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February 7th, 2013, 7:18 AM
Today a friend introduced me to Boyce Avenue and... just wow haha. I've been listening to them all day since! More specially lead vocalist Alejandro Manzano's many covers of songs on YouTube, but they have several original songs released as a band too. I've been enjoying them so much that it'd be a crime not to share them, so if you haven't already take a look now!




His ability to make any song sound beautiful and really bring out the lyrics to mean what they should (Teenage Dream wow) is incredible, so if you enjoy anything you heard there I strongly suggest having a look through some of the featured links too. I'd link far more if I could but the idea is just to give you a taster, so have a listen and see what you think!

Do you like Boyce Avenue? Which is your favourite track? Do you prefer the covers or original work? Discuss!

February 7th, 2013, 8:00 AM
You made a thread for this! :3

Anyway, I like Boyce Avenue a lot! Each of the covers just take a life of its own and you're just blown away with how well this guy Alejandro's voice goes with anything. And it's not just his voice! The guitar that comes with most of their acoustic covers just sounds incredible. Of course, some of the songs here I've heard way too many times on the radio or just played to the point of overkill by public places, yet most of the time I find the covers of these same songs so well-done that I just don't care. It helps that he often sings with a fellow artist in YouTube for a good chunk of his covers, because it adds variety and helps me discover even more spectacular cover artists.

Favorite track is a difficult one. I've only listened to so much, and I'm gonna need to watch a few more again before I decide. :p Right now though, I like his cover for Five For Fighting's Superman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw3tYiAFVfg) a lot. This is sort of a biased opinion though, because I love that song a lot, haha. His cover for Ed Sheeran's A Team in the first post sounds awesome, too! (b'')b

As for whether I prefer the original work or the group's covers, it really depends on the song. Most of the time I just don't compare them because they both sound so good, and like I said, the covers kind of branch out enough to not have the original version stuck in your head. I'm afraid I've never listened to their original stuff, but I'd like to change that sometime soon.

I have to add, there are many YouTube singers who do these covers and I love a lot of them, haha.

February 7th, 2013, 8:47 AM
OMG THERE ARE MORE OF YOU?! :'D I love Boyce Avenue. The first time I heard them was when Charles and Alli Trippy had their cover of Coldplay's Fix You in their wedding video. And I just HAD to buy that song. And then more. And more. And more. Haha. Fix You is definitely my favorite cover of theirs, as it was already one of my favorite songs, but they just have a wonderful way of putting their own unique spin on it. With the Coldplay version, I feel it's speaking to a more broad audience, like from the band to us. All of us. Boyce Avenue's version feels so personal, like it's just being sung right in front of my face. Of course I love both versions though.

I tend to like their covers more than the song by the original artist, oddly enough. I like their Teenage Dream much better than Katy Perry's and I'm glad they altered the lyrics so that it's not about going all the way and such, because that's just not me. So it's nice to have their version of the song, which I liked Katy Perry's, but they changed it and made it more...suited to me, I suppose? As well as many others, I'm sure. I mean, I'm not saying they did it for me, but you know what I mean. I'm just glad they did that. I like their We Found Love much more than Rihanna's as well. And the odd thing about it is that I almost never prefer covers to originals. So you know they're doing something right when I'd recommend a cover over the original. Sorry Rihanna, sorry Katy Perry. I'mma let you finish but...BOYCE AVENUE HAD THE BEST WE FOUND LOVE AND TEENAGE DREAM OF ALL TIME!

Just ahhh. <333 So much I wanna say about them. They quickly became one of my favorite bands and I wish I had thought to make this thread before you, Cake!

Also, I love to sing along with their covers. They're really suited to my voice and singing style and it's just great. :) I should sing with them someday. omg that'd be great.