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December 29th, 2012, 6:57 AM
hi i don't like my user name (leave 2 secs. and my little brother made one up while i was signing up).

December 29th, 2012, 9:28 AM
Heya there and welcome to our awesome community, nice to meet you! Anything you like to be called?

Sadly you can't change your username, but you can always make a new account with a new name. ): Just remember not to create another introduction thread in New Users / Welcome on your new account, though, since you already have this thread that's active. Anyway, why not tell us a bit more about yourself? Like maybe your favorite Pokemon and game? We can more easily find places for you to post in that way and it'll also make it a lot easier to find friends with similar interests. :3 You seem like a nice person too, so I'm sure you won't have much trouble making friends around here if you stay active. By the way, adorable Skarmory avatar ahh. I tried to use it in some of my Pokemon games but it isn't very strong so it was a little hard..

Anyway, glad to see you've already done some exploring. Notice you're a ROM hack fan, which is one of the most popular things on PC! There are so many talented members making games that it's hard to not want to try one, haha. My first ROM hack was Shiny Gold years ago and it's actually how I found out about Pokecommunity. :D Do you have any plans to make your own game, or do you mostly just play them, out of curiosity?

But yeah, have a great stay on the forum and stick around! It's worth it to be active since there is so much to do here and so many people to meet. Feel free to message me if you need any help at all as well, I'm always open~

December 29th, 2012, 11:08 AM
Pro tip: never leave the computer unattended when signing up at a community. :P

But yeah! You can always sign up for a new account if you don't like your username. There's no penalty (unless you create a new intro thread) for making a new account. Cirno has provided you with some tips on how to get started, and well...many of us members are always here to help ya get on your feet with the community. There's a lot to do here! Better do some exploring, yeah? :)

Welcome aboard to the community, btw! I hope you have a fantastic time here and well, have fun! :)