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January 29th, 2005, 6:46 AM

Beads of sweet rolled down the slender boys face, his breathe beginning to quicken, his muscles now twitching with anxiety. His fingers trembled as he wrapped his long fingers around a sphere, appearing to have second thoughts about picking it up. his fingers moved to the next ball, and then to the last one, each time he hesitated and then moved to the next sphere. Then his hands rested comfortably on the first sphere.

Looking up at the man looking over his shoulder, who was apparently interested at the boys' choice, the boy slowly nodded as he felt his finger tighten around the ball and lift it up into the air. "I choose this one," he said, his voice raspy and shaking from the choice, for whichever ball he choose, would determine his fate forever. Then he slowly raised it as if to throw it on the ground or summon something from the spherical object.

The man then interupted, "Are you sure you want this?" he asked curiously, for he too knew whatever ball he choose would chose the fate of the boy, and maybe even the world.

The boy swallowed hard, obviously not sure if he was sure or not. Then after a few seconds of uneasiness, he finally proclaimed in a soft voice of unsurity, "I'm sure, Professor Oak." And with that he summoned the creature from the ball, with a steady and determined voice, "Pokeball go!"

Bright lights filled the room, and all the equipment, bathing the boy in it's brillant but blinding white light. When the light faded, and the boy gained awareness of where he was again, he looked down at the pokemon. There stood, a growlithe, whose coat was as slick as silk, and his stance was as dignified as a Arcanines.

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January 29th, 2005, 8:24 AM
Chapter 1: Unusual Guest

Artemis exited Professor Oaks lab, head held high, and shoulders back. His pose match that of his Growlithe who was walking peacefully beside him. His bag was packed, and his sense of adventure keen as ever, he was ready for the long road ahead.

People stared as he walked down the lane, there was something different about the boy, that they knew. his short hair swayed loosely in the gentle wind, and there was a comfort with ever step he took.

Then he turned around quickly, for he heard footsteps traveling behind him. There his eyes met his best friend, Katie. She wore a long sunflower skirt and light blue blouse, and her blond hair laid gently on her shoulders and her gentle blue eyes locked on to his lavender eyes. "Where are you going?" she inquired as she noticed his growlithe in front of him, in a defense posture.

Even though they just met, the growlithe immediate grew attached to this boy. He found himself willing to protect this boy without even a second thought, it wasn't just his instincts but something about Artemis gave him a great sense of pride, and he didn't want that to go away.

"Easy there," Artemis said softly to his growlithe. The gorwlithe looked up at him as if asking for an explanation. "This is my best friend Katie." He explained.

Growlithe, who was now feeling foolish, fell back behind Artemis's legs but still keeping his defense up incase this girl tryed anything funny on his master.

"I'm headed to Viridian City," Artemis said answering Katies question. Katie took a good look at him, his boot cut jeans gripped tight to his thighs and flared out covering his boots. An army green buttondown shirt cover a plain white shirt but remained unbuttoned. The black cowboy hat that fit snuggly on his head shading his unusual colored deep lavender eyes.

"And with out me!" She huffed finally, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

"Well...uh...er...that was the idea..." He admited clumsily.

"Why don't you want me along?" She asked curiously. She knew that Artemis knew that she was a successful pokemon trainer, afterall she was the child protigee.

"Because I want this to be my adventure. Not yours Katie. You already had a successful campaign, and beat Lance. I want a shot at it," Artemis said calmly, his lavender eyes cold and harsh cutting straight through Katie's naive personality.

Katie flinched at his stare and shook her head as she shivered. She then sighed and stared at the ground in defeat. Then she snapped her head up with a smile and said, "Hey! I'm headed to Viridian City! We can go together!"

Artemis gave a sigh of defeat and turned on his heels and walked away, with Growlithe at his side. Katie jumped for joy and started after her friend. But she hesitated for a moment to watch the way he carried himself. There was something different about him, indeed. Never had he snapped at her like that, never did her brilliant lavender eyes look so cold and unforgiving. Never did she doubt their friendship...until now. But she shook away the thought and followed Artemis out of town anyway.

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January 29th, 2005, 11:11 AM
Chapter 2: Harsh Realities

"Don't you carry your pokemon in their balls?" Katie asked cocking her head in curiousity. She always thought pokemon were to stay in their pokeballs until summoned to fight.

"You're afraid of my Growlithe," Artemis said plainly, noticing the hint of fear in her voice. "What do you have to fear of my pokemon?" He asked more of a demanding voice then an inquisitive one.

"It's different," Katie admitted, but there was no weakness and how she said it, her voice was solid and firm. This made Artemis turn on his heels and examine her a bit more. How can this growlithe be different? It's just a regular growlithe?

"He's just a regular Growlithe. There's nothing different about him," Artemis scolded as he looked down at his growlithe. Now he did notice something different, the pokemon's eyes told of experience beyond a regular pokemon. They told of battles long passed, they told of some sort of hidden power within the Growlithe.

"He's changing you. You've became alot aggressive ever since you came out Professor Oak's lab," Katie said bluntly, as she sat down on a flat rock on the side of the road.

Artemis had to stop and think about her observations, she was right, as always. He had changed, but he wasn't sure if it wa for better or for worse. Then he just meerly shrugged and stated, "We'll just have to see what happens."

"I want you to put him away," Katie said defiantly. She didn't make a move to get up, she just sat there, with her arms crossed, and staring at Artemis.

He turned back to look at her and chuckled, a smirk growing on his face. "No," He said shaking his head from side to side.

"This is your last warning. Put the pokemon away, Artemis," She said putting her hand on her pokeball. Growlithe automatically responded by jumping in front of Katie, ready to fight.

"It seems you didn't hear me, Katie. He's stay by my side. He isn't leaving," Artemis said facing her now, his lavender eyes again cutting into her. He wasn't going to let Katie tell him what to do, just because she was the better trainer, and because she was the 'next big thing'. It didn't mean she could push him around.

"Very well." She said getting up and dusting off the dust on her skirt. "Go Charizard!" She yelled as she summoned her most prized pokemon out. She was determined to humble him, it appeared to her as if he got too big for his britches and needed someone to put him back in his place. And if anyone was going to do it, it was her. But she would came to a rude awakening soon enough.

"Growlithe go!" Artemis commanded, which set the pokemon into action. Growlithe leapt in the air, and sank his teeth into charizards neck.

"Charizard fly!" She countered, and her pokemon obeyed and took off into the air.

"Take control! Get on his back!" Artemis yelled so Growlithe could hear him. Growithe swung himself onto Charizards back by using his neck as a pole, which left a gash of blood trailing up Charizards neck. Then Growlithe stood evenly on Charizard as he hovered above for its masters next orders.

Charizard flinched, and that's all Growlithe needed. He dug his front claws into Charizards wings and drove the pokemon spiraling down to the ground, jumping off and landing safetly right before Charizard fell to the ground.

"WHAT!?" Katie exclaimed, her eyes wide and her face was one of confusion, as the smoke cleared to reveal her bleeding Charizard laying there knocked out.

Growlithe heeled at his masters legs and sat down, his flame red eyes also cutting into Katie. "As I said. He stays with me," Artemis said as he turned around to continue on his path to Viridian City.

Katie just stared in disbelief that she could have been defeated by a small Growlithe, when she had all the power. She should have won, she knew that, but she still wondered how a small pokemon could possess that kin dof power and agility. Recalling her Charizard, she followed quietly behind Artemis and never said another word for the rest of the trip to Viridian City.

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January 29th, 2005, 5:56 PM
Chapter 3: Foolish Ignorance

Artemis woke up the next morning, tired from the previous day. As he sat up, his eyes grew wide as he remembered how he acted to Katie. A wave of shame came over him as he looked beside him, at his long time friend. She didn't have enough energy to even get in her own bed, and fell asleep right beside him, for she laid on top of the covers on the bed and had her arm across his chest when he awoke.

His growlithe laid obiedently at his feet and perked up as he felt his masters legs move away from him and out of the covers. Growlithe followed faithfully at his feet as Artemis scratched his head, trying figure out where he was.

"Oh yeah! I'm in hotel room!" Artemis said remembering that they barely made it into the room last night. His voice seemed to promptly wake Katie up and she yawned and stretched her tiredness away. A smile crept onto her face as she saw the light return to Artemis's lavender eyes, glad that it appeared she had her friend back.

"So what's for breakfast?" She asked rubbing her belly as she shuffled into the bathroom for a shower. Seeing that Artemis just grinned and shrugged, she huffed and closed the door behind her as she started her shower.

"Let's go see what's down in the lobby," He suggested to his pokemon as Growlithe met his gaze and barked happily in response. With that, they headed down the elevator to the main lobby to see if they could find some breakfast.


After her shower, and after she died off, katie reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of jeans, that resembled that of Artemis's boot cut, which was what they were. he also threw on a blue tanktop that showed off her tan really well. Then she slowly walked down the stairs to find her friend and his companion.

Once she found the food, she wasn't the least bit surprised to see both of the indulging themselves in it. Right there and then, she figured out what was diferent about the growlithe, and why he beat her charizard. It hit her like a ton of bricks, because never in a million years would she have guessed it if it wasn't for their eating habits.

They were one in the same, two halves to a whole. Whatever one felt, the other one felt the same. That's why he was so rude, it was because his growlithe was cautious toward her, and didn't want her doing anything to him, and so he acted like his growlithe.

She laughed, and walked over to the both of them. "It seems you both have the same appetite," She said with a knowing look in her eyes like she knew something that he didn't.

He shrugged and look at her curiously, noticing the look she was giving him. He cocked his head and stated, "You know something that I don't."

She giggled and looked at him slyly and said, "Maybe...maybe not."

January 29th, 2005, 8:50 PM
I like it!

Another trainer going off on a journey. A typical story plot, but the description in each paragraph is very detailed. It's odd to see a kid get close to a newly aquired Pokmon that fast, but that Growlithe is something special, especially if it can take down a Charizard. I wonder what the future holds...

I'd rank this as a very good Fanfic, but because of a few too many gramatical errors, I'd give it a 7/10. I don't get this part:

He shrugged and look at her curiously, noticing the look she was giving him. He cocked his head and stated, "You something that I don't."
I can't figure out what Artemis is saying right there.

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January 30th, 2005, 6:55 PM
Yeah alot of grammatical errors...I type fresh from my mind. Nothing I type is prewritten, so what you read is what I come up with raw and unchecked.

And to tell you the truth...I don't get that part either. I can't even find it. I must have been something I thought I completed but was too busy talking to my brother and typing at the same time. I'll check it out and correct it.

Hopefully I can raise that rating in future progress though! ;)

Perhaps I should start writting on paper before I type it up here, so I can edit the errors and fragments.

And if you ever get to know me. You'll know that I don't do anything (Fanfic, rp, storywriting, and etc.) with out having twist that will knock anyones socks off. Otherwise I see no reason in writing.

EDIT: It's supposed to be "You know something I don't." hope that makes more sense

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February 1st, 2005, 1:07 PM
Chapter 4: Friends to Rivals

So what are your plans now? Katie asked looking at Artemis with a sincere look in her eyes. She didnt want to part from her friend this early, she wanted to add Artemis on his journey to be a pokemon master, wanted to see what he would be come.

Artemis just gave a shrug and a sigh as he looked up at the clear sky, as if asking for guidance from some divine power. He then turned to look at Katie, not looking into her eyes, he couldnt bare to tell her what he had to and look her in the face. Instead he concentrated on the ground and muttered, I think we should part ways.

Katie, who seemed to be shocked by his words, just nodded slowly and turned to leave. Then she turned around, a fire raging in her eyes, how dare he tell her to leave, how dare he tell her that she couldnt come along. She was ten times the trainer, and anyone else would happily accept her help. She stomped over to face Artemis toe to toe, bring a hand swiftly across his face. What was that for? he said rubbing his warm cheek, I didnt do anything to you!

You can be such a jerk! she yelled in his face and then stomped away, still fuming. What is it with that guy! Cant he except help from anyone! Im just trying to help! And what does he do? He throws it right back in my face, the nerve of that guy! she thought as she looked behind her to see if Artemis was following her, but to her dismay, he had just shrugged and started out of Viridian City. She huffed and continued her way to the pokemon center to have her charizard healed from the battle yesterday, which reminded her of his growlithe.

Shell be back, Artemis told himself as he shoved his hands in his pockets and walked sluggishly down the trail to the Viridian Forest.

Im sure she will. A voice said calmly, the strange thing wasit was coming from inside his head!

Great, now Im hearing voices! Artemis said as he stopped dead in his tracks and tried to shake away the thought, and looked around to see where he might have heard the voice, maybe the voice wasnt inside his head.

No, I can assure you youre not hearing voices, Artemis. Came the voice, this time Artemis noticed that the voice had a wise tone to it, then started wondering who it was, if it wasnt just him going insane.

Then who are you? He whispered still completely off guard by the voice.

Look down. The voice replied and then his growlithe barked loudly.

Artemis jumped sideways five feet, and fell down. It was his own pokemon! His own pokemon was talking to him!

Dont be alarmed, master. If you havent noticed, Im not your ordinary growlithe. My name is Alikis, at your service.

How can you talk to me!? Pokemon arent supposed to do this!

You are too young to understand. I shall explain when the time comes. All you need to know, is that I can talk to you, and you can talk to me. Alikis said coolly, as he started walking forward, closer to the forest.

Nodding finally, Artemis jumped to his feet and followed after his pokemon. Arent pokemon supposed to follow their trainers, not the other way around? he asked, but then fell silent as his growlithe turned around to face him, and then continued off.

Artemis huffed as he heard Alikiss reply, Only if you know the way. If not, I suggest I lead and you follow.

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February 3rd, 2005, 11:22 AM
Chapter 5: Truths and Deceptions

Katie exited the pokemon center, and started after Artemis. Instead of walking casually, she ran as fast as she could, to try and catch up with him. She had to try and get it across to him some way that he needed her help. She remembered the look on his face after she slapped him; he acted like he didnt even care for her! Theres a fine line between being respectful and being rude, and he just crossed it, she fumed to herself as she neared Artemis and his growlithe.


What are you doing here? I thought I said this was my journey and not yours, Artemis protested as he turned around to see Katie following him. Alikis turned around and growled at Katie once he noticed who it was that was following them. Easy boy, Artemis whispered, and before Alikis could say something about the way Artemis talked to him, Artemis stood in front of Katie, expecting an explanation.

You need my help, she stated, as she fought back her fatigue determined not to let Artemis see her out of shape. She looked into his lavender eyes; there was a flame that wasnt there a second ago.

I dont need your help! Now leave me alone, Katie. Unless you have something important to say, Artemis snapped, getting tired of her already, and wanting to be on with his journey.

Yes you do need my help! Katie screamed, and stomped her foot.

Give me one reason I need your help, Artemis said coolly, trying to keep his temper undercontrol.

Because Im a better trainer, and Im more experienced, Katie countered equally as cool.

Artemis almost cracked up laughing, wasnt it his pokemon that took down hers? Wasnt it Alikis that beat her charizard? He already proved himself the better, and he didnt seem to get what Katie was asking from him. Youre getting on my nerves Katie. Just leave me alone!

With that Artemis turned on his heels and walked off, into the forest, with his growlithe at his side. Artemis was pleased to find out that Katie wasnt following.


Alikis! Ember! Artemis commanded as he sent his growlithe into action against a pikachu.

Ill do you one better! Alikis said to him, as he sent a fire spin directly at the pikachu, fainting it.

Pokeball go! Artemis said as he flung a pokeball at the fainted pokemon.

No, Alikis said blocking the pokeballs progress.

Im capturing it, Artemis said as he summoned the pokeball back to his hand and tried again. Alikis just blocked it again.

Whats the bother? You have me, Im the only one you need, Alikis said coolly, trying to manipulate Artemis to his will.

Laughing Artemis caught onto what Alikis was trying to do. Im sorry but Im the master here. You will obey my commands, and you will not tell me what I can or cannot do without me asking you. Do you understand. Then he raised Alikis pokeball up and summoned Alikis back to his pokeball.

Alikis tried his hardest to resist the call of the pokeball, but not even Alikis was strong enough to resist it, and was reluctantly called back to his pokeball. There now that thats settled. Pokeball go! Artemis said, successfully catching the pikachu.


If he doesnt want me to follow, I just wont follow then, Katie told herself as she turned around and headed back into Viridian City. That growlithe seems familiarwhere have I saw him? she wondered out loud as she entered the library.

Going from card catalog to card catalog she looked up information on growlithes, cause she had an aching feeling that there was something horribly wrong with that one.

Here we are. Its name is Alikis, she said as she silently began to read the text on Artemiss growlithe. Also known as the growlithe ofdeception she mouthed to herself. That would explain why Artemis was acting so outrageous! It wasnt his fault, it was the growlithes. She than ran out of the library, trying once again to catch up with Artemis.

February 3rd, 2005, 2:32 PM
I type fresh from my mind. Nothing I type is prewritten, so what you read is what I come up with raw and unchecked.

What I did two years ago. ^_~ lol. I started changing my habits when too many people yelled at me to go get MS word. ;-;

It sounded like another typical journey...but this is really original and so FUN to read. The growlithe being of deception was startling. To see the Pokemon manipulating the trainer was truly awesome, so nice job on that!

Like dgle mentioned, it would be better for you to revise and go over your many grammatical mistakes. They aren't that hard to fic, and would've made the story more coherent or something. ^^

Other than that - I loved Artemis and Alikis' personality. I felt really bad for kate..the poor girl. >.>; One of my favorite and surprising part was when Alikis told Artemis he only had him, so he had no need to catch the pikachu...for a second, I thought Alikis wasn't going to go in the Pokeball either. Either way, nice job on this! The only major problem I would fix are grammars and *perhaps* the length..since I see two of the chapters could be combined. o.o

Great job! =)))

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February 3rd, 2005, 2:55 PM
Yeah two of them could have been combined. I realize that some were short. I always keep my introductions short and to the point.

Grammatical errors are tough for me to see. I guess I can try typing them out on ms word for once...

Glad you like it though! I was planning on keeping the surprise until later on in the story. But be sure there are alot more twist to come, they'll keep you on your toes.

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February 3rd, 2005, 4:34 PM
There we go, my first chapter ever done on MS word, and I tryed my best to revise it. I'll get better at the revising stuff as I go along though, so bare with me.

Hope this chapter is longer! ^^

Chapter 6: Confusion and Confession

His eyes widened, his mouth dropped, and his stomach lurched in anxiety as he view the Pewter City gym. It was huge, with its massive boulder entrance, Artemis thought twice before entering the gym. He slowly backed away from the building, deciding it better that he not go in yet, after all it was his first gym, and he wasnt mentally prepared. With one last look at the gym, he turned around and headed back toward the pokemon center to heal his Pikachu.

Oh, youre Pikachu was severely burnt, what happened to it? Nurse Joy asked as she came back into the room, handing him back the pokeball that held Alikis back to him. Artemis hesitated, he wasnt sure if he really wanted the Growlithe back, but he took it anyway.

My Growlithe did that. We were battling it and it fainted with one fire spin attack, Artemis answered truthfully, knowing what was going to happen next, although hed rather skip her lecture. While he waited for the nurse to tell him how bad the Pikachus wounds were, he put Alikis pokeball back on his belt with a deep sigh.

You shouldnt have attacked it so viciously, Nurse Joy started to scold, Artemis wanted to tell her that his Growlithe did it automatically, but he knew that she would just scold him for not having complete control over his pokemon.

How bad are the burns? Artemis asked, interrupting the lecture he was only half listening to.

Itll need to stay here for the night, Nurse Joy said before turning on her heels and walking back behind the counter again. Artemis left out a sigh of relief, the way Nurse Joy was talking, she made it seem like it was almost dead.


A Charizard landed near the pokemon center, its eye narrowed dangerously as its master dismounted. He had only one thought in mind. He wanted revenge, how dare that Growlithe make a fool out of him! The proud Charizard had beaten Lances Dragonite, but here he was, not able to beat a little Growlithe.

Easy, Katie said as she patted her Charizards neck, realizing that the Growlithe wounded his pride. Im going in to talk to Artemis, stay out here and behave.

The Charizard snorted in reply and sat down, leaning against the side of the pokemon center. He watched jealously as his master walked into talk to a boy he personally didnt trust. Artemis had been Katies one best friend, the closest human friend that she ever let get close to her, he knew the feelings she had for him, so he respected her decision.


Hows your pokemon doing? She asked sitting beside him.

None of your business, He said, it was clear that Alikis still had his grip on Artemis.

Why do you have to be so stubborn? she huffed, trying not to let it get to her.

Im not, I dont need your help. Im perfectly fine with Alikisbymyside Artemis started, but those last few words came hard to say for him. Those were the words Alikis had said to him in the forest. Could it be that Alikis was manipulating him?

Why do you let Alikis manipulate you? Katie said softly, putting her hand on his, as he rested it on the arm of his chair. Artemis snapped his hand away, which made Katie blush with embarrassment.

Im not. I mean, thats ridiculous! How can a pokemon manipulate its trainer! Artemis hissed at her, he could tell that she spoke the truth, the only problem was that he didnt understand it.

Hes called the Growlithe of Manipulation, Katie started, but she stopped seeing the expression on Artemis face, it appeared he had already pieced together the puzzle.

He sunk in his seat, now embarrassed. I should have knownhe was manipulating me the whole time He said looking at her as if he wanted her to tell him it wasnt true, but she just nodded. A softness was in her eyes, one of sincerity and something else he couldnt put his finger on, but it was an extremely comforting look.

Dont let her fool you. Shes nothing but an obstacle.

Shes right Alikis. You are just manipulating me!

Really? What have I done to you to even hint at that? Alikis said, his voice strangely threatening.

Because you made me turn on my best friend! No one else could have done that but you!

I didnt do that, Artemis. You did that to yourself, that was your blinded pride. I have done nothing to you, and youre my master, and Im sworn to protect you.

Another look of surprise came to Artemis, too much had happened today, and a lot he just wanted to forget about. He was so confused, he couldnt handle the stress, and it had completely overwhelmed him. He fainted, almost rolling off the chair if Katie hadnt caught him. She summoned her Charizard and said, Take him, and follow me. He needs a place to rest.

Charizard obeyed, reluctantly though. He swung Artemis over his shoulder, and followed his master out of the pokemon center and into a nearby hotel.


How may I help you? a mans voice asked from behind the counter.

A room with a bed will do, Katie said reaching for her purse.

The man then realized who she was and said, No need for payment. The room is on me.

Katie understood and nodded, she had no time to argue, and she just wanted to get Artemis into a bed before Charizard ripped him apart.

Reaching the bedroom, Katie ordered her Charizard to lay him gently on the bed, with an emphasis on gently. She then recalled her Charizard back to its pokeball and laid down beside Artemis, admiring his handsome features. She kissed his forehead gently and whispered, Good night.

She then got up and laid on the couch, thinking it best to keep her distance incase he awoke. Artemis had no clue that she loved him so much, that she longed for him to be by her side as she made her way to the Elite Four. Artemis was right, he didnt need hershe needed him