jessie: And we will, relax Meowth.

Meowth: Whatever...

James: But don't you remember our last encounter with a Pokemon Poacher?

Jessie: We can't be afraid of them, we're even more diabolical then they are.

Meowth: And more evil!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Jessie is still watching Ash and the gang walk along the path)

Jessie: Any second now...

(Meanwhile, Ash and the gang are walking along the road.)

Ash: I can't believe it, another poacher!

Brock: Better leave it alone, Ash!

(Suddenly, the ground gives way underneath our heroes. The gang falls into a hole.)

Jessie: Got 'em!

James:(dismayed) Another hole...?

Jessie: We get closer and closer each time!

Ash: It's Team Evil!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, In the hole you go,

James: And Make it double, Jess, say it isnt so,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all peoples...do we always need to use holes?,

Jessie:(getting angry) To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach...you know, holes are so overrated,

Jessie:(angry) Jessie,

James: Ja...ok, not to sound foolish, but...,

Jessie:(furious) That's It! Do The Motto Right!,

James:(scared)Uh,...Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash: Team Evil!

Pikachu: Pikachu, Pi!

Jessie: You know what we want, twerp, so let's make this easy!

James: Hand over Pikachu!

(Suddenly, the same Pidgeot from the beginning of the episode, rushes out of nowhere and bursts Team Evils balloon. They blast off)

TE: We're blasting off already!

(Ash and gang climb out of the hole and look up at Pidgeot)

Sarah: Wow, a Pidgeot for me to catch!

Ash: That's quite a big one, I'd like to catch it!

Sarah:(upset) But I called it!

Brock: Let Ash catch a Pokemon, he deserves it!

Ash: Ok...

(Pidgeot lands on the ground and rubs up against Ash. Ash seems surprised, but Pidgeot is actually very excited.)

Sarah:(scared) Oh-No! It's gonna eat Ash!

Brock: No, I think it's... could it be?

Ash: Pidgeot, is that you old buddy!

Pidgeot:(excited) Pidgeot!

Ash:(happily, he hugs Pidgeot) It is you, oh how've you been old buddy?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sarah:(surprised) You mean that big bird is your Pokemon?

(Sarah pulls out her Pokedex)

Pokedex: Pidgeot, the bird Pokemon, Pidgeot spreads its beautiful wings wide to frighten its enemies. It can fly at Mach 2 speed. Its well-developed chest muscles make it strong enough to whip up a gusty windstorm with just a few flaps.

Sarah: It's an amazing Pokemon.

Ash: I've had Pidgeot pretty much since the beginning of my journey. When it was a Pidgeotto.

Pidgeot:(in a frenzy) Pidgeot! Pi Pi Pidgeot! Pidgeot Pidgeot!

Ash: What is it Pidgeot?

Pidgeot:(in a frenzy) Pi Pi! Pidgeot! Pid Pidgeot!

Ash: I see, I understand...

Sarah:(shocked) Ash can communicate with Pokemon.

Brock: When you've been around Pokemon as much as Ash, you can understand everything your Pokemon is trying to say. Its a great skill to have!

Ash:(to Sarah and Brock) Everything's not good, Pidgeot says that the Pokemon Poacher stole the Pidgey and Pidgeotto from the Viridian Forest!

Pikachu:(shocked) Pika!

Brock:(angry) No way!

Sarah: We should stay out of this, like Officer Jenny said.

Ash: No way!, we gotta save Pidgeot's friends!

Sarah:(yelling) Ash, you're crazy!

Brock: We've done some crazier stuff than this before.

Ash: You ready, Pidgeot?

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

(Ash climbs on top of Pidgeot. Pidgeot begins to flap its wings, and starts to fly away at top speed. Brock and Sarah run to keep up)

Ash:(to self) Here we come, you guys.

(Meanwhile, the poacher can be seen, driving his truck. There are many cages in the back filled with Pidgey and Pidgeotto. All of a sudden, Team Evil crashes into the back of the truck.)

Jessie:(sore) Just our luck, crashing in a hard place!

(Jessie looks around at all the cages.)

James: Looks like we did get lucky!

Meowth: Heisted Pokemon for us to Heist!

(They laugh loudly.)

-Who's that Pokemon? Here's a hint: This Pokemon is so quick, it is said to be able to avoid any attack. It loves to feed on tree sap.-

(The poachers truck stops, he gets out to look in the back. Team Evil hides under a blanket.)

Mac: Who's there?

(Mac looks around the back. Suddenly, Wobbuffet comes out of its ball)

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Jessie:(angry) You idiot! You just blew our cover!

Mac: Who are you guys?!

James: We're members from Team Evil!

Meowth: And these Pokemon are ours!

Mac: Really? I don't see your name on any of them...

James:(whispering) Jess, he's got us there...

Jessie:(angry) I won't let a punk like him beat me!

(Team Evil jumps out of the back of the truck)

Mac: You're asking for trouble, aren't you?

James: No need to ask, when we can just give!

(Team Evil pulls out their Pokeballs)

Mac:(throws his Pokeball) Go! Darkfuzz!

(The Pokeball opens and a fairly large, grey ball of fuzz appears in front of Team Evil. This big ball of fuzz has large, white eyes and red shoes. It looks extremely angry.)

Darkfuzz: Fuzzzzz!

Jessie:(throws her Pokeball) Seviper! Use poison tail!

(Seviper comes out of the Pokeball, its tail glows purple)

Mac: Darkfuzz, Use Block!

Darkfuzz: Fuzzzzz!

(Darkfuzz grabs Sevipers tail. It is unaffected by the attack)

Jessie:(angry) You think you've got guts, eh?

Mac: You don't know who you're messing with!

James: Maybe he's right!

Jessie:(angry) Who's side are you on!?

Mac: Darkfuzz, finish it!

(Darkfuzz rushes at Seviper. Suddenly a whirlwind knocks Darkfuzz back.)

Jessie: What?!

Mac: What?!

(Ash is riding on Pidgeot, Sarah and Brock stand nearby, panting from exhaustion from running.)

Brock:(angry) You must be that poacher!

Sarah:(angry) Let those Pokemon go!

Mac:(angry) No way!

James: It's the twerps!

Meowth: We need to get out of here!

Jessie:(angry) I'm not going anywhere! Not until I get those Pokemon!

Ash:(angry) Pidgeot!, Use wing attack!

(Pidgeot preps for a wing attack. It strikes Team Evil and Seviper with amazing force. They blast off)

Jessie:(dismayed) Not again!

James: Wiped out of the picture.

Meowth: Maybe, it's for da best!

(Wobbuffet and Chimecho come out of their Pokeballs)

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Chimecho: 'ding'

TE: Team Evil's blasting off yet again!

(Ash and Pidgeot land, and Ash climbs off of his Pokemon)

Mac: Well, what do we have here, a little runt?

Ash: Let those Pokemon go, they belong in the Viridian Forest!

Mac:(sarcastic) Sure, I'll let them go!

(Sarah notices Darkfuzz)

Sarah:(curious) What is that?

(She checks the Pokedex)

Pokedex: Darkfuzz, the fuzz ball Pokemon. Darkfuzz can easily be mistaken for grey cotton. It's fuzz can be used to weave cloth. It can easily hide in the darkness and not be seen, becoming virtually invisible.

Brock: Ash! Be careful!

Ash:(confident) I know what I'm doing.

Mac: Darkfuzz, use Mega Punch!

Darkfuzz: Fuzzzzz!

(Darkfuzz sends a Mega Punch Pidgeot's way.)

Ash: Pidgeot, dodge it!

(Pidgeot flies upward)

Mac: Darkfuzz, go after it!

(Darkfuzz jumps upward, very high. It strikes Pidgeot with its Mega Punch. Pidgeot, however, shakes it off.)

Ash: Pidgeot, use Gust!

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

(Pidgeot flaps its wings hard, causing a strong gust. It nearly blows Darkfuzz away).

Mac: Darkfuzz, give it a Crunch attack, go!

(Darkfuzz bears its jaws and goes after Pidgeot.)

Sarah: Look out!

Brock: A Crunch attack is very strong!

(Darkfuzz gets ready to bite down on Pidgeot, but it misses and falls back down to the ground, hurting itself.)

Ash: Pidgeot, use Whirlwind!

(Pidgeot blows a strong whirlwind, blowing Darkfuzz into a tree.)

Mac: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash:(confident) Heh, now to show you that I do my homework! Pidgeot, use Hurricane!

Brock:(surprised) Hurricane? It can learn Hurricane?!

(Pidgeot blows a gust toward the sky. Suddenly the sky grows dark. Rain starts to pour, thunder begins to clap, and the wind gusts hard.)(Side note: Hurricane is a brand new move in my game and one of few moves with multi-types, that being Flying, Water, and Electric)

Mac:(shocked) What the?

Ash: All right, Pidgeot, give it all you got!

(Pidgeot is still blowing gusts into the sky. Suddenly, Thunder strikes Darkfuzz, shocking it. Darkfuzz faints as the sky clears up again)

Mac: Darkfuzz, no way!

(Mac runs up to his Pokemon as Ash and gang look on)

Ash: The reason you lost is because you apparently have no friendly connection with Pokemon. When youre kind to Pokemon, both of you are a lot stronger!

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock: Thats right, everybody has to be kind to Pokemon.

Sarah: And stealing isnt being kind to Pokemon!

Mac:(angry) Youll pay!

Jenny:(out of nowhere) Hold on!

(Suddenly, Mac is surrounded by police.)

Mac: I will not surrender!

Jenny: Youre left with no choice!

(Officer Jenny puts Mac in handcuffs. While this is going on, the other police officers open the cages, and the Pidgey and Pidgeotto fly away. Jenny turns to Ash and the gang.)

Jenny: I cant thank you enough for helping me catch this poacher!

Brock:(heart eyed) How about being in love with me!

(Sarah drags him away)

Sarah: How about, she has enough problems!

Jenny: Thanks Ash!

Ash: Oh, I owe it all to Pidgeot!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

-That Pokemon: Its Ninjask-

(Scene, the sun sets in the horizon. Ash and the gang stand opposite Pidgeot. Playing in the background is the music from Pokemon 4-Ever, when Sam goes back in time.)

Ash: Well, Pidgeot, youre friends are going home.

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

Ash: And you should too, they still need you Pidgeot!

Brock: Ash, are you sure? You did make that promise to Pidgeot youd be back.

Ash: I know. (Turns to Pidgeot) And I will be back, but for now, you belong in the Viridian Forest. Those Pokemon still need you.

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Pidgeot: Pidgeot!

(Ash hugs Pidgeot)

Ash:(sad) Ill miss you Pidgeot, as I always do!

Sarah:(crying) Thats so sweet!

Pidgeot:(sad) Pidgeot!

(Pidgeot flies toward the horizon. As Ash watches, he begins to flashback on the times they shared. Music changes to My Best Friend. Ash remembers when he first captured Pidgeotto. First using Caterpie to weaken it and then Pikachu. He then throws a Pokeball at Pidgeotto, and captures it. Next, Ash battles Mistys Starmie with Pidgeotto in Cerulean Gym. Next, is all of the Pidgeotto creating a whirlwind on the St. Anne. Then, Ash pats Pidgeotto after a victory at Viridian Gym. It ends with Ashs Pidgeotto evolving to Pidgeot, and defeating Fearow.)

Ash:(crying) Pidgeot!, Ill miss you.

Brock: Come on, Ash, lets go on!

Ash:(determined) Right! To Smallplant City!

Narrator: After quite the adventure with an old friend, Ash and his best friends continue the journey to Smallplant City, not knowing what adventure lies on the road ahead.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Well, I hope you enjoyed. If you have the music associated with this Chapter, listen to it for an enhanced experience. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this Chapter. Chapter 8 will come soon!

February 11th, 2005, 9:50 PM
Authors Notes:
Well, here is Chapter 8 of Pokemon: Lento Legends. In this episode, Ash captures his first Lento Pokemon, a Bunon. Please review, so I can know if I still need improving. Anyways, I will be taking a short break to edit the rest of the episodes and to write more. Enjoy!

Episode 8: Go On, Bunon!

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, an open field. Sarah and Butterfree are practicing some of Butterfrees moves as Ash, Pikachu and Brock watch from a distance, eating some of Brock's delicious cooking while sitting on a hollow log.)

Sarah: Ok, Butterfree let me see a Gust attack!

Butterfree: Freeh!

(Butterfree blows a fairly light gust attack at Sarah. It's gentle as it blows at Sarah's long, black hair)

Sarah:(excited) Alright! That was too cool!

Ash:(agreeing) It was Sarah, your Butterfree is awesome!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: I agree.

Sarah: Thanks you guys!

(Ash, Sarah and Brock continue to talk as the narrator speaks.)

Narrator: Still on a quest to become Pokemon Master. Ash and his friends take a pit stop on the road to Smallplant City, so that Sarah can show them all that her Butterfree can do. And what an impressive show it was!

Ash:(curious) So, Sarah, do you plan on entering any gyms?

Sarah: No...

Ash:(shocked) Eh?

Brock: How about contests?

Sarah: Nope...

Brock:(also shocked) Huh?

Ash: Then, what are your goals?

(Sarah whips out a small, white brochure from her green handbag. There is a picture of a large, purple building on the front, with a Pokeball on the front of the building. This building is surrounded by tall, grey skyscrapers.)

Sarah: This!

Butterfree: Beee...Freeh! (Ash takes and looks over the Brochure.)

Ash:(reading) Yearly battle club tournament in Bluerock City?...

Brock:(reading) Winner will receive, whoa! $2,000.

Ash:(reading) They will also be known as Top Class Pokemon trainers!

Sarah:(determined) That's right, I hope someday to be a Top Class Pokemon trainer!

Brock: Well, I think that's a great goal!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Without the gang noticing, a shady Pokemon is stealing their food.)

Sarah:(surprised) Uh, guys, turn around!

(Ash and Brock turn around to see that their food is being eaten by a Bunon!)

All: Ahhhhh!

Ash: It's a Bunon!

-Title Theme-

Brock:(crying) My perfect meal, ruined...

Ash: I'm gonna catch it!

(Bunon runs off into the bushes.)

Sarah:(sarcasm) Yes Ash, you will catch it.

Ash:(crying out) Bunon, wait!

(Ash runs after Bunon. Brock and Sarah follow.)

Brock: Ash, wait up.

Ash:(Pulls out and throws Pokeball) Seedy, go stop Bunon!

(Seedy comes out of the ball. It seems ready for a battle.)

Seedy: Seedy! Seed!

(Seedy jumps in Bunons way, stopping it in its tracks. Ash and gang catch up)

Ash: Bunon, I request a battle!

(Bunon looks at Ash)

Sarah:(concerned) Ash, what if Bunon has a trainer?

Brock: Yeah, remember Gloria. She had a Bunon.

Ash: And I will have this Bunon!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: But look...

(Ash turns around to see Seedy knocked down and Bunon running away. Ash continues to pursue it. Seedy gets up and follows them)

Ash:(yelling) Stop Bunon! I want a battle!

(Meanwhile, Team Evil watches this from their balloon)

Jessie: Look at those twerps, always on some sort of wild goose chase.

James: Looks like this time, it's a Bunon, not a goose.

Meowth: A Bunon, huh?

Jessie: I love the sound of that!

James: But Jess, remember the last time we encountered that fur ball.

Jessie: Yes, James, remember the last time we encountered that fur ball.

(James and Meowth grin menacingly)

Meowth: I get da big picture, Jess!

Jessie: Perfect, then we will make Bunon ours!

James: Then, we'll be the stars.

J, J & M:(starry eyed) Big Promotions, Big Cash Bonuses! It'll be a Bunon bonanza!

Wobbuffet: Wobba, Wobba!

(Meanwhile, Ash and the Gang continue to run after Bunon)

Ash:(angry) I've had enough! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu aims and shoots a thunderbolt in front of Bunon. It stops and turns around to scowl at Ash)

Ash: Sorry I had to do that Bunon, but I want a battle.

(Bunon then jumps up and angrily doubleslaps Ash)

Bunon:(angry) Bunon! Bunon!

Ash:(angry) What was that for?

Sarah: Ash, careful.

Brock: I think its angry!

Sarah: Ok, genius, what gave you that idea!

Ash:(angry) I just want to capture you!

(Bunon runs off again. Ash follows it)

Sarah: Ash!

Ash: Bunon, please wait.

(Suddenly, the ground below gives way. Ash is starting to slide down a cliff)

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Ahhhhh!

(Ash grabs onto a twig on the side of the cliff. The drop isnt that far, but Ash doesnt want to fall)

Brock:(concerned) Ash, just hang on, well get you back up here!

Ash: I hope so

-Whos that Pokemon? Heres a hint: Its rear feet have three toes each. They are webbed, enabling it to swim across rivers.-

(Scene, Team Evils balloon, they are watching all of these events as they unfold)

James: Well, weve caught up to the twerp patrol!

Meowth: But no sign of dat Bunon!

Jessie:(impatient) We have to find it, no matter how long it takes us!

James: It shouldnt have gotten too far from here!

(Meowth Spots it through the binoculars. Bunon is also hanging on for dear life, on another twig below Ash.)

Meowth: Dere it is yous guys, Deres dat Bunon!

Jessie: Perfect, James you know what to do!

James: Right, extendable glove plan in action!

Jessie:(sighs) Do what you gotta do

(Meanwhile, Sarah sends out her Butterfree in an attempt to rescue Ash)

Ash:(scared) Hurry, I feel the twig cracking!

Brock: Sarah, hurry!

Sarah:(nervous) Ok! (Turns to Butterfree) Butterfree, go help Ash!

Butterfree: Freeh!

(It swoops down to go help Ash! It then notices Bunon holding onto another twig)

Ash: Bunon, you shouldve just given me a battle!

Bunon:(upset and scared) Bunon Bunon!

(Ash seems sad about what Bunon is now going through. He sees the scared look in Bunons face.)

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Bunon, I wont let anything happen to you, you dont have to worry! (He turns around) I I cant let anything happen to you.

Bunon: Bun

Butterfree: Freeh, Freeh

(Ash notices that Butterfree has made it to his eye level. Butterfree is telling Ash to grab onto its feet)

Ash: Hold on, Butterfree.

(Ash jumps downward, toward Bunon. He slides down the steep hill a bit, but his feet manage to get a good grip on the ground.)

Brock:(yelling) Ash! What are you doing?

(Ash takes Bunon in his arms.)

Ash: I wont let anything happen to Bunon.

(Ash grabs hold of the twig Bunon was grasping onto.)

Sarah: Ash, that Bunon ate our food, and he got you into this mess. How can you be so nice to it after all that?

Brock: Ash actually has quite the soft spot for any Pokemon. When youre a Pokemon Trainer like him, thats essential.

Sarah: I still think its crazy.

Brock: Although you need to fight hard against opponents, having that soft spot for Pokemon, and learning when a Pokemon has had enough is whatll make you a true winner. Remember that, and youll become a Top Class Pokemon Trainer.

(Sarah looks at him wide eyed)

Sarah:(yelling to Ash) Hang on to Bunon, Butterfree will help you!

Ash: Thanks Sarah!

(suddenly, an extendable glove snatches Bunon from Ashs arms)

Brock: Oh-No!

(Team Evil descends in their balloon)

Jessie: Well, what do we have here? Twerp on the edge?

Meowth: Well, Bunons in our court now!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, The end is near,

James: And make it double, are we crystal clear?,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: ding ding!

Ash: Team Evil, you never know when to give up, do you?!

Bunon:(scared) Bunnnnnnon!

James: Relax, twerp, today we thought wed do something right.

Meowth: Wed take a wild Pokemon of your hands for ya!

Jessie: Besides, catching this wild Pokemon is more fun than being zapped by your trained Pikachu!

James: This Bunon cant be a bother anymore!

Ash:(angry) Bunon is not a bother! You are!

Jessie: Wrong!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Jessie returns it to its Pokeball.)

Jessie: Well, if you meant Wobbuffet, I see what you mean

Ash:(more angry) Give back Bunon!

(Ash makes the Leap of Faith and grabs onto the extendable glove and holds onto Bunon)

Team Evil: Oh no, not you!

Sarah:(nervous) Ash!

Brock: Watch out!

Ash:(to Bunon) I wont let them take you away, Bunon!

Bunon:(grateful) Bunon

Jessie:(angry) Get him out of here James!

James:(Holding a remote control) Have you ever heard of my dance, I call it the swing!

(James, while laughing, moves the joystick on the control in all directions. The extendable glove swings round and round)

Meowth: James, I tink da swings a real dance.

James: Oh, well I guess whoever made it up wouldnt mind me using it!

Jessie: I mind you using it

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: ding

Ash:(to himself) Its worth a shot

(He gets Bunon out of Team Evils grip. Once the glove swings closest to the cliff, he makes yet another leap of faith, and lands on the edge. Sarah and Brock pull him up)

James: Hey, no fair. (He pulls out his Pokeball and throws it) Cacturne, use Pin Missile. (Cacturne comes out, and hugs James) No, not me you big lug, the twerps!

Jessie: (Pulls out her Pokeball) Go Seviper!

(Seviper comes out of its ball and he and Cacturne land on the cliff, ready for battle!)

Ash:(to Bunon) Ready Bunon?

(Music switches to Pokemon Heroes Hot on the Trail Music, also heard when Misty uses Gyarados in A Togepi Mirage)

Bunon: Bunon!

Ash: Bunon, start with a Tackle!

(Bunon rushes at Seviper and hits it hard and direct with a Tackle. Seviper swaggers backwards a little.)

Seviper:(in pain) Seviper!

Jessie: Seviper, Poison Tail. (Seviper shakes off its damage rather easily.)

James: Cacturne, use Needle Arm!

(Seviper and Cacturne rush at Bunon with their attacks. Sevipers tail glows Purple, while Cacturnes arms glow white.)

Ash: Bunon, dodge it!

(Bunon dodges both attacks with ease, and rather quickly too. It does a 360 degree back flip in the air before landing on its feet, and taking a bow.)

Sarah: Wow, Ash is good with Bunon!

Brock: That he is!

Jessie:(angry) Ohhhh, Seviper use Bite attack!

(Seviper gets ready for a bite attack. It bears it's large, red fangs.)

Ash: Bunon, dodge it!

(Bunon jumps out of the way, yet again, and bounces on Sevipers head.)

James: Cacturne, go get it!

(Cacturne rushes at Bunon, but Bunon also dodges that)

Jessie: Its fast, now I really want that Pokemon!

Ash:(angry) But you cant have it! (To Bunon) Use Hyper Beam!

Bunon: Buuuuuunnnnnnn!

(Bunon begins to charge up its Hyper Beam attack)

James: Its all over

Meowth: Oh, dont say dat!

James: It is, Its all over

(Bunon fires a Hyper Beam at Seviper and Cacturne. They fly into the balloon, thus bursting it and sending Team Evil blasting off)

Meowth: Well

James: Didnt I tell you it would be all over?

James: Oh, shut it the both of you!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

Ash:(excited) Bunon, you were great!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sarah: Yes you were!

Brock: Right!

Ash: Alright, Bunon, can we have that battle now?

Bunon:(happily) Bunon

(He agrees)

-Whos that Pokemon answer: Raticate-

(Scene, near the cliff. Bunon falls to the ground fainted. It was Thunder bolted by Pikachu, who stands opposite it. Ash pulls out a Pokeball.)

Ash:(throws the Pokeball) Go, Pokeball!

(The Pokeball hits Bunon and it disappears into it. The Pokeball wobbles 'to and fro' for a few seconds before it pings. Ash picks it up) Alright, I caught Bunon!

Pikachu:(Peace sign) Pi! Pikachu!

Brock: Youll make a great trainer for Bunon, Ash!

Sarah: Yes, he will!

(Ash releases Bunon. It happily jumps into Ashs arms. Ash hugs Bunon as it freeze-frames on that picture)

Narrator: With a new friend on his team, Ash and the gang will now, once again, continue on the road to Smallplant City, where Ash will earn his first gym badge in the Lento region.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Hope you liked this one. This one should be my best one yet. Look out for Chapter 9, coming as soon as I can!

Munchy the Munchlax
February 11th, 2005, 9:54 PM
wow, that was a fairly good chapter. still, hopefully you will turn away from your anime plot... other than that, really good chapter and i look forward to the next one.

February 18th, 2005, 4:24 AM
Authors Notes:
Nothing much to say here... here's chapter 9!

Episode 9: Single, Double, Trinple

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, a country road looking down on a small town. There are several light yellow houses, with blue roofs. There are several, intertwining roads with a park in the middle. There are several battlefields in the park. There is also a Pokemon Center near the middle of the town. Ash, Sarah and Brock look down at this town. Brock is reading his trusty Lento guidebook.)

Ash:(excited) All right! We made it to Smallplant City!

Sarah: Uhhh, Ash?

Ash:(determined) Finally, well battle in our first gym match!

Sarah: Ash?

Ash: I can smell the sweet scent of victory! Can you smell that Pikachu?

Pikachu:(confused) Pika?

Sarah:(yelling) ASH!

Ash: Ow, why so loud?

Sarah: Thats not Smallplant city!

Brock: Its Trinple Town.

Ash:(hangs head) I should have known!

-Title Theme-

(Scene, Ash and Gang are now walking down a road in the town. Ash has a look of confusion on his face.)

Narrator: After a long walk and a bit of confusion, our heroes arrive in Trinple Town, a short pit-stop on their journey to Smallplant City, where Ash hopes to earn his first Lento badge.

Ash:(confused) I cant believe I got confused.

Sarah: It happens to the best of us, sometimes!(She notices Brock is missing) Hey, where is Brock?

Brock:(heart eyed, hitting on a girl with red hair and green eyes. She is very pretty.) Hi there, my name is Brock and I feel that wed make the perfect match.

(Sarah grabs Brocks ear and drags him away)

Sarah:(angry) Why dont you match your clothes, rather than girls? (She lets go) Is that really any way to behave?

Brock:(drops head anime style) No maam

Sarah: I thought not!

Ash: Lets find the Pokemon Center, so we can rest up to get to Smallplant City. It shouldnt be too far! (Scene, the gang is now in the Pokemon Center. Ash is in a state of shock, a bead of sweat rolls down his face) WHAT! Smallplant is another 5 miles!

Nurse Joy: Smallplant City is a ways away, but its not as far as most people think!

Brock: Hes gonna run into problems!

Pikachu: Pika

Nurse Joy: Well while youre here, why dont you visit Battle Square?

Ash: Battle Square?

Sarah: Ive heard of Battle Square! Its that big park we saw when we got here! We can have a Pokemon Battle there!

Ash:(determined) Sounds great to me!

Brock: Nurse Joy, you snapped my friend out of that funk!

Nurse Joy:(flattered) Oh, it was nothing

Brock:(Entering hit-on-girl mode) Now thats the type of quality I look for in a girl. One that can snap your best friend out of a funk!

(Sarah drags Brock away by the ear)

Sarah:(angry) Tell me, how do we snap you out of THIS funk!

Ash:(waving) Bye, Nurse Joy!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Nurse Joy: Bye!

(Scene, Battle Square. Ash stands on one side of one of the Battlefields, while Sarah stands on the other side. The battlefield is surrounded by park benches and trees. Brock stands off to the side, ready to judge the match.)

Ash:(determined) So, you think you can beat me? Thisll be perfect practice for my gym match!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah:(determined) Dont count on it, Ash! This victory will bring me one step closer to Top Class Pokemon trainer status!

Brock: Each trainer is allowed one Pokemon! The trainer to make the other Pokemon faint is the winner. Let this battle begin!

Ash:(throws a Pokeball) Bunon lets go!

(Bunon comes out of the Pokeball. Its a little feisty and ready for a battle.)

Bunon: Bun, Bunon!

Sarah:(Throws a Pokeball) Butterfree, lets go!

(Butterfree comes out of its Pokeball. It spins around in Mid-Air gracefully.)

Brock:(yelling) Begin!

Ash: Bunon, lets start with Tackle!

Bunon: Bun!

(Bunon rushes at Butterfree, prepared for a head-on tackle attack.)

Sarah: Dodge it, and use gust!

(As Bunon jumps at Butterfree, it flies out of the way, and starts to create a gust by flapping its wings rapidly. The gust throws Bunon off its course)

Ash: Bunon, try another Tackle

(Bunon shakes off the Gust, and Tackles Butterfree. Butterfree stops using gust.)

Sarah:(concerned) Butterfree!

Ash: Bunon, lets use another Tackle!

Bunon: Bunon!

(Bunon, once again, rushes at Butterfree full force!)

Sarah:(to herself) Think like Ash, and you can dodge! (Out Loud) Butterfree, quick, dodge it!

(Butterfree gets out of the way in the nick of time. Bunon tries Tackle again, but once again moves out of the way. This continues for a while)

Brock:(amazed) Wow, Sarahs Butterfree is really is good at dodging!

Ash: If this keeps up, Ill never beat Sarah!

Sarah: Keep going, Butterfree, youre doing great!

Ash: Bunon, lets try your Hyper Beam!

Bunon: Bunon!

(Bunon charges up a Hyper Beam attack, and prepares to fire it at Butterfree)

Sarah: Butterfree, get ready to dodge!

Butterfree: Freeh!

(Bunon, fires the Hyper Beam. Butterfree dodges it, but is still clipped by Hyper Beam.)

Sarah:(worried) Butterfree!

Brock: Sarah, Butterfree is ok, it wasnt a direct hit!

Sarah: Got it!

Ash:(amazed) No way!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: Butterfree, use Sleep Powder.

(Butterfree sprinkles Sleep Powder over Bunon. It begins to get drowsy)

Ash: Bunon!

Sarah: Now, finish it with Gust!

(Butterfree flaps its wings rapidly. The Gust attack hits Bunon head on. Bunon faints)

Brock:(Raises his right hand) Bunon is unable to battle, Sarah and Butterfree win!

(Ash picks up his hurt Pokemon)

Ash: You did great, Bunon, you deserve a rest!

Bunon: Bunon

(Ash puts Bunon back in its ball. Sarah runs up to him)

Sarah:(concerned) Will Bunon be ok?

Ash: Sarah, no need to worry, Bunon will be just fine with some rest!

Sarah:(apologetic) Sorry

Butterfree: Freeh

Ash: Dont be!

Sarah: Huh? But

Ash: Thats what Pokemon battles are all about. You win some and you lose some. I was really impressed with the way you handled Butterfree. Just narrowly dodging Hyper Beam was quite amazing. Youre sure to become a Top Class Pokemon Trainer!

Sarah:(blushing) Awww thanks Ash!

Brock: Now, how about we head to the Pokemon Center?

(Out of nowhere, an extendable glove grabs Bunons Pokeball. Its Team Evil)

Jessie: Youre not going anywhere

Meowth: Without returning our Pokemon to us!

James: Yes!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

-Whos that Pokemon? Heres a hint: Its high intelligence enables it to understand human speech. It likes to ferry people on its back.-

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, Bunon galore,

James: And make it double, youll see just whats in store,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Sarah: That Bunon belongs to Ash!

Jessie: No, Bunon belongs to us!

James: Besides, why do you want Bunon anyway?

Ash:(angry) Because I caught it!

Meowth: Well ten! Looks like we have ta take dat Pikachu too!

(Another extendable hand grabs Pikachu)

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu tries to use thunderbolt, but fails. Team Evil laughs)

Meowth: Dis rubba grip ensures tat notin evah happens to us!

James: No physical harm is a pleasant dream!

Jessie:(happily) For the dream team!

Wobbuffet Wobba!

Sarah: Team Evil, I order you to let go of those Pokemon, or else?

Jessie: Hmmm, or else what sweetie

James: Theres nothing you can do to us, twerp!

Meowth: So stay out of da way.

Jessie:(throws Pokeball) Seviper, stop them!

(Seviper comes out of the Pokeball and blocks Ash and Gang while Team Evil gets away)

Ash:(trying to follow) Stop right there!

(Ash is being blocked by Seviper)

Seviper: Seviper!

Brock: Ash, we need to stop them!

Sarah: Butterfree, get Seviper with Sleep Powder!

Butterfree: Freeh!

(It sprinkles Sleep Powder on Seviper, who falls asleep. Ash and the gang follow Team Evil, who is in their balloon)

Jessie: Well, look at who we got!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

James: Even if it means you wont see Seviper again?

Meowth: You left it back dere!

Jessie:(calm) Relax, you two. Itll find us after it takes care of the twerps.

Meowth:(Looking down) You mean da same twerps dats followin us?

Jessie:(furious) WHAT!?!

(Jessie returns Seviper to its Pokeball from a distance.)

Ash: Team Evil, your game is up!

Jessie: No it isnt, weve got your Pokemon!

Sarah: Butterfree, go get them!

(Butterfree flies up to the balloon. Faster than sound, it swoops in and grabs Pikachu and Bunons Pokeball)

Butterfree: Freeh!

Jessie:(angry) Hey!

James: Give us back our Pokemon!

Meowth: Dats right!

Sarah: Butterfree, Sleep Powder!

(Butterfree sprinkles Sleep Powder all over Team Evil.)

Jessie:(drowsy) Well, a long day deserves a long nap.

James:(drowsy) I agree

Meowth:(drowsy) So do I!

Wobbuffet:(drowsy) Wobbaaaaa

(Team Evil falls completely asleep)

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunder!

Pikachu: Piiiikaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu uses its thunder attack on the balloon, causing it to explode and send Team Evil Airborne)

Jessie: ZzZ

James: ZzZ

Meowth: ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

Team Evil: ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

Ash:(relieved) Glad thats over!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash: Thank you Sarah!

Brock: Yeah Sarah, that was great!

Sarah: All in a days work!

Butterfree: Beeefreeeeh!

-Whos that Pokemon answer: Its Lapras-

(Scene, outside the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy stands on one side, Ash and the gang stand on another.)

Nurse Joy: I hope you enjoyed Trinple Town!

Brock:(H-O-G mode) Why, you were the best part.

(Sarah drags him away by the ear)

Sarah:(angry) And doing this was my best part.

Ash: And we all learned important lessons about Pokemon!

Nurse Joy: Well, Ash, just follow this road to Smallplant City!

Ash: Will do, Nurse Joy!

(The scene ends with a pastel type picture of Ash walking down the road, an angry Sarah dragging Brock by the ear, and Brock sobbing. Nurse Joy waves goodbye)

Narrator: After quite the Pokemon battle, and quite the lesson learned, in Trinple Town, Ash and friends are ready to hit the road to Smallplant City!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed. Ash should be in Smallplant City real soon. Chapter 10 coming soon!

Blaziken Trainer
February 18th, 2005, 11:04 AM
I love this plot! Is there anyways you can draw pictures of the Pokemon?

February 18th, 2005, 11:06 PM
Non Story Material:

As a matter of fact, I do have pictures of the three starters. The Seedy one wasn't done by me, but Burnbal and Eelin were. As you can see I'm not that good of an artist, but hopefully I can get more up for you later!


Munchy the Munchlax
February 18th, 2005, 11:08 PM
hey, i think that those look pretty good. looking forward to more story and more chapters. by the way, i loved the most recent one. it's starting to get a bit better! keep on writing :)

February 19th, 2005, 12:05 PM
Authors Notes:
Thanks alot for the great comments! Hopefully, I will be able to release images of the other Lento Pokemon real soon. Anyway, here is Chapter 10, called "Sparry me Some Dignity." In it, Ash and the gang meet a new Pokemon called Sparry. From this chapter on, new Lento Legends will be released on a weekly basis! Anyways, hope you enjoy and please keep those reviews coming!

Episode 10: Sparry Me Some Dignity

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, A dark forest. Ash, Sarah and Brock walk through this forest. Sarah is scared half to death as she walks along. She is trembling with fear.)

Narrator: Ash and the Gang continue on the road to Smallplant City through a forest. Though this forest is particularly creepy, there is no way around it, and Ash and his friends can brave such darkness. Well at least most of them can!

Sarah:(scared) You guys, Im very scared!

Pikachu: Pika pi?

Ash:(calm) Sarah, dont worry, nothing bad will happen!

Brock: Youre hanging with us!

Sarah:(calming down) I I guess.

Ash:(excited) Thats the spirit! Well be out of here as fast as we can.

(Suddenly, a mysterious, shady creature flies by the gang rapidly)

Brock: What was that?

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash:(shocked) I dont know. (He turns around and sees Sarah is missing) Wha!? Wheres Sarah?

(Sarah is running in the opposite direction)

Sarah:(very scared) You can count me out!

Ash:(buries face in hands) Oh boy

-Title Theme-

(Scene, still in that dark forest. Ash, Sarah and Brock are sitting on the ground, exhausted. Sarah is nervously trembling. She is stricken with fear.)

Ash: I never knew you were such a scaredy cat!

Sarah:(yelling angrily) I am not scared!

Brock: Sarah, youre trembling!

Sarah:(thinking up an excuse) Uh Uh Boy, theres quite a chilly breeze (She holds onto herself trying to warm up) Im awfully cold!

Ash: You cant fool me Youre scared.

Brock: Everyones afraid of something, like Ash Hes afraid of losing.

Ash:(agreeing) Yes, thats (suddenly, he realizes what hes agreeing too. He gets angry) Hey!

(Sarah giggles cheerfully. She seems less afraid.)

Brock: Calm down, just trying to make Sarah feel better!

Sarah: Yeah, Ash! (giggles) And its working!

Ash:(angry) Would you cut it out?! We need to get to Smallplant City!

(Suddenly, that same creature from before flies by)

Brock:(shocked) There it is again!

Sarah:(curious) What is it?

Ash: Only one way to find out! (Turns to Pikachu) Use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu:(nods) Pika! (Pikachu jumps up) Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fires a thunderbolt at whatever it was, and hits it)

? Pokemon: squawk

Ash: Is it, a Pokemon?

(It flies out of the bushes and makes itself visible. It is a blue, sparrow Pokemon, with tiny, red feathers on its head. Its at least 7 inches tall, and it has a long wingspan. Its beak is pretty small.)

Sarah: What is that?

Brock: Its a Sparry!

Ash: Sparry?

(Ash checks the Pokedex)

Pokedex: Sparry, the sparrow Pokemon. Sparry can fly at about 10 miles an hour. It has very good navigational skills and can easily lead anybody to where they need to be.

Sarah: Wow! What a Pokemon.

Ash:(confident) I need to catch it! Sparry will make a great addition to my team!

Brock: Or mine

Ash:(curious) Brock?

Brock: Let me take care of this!

(Sparry gets up and takes flight. It squawks out some message)

Ash:(curious) What is it doing?

(Suddenly, about 100 or so Sparry appear from above the trees and begin to dive bomb Ash and the gang.)

Brock:(Scared) Now we all have reason to be scared!

Ash:(Scared) Lets make a run for it!

Pikachu:(Scared) Pikachu!

Sarah:(very scared) You think that might be a good idea?!

(The gang begins to run away, in the direction of Smallplant City. They duck for cover as Sparry after Sparry try to get them with a Peck attack.)

Ash:(calling out) You think we can get away?!

Brock:(calling back) Well just have to see, Ash!

Pikachu:(scared) Pika Pi!

(Pikachu flips around to face the Sparry)

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt! Go!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fires a strong thunderbolt at some unsuspecting Sparry. They are fried, but refuse to give up. They begin pecking at Pikachu.)

Ash:(upset) Pikachu, no! (Pulls out a Pokeball) Bunon, show these Sparry your Hyper Beam!

(Bunon comes out of its Pokeball)

Bunon:(angry) Bunon!

(Bunon begins to charge up a Hyper Beam attack. It aims it straight for the Sparry, but before it gets the chance to unleash it, the Sparry attack!)

Sarah:(scared) Bunon is in trouble!

(Bunon manages to fire his Hyper Beam and spreads the Sparry apart.)

Ash: Great job Bunon!

(Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Team Evil is also being chased by a flock of Sparry. They run away, scared)

Jessie:(scared) James, whyd you have to make that comment about the Sparry?!

James:(Scared) Me, youre the ones whose gums were flapping!

Meowth:(Scared) Enough, yous guys, lets get outta here!

Wobbuffet:(Scared) Wobbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Sparry: Spar! Spar! Spar!

James:(Scared) Make it stop, Jess! Make it stop!

Jessie:(Scared) I cant make it stop!

(The Sparry catch up to Team Evil, and start to peck away. Team Evil screams in pain!)

Team Evil: Team Evil is being pecked at againnnnnnnn!!!!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Meanwhile, Ash and gang find some shelter behind a huge tree. Ash looks out from behind the tree, and sees the entire Sparry flock fly by without noticing them. He and the gang sigh a sigh of relief.)

Ash:(relieved) That was a close one!

Sarah: Too close

Pikachu: Pika!

Bunon: Bun! Bunon!

(Brock looks worried.)

Ash: Brock, whats wrong?

Sarah: Whats the matter, Brock?

Pikachu: Pika

Brock: I guess I just have no idea why those Sparry were chasing us. If I knew, I could figure something out

Sarah: Well, Pikachu shocked it.

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Ash:(coming to conclusion) It must be angry that we attacked it!

(Ash looks in the Pokedex)

Pokedex: Sparry are very, very territorial Pokemon, and can be irritated very easily when attacked by another Pokemon in its personal space.

Brock: That must be it, if we leave Sparrys personal space

Sarah:(excited) Then, they will leave us alone!
Ash: But, this entire forest is Sparrys personal space, and were still nowhere near an exit!

(Brock looks worried again)

Ash:(curious) Now whats the matter Brock?

Brock: I I just want to catch one of those Sparry! I know if I do, I will have a Lento Pokemon to work with!

Ash: Hey! Thats right!

Sarah:(confident) Dont worry Brock, you have our support!

Ash:(confident) And, mine too! Isnt that right, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock:(thankful) Thanks a lot, you guys are the best!

(Suddenly, the flock of Sparry discovers Ash and the gang behind the big tree.)

Sarah:(Scared) Ahhhhh!!! What have we gotten ourselves into?!

-Whos that Pokemon? Hint: A Pokemon that is described in Chinese legends. It is said to race at an unbelievable speed.-

(Ash and the gang are now facing off against a flock of Sparry.)

Sarah:(Scared, Yelling) Do you have any idea what youre now up against!?

Brock: Ive been up against worse than this! (He pulls out a Pokeball and throws it) Ludicolo! Youre up!

(Ludicolo comes out of its Pokeball, and does a little dance)

Ludicolo:(happy) Colo! ColoColo!

Sarah: Wow, a Ludicolo!

(She pulls out her Pokedex)

Pokedex: Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokemon. Ludicolo begins dancing as soon as it hears cheerful, festive music. This Pokemon is said to appear when it hears the singing of children on hiking outings.

Sarah:(impressed) What a cool Pokemon!

Brock: Ludicolo! Use your Bullet Seed attack!

(Ludicolo fires a Bullet Seed attack rapidly at the Sparry. They all dodge the attack.)

Ludicolo: Colo?

Ash:(amazed) Wow, theyre good.

Brock: Ludicolo, use Astonish!

Ludicolo: Colo! Colo!

(Ludicolo jumps up and hits a Sparry with an Astonish attack. That Sparry falls to the ground, but the rest look angry. Suddenly, a net swoops up all the rest.)

Ash: What the?

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

(Its Team Evil. They are up in their balloon. Dangling from the balloon is the net of Sparry)

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, These Sparry are ours,

James: And make it double, uhhh weve waited for hours,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Chimecho: ding

James: Why are you not in your ball?

Ash:(angry) Team Evil! Dont you ever give up?!

Jessie: When we heard about the bunch of Sparry, we realized its true power!

James:(rubbing his head) Only after several bumps and bruises!

Meowth: And now dere in our possession!

Jessie:(happy) I love it when we win!

(Brock gets angry)

Brock: Oh no you dont!

(He runs and leaps toward the net. He grabs onto the net and hangs on.)

Jessie:(angry) Hey! Those are ours!

Brock:(reassuringly) Dont worry, Ill help you get out of here. (The Sparry start pecking at Brock. Brock gets angry.)Hey! Im trying to help.

Ludicolo: Colo! Colo!

Ash:(concerned) Brock!

James: Twerp, you need to let go!

Meowth: Dese are our Sparry, so give it up!

Brock:(still being pecked) Never!

(The Sparry on the ground looks up. He sees Brock getting pecked, yet Brock holds on. The Sparry appreciates Brock trying to help his friends, so he gets up on his feet)

Sparry:(angry) squawk, squawk!

Sarah: Look at Sparry!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash:(shocked) Sparry got up!

(They both watch as Sparry spreads its wings and soars up to Brock, who is still getting pecked. Its demeanor is now happy and appreciative. It has come to lend Brock a hand.)

Sparry:(happily) squawk!

Brock:(still being pecked) Sparry! You must have come to help!

(Sparry then turns to the flock. He begins to squawk orders at them. Suddenly, and altogether, the Sparry begin to peck at the net rather than Brock. Their pecks begin to weaken the net.)

Jessie: No way! Theyre working together!

Meowth: Im amazed!

James: Im not!

Chimecho: ding ding

James:(sarcastically) Who asked you?

Jessie:(Throws her Pokeball) Seviper, help me out!

(Seviper comes out ready to fight. It is encountered by Sparry.)

Brock: Sparry, use your Quick Attack! Go and get Seviper!

(Sparry rushes at Seviper and hits it directly. Its a strong hit, and Seviper faints. Meanwhile, the Sparry have escaped, and Brock lands safely on the ground.)

Jessie: Awww! Come on!

James: Give us a chance!

Meowth: No fair!

Wobbuffet: Wobba Wobbuffet!

Ash:(angry) Ok, Pikachu, you know what to do now! Use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

(Pikachu nails Team Evil with a strong Thunderbolt. Their balloon explodes and they start to blast off.)

Jessie:(crying) All I wanted was Sparry!

James:(sobbing) They didnt even Sparry one Sparry!

Meowth:(sad) There goes our promotion!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Brock turns toward Ash and Sarah. Sparry lands on his left shoulder as the other Sparry look on.)

Ash:(happy) Brock, thats so great!

Sarah:(excited) You did it!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ludicolo: Colo! Colo!

Brock:(confident) Its all in a days work(Turns to Sparry) Isnt that right?

Sparry:(happy) squawk!

(Ash, Sarah and Brock laugh with glee)

-Whos that Pokemon Answer: Its Arcanine!-

(Scene, the edge of the forest. Sparry leads the way as Ash, Sarah and Brock follow. Soon, they are at the forests exit.)

Sarah:(relieved) Finally, out of that creepy forest!

Brock: Thats my Sparry!

(Brock runs up and hugs Sparry)

Sparry: squawk!

(The picture now freezes on Brock hugging Sparry as Ash, Sarah and Pikachu watch.)

Narrator: And so, after gaining the trust of a new friend, Brock is ready to continue the journey with Ash and Sarah to Smallplant City. One Things for sure, there are always new friends to be made in the Lento region!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Well, I should soon be releasing pics of Bunon and Sparry! Hope you liked Chapter 10. See you next week for Chapter 11.

Misc. Notes:
I decided to go to a weekly release to have more time to write more chapters, in case you were wondering...

February 25th, 2005, 9:04 PM
Author Notes:
Nothing much to say. Here's Chapter 11, which you can pretty much consider a filler... But at least it's the last chapter before Smallplant City! Enjoy!

Episode 11: That Warm and Darkfuzz-y Feeling

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Between Everwind and Smallplant

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, a field just outside of Smallplant City. Ash and Sarah are having a Pokemon battle. Ash has out Seedy, and Sarah has out Munchlax. Brock and Pikachu watch from the sidelines.)

Ash: Seedy, use tackle attack! Go!

Seedy: Seedy

(Seedy rushes at Munchlax quickly.)

Sarah: Munchlax, you get Seedy with your tackle!

Munchlax: Munch! Munch!

(Munchlax rushes at Seedy quickly as well.)

Brock:(excited) This is quite an interesting battle, if I do say so myself.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

(Seedy and Munchlax clash heads. They start to push against one another.

Narrator: In the last stretch of road on the way to Smallplant City, Ash and Sarah decide to have a battle to train for their upcoming bigger battles. Ash and his gym battle, and Sarahs club battle. Who will win? Only time will tell with these two!

-Title Theme-

Ash: Seedy, push it back!

Seedy: Seed!

(Seedy pushes with all its might, and Munchlax falls backward.)

Sarah:(worried) Come on Munchlax! Get up, you can do it!

Ash:(confident) Seedy, we have this battle all wrapped up!

Seedy: Seedy!

Ash: Seedy! Hit it with another tackle attack!

(Seedy rushes at Munchlax. Suddenly, a grey fuzz ball with red shoes and big eyes, rushes out of the bushes and tackles both Seedy and Munchlax. Seedy and Munchlax fall to the ground, stunned. Ash and Sarah are also stunned. The fuzz ball starts to snicker.)

Sarah:(angry) Hey, whats the big idea!?

Brock: Its a Darkfuzz.

Ash: The Pokemon Poacher had a Darkfuzz, I wonder if this one is wild.

Voice:(off to the side) Not exactly.

(Ash and gang turn around to see a young boy with light brown hair and green eyes. He is short, and is wearing a red shirt and white shorts.)

Brock: You must be this Darkfuzzes trainer.

Boy: You could say that!

Ash:(upset) Well, your Darkfuzz interrupted our battle!

Sarah:(upset) Yeah!

Boy:(apologetic) Im very sorry! Darkfuzz likes to come out of its Pokeball and act mischievous from time to time. (Turns to Darkfuzz) Honestly, why cant you just behave?

Darkfuzz: Fuzz! Darkfuzz!

Boy: By the way, my names Conor!

Ash: Hi Conor, Im Ash from Pallet Town! (Points to Pikachu) This is my buddy Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: My name is Sarah, nice to meet you.

Brock: And Im Brock, its a pleasure.

Conor: The Pleasures all mine!

(Out of the clear blue, Darkfuzz decides to kick Munchlax. Munchlax gets angry and glares at Darkfuzz.)

Munchlax:(angry) Munchlax!

Darkfuzz:(snickering) Fuzzzzz!

Conor:(angry) Darkfuzz, whyd you do that?

(Conor returns Darkfuzz to its Pokeball. Meanwhile, Team Evil was watching all of this from up in a tree. Jessie looks satisfied.)

Jessie: Well, looks like weve got twerps in our line of sight.

James: On their way to fight in the Smallplant Gym!

Meowth: Were gonna stop dem and get their Pikachu!

Jessie: Hang on, that other Pokemon looked cool as well.

Meowth: Dat was a Darkfuzz.

James:(angry) I remember Darkfuzz. That Pushy Poacher put us out of commission with one of his own!

Meowth:(excited) Dats why we need to steal it for da boss!

Jessie:(curious) Elaborate.

(Scene switches to a fantasy of the Team Evil boss standing next to Darkfuzz.)

Meowth: Imagine da boss wants to go out himself to steal Pokemon!

Jessie: Go on!

(Next to Darkfuzz is a Burnbal. Darkfuzz kicks Burnbal. It flies into the air and the boss catches it in a sack.)

Meowth: Darkfuzz, bein da mischievous Pokemon dat it is, trips up all kinds of small Pokemon, and da boss catches dem in a sack. He then says (switches over to his boss voice) dose new recruits of Team Evil have done me proud by catching me a Darkfuzz. Dey deserve to be handsomely rewarded!

(The fantasy ends)

Team Evil:(excited) Promotions! Expense Accounts! Our own private washroom! Yeah!

Wobbuffet: Wobba Wobba!

(The scene then switches back to Ash and the gang, including Conor. They all sit around a Picnic table. Brock just finished cooking lunch, and now theyre getting ready to eat. Sarah takes the first bite.)

Sarah:(happy) Good as always, Brock!

Brock: People are always happy after a good meal!

Conor: So, youre off to Smallplant City?

Ash:(confident) Yeah! I hope to win a badge there!

Conor:(happy) Glad to see youre confident, but you must keep in mind how difficult the gym leaders are

Ash:(curious) Huh?

Conor: In the Lento region, the gym leaders are a bit tougher than other leagues, you must really be on your guard if you hope to win. I battled in Smallplant City and I lost.

Ash:(shocked) Whoa!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: Sounds like that gym leader is one tough cookie.

Sarah:(concerned) What are you gonna do, Ash?

Ash:(confident) No problem, Ill be able to handle anything!

Sarah: Even after what you just heard!

Conor:(chuckles) HA! Its his confidence that will pull him through to the Lento League. You see, confidence is a good thing to have because without it, you are prone to give up too easily. Although its important to know when to throw in the towel in a Pokemon match, never quitting is important as well, because it shows others how strong you are. In Lento, youll need all the strength you can get!

(Suddenly, Darkfuzz comes out of its Pokeball. He trips up Pikachu.)

Darkfuzz:(snickering) Fuzzzzz!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika! Pika!

(Darkfuzz runs off, and Pikachu chases after him. Ash and Conor get up from the picnic table.)

Conor:(angry) Darkfuzz come back here! Whyd you go and do that?

Ash:(concerned) Pikachu, come back!

Brock: Hurry back you guys, or your lunch is going to get cold!

Sarah: Right, and Ill eat it all!

(Munchlax lets itself out of its Pokeball, and starts to eat all the lunch.)

Sarah:(hangs head anime style, sweat rolls down head.) Munchlax

Brock: Now, theres none for anybody!

(Meanwhile, Darkfuzz is still running from Pikachu, who is chasing him. Ash and Conor are chasing after their Pokemon.)

Ash:(scared) Pikachu, just let it go! Please, we need to get back.

Conor:(apologetic) Im so sorry for my Darkfuzzs behavior, Ash!

Ash: its ok, you dont need to be sorry.

(Suddenly, metal claws come out of the bushes and snatch both Darkfuzz and Pikachu. They are then lifted into the air. Ash and Conor watch in terror.)

Conor: What is this? A new Pokemon?

Ash:(angry) Thats no Pokemon

-Whos that Pokemon? Hint: This Pokemon has flames coming from the top of its head. Its round shape gives it powerful rollout attacks.-

(Soon, Team Evil becomes visible. They are standing on top of a Darkfuzz robot.)

Ash: Its Team Evil!

James: You guessed correct!

Meowth: Now, on with da motto!

Jessie:(dressed in a Darkfuzz suit) Ha!, Prepare for trouble, its a Darkfuzz fest!,

James:(Dressed in a Pikachu suit) And make it double, this parts the best!,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie:(Takes off her suit) Jessie,

James:(Takes off his suit) James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light!,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Conor: Thats my Darkfuzz, give it back!

Jessie:(sarcastically) Whats the word Im looking for? Uh, no!

James: Were assuming control of these Pokemon.

Meowth: So back off!

Conor:(sad) Darkfuzz

Ash:(angry) Pikachu, thunderbolt it!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuu!!!!

(Pikachu tries to shock the claw, but it doesnt work.)

James:(laughing) Hahahahahaha! Its no use; we coated this claw with an electricity proof liquid!

Meowth: Its not waterproof, but we know you twerps dont have any water Pokemon.

Jessie:(pulls out Pokeball, and throws it) Lets make sure you dont win!

(Seviper comes out of the Pokeball.)

Seviper: Seviper!

James:(throws a Pokeball) Chimecho! Your turn! (Chimecho comes out of its ball, and wraps itself around James. James screams.) Ack, go and get the twerps!

Ash:(Throws Pokeball) Seedy, youre up!

(Seedy comes out of its Pokeball, ready for a battle to remember.)

Conor: Help me get Darkfuzz Ash, please! Nothing bad can happen to him.

Ash:(confident) Dont worry Conor (Turns to Seedy) Seedy, show them your tackle!

Seedy: Seed!

(Seedy rushes at Seviper, and hits it hard.)

Jessie: Seviper, use Poison Tail attack!

(Sevipers tail glows a bright purple. He swings his tail at Seedy.)

Ash: Seedy, dodge and use Quick Attack!

(Seedy gets out of the way of the Poison Tail attack and rushes at Seviper. He slams into Seviper and sends Seviper into Chimecho.)

James:(angry) Chimecho, dont let them push you around, use Psywave.

(Chimecho shoots a multi colored Psywave at Seedy. It causes Seedy to become confused.)

Ash: Seedy, no!

James:(laughing) You cant defeat us!

Conor:(angry) Think again!

(Conor pulls out a Pokeball)

Jessie: What do you want kid?

Conor: You took my Darkfuzz away from me! And now Im taking him back! (Conor throws his Pokeball.) Eelin! I choose you!

(Eelin comes out of its ball. It looks like a long, blue eel with a white fin running along the top of it.)

Ash:(curious) Whats that?

(Ash checks his Pokedex)

Pokedex: Eelin, the stretch-eel Pokemon. Eelin is usually measured at a length of 11 inches, but can stretch its elastic body to almost 4 feet. Eelin has the ability to shoot powerful water guns.

Jessie:(nervous) That means

James:(nervous) its a water Pokemon

Meowth:(nervous) uh-oh!

Conor: Eelin, go retrieve Darkfuzz!

Eelin: Eel!

(Eelin jumps up to Darkfuzz and wraps its body around it. It then begins to stretch out so that it can pull Darkfuzz out. Darkfuzz pops out effortlessly.)

Jessie:(angry) WHAT!? No way! Seviper, go get my Darkfuzz back!

Seviper: Seviper!

(Seviper lunges at Eelin and Darkfuzz, who are coming back down to the ground.)

Ash: Seedy, help out Eelin.

(Seedy tackles into Seviper, thus keeping it from getting to Eelin or Darkfuzz)

Conor: Eelin, hit those claws with your water gun!

(Eelin sprays the robot with a water gun until they are soaked A grey liquid can be seen running down the claws.)

Meowth: Dats not good!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash:(angry) Ok Pikachu, give it a Thunderbolt!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachus thunderbolt finally shocks the robot, along with Team Evil and their Pokemon. The robot explodes and Pikachu is blasted toward Ash.)

Ash:(catching Pikachu) Got ya!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Team Evil starts to blast off)

James: So we couldnt hang on to Darkfuzz.

Jessie: So much for our executive washroom!

Meowth: Im even more mischievous anyway!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobba!

Jessie:(angry) Nobody asked you!

TE:(yelling) Were blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ash: Conor, that was great!

Conor: Thanks Ash.

(Conor winks at Ash, Ash looks at him, and then finally understands. Ash whispers to Pikachu, and Pikachu nods.)

Ash:(scolding) Thats right Pikachu, that should teach you never to be a mischievous Pokemon again!

Pikachu:(upset) Pika

(Darkfuzz doesnt understand whats going on. Pikachu, however, winks at Ash because he knows theyre playing a trick on Darkfuzz.)

Darkfuzz: Fuzz?

Conor: Darkfuzz, if youre mischievous again, Ill call Team Evil to come get you again, as I did before.

Ash: Oh, I always have to call Team Evil on my Pikachu!

Pikachu:(scared) Piii

Conor: Darkfuzz, I hope you learn from this, that good behavior is the best!

Darkfuzz:(nodding hastily) Fuzz, fuzz!

(Conor winks at Ash. Ash and Pikachu wink back.)

-Whos that Pokemon? Its Burnbal-

(Scene, the picnic table. Sarah is looking at Munchlax as it naps. Brock is also looking on.)

Brock:(sad) Well, no more lunch...

Sarah: That totally stinks!

Ash:(yelling out) Hey!

(Ash and Conor are running up to the area. Sarah and Brock watch.)

Sarah: Hey Ash.

(The scene then switches to a sunset. Ash and Gang are standing on one side, Conor and Darkfuzz on another. They are saying their goodbyes.)

Sarah: So, Darkfuzz decided to start behaving?

Conor: Thats right!

Darkfuzz: Fuzz! Fuzz!

Ash: Well, we have to get going. Smallplant City is just ahead!

Conor: Good luck with your gym battle Ash. Hang onto your confidence!

Ash: Hopefully, well meet for a battle in the Lento League!

Conor: I guess only time will tell.

(The scene then switches to Ash and the gang waving goodbye to Conor as they walk to Smallplant City.)

Narrator: And so, with very high hopes for the future, Ash continues on his journey toward Smallplant City, which lies just ahead. Never knowing whats in store for him once he gets to Smallplant gym, Ash must remember just one thing. And that is to never lose his confidence.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:
Hope you liked it! Chapter 12 will be released next week!

Leaf Shinigami
February 27th, 2005, 2:11 PM
hey your story's awesome it cold be the pokemon series :D

Neo Android
February 27th, 2005, 3:10 PM
You could always give sarah an Eevee then eevee could evolve into a new specie. As only hoenn had no new speices of eevee (evolution). I like your story very much. Especially the parts with Muchlax (being caught and training/fighting) As we have an image in our mind of what he looks like. Maybe with the pokedex, you could go into more detail. Just my opinion. But very good so far.

- Lone Eevee

March 4th, 2005, 8:59 PM
Authors Notes:

Thanks a lot for the great reviews and ideas. I will definately keep that Eevee idea in mind. With that said, here is Chapter 12!

Episode 12: Freaky Fan-Day

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon;
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree;
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Smallplant City

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, a hill overlooking Smallplant City. Ash and the gang stand atop this hill. Ash looks down at the city wide-eyed. Sarah also has a wide-eyed look, but not as much as Ash. The city below has a lot of blue roofed houses and other various buildings, but the roads are mostly grass and flowers.)

Narrator: Ash and the gang have finally arrived at their Destination, Smallplant City. Here, Ash plans to earn his first Lento region gym badge. Ash may, however, get more than he bargained for.

Ash:(excited) I cant believe were finally here!

Pikachu:(happy) Pika!

(Ash jumps up in a joyous mood)

Ash:(excited) Smallplant Gym, here I come!

Sarah: This is such a beautiful town!

Brock: I agree, look at all of those flowers!

(Brock points down to the flowers growing throughout the entire town. It isnt long until Ash and his friends are wandering through town. However, it seems more like a ghost town, as not many people are out and about.)

Sarah:(curious) Where is everyone?

(Ash shrugs)

Ash: Dunno. (His demeanor is now extremely confident) And now lets find that gym!

Pikachu: Pika!

(As it turns out, a shady figure hears Ash. The figure turns around and there is a gleam in her eye. It turns out to be a girl.)

-Title Theme-

(Ash and Gang are still walking through town in search of the gym. Ash is getting a bit tired, as are Sarah and Brock. They slump to the ground, exhausted.)

Brock:(tired) So, Ash, you ready to ask for directions yet?

Sarah:(agreeing) Yeah!

(Ash pops up)

Ash:(angry) No way am I gonna ask for directions!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Suddenly, a girl can be heard screeching from down the road.)

Girl Voice #1:(excited) Wow, hes here!

Girl Voice #2:(excited) Is it really him?

Girl Voice #1:(excited) Come on, ladies, lets get him!

(Brock hears this, he jumps up and sees a whole mob of women running toward the gang. He enters HOG [Hit on Girl] Mode.)

Brock:(HOG) Wow, look at all of the ladies, seems like more than the flowers here are beautiful!

Ash:(curious) Wonder if they were really after Brock.

(Brock springs forward with his arms open wide.)

Brock:(excited) Here I am ladies, come and get me.

(Turns out, the girls werent after Brock! The mob runs by him and crowds around Ash. Brock becomes teary eyed at this.)

Sarah: Ash!

Brock:(sad) Why, why is it always Ash?!

Girl #1:(excited) Oh my gosh! I cant believe its really you!

Girl #2:(excited) Ash Ketchum!

Girl #3:(excited) And his Pikachu is such a cutie too!

Girl #2:(excited) Can I have your autograph, Ash?

Girl #1:(excited) Will you date me, Ash?

Girl #4:(angry) Hey, he wants to go out with me, Carol!

(Carol is Girl #1 and the leader of the Ash Ketchum official fan club)

Ash:(nervous) Ladies, please, I just came for a gym match.

Sarah: Ash, I know how to get you out of this!

Ash:(curious) You do?

Pikachu: Pika?

(Sarah, excitedly, points in the other direction)

Sarah:(excited) Hey! Isnt that Lance?!

Carol:(excited) Oh my gosh! Lance?

Girl #2:(excited) Where? Where?!

(Sarah grabs Ashs arm and drags him from the mob)

Sarah:(quickly) Nows our chance, run!

(Ash and Sarah make a run for it, while the mob of girls chase after them. Carol, the leader, has blond hair and green eyes. She is wearing a white blouse and a blue miniskirt. Behind the girls trails Brock, who is still in his Hit on Girl mode)

Brock:(HOG) Ladies, please, if you give me your numbers, I promise Ill give them all to Ash (To himself) Not

Sarah:(yelling back) Brock, Come on!

Brock:(yelling) Coming!

(Like a madman, Brock dashes to the front of the group of girls.)

Ash: Where are we going, Sarah?

Sarah: I dont know, but we gotta lose these girls!

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock:(curious) Whats the rush?

(In front of them appears a cloaked girl. She is fairly tall, only a bit taller than Brock. She notices why theyre running, and she turns to them. Her face is completely masked by shadows.)

Cloaked Girl: Quickly, follow me!

Sarah:(nervous) Should we trust her?

Brock:(HOG) I would

Ash:(upset) Lets go!

(The cloaked girl leads Ash and the gang to the back of a small building. She pulls out a small, golden key from her cloak pocket and inserts it into the door. She turns the key in the lock and opens the door. Ash and the gang, along with the mysterious girl enter the building. The door is then slammed shut and locked up. Carol and her gang crowd outside the door.)

Carol:(upset) Ash, come on out of there!

Girl #2:(upset) Awww, hes in that building!

Girl #5:(upset) He wont come out!

Carol: We gotta get him out, so we can get his autograph!

(Meanwhile, inside the building. Ash, Sarah and Brock are panting while leaning on the door. The cloaked girl watches them. The ground inside this building is covered in grass. Flowers are growing everywhere. Near the back wall are a flight of stairs.)

Ash:(tired) Gee, thanks a lot madam!

Sarah:(tired) Yes

Ash: But, who are you?

(The cloaked girl removes the cloak to reveal a beautiful young girl in her early 20s. She has Dark Brown hair that she has put up in pigtails. She is wearing a blue dress with red shoes.)

Girl: Dont tell me you dont know who I am! Im Juliet, the Smallplant Gym Leader!

Ash:(shocked) What! Youre the Gym Leader!

Pikachu: Pika!

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: What is the starter Joseph Chooses in Episode 2 (Lento Me a Hand)? Stay tuned for the answer!-

(The scene now changes to a road leading into Smallplant City. Team Evil enters the city. They are extremely exhausted and very dirty.)

James:(exhausted) I dont think I can take another step!

Meowth:(exhausted) My feet are killin me!

Jessie:(angry) Oh, dont give me your drama! Im just as tired as the two of you!

James:(exhausted) Thats an understatement!

Meowth:(exhausted) Way under!

(A young girl rounds a nearby corner. She has blond hair, and isnt too tall. She has a red blouse on with Blue, Baggy jeans. She starts to run toward Team Evil.)

Girl:(excited) Is it true, Ash is really in Smallplant City!

Jessie: So, the twerps are in town!

James: Perfect!

Meowth: Yeah!

(The crazy fan-girl runs up to Team Evil.)

Girl: You wouldnt have happened to have seen Ash, would you have?

Jessie: Actually, I was hoping to ask you the same thing!

Girl: Wow! You must be Ash fans too!

James:(excited) Are we? (He tears off his clothes to reveal hes wearing an Ash disguise. He slips on an Ash hat.) Im crazy about Ash.

Jessie:(excited) Me too. (She tears off her clothes, but instead of an Ash disguise, she is wearing a Sarah disguise. She puts on a white bonnet. Now Jessie and James look exactly like Sarah and Ash.) I think that girl that hangs around him has got a great sense of style.

(Meowth then slips into a Pikachu costume. Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball dressed as Brock.)

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Wobbuffet runs up to the girl and holds her hand.)

Girl: Oh my!

Wobbuffet:(HOG) Wobba Wobba Wobba!

(Jessie grabs Wobbuffet and drags him away, while the girl watches.)

Jessie:(angry) Stop it, youre embarrassing me!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(All of a sudden, Carol rounds the same corner the other Girl just came around. Carol runs up to the girl in a hurry.)

Carol: Stephanie, arent you coming, I know where Ash went!

Stephanie and Team Evil:(excited) You do!

(The scene changes back to the building Ash and the gang are in. They are climbing down the long, dark staircase.)

Ash:(curious) So, why were those girls running after me?

Brock:(angry) and not after me?!

Juliet: You may not know it Ash, but youve got a lot of huge fans across all of Lento, but especially in Smallplant City.

Ash:(shocked) Really, that many fans!

Juliet: Yes.

Sarah:(curious) But, what has Ash done?

Juliet: Well, everyone here likes to follow after new trainers on their journey

(The scene changes to a family watching television. On the screen is a Pokemon battle between Gengar and Onix, the same one seen in the very first episode.)

Juliet:(narrating) Any chance a person gets to watch a battle on TV, they do it. Two trainers that Smallplant City was watching, however, were you Ash, and a trainer named Gary Oak.

Ash:(narrating) Gary?

Juliet:(narrating) Yes.

(The scene then switches to Ashs first battle in the Indigo League. Ashs Kingler defeats all 3 of Mandys Pokemon without need for switching. It then switches to Ash defeating Dragonite with Pikachu in the Orange Islands.)

Juliet:(narrating) Ash, you were actually the most favorite person to watch on TV, because your battles were the most exciting

(The scene now Changes to Ashs battle with Gary in the Johto Silver Conference. Charizard finishes off Blastoise with a Seismic Toss. It then Changes to a Hoenn League battle. Ashs Snorunt uses Icy Wind on another trainers Shelgon.)

Juliet:(narrating) Watching you inspired many, many people. Your battles were some of the best!

Ash:(narrating) But, the only league I won in was the Orange League. I lost the other 3.

(The scene changes back to Ash, Juliet and the gang reaching the end of the long staircase.)

Juliet: Its not that you lost, its the effort you put into your battles, and the confidence that you have, that makes the girls go gaga! That mob just so happened to be the Official Ash fan club of Smallplant City. Carol is their leader.

Ash:(shocked) Wow, so many fans

Pikachu: Pika

Juliet:(opens the door) Well, were here.

(Ash and the gang stare in amazement as they see before their eyes a battlefield of grass and flowers. There are also a few trees scattered about. Juliet walks inside.)

Ash:(amazed) Wow, this is incredible!

Juliet: Well, I was taking the day off. Why not join me for lunch?

Ash: Sure!

Sarah: Yeah!

Brock: OK!

(Meanwhile, the fan club found a nearby log and is trying to break down the back door to the gym. Team Evil is helping them out, still dressed in their terrible looking disguises.)

James:(tired) Why do we have to do this?

Jessie:(angry) You wanna get those twerps, then we gotta break down this door!

Meowth: Got ya Jess!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(The fan club succeeds in breaking down the door. They storm in, with Carol leading the group. Team Evil lags behind. Downstairs. Ash and the gang get up from their lunch. Juliet rises from the table as well.)

Juliet:(nervous) Oh no!

Ash: What is it?

Juliet: They got in!

(The gang screams as down the stairs came the mob. Juliet gets up and pulls out a Pokeball.)

Juliet: Ill hold em back!

(The mob reaches the battlefield. They see Ash and the Gang, along with Juliet.)

Carol:(shouting) There he is, now he cant refuse to give us an autograph!

Juliet:(angry) You cant just barge in like that! (She throws her Pokeball) Go! Lotad!

Ash:(curious) Lotad?

Pikachu: Pika Pi?

(Lotad comes out of the Pokeball. It looks pretty angry at the interruption.)

Juliet: Lotad, use Water Gun.

Lotad: Lotad!

(Lotad proceeds to spray an extremely powerful blast of Water at the mob. The force of the Water Gun forces them all onto the ground. Team Evil runs into the room and they are hit by the Water Gun. Their disguises are blown off, and theyre back in their normal clothes.)

Jessie: Talk about your cold showers.

James: The wet look just isnt for me.

(Suddenly, Ash moves in front of them.)

Ash:(angry) Why are you here?

(Team Evil looks afraid.)

James:(scared) Sorry about this, Im your biggest fan

Meowth: Cant we at least say our motto?

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fries Team Evil with a Thunderbolt. There is an explosion. Team Evil goes blasting off through the roof of the gym.)

James: I take it thats a no!

Meowth: Guess youre right!

Jessie:(calling back) Hey Sarah, I actually dislike your style!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Juliet is now standing in front of the mob, and Lotad is standing in front of Juliet. Carol looks up at them.)

Juliet: You can be a fan, but that doesnt mean you should break into my gym!

Carol:(upset) We just wanted an autograph from him

Ash: Hey, Ill give you an autograph, if you line up and control yourselves.

Carol:(starry eyed) You mean it?!

Ash: Yeah.

(Carol jumps up, and pulls out a pen and Ashs picture.)

Carol:(excited) Well, get cracking mister!

Brock:(sighs) Lucky

Sarah: Someday Brock, girls will mob you like that.

Brock: That day couldnt come soon enough!

-Pokemon Quiz! A: Joseph selected Eelin from Prof. Palm as his starter Pokemon.-

(The scene is now outside the gym at sunset. The mob is gone, and Ash is holding his wrist in pain.)

Ash:(in pain) Wow that is some writer s cramp.

Pikachu: Pika!

Juliet: So Ash, lets have that battle tomorrow!

Ash:(confident) You know it.

(He shoots his fist upward, but then he winces in pain and jerks it back down.)

Ash: Maybe I shouldnt have done that!

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Narrator: After quite an adventure with a bunch of fans. Ash heads to the Pokemon Center for a nice long rest, for he will need his wrist to be in tip-top condition for holding his first Lento badge!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Chapter 13 will come about next week!

Munchy the Munchlax
March 4th, 2005, 9:49 PM
wow, i must admit i actually couldn't help laughing at this one (not in a mean way, but at the humor.) this is a good chapter and i look forward to your next one! :)

March 4th, 2005, 11:28 PM
Non Story Material
Thanks a lot Munchy! Anyways, I drew another picture of a new Pokemon. This one is of Bunon. Keep in mind it is poorly drawn! Hope you enjoy the picture!

Munchy the Munchlax
March 7th, 2005, 8:27 PM
hey, that actually looks pretty good! good job!

March 7th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Yeah, that pic really does look good. I read your story and it's actually very good. I miss you a lot bro and I hope we talk again soon! :)

March 7th, 2005, 9:42 PM
Non Story Material
Thanks for the great comments! The next chapter should be up next week! :)

March 11th, 2005, 8:30 PM
Authors Notes:

Well, Here it is, Chapter 13! Please don't be shy and write me some reviews!

Episode 13: Mad About Lotad

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon;
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree;
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Smallplant City

Lento Badges: 0

(Scene, downstairs in the Smallplant City gym. Ash is on one side of the grassy battlefield. Juliet stands on the other side of the battlefield. There is an official Lento League Pokemon judge standing to the side. He is holding a flag in each hand, one red and one green. Off to the sidelines sits Sarah and Brock on a bench.)

Juliet: Are you ready Ash?!

Ash:(confident) You bet Im ready, Juliet!

Pikachu: Pika!

Judge: Here are the official rules for this match. Each trainer is allowed only 2 Pokemon for the battle. The first trainer to make the opponents Pokemon faint will win the match. The challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon, while the leader is not. With that said, let this battle begin!

Sarah:(nervous) Does Ash have his strategy in place?

Brock:(confident) Im sure he does, dont worry about Ash.

Narrator: This day has finally arrived. Now, Ash stands in the Smallplant Gym, waiting to start the battle for his first Lento badge. Will Ash be victorious? Youll have to see for yourself!

-Title Theme-

(Scene, still in the Smallplant Gym. Ash and Juliet are ready for battle. Juliet pulls out her Pokeball.)

Juliet: Lets start this match with some heavy artillery! I choose Ivysaur!

(Juliet flips her Pokeball in the air. It opens up and Ivysaur appears in a flash of light. It grunts, signaling its up for a battle. Ash pulls out one of his Pokeballs.)

Ash: Lets go Bunon!

(Ash tosses his Pokeball. Bunon appears from out of it. He looks ready and raring to go!)

Sarah:(nervous) That Ivysaur looks strong!

(Sarah pulls out her Pokedex.)

Pokedex: Ivysaur, the Seed Pokemon. Ivysaur has a plant bulb on its back. When it absorbs nutrients, the bulb is said to blossom into a large flower. When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs.

Brock: That Ivysaur does look pretty strong Ash!

Ash:(confident) I can handle it easily! Bunon, use Mega Punch!

Bunon: Bun, Bunon!

(Bunon forms a fist. The fist starts to glow a bright white. He begins to run at Ivysaur full speed.)

Juliet: Ivysaur, use Vine Whip! Go!

Ivysaur: Saur!

(A vine pops out of the bud on Ivysaurs back. It uses the vine to grab onto Bunons arm, thus stopping Bunon in its tracks.)

Ash:(shocked) No way!

Pikachu: Pika!

Juliet: Ok Ivysaur, throw it and use Weed Spray attack!

(Ivysaur swings its vine and flings Bunon into the air. Suddenly, a purple spray shoots from the bud on Ivysaurs back, toward Bunon. [Weed Spray is a move I created. It poisons the foe on contact.])

Ash: Bunon, youve got to dodge that!

Bunon: Bun!

(Bunon forces itself downward, and narrowly dodges the Weed Spray attack.)

Ash: Great Bunon!

Sarah:(excited) That was so cool, now I see why everybody here is a fan of Ash!

Brock: Exactly!

Juliet:(complimenting) Good job Ash, that was a great dodge, but I doubt you can dodge this! Ivysaur, use Bullet Seed!

Ivysaur:(angry) Ivy, Ivysaur!

(Ivysaur jumps into the air and shoots Seeds at Bunon. It scores a direct hit, but Bunon isnt too badly hurt.)

Ash: Bunon, counter with Hyper Beam!

(Bunon brings its hands together. An orange glow starts to form in-between its hands. Bunon fires the Hyper Beam attack at Ivysaur, and scores a direct hit. Ivysaur is flung back into the ground. It looks dazed, but still able to fight.)

Juliet:(worried) Come on Ivysaur, I believe in you!

Ivysaur:(weakly) Saur

(Ivysaur gets up on its feet.)

Juliet:(excited) All right!

Sarah:(shocked) Ivysaur survived that?!

Brock: Its a lot tougher than it looks!

Juliet:(confident) Ivysaur, you are truly amazing.

Ash:(to himself) Darn, Ivysaur was able to take that hit. Id better watch my back, or Im toast!

Juliet: Ivysaur, use another Bullet Seed attack!

(Ivysaur jumps into the air and shoots Seeds at Bunon.)

Ash: Bunon, move out of the way!

Bunon:(angry) Bun!

(Bunon jumps back and completely evades the attack. It does a triple back flip before landing on its feet. Bunon takes a bow.)

Ash: Great Bunon, but this is no time for a show!

Juliet: Ivysaur, give it another Weed Spray!

Ivysaur: Ivysaur, Saur!

(Ivysaur shoots that same, purple spray from its bud. Bunon narrowly dodges the attack.)

Ash: Bunon, use Quick Attack!

Bunon: Bun!

(Bunon rushes at Ivysaur and hits it directly with a crushing blow. Ivysaur is flung backwards after the amazing impact. Ivysaur looks completely dizzy as it slumps to the ground. The judge raises the green flag in Ashs direction.)

Judge: Ivysaur is unable to battle, Bunon is the winner!

Ash:(excited) Yeah! Way to go Bunon!

Bunon:(pleased) Bunon! Bunon!

Brock: That was impressive!

Sarah: Ill say, now Ash just has to beat Juliets next Pokemon to win the badge!

Brock: But I doubt Juliet will make it easy for him!

Juliet: Return Ivysaur!

(Juliet pulls out her Pokeball and returns Ivysaur to it in a flash of red light. Soon, Ivysaur is back in the ball.)

Ash: Were gonna wrap up this battle!

(Juliet pulls out another Pokeball.)

Juliet:(determined) Dont be so sure about that Ash!

(The scene changes to the entrance to Smallplant City. Team Evil is now walking back into the City. They are exhausted yet again, and very dirty.)

James:(exhausted) Wow, we got blasted very far!

Meowth: Whyd you hafta talk bout how far wes got blasted?

Jessie:(exhausted) Why do the two of you have to talk?

Meowth:(curious) Whyd we come back here?

Jessie:(angry) I want revenge against that stupid girl and her Lotad!

James: But that twerps Pikachu shocked us!

Jessie:(angry) But it was Lotad that hosed us down!

Meowth: Shes got a point!

Jessie:(excited) Ive got a plan!

James:(questioning) Does it involve yet another hole?

(Soon enough, Team Evil is now dressed in their digging costumes. They wear yellow helmets and Blue digging suits, while holding large shovels. James sighs)

Meowth:(sighs) Does dis answer your question?

James: But Jessie, we always do this, and we end up failing!

Jessie:(reassuringly) Dont worry, we wont fail!

James:(sighs) If you insist.

(Team Evil begins to dig a hole. However, they hit a silver, metal pipe. As it turns out, its a gas pipe. They crack the pipe, which causes an explosion. Team Evil starts to blast off.)

James:(angry) You still think this was a good idea?!

Jessie:(angry) Justshutup!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobbuffet!

Team Evil:(screaming) It looks like Team Evils blasting off again!!!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!!!

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: In the Johto episode The Grass Route, the name of the trainer with the Skiploom was? Stay tuned for the Answer!-

(The scene now shifts to back onto the Smallplant Gyms Battlefield. Juliet hurls her next Pokeball into the air, while Bunon and Ash stand on the opposite side.)

Juliet: Lotad, I choose you!

(Lotad appears from out of the Pokeball. It looks ready for a fight.)

Lotad:(angry) Lotad!

Ash: I knew she was gonna send out her Lotad!

Brock:(getting up) Ash, be careful! That Lotad is stronger than usual!

Ash:(confident) Dont worry, I can handle it!

Juliet: I like the way you think Ash! However, thinking like that will only lead to your demise! (She turns to Lotad, who is awaiting command.) Use Water Gun!

Lotad:(angry) Lotad! Lotaaaaaaaad!

(Lotad shoots a very powerful blast of water at Bunon. It strikes Bunon head on. Bunon gets drenched in the Water Gun, and it faints. The judge raises the red flag this time, and in Juliets direction.)

Judge: Bunon is unable to battle. Lotad is the winner!

Juliet:(excited) Great Lotad!

Lotad:(pleased) Lotad!

Sarah:(worried) Oh-no!

Brock: I knew it! That Lotad is extremely powerful. Even more powerful than my Ludicolo! Ash is gonna have a tough time.

Juliet: Are you ready to give up Ash? You can plainly see that my Lotad has had severe training!

Lotad: Lotad!

Ash:(confident) And you should know, that I am never one to quit! (He turns to Pikachu.) You ready Pikachu?

Pikachu:(confident) Pika!

(Pikachu runs forward and takes his place on the battlefield in front of Ash. Piachu stares Lotad in the eyes, as if to say Come and get me!)

Judge: Begin!

Juliet: Lotad, lets start with a Quick attack!

(Lotad rushes at Pikachu extremely fast.)

Ash: Pikachu, you use Quick Attack too!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Pikachu rushes at Lotad extremely fast. They both collide and fling each other backward.)

Ash: Pikachu, use agility!

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!

(Pikachu begins to pick up speed. It starts running circles around Lotad, making Lotad dizzy.)

Juliet: Lotad, jump up!

(Lotad jumps into the air, expecting another command from Juliet. Ash watches in amazement.)

Ash:(curious) What?

Juliet: Ok, now shoot your most powerful Water Gun attack at the ground!

Lotad: Lotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

(Lotad sprays water gun at the ground, which causes water to fly everywhere. Pikachu is struck by the flying water, and is slowed down, but not badly damaged.)

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fires Thunderbolt at Lotad. It falls from the air and is able to dodge it easily.)

Juliet: Lotad, use Water Gun!

Lotad: Lotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

(Lotad fires a blast of Water at Pikachu. It hits Pikachu head on. Pikachu plants his feet into the ground in an attempt to keep from being blown away.)

Brock:(concerned) This is bad! That Water Gun scored a direct hit.

Sarah:(scared) Pikachu! You can do it!

Ash: Pikachu, use another Thunderbolt!

Juliet:(worried) Uh-Oh!

(Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again. This time, the electricity courses through the stream of water and directly hits Lotad. Lotad is severely shocked by electricity. However, it isnt too badly damaged.)

Ash: Great Pikachu!

Pikachu:(confident) Pikachu!

Lotad:(angry) Lotad!

Ash:(shocked) What? How is it still able to continue?

Brock: Ash, Lotad is part Grass Type! Grass is resistant to Electric attacks!

Ash: I knew that, but Thunderbolt mixed with such a powerful Water Gun shouldve taken it out

Pikachu: Pika?

Juliet: Just give up, Ash! Lotad was able to survive that, Lotad will be able to survive anything you send our way!

Ash: No, I will never give up!

Sarah:(cheering) That a boy, Ash!

Brock: Like Conor said, that confidence will get him far

Juliet: Lotad, use Quick Attack, now!

Lotad: Lotad! Lotad! Lotad!

Ash: Pikachu, dodge it!

(Pikachu jumps out of Lotads way. He narrowly misses getting hit by Quick Attack.)

Juliet: What?!

Ash: Come down on it with Iron Tail!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Pikachus Tail glows a bright white. He points it at Lotad and starts to drop. Pikachu strikes Lotad with Iron Tail, bur it doesnt do too much damage.)

Pikachu:(shocked) Pika?

Ash:(shocked) Whoa, that Lotad is really, really strong.

Juliet: What did I tell ya?!

Brock: Ash, just keep up the attacks! Lotad looks tired.

(Ash takes a glance at Lotad. Although it still looks fighting fit, it is panting and sweat rolls down its forehead. Suddenly, Ash sees this as an open opportunity.)

Ash: Lets get ready, Pikachu

Pikachu:(understandingly) Pika

Juliet: Lotad, fire another Water Gun!

Lotad: Lotad!

(Lotad prepares a Water Gun.)

Ash: Pikachu, Thunder!

Pikachu: Pikaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Lotad: Lotaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

(Pikachu and Lotad fire their attacks at the same time. The same thing as before happens, electricity travels through the water and strikes Lotad. Lotad looks near ready to faint, but just gets up.)

Ash:(surprised) Wha?

Brock: Ash, throw in the towel, before Pikachu gets too exhausted.

Ash:(confident) No way! Were almost done!

Sarah:(curious) Whats he doing?

Ash: Get ready yet again, Pikachu!

Juliet: Lotad, go in for a Quick Attack!

(Lotad begins to rush at Pikachu.)

Ash: Just a little more Wait for it to come close

Sarah: Ok, now hes lost it

Brock: Not necessarily.

Juliet: Lotad, do it!

(Lotad comes in close to Pikachu. Ash looks at them.)

Ash:(yelling) Pikachu! Now!

Pikachu: Piiiikaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fries Lotad with a Thunderbolt. Lotad swaggers backwards. It now looks dizzy. In a matter of seconds, Lotad drops to the ground. It has fainted. The judge raises the green flag in Ashs direction. Its all over.)

Judge: Lotad is unable to battle, Pikachu wins! The winner of the match is Ash Ketchum!

Ash:(excited) We did it! Yeah!

(Ash runs up to Pikachu as his Pokemon jumps into his arms. Ash hugs Pikachu tightly. Juliet returns Lotad back to its Pokeball.)

Juliet:(to Ash) That was a great battle. I must say I was impressed with your strategy!

Ash: Awww, it was nothing.

Juliet: It is with great honor that I present you with the Tulip Badge. Your first Lento League Badge! Congrats!

(Juliet reaches into her pocket and pulls out a shiny Tulip Badge. The Tulip Badge is shaped like a Tulip, with a red flower and two green leaves on the bottom. Ash takes the Tulip Badge and holds it in the air.)

Ash:(excited) All right, I got a Tulip Badge!

Pikachu:(peace sign) Pi! Pikachu!

Sarah:(happy) Great Ash!

Brock:(happy) Thats so cool!

Ash:(excited) Thanks you guys!

Juliet:(to herself) Now I see why you have so many fans, Ash. You are truly incredible!

(The scene now changes to outside the gym. Ash and the gang stand outside. Ash is hanging onto his Tulip Badge for dear life, while Brock checks the guidebook to determine their next destination.)

Brock: Well guys, each way leads to a Pokemon Gym, its all a matter of weather we want to go East or West.

Ash:(curious) Just out of curiosity, whats West?

(Brock looks in the guidebook.)

Brock: Dock City, the city is set on water, and has a lot of boats and cruises.

Sarah: I say we go west!

Ash:(determined) Dock City, here we come!

(Suddenly, Carol comes out of nowhere, shes being followed by the other fans.)

Carol:(excited) There he is!

Ash:(scared) Lets go now!

(Ash and the gang run down the West road, while Carol and the fans chase him.)

Narrator: And so, after a tough battle, Ash has finally won his first badge. Now his heart is set on earning another badge, as He and his friends are chased on the road to Dock City!

-Pokemon Quiz! A: The name of that trainer was Ephram. Ephram and his Skiplooom Defeated Ash and his Bulbasaur in a Grass Pokemon Tournament!-

(The scene now changes to Team Evil, dangling from a branch In a nearby forest. They look exhausted.)

James: How did we get caught out on a limb.

Meowth: Dont blame me, its Jessie and her holes

Jessie:(angry) How dare you put this all on me, you couldve objected to digging that hole!

James: Yeah, right

(Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball and puts extra weight on the branch. The branch snaps and Team Evil begins to fall. Unknown to them, the branch they were on was above a steep cliff, so they fall down the cliff.)

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Jessie:(angry) Great Job!

Team Evil: Were falling down again!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Sorry that was kinda long. The longest one so far. Expect Chapter 14 in a week!

Munchy the Munchlax
March 12th, 2005, 8:28 AM
hmmm, this is a very good chapter. i'm glad that ash was able to win his 1st badge, plus the length was pleasing enough. looking forward to next weeks chapter :D

March 12th, 2005, 5:43 PM
This is the first fic I have read that actually has Ash go on a journey with new pokemon. I think it was a great idea to do that, though I wish Sceptile would have stayed. Go Sceptile! Sceptile is my favorite pokemon that Ash has, but of course it's Grovyle in the anime, but you get what I mean. At first when you showed that bunny pokemon I was like what the heck? Then, Hyper Beam. I didn't see that one coming at all. Maybe Bunon should evolve into something unexpected, like a very fast and powerful killer bunny. That would be funny! I'm going to keep reading this, I think it's really intertaining.
Until next time, later.

Munchy the Munchlax
March 13th, 2005, 12:02 PM
yeah, to be honest i also wanted sceptile to stay. i was also surprised by bunon and its powers. keep on going! :) :)

March 14th, 2005, 10:18 PM
Authors Notes

Well, I know it may be a bit early, but I decided to post a bonus chapter of Lento Legends. Expect Chapter 15 within this week or next week!

Episode 14: What's up Dock?

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Dock City

Lento Badges: 1

(Scene, a country road. Ash and his friends are walking down the road. Ash holds his newly acquired Tulip Badge in the air. He stares at it and smiles.)

Ash:(excited) All right, I won the Tulip Badge!

Sarah:(annoyed) How long are you gonna be like that?

Ash:(angry) As long as I want!

Narrator: Still on the road to Dock City and the next Lento gym battle, Ash and Sarah get into yet another argument.

Brock: Guys, chill out! Besides, look where we are!

(Ash and Sarah look ahead to see that they are at the entrance to Dock City. The roads are old fashioned and made of bricks. There are several brick houses and log cabins. The town is surrounded by miles of water on 3 sides, and ships and boats can be seen docked in the harbors, and traveling at a fair speed across the ocean. A crisp breeze passes through the air, and gently blows on Brock and Sarahs hair. Ash looks at the city in delight.)

Ash: Were finally here! Dock City, and my next badge!

Pikachu: Pika!

-Title Theme-

(The scene now changes to the inside of a restaurant. Team Evil is all dressed up in wait staff apparel. Jessie and James are holding onto plates of food.)

Meowth: Part Time jobs at anotha restaurant

Jessie:(cheerful) well, its well worth it. This job pays $10 an hour!

James: If we do this for 10 hours, thats (He counts on his fingers and gets all excited when he pulls up a total.) $100!

Meowth: You call dat a lot! I call dat barely anyting

Jessie:(reassuringly) Well, at least its something! Stop complaining!

James:(smiling like an idiot) Service with a smile!

(Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball, annoying as ever.)

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet! Wobba!

(Jessie, annoyed, returns Wobbuffet to its Pokeball. Meowth gasps when he sees Ash and the gang walk up to the restaurant.)

Meowth:(nervously) Ahh! Its da twerps!

(Jessie grabs onto Meowths mouth)

Jessie:(angrily) Meowth, play it cool!

James: Theyve fallen for all of our disguises so far!

(Ash and the gang enter the restaurant. They sit down at a table and pick up the menus that lie before them.)

Ash: Oh man, Im so hungry!

Brock:(happy) Its so nice to eat at a restaurant. I can take a break from cooking, yet get a great meal too!

Sarah: I think I like your cooking better, Brock

(Team Evil walks up to them. They are holding onto towels.)

Jessie: Welcome to Dock Citys finest restaurant!

James:(still smiling like an idiot) May we take your order?

(Jessie notices Pikachu at the table!)

Jessie:(strict) sorry young man, Pokemon are not allowed at the tables!

James: Weve got a special Poke-play area exclusively for Pokemon!

(James points to a play area that is similar to most Play areas seen in fast food restaurants.)

Ash: Sorry Pikachu, but youll need to go to the play area!

Pikachu:(happy) Pikachu!

(Pikachu gets up from the table and strolls into the Play area. James waits until Pikachu gets inside completely and stands in a particular spot before he presses a button on a remote control. Soon, Pikachu is trapped in a cage.)

James:(excited) got ya!

Ash:(angry) Pikachu!

Sarah:(curious) whats going on?!

(Team Evil takes off their waiter costumes, revealing their Team Evil outfits.)

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, and enjoy your meal,

James: And make it double, its your Pikachu well steal,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash, Sarah and Brock:(angry) Team Evil!

Pikachu:(upset) Pikachu!

Jessie: Well twerp, it looks like your Pikachu is ours!

James: Weve finally won it all! Now well be taking our $100, and leaving

(Jessie and Meowth glare at him. A bead of sweat rolls down his head.)

Ash:(yelling) Pikachu, Thunderbolt out of there!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu tries to use thunderbolt on the cage, but it is ineffective. Team Evil just laughs.)

Meowth: Its not recommended you do dat again, Pikachu. Dat cage saps up all your electricity!

(James picks up the cage with Pikachu in it. Team Evil then proceeds to run out the door, with Ash and gang following closely.)

Team Evil:(yelling back) Ta-Ta for now, twerps!

Pikachu:(upset) Pika!

Ash:(worried) Pikachu! Dont worry, well get you back!

(Suddenly an old man steps out in front of Team Evil. In front of him is an Azurill. Team Evil stops dead in their tracks.)

James:(curious) who is that?

Old Man: Azurill, use Water Gun!

Azurill: Azu!

(Azurill sprays a Water Gun at Team Evil. They are knocked backwards as the cage flies out of James hand and into Ashs arms. Ash lets Pikachu out of the cage.)

Ash:(happy) Pikachu, youre OK!

Pikachu: Pika!

James:(dismay) were washed up, again

Jessie:(angry) well, now you can take your $100, and get your uniform dry-cleaned.

Meowth: Why dont you both shut your mouths!

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Piiiikaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fries Team Evil with a Thunderbolt attack. There is an explosion, and they blast off.)

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobba!

(Back on the ground, Ash and the gang run up to the old man and his Azurill.)

Ash:(thankful) Gee, thanks for your help sir!

Old Man: Think nothing of it young lad! And please, call me Captain Boaty!

Brock: Wow, you must be one of those High Sea Captains I always hear about!

Capt. Boaty: Thats me!

Ash: So Captain, can you point us in the direction of the gym?

Capt. Boaty: Kid, there is no gym in this town.

(Ash falls down anime style He gets back up with a worried look on his face)

Ash:(worried) No gym

Pikachu: Pika!

Capt. Boaty:(enthusiastic) Well lad, youre in luck. I run a ferry service, and I take trainers to the next gym in McInnis Island for them!

Ash:(excited) that would be amazing!

Capt. Boaty: I just need to see your first two badges

(This time, the whole gang falls down anime style. Ash gets up with an upset look in his eyes.)

Ash:(upset, nearly crying) But, I only have one!

Capt. Boaty: Sorry, but I can only take trainers who can show me two!

(Brock checks the guidebook.)

Brock: We mustve gotten so excited about being in a town with boats, that we chose the wrong path! (He fingers through some pages in the guidebook until he gets to the page he wants. Brock then starts to read.) All trainers traveling in Lento should head east from Smallplant for another gym battle We did go the wrong way!

Ash:(angry) you did say that either way had a gym

Brock: II mustve missed that part.

(Sarah slumps down to the ground.)

Sarah:(upset) Awww, now we gotta go back the other way! My feet are killing me!

Capt. Boaty:(sympathetic) Well, since you came all this way, you can spend some time at my cabin.

Ash:(appreciative) thatd be great! Thanks!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

(The scene changes to the inside of Captain Boatys Cabin. It is made out of logs, inside and out. There is a bed to one wall, and a large, round, wooden table in the center of the floor. Chairs surround the table, and Ash and the gang are sitting in these chairs. There is a fireplace as well, and on the fireplace are framed photos of Captain Boaty and his Azurill. Azurill jumps on top of the table.)

Azurill:(curious) Azu?

Sarah: What a cute Azurill.

Capt. Boaty: Well, thank you little lady!

(Sarah pulls out her Pokedex and holds it up to Azurill.)

Pokedex: Azurill, the Polka Dot Pokemon. Azurill spins its tail as if it were a lasso, then hurls it far. The momentum of the throw sends its body flying, too. Using this unique action, one of these Pokemon managed to hurl itself a record 33 feet.

Brock:(amazed) 33 Feet, huh?

Ash:(amazed) Wow!

Capt. Boaty: Yep, Azurill and I have been friends for a long, long time. However, Azurill has been acting weird lately. I have a feeling it has been longing to evolve into a Marill!

Ash:(curious) what makes you think that?

Capt. Boaty: Well Usually, after I ferry people over to McInnis Island, I challenge them to a battle, for practice. Usually, their Pokemon are extremely strong, and Azurill always loses. Azurill always gets upset, so when I ask it whats wrong, I can just sense that its wanted to evolve for the longest time. It just needs the experience!

(Brock stands up from his seat)

Brock: Actually, its not really a matter of experience.

Ash:(confused) I actually wouldnt know.

Brock: Its the happiness of Azurill that will cause it to evolve, and the happier it is, the likelier it will be to evolve!

Capt. Boaty: Are you sure? Is that it?

Ash:(reassuringly) Brock knows a lot about Pokemon! Im sure hed be right about this!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Azurill:(upset) Azu! Azu!

(Capt. Boaty looks at Azurill with a stern look on his face. He then turns to Ash and the gang with a determined face.)

Capt. Boaty:(determined) lets do this!

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: In the Pokemon games, what element is Azurill? Stick around for the answer!-

(The scene now changes to the wooden dock outside Capt. Boatys cabin. Ash stands on one side of the dock, while Capt. Boaty is on the other side. Brock stands off to the side, as does Sarah. Its set up like Ash and Capt. Boaty are going to have a battle.)

Capt. Boaty: But, thisll give Azurill experience!

Ash: Well, I heard that experience makes Pokemon happy!

Brock: Hes right.

Sarah: Plus, its nice to have experience!

Capt. Boaty:(determined) Then, lets battle!

Ash: Pikachu, lets get ready!

Pikachu: Pika!

(Pikachu jumps off of Ashs shoulder. Ash whispers into his Pokemons ear.)

Ash:(whispering) Take it easy on Azurill, were just trying to make it happy.

(Pikachu Nods)

Capt. Boaty: Now Azurill, well try the battle again. You can do it.

Azurill: Azu! Azu!

(Brock raises both of his hands)

Brock: Let this battle begin!

Ash: Ok Pikachu, try an Iron Tail (slumps over) Doh, almost forgot, take it easy.

Pikachu: Pika!

(Pikachus tail glows a bright white. He walks over to Azurill and taps it with his tail lightly. Azurill gets dizzy and faints.)

Capt. Boaty:(shocked) what?!

Ash:(shocked) No way!

Brock:(nervous) I guess, eh Pikachu wins!

(Azurill starts to cry)

Capt. Boaty:(worried) Aw, Azurill, dont be upset!

Azurill:(upset) Azurill!

(Azurill jumps off of the dock and into the murky water below. Capt. Boaty and Ash look down into the dark, dirty water.)

Ash:(upset) Sorry

Pikachu:(upset) Pika

Capt. Boaty: Oh its ok Ash. You dont need to apologize. Azurill just hasnt won too many battles.

Sarah: Yeah, but you wouldnt expect Azurill to lose because of a little tap.

Brock: Always expect the unexpected.

(Suddenly, ripples begin to appear on the waters surface. Ash and the gang watch as these ripples grow larger and larger every second. Soon enough, a submarine rises to the surface. It looks a lot more like a green motorboat with a glass top. Inside the sub is Team Evil, and they have Azurill in captivity.)

Capt. Boaty:(scared) Azurill!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

Jessie: Thought wed come back for a second strike!

James: Its this Azurill we like!

Meowth: So, we taut wed take it from ya!

Capt. Boaty:(angry) Give back Azurill!

(Team Evil lowers the glass top on the boat as they speed off.)

Ash:(angry) we need to go after them!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

Sarah: They cant get away!

Capt. Boaty: We can take my speed boat!

Ash: Ok!

(Meanwhile, on Team Evils Motorboat/Submarine, they crowd around the cage they have Azurill in, grinning happily.)

James: Well, Im really glad you could join us Azurill!

Jessie: Youre with the best in the business now!

Meowth: Dats right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Azurill is trembling inside the cage. It is evidently afraid of Team Evil.)

Azurill:(afraid) Azurill!

James: Dont be scared.

(Azurill shoots a Water Gun at Jamess face.)

Azurill:(cheerfully) Azu! Azu!

James:(angry) Ok, now be scared!

Jessie:(angry) James, dont do that, we want it on our side!

Ash:(from a distance) Oh no you dont!

(Team Evil looks up to see Ash and the gang gaining on their boat. Brock stands up and pulls out a Pokeball. He throws it)

Brock: Sparry, help us out!

(Sparry comes out of its Pokeball. It flies over to Team Evil and starts to peck at their heads. Azurill starts to giggle happily at this.)

James:(screaming) Stop, please!

Jessie:(angry) youll destroy my hair!

Meowth:(screaming) I dont deserve dis!

(Azurill continues to laugh, as it is easily amused by all of this. Suddenly, it begins to glow a bright white.)

Ash: Look!

Capt. Boaty:(shocked) could it be?

Sarah: Its evolving.

(Azurill begins to grow and change its shape. It grows so big, that it breaks out of the cage. Soon enough the glowing stops, and a Marill is standing in its place.)

Marill:(angry) Marill!

Capt. Boaty:(happy) My Azurill evolved.

Brock: My Sparrys actions mustve amused it!

Ash:(happy) Yeah.

(Marill jumps into the water, and swims up to Capt. Boatys boat. Capt. Boaty picks it out of the water.)

Capt. Boaty:(excited) Oh Marill, Im so happy!

Marill: Marill!

Jessie:(angry) Hey, thats no fair!

James:(angry) Give us back our Marill!

Ash:(angry) Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu hits Team Evils boat with a Thunderbolt. The electricity courses through the boat and it affects the motor. The motor and the boat explode, sending Team Evil blasting off.)

Brock: Awesome!

(The gang looks at Capt. Boaty)

Ash: Well, at least theyre both happy!

(Capt. Boaty hugs Marill as they both laugh in glee.)

-Pokemon Quiz! A: Azurill is a Normal Type Pokemon in the games, which came as a shock to many.-

(Scene, the Dock City entrance, near the road to Smallplant City. Capt. Boaty is holding onto Marill, and standing across from Ash and the gang. The sun is setting on the horizon, and the sound of Wingull can be heard in the distance.)

Capt. Boaty: Well, to show my appreciation, I will definitely take you to McInnis Island now, but I still recommend that you stay on the mainland until you get the badge from Regular Town!

Sarah:(turns to Ash) Its your choice.

(Ash thinks for a moment. He then looks up.)

Ash: Ill head to Regular Town!

Pikachu: Pika!

Capt. Boaty: And Ill be waiting for you to return with 2 badges, and so will Marill!

Marill: Marill, Marill!

(Ash nods, and he and his friends turn and walk back down the road to Smallplant City, which in turn will lead to Regular Town.)

Narrator: Eager as always to earn another Lento Badge, Ash heads off to Regular Town, learning as always to expect the unexpected. But just what can he expect on the road ahead? Youll need to wait and see!

End Notes

Well, I hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter! Please, Please write reviews. I need to know if there is anything more I can do to improve my writing, so write reviews as well as voting, so I can improve. Thanks, and expect Chapter 15 soon!

March 15th, 2005, 6:44 PM
Good, I liked it. Thats just like Ash I started to think, to eager at hearing another city and realizes he actually needs to go the other way.
Till your next chapter,

March 22nd, 2005, 11:24 PM
Authors Notes:

Thought I'd post some of Lento's recent reviews!

This is the first fic I have read that actually has Ash go on a journey with new pokemon. I think it was a great idea to do that, though I wish Sceptile would have stayed. Go Sceptile! Sceptile is my favorite pokemon that Ash has, but of course it's Grovyle in the anime, but you get what I mean. At first when you showed that bunny pokemon I was like what the heck? Then, Hyper Beam. I didn't see that one coming at all. Maybe Bunon should evolve into something unexpected, like a very fast and powerful killer bunny. That would be funny! I'm going to keep reading this, I think it's really intertaining.

Homeward Bound (Lento Episode 1) was an awesome fanfic...rubyrulez. I'll be waiting for the next.

rubyrulez, your fanfics is great! They are in the class with EmeraldSky's (as if i should have a chance against them.....)

Anyways, enjoy Chapter 15!

Episode 15: Bubbler Blower

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Between Dock City and Smallplant City

Lento Badges: 1

(Scene, a beautiful country road. Trees dot the landscape as far as the eye could see. Ash, Sarah and Brock walk down the dusty road. Sarah seems to be searching for something or somewhere as they walk. Eventually, they stop near a fairly tall Oak tree.)

Sarah:(excited) Here!

Ash:(curious) Whats here?

Pikachu:(curious) Pika Pika?

Sarah: Silly, this is where I want to train my Pokemon!

Brock: Well, this is a great spot you chose Sarah!

(Sarah reaches into her green handbag and pulls out her three Pokeballs. She flips them all into the air at once, and they open up to reveal her Burnbal, Butterfree and Munchlax.)

Sarah: Ok guys! Time to train!

(The narrator starts to speak as Ash, Pikachu and Brock step aside so they can watch Sarah, who is giving commands to her Pokemon.)

Narrator: After heading in the wrong direction yet again, Ash and the gang make the long trip to Regular Town. They stop only to allow Sarah to train her Pokemon for her future club battle.

Sarah:(to Munchlax) Ok Munchlax, lets see you head butt that tree!

Munchlax: Munch! Munch!

(Munchlax slams its head into the tree, causing it to shake. Groans could be heard coming from the top of the tree.)

Sarah:(curious) huh?

(Two people then fall from the tree, and land one on top of the other. Ash and Brock run up to them. As it turns out, the two people are Prof. Oak and Prof. Palm.)

Ash:(worried) Prof. Oak?

-Title Theme-

(Scene, the same road nearby the same tree. Ash and the gang are now sitting at a nearby picnic table, along with the two Professors. Prof. Palm is holding onto some sort of laptop, while Prof. Oak has a notebook. They are all deep in conversation.)

Sarah:(upset) Sorry about before, Prof.

Munchlax: Munch!

Palm: Oh Sarah, its ok. Im a little concerned about Prof. Oak, though.

(Prof. Oak winces in pain as he holds onto his back.)

Oak:(wincing) Just a little backache No need for alarm!

(Ash pulls out his Badge Case and shows Prof. Oak his Tulip Badge.

Ash: Check this out, Professor!

Oak:(amazed) Well Ash, I must say that Im very impressed!

Ash: So Professor, what are you doing in Lento?

Oak: Well Ash, I was invited to Lento by Prof. Palm. Dont you remember back in my lab that day?

(The scene changes to a flashback of when Ash walks into Oaks lab, along with May, Max and Brock. He sees Oak on the videophone.)

Oak: Ah, Prof. Palm! Of course we should have lunch next week! Too bad our regions are separated and far off.

Palm: That's ok, you can stay here for a day.

(The flashback ends and the scene returns to as it was before.)

Oak: Turns out, I was here a little longer than expected

(He chuckles. Prof. Palm turns to Ash.)

Palm: While my school semester is still not in session, I decided to invite Prof. Oak up to Lento for a few days, so I could help him to identify some of the Pokemon that have been appearing back in your hometown!

Ash:(mesmerized) Thats cool!

Pikachu: Pika!

Oak: Thats right. Today, Prof. Palm and I are looking out for the Pokemon known as Bubbler!

Ash: A Bubbler, huh?

(Ash pulls out his Pokedex and looks up Bubbler. Bubbler looks exactly like a big, blue bubble, only it has eyes and a mouth.)

Pokedex: Bubbler, the Bubble Pokemon. Although Bubblers body is extremely hollow and has a bubble consistency, it is immune to bursting. The only time it would ever pop is when it is aggravated and even then, Bubbler can easily regenerate itself.

Ash: Cool! Id like to see a Bubbler!

Sarah: Ive seen a Bubbler before, theyre really cute!

(Sarah returns her Pokemon to their Pokeballs.)

Palm: Well, Prof. Oak and I are watching for them. Since its his last day here I thought wed do something worthwhile!

Oak: I am very intrigued by Bubbler and would like to see one up close!

Ash:(excited) Hey Professor, maybe we can search for Bubbler with you!

Pikachu:(excited) Pika!

Sarah:(excited) Id like to go too!

Brock: You can count me in as well!

Palm: That would be great!

Oak: Of course you kids can come along.

Ash:(ecstatic) Excellent! Lets go find some Bubbler!

(Meanwhile, Team Evil has been spying on Ash and the group from a nearby bush. Jessie is looking at them through binoculars while James and Meowth are trying to start a fire so they can cook their meal. This, however, is accomplished unsuccessfully time and time again.)

Jessie: Did you hear that James? Theyre after this Bubbler Pokemon!

James:(dumbfounded) Bubbler?

Meowth:(cunningly) Ive heard of Bubbler before! Itd be a great gift for da boss!

James: What makes you say that?

(The scene changes to Meowths imagination. The boss of Team Evil is sitting in his office, bored and a little angry.)

Meowth:(narrating) Imagine da boss, sittin in his office, annoyed wit some of his henchmen for doin a bad job!

Jessie:(narrating) Yeah?

(Suddenly, a Bubbler comes over to the bosss desk. The boss grabs Bubbler and starts to bounce it on the ground.)

Meowth:(narrating) Bubbler would come over to da boss and relieve all of his stress. Den, da boss would say (Meowth changes over to his boss voice) Im very grateful for Meowth and his friends for bringin me dis Bubbler! Dey should be handsomely rewarded!

(The scene changes back to the way it was.)

James:(excited) Lets do it! Lets catch a Bubbler!

Team Evil:(excited) Promotions! Corporate Accounts! Offices overlooking the beach! Very cool!

(Wobbuffet lets itself out from its Pokeball.)

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobba!

(The scene now changes to a nearby lake. There are a bunch of trees around the area. Ash and the gang, along with the professors, tiptoe from tree to tree. They are hiding behind each one, as not to be seen. Prof Oak whips out his notebook.)

Oak: I wonder if there are any Bubbler in this area.

Ash: So do I.

Palm: Keep quiet, they might come out!

(Suddenly, bunches of Bubbler start to rise from the water. They float around in midair, just observing their surroundings. They hardly notice Ash and gang.)

Sarah:(whispering) Theres some

Ash:(whispering) Cool.

Oak:(whispering) Fascinating! I need to sketch a picture of this!

(Oak begins to draw pictures of the Bubbler in his notebook, while Ash watches him.)

Ash:(whispering) Wow Professor, I never knew you were such a good artist!

Oak:(whispering) All my life, Ive had a passion for art. I kept a sketchbook of all my artwork since I was about 9 or 10!

Ash:(whispering excitedly) Cool! Can I see it?

Oak:(whispering nervously) Ehhh not for a while

Bubbler: Bubb! Bubbler!

(A single Bubbler turns and looks at the tree that Ash and the gang are hiding behind.)

Palm:(whispering) Now, stay quiet everybody

(The Bubbler inches closer to the tree, while the other Bubbler watch it.)

Bubbler:(curious) Bubble?

(The Bubbler notices the sleeve of Prof. Oaks lab coat. It floats over to Prof. Oak, as he breaks into a nervous sweat.)

Oak:(nervous) Uh-oh

Palm: What will it do?

(Bubbler puts a wide smile on its face as it rubs up against Prof. Oak)

Bubbler:(happily) Bubble!

Ash: I guess it likes you Professor!

Brock: I think so too!

Oak:(to Bubbler) Well, hello there!

Bubbler:(happy) Bub!

(From a distance, Team Evil calls out to the gang.)

Jessie: Well, well!

James: Thanks for hanging onto Bubbler for us!

Meowth: Well take it from here!

(Ash angrily spins around.)

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: In Lento Episode 1 [Homeward Bound], what is the reason for Giovannis changing Team Rocket to a good organization? Stay Tuned for the answer!-

James: Thats us!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble,

James: And make it double,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Oak:(angry) What do you want?

Bubbler:(scared) Bubble

Brock:(angry) Dont worry Bubbler, we wont let anything bad happen to you!

Sarah: Why dont you just give up and go home?

Jessie:(thinking) Hmmm, we could do that

Meowth: But, we wanted to have a ball!

James: Or a bubble!

(They jump into their Wobbuffet balloon. From the bottom of the balloon, they shoot out multiple plungers. Each plunger is attached to a string. The plungers head for the Bubbler and stick to them. Each Bubbler is carried into the air attached to a plunger.)

Palm:(nervous) The Bubbler!

All Bubbler:(scared) Bub, Bub!

Ash:(angry) We cant let them get away!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

(Team Evils balloon starts to float away, with all the Bubbler hanging from the bottom of the balloon. One of the Bubbler points its face downward and uses a light Water Gun. Its purpose is to create a trail. In the meanwhile, Ash and the gang are sitting on the grass, thinking up their battle strategy.)

Ash: So, how are we gonna get the Bubbler back?

Pikachu: Pika?

Sarah: I really dont know Ash!

Brock: If we try shocking Team Evil, the Bubbler will get hurt!

Oak:(nervous) You know, we could follow after Team Evil, and discuss this on the way.

(Oak begins to tremble, and Ash notices this.)

Ash:(worried) Professor, why are you shaking.

Oak:(worried) Oh Ash, Im just a little worried about the Bubbler. They dont deserve any of this.

Ash:(determined) Dont worry, Prof. Oak! Well give Team Evil what they deserve!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

(Sarah points toward the ground at a trail of water.)

Sarah: Look!

(The rest of the gang notices the trail of water. Oak realizes it mustve been created by one of the Bubbler.)

Palm: Bubbler!

Oak: Lets go!

(They all get up and run in the direction that the trail leads. Meanwhile, Team Evil is celebrating their success from their balloon.)

Jessie:(happy) All right!

James:(happy) Too cool!

Meowth: I picked up da office supplies!

(Meowth is holding a box filled with random office supplies. Jessie and James look at him weird.)

Jessie:(curious) Office supplies?

James:(sadistically) Now, why would we need office supplies?

Meowth: For our offices overlooking da beach, dont ya remember?

(Meowth pulls out what looks like a Wingull Tape Dispenser from the box. In the meanwhile, Wobbuffet let itself out of its Pokeball and is joining Jessie and James in a Meowth stare down.)

Wobbuffet: Wobba, Wobba, Wobbuffet?

Meowth:(upset) Cmon yous guys, I got dem special!

Jessie: I guess its ok

James: I like the Wailord Stapler

Jessie: Im going crazy for the Burnbal coffee mug!

(Meanwhile, a Bubbler let itself free from the plungers, and joins up with Ash and Gang, who are down below.)

Bubbler:(scared) Bubbler! Bub Bub, Bubble!

Oak: Whats wrong Bubbler?

(Ash points up at the balloon.)

Ash: There they are!

(Team Evil hears Ash. They look over the side of the balloon to see him with Bubbler.)

Team Evil: Oh no!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil, youre finished!

Jessie: Try and stop us kid!

James: One Bubbler wont make a difference.

Jessie:(to Meowth) What do you have in that box that I can throw at them?

(Meowth reaches into his box and pulls out two Pokeballs.)

Meowth: Do ya want a Pokeball Pencil Sharpener, or a Pokeball Paper Weight?

Jessie:(undecided) Um, let me have the Sharp NO! I mean the Paper Doh!

(Sarah throws a Pokeball, and her Munchlax comes out.)

Munchlax: Munch! Munchlax!

Oak: Wow, thats one I havent gotten to see yet!

Sarah:(angry) Munchlax, use Bite and free the Bubbler!

(Munchlax jumps up and breaks each of the plunger strings with its teeth. Ash and the gang catch the Bubbler in their arms, and begin to take them off the plungers.)

Jessie:(angry) Our Bubbler! (Turns to Meowth) PAPERWEIGHT!

(Meowth hands Jessie the paperweight, and she throws it at Ash. Munchlax uses a Mega Punch and breaks the paperweight.)

James: Oh well

Jessie: The joy of office supplies

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Ash:(angry) Pikachu, use Thun

Oak:(angry) Ive got it Ash!

Ash:(curious) Huh?

Oak: Bubbler, use Bubble beam!

Bubbler: Bubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

(Bubbler hits Team Evils balloon with a Bubble beam. The balloon explodes and Team Evil goes blasting off.)

Team Evil: Were blasting off again!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Ash and the gang stare in awe as Prof. Oak and Bubbler watch Team Evil blast off.)

Oak: What more can you expect, from a Pokemon you capture?

Ash:(excited) Thats so cool, Professor!

Pikachu: Pika!

-Pokemon Quiz! A: Giovanni loses a bet to his brother regarding the amount of Pokemon his team could steal. Therefore, Giovanni has made Team Rocket into a good team.-

(Scene, the same general area. There is a fork in the road. One way is a shortcut to Trinple Town. The other leads to Smallplant City. Prof. Palm and Prof. Oak sit in a jeep on the road to Trinple. Ash and gang stand near the road to Smallplant.)

Palm: Well, I need to get Prof. Oak back to Redwood, so he can return to Pallet Town.

Oak: I hope Tracy is OK

Ash:(excited) Wait until he sees you caught a Bubbler!

Oak: Yeah. Well, goodbye Ash, and good luck!

(The jeep drives away as Ash and gang look on.)

Brock: Well, we should get a move on!

Ash: Yeah!

(Ash and gang walk down the Smallplant path.)

Narrator: After meeting up with two Professors, and an adventure with a new Pokemon, Ash and his friends are ready to hit the road yet again. Headed for Smallplant City and then Regular Town, and Ashs second Lento badge!

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Hope you liked! Chapter 16 soon!

Munchy the Munchlax
March 24th, 2005, 9:38 AM
just read this chapter and it was pretty entertaining. glad to hear that there are others who like this fic alot. :)

March 24th, 2005, 7:10 PM
Interesting little part with the proffessors, good to think that more battling is on the way!

April 6th, 2005, 7:37 PM
Authors Notes:

Well, here is Chapter 16. Please review...

Episode 16: Leaflet Alone!

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Between Dock City and Smallplant City

Lento Badges: 1

(Scene, an open field. The field is beautiful, consisting entirely of grass and small trees. A crystal clear lake runs nearby and red roses dot the grass. Ash and Pikachu are watching Brock cook lunch as Sarah and her Pokemon train.)

Narrator: Ash and friends take yet another break on the road back to Smallplant City and Regular town to have a quick lunch. Sarah trains her Pokemon, determined to become a Top Class Pokemon Trainer!

(Sarah turns to her Burnbal, who is awaiting a command.)

Sarah: Burnbal, let me see your ember attack!

Burnbal: Ballllll!

(Burnbal shoots embers at the lake, causing steam to rise. Sarah looks carefully at the steam.)

Sarah: Almost, just a bit harder.

Burnbal: Ball?

Ash: Wow, Sarah has been training hard.

Pikachu: Pika!

Brock:(to Sarah) Sarah, come and get some lunch!

Sarah: OK!

(Sarah runs over to Ash and Brock as her Pokemon follows. From behind a nearby tree, a small, round Pokemon watches her. It is Goldenrod in color, and has a small, green leaf on its head. It seems more interested in Burnbal than anything else.)

-Title Theme-

(Sarah sits down at the picnic table and puts her spoon into her bowl of stew. Burnbal plops down next to her, and Pikachu sits down next to Burnbal.)

Ash:(excited) Wow Sarah, Its so cool that you can tell how strong Burnbals Ember was just by looking at the steam!

Sarah: Yeah

(Sarah takes a bite of stew. She gives Brock a thumb up of approval.)

Brock: I take it you like it

Sarah:(happy) Good as always!

Pikachu:(happily) Pika!

Ash: So Sarah, are you excited about your club battle?

Sarah: Oh Ash, its not for a long time!

Ash:(curious) But, are you excited?

Brock: I love lunchtime conversation!

Burnbal:(happy) Ball!

Sarah: Well, I actually am very excited. So I feel that this intense training is necessary!

Ash: Well, so long as you dont push your Pokemon so hard!

Brock: And your Pokemon dont mind!

Pikachu: Pika!

Sarah: You dont mind, do you Burnbal?

(She turns around to notice that Burnbal is missing. Frantically looking around, she sees that Burnbal is playing with the Pokemon that was watching it before. The goldenrod Pokemon has a large grin on its face as it chases Burnbal.)

Ash: Wow, wonder what Pokemon that is!

(Ash pulls out his Pokedex.)

Pokedex: Leaflet, the Leaf Ball Pokemon. Leaflet is a very curious Pokemon, always interested in its surroundings. It will walk around the surrounding area and observe just about anything. Leaflet is fascinated by round objects, especially round Pokemon.

Sarah: So, thats why Leaflet likes Burnbal!

Burnbal:(happily) Ball!

Leaflet: Leaf! Leaflet!

Sarah:(heart-eyed) Oh my gosh! Its just soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Ash:(sarcastically) So?

Brock: I think its kind of cute, too

Sarah: Im sure the rest of the Pokemon would appreciate Play time!

(Sarah pulls out her other two Pokeballs and throws them into the air. They open up to reveal Munchlax and Butterfree.)

Ash: After intense training, Pokemon appreciate playtime!

Sarah: Ok everybody, you play (She turns around to notice Burnbal and Leaflet are completely missing. Sarah lets out a shriek and turns completely white.) nice.

Brock: Whered they go?

Pikachu: Pika?

Sarah:(upset) Oh-No, that Leaflet Poke-napped my Burnbal!

Ash:(calm) Try to keep your cool, Sarah, they couldnt have gotten too far!

Sarah:(upset) I must find my Burnbal!

(She frantically rushes around the site, searching for any signs of Burnbal or Leaflet. She slumps to the ground and lets out a groan.)

Brock: Sarah?

Sarah:(angry) That Leaflet will pay!

Ash: Take it easy Sarah, well help you find your Burnbal!

Munchlax:(angry) Munch!

Butterfree:(angry) Freeh!

Munchlax:(angry) Munchlax!

Sarah:(calm) Thank You, all of you!

(The scene changes to a nearby forest. Leaflet is spinning its leaf, which allows it to fly. Burnbal is running after it happily. They seem to still be playing, and a Poke-napping isnt in progress. Watching them from their balloon is Team Evil.)

James: Well, what do we have here!

Meowth: Da Twerps Burnbal wandered away from its trainer!

Jessie:(curious) But, whats that thing its following?

Meowth: Dats a Leaflet!

James: Leaflet?

Meowth: Dat Pokemons just perfect for da boss!

Jessie:(curious) Why do you think that?

(Scene changes to Meowths imagination. The Team Evil boss is holding onto Leaflet. He seems completely stressed out.)

Meowth: Ok, imagine da boss, stressed out after a hard day of work. Dat Leaflet would be there to soothe him and help him relax, with its cute grin.

James: Go on

(Leaflet jumps out of the bosses arms. He sniffs around for a while, and picks up a few golden coins with its stubby arms, handing them up to the boss. The boss takes them and smiles.)

Meowth: Leaflet, with its fascination with round objects, could seek out some golden coins for da boss. Hell be so happy, hell say (boss voice) Tank goodness for Meowth and his friends bringin me dis here Leaflet, dey must be rewarded.

(The scene changes back to the balloon.)

James:(frustrated) Ok, that stank

Jessie:(Sadistically) Its the same as always. These hallucinations rev us up, and we wind up blasting off!

(Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball.)

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Jessie returns it to its Pokeball.)

Jessie:(upset) And you make things no better!

Meowth:(angry) Cmon yous guys, wheres dat Team Evil spirit?

James: Down the drain

Meowth:(determined) Were gonna capture dat Leaflet, and dat Pikachu too! Just you wait and see!

(Jessie and James just sigh.)

(The scene changes back to the forest. Burnbal is still following Leaflet, who has led it deep into the forest. Burnbal stops running for a while and looks around. It is completely lost.)

Burnbal:(worried) Burnbal, Burnbal? (Where is Sarah?)

(Leaflet lands on the ground next to Burnbal.)

Leaflet: Leaf Leaf, Leaflet Leaf! (Sorry if I took you too far.)

Burnbal: Burnbal (Its ok)

Leaflet: Leaf Leaflet! Leaflet Leaf Leaf Leaflet! (Ill take you back, but I want to show you something!)

Burnbal: Burn? (Huh?)

(Leaflet spins its leaf again and takes off, Burnbal follows it close behind.)

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: What Pokemon evolves into Piloswine? Stay Tuned for the answer.-

(Scene, Ash, Sarah and Brock have made it into the forest where Burnbal and Leaflet are. They are running down the road in the forest. Sarah looks tired and agitated.)

Sarah:(upset) Ugh, Im tired and Burnbal still isnt anywhere nearby!

Ash: Sarah, well find Burnbal!

Pikachu:(cheerful) Pikachu!

Sarah:(concerned) I sure hope so, Ash!

Brock: Shall we keep looking?

Sarah:(determined) Yeah!

(Meanwhile, Leaflet has led Burnbal to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing is a shallow pool. Leaflet and Burnbal walk to the edge. They look at their reflections in the water.)

Burnbal: Burn! Burnbal Burn? (This is it?)

Leaflet: Leaf! Leaf Leaflet Leaf? (Yeah! Isnt it cool?)

Burnbal: Burnbal, Burnbal Burn Burnbal. (Its just my reflection)

Leaflet: Leaflet Leaflet Leaf? (Isnt it intriguing?)

Burnbal: Burn. (No.)

Leaflet: Leaflet, Leaflet! (Whatever you say!)

(Suddenly, Leaflet And Burnbal are swept off of their feet by a net.)

Leaflet: Leaf, Leaf! (What!)

(The net is hanging from Team Evils Wobbuffet balloon. They are trying to escape with Leaflet and Burnbal in their possession. James and Jessie dont look as energetic as usual, but Meowth is extremely peppy.)

Meowth: Cmon, you guys, chin up! We gots us a Burnbal and a Leaflet.

James:(sadistic) But, you know the twerps will come out of nowhere.

Jessie:(upset) Because, theyre everywhere!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(Suddenly, Ash and the gang notice Team Evils balloon. They see the net dangling from the basket. Sarah shrieks in horror.)

Sarah:(nervous) My Burnbal must be up there!

Ash:(angry) Lets get them!

Pikachu:(angry) Pika!

(Meanwhile, back in the balloon. Meowth is slowly raising the net into the basket.)

Meowth: Yous guys! We mighta actually won dis time.

James:(Sarcasm) Whoopee!

Meowth: Cmon Jessie, James! Dont pretend dat yous dont care about stealing.

Jessie:(Upset) Wheres the fun in it?

Wobbuffet:(upset) Wob!

Meowth: Yous guys better knock dat off! Dats crazy talkin!

Jessie: Sounds like normal conversation to me.

James: Jessie, have we any tea?

Jessie: In the pantry

Meowth: Youre both nuts!

Ash:(distantly) Hey!

Jessie:(sarcastically) You see?

(Ash and the gang run into the clearing. Sarah pulls out a Pokeball.)

Sarah:(angry) Give me back my Burnbal!

Brock: And let that Leaflet be!

Meowth: Ha! Prepare for Trouble, youll now see! Make it Double, Its only me!

Ash: What about Jessie and James?

Meowth: To protect da world from devastation, to unite all peoples within our nation!

Sarah: Burnbal!

Meowth: To denounce da evils of truth and love! To extend my reach to da stars above!

Brock: Stop it!

Meowth: Meowth, Dats right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobbuffet!

Ash:(angry) Meowth, let go of Burnbal and Leaflet!

Meowth: Fat chance, kid!

(He unleashes another net and swoops up Pikachu.)

Ash:(worried) Pikachu!

Meowth:(to Jessie and James) Guys, we actually won!

James;(not caring) Whatever

(There is now a burning fire in Sarahs eyes. She throws her Pokeball.)

Sarah: Munchlax, lets go!

(Munchlax comes out of its Pokeball.)

Munchlax: Munch Munch!

Meowth: Eh?

Sarah:(angry) Ok, Munchlax, go as high as you can and tear open those nets with your bite attack!

Munchlax: Munchlax!

(Munchlax soars upward and cuts Burnbal, Leaflet and Pikachu free from their nets. Meowth screams.)

James: What did we tell you?

Jessie: We were gonna lose!

Meowth: Guys, da reason we keep our spirits high, is because you never know when tings is gonna change!

James:(curious) Huh?

(Meowths eye begins to become teary.)

Meowth: We constantly go after dose twerps to steal their Pikachu, yet we blast off every time. Dont yous tink dese blast offs make us stronger?

Jessie: That makes sense!

James:(excited) Youre right Meowth!

Jessie:(yelling to Ash) Hey twerp, shock us!

Ash:(angry) My pleasure!

Meowth:(angry) WHAT! No, I didnt mean ask em for it!

Ash:(angry) Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu:(angry) Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt at Team Evil. It hits them dead on, causing them to explode and blast off.)

Meowth: Were gonna blast off!

James: At least were stronger, Meowth.

Jessie: Thats right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Meowth: Dats my line!

Team Evil: Were blasting off again!

(Sarah runs up to her Burnbal and hugs it.)

Sarah:(happy) Oh, Burnbal! Thank goodness youre ok!

Burnbal:(happy) Burn, Burnbal!

Leaflet:(upset) Leaf

Sarah: Oh Leaflet, its ok. Thanks for keeping Burnbal safe for me!

Leaflet:(happy) Leaf!

(Leaflet flies away into the sunset. Burnbal waves goodbye to its new friend, and hopes that they meet again someday.)

-Pokemon Quiz! A: Swinub evolves into Piloswine at Level 33. Catch ya next time!-

(The scene changes back to the road to Smallplant. The gang is now out of the forest and back on track as they continue the long journey. Sarah cradles Burnbal in her arms.)

Ash: Burnbal is OK?

Sarah: Yeah

Burnbal:(sad) Burn

Sarah: He must really miss that Leaflet.

Brock: Well see it again

Sarah: Yeah!

Burnbal:(happily) Burnbal!

(Sarah and the gang giggle.)

Narrator: After Burnbals greatest adventure, he is ready to continue with his trainer Sarah, as she, Ash and Brock proceed to Regular Town, where Ashs second badge awaits them.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed. Chapter 17 soon!

April 13th, 2005, 10:24 PM
Authors Notes:

Well, I have Chapter 17 all ready for you. Please, Please review the story! Enjoy!

Episode 17: Bummed Out

Ash's Team: Pikachu, Seedy, Bunon
Sarah's Team: Burnbal, Munchlax, Butterfree
Brock's Team: Ludicolo, Marshtomp, Forretress, Sparry

Location: Between Dock City and Smallplant City

Lento Badges: 1

(Scene, a dirt road. There are trees all around. Ash and the gang are walking along this road, but spying on them from a tree is Team Evil.)

Narrator: Its yet another beautiful day as Ash and gang continue to Regular Town. However, Team Evil is watching the gang, as always.

Jessie: Almost

James: The ultimate trap.

Meowth: Its gonna get ya!

(Meanwhile, Ash and gang are still walking down the road, not expecting anything.)

Ash:(excited) Im so psyched for my second badge!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: Weve still got quite a trip ahead, Ash!

Sarah: Sure do, Ash!

(Suddenly, the ground gives way as Ash and gang fall into another Team Evil pitfall.)

Ash:(in pain) Ouch!

Sarah:(curious) What is going on?

(Team Evil begins to gloat while standing above the hole. They look down at Ash and Gang while laughing.)

James: Weve got you now!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

-Title Theme-

Sarah: Team Evil! What do you want?!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, you know what,

James: And make it double, Pikachu, thats what,

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,

James: To unite all people in every nation,

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,

James: To extend our reach to the stars above,

Jessie: Jessie,

James: James,

Jessie: Team Evil, causing Havoc at the speed of light,

James: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight, fight, fight,

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Ash and the gang climb out of the hole.)

Ash:(angry) Cant you ever leave us alone? (to Pikachu) Get em!

(Pikachu gets a Thunderbolt attack ready.)

Jessie: Wobbuffet, use counter!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Wobbuffet glows a bright red. Pikachu fires the Thunderbolt, only to have it turned around by Wobbuffet. The bolt strikes Pikachu.)

Pikachu:(in pain) Pikaaaaa!

Ash:(worried) Pikachu!

Jessie:(happily) Ha Ha!

James: Great!

Ash: Pikachu, again!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

(This time, the Thunderbolt hits Team Evil, causing them to blast off.)

Team Evil: Here we go already!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

(The screen blacks out. The scene then changes to a nearby forest. Team Evil is lying on the ground of this forest. Their clothes are smoking, and they are in severe pain from the landing.)

Jessie: Another painful goodbye.

James: I feel like I could die

Meowth: I really dont know why

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

Jessie:(angry) That kid always beats us!

James:(calm) Keep cool, Jess, well think of something.

Jessie:(angry) Well, wed better think fast, because Im getting tired!

(Suddenly, a teenage boy is seen walking through the forest. He has dark brown hair, and is wearing a blue T-shirt and blue Shorts. He sees Team Evil sitting there.)

Boy:(excited) Finally, a couple of trainers!

Jessie:(curious) Huh?

James: Whats up kid?

Boy:(excited) My name is Robert, and Ive been looking for some trainers to battle with me!

James: Id be happy to battle you!

Robert: I mean the girl with the cool hair, shes cute.

James:(angry and Jealous) What! Are you saying Im not cute enough for you?!

Jessie:(happy) Relax James, let the boy battle me (whispers to James) well snatch his Pokemon afterward

James:(slyly) Oh!

Jessie: Lets Battle!

(The scene changes to a wide clearing in the forest. Jessie is on one side while Robert is on the other. James and Meowth are off to the side, with James acting as the judge.)

James: The battle between Jessie and Robert will now begin. Each trainer is allowed only one Pokemon, with no substitutions. Once each Pokemon is called out, that is the Pokemon you use.

(Jessie pulls out one of her Pokeballs.)

Jessie: In that case, I choose

(Wobbuffet lets itself out of its Pokeball and onto the field.)

Wobbuffet: Wobba! Wobbuffet!

James: Jessie chooses Wobbuffet!

Meowth: Oh-No

Jessie:(angry) I didnt want you!

(Robert throws one of his Pokeballs.)

Robert: Lets go, Combusken!

(Combusken appears from inside the Pokeball. It gets itself ready to battle.)

Combusken: Ken!

James: Begin!

Robert: Use your flamethrower!

(Combusken opens its beak wide and shoots a flamethrower at Wobbuffet.)

Jessie:(angry) Wobbuffet, use counter!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(The red light surrounds Wobbuffet again, and the Flamethrower bounces off and back at Combusken.)

Robert: Combusken, use Sandstorm!

Combusken: Combusken!

(Combusken creates a powerful Sandstorm attack. The flamethrower hits it, causing it to disseminate.)

Robert:(excited) All right!

Jessie:(angry) Wobbuffet, cant you do anything else?!

Wobbuffet: Wobba!

(Wobbuffet begins to glow a bright white. Jessie, James and Meowth look at Wobbuffet in awe. It begins to change shape and grow, in the stomach area.)

Jessie:(curious) Wobbuffet?

Meowth: Its evolving

(Soon, the transformation has stopped. Wobbuffet is now a bit taller, but much fatter. Other than that it looks about the same.)

James: Its a Wobbubum!

Wobbubum: Bum! Bum!

Jessie:(excited) All right! I now have a Wobbubum!

(Wobbubum lies on the ground and falls asleep.)

Wobbubum:(sleepily) Wobba!

Jessie:(upset) I must curb my excitement!

James: Continue the battle!

Jessie:(angry) Whos side are you on?!

Robert: Combusken, use Flamethrower!

(Combusken shoots another Flamethrower at Wobbubum. It makes direct contact, but Wobbubum still sleeps.)

Jessie:(angry) Cmon, get up you lazy loser!

(Wobbubum wakes up and scratches its belly. It is now ready for battle.)

Wobbubum: Bum

Jessie(happy) Terrific, let me see what you can do, Wobbubum.

Wobbubum: Bum!

(Wobbubum throws itself on the ground and starts rolling at Combusken. It comes dangerously close.)

James:(amazed) A rollout attack!

Jessie:(happy) This Wobbubum Pokemon might be more useful to us now!

Robert: Flamethrower.

(Combusken shoots another flamethrower, holding Wobbubum back and knocking it out in the process. James raises his arm toward Robert.)

James: Wobbubum is no longer able to battle Victory goes to Robert and Combusken.

(Jessie is fuming while Robert jumps for joy.)

Jessie:(angry) Youre on his side, arent you?!

Robert: That battle was great, but I really must be going! Let us meet again

(Robert runs off, while Jessie extends an arm in an effort to stop him.)

Jessie:(angry) Wait, kid! I demand a rematch!

(It is now too late, Robert is gone from sight.)

-Pokemon Quiz! Q: How many Pokemon do Ash, Sarah and Brock have combined? (Include only the Pokemon they are carrying with them now, and none either gone of on their own or left at home.) Stay tuned for the answer!-

(Jessie, James and Meowth are now sitting in a circle around Wobbubum, who is sleeping in the middle of their circle. Jessie looks upset.)

Jessie:(angry) Grrr, this Wobbubum is more useless than ever!

James: That may not be true

Meowth: But James, all it does is snooze

Jessie:(angry) Wont you wake up?!

(Wobbubum just yawns. Jessie gets more agitated.)

James: Wobbubum must have some use?

(James pulls out a blue book. On the cover is a picture of a Pokeball, and in bold red letters The Idiots Guide to Pokemon.)

Meowth: Da book suits ya, James!

James:(reading) Well, according to the guidebook, Wobbubum is the lazy Pokemon and will often sleep during battle without warning.

Jessie:(upset) Great

James:(reading) however, it doesnt happen too often, and when Wobbubum isnt sleeping it is extremely powerful. It learns new moves after evolution, such as rollout and mega punch.

Jessie:(calm) Well, I guess thats some pretty good news!

Meowth: Well, dere you go, Jess!

(Suddenly, Wobbubum sits upright. It has woken up. It gets up and walks out onto the path. Jessie curiously follows it.)

Jessie: Wobbubum, where are you going?

(Jessie notices Ash and the gang, along with Robert, walking down the path.)

James: What is it, Jessie?

Jessie:(cunning) Talk about unexpected surprises

Meowth: Its da twerps!

Jessie: And that brat that has a crush on me!

(Wobbubum wanders out into the middle of the road as Ash and the gang walk up to it.)

Ash: That was a great battle, Robert!

Robert: You actually handed me my first loss! That Pikachu of yours is truly amazing!

Pikachu:(flattered) Pika

Ash: Well, your Combusken is top notch!

Brock: I agree!

Sarah: So do I!

(Suddenly, the gang notices Wobbubum in the middle of the road.)

Ash: Wobbuffet? You really let yourself go!

Brock: No, thats a Wobbubum!

Sarah: Does that mean, Team Evils around?

Ash:(determined) No way, Jessie has a Wobbuffet!

Robert: Actually, I also battled a red haired girl named Jessie, and her Wobbuffet evolved.

Ash:(angry) What.

(Suddenly, Wobbubum uses rollout on Ash and the gang, tripping them up. Pikachu is flung through the air and lands in a glass jar James was holding. He seals the lid tight.)

Jessie:(happy) I knew that Wobbubum was good for something!

Ash:(angry) Team Evil!

Robert: Theyre thieves?

James: Of course were thieves! Did you think we were the good guys?

Jessie: Wobbubum, use Mega Punch.

(She notices Wobbubum has fallen asleep.)

Wobbubum: ZzzzZ

Jessie:(angry) Ohhhh, get up!

Pikachu:(afraid) Pika

Ash: Pikachu, well get you back!

(Jessie and James pull out Pokeballs.)

Jessie: Dustox, go!

James: Cacturne!

(They both throw their Pokeballs, revealing Dustox and Cacturne. Cacturne turns around and hugs James.)

Cacturne: Turne!

James:(yelling in pain) This is crazy! Attack the twerps!

(Ash throws his Pokeball)

Ash:(angry) Bunon, I choose you!

(Bunon comes out of the Pokeball. It spins around and takes a bow.)

Jessie: Dustox, use Psybeam!

Dustox: Dustox!

(Dustox fires a rainbow colored beam at Bunon, but Bunon dodges it. Brock also pulls out a Pokeball.)

Brock: You might need backup. (He throws the ball.) Go, Sparry!

(Sparry comes out of the Pokeball and flaps its wings with grace.)

Ash: Bunon, use Hyper Beam!

Brock: Sparry, use Whirlwind!

(Bunon fires an orange beam at Dustox, while Whirlwind knocks Cacturne off of its feet.)

Jessie:(angry) Wobbubum, use Mega Punch!

(Wobbubum wakes up as its fist glows white. It slams its fist into Bunon, causing it to step backwards.)

Ash:(worried) Bunon!

Jessie:(laughing) Yay, Im going to win!

Brock:(angry) Sparry, use Whirlwind!

Sparry: squawk!

(Sparry blows a Whirlwind at Wobbubum, but it doesnt budge. It winds up going to sleep.)

Jessie:(angry) Oh, come on!

Ash: Bunon, use Hyper Beam!

(Bunon fires another Hyper Beam, this time, hitting Wobbubum and Team Evil, causing them to drop Pikachu and blast off.)

James: Here we go again!

Meowth: Twice in one day!

Jessie:(angry) You lazy bum!

Team Evil: Team Evils blasting off again!

(Ash removes Pikachu from the jar, and gives it a hug.)

Ash:(happy) Pikachu!

Pikachu:(happy) Pika!

-Pokemon Quiz! A: If you combine Ash, Sarah and Brocks Pokemon, you will get a total of ten-

(The scene changes back to Team Evil, who is now deeper in the forest. They are lying near a stream, relaxing.)

Jessie: We may have lost

James: but, were always winners!

Meowth: Dats right!

(Wobbubum comes out of its Pokeball, startling Team Evil and forcing them into the stream.)

Jessie:(angry) Oh, you!

James: Its got great scaring powers.

Meowth: And dats good enough for us.

(The scene changes back to Ash and gang, who have parted with Robert and are proceeding down the road to Smallplant.)

Narrator: After a crazy adventure, hopefully now Team Evil has learned a lesson. They may always be after Pikachu, but nothing can stop Ash, as he heads toward his second badge.

>To Be Continued

End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed it! Chapter 18 should be here soon!